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Found 61 results

  1. Hi I've got 6 spare 30213 - Gandalf polybags (link here) from the Daily Mail Promo. I'm willing to accept any decent cash offers, or a direct trade for sealed SW minifigure polybags. I'd prefer to sell/trade them as a job lot but will consider offers for individual ones. Obviously, everything is new & sealed! Happy to post woldwide at cost, please PM me any offers. Cheers, Robin
  2. Hello there ! I'm a french AFOL since december 2012, living in Belgium. I'm 29 and never played LEGO before because my parents never wanted to buy me sets so I have to make up for lost time. At the beginning I was only interested in the licenced themes like LOTR, The Hobbit, Marvel/DC, Star Wars (only the movies), Sponge Bob, TMNT... but I've been quickly attracted by other themes like Monster Fighter or Modular. I'm my personnal life I'm an IT. I like football (soccer), computing, vidéo games, photography (even if I sucks at it for 4 years) and travels. See ya !
  3. Bricknave

    MOC: Gollum & Smeagol

    "What should we use to finish the boat, my precious?" "Boneses." "Boneses? Yes, yes my precious! Boneses!"
  4. Hello all. I'm looking for several LOTR and The Hobbit figures, so continue to see what I'm looking for and what I may have for you. Haves I'm willing to trade several SW figures. This includes clone troopers (Clone Wars (maybe but doubtfully commanders too), ep3 clones (2007 versions), and NEGOTIABLE stormtroopers (2007 versions). Maybe some Jedi, Ewoks, etc, stuff like that. Anything else depends on your wants, though the stuff above should be up for trade. I've got multiples of most of the stuff, and I may have some collectible minifigures. Note: Spiderman is gone. Still have an old Doc Ock figure (Hideout set) in sand green clothing, which I'd have to put together first. Wants Here's a list of the LOTR/Hobbit figurunes I'm looking for: [AMAP] = As Many As Possible * Must come with originally included weapon LOTR Rohan Soldier* - AMAP Éomer* - Several - (Loose helmets, legs, torsos and/or green capes are welcome too) Uruk-hai* (Breastplate) - AMAP Uruk-hai* (Breastplate, White Hand) - AMAP Uruk-hai* (hair) - A few Uruk-hai Berserker - AMAP Ringwraith* - x9 Mordor Orc (preferably w/hair) - AMAP Moria Orc - AMAP Merry - x1 Frodo (green cape) - x1 Brown Horse - AMAP Ringwraith Horse - x9 The Hobbit If you trade figs from a certain set, I prefer to have all the figs from that set, otherwise if I can't find the remaining ones I might have to get the set and I don't want duplicates unless they're generic figs like goblins. Probably don't need Gandalf. All 13 dwarves - x1 (of each dwarf) All editions of Bilbo Baggins* - x1 Gollum (Riddles) - x1 Yazneg - x1 Hunter Orcs - Several The Goblin King* - x1 Goblins (all available 3) - AMAP Legolas* (Mirkwood) - x1 Tauriel* (Mirkwood) - x1 Elf Butler Dark Red (With Key) - x1 Elf with Brown Hair* - x2 Mirkwood Elf* - Several White Warg - x1 Grey Warg -AMAP Star Wars (New - Additional Wants) Sith Trooper (2013) - AMAP (red and black - mostly the black ones) Republic Trooper (2013) - AMAP Jacen Malcom (2012) - x1 Satele Shan (2012) - x1 FM or post here.
  5. Just what it says in the title. I'm willing to pay no more than $3-$4 USD for the polybag, and I'd also be interested in just the Mirkwood Elf figure and not the accessories. I'd like multiples. I have a large amount of collectable minifigs on hand, so I'd be willing to trade for the Mirkwood Elf. Just PM me with the ones you want and I'll see what I can do for you. ~Dwarf
  6. I was looking to buy all sets from either The Hobbit series or Monster Fighters, but I've noticed on the Lego site that there are no bundles. Did they stop doing this or are there limited times only? Those of you who have bought all of a paticular series in the past - how much did you save on buying them all at once? Thanks!
  7. Christmas came early this year for me as I was selected to review a few upcoming Hobbit set. According to my latest LEGO magazine these are available for purchase Nov. 27th, so here is an early preview. BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Attack of the Wargs Set Number: 79002 Pieces: 400 Minifigs: 5 + 2 animals Price: $49.99 USD, $59.99 CAD Theme: The Hobbit Year Released: 2012 RESOURCES: (high res pics available here) THE REVIEW: The Box Front: LEGO has a way of showing absolutely every feature of their sets in one picture. I don't know how they do it. I love LEGO box art so much that I have saved every LEGO box I've ever bought since coming back to LEGO in adulthood. This one does not disappoint I love how TLG is able to show all the features in action, like the fire being thrown from the trees and the small catapult. This is a good box! Back: Again what more can I say than look at the beautiful pictures that show every fun aspect of this set. The flick fire bombs, the catapult, the Wargs. I also like something i don't recall seeing before, and that is a section on the back showing just the weapons. I decided to do this in my review as well because I thought the weapon selection was worth it's own shot, apparently TLG did to. Side: The side of the box actually has a lot of empty space. there is the standard box with a "to scale" minifigure and that's about it. No worries though as the front and back of the box make up for it ten fold. Instructions: Per standard operating procedure, the image on the front of the instructions is the same as the front of the box. A great scene worth being repeated. instead of the usual random page of the instructions I'll show you something I absolutely love. Figures page: At the end of the instruction manual is this spread of all the minifigures in the what I assume is the first run of Hobbit sets. There is a little box for you to check off when you have one and they have gone as far as listing the set number that the figure comes in. Awesome! Instructions Preview page: As if the last page wasn't enough, you also get a nice preview of some of the larger sets in the Hobbit line. Both of these have quickly made my short list. Remember there are high res pictures at my flickr account. Instruction Preview page 2: Minifigures Front: From left to right we have Bifur the Dwarf, Thorin Oakshield, Hunter Orc, Yazneg, and another Hunter Orc. As in my other review, I'm not a big fan of the small legs, but they are necessary to get the size of the Dwarf just right. The torsos could easily be used in other historic themes, such as the Lord of the Rings, of Pirates of the Caribbean. Back: There is back printing on all figures, I removed most headpieces to show the printing on the back of the heads, or the other faces on the Dwarfs. I like Yazneg's chest piece, it reminds me of something you'd see on a prison guard in some old beat up prison. Bilfur with no beard and back printing: Per the special request I have taken a picture of Bilfur without his beard and in the process reminded myself I left out his back printing. Weapons: The weapons selection is pretty standard for a Historic theme. We get one of the newer style spears with the printed end. One of the large swords that was made popular in the Prince of Persia line, and some standard issue axes, a sword and bow. I don't mean to downplay the pieces as they fit the set perfectly, but there is nothing here we haven't seen before. The Wargs Front: Here is my favorite picture form this review. The new wolves which are known as Wargs. You get one of each color, white and grey. The white one looks much more sinister with the coloring around the eyes. The mouths open and close, there is a double dot system that allows the mouth to either remain closed or open. (see below) Mouth Hinge: You can see the large indentation which is for the main hinge, but above it there are 2 very small indentations and these click when you open or close the mouth. I think it's a nice feature as the mouth stays in the position you put it in, unless of course you want the mouth half closed. Side view: The legs do not move, and they have the double stud just like a horse does and the saddles fit them just like a horse. The set does come with color matched bricks to fill in the Warg if you don't want to have the saddle on. Pieces: Bag 1 Parts bag 1 contains most of the minifigures, some nice trans orange studs, some flames, and the pieces to construct the rock form that the Warg can howl on. Bag 1 build 1: The first structure you build is the base for the rock form. There is a small bone and skull from some poor soul who probably crossed a Warg. A nice mixture of light grey and dark grey. Bag 1 Build 2: We now snap on the actual perch that the Warg can attach to. With the Wargs having non-movable legs this is a nice place for the animal to be perched. Bag 1 Build 2: Next we snap on the small catapult. There are 2, 1 stud round bricks that act as projectiles. I will show how the catapult works later, but ti's very basic. Load up the catapult and press down on the opposite side. Bag 1 Build 4: Next you build two small fires which confused me for a moment when building. I assumed they were meant to be projectiles used in the catapult. It turns out they are just there as fire. Personally I think they'd make great fire bombs, and they do fit in the catapults holder. Catapult Operation: By placing one of the round bricks in the catapult and pressing down, the projectile will fly into the tree we will build later and presumably start a fire. Pieces Bag 2: This will be the last bag picture because I managed to forget to take a picture of the parts in bag 3. The pieces in bag 3 are similar to bag one as they only extend the height of the tree. Bag 2 build 1: Here we have the base of the tree. The center of the tree is on a turntable brick. The base starts pretty small, but the tree grows. Bag 2 Build 2: Layer two of the tree starts to branch out literally and like the layer below it, the center piece is on a turntable brick, Bag 2 build 3: The 3rd layer of the tree is shown here. If you can spot the forward facing stud, then you've found a flick fire feature of this tree. I'll go over this later. Bag 2 Build 4: Now the 3rd layer has been added and the tree is starting to take shape. The forward facing stud is more noticeable. I must say the leaf color combination looks great. Bag 3 Build 1: Unfortunately I don't have the parts picture of bag 3 but it is basically the same as bag 2, brown and green tree pieces. The 4th and final layer is shown and this also has a flick fire feature, you can spot it by the red technic brick holding the pin. Final Tree: With the 4th layer on top, the tree is now complete and looks great. It really reminds me of some of the great MOC tree's I see all over Eurobricks. The 1st and second levels can swivel on the turntable pieces, but the rotation is limited, so it's almost a moot point, at least when you have the minifigures in the tree. Complete Set: We now have the full set in all it's glory. It doesn't look like much, but the tree is actually pretty large. I was pleased with the size of this set in total. In this picture the tree is straight and the small fire pieces are placed strategically on the tree. The top left blue flame and lower right orange flame are in front of the flick fire pins so you can launch a fire bomb on any incoming Orcs. Complete Set alternate view: In this view, I have slightly moved the middle section of the tree as you can see by the now crooked brick and the flick fire fire bombs have been launched onto one of the Orcs. You can see the two flick fire pins clearly now. Totals: Design: 9/10 I really liked the design of this set. The Wargs are just fantastic and I like the large tree structure you get. I often am amazed at the foliage creations I see in custom MOC's and this tree reminds me of some of those creations. TLG really did a good job designing this tree. The rock formation basically serves the purpose of a perch for the Warg and that's about it. For the price point this set is at, I think a base plate would have really solidified this set and is within reason for this set, unlike my request on the 79001 set. Overall just judging design, I think this set was designed well. Parts: 8/10 I ranked the parts an 8 because I feel that for the money it seems like you should have gotten just a little bit more. Licensed sets usually do carry a higher price tag which is understandable with licensing fees and all. I'm a sucker for trans pieces so TLG won me over there. I have also been building up a collection of greens and browns since they are so useful in any MOC depicting the outdoors. I like the parts in this set but your mileage may vary. Build: 9/10 I usually factor in the difficulty of the build and how well a set is actually constructed. There was nothing difficult about this build yet I appreciate the rotating center of the tree, even though it does't turn that much. The rock piece is more of a piece to just look at but I like that they included something for the new Warg animals. The tree leaves do make this tree a little fragile but if you're careful the set will stay in tack. Minifigs: 9/10 The minifigs in this set are great. They look good, they have nice printing and you get 5 plus the two Wargs. The Wargs alone make this set a desirable one. I'd suspect these guys will fetch a premium until they are released in more sets. The minifigures are equipped nicely with a range of weapons and you get a good mix of good guys and bad guys. The beard piece on Bifur is similar to Hagrid's hairpiece but it's slightly different and I believe it is a new mold. Overall the figures really make this set worth it. Playability: 8/10 I love the playability features that TLG always manage to fit into their sets even in the smaller ones or odd shaped ones like the tree for example. If you take the minifigures out of the way the tree can rotate all the way around although I'm not sure why it rotates, I'm guessing the movie might clear that up. As much as flick fire type items have their lovers and haters, I really like these ones because you can attach the flame pieces to the tree so they don't fall out until you actuate the flick. I think a base plate would make this set a 10/10, but that's just my personal wish that LEGO would bring back the base plate in numbers. Overall it fits in well with the Lord of the Rings sets and other Hobbit sets, it would actually go very well with 79001. Escape from Mirkwood Spiders Price: 8/10 Granted I received this set as a review unit and I'm ever grateful to TLG for being so generous, the retail price on this set seems just a little high. In terms of piece per dollar, it's pretty spot on with any other licensed theme. I think since there isn't a vehicle or something besides the tree, it seems like it may be lacking. When there are a lot of small pieces, the set sometimes looks smaller than it is. The minifigures really do help justify the price though. Total: 51/60 At 85% this is a good score. Regardless of any minor gripes I may have, the set is great. I love the tree and how big it turns out to be. The minifigures and Wargs and the main reason to pick this set up. As of right now this is the only set that contains the Wargs and they are awesome. At 400 pieces the price is actually right on, but there are a lot of smaller pieces so it may seam misleading. This set fits right in line with the Lord of the Rings sets and if it wasn't for the Hobbit on the box and the unfamiliar characters, you'd think it was. As for the big question, should you buy it or not. I'd say if you like the series then yes. If you are on the fence then the minifigures may be the dealbreaker, as none of the parts are super rare or in any extra ordinary colors. The Hobbit line is looking to be as good as the previous Lord of the Rings sets and i look forward to seeing the rest of the first wave sets as well as future waves. Thanks for reading.
  8. Hello,I made this forum to everyone can promote LEGO The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings stop-motions.I hope we will have so much fun.We can put some parodies,real battle,or any stop-motion You would like to promote.Stay well,and enjoy :) Let's start with one my preview of upcoming stop-motion :)
  9. My old thread vanished during the server problems yesterday, so I'll post this review again. I hope I'll be able to recreate it adequately, if you have any requests for specific pictures, please write them in your comment and I'll try to add them to the review. I bought this set in the LEGO store in Cologne last weekend and it is my first set from the Hobbit theme. Set Name: Barrel Escape Set Number: 79004 Pieces: 334 Minifigs: 5 Price: €49,99 / £39.99 / US$39.99 Theme: The Hobbit "When the barrels were empty the elves cast them through the trapdoors, opened the water-gate, and out the barrels floated on the stream, [...]. For some time Bilbo sat and thought about this water-gate, and wondered if it could be used for the escape of his friends, and at last he had the desperate beginnings of a plan." J.R.R. Tolkien - The Hobbit First of all, let's take a look at the box. On the front we have a picture of the set itself, standing on a (painted) wooden floor. On the top we can see the new logo for the Hobbit-theme and in the bottom left corner there is a little picture showing and naming the five included minifigures. On the back of the box there is another picture showing the minifigs and different parts of the set, additionally the play features and the story behind the set are shown. The contents of the box. There are two numbered bags and one instruction booklet. The box could be a lot smaller, but I guess at this price people expect a somewhat larger box. The instruction booklet. Random page. As you can see, the instructions are printed on a background that shows Thror's map. I love this design choice! Now to the minifigs. I expect there will be quite a few of you that want to purchase this set just for them and can absolutely understand that, they are stunning! Let's start with Bilbo, Gloin and Oin (starting from left). Oin's hair and beard comes seperately packed and is made from a somewhat flexible rubber while Gloins hair is just the standard plastic material. Bilbos alternative facial expression and the printing on his back. The dwarves without their hair and beards, just to show the printing on the back and the alternative facial expressions. As requested in the old thread, here's a picture of the front printing on Oin and Gloin. There are a few dwarf and Hobbit weapons coming with this set. Gloin gets two axes, Oin a twohanded mace and Bilbo his sword Sting and the ring. Some of these come with extra pieces. Apart from these minifigs the set includes two elves. The one on the left is called Mirkwood Elf Guard and the other one Mirkwood Elf Chief. I'm curious if those characters will be in this particular scene in the movie or if LEGO just included some generic elves. In the book, the elves drinking themselves into a stupor in the wine cellar are the elven king's butler and the chief of the guards. The printing on the Chief's legs is slightly off on my minifig. And here we have their alternative facial expressions and the back printings. When building the wine cellar you start with just the contents of the first bag, no need to unpack the second one already. Here are some interesting parts coming with the set. Some of them may be new, I for one didn't know the small arch with the "step" in it and the big arch piece. In the second bag I found another cool piece I didn't know. It is used in building the lantern that hangs above the prison cells. Now to the wine cellar! You start the build with the mechanism that lets you roll the big barrels into the down the ramp and into the "river". The middle segment is added and the first mechanism is covered with some plates and other elements. The segment in the middle gets a few barrels and a beautiful stone arch. I really like the technique used in this part of the build! The third and last segement of the cellar comprises the stairs to the upper parts of the elven king's castle and the cells in which the dwarves are held. The cellar is completed but the set includes three additional small builds. The first one is a wine barrel rack with a glas. The second addition to thew cellar is a weapon rack with two elven blades and a bow. The third and final addition is a table with a wine glass, two bottles and two stools for the guards. The set is complete! Behold the cellar and its occupants in all their bricky glory. These are the extra pieces included in the set. I wasn't expecting a brick seperator in a set of this size, nice surprise there! The set has two play features. The first one is the ramp. You can push the lever to let the barrels with the dwarves roll down the ramp into the river that is supposed to be running along under the floorboards of the cellar. The second mechanism lets you destroy the prison cell. Considering the chapter in the book, this doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Design: 7/10 While I'm not a huge fan of the design of this set, it does one thing particularly well: It both works as a display and a set your kids can play with. The play features may not be particularly true to the story, but they are well incorporated into the set. I don't think I'll keep mine assembled for very long, though. The wine cellar, the prison area and all those extra details like the weapon rack make it clear, that LEGO has tried to incorporate a few different scenes into this set, which is understandable in regards to the target group but makes it much less interesting for me as an AFOL. Parts: 8/10 While there are few extremely interesting pieces in this set, it offers a lot of useful parts in brown and tan. Apart from those, you get some interesting minifig accessories like the elven swords and the additional rings. Build: 8/10 The build is not particularly difficult or time consuming and the instructions are pretty clear. Minifigs: 9/10 The minifigs are what I mainly purchased this set for. They are absolutely brilliant, especially the dwarves and Bilbo. I am not a huge fan of elves in general, but the two that come with this set are pretty great, too. I am somewhat sad that the printing on the second elf's legs is a bit off, but the printing quality and design on the other figs is great. Playability: 8/10 The set has two play features and some useful additions to the cellar scenery. One of the play features, the destroyable prison cell, does not make a lot of sense considering that the dwarves are freed with the key (that is hanging right next to tghe cell ), at least in the book. But I guess features like this are a big hit with kids. Price: 6/10 This set is expensive, especially here in Germany. I can understand that licensing fees have to be paid, but 50€ for a set with only 334 pieces leaves a bitter aftertaste nontheless. I would have waited with my purchase but this set seemed the obvious choice when I visited the LEGO store because I had ordered most of the other sets already and wanted to get my hands on at least one Hobbit set as fast as possible. Overall: 46/60 I doubt that this set will be my favourite from the first Hobbit wave, but it's not a bad one either. The price is pretty steep, but you get some great minifigs and useful pieces. I hope you liked my review. Sorry for the picture quality, but I don't have my usual setup at the moment. Maybe I can replace some of the blurrier pictures in a few days.
  10. LegoLotRGuy

    Favorite Elf Figure

    So i made this topic to ask what is your Favorite Elf? Here is all the Options... Elf Butler CMF Elf Elrond Haldir Elf Guard Legolas (Lord of The Rings) Legolas (The Hobbit) Tauriel Also i am new to making topics so can someone please show me how to make this a poll?
  11. Masked Builder

    [MOC] Riddles for the Ring

    With only a few hours, okay okay, nine, until the movie is released here in the US, I thought it'd be nice to build a scene from the movie to kill some time. This is one of my favorite scenes in the book, and seemed fitting to build for the release of the first movie. Yes I do have tickets to the midnight premiere! Flickr Set Facebook December 2012