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Found 61 results

  1. Hello everyone. This set is from the movie "The hobbit - an unexpected journey" into the scene where Bilbo tries to take time with the trolls who are roasting the dwarves until Gandalf arrives and breaks the rock by becoming stone trolls. Unfortunately I have no real mountain trolls and I had to content myself with this but I hope they are nice too. Thank you in advance for all the views and comments and I wish you all good luck and fun for the contest. ROASTED DWARVES main image The Rock can be opened easily I smell something burning.... Bilbo Minifigs Thanks a lot...
  2. Hi all, This is my creation for the Middle Earth Contest category C. This moc is from the second Hobbit movie (The Desolation of Smaug) and it depicts the scene where Thorin and company are attacked by the Mirkwood spiders in Mirkwood. This is one of my favourite scenes from the movie and therefore I chose to recreate it in Lego. My moc features the tree Bilbo climbed, the old elven path though Mirkwood, one Mirkwood spider and the Mirkwood forest floor. I would love to hear what you think of my moc and any improvement suggestions you may have. Hope you enjoy it. The contest rules it say, "16 x 16 with minimal overhang". Could someone please let me know if my creation's overhang is too far. If so, I'll change it. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, after my first "The Hobbit" MOC I just finished my next one! This time the story is set in Lake-town! I think most of us have heard in the near past about the petition "Safe LEGO Lord of the Rings". So with this MOC I want to show you and especially TLG that it is worth to continue this theme! Hope you enjoy! For more pictures please visit me at Flickr! Lake-Town 10 by LF_kofi, on Flickr Lake-Town 6 by LF_kofi, on Flickr Lake-Town 3 by LF_kofi, on Flickr
  4. This has been brought up in the forum multiple times, but I don't think it has its own topic yet... we still have a lot of important characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings who haven't gotten their own minifigures yet. The minifigures for the third Hobbit wave have already been revealed, and we're not sure if we're getting another LotR wave yet, so we have a pretty good idea of what we're missing. Here are the minifigures I'd like to see in future sets, by order of least to greatest importance: Pippin and Merry in Armor- So far, these hobbits have only appeared in casual Fellowship attire, but they both play major roles fighting for Gondor and Rohan in Return of the King. Pippin would fit right into a D2C Minas Tirith set, and Merry would be the perfect character to round out a Fell Beast set. Old Bilbo- I actually have a custom-made Old Bilbo minifigure myself (I made it for a LEGO Ideas project), but I doubt that we'll get him in any future sets. Gondor Soldier- Half of Return of the King basically revolved around these people. They deserve their own battle pack by now. Faramir- He'd go into the Minas Tirith set along with Pippin and a few Gondor Soldiers. Bolg- They made new hairpieces for the orcs in the upcoming Lake-Town set but they couldn't even make Bolg? How does that even make sense? Random Mirkwood Elf- So far the elf soldiers we've gotten aren't very movie-accurate. They should have replaced Legolas with one of these in the Battle of Five Armies set. Random Iron Hills Dwarf- They should release a $30 battle pack with just these guys. Eowyn- We already have Arwen and Tauriel. Galadriel is coming soon. Why, then, has LEGO decided not to give us an Eowyn figure yet? Balrog- A brick-built Balrog would be able to be an entire set in itself. Tom Bombadil- Just kidding. Witch-King- By now, LEGO simply has no excuse for not releasing a Witch-King minifigure. We even have the Mouth of Sauron already, for crying out loud! They can't end the LotR theme without this character appearing at least once; he's just too important. What about you? Are there any other Tolkien characters who you think deserve their own figures?
  5. VaccaProduction

    BrickFilm - Gollum The Spy

    Hello, I am starting a youtube adventure, and I used to make some lego brickfilm cause I really LOVE that so there is my first one:
  6. Hello, Today I come to show you my youtube channel, I am just starting it I do specially brickfilms, but also little tutorials, but you will see on my channel see you thanks a lot for viewing my vidéos
  7. kevkipo

    Clouds and Shade...

    I guess i am on a MOCing spree today? Lady's, Gentlemen, and Orcs I present to you the War chariot from The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies It is based on this part from the Trailer: And here are the pictures :) See you at the next MOC Bye Lads! P.S Sorry for the Lack of Ram, Lego didn't make one, BUT i am making one! i'll upload it soon
  8. Hello fellow Lego lovers Today i present to you my latest MOC Men and Women of Lake-Town, From The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies As Darkness descends Orc's march their way onto the battlefield, the people of Lake-Town robbed by their home must defend themselves... Again! With every Sword, Spear, Shield and Armour they can find they join forces with the Dwarves and Elves to defeat Darkness Lead by Bard they set a mighty charge crushing hundreds of Orcs, The strongest up front, the weak women and children at the back. The Humans have always been and will always be a mighty race. Hundreds of men have fallen that day, victory was upon them but no party was held that day... Here are the pictures of Bard and companions in Battle And a full shot of the MOC And one extra picture: I hope you like it :) Bye lads!
  9. Bilbo and the dwarves need to escape from the wood elves, but alas, they stopped at the border - the only way to shut bars! But suddenly elf outpost attacked by orcs! The Hobbit. Barrel Escape! by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr The Hobbit. Barrel Escape! by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr The Hobbit. Barrel Escape! by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr The Hobbit. Barrel Escape! by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr The Hobbit. Barrel Escape! by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr
  10. Masked Builder

    Review: 79014 Dol Guldur Battle

    Dol Guldur battle! The final showdown in The Desolation of Smaug, and the flagship set of the December 2013 The Hobbit wave. I had my eye on this set since I first saw it. Radagast, Azog, and the Necromancer are all figures pivotal in the books and movie plot lines. The set looked to be a good stand alone model, I also combines with Dol Guldur Ambush, which Reviewers academy member Captain Nemo has reviewed here. So I had to have it. I was excited to find the set as early as I did, and knew I had to buy it. Set Information: Name: Dol Guldur Battle Set Number: 79014 Pieces: 797 Price: $69.99 Ages: 9-14 Minifigs: 6 Theme: The Hobbit Year of Release: December 2013 Bricklink Brickset S@H Flickr Set Box: The box is a nice dark blue in color and has a picture of a mountain ranger on the upper banner. The color really seems appropriate for this set. The background for the set seems fitting, a nice dark tanish color, it has a good decayed look. On the back of the box, a very nice orange color is more prevalent. The alternate image for the set is set on what looks like a piece of parchment. And there are a bunch of box to show the different features and functions. Since this is the biggest set in the wave, the top of the box has all of the figures included in the set. Again on something that looks a lot like parchment. Contents: Inside the box there are six bags, two manuals, and a sticker sheet. The manuals and sticker sheet in mine where quite bent up, as there is no cardboard backing. The box was surprisingly full. I found a few notable pieces in the set. The gate piece, while not new, is my first one, and the other pieces are just a bit rare in these colors. As for the 2x2 round plate with a hole, it's exclusive to the new Hobbit sets and I can see many good uses for it in my MOCs. Lastly the extra pieces, while the brick-separator isn't extra, I'm not sure where else to put it. Lots of cheese and connecting Technic bits. Manual: The front of the manuals is the same as the box, but without most of the information cluttering up the very nice art. There are two of them for this set, and they're surprisingly thick. Inside the manual is a great light blue color, here it shows what bags build what, and which manual they're in. (If you want to skip to your favorite minifigure. ) There is some very light Dwarven runes on the left side of the pages, they look pretty good, and add an extra layer to the set depth. I found no color inconsistencies in the manual, and the steps were easy to follow. The back of manual one has a some great art promoting Manual two has the last three bags. Page one of the parts list. Page two of the parts list. 79011 and 79012 were crammed onto one page of the manual. I think 79013 has some of the best art of the whole of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings sets. It's really quite stunning. Page one of the minifigure checklist. The second of the two pages of minifigure checklist. This page "announced" the two new poly bags for this wave, Legolas, and Laketown guard. An ad for The Hobbit game. It would be nice to have that staff for Gandalf. Lastly an ad for the last wave of The Hobbit sets. The Ring flipping looks pretty good. Minifigures: There are six figures in this set, Radagast, The Necromancer, and Azog are all exclusive to this set. As far as I can tell Azog is the same as the one from San Diego Comic Con. Radagast has some great detailing, you can see the bird poop printed on his beard. I think he staff is perfect with the existing pieces. The back of the figures. Radagast's hat and beard are one piece, and you can kind of see that here. Radagast's clothing is extremely detailed. I'm really quite pleased, I didn't notice the leaves in his clothing in the movie, but I'm sure they're there. The gold embroidered leaves continue on the back of Radagast. The alternate head looks good. A close up of the four baddies in the set. They're all designed nicely, Azog's head covers it up but he does have some pecks printed on his chest. The Necromancer is a great sand green color and the orcs have a lot of bones in their design. The back of Azog and one of the Gundabad orcs. Azog's belt is printed on nicely, and the orc really does look good. The orc seems to have incorporated a spine in his armor, the bones really add a nice detail. Here's a great close up of Azog's "hand." I say "hand" since in LEGO form it's a hand, but in the movie it's his lower arm. Typical LEGO form here, and it does look okay. Though they do look a little funny since the arms are different lengths. I've had several people ask for this picture. Azog fits on here quite well. The Build: Each bag builds a different module for the set, or pieces to connect them. The first bag, shown here, builds the statue and the main section of the set. This module has the Necromancer reveal function. Bag two builds two connecting walls. This bag was short. By the third bag, your fortress is taking shape, this module has a gate Bag four builds a small section that will be connected to the tower. Once through bag number five you've built most of the main structure of the fortress, here you complete the tower. Lastly bag six builds the two staircases, and the cage. The completed set! Really an interesting build, some fun techniques to connect the different modules. Finished Model: So the completed model! It makes a pretty good display piece when combined with the minifigures. I can see this taking a prime display spot on my desk. I have applied the stickers as I think they really add to the set overall. First up of the smaller bits, is the statue. This must play a rather large part in the movie since it has been included here, we'll have to see. But it does look pretty good. Then there's the cage. It's really just a small rock with a cage attached to it, rather boring but it does have a function. Here's the main fortress chunk. Yes I do have the wall backwards, the stickered side is supposed to face this way. I think it makes a very nice backdrop for the minifigures, and there's so great splashes of color to break up the dark bley. The back is obviously not meant to be viewed. There isn't much texture back here, and it's the rear sides of all of the bricks that make up the front section. Here's a close up of the two small rooms in the tower. Some stickered bone piece add a little variation to them. The cage can also be place on top of the tower, which, I think, makes it more visually interesting. Functions: The first function involves finding this ring inside the statue. I noticed in the LEGO Catalog, that it's a wizard ring, I hope this is explained more in the movie. Basically every module of the set has a function. The left most one allows you to dump skulls on people, by turning the vine. The main feature allows you to "reveal" the Necromancer. You turn this flame part. And the Necromancer is revealed. A bit boring, since I've seen it used so many times. Then there's the sword swinging function. You turn the tooth and the sword swings out. Pretty nifty. The cage can be dropped on someone by pulling the pin out. I've found that it likes to come out by itself. And lastly the catapult can be fired. We've seen a lot of these since their introduction a few years ago. Conclusion: Over all, I think I got my moneys worth out of this set. There's a play feature in every module of it, and you can combine it with set 79011 for a larger battle. The minifigures are absolutely fantastic. Radagst is expertly detailed, the Necromancer, while a bit boring, is a pretty good representation from the movie, and the Orcs are top notch. (Though I would have liked to have seen some hair on the Gundabad Orcs) There really isn't too much of variation in the pieces in the set, let face it, there are a bunch of bley bricks. But really I'm quite satisfied, that's all that matters. Ratings: Playability: 9/10 This set is littered with play-features. I would give it a perfect score, however, the Necromancer reveal function seems a bit old at this point, since it's used so much. Design: 7/10 While it seems rather lacking in the design section, let's face it, it's a big grey blob, that, admittedly, represents a ruined fortress pretty well. Still a bit boring overall. Price: 10/10 It has a great price-per-piece ratio, and most of the minifigures are new and exclusive. Minifigures: 10/10 The minifigures are amazing. I may be a bit biased here, I bought this for the figs, but they really are designed well and look great on display! Parts: 6/10 Nothing super new here, and mostly dark-bley parts. Total: 42/50 Like this review? Want to learn how to make good reviews? Then join the Reviewers Academy!
  11. kevkipo

    Forges of Erebor WIP

    Hey Lads! i tought i would share this WIP as i am very proud of it If you have seen The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug then you'll probably remember this It is based on one of the last scene's in Erebor The Dwarves lure Smaug the terrible deeper into the dwarven fortress Erebor, Thorin came up with the plan to make a structure, wich is made of gold (as gold attracts dragons) to trap Smaug and cover him in hot fluent gold! but for that he's going to need molten gold. so they arrive at the Forge's (settled deep in Erebor) Thorin insults Smaug so he gets angry... and blows fire! Now the Furnaces are alight and the plan can fold out... So here's the WIP Keep in mind that this is not the front entrance, it is a side entrance wich leads to the Gallery of the kings This is Thorin, im going to make a scene where the dwarves fight against Smaug (Balin throws bombs, Bilbo pulls a lever for water etc) But to make that scene im going to have to wait until October 2014, a lot of cool sets are coming out and the biggest one features a molded Smaug! and my guess would be also Lake town clothes Bilbo, Dori, Bifur, Dwalin, Balin and others. until then im just gonna finish the MOC This is the furnace, i wil add a lot of fire Light it up up up... on fire! One of the carts where Bifur and Gloin land in, im looking for a good place for them Dwarf head WIP, I will make a scene where water comes out of its mouth A little gap, to look inside Balin's Bomb making area! Overview So i hope you like it! this is just the meager start but i think it's starting to look like the real deal, i will add a LOT more! i'll keep you updated See ya lads UPDATE: So lads! New features are added! So the door is updated, with a nice mosaic on top it represents the forge and all the hard work the dwarf's put in it (the mosaic is not completely finished) Here you see Bifur in his minecart (not final position) I don't really know what i wanted this to be, It looks very dwarvish And here's an overview! Well i hope you like it I'll keep ya updated lads See ya - Kevkipo
  12. Rhosgobel, home to Radagast the Brown Better and more pictures later Today the hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is released (this is or is not true depending on your location obviously). this is my favorite building that has appeared in the movie, well to be honest, any movie. I love the house, the character, everything. special thanks to legopard, for inspiring me Captain Beery & my nerd crew for providing information about accuracy and such lego junkie, Derfel Cadarn and Si-mocs for some usefull advice TLG for putting so much sand green in Helms deep And brickthing for telling me my rabbits looked horrible :p enjoy! Also going into CCC and Mike Doyles "Beautiful Lego: Dark" contests
  13. Infernum

    Orc Hunting

    Legolas and Tauriel are woodland hunters, but they aren't the only hunters out today. So who will be the prey, Elf hunters or Orc hunters? This is just a speed build I made while my cousins were building with my Lego. The build took around 20 minutes.
  14. Hi there im getting 79002 You must tell me if I must do a review on this set Tell me if you want a review if you do I will review it on third january
  15. Good morning/afternoon/evening, I'm looking for the blue coat Bilbo figure that was given out with 'The Hobbit' DVD/blu-ray pre-orders earlier this year. Let me know if you have it for trade (preferably through a PM) along with your country of residence, your own figure wants and possibly a possible price point. If you've got any other figures from The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings up for trade, let me know. I'm looking for many other figures from Middle-Earth as well. In most occassions, I'm only willing to do trades. (After my two ongoing trades are finished and my packages are shipped out, I'll post another topic for other LOTR/Hobbit figs I'm looking for, so I won't be putting too much hay on my fork. Even if you don't have this Bilbo, shoot me a PM if you've got LOTR/The Hobbit figs for trade.) By entering a trade with me, you agree that you're willing to ship first. As for my own haves, I have some less recent Star Wars figures and CMFs that I may be willing to trade. Other themes too, perhaps, depending on your wants.
  16. Christmas came early this year for me as I was selected to review a few upcoming Hobbit set. According to my latest LEGO magazine these are available for purchase Nov. 27th, so here is an early preview. BASIC INFORMATION: Set Name: Escape from Mirkwood Spiders Set Number: 79001 Pieces: 298 Minifigs: 4 Price: $29.99 USD, $34.99 CAD Theme: The Hobbit Year Released: 2012 RESOURCES: (high res pics available here) THE REVIEW: The Box Front: In typical LEGO form the box is fun. It shows all the aspects of the set and it is exciting. The surroundings are similar to The Lord of the Rings boxes as you'd expect. One special thing to note is the red label indicating that this is a Special Preview Set. This is not a sticker, it is actually part of the print on the box. Back: There is a lot going on the back of the box, which is great because that means you get a lot for your money in this set. The box pictures do a better job than I could of showing how to free the dwarfs from the webs, and how the mini spiders can jump out via a flick fire type lever. There is also a section for the weapons, a picture showcasing the glow in the dark pieces on the spiders and mushrooms. Side: The side of the box features one of the figures in actual size, which is common among LEGO sets with minifigures in them. The writing is the title of the movie in many different languages. There is also a phrase that says "Kili the Dwarf" in a multiple of languages. Instructions The instructions display the same image as the box which is standard LEGO procedure, but again being that this is a special preview set, it has the phrase "Special The Hobbit Trilogy Preview Set!" This was also printed on the instructions like the box. Very interesting, plus I think this is a good hint to the fact that we will get sets from all 3 films. All Pieces I am one of those who bypasses the numbered bags for the good old pile of bricks approach. I think this is because this is how it was when I was a kid. I like how dark these sets in terms of pieces. The dark red is something I have practically none of, so it's a welcoming color to my collection. Weapons Pieces I chose to show the weapons separately because I was pleasantly surprised with how many weapons you get for the size of the set. The dagger might look familiar as it's the same piece found in the Prince of Persia sets. Extra Pieces As always we jump forward in time to show the extra pieces in this set. I was quite surprised to see one of the printed daggers coming in as an extra piece. Besides the dagger we get a few nice dark red pieces and some teeth and a bone. All pieces i welcome as they are not the most usual of pieces. Minifigures Front: From left to right we have Legolas Greenleaf, Tauriel, Fili the Dwarf, and Kili the Dwarf. I am pleased with the quality and amount of printing on these figures. I've never been a fan of the small legs since they don't bend but they really do position the dwarfs at the right height so it's hard to complain. Alternate faces: I applaud TLG for giving every figure in this set a two sided face, I love the emotion they are putting into minifigures these days. Back: I really like the hairpiece on the dwarfs , it's long yet it doesn't fall straight down, it's almost like it's waiving in the wind a little bit. Conveniently this allows for the arrow quiver to fit under the hair if you so choose. Build Process Spider Build: It starts off with a small 4x2 base. Nice dark brown with 4 legs spots open, wait don't spiders have 8? They certainly do, the tooth piece works very well as a skinny spider leg. A few steps later and we are done. The two white studs glow in the dark. I like how the abdomen was not forgotten and this really looks like a spider. LEGO has come a long way and the newer sets just keep getting better and better. Rinse and Repeat The set comes with two Mirkwood spiders which are identical. Two is always better than one though. Building the set, structure 1 The first few steps yield us a black and red rock like structure that houses one of the bows and some bones from a previous kill. The dark red really goes well with the black. The skull is the regular skeleton skull. Building the Set, Structure 2 We are starting to build the second larger structure and the technic piece with the red piece on it will later be used to eject the spider onto any passers by. I apologize for my horrible fingerprint on the 2x1 cheese slope. I feel so embarrassed. Building the Set, Structure 2.1 More dark red, black and some dark browns. The technic pic is so this piece can combine with the main structure soon. Is the leaf in dark red new? If not I don't have any and I love them! Structure 2 When you snap the two pieces together you get a rock structure similar to the first one but larger and with a few more features. I think a growing theme in the Hobbit line will be mushrooms, the white stud at the base glows in the dark. Right under the mushrooms is where the small spider is able to be launched out with a flick fire motion. Structure 2 alternate view On the back side of this structure we have the brown release lever which breaks the structure down to release the dwarfs from the spiders web. Spider launch feature The red pin can be flicked like a flick fire missile and the spider under the mushrooms will fly at any un-suspecting passer by. The spider isn't all that hidden, but it has a nice little home to live in until it's time to attack. Complete Set Here we have the whole set together. This set layout reminds me of the Ewok Attack Set from the Star Wars line this year. It has a small structure and the focus is on the minifigures. Here the dwarfs have been spun into webs by the Mirkwood Spiders. The netting is very thing and I think does a good job of resembling webbing. next I'll show you how to get those poor dwarfs down. By pulling the brown pin out the majority of the structure will fall down, giving access to the trapped dwarfs. The top portion swings down on the technic pin and the dwarfs are now accessible. Hooray! Final: The set overall is a great addition to any Lord of the Rings set, or future Hobbit set. I think the pieces that come in this set are in some unique colors and I like the generous offerings of minifigures. Lets hit the totals. Design: 8/10 I like how it looks. The darker colors really fit the theme. I obviously have not seen the movie yet, but being that it's the same theme as Lord of the Rings, I think they did a good job with the figures, weapons and creatures. It really has that Lord of the Rings feel. As much as these types of sets would be good in numbers or to compliment a larger scene, I sometimes find myself looking for more. I know we are within a certain price point here, but a base plate would be fantastic. Parts: 8/10 I give this an 8 because I feel like it has some not so normal parts and some really nice dark red pieces. This is the kind of set that when broken down, is still a good set. This is because of the pieces. Sets like this that don't have a lot of mass but have a lot of details are usually good parts sets. Build: 8/10 I'm sticking with the 8 ranking because this is a little fragile when building. It's not like it falls apart in your hands, but there isn't a main study piece or structure to build off of. You definitely need a flat sturdy surface for this build. The instructions were great as are most of TLG's offerings, I did however find myself having to backtrack a few times because I had misplaced a piece, or forgotten it all together. This may be because I'm getting old, but when I went back, I was surprised where the piece was. I wouldn't put too much weight on this since it very well could have just been my error. Minifigs: 9/10 I love the details on these minifigures. The printing on the legs really gives their outfits hat extra needed flare. The hair pieces are great, although the elf ones cannot really be re-used, unless you are creating an elf character. With that said, since TLG was going for an elf character, they nailed it. The ears line up just right, although you can't turn their heads otherwise their ears will not line up. Also a 10 escaped this category because short minifigures still have stationary legs. This has to be one of my biggest complaints about LEGO period. It bothers some more than others, but I would love to see legs that are short but can still move like regular fig's legs. Granted the height of the legs for the dwarfs is pretty spot on. Playability: 8/10 Even though this set has some great features, it feels like it's lacking overall structure. I know it's a stretch especially in the $20 range, but some sort of base plate would have helped this set out a lot. The spider webs are a nice touch, but to me these seem like more of a display option that a play one. The flick fire spider and the pin to drop the structure down are the kinds of features that LEGO has been incorporating into sets for years now. It's these small details that make the set what it is and in my eyes a play set. Price: 8/10 At $30 I think this worth buying. It seams a little expensive but when you get down to the nitty gritty, it's not. You get 4 very nicely detailed minifigures, some great weapons, some cool pieces in dark red as well as other nice parts that can be used for MOC'ing, almost 300 pieces in total. It's a stretch but I would have loved a base plate in this set to tie the two structures together. Total: 49/60 82% is not bad, not at all. My overall view on this set is positive. If you liked the Lord of the Rings line, you'll like this set as well. It has a good balance of minifigures, parts, and features. I'm sure some of my minor complaints will be null if you collect the entire line and build a big scene out of them. I try to judge sets by themselves but sometimes it helps to look at the bigger picture. Whether you only buy this set, or collect all of the Hobbit line, this is a good buy. The set is priced accordingly with other LEGO licensed sets. So again if you get nothing else from this review than the last sentence, I say this is a BUY!!
  17. Hi everyone, I finally got the 79003 set, it's amazing. One of the things I was most curious about was the brick built window technique everyone was talking about (the main window, where Bilbo's book is). And I got to that step of the build. I was a bit disappointed when I found out that the window isn't a perfect fit between both arches. It moves a lot between them (a 3 or 4 mm gap between the opposite arch when it's pulled to one side). Even when it's placed in the house structure, the window actually moves from one side to another between the arches. After looking at Captain BeerBeard's review, I realized that the arches in my set are different from his! The inside part of his arches has a small salience that, i presume, must hold the window in place, while mine are perfectly flat on the inside surface. I have no flickr account to post from, but I send a picture attached for you to see the salience I'm talking about. Is anyone having an issue on this? Am I the only one? If I am, i'll feel dumb, I've been building lego since I was 4 or 5 years old -.-' Thanks for your help, please try to look at the attached picture (it's the biggest I could upload...) UPDATE: Apparently, user FredleDingue, from (in the comments) had the same problem with the Arkham Asylum set (10937), which has a window with the same design. It seems that Lego told him that they would only replace the parts at his expense. If You check Lego Digital Designer you'll see that the arch in question is available with the mentioned salience that fixes the window in place, not the one being provided in some of the 79003 boxes we've been getting. Still no reply from Lego on my inbox. UPDATE 2: User Dar2k at the forum has posted images that picture this issue very well, follow this link to see the effect of the wrong mold of the arch (Hit the small grey button that says "Afficher" on Dar2k's post). No reply from lego to me today! UPDATE 3: According to the link provided by Rich, owner of the awesome blog, some chinese guy had the same issue and received the parts for free from Lego. He posted pictures of everything on a chinese forum, check for yourselves. (google translate..) Why they would send some fans the parts for free, and charge other, beats me. UPDATE 4 - REPLY FROM LEGO: "We are very sorry to hear that your new LEGO ® set contained defective parts. We do everything so that our products are of the highest possible quality and that they meet your expectations for the LEGO brand. Please accept our apologies, because your last experience has not reflected that. In the LEGO Company, we invest much time in planning and quality control. All our products are rigorously tested before being released. After launch, we continue to test the production process and quality requirements in response to comments from our consumers. Therefore, I want to thank you for having informed us about the defective part of your LEGO. Myself, I passed this information to my colleagues in the quality department, which will ensure that this error does not happen again. Could you please provide us the reference of defective parts and the manufacturer code (behind the box in the area of the barcode, not the "Item Number" but a source close to this) so we can send you a replacement parts? Do not hesitate to contact the team at LEGO, mentioning your reference: ***********, If you have any further questions or comments, we are always at your disposal. Yours faithfully, LEGO Service Note: This message was sent to me in portuguese and I used google translate to get it to english. Then, I corrected some imprecisions in the translation before posting it here.
  18. Check out history forum for the new Hobbit sets! Head on over to the History Forum for more pictures and discussion.
  19. Captainsmog

    My fantasy MOCs

    Let me begin this topic with my most recent MOC: It's my first cuusoo project, so if you want to support it, here's the link And here is a small compilation of the other fantasy MOCs I did: All pics are in my flickr gallery. I hope you'll like them.
  20. Here is me custom LEGO minifigure-
  21. I noticed a lot of people were listing their favorite dwarves in the main LotR/Hobbit thread. I figured it might be nice to have a separate thread to discuss which is your favorite, as well as have a poll to vote so we can see which is the most popular (could I a mod please add a poll with all 13 dwarves?). Thorin Balin Dwalin Fili Kili Bifur Bofur Bombur Oin Gloin Ori Nori Dori Here is deskp's banner to easily see the names of all the dwarves and their Lego minifigure counterpart: Click the picture below for a larger version!
  22. Jacob Nion

    [MOC] Flies and Spiders

    Hey guys, here's my entry for MELO round 5. Semi finals! Category was "flies and spiders". Thanks for looking!
  23. A while ago I started making unique weapons for Thorin's Company. These then got boxed up when I went to uni, and now I'm back for summer I'm getting round to finishing them off. First up is Orcrist, the Goblin-Cleaver. For this I used a silver ninja sword, blu tack and glue. It was supposed to just be a preliminary version, but I quite liked it. It's a bit untidy and needs work, but I thought it was okay for a mk1 :) And alongside Bilbo and Gandalf. I can't remember what piece i used for Glamdring except it was an unofficial piece I probably bought from firestartoys. Also, a shot of twelve Dwarves feasting in Bag End. And finally, I am looking for someone to share in an adventure.
  24. For the Fana'briques 2013 show, I have designed a 294 x 96 mosaic based on the Hobbit movie : It uses 3 colours (black, dark grey and light grey) on white 48x48 baseplates. The building has been done in one day helped by a couple of friends (Sandra and Sébastien B.), my son Alexandre and my wife Clara : SCASD. Enjoy.
  25. Which common type of Middle-Earth Minifigure are you? Find out!