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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone! I started this topic because I have (and use) control+ in my MOCS. However, there isn't a dedicated thread on Eurobricks for control+ MOCS. Hence this exists. Firstly, what hub is most commonly used? I have 22127, but I also use the Spike Prime Hub 88012 to control my models. I prefer 88012 because it is smaller and more compact and it also uses different coding: either Python or Scratch. Which is easier to use for everyone else?
  2. In this video from a while ago I demonstrate the torque calculation of a Lego Technic MOC crane axle in order to work out the maximum torque before axle failure (i.e. twisting itself to bits). This would apply to any high torque technic mode (axle failure torque). Hope you like this video. Any comments or feedback appreciated. Kind Regards and keep building, Rob
  3. In the past 2 months I've been working on a mobile crane. I initially started with the Liebherr 1350-6.1 but then decided to add another axle and go for the 1400-7.1 For reference I'm attaching an image of the Felbermayr livery I'm going for. I think blue is a nice alternative to the usual "yellow" technics mocs/cranes! image share Some of the features: integrated pneumatic suspensions (currently this crane can run both on pneumatics or normal shock absorbers) 7 solid axles of which 6 are steered and 5 are driven studded design (although the axles themselves are built in studless technique) as many details as possible (I haven't completed this MOC yet so at this stage there is room for adding more) decals/stickers where needed 2 or 3 Sbricks (1 in the carrier and 1or 2 in the upper structure) 2 L motor for driving 1 L motor for steering 1 M motor to extend the outriggers 1 M motor with autovalve to lower/raise the outriggers pneumatics. At the moment only the carrier has been completed digitally, upper structure to follow The chassis itself it's a 5 studs tall/thick and should provide enough rigidity. As you can see the outriggers take quite a lot of space, both driving and steering shafts had to go either below or above them! upload pictures Here a view of all the axles: currently showing pneumatic pumps but given how much they cost I've decided to use standard shock absorbers More renders. hosting images online image sharing sites free Hope you've enjoyed this. Will start building it soon hoping everything goes smooth! Then will develop the upper structure and share more images. Cheers, TheItalianBrick!
  4. Hey guys! I wanted to show you my latest MOC, a life size hoverboard, built for the ongoing "The power of BuWizz competition", where you should build a model that demonstrates the amazing feats of strength that BuWizz can achieve. I've been working on this MOC for 2 weeks now, and I am very glad I got it done, just in time. It was a cumbersome task, as the forces at work are huge and I wanted to stay 100% Lego (not counting BuWizz ofc). As you will see in the video, I built it for my youngest son, age 5. He's 110 cm tall and weights 19 kg with clothes on, but the hoverboard can easily hold his weight. He can control it by himself, using the BuWizz beta app on my phone, which fits nicely on the handle bar, which also helps for balancing. Technical stats: 1 BuWizz 4 XL motors 16 Model Team wheels Height: 80cm Lenght: 45cm Width: 28cm Weight: 2kg First, let me show you some photos: Let's move on to the video: If you want to see more photos, see my Flickr album here: Well, that's all for now, let me know what you think
  5. Hello Everyone, Let’s me introduce my new Crazy MOC; Fully RC P&H L1150 Wheels loader. Speed : 14cm/s weight : 4650g / 4.6KG lenghts :76cm width : 24.5cm height: 29.5cm I don’t know how to describe this monster? it using 132mm tires. please go to photos and video. Video:
  6. hello everyone, it's me again, let me introduce my another new moc: RC Benz 8x4 Actros Tractor Truck, it has 1Xl for driving, and 1 M motor for steering. I have another great moc, please visit:
  7. Hello Everyone, Let’s me introduce my new MOC Caterpillar 390F Fully RC with Tow Haul. Do you remember my First MOC??? Extremely Large Mining Dump Truck, Now I will make it from dump truck to tow truck, it just for transporting caterpillar 390F. please take a look the photos and video. Video:'> i have other great moc, please visit my fans page:
  8. hello everyone, let me introduce my new moc : Fully RC G480 Crane Truck, it has over ten lego motor and 4 ir receiver. video ready ON:
  9. Hello everyone, let me introduce my new MOC: 53m aerial ladder platform HK verison, it has 10 lego motor and Spray function is mainly used LEGO pump with the tanks is using Lego bricks, unique waterproof technology not only no need for tape or glue, each bricks can also be used for other purposes easy removed at any time, my facebook page: The video about this truck:
  10. Hello everyone, let me introduce my new [MOC] Scania R730 RC + LED, it is a very beautiful truck so I select this model for my Lego MOC. Thanks for watching
  11. I made this model a few months ago. And this was my first model after dark age. But i never showed it in this forum. I'm doing it now because soon I will present my second tank. length 45 s width 24 s height 16 s weight 1.5 kg Drive 2x PF XL Tower 1x PF M 1x barrel PF M headlights movie full gallery http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=548347
  12. All, Just want to introduce myself to this forum and show you some of my work I have been making in the last months. I come from the north of the Netherlands (Friesland) and am 41 years old. I mainly work with Technic and after building loads of models from Lego and rebrickable I now started designing my own MOC's which goes went quite well actually. You can find my work including free instructions on rebrickable http://rebrickable.c...gner/martijnnab My youtube channel can be found on: Here are some pictures of the models I made recently: Hope you like them and looking forward to hearing from you!! Martijn Nab