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Found 4 results

  1. Dear friends! Finally, I started to clean out my MOC closet, which has been gradually filling up the last two years and somehow, I couldn't get myself to empty it. The first of more-to-come skeletons to fall out of it is this TATRA T813 KOLOS in truck trial version, that I have built almost a year ago for our LUG’s annual 14th truck trial race “KockeTerenci”. I got inspired by this little canary on steroids: This is my biggest truck so far, that is actually capable of tackling some terrain. The dimensions are as follows: l / w / h = 65 cm / 19 cm / 25 cm or 81 / 24 / 31 studs. It is a bit to narrow for my liking, but one of our TT race rules states, that gates on track are 30 studs wide, so I went for a fitter width. Truck weighs slim 3,3 kg with 2 AAA battery boxes, with Buwizz a little less. It is a bit front heavy as the cabin weighs more than 0,35 kg+ the steering mechanism protrudes a bit into the cabin. Some photos of exterior before further babbling… I tried both PF and Buwizz for power, which one did better is obvious… I hereby thank @imurvai for BrickController application – it was a pure joy using it. Truck features 8x8 drive with typical TATRA suspension and single drive shaft where left and right half axles are misaligned for half a stud, similar as IRL. Fatso is driven by two PF XL motors that are hard-coupled on a two-speed gearbox, which is a modification Sariel’s linear heavy-duty transmission and is placed between the 2nd and 3rd axle. It is remotely controlled with a small linear actuator driven by a PF M motor between 3rd and 4th axle. Total gearing in 1st gear is 23.2:1 and in 2nd gear 8.3:1. 1st gear is pretty sluggish but does the job well and the 2nd gear is good only for rather flat terrain with minor bumps. Unfortunately, I ran out of place for hiding the motors inside the chassis so not to good looking from above but the body covers them well from the side. I had to rebuilt and modify the gearbox a couple of times, bracing each pair of gears as close to them as possible. Previous versions of gearbox resulted in some ABS abuse as you can see on photos below . Front two axles are steered by an L motor which also turns the steering wheel in the cabin. Steering mechanism is a modified 2 axle steering system from Madoca’s Tatra T813 which is some studs wider than my version. Below the cabin there is a working mini fake V12 engine with fan (original design by @jorgeopesi). The cabin has two seats, some gauges around the steering wheel, and fake shift stick. As you can see, I had to make front axle suspension pretty stiff due to heavy front of the truck. There are three pairs of hard spring shock absorbers on 1st axle, two on 2nd and 4th axle, and one pair on 3rd. When there were only two pairs of shocks on front axle, the truck was sagging pretty bad. And now (IMO the highlight of this MOC) to stickers. The truck is full of them, as is the real truck. I searched the web for some that I found cool and funny. Stickers were printed on plain white sticker sheet and some on a transparent sticker sheet for laser printers. The latter took some colours very well and some not – especially red colour pealed off rather quick, which made the rad claw marks look old and worn out which turned out even better. I find it quite hard to tear it apart as I am very pleased with how it turned out. In addition, teardown is being postponed continuously because the transparent sticker sheet leaves some glue spots on bricks and I haven’t found the right mood to clean them. I hope you don't mind, if I point them out... A funny thing with those septic tank cleaners - on Facebook,a guy from Republic South Africa comes out and says he sees trucks of this company all the time as they have HQ in town next to him - small world isn't it? I hope they don't mind some extra commercial . To end, here are some more photos from the beast’s natural habitat and a video of course. In order for you not to fall asleep, I sped up some of the footage. I also apologise for some part of the video being a bit on the lower side of quality - it comes so that my cellphone is practically all my shooting gear. Thank you for your time reading this and I hope you like it. I am looking forward to your thoughts and comments. Fire away. Higher resolution photos can be found in my BrickSafe folder. Best regards, Miha P.S.: In case someone wonders, how I did on the race – see photo of competition below. Mine is that small yellow fella in the middle. As you can imagine, I was no match for those small and fast woodpeckers FREE BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS AVAILABLE!
  2. Hi! This is my first post. I am building a tatra t813 kolos, it has leaf spring suspension, planetary wheels. Some pics
  3. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck V4 The famous Tatra T813 in Lego remote controlled version, versatile and durable as the original. Modular Design The scale model, made ​​by me after several months of work, contains most of the features found in the real version, to significantly affect its performance are the axle shafts, transmission, suspensions, chassis structure and weight distribution. Specifics -weight: 2Kg -height: 225,0mm, 22,50cm -lenght: 400,0mm, 40,00cm -width: 215,0mm, 21,50cm -3 XL Motors (2 for drive, 1 for sterring), 2 IR Receviers, 2 Battery Boxes Motor For Lego Tatra T813 I opted for the use of two XL Motors, which provide a high torque with an average consumption of energy, but low number of revolutions per minute. There are two transmission shafts (the real Tatra T813 uses one), each connected to a single engine, split the load energy, strengthen the chassis, but also to divide the stress that every engine needs to support. In the gear shaft there are numerous gear reductions with anti-snapping patented by me (final gear ratio 9:1). Suspensions Independent half-axles suspensions for each wheel, all-wheel drive and anti-snapping system between gears for maximum traction, unlike the original model, Lego Tatra T813 does not use differential: between Lego bricks there is no type of limited-slip differential, then, by inserting a differential whatever, at the first hurdle would stop the vehicle, and this should not happen. Axle shafts New axle shafts very strong, with anti-snapping system patented by me, gear reductions, increased torque transmitted to the wheels (final gear ratio 9:1), and steering (in the front). Wheels Individual tactical tires on each axle (94.3 x 38R). Comparison with the real model The Lego model made ​​by me is very similar to the real one, in particular, the design of the cabin faithfully reproduced it based on original designs. Youtube's Video The video is of the V1 version, I will soon be making a new video. My blog's page For more information and news about this incredible model, please visit my web page dedicated to it,, http://gtathecomplet...trial-truck-v4/
  4. Lego Tatra T813 4x4 RC Trial Truck The famous Tatra T813 in lego version remote controlled, Versatile and durable as the original. Modular Design The scale model made ​​by me after several months of work, contains most of the features found in the real version, to significantly affect its performance are the axle shafts, transmission, suspension, chassis structure and weight distribution. It's powered by two powerful xl motors through a four-wheel drive, it has half-axles and various gear reductions. The Article of my blog To learn more about this amazing truck, visit the page dedicated to it on my blog, at the web address: http://gtathecomplet...trial-truck-v2/