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Found 36 results

  1. Hello, I was just wondering what methods you use for applying stickers and what would be the best. For example, using a craft knife over fingers.
  2. Hi dear forum! How do you display/store your models? Do you keep stickers on or off? I havent been collecting for too long, two years now, and I'm not sure wheather I should keep them on or just have the bricks plain. Bought some models new and seal and some are used. A bunch of them has really bad sticker quality while others are looking nice. I guess value wise it is better to have the stickers on, but the models are way easier to keep clean wihtout them, especially the ones where the stickers are starting to give in. I could not think of any better place to get my questions answere than here. Thanks. Edit: I know this is more of a general question, not specified for Star Wars, but this is the only forum I follow on Eurobricks.
  3. Hi Everyone, I went to BRICK 2015 over the weekend and purchased a set I have been after for a long time, Toy Story: Woody's Roundup. Now i bought it mainly for the MF's but there a quite a few pieces missing, most of which I can easily replace. My problem is the SHERIFF sticker is missing, does anyone have any advice on how I could an acquire a new sticker, seeing as its an old set? Or should I just accept I wont be able to replace it? Thanks for any advice in advance!
  4. Hi there, I've been looking everywhere for some high quality sticker paper for customizing minifigs. I'm seeing in videos and pictures everywhere that people are using clear sticker paper on minifigs, but they're not waterslide. I've searched all over the place, and I haven't found out anything about it. Not even the Eurobricks search function can shed some light on this! Anyways, I'm hoping to find some that are reasonably priced, high quality, easy to apply, and work with an inkjet printer. I don't really like the idea of waterslide decals because it seems to take a lot of skill and time commitment, both of which I really don't have much of. While white paper seems to do well (especially since you can't print white), but I'd prefer to use transparent (obviously I'd need white paper when I would need to print bright colors also, so yes, I guess I am going to need both white and transparent). I have been hearing a lot more recently about "labels". What are they? Is it just another name for a decal or sticker? Or is it literally using the materials that were originally meant for labeling for minifigure customization? Or is it something different altogether? I've seen professionals online use transparent stickers amazingly. TheCooperWorks and those old BrickForge decals from a few years back have proven that sticker paper is a suitable alternative. So please, if there any reasonably priced, high quality, easy to apply decals that work with an inkjet printer that you know of, I'd love to hear about it.
  5. Hello! I'm new to this forum and I joined because I think this could interest some builders: I recently bought an unopened 3225 set and was able to scan the stickers. I searched the web for a place to share them, but I didn't find any website that lists scanned Lego stickers. As I said, I'm not an expert concerning Lego-themed websites and forums, so I might have missed something obvious. Does anyone know of such a scan collection? Are there places where I could post my scan so that every interested builder can find it? Thank you in advance! Sadly, I seem to be unable to post my scan here... Maybe I don't understand the mechanics of posting on this forum.
  6. rodiziorobs

    Help locating Stickers

    So I am putting together an Octan MOC and would like to get some official stickers from sets that have the logo or any other related designs, but searching for them on BrickLink is impossible without searching through every single page unless you know the set number. So my question: does anyone know some numbers for sets with Octan stickers? I would prefer stickers that came with clear backing, but any at all (any size, also) will do. Thanks!
  7. Rishab N

    8671 stickers

    Hi guys. I'm a big Technic and Star Wars fan so I never really post here. So my problem is that I've had the 8671 Ferrari sitting around disassembled in a box for at least 5 years. Just yesterday I remembered it still existed and I got it out. Unfortunately the stickers for that set had always been in a bad condition while it was assembled and now, 5 years later, they are in an even worse condition with many peeling and faded. So I was wondering if anyone had a scan or pdf of the sheet that they are willing to part with or if you guys know of any other method to get any stickers. This is due to new sticker prices for this set being well over 30 USD ( )and I'm not ready to pay that price. Thanks, Rishab
  8. Legononymous

    Sticker Placement!

    I was admiring the perfect sticker placement on set 60048 Police Dog Unit. Someone has mad skills! I know this has been discussed but I'm thinking of trying fine line tape to get the perfect spacing and hopefully when I go to put on the sticker the fine line tape will act as an edge for the sticker. I'm just super frustrated with stickers. To the point I opt not using them more often then I do.
  9. Working on my MOC while I wait for my new pieces, ordered on 15 January , I thought something interesting. Stickers or pieces?, in my F40 build the lateral line and inlets with bricks increase its fragility and the number of pieces but make some stickers for those details would be nice, what do you think for your MOCs?. Example for the F40, build the front inlets and line with stickers not with liftarms.
  10. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum section... since I'm pretty "new" to current Lego fandom online, is there any place one can find scanned sticker sheets for Lego sets? As in, good enough quality to print and use? In particular, I'm after the sheets from the Alien Conquest series (now discontinued). I was thinking of scanning my own "spares", but didn't want to spend the time if someone had already done the work. I've been wanting to make new stickers for some of the ADU vehicles (Interceptor, Jet-Copter, etc), changing the numbers and markings on some of them, but need the images to edit before printing. Is there somewhere obvious I need to go look, or are sticker scans not very common? I could only find very old set scans in my brief searches online.
  11. I've recently started photographing a long backlog of MOCs. Here is the finished Wild Wild West train which took Best Train at Brickworld 2012: . The prototype can be seen here: http://wanderer.jame.../MAIN_PAGE.html The train is notable as it is built to scale using 1 stud = 1 foot taking advantage of figures with the long Toy Story arms and legs. It also features several excellent applications of structural stickers around the cylinders, domes, and on the coach roofs. - Brian Williams