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Found 6 results

  1. Ceniza Bajo is a place for those who take opportuinities. Like this fruit merchant, who established his booth right in front of the leftovers of what may once have been the immaculate masonry of a temple, or an assembly hall, or even a king's palace. As with the wooden totem, enough is left on the Luther Islands to know that where the Eslandolans have now established Ceniza Bajo once rose a massive town - but not enough to tell who exactly had lived here, nor why they no longer are. A Small Commerce for Ceniza Bajo on Eileanne neh Luithhr (aka Luther Islands).
  2. Dear Eslandola, word has reached my ears, even here in Terraversa, about the most concerning recent financial reports. Be assured, my dear friends of the Colonial Council, that you do not stand alone in this struggle. The Fontonajo family is with you in these difficult times. I am certain you all realise any taxation of wealth is not an option? After all, the freedom of choice is what has made our nation great, and most certainly you will not dispossess your citizens of this freedom! I have always been in favour of further taxation - port taxes, taxation of new investments (properties), even taxes for living in the most luxourious towns, taxations for larger fleets, for titles, for offices - just about for everything that leaves us with a choice to decide against it, and thus against the taxes. While taxes on regular income might be a grey area, taxing our possessions leaves us with no choice to take another path - which is essentially the demise of freedom and thus the doom of our Empire. To express my support with more than just words I hereby transfer some of my most valuable possessions. While I give the Cotton Island near Salida Este to the Merchants Colonial Trading Company, which should be netting the MCTC around 150 Dubloons in monthly revenue, the Colonial Council Hall in Montario is hereby transferred to our nation. I entrust you, my friends in the Colonial Council, to use the money wisely. Also as of today, all port taxes acquired by Nova Terreli shall go directly to the treasury of our great Colonial Eslandolan Empire. My utmost respect to the work all of you are dedicating to our nations in those hard times. My finest regards Román Esteban Fontonajo, Colonial Grand Ambassador I might license this as a small commerce in Kings Port, Terraversa. And some more detail-shots of the furniture:
  3. Away from the King's Harbour ball, gentlemen also met in the classy smoking rooms of Cocovia's capital. The place to be to appreciate finest tobacco and alcohol from the Brick seas when discussing about important subjects : Trade route, navigation, astronomy, scientific expeditions... This is the right place to set a trade agreement with another gentleman respresenting a fair trading company. Will be licenced as a small commerce C&C welcome
  4. As the rats are spreading around the sea of thieves, some trade worth billions of pounds, which are a scourge and a disgrace are likely to flourish everywhere... For example in Freeport... some walls, sand as floor, and a simple canopy instead of a roof and here comes an opium's den will be licenced as a small commerce ! This idea comes to me after some PM with @Bregir , besides is there another built coming (for King's Harbour this time)
  5. After the war, Eslandola had taken full control over "Isla de Victoria", which now had started to deserve its name. Román Fontonajo had ordered his men to take one of the now deserted old warehouses, renovate it, and start the one thing that actually is Eslandola: Trading! Small Commerce, activated as challenge-reward via microbuild.
  6. Elostirion

    [ESL] Turtle Race

    The turtle race at the annual Weelond Octoberfest always was a lot of fun. Bella Cardena was the lady in charge of the event... Bets could be place, food could be bought and of course a lot of wine and beer was consumed as well. All for he fun of the people. And some money, of course. Those turtles had to eat, after all. Within a day Bella Cardena made more than many labourers made in a month. That was during Octoberfest, which lasted quite a few days. And the best thing was... Turtle Races in Weelond did not only take place in October. They actually did every Sunday and had made Bella quite a rich businesswoman. But someone else profited as well. Bella had a long-term contract with Román Fontonajo, who had helped her in her early days, when there were no turtle enthusiasts in Weelond. Román delivered food, wine, beer - and of course new turtles whenever they were needed.