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Found 8 results

  1. South of Seawatch, El Oleonda, April 624 The cannon emerged slowly from the murky water, one centimeter after another. Despite the time spent in the water, the barrel seemed in a good state. With a few blows of a shovel, one of the engineers removed the remaining pieces of the wooden carriage, buried too deep in the mud. Soon, that cannon would have been cleaned, inspected, and most likely mounted on a new wooden support, in the military workshops of Fort Firmo. A cannon barrel was too valuable to let it rot in a bog: that Lotii weapon would have become instead part of Seawatch port batteries, or maybe of a field artillery unit. After their defeat in the Battle of Seawatch, the Lotii had quickly withdrawn toward the Eastern settlements, leaving traps and ambushes to delay the pursuit of the Coalition forces. The attacks of hostile native tribes and guerrilla operations of Jiangkai troops, together with bad roads, terrible weather, and mass desertion of mercenaries, however, had soon turned the orderly retreat into a complete rout, and countless cannons and heavy carriages were abandoned along the way: what had started as a brilliant disengagement had quickly turned a desperate march for survival. The Lotii had lost a quarter of their army, and an immediate new offensive seemed unlikely. Therefore, that represented an excellent moment to reorganize the coalition forces in Seawatch, repair the town fortifications, and, indeed, salvage as many as possible of the abandoned Lotii cannons... better to have them in safe hands, than to allow the enemies -or the armies of other allied empires- to recover them! With the help of workhorses and mules, the military engineers of Oleon towed the cannons out of bogs and rivers, or out of the mud of the jungle trails. In most cases, the carriages had been damaged, but only a few artillery pieces had been spiked or blown away... a few days of work, and most of them could have been put easily back in battery! Other units, scattered all over the jungle, were recovering cases of ammunition, gunpowder barrels, small arms, and other abandoned equipment, and occasionally also accepted the surrender of stragglers and small Lotii units left behind during the last months. Even though no organized resistance was usually encountered, some Lotii soldiers had resorted to banditry or had chosen to continue the war on their own. Therefore, all the salvage expeditions were accompanied by chasseurs and soldiers of Fort Arltrees militia, who knew the jungle as their own pockets. A small MOC set on El Oleonda, with the military engineers of Oleon recovering a Lotii cannon from a bog. Build inspired by @Ozzy_4321's MOC about salvaging/capturing abandoned Lotii cannons.
  2. April 622, Somewhere not far from Seawatch, New Haven Sea "Hoist the mainsail, ya scurvy dogs!" - the captain was yelling at the top of his lungs, but hearing him in the whistle of the wind was still very difficult- "Let's see if those fishing boats wanna dance with us!". The "fishing boats" had just rounded the promontory, one mile behind, and were closing in fast... but as soon as they left the cover of the shore the waves started to hit them with their full strength. The sailors of the Stormchaser laughed wildly as the three junks started to swing and list dangerously, the sails flapping out of control: they could imagine the chaos, the soldiers slipping and rolling on the deck, the wheel spinning around... for that day, their chase was definitely over! "Brace yourselves lads! Give me more jib and say farewell to those bilge rats!" The little crew roared and ran to the ropes. Soon, the Lotii would have turned back to their port, seasick and humiliated, and Seawatch would have been fed for one more day. The Stormchaser, and many other little ships with her, were the last, weak connection between Seawatch and the rest of the world: the settlement was surrounded, and all the roads had been cut. However, the Lotii junks blockading the port were not as fast and seaworthy as the Madrician sloops. When the sea became rough, therefore, brave and slightly mad captains tried the dangerous routes from Fort Arltrees or Spudkirk, defying the storms and the enemy patrols. They were called Sturmreitern, the riders of the storms, because that was exactly what they did: riding the waves and the winds, that the Lotii didn’t dare to face! Some considered them smugglers and profiteers, others called them heroes and saints... whatever the truth, their cargoes of dried meat, hardtack and gunpowder allowed Seawatch to survive. Before departure, the boat had been stripped of anything less than essential, then barrels and crates were fastened in every empty space. The little ship must remain as light and fast as possible, but the cargo had to be worth the risks! "Port ahead, Cap! I see the lighthouse!" The little port tower had been shelled several times, but somehow it was still standing. They had completed another passage, one more line to carve on the mast. Now the waves seemed funnier, and everyone was laughing and cheering... apart from the Carnite officer they had taken on board, who was still a little too green to talk! ---------- Front view of the Stormchaser A side view of the ship and its support ------------------------- After a week on a sailboat, I can finally present you the Stormchaser, which I completed soon before my departure! I'm thinking of licensing it as class 2 or 3 (suggestions appreciated: 22 studs at the waterline, 40 at the deck, excluding the bow mast). This is an idea I had before the siege of Seawatch was lifted, but I never had a chance to complete it. Now that the "humanitarian smuggling" task of the Stormchaser is over, it can move to more profitable businesses!
  3. With the threat of war with the Lotii imminent, a detachment of Corlander Light Infantry from the 26th Foot were on patrol in the area surrounding Seawatch. The soldiers found traces of Lotii scouts of the Water Dragon Banner army in the dense jungle. After a long walk, deep into the jungle, the 26th Regiment of Foot indeed encountered a number of blue-jacketed Lotii warriors. Hidden in the thick undergrowth, they watched the warriors, alerting Major Sir Brickleton in the meantime. Brickleton immediately mobilized a number of light cavalrymen of the 18th Regiment of Hussars 'The Lightfoot' and rushed to the aid of the infantrymen deep in the jungle. Arriving there, they briefly consulted the infantry commander and it was decided they should attempt to eliminate the Lotii forces. Thus the attack was opened on the warriors, who fled into the dense jungle. The Corries pursued the scouts until they came to a fortified watchtower that loomed out of the mist next to a river. The Lotii outpost appeared to house a small training camp. Major Brickleton decided to seize the opportunity to level the outpost. The attack was opened and after a fierce battle the Lotii fled yet further into the jungle with their many wounded in search of a safer place. Following the Lotii retreat, Major Brickleton completed the destruction of the outpost by burning down the encampment. The battle was won, though Brickleton was concerned by the brazenness of the Lotii they had encountered.After this, the Corries went back to Seawatch, happy with this win. --- Will not be licensed. My contribution to the Seawatch Campaign Property type: Royal Artisan(?) Dimensions: 130 x 106 studs Total parts: ~14,000 Credits: Story is aligned with Major Brickleton (@evancelt)
  4. "A pair of barbarians gather at a signpost seeking direction." "Yet, it is Shinobi and they fall, just as the cherry blossoms do. And this was very well." Thx, ♧
  5. Jungle Shootout, Seawatch Following a successful meeting with General Alonzo of the Weelond 2nd Battalion, Major Brickford along with the small detachment of Marines from the 45th Regiment of Foot began to make the short trek back to Corrie Headquarters. At a bend in the road flanked by a short fence and dense brush, Major Brickford got the feeling of being watched. It was well known the Lotii are masters of stealth and were not pleased by the formation of joint forces of the Seawatch Campaign. Jungle Shootout 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Not moments later shots began to ring out from within the jungle. It seemed to be an evenly matched fight. Jungle Shootout 1 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Quickly dismounting his horse and sending it running towards the Corrie encampment, Major Brickford formed a defensive position with what cover was available and ordered his men to return fire on the Lotii Skirmishers barely visible through the brush. Jungle Shootout 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr When shots were heard in the distance at Corrie HQ followed by Major Brickford's horse with no rider, a detachment of the 18th Hussars 'The Lightfoot' quickly mounted up and rushed to aid the pinned down Major and his men. Jungle Shootout 5 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Adept at riding in through the jungle terrain with speed after many months of patrols, the gallant hussars of the 18th charged through a gap in the brush with swords drawn. In the end one Lotii lay dead in the grass and the remaining skirmishers ran at the sight of 'The Lightfoot' charging in. --------------------------------------- A small firefight between the Corrington Marines and the Lotii. A build to depict some action in the war and to include some of my new parts from AE. Namely the Chinese and British minifigs as well as kneeling legs and Brickarms Perfect Caliber Muskets. C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  6. Location: Seawatch Type: Freebuild It was a humid day near Seawatch, as Count Mesabi and his loyal accountant, Darby Tyler walked towards the city gates. Count Mesabi had anchored the WTC Libertine off the coast of Seawatch, avoiding the heavily patrolled harbour. The two had rowed ashore, and walked down the path towards the city proper. "Anyways Darby, the best way to visit a heavily fortified wartorn city is via surprise. You simply appear at an unexpected interval, and come bearing gifts. It worked for Fatu Hiva" Said the Count cheerily. "Count, they burned you in effigy after the Corrish force pulled out. There's literally been talk of making a holiday when you die." Said Darby, incredulous as ever. "It was such a touching tribute! I always like statues of me! And fiery infernos always have a special place in my heart! Anyway's we're here. It's been a while since I lent my hands to Corrington's Leadership. I always get the feeling like they're anxious around me though. They're probably afraid of my title." Continued the Count, pondering back on his many, many misadventures. "AVAST CARNIVORES!" Yelled the Count at the Carnish gate guard. "I, his excellence Count Mesabi demand an audience with your mayor, the leaders of the joint military task force, your quartermaster, whoever's in charge of your theater guild, and your cheapest cheesemonger!" "Who the Megablocks are you?" Yelled back the Carnish guard, gripping his musket tightly. The Count smiled. He had new friends to make! "Look, uh, just please tell a Corrish guard to find a sergeant or something? Tell them that Count Mesabi is here." Yelled Darby, hoping to slightly The Carnish guard stepped away. A loud "WHAT?!?" came up from over the wall in a heavy Corrish accent. An alarm bang clanged loudly, the gates were yanked open, and Corrish and Oleander marines sprinted forwards, muskets in hand. "See Darby! Look at the warm reception we're getting" said the Count happily. Soldiers emerged from both sides of the path, climbing through bushes and thicket. Each pointed their musket at the duo. "Augh! don't shoot me! I don't want to die!" Cowered Darby. "Drop your weapons you nutcase!" Yelled a Corrish Guardsman. "You will hang for what you did to Fatu Hiva!" Cried an Oleander marine angrily. "You're a danger to the free markets!" muttered an Eslandolian guard. "No sudden movements!" Shouted the Corrish ranger. "Who wants canned meat!" Said the Count. "I brought enough to share!" FIN Thanks for viewing my build. I thought it'd be fun to have the Count here for this, so he has found his way over. For newer builders, my character, Count Mesabi caused a bunch of IC and OOC strife when I first joined BoBS. Long story short, I nowadays I do my best to not cause OOC / irl issues, but I very much enjoy playing a character who is reviled, hated, and despised across the Brick Seas. Anyway, I enjoyed building this. The wall segments started as an experiment, and the rest of the build followed. I did my best to make sure all the factions present in Sea watch were represented. Hope I didn't miss anyone. I'm not sure if I can license this. If I can, I'd like to do so as a small commercial. Thanks for viewing my build!
  7. Jungle Meeting When unexpected news reached the Corrie landing party of a sizeable force of Greenbacks that had also made landfall not far from their position, plans were made to establish contact with them. Brigadier Allcock, tasked Major Brickford with reaching out as quickly as possible to ensure there would be no hinderances to the Seawatch Campaign. Jungle meeting 2 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr With a small detachment of Royal Marines, Major Brickford advanced a short way through the jungle to the entrance of the Eslandolian encampment that was already beginning to take shape. He was greeted by a few regulars of the Weelond 2nd Battalion and General Alonzo personally made his way over to extend his hand in peace, although everyone remained alert as the Lotii were reportedly still in the area. Jungle meeting 3 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Major Brickford brought with him a letter from Brigadier Allcock explaining the situation they faced in Seawatch and beyond and also the hope that they could work together to secure the New Haven Sea to allow for safe travel and trade between nations. Jungle meeting 4 by LM71Blackbird, on Flickr Major Brickford and the rest of the Corrie Command will await the General's response. @Capt Wolf. ---------------------------------- An overview of the entire build: C&C are welcome and appreciated and thanks for looking!
  8. Seawatch, El Oleonda, February 622 After days of heavy tropical rain, the sun was finally high in the sky. With the warm weather, the luxuriant vegetation, and the parrots singing, the day seemed perfect for a picnic outside the town, apart from a little detail... the Lotii army besieging Seawatch! The enemies were less than a mile far, but everything was weirdly calm. The attack, however, could begin at any moment... in an hour or in a week, the enemy troops could have been right there, trying to storm the outer defenses of Seawatch. The defenders of Seawatch were ready to face them, musket in hand. They would have held that advanced position as long as they could, then they would have retreated to the second defensive line: those positions outside the city were precarious, but still allowed to keep the enemy cannons far enough from the city. Carnite soldiers and civilian volunteers were fortifying a small abandoned farm outside Seawatch: placing a few wooden spikes in a choke point required minutes, but could stop the charge of a whole cavalry company. Reinforcing the small garrison with conscripted civilians, however, had some downsides: some were undisciplined but brave, while others had clearly never held a musket before. A small group of Oleonese "merchants", coming from Fort Arltrees, had reached Seawatch right before the siege and was coordinating the defenders in the outer positions. Curiously, their leader seemed strangely expert about urban fights and irregular warfare. When asked, he always mumbled something about having fought in Charlatan Bay and quickly changed the topic. This was likely false, but the Carnite officers didn't actually care, since his suggestions were helping to keep the Lotii out of Seawatch. At that very moment, the "leader of the merchants" was discussing with a Carnite officer where to bury some gunpowder barrels to create a fougasse, using those very barrels as an improvised tactical table. His real name was Emmanuel Perrault, and he was an officer of the Oleonese military intelligence... but, there in Seawatch, he was Luc Delacroix, an Oleonese merchant trapped with his partners by the Lotii siege. He had had worse aliases, but it was still strange thinking that he would have received a medal -or he would have been buried- with a false name. He rolled the map and walked to another position, yelling orders to the militiamen... there was no time for sentimentalisms, as Emmanuel Perrault or as Luc Delacroix, he still had a siege to win! Overall view I hope you like my build! As a side note, I'm using it to introduce a secondary character, Emmanuel Perrault... I don't know when I'll use him again, but I wanted to have someone (more sacrificable than my main characters) in the besieged Carnite city. PS: After taking the photos and dismantling the build I realized that one of the muskets was chewed by one of my cats... nice!