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Found 52 results

  1. William Furno, Alpha Team Rookie The chestplate is from a "Fusion Warriors" figure. Front, Pose Front Back, 3/4 Pose, running Pose, standing his ground
  2. KULTA, THE SKULL GRINDER This is a more titan-sized revamp of last year's main Bionicle villain, Kulta. He uses my TW2 gearbox, alongside a standard 2015 gearbox. The stud shooter in his weapon is fired by spinning the largest bladed head, which can also be separated from the smaller end to form the two weapons he had in his official set appearance. Pose, full weapon Pose, weapon seperated Front Back Pose, looming Weapons Pose, admiring his bounty Pose, looming in the Mask of Creation Torso build, front Torso build, back Leg build BONUS
  3. Logan McOwen

    MOD: Game-style Ekimu

    MOD: Game-style Ekimu Those who have played BIONICLE: Mask of Creation will know that there has been an update to the game recently, which not only introduces Skull Warriors to the battlefield, but also Skull Slicer, Skull Scorpio, Skull Basher and Skull Grinder as four additional boss levels. Also, once you've fought and defeated all the bosses with their Toa of choice, you can also play as Ekimu, the Mask Maker! Now, those of you who are quite observant may have noticed something a bit off about Ekimu's in-game model. For those who haven't, take a look at his shoulders and arms. Ekimu has the same build as Narmoto, the Protector of Fire! The model uses 5M hinge bones and a 5M shell in trans light blue, which are versions of those parts which we do not have IRL. But, we can still build a close approximation - which I have done! What do you think of this version of Ekimu? Is he now more in line with the other figures of his size, or do you feel that he lacks a certain je ne sais quoi without a gearbox?
  4. My modifications to skull villains and Ekimu. I especially wasn't fan of orange in other sets then Grinder, and Skull Scorpio (it was really bad set). In Skull Scorpio my inspiration was MOC made by LewiMOC: Ekimu: Scorpio, humanoid form: Scorpio : Uber Skull Grinder (based on combiner): Skull Basher:
  5. Boss RoboRider - Modern Version Built to keep my modern Dust RoboRider company, this 'bot takes cues from the original Boss RoboRider, while being very much its own entity. With working sets of treads with individual shock absorbers, guns which swivel together*, and a streamlined Tumbler-esque design, this is one of my favourite MOCs I've come up with this year. Enjoy! * Demonstration video here. Front 3/4, Guns Raised Front Side Back, 3/4 Back Back, Top, 3/4 Front, Top, 3/4 Chassis Yes, I am aware that this was photographed in my bathroom. Lighting is lighting, yo.
  6. One Very Agile Cat

    [MOC] Lord of Skull Spiders

    Like many I was dissatisfied with the LOSS. It was small, underarticulated, and looked pretty goofy and unfinished. Credit where credit's due though, it was an interesting build and an actual attempt at 2001-style geared Rahi-type enemies. However I wasn't even a fan of the whole giant-spider thing to begin with. Bionicle has had a bit of an odd history with insects and arachnids, and I got my fill of giant not-enough-legs-to-be-a-spider-spiders with the Visorak. So I tried something a tad different. (pardon the not-so-great pics, this thing barely even fits in my lightbox, and the last two were on my workbench) And yes, I count the arms towards the eight limbs. :p Gali for a sense of size: This pics may look awful, but they at least show the full MOC in the light: My backstory for it is that the Lord of Skull Spiders wha originally a villager exiled for terrible crimes and banished to the wilderness. After roaming the land he came in proximity of Makuta's resting place and was approached by him in a dream. Makuta offered the villager the golden Skull mask, armour and power to take revenge on the village if he would serve Makuta and aid in commanding the legions of Skull Spiders to destroy the Toa and Protectors and find the mask of Creation. He accepted, and was transformed into this. Thanks for looking. :3 Comments and crits always welcome.
  7. -Zond-

    Revamp: Meltdown.

    Hi everyone! Some days ago I found Meltdown's head and tried to make revamp of my favourite Hero Factory Character) Let's start! "What to do, what to do...." Running Meltdown. You can take off his tentacle. And some more poses)
  8. Buzzsaw

    The Prankster

    For the past year or so, I've been working on revamps. It started out with a simple Matoran design that made the 2003 design more compact and slim. As time passed, I did other characters, finishing up the Barraki. I was then inspired to redo Nuparu, but with a high degree of poseability. I eventually decided to make a self MOC, but when I got my Bricklink haul, I decided against it when I saw that I had a Noble Mahiki. Thus, after about half an hour of tinkering around with designs, here is the fruit of my labors. I present Turaga Matau, the Prankster! I honestly am too lazy to make that link look pretty. Anyways, that's my Flickr album of him, and it'll serve as the home for my future Turaga. I decided to give Matau a compact design that takes a great influence from the movie design rather than the set. The tube serves to emulate his robes, if I can find a better way to do it, I would have. For now, the tube serves its purpose. I plan on doing all the Turaga soon, the next one is either Whenua or Vakama.
  9. Hunter1

    Chi Sir Fangar Revamp

    This time I want to show you my revamp of set 70212 Chi Sir Fangar. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. I hope, that you like it. All comments are welcome. -H.unter
  10. Here is my revamp os set 44021 Splitter Beast vs Furno & Evo. For more photos click this link to the gallery on Flickr. Thanks for attention. Comments and criticism are welcome. -H.unter
  11. DOTM Shockwave

    Invasion from Below Revamps

    Hi everyone, I'm finally posting some of my many revamps of my Hero Factory sets, starting with the newest released series. I'll get things started with Furno's Jet Machine: Mods done: * Added 1x2 plates to fill in gap on foot * Replaced bone pieces that made lower legs * Replaced armor shells on lower legs * Replaced torso piece with the one with narrow shoulders * Modded back of torso to removed the pod and bring shoulders closer to the body at the cost of the originals builds design Front: http://www.brickshel...chine_mod_1.jpg Back: http://www.brickshel...chine_mod_2.jpg Random: http://www.brickshel...chine_mod_3.jpg Update: I've added the squared armor attachment pieces to the machine Jaw-Beast is up next: Mods done: * Bone pieces replaced and rearranged in arms * Flipped armor shell on chest around * Added parts to fill back of head Front: http://www.brickshel...beast_mod_1.jpg Back: http://www.brickshel...beast_mod_2.jpg Random: http://www.brickshel...beast_mod_3.jpg Flyer-Beast flys in next: Mods done: * Added bone extender part to make lower legs longer * Removed 2x2 brick with socket from back and added parts to fill in back * Replaced hands with Ben 10 hands * Flipped Connector joint on its narrow side to move head closer to its body Front: http://www.brickshel...beast_mod_1.jpg Back: http://www.brickshel...beast_mod_2.jpg Random: http://www.brickshel...beast_mod_3.jpg Splitter-Beast is now next, but instead of fusing them together like I said before, I've made them two separate beast that don't combine, so I decided to name the two Chibi-Beast (don't ask) and Titan Beast: First up is Chibi-Beast: Front: http://www.brickshel...ibi_beast_1.jpg Back: http://www.brickshel...ibi_beast_2.jpg Random: http://www.brickshel...ibi_beast_3.jpg and now, Titan-Beast: Mods done: * Added smaller beast feet to the back of the larger feet * Added more bones to make him taller * Added armor shells to fore-arms * Added parts to shoulders * Made tail longer * Stuff I'm too lazy to add Front: http://www.brickshel...tan_beast_1.jpg Back: http://www.brickshel...tan_beast_2.jpg Random: http://www.brickshel...tan_beast_3.jpg Chibi riding on Titan: http://www.brickshel...B/best_buds.jpg Beast group shot: http://www.brickshel...roup_shot_1.jpg Sorry if my mod descriptions don't make sense, and if my pictures didn't out that well.
  12. Sparky

    XT4 Revamp

    Flickr | Brickshelf "The new TX4 model is an improvement of the older XT4 model. TX4 stands for "Tougher XT4 with 4 spinning blades". The TX4 models are easily reprogrammed to fit all your needs, from slicing vegetables to taking over the galaxy. " ~Makuro Industries The only way I wanted to revamp XT4 was by giving him a spinning function. Because all cartoon robots that have sawblades can do that, right? Those panels at his head were added to give his body build an "X" shape with the spinning function at the intersection. And spinning function because that was the whole idea behind this.
  13. Okay, here's something I've been working for a few weeks ago. I am really big fan of Hero Factory 1.0 designs. More over, I never considered the new Ultrabuild system aesthetically good, although it was my dream to combine Ultrabuild poseability and 1.0 design. I don't think I am the only one here, and it is really good to know. Also my LDD models are always were kinda realistic - I am certain that about 70% of my models will be really solid and sturdy in real. So my other goal while making those custom bodies was to create something that I can build in real life someday. Hero Factory Reloaded - full custom body by The Mugbearer, on Flickr There they are, my custom Heroes. The left one is for female characters like Natalie Breez and the left one is for male. The legs and body are compatible with v1.0 armor (the photo represents only legs because the model was made a few years ago). As you can see, the frame is quite poseable. Also, it's pretty easy to modify. The main feature of the frame is something that adds more lore basis: a Quaza Core right under the Hero Core. Stormer 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Ah, Preston Stormer. He was the first one to get the new body. It was mostly because I found his helmet after latest LDD update and was really glad. I've added a Bionicle Stars foot and think that it fits well here. Breez 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Natalie Breez was first Hero I made with female body. Bulk 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Duncan Bulk with new body that is covered with armor. Laser minigun was inspired by X-Com: Enemy Unknown. Rocka 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Daniel Rocka ready to drop the hammer! Furno 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr It was always with my Furno models that I add a weapon holder on his back. I like it that way. Evo 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on FlickrI already made more, but will upload them later. Surge 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Nex 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr Stringer 1.7 by The Mugbearer, on Flickr C&C are much appreciated, as always. Get the file of the frame.
  14. Chro

    Tabimir V2

    ^ CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO VIEW MOCPAGES GALLERY ^ A new take on one of my old characters. Tabimir was initially built for the Periodic Bio Contest, a MOCing tournament focused around periodic elements instead of the standard canon ones. While I think it's an interesting concept, changing Tabimir to a normal Toa of Gravity might be more convenient... but I have some cool storyline ideas, so we'll have to see. The armor robots are just add-ons, the main focus here is Tabimir himself. Feedback is appreciated!
  15. Toa_Of_Justice

    (MOC) Krull Glaive v3.0

    Version 1.0 was made way back in April 2008. Version 2.0 came shortly afterward, in May 2008. Then, in July 2013, more than 5 years after the original revamp, I decided to rebuild my MOC. Click any image for a larger version. Here's the glaive in closed mode. After opening it by twisting the core knobs, it looks like this. I also improved the display stand for this model. The glaive slides over the angled beam in the middle and in between the angled beams on the sides. LXF file | Parts List (.xlsx format) | Brickshelf Gallery -Toa Of Justice
  16. Chro

    Kalmah / Ehlek

    ^ CLICK THE PHOTO ABOVE TO VIEW THE GALLERY ON MOCPAGES. ^ I personally think that Kalmah is better, but I think Ehlek is alright too. After building Kalmah I wanted another, and Ehlek is my favorite Barraki, so I just had to build him. I'm considering revamping the other four (and Nocturn) later, but for now it's just the Squid and the Eel. Feedback is appreciated.
  17. A shadow has risen...
  18. loremaster1999

    Pyronasaur Yes, i revamp my own creation, and well i hope you like it
  19. SmoothJazz

    Black Phantom

    A revamp of Black Phantom: MOCpages gallery
  20. SmoothJazz

    Kopaka Revamp

    MOCpages gallery Feedback appreciated.
  21. Infernum

    Revamp: MEGA Hewkii

    A Hewkii revamp. I quite like how it turned out. This is my first MOC posted in this forum, first of many! Many more picures of this creation can be seen, as well as pictures of my other creations, can be seen on MOCpages. Hope you like it!
  22. Chro

    Catapult Scorpion

    Somewhere off in the stony wastes, something is hungry. ^ Click this photo to view the MOCpages gallery. ^ Something different from my usual MOCs... this is my first complete non-humanoid build in months. I'm quite satisfied with it. Sorry for the relatively small amount of photos, but there's really not a large variety of poses I can put a giant scorpion in. Feedback is appreciated.
  23. My favorite set of the 1.0 wave was the Furno Bike. I liked it so much that I decided to revamp it to make it even more epic. These are what changes I've made 1. Added an engine to fill in the big gap in the bike. Engine doesn't work its for detail only. 2. Working front and rear suspension. 3. Motorcycle sound brick. When rear suspension is pressed on. The brick will activate 4. Quad exhaust pipes. 5. New foot pegs so the canister Furno 1.0 can ride the bike. 6. Handlebars are attached to the front wheel assembly like on a real motorcycle 7. Hero core added in front as a detal. Its not meant to be a real Hero core its just a Hero Factory icon. 8. I used up a lot of my orange technic pieces on this revamp. 9. Better kickstand on the right armor covering. The left armor covering can holster Furno's dual fire blades I've also made some changes to Furno as well. 1. Replaced his keetorange bones with orange ones so he matches better with the bike. 2. Added a part to his back so he can wear a jetpack like Bulk in the Bulk vs Vapor set 3. Built his feet like the Furno Marine moc so he attaches to the bike easier. 4. added technic parts under his chest armor to fill in the gaps. I've taken a lot of pics of this revamp so I'll only be showing a few. For the rest check the gallery Side view- right http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/002.jpg Side view- left http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/003.jpg Front view http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/004.jpg Back view http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/005.jpg Top view http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/006.jpg Side view without armor coverings. http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/008.jpg Furno revamp Front view http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/012.jpg Back view with jetpack http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/013.jpg Back view without armor http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/016.jpg View of torso without armor. Showing off the technic parts inside http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/017.jpg Furno and his bike Riding his bike http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/018.jpg Shooting at an enemy with his swords. This is also how I have him displayed http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/001.jpg Furno next to his bike http://www.brickshel...eRevamp/023.jpg Gallery when public http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=511488
  24. Chro

    Hordika Dragon

    I'd always liked the idea of the official Dark Hunter characters known as Hordika Dragons. However, I was really disappointed with the canonized MOC form. So I decided to make my own, and if I do say so myself, it did turn out pretty well. The MOC was made in mid-March of this year. [Click the photo for a link to the flickr gallery.] Feedback is appreciated. Although this is my first MOC post here, it is by no means my best or last, so stay tuned for more creations. :D
  25. Leewan

    [MOC] 4487 Revamp

    Hello everyone ! I recently made a small Star Wars MOC, for a contest on the French-speaking forum Brickyfigs. Contestants had to revamp the set of their choice, among the Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings / The Hobbit, and Superheroes themes. I chose to modernize the 4487 set, which I had back when I was a kid. I really loved this set, the micro ships gave me a lot of fun. So I said to myself "If it was released today, what would it look like ?" And here is the result : I quickly had the idea of a Planet-like set. As you can see, I reused several elements from official sets, like the asteroid field from the 75008 set, or the Jedi Starfighter and the decorated tile (I wish I made a custom one, but I lacked time :/ ) from the 75006. The JSF is slightly modified, I replaced the two black Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Studs on 2 Sides by four dark red Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Headlight. The Slave I is inspired by the 20019 set, but heavily modified, to get a better shape. The structure is a bit fragile, but in the end, everything is quite strongly held. The arches ought to have been dark green, but because of my limited stock, I used olive green slopes, and I think it looks very good that way, so I'm glad I made this "forced choice". You can see all the pictures in the Brickshelf galery. I hope you will like it ; C&C are very welcome, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)