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Found 45 results

  1. Hello Eurobricks Star Wars community! I'm ChromeBricks from Instagram, and this is my first post on this forum, although I've been following it for quite some time. I would like to present to you a quick model I came up with a few days ago, a hybrid between an interceptor and a bomber like craft, but this is not final, of course. Some could even consider it kinda crappy, I sorta do. This would be primarily used for massive ground devastation or capital ship disabling. The advantage in this case of hybrid ship would offer high maneuverability in flight to evade enemy fire (both ground and airborne) and protect the payload and high speeds to attack enemy fighters and achieve long range bombing runs when in formation. This ship is pretty similar in some aspects to the RZ-1 A-Wing starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance, as it is light, hyperspace-capable, and has high agility, maneuverability and speed. Minor note: the 1x6 DBG plate on each side of the craft are intended to represent blaster cannons. But I have to admit, they barely serve that purpose. The fighter also features an astromech droid socket to assist the pilot in navigation. Behind the socket, there is a hyperdrive unit that enables the craft to travel at FTL speed while in hyperspace. Here's a view with the canopy open. As you can see, no controls yet, but those eventually might be added. Here's the rear portion of the fighter, where the hyperdrive would be installed, although there's still no indication of it. The round 2x2 plates the engine's exhaust nozzles. The DBG 1x4 behind the pilot's head is used to store any pistols that he may use, as shown here. Here is the undercarriage of the fighter. The stacks of 2x2 round bricks and a nose cone is are the bombs themselves. The round 4x4 is intended to be some sort of docking port, and the 1x2 plate with clips is kinda intended to be a torpedo launcher, although that would be small for an actual one. The vehicle does still look respectable without the bombs on, even though they are large compared to the craft itself. Lastly, here's a (blurry) pic of the pilot (Ten Numb) and the astromech droid (R5-D4) next to the vehicle. To finish things off, here a list of what I intend to add to this (partially lacking) spacecraft: 1. More detail and a more defined color scheme 2. New cannons 3. Better bombs 4. Maybe retractable landing gear? 5. Better engines 6. More greebling, for sure. And more importantly: 7. A NAME FOR CRYING OUT LOUD Because no ship is a ship without a name, am I right? I'm open to suggestions for anything, since I'm new to this community. Thank you for your attention, and may the Force be with you.
  2. GryffindorResistance

    Star Wars Sets We Want To SEE!!

    What are some Star Wars sets we want to see in the next year????? It would really be awesome to see some of these: - Cloud City Twin Car - Jango Fett's Slave I - Rathtar Escape - Yoda's Hut - Zam Wessel Coruscant Chase
  3. I'm looking for multiples of the Rebel Pilot from 2014's 75032 Microfighter X-wing. With or without helmet, no blaster needed either, but everything else (head, torso and legs) is needed. I would prefer to trade things but if you've got some for sale for a reasonable price, I'd be open to proposals as for that as well. As for trading, I've got various older Star Wars figures, as well as Castle, some LOTR,The Hobbit as well as some space minifigs, and several figures from various different Collectible Minifigures series.
  4. I quickly found Geonosian's garage. He wasn't inside. Time to visit Ord Mantell again! Please, judge this freebuild.
  5. Hello, today I will show you my MOC of the Star Wars Battlefront (I and II) Laser/Beam turret (Anti-Infantry, and small damage to vehicles), used by the Republic and Separatists, Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire. There's 2 Photos of this turret: http://vignette2.wik...=20080811171358 http://vignette4.wik...=20080223032009 I made 2 designs for this turret, because I'm not Sure what is the best of my designs... LEGO Laser-Beam Turret by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-1 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-2 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-3 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr The 6x6 plate is not necessary, you can put it in where you want. And a optional cannon for this LEGO Laser-Beam Turret-4 by Kuek Cuac de Koki, en Flickr And the LDD: LEGO Laser-Beam Turret.lxf All the Comments and Constructive-Critics are welcome. Thanks.
  6. Hello all Eurobrickers! Today is a great day for the community as a MOC is making its long awaited release to the public! That's right, Mortesv's UCS-Scale Nebulon-B Medical Frigate now has plans ready for purchase The purchase of these plans includes a professional grade manual totaling at 1,493 pages, the LDD files used to create the manual, an excel spreadsheet covering the 531 unique parts lot and their quantity, and a bonus LDD file that contains to scale models of fighter ships to put next to Nebulon when it is on display! So to recap, a purchase of these plans includes the original LDD files, a 1,493 page instruction manual, an excel spreadsheet parts list, and a bonus LDD file with to-scale fighters. The final price for this awesome bundle is 50 U.S Dollars ($50). If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please PM me or send an email to The final MOC contains 5,728 pieces, which would make it the largest Lego Star Wars set if it were released on shelves. The ship measures about 4 feet long when completed! A lot of hard work went into this project on both the designing end and the manual end, and Mortesv and I are very excited to give everyone the chance to build this awesome MOC! Here are some images from the manual: May the force be with you and happy building!!!
  7. In the fantastic novel Rebel Dawn by A. C. Crispin, we get to witness the reason for Han's dislike of the Rebel Alliance. His lover Bria Tharen, leader of the Corellian rebel cell "Red Hand Squadron", turns on him and his companions Chewbacca and Lando after looting the treasure chamber of the T'landa Til priests on the Hutt-controlled world of Ylesia. High Priest Teroenza is murdered by Boba Fett by order of Durga Besadii Tai, who had learned of the former's betrayal. The smugglers are not paid for their help during the previous battle against Teroenza's minions, as they were promised. Instead, the Red Hand confiscates all the spice and other valuables in order to finance the Rebellion. The dead Rodian and Weequay were members of the Nova Force, a mercenary company employed by the Besadii Hutt clan to defend Ylesia against raids. Their anti-infantry cannon can be seen in one of the corners, taken out by a grenade, which damaged and charred the pavement and surrounding area. The partly-visible building is Teroenza's treasure chamber; the landing ramp is part of a small freighter which will transport the Rebels and their bounty to their flagship in orbit, the Liberator-class carrier Liberator. Studs: 22x26 Minifigures: Han Solo Chewbacca Lando Calrissian Bria Tharen 3 Rebel Commandos 2 mercenaries Pictures:
  8. The LEGO snow speeder design from Episode V (The Empire Strikes Back) of Star Wars fame has been using basically the same design for over a decade (since 2003's set 4500, actually) and I think I may have created a new way of doing it. Here is that 2003 set for reference. ....and here is my version: The models features a newer cockpit canopy courtesy of the Speed Champions theme and a nose made out of part 6153b. Yes, I removed the gunners seat / harpoon gun and added a astro-droid socket, but it's the same basic cockpit design and the look is still present if it were 100% screen accurate.... you could even back convert it into it's Episode V state quite easily. The roof of the canopy comes off to place the figure inside at the controls. The ship features two engines and two laser cannons, plus a astro-droid fits where the gunner usually would go. Okay, confession time: This model was made for use with my LEGO Universe - related Neo-Nexus Force stuff, and as such the wings should have this logo printed on the 2 x 2 curved slopes: http://alpha.brickli...68pb004#T=C&C=4 The model is featured along with the rest of the LU models in this thread there, but since it is also Star Wars related, I brought it home to this topic. Here is the LDD file in case anyone wants it: http://www.moc-pages...1462716991m.lxf Also, if anyone wants to see my other topic and it's models including the space base, its in the sci-fi forum at this link: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=106512 EDIT: Version 2 This version features less slopes and a more angular roof canopy, plus a different rear windscreen. Comments, complaints, and questions welcome!
  9. xboxtravis7992

    LDD/Bluerender Rebel Outpost

    A little LDD project I was working on this afternoon. Its a Rebel (or maybe Resistance) style outpost built along a ruined wall. Its a simple build, but I had some fun designing it. I used the Bluerender software to render it. Probably the funnest part of the build for me was this speeder based on the T2B Tank from several old Star Wars video games. Unlike the in-game versions, this one's main blaster canons have been replaced by a claw/crane for salvage and cargo. Basically imagine this as a speeder version of a tow truck. ;) It shouldn't be to hard to MOD it to include the in-game turret. The black bits on the side are supposed to represent locations for stud-shooters, for "playability" The main base itself. I decided to build it as an open air, against a ruined wall type deal. Mostly because I didn't want the hassle of building all four walls and a roof... There is a fusion generator, a computer terminal hidden under the wood shack. Crates, blasters, and an astromech charging port ala-Phantom Menace. I really like the idea of the "ugly" droid pieced together using old battle droid parts in the back. Must have been a Jawa special sale. Probably though the droids I am happiest with... A pair of G2 droids and an RX droid from the under-appreciated Star Tours ride (seriously there should be more MOCs based on that ride...) The RX droid is actually part of canon, appearing in the first season of Star Wars: Rebels, while G2 droids were mentioned in the former Legends canon serving the smuggler Talon Karrde. They are updated versions of an older design of mine. The photoreceptors of the RX droid aren't supposed to be that blue, that is a small rendering error I think caused by the blue background. Hope you enjoyed this brief MOC!
  10. Hi! Instructions for my Snowspeeder model are now available at Instructions are made by Eric Albrecht (Blakbird) and have 125 pages. Model itself has 2191 parts. I'll update this post with rebrickable url later when it's online. Rebel Snowspeeder at
  11. I always feel for the rebel ground troops in the Battle of Hoth. Hopelessly outgunned and vehicle-less, being served as cannon fodder for the AT-ATs. So I wanted to give them somewhat of a fighting chance. Hence, my MOC of Hoth Rebel Combat Speeder/Universal Carrier. This is the same vehicle featured in 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack. The vehicle is dubbed "Rebel Combat Speeder" by TLG. But this model, which I once thought to be one of TLG's imaginary vehicles, actually existed as described in Star Wars Wikia as "laser ice-cutter". Source: A 1980 ESB making documentary features the following. It has been suggested the vehicle was edited out becaue it rode too much like a 'snow mobile' rathe than a 'speeder'. A photo of the set shows the followng. Now, the vehicle can actually be seen in SW Ep.V as follows. Upon frame by frame analysis, I've found the following. IMO, the description that this vehicle's primary purpose is as an "ice-cutter" for the excavation of Echo Base is not correct. It is obviously a combat vehicle much like the Universal Carrier/Bren Gun Carrier or M16 Multiple Gun Carriage or FLAK halftrack. Hence, my design of that mystery rebel vehicle. .
  12. Hello, I am building the LDD model of the 8858 Rebel Wrecker. However, when i want to connect a technic beam to a connector the align tool doesn't work. Does anybody know how to solve this? And another question, how do i get the truck horizontal again? It's at a different angle right now. I enclosed the LDD file and a screenshot. Thanks a lot in advance!
  13. Briefing Room, Rogue Clone Base, Nar Eurbrikka: Clone Commander: "Troops, while doing some recon work, I found the cannon the Imperials are using to shell our main base. It's manned by recruits and not our brothers, so take no prisoners." Clone Scout: "Sir, can I take my new sniper rifle? Pleeease?" Commander: "Sure, but remember, it'll be heavy." Scout: "Yay!" (Stormtrooper to himself, listening): "I'd better get back to base and tell the commander. That's an important artillery piece!" Landing Pad, Rogue base: Commander: "Get a move on there, Tix!" Scout (Tix): "This sniper rifle is...[grunt]...heavy!" Commander: "Told you. Now get in the RIG!" [Nomenclature: RIG, Rapid Insertion Gunship, my own invention] Tix: "Sure...Hey! Why do you get the speeder bike?" Commander: "Because, well, I'm the commander and I assign vehicles. Get in the ship!" Meanwhile... Forest between Rogue base and Imperial Outpost Stormtrooper: "Ouch! Oohh..myanklemyanklemyankle!!! Darned planet! Now I can't move, and our gun will be destroyed. Arghh!!" Imperial Outpost: Commander Smith: "Eat fried artillery cannon, stormies!" [Cue loud explosion] Smith: "Hey! There's one less dead stormtrooper than there should be! Let's keep a sharp eye out on the way back to base." Forest between Rogue base and Imperial Outpost Smith: "Here he is...[in a loud voice] You! Are you a clone or a recruit!" Stormtrooper: "Just a clone." Smith: "How would you like to have a life where you get to shoot the guys who enslaved you, drive huge gunships, and make those worthless recruits eat lasers?" Stormtrooper: "Really? Awesome!!" Smith: "I'm Commander Smith. Let's get you some new armor." To be continued... The speeder is an Aratech Industries LRS-14 (non-canon). It does have steering vanes; the grooves in the wheel piece act as them. The steering rod doubles as a Mark IV armor-piercing laser cannon, which gets one shot before it needs to recharge. Thanks, and as always, please comment! ---fmmmlee---
  14. Kuat Drive Yards

    [MOC] Clone Wars Vintage Z-95 Headhunter

    Made this for a freebuild for SoNE. The build won't be ready for about a week since I need some parts from Bricklink in order to finish this Headhunter as well as another (the other one will be smaller, have four engines, and be gray; in other words, a more "Rebel-like'" version), and improve my currently horrendously ugly Tie Fighter. The cockpit and the unnervingly cheerful pilot. A sight my TIE pilot will never get to see. The cones on the engines aren't canon, but I think it gives it a more clone-wars feel. The engines. When the BL order comes in, it'll have authentic pink exhaust. Until then, my camera is rebelling by taking blurry pictures of them. The wing-tip blaster. My second-most favorite part. Has anyone else wondered where the proton torpedo launchers were? I mean, Episode IV didn't show the X-Wing when the torpedoes were being launched, and there aren't any visible exit ports on the fighter to my knowledge. And here's my most favorite part: the back panel flips down to reveal the engine... ...which comes out for maintenance. Or, you know, if you need to jettison the engine so you can have less weight mid-flight That's it. Overall, I'm really pleased with how this turned out
  15. James Wellington

    [SoNE Freebuild] "The Escape"

    [soNE Freebuild] "The Escape" Please comment, tell me what you think, it helps me to better perform next time. This is my fifth Episode. INTRODUCTION: Captain Vars recently found out that one of the B-Squad members, Dan Jars, James's friend, was a Rebel spy. The Captain now waits for Admiral Brickton's arrival, as he prepare's to take one of B-Squad's members into Imperial custody. Meanwhile, the B-Squad do their transmission duties, awaiting their secret mission to the Rebel station that won't arrive. Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe5s1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: We welcome you aboard the Star Destroyer Tyrant, Admiral. Admiral Brickton: Thank you. You have a lovely ship. Perhaps after we terminate this spy I can tour the ship. Now, we do have a mission of our own to do here. SONEe5s2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Yes, Sir! SONEe5s3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: We all know he's dangerous, and possibly even armed at the moment. Do you know his current location and what he's doing? Captain Vars: Yes, Admiral. He's in the Communications Room with the other B-Squad members. It's not far from here. SONEe5s4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Excellent! We shall have to calmly get the other B-Squad members out of the area before we make our move. Captain Vars: Yes, Admiral. Admiral Brickton: We'll require weapons, too, in-case it goes wrong. Captain Vars: Already taken care of, Sir. SONEe5s5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Imperial Gunner: Here you are, Captain, Admiral. Captain Vars: Thank you, gunner. SONEe5s6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Shall we catch this rebel spy? Captain Vars: *Sigh* Yes, Sir. SONEe5s7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe5s8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe5s9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Hello, Sergeant Trans. Sergeant Trans: Hello, Sir! Captain Vars: I'm afraid we have to arrest one of your B-Squad troopers for being a rebel spy and traitor. We will explain it after. Sergeant Trans: What?!? I've fought with these boys through many battles, I...I. This is not possi- Captain Vars: We will explain it after, Sergeant. Step aside. I know it's hard, but you will understand soon. SONEe5s10 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Darek: Not bad, newbie. I think you just saved the Imperials on Coreillia. Didn't think you had it in 'ya. Dan Jars: Yeah, great job, James! I knew you could prove yourself a value to the team! I consider you a great friend. James: Thanks, guys! It was nothing, really, I was just doing my job as a Stormtrooper. Dan Jars: Heh. Keep doing your job like that, and a promotion's coming on for you, bud. James: That'd be cool. Thanks for the support, Dan. Dan Jars: No problem, you're my best friend. We all need some support. SONEe5s11 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe5s12 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: James, Darek, please get out and get some rest in your rooms. The Admiral and I have to talk with Dan for a little bit. James: Alright, Sir. See 'ya, Dan. Dan Jars: Bye, have a good rest you guys. SONEe5s13 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe5s14 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Hello, Dan. How are you? Dan Jars: Hello, Sir! I'm fine. You wanted to talk with me? Captain Vars: Actually, Admiral Brickton would like to talk with you for a bit. SONEe5s15 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: Alright, Sir. SONEe5s16 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Sergeant Trans: Sir, what's going on here? I just saw James and Darek go by, why is the Admiral talking to him? What did you say about an arrest!?! Captain Vars: *lowers voice* Dan Jars has been found guilty for being a Rebel spy, and a traitor of the Empire by the Imperial Security Bureau. Sergeant Trans: What??? No! SONEe5s17 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Look, I don't want this to be happening right now, either, but he is one of the many Rebel spies that are spying on us, even within our own ranks. That get close to us, even become high ranks, and then feed information to the Rebellion and wait for their time to either make their escape or to cause damage to the Empire. Sergeant Trans: No, I refuse to believe this! He can't be a spy, he can't be, he is a loyal trooper in the B-Squa- SONEe5s18 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Be quiet! It's hard to understand, but if you don't be quiet, you'll be going away with him! We will fully explain it to you and the team after we arrest this spy! Now be quiet! Sergeant Trans: *Sigh* I don't believe that what's happening right now is real. SONEe5s19 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Hello, Stormtrooper Dan. Dan Jars: Hello, Sir! SONEe5s20 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: I'm quite afraid my visit with you will not be pleasant for you. Dan Jars: Why would that be, Sir??? Is something wrong? SONEe5s21 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: I'm quite afraid there is something wrong. You're a traitor to the Empire! You're a Rebel Spy! Dan Jars: What? No, you have the wrong man! I'm not Rebel spy! I'm a Stormtrooper Corporal, Sir, I'm loyal to the Empire, I... I'm I- SONEe5s22 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Quiet! You will come with me now, Spy. You will be interrogated, and most likely terminated. If you do not come with me without any stuggle, I will shoot you, Rebel Scum! SONEe5s23 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: NEVER! Admiral Brickton: Agh! SONEe5s24 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Stormtrooper: Urgh! Captain Vars: Wait, what? SONEe5s25 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: Don't move, or I'll shoot! Captain Vars: You traitor! How could you do this, we trusted you, we, we, we- SONEe5s26 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: THE EMPIRE BETRAYED ME. SONEe5s27 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe5s28 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Sergeant Trans: Urg, he shot me in the leg, I'm wounded! Captain Vars: *panting* He.....escaped, *pant* Sir... Admiral Brickton: *panting* Get him before he causes damage! See what happens next in Episode 6! Please comment, and tell me what you thought!
  16. [soNE Freebuild] "The Meeting" Part. 2 Please comment, tell me what you think, it helps me to better perform next time. This is my fourth Episode. I think after 4 episodes, they can be judged? If these 4 episodes can be judged for points by a judge, I'd very much like them to be. INTRODUCTION: Captain Vars recently found out that one of the B-Squad members, Dan Jars, James's friend, was a Rebel spy. He now waits for Admiral Brickton to plot his plan to capture the traitor and get information from Dan. Meanwhile, James anxiously awaits Captain Vars to dock at the hanger, to tell him the growing Rebel movement on Coreillia. Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe3s11 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Sergeant Trans: Welcome back, Sir! Captain Vars: Thank you, thank you all. Sergeant Trans: We trust your meeting went we- James: Excuse me, Sergeant. SONEe3s12 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Darek: Hey, watch it! James: Sorry to interrupt, Sir, but I received a transmission from Coreillia, the Imperial base there is being overrun by Rebels, Sir, we need to help them! SONEe3s13 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: James, Coreillia is far from here, we cannot just go and help them. I will alert ships nearby to send reinforcements, but we have orders to stay here until further notice. I'm confused as to why they even contacted us instead of a ship nearby. SONEe3s14 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: I will contact Star Destroyers Trandirum and Crusher to go and help the base on Coreillia. I thank you for telling me, James. We need more capable troopers like you. James: Alright, sir. Thanks, I guess. But what about the *lowers voice* secret mission, Sir? Captain Vars: Uh.. We will do a few more briefings on it. I will get you all together when the time comes to do them. SONEe3s15 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Captain Vars: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do. As you were, B-Squad. Officers, get to your stations. *Later on* SONEe3s16 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr *Boom-Beep Boom-Beep* Captain Vars: Ah, hello, Sir. Admiral Brickton (via hologram): Hello, Captain. We are almost ready to take the spy into custody. Right after, you will inform B-Squad and any high ranking officers of what happened. I know some if not all of B-Squad will not take this easily. Captain Vars: Yes, Sir. Contact me when you're ready. Admiral Brickton: Excellent, I will also see to it personally that the Rebel is apprehended. I will come aboard shortly after I contact you. I will bring some troopers to detain him, and to transport him to the station. You may continue with any other plans you have after that, Captain. Captain Vars: *Sigh* Very well, Sir. Contact me when it's time. SONEe3s17 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Soon, the Rebel Scum will learn not to spy on the mighty Galactic Empire. Soon, my plan to catch all of their pathetic spies will be engaged. And we will find them all. That will be all Captain. See what happens next in Episode 5! Please comment, and tell me what you thought!
  17. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 UPDATE: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi! Instructions for my Snowspeeder model are now available at Instructions are made by Eric Albrecht (Blakbird) and have 125 pages. Model itself has 2191 parts. I'll update this post with rebrickable url later when it's online. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- earlier 2014 update ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, I have updated this model: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2014 UPDATE ends, original first post from now on -> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi. After my first Technic x-wing MOC I'm tryint to build the rebel snowspeeder. (T-47 airspeeder) Speeder will be roughly in the same scale with the x-wing: Here are first photos of the T-47. Feel free to point out anything that looks off. I need to get more light gray parts as I had to use dark grey in wrong places ;D My reference photos show that even the models used in movies have wings in different angles when looked from the rear. I guess I'll use wing angle that fits the best with my parts. My plan is to have two joystick in cockpit. Other one to control the "ailerons" on top of the engines and the other one to control rear "gun". Don't know yet if the cabin hatch should be motorized or not. -drakmin Drakmin's youtube
  18. Hey guys, a friend on mine showed me this music video, and I was quite surprised. This may be the first time a music video has a topic of its own? The featured ship seems to be the 2010 imperial flagship, but built using a different, black colour scheme. I thought it was worth sharing, because you dont always see something like this. Youtube Title: Rebel feat Sidney Housen - Black Pearl (He's A Pirate) [Official Video] Not my video, I just thought I would share.
  19. Vaionaut

    [MOC] K-Wing Starfighter

    Hi, I just wanted to share my K-Wing with you. If you want this to become an official LEGO set, please support this project on LEGO Ideas (formerly LEGO Cuusoo). History The K-Wing was a heavy starfighter in the Star Wars universe. It was developed for the New Republic during the Yevethan crisis, replacing the B-Wing. In the Second Galactic Civil War, Commenor deployed K-wings for defense during the Battle of Commenor. (→ read more on Wookieepedia) The LEGO set The set I'm thinking of includes 3 rebel pilot minifigs and a R2-series astromech droid. It would fit perfectly to the other already released starfighters, like the official X- or Y-Wing sets. I created the model using Lego Digital Designer. My construction consists of 1020 pieces, the price would probably be around $100.00, but please consider that the final set design by LEGO could be different. Please support this project Again, please cast your supporting vote and spread the word, inform your family, your friends, and anyone you know who could be interested in supporting this LEGO set idea - the path to 10,000 supports is a long one and this mission needs any help it can get! ;) PS: I’m going to build one when reaching 1,000 supporters
  20. rx79gez8gundam

    Incom T-47 Snowspeeder

    This is my MOC of the Incom T-47 airspeeder, more commonly known as the snowspeeder. It features a tandem cockpit with room for two minifigures, a one piece opening canopy, swiveling rear harpoon gun, and postionable upper and lower airbrakes. Please leave comments!