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Found 5 results

  1. This late-1930's American-styled coupe car model is heavily modified and recolored from these free police car instructions as seen at this Rebrickable MOC by user Leewan. I remade it into both yellow (not shown) and blue varieties from the original black-and-white, removed the doors, and revised some other stuff "under the hood". Also, the model bears a resemblance to the titular car from the 1952 Disney short film 'Susie the little blue coupe'. The front of the car. The rear of the car. The inside can seat two figures and the roof is removable. (Picture from Wikipedia - the short's music is still under copyright, but the pictures are not, strangely!) I couldn't do the radio antenna on my MOC, as it changes sides on the car from scene to scene. Also, I couldn't get the eyes on the windscreen. Fun facts: - The design of the Disney / Pixar 'Cars universe' characters was inspired by Susie. - Bill Peet wrote the story treatment for Susie the little blue coupe. (he was quite prolific as a writer and animator for Disney, see his wiki page) Later, he also write the book 'The Caboose Who got Loose', another one of my favorite books - and MOC's! ...and that's all I got. Thoughts, comments, suggestions and questions are appreciated!
  2. Recently I reverse engineered what I could of the 1950's-styled 'lead sled' in upcoming summer 2024 set 60408 - Car Transporter. I didn't have pictures of the rear (and obviously instructions were also a no-go at this time), so improvised as best I could using what I thought looked reasonable for a fifties car. I managed to get 99% of the car built from one picture. The front of the car with the vehicle's owner. I can build the car in other colors, (yellow and red are among the possibilities currently) but I'm keeping my lips sealed on what the future holds... The rear of the car. Admittedly, I stole the taillights design from this old @hachiroku MOC. The inside seats one figure at the wheel. Here is the original car from set 60408, which releases this August in the USA. This is the one picture I used to build the car MOC, which was cut from a much larger picture and greatly expanded in size. ...That's all I got. Thoughts, comments, questions, suggestions, and complaints welcome!
  3. This is a mashup MOD of sets 70420 - Graveyard Mystery, 76428 - Hagrid's Hut An Unexpected Visit, and 75965 - The Rise of Voldemort. This mashup has been combined into one cohesive cemetery with accompanying groundskeepers hut. The hut is only connected to the graveyard by four studs, and as such is removable from the rest of the MOC for transport. The resulting two sections are solid enough to be be carried in one hand each... though not for long distances! (I'm not brave enough for that!) The back of the model. The statue holding the scythe was taken from 79104 - Dol Guldur Battle - to replace the unprinted one from the Voldemort set. The other statue is a Weeping Angel from set 21304 - Doctor Who. (Don't blink!) I wonder what this key opens? and why was this poor soul buried with it? I... wait a second. Did that statue MOVE? Inside the hut I added an old TV inspired by the one from 43217 - UP house and removed Hagrid's huge chair. I also modified the roof connection points by removing the studded 1x3 jumpers, as this allows the hut roof to just sit up top unconnected and be more easily detachable. ....and that's all I got. Comments, suggestions, and questions welcome!
  4. This railway engine shed was mostly inspired by user @lightningtiger, who designed the basic Technic frame on his own smaller shed for his town in 2018, and I ran with the technique to create this wooden western-style steam locomotive shed in June 2022. It is also slightly inspired by by the shed used to store the replica Union Pacific "119" and Central Pacific "Jupiter" 4-4-0 steam locomotive's over at the Golden Spike National Historic Park. (link is to Wikipedia article on the site) located at Promontory Summit, Utah. The shed is 3 1/2 tracks long with a total of 56 studs from back wall to the leading edge of the baseplate, with injection molded 1/2 track pieces from Bricktracks used in the MOC. The building also features a cow skull on the front between the locomotive stalls, just to give it that Wild West flair. The model quite neatly fits both 4-4-0's I made that were inspired by set 7597. You can see the real world photos of the engines and more in this thread here. (sorry for the digital-only picture like this, but I can't get the roof off to take it in real life!) The rear of the shed features a personnel door for workers. The roof of the shed is not removable, but it can fold open a very small amount bit on clips on either side. (maybe a quarter of an inch at most?) I took the wood hutch from set 76428 (Hagrid's Hut - An Unexpected Visit) with the water tower design my dad made in he 1990's and a generic coal bin to make this refueling depot for my wild west steam locos. I also added a bathing mini-figure to the top of the tower (Petticoat Junction-style) and removed the sand green from the wood hutch roof. Another view from the opposite angle. ....And that's all I have! As usual, comments, complaints, and suggestions on this model welcome! EDIT: Main post updated with real world pictures of refueling depot as of 5/8/24!
  5. My LEGO model of Sabine River and Northern 408 is below the short handrail, just behind the access ladder. This MOC is based on a real loco, one of five NC class switchers built by Electro-Motive Corporation. (which later became EMD when it was bought by General Motors) Some of these five locomotives had General Electric electrical equipment, while others had Westinghouse, since EMC's own designs were not yet ready. Wikipedia doesn't have a lot to say on the NC class (it doesn't even have it own page!), but it does give us the history of this specific loco which is the last of it's class (as far as I know): 'EMC S/N 651 (built May 1937): Youngstown and Northern Railroad 202, to Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railroad 408 in April 1946, to Marinette, Tomahawk & Western Railroad 408, then finally to the Sabine River and Northern Railroad as 408 before being preserved in the National Museum of Transportation in St. Louis, Missouri.' In addition, the engine's plaque at the museum says it cost $91,500 when new, and arrived at the museum in 1974. During the summer months, you can climb into the cab... although it is a very steep climb. The Lego model was heavily inspired by a SW1500 (which is a later cousin to the NC type) model I saw here. You can also read more about the Sabine River and Northern here on Wikipedia. I couldn't possibly get Sabine River and Northern to fit on the long hood, so just initials were placed instead. I also used a new printed 1x6 tile from set 60401 (Construction Steamroller) near the cab door. Thoughts?