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Found 39 results

  1. Peteris_Sprogis

    [MOC] rally raid truck

    Hi Everyone! Just made a new #legocity moc- a rally raid truck. Here are some pics and how_to_build video of it >> and how to build TUTORIAL video >> Thanks for Watching!!!
  2. Here's the beginning guys, after a long break a new MOC, the famous group B Audi Quattro rally car. All I've got so far is a front. IMG_3652 by Teo's Technic, on Flickr I'm thinking to make the bottom part of the bumper white, and also fenders and a line along the bottom all around the car white as well.
  3. Imagination of legendary rally Group B electrical car (design is from those times, pullback motors imitate some kind of electrical drive). Model has: - independent suspension on all wheels - HOG steering - steering lock, which is made as gear switch, to lock wheels for pullback function - openable doors - and front part - rear mudguards, which move together with wheels. Steering unlocked Steering locked Of course, it is not very good lock because of other steering parts, but HOG steering button is locked very good.
  4. This is our first attempt to organize this type of event (unfortunately only 5 members). Here are several models of the participants: This is heir to Black 13 And our track (with jumps ) Repairing)) The video will be , but not soon. I hope you like it)
  5. Zerobricks

    [TC9] Rally racer

    Here is my entry for the TC9 challenge A MODEL It is made out of 949 parts and it has functions including but not limted to: - All wheel drive - Independent suspension on all wheels - Working gearbox - Moving V6 piston engine - Working steering wheel - Adjustable seats - Openable doors and trunk - Detailed rollcage - Sporty colors and livery - Power Functions ready The front is full of lights and LED bars Notice the massive rear spoiler, massive exhaust system and the rear diffuusor Doors and the rear boot open, showing the internal rollcage and adjustable seats Size of the car is 35,5 studs long, 20,5 studs wide and 13,5 studs high, giving a total of 9824,626 cubic studs And the usual "money shot" of the chassis. The suspension and drive use a hybrid drive system with the drive axle used like an live axle, yet wheels suspended in a independent double wishbone configuration. And finally a digital render of the detailed rollcage: Look at it go: B MODEL Rally car rebuilds into an F1 car with following functions: - Realistic working pushrod suspension - Moving V6 piston engine driven by rear wheels - Working steering wheel - Adjustable spoiler - Openable rear to - Detailed engine bay with six exhausts The F1 car is a very low and stable model Notice the rear wheel drive, rear light, the detailed diffusor and the rear springs Rear covers can open up, exposing the pushord suspension, V6 engine and the 6 exhaust systems B model is 45 studs long, 24,5 studs wide and just 9 studs high, giving it a total volume of 9922,5 cubis studs For more details please check out the following video:
  6. Hi guys, This is my LTR (Lego Technic Rally) car, which i have build a few years ago. It has independent suspension on all wheels and it is all wheel drive. Because it is for rally i have used two RC motors for propulsion and experimental gearbox (low gear for offroad, high gear for flat roads and downhills). As you will see in video everyone use cable remote, it's because of RC motors power consumption (in that time there wasn't V2 reciever) and weight. This car no longer exist, but i still have the chassis without gearbox. Remotely controlled functions (cable): Driving (2 RC buggy motor) Steering ( Gearbox (M motor) Propulsion: slower RC motor output to gearbox ( 1:1, N, 12:20) and then 20:28 (differential) Steering: 12:20 to 8:steering rack Weight: about 850g Speed: (fast walk) :-D Brickshelf gallery: http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=490253 Video(from the Race): Front: Back: Bottom:
  7. Hi! Sooner or later, but I took the time to introduce you new MOC - a rally car. I will not write a lot, because want relax... Summer... I like rear suspension. It really work good. Idea is the same as on my small front suspension. Off course rear works better, and besides, I have improved it for the next model, so i'm doing instruction soon. Functions: - rear drive - all independent suspension - opening doors/hood - work front light - steering witn auto return Video: I'm doing second video, with drift and just driving. Photos: (Thanks rm8 for stickers ) All photos on Google+ Thanks for watching
  8. Hallo , here I have a LEGO Rally Automata built in Retro Still . Here the Link to the Vdeo Have fun lookng by üfhen
  9. This is my first ever completed Technic MOC, originally inspired by Piterx' Lancia Fulvia but much simpler. It's not quite done, but I anticipate being able to spend very little time on Lego in the next year or two, so it's as finished as it's probably going to get. There is no gearbox or interior, and there are a number of things I'd change if I had the time - but overall I'm pretty pleased with it. The 037 was the last rear wheel drive rally car to win the WRC, in 1983. It raced in the infamous Group B category, which had few restrictions on vehicle design and engine power; as a result, the overpowered cars were in a number of fatal accidents, and ultimately Group B was abolished. While it lasted, though, Group B saw some spectacular driving and some extremely fast and loud cars. The Martini Racing stripes are done with washi tape (fancy Japanese colored masking tape), which works OK except where the tape crosses pin holes. It actually looks better in person than in photos. As in the original vehicle, the hood and rear lift up, and the doors open and more or less lock in place: Also like the original, the model is mid-engined. I used 1 RC motor geared 12:20 from the fast output. Until I put the bodywork on, the car could do handbrake turns and drift on wood floors, but now that the vehicle weighs 1030g, it can't drift and can only rarely do handbrake turns. I'm especially happy with the front axle, which includes a decent wheel lock, caster, unequal length wishbones, near-Ackerman steering, and a scrub radius of nearly zero. My thanks to all of those here who offered advice on suspension - I learned an enormous amount from you all. Steering is by servo, which offers return to center, reasonable speed, and high torque. I use a basic remote because the train remote is too slow for me to keep the car from crashing; the downside to that is that proportional steering is impossible. Wheel lock, steering, and scrub radius: Caster: The hub is held together by the 4L axle with stop (and the half bush on it), which turns out to be a more robust solution than I'd expected: The rear suspension is a modification of Thirdwigg's floating differential. It works well, with one caveat. Every once in a while, the 3L axle driving the 20t gear slips towards the differential a bit, and once when this happened a 3L u-joint got destroyed by torsion. The rear suspension is hard and has limited travel, and the suspension arms are tilted up even at rest; I would fix that if I had time. And of course the obligatory under-chassis shot:
  10. Hi all, This is my first MOC post. The Lightning GT-RC or GT-RallyCross. The car: Engine: Li-Po Battery powered RC Buggy Motor. Propulsion: Engine right to the rear differential, possibly with a center shaft to the front differential. Steering: Currently M-motor with rubber band auto centering. Performances: Engine: 4.5 W @ 1200 rpm. Top Speed: 8 km/h (5 mph) Weight: 570 gram Dimensions: 37.6 X 19.4 cm A picture:
  11. niteangel

    MOC - Airborne Rally Group

    Hi everyone, it has been some time since I posted here. Finally I managed to complete this MOC. When I first saw 60025, I thought it was too sloppy and modified it to make the Octan Audi R18 LMP. Here with 60027, the same appeared to me. Monster truck? The truck was too weak too, so how about something even more interesting? Airborne Spoilers is now a rally group, let's take a look! Indeed it is quite long! Let's first look at the support jeep! "Hey man, don't take the tools again without letting me know!" "C'mon!" The back of the jeep. It is based on the nice fire captain car, but one layer of brick raised. You know rally tracks are all bumpy and sandy... Second is the truck. It is not just a trailer truck, but also a truck with a little lifting crane! The arm is perfect for maintenance and repair of the rally cars, but seriously it cannot do something too heavy, but these guys say "enough for now"! The final car is of course the rally star, the rally truck! The 6-wheel machine has no problem at all racing through the dessert or wet swamp area. I was planning to put on a lot of sponsor stickers, but I believe it is better to leave it this way... what do you think? "Hey don't move yet! Something to fix at the hood still!" "I can't wait, quick!" Well, the star racer is probably too excited, and the rally truck is not enough for him. He also has his rally bike! Gosh, he is too hyperactive! When the race is over, when the guys are all packed up, someone probably smells it... "a race going on here?" An overview of my MOC based on 60025 and 60027. All my racing crews are here! :) Let me know what you think!
  12. so i've been reading around on the forums trying to find a design plan for a simple lightweight rally-ish car and i decided to just try it myself i just finished tonight and ill have pictures uploaded soon if there are any other topics that meet these criteria post them below thanks
  13. I've refined this model many times and this is the final version. a simple buggy powered by two medium motors rear wheel drive with diff its pretty fast and does alright off road a simple modification to the design could allow for an xl motor to be put in and geared up. in the model the steering rack sits in the slot at the front of the vehicle and connects to the 1x6 links and the two 1x8 axles connect in the front to form the tube body frame. i also couldn't find the ir reciver it attaches to the pins that are on the roof of the buggy and hangs upside down and inside the frame work. other than that its complete. buggy.lxf
  14. Hello. I want to present you a model to Technic Rally.Nothing in common between this model and the "Storaq" no, except for appearance. I used all the electrics of crawler, which resulted in a high speed on obstacles. Compared with the previous model, "Storaq" I modified the rear part of body. There are front and rear suspension in this model. Datasheet: - 2 L-motor to the drive with gear 3:5 - Servo motor on the steering - IR receiver a new type, BB That's all. Thank you for your attention. Your Sicil. Sorry for my bad english.