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Found 53 results

  1. Only two axles through a Lego turntable (the 48452cx1) has always irritated the more experienced Technic builders, stimulating them to work out many different solutions. Actually, some really clever solutions have been found, but most of them cause too much friction or require too much space. I have succesfully tried to do an attempt too, thanks to 3D printing and a good friend, he designed the CAD model of my solution. I can say that my solution has low friction and consumes much less space in comparison to the existing solutions. More of the story and some more pictures can be found at I have made an elaborate video about the problem and the process, but I think it will be 6 well-spent minutes. At the end of the video, there is another big surprise... Something that never was possible, is possible with the new parts! To get a better idea of the part, you can find some photos here: All photo's can be found on: in a higher resolution. The CAD drawing assembly: This design is extenable to bigger versions, I think that up to 5 or 6 axles would fit through the turntable. The only problem is connecting all gears in a robust way: to 'get to the gears', the outer gears have to get a bigger diameter and the problem of space-consumivity is back. I found that the three axle design really was a good optimization between robustness, way of accessing the gears and maximum transported torque through them. It is my hope that the Lego group takes over this idea and starts producing it, because especially the three-axle option ore the two-axles through the small turntable could be very useful in an upcoming Lego flagship. So, if you happen know someone at the Lego Technic department, please give him/her a good impression of the idea!
  2. Hi Everyone, Just want to share a video and some photos of a MOC I recently finished. The aim was to make a compact studless chassis with a studded body over it. The result is that the bodywork can be easily taken off and the chassis can be reused for other models. More photos and instructions can be seen on Rebrickable: http://rebrickable.c...s/night-phoenix Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I have been trying to make some trains (generally diesel) and a problem that I have always found is powering. for a steam locomotive this is usually pretty simple because of the lack of articulation but wel, bogies are articulated and motors are mounted in the build itself. my question was, how does gearing react to this? and what is the handiest for compact solutions? vertical or horizontal? with vertical you get this: lego 6L train bogie by alterlegotechnic, on Flickr how could something like this be used in a locomotive? would the motor stick loosely in the chassis and what about a vertical motor like this (http://www.brickshel...16/cam06194.jpg) will there happen something in corners? like that the would go faster or some? and with Horizontal you get this Iowa Pacific SLRG 515/518 Mechanics by wildchicken_13, on Flickr how can gearing do this? i mean the rotating bogie, what happens to the gears in it? obviously could 2 M motors be needed for a small train (around 4 cars) or will it fail? I heard something about a V2 receiver? I have a V1 (I think) and that a normal one won't be able to give enough power to both? What is better? XL or M? when will a XL be needed? so in one sentence: vertical or horizontal? what happens to gearing and what is easier when using normal motors?
  4. Hi All, I'm starting to run some train layouts and wondered why idle/standby times are one the different battery boxes? 1: The Rechargeable box/8878: - what is the 'turn off' time? It seems to turn itself off after some time.. 15, 20 minutes? 2: Standby times expected? Anyone know how much power is used by the IR receiver or the SBrick if the box is left on? Both for the 8878 and the 8881 AA-Technic box? If I hook it up with a IR Receiver and leave it on, how many hours should I expect it to be idle if the motors is not running? Thanks in advance,
  5. Quick one, what would be the best power functions motor to power trains with? I have many ideas for new locos but powering is my biggest issue. My latest design (ALCO PA, not posted) Would also need some motors to run. That one has a lot of space tho so That would mean XL ofcourse;) But what would be good for steam locomotives with limited space? And would be problems you would face when using power functions motors?
  6. I'm happy to present to you my first modular building. I have put it on Ideas too, so if you like it, please support: edit: It is now available on Rebrickable Some time ago my daughter got this Duplo set from her aunt: That got me thinking I could use one of these cones for my own purposes, especially since my little one was very interested in throwing bricks across the room, instead of proper play (or maybe that was proper play ;) ). Anyway I borrowed four bricks from her (I honestly intend to give those back to her) and thought it would be nice to make a big advert out of this ice cream and make it rotate. Such an Ice Cream Parlor should have nice clientele drawn by this big sign of what's inside :) So power functions was a must. But since I was to integrate PF info a modular, why not go further and add some lights too? When I was young (long time ago...) I always liked things that moved and had lights :P so you can call it late compensation :P Later on I will present it module by module, but if you want to have a quick look at it in action, here's a video: Ok, so let's start with a view of all the modules separately: And now let's talk about the ground floor: As you can see, on the right there is the ice cream parlor with seating available inside and at the back of the building. You can buy ice cream, lemonade, donuts and coffee. The staff is taken from the Ice Cream Machine set :) I'm happy with the bench - it gave me some headache, but I wanted to have something distinctive. The lamp is also different to typical one, but it's nothing special. On the left there is an entrance to the owner's apartment. There is also a small storage room for bike. The top of it is removable for easier access, but you can get the bike in and out through the door (but it's tricky). Ok, now - the heart of the modular - the Power Functions module: All electronic components are here. That is: 1 Rechargeable battery 2 switches 3 sets of PF lights (so 6 sources of lights total) 1 M motor Of course apart from that there are also all the technic components to make it work. The motor is running the Duplo brick with a 1:9 reduction. The lights are provided for the ice cream parlor (4 of them), entrance to the staircase (1) and the apartment (1 for the table lamp seen above). My idea was to be able to control lights and motor separately, that's why I have 2 switches here. Look closely at the picture above. There are two holes for technic axles above. The one on the left is for access to the switch controlling the motor (advert). The hole on the right allows access to the switch controlling all the lights. Those go on/off simultaneously. You can't have just part of them on. That would require even more switches and there is simply no room for that. It's crammed inside already. Now, have a look at the bottom of this module where all the lights can be seen and the front of this module, which allows access to the rechargeable battery in case you need to recharge it (power cord access). Through the holes in the front section you can turn the battery on/off and change the voltage too. Now, the last two modules are the roof and the apartment of the owner. It's not much room inside - the advert required quite some space already, but it's cosy :P As you have seen already this apartment get light from the lamp on the table, which is actually part of the Power Functions module. Yes, I know the TV is kind of useless on that wall, but... hey, he wanted a TV so I gave him one :P So, how do you operate this thing? With a KEY :) and last, but not least - two pictures of it with lights on, and ambient lights off: Full gallery is available on my Bicksafe: http://www.bricksafe...ce_Cream_Parlor I hope you enjoyed this little presentation. Please consider support on Ideas:
  7. The title says it all. I searched for a topic like this but was unable to find anything. I am wondering if leaving Lego pieces/sets assembled causes them to lose their clutch power over time? If so, does it come back when you take them apart? Currently I have all my LotR and Hobbit sets assembled and displayed in glass cabinets. I have all of my Lego minifigures lined up on base plates and stored in containers. I keep them all assembled because I am anal and worried they will get scratched up if I just throw them all in a tub together, or break them down and store them by parts in a jumbled mess. At the same time though, I noticed on the minifigures especially that they seem to be losing a lot of clutch power in their feet where they are connected to the base plates. This makes me wonder if all the pieces are losing it being assembled for extended periods of time.

    3 axle bogie powering

    What is the handiest way to power a 3 axle bogie? Im building a LKAB 6 axle locomotive and i don't know how i could power a 3 axle bogie with power functions. I have seen some designs with motors placed vertical above the bogie but i don't know how to attach something like that to a frame. And what would be the best motor to power it? Thank you for helping!

    What should i buy?

    My birthday is coming soon and I really want to buy some LEGO trains. But i can't spend 500 euros on LEGO and trains are expensive. I'm looking forward to have a Maersk train on my layout but i don't have the feeling that im happy with only 2 container wagons. But i can't afford 2 sets and i don't need/want an extra locomotive. And it doesn't have motors. But the design is 10 out of 10. A city train is cheaper for what its got but the details are a non. I could wait for a new creator expert train. I won't buy the Horizon Express just because i would but two of it and my layout i to small for it. So i can choose from this things: Maersk train, i would need to buy extra wagons and power functions Red lego city freight train (3677) Emerald night, i would need to buy extra coaches and power functions Where would you guys choose for?
  10. M_slug357

    7760 Reboot Project

    Hey everyone! I've finally decided to start my own thread, rather than piggy-back someone else's. Frankly, I need help with this: I'm trying my hand at remaking the classic 7760, with full PF components (lights too!) for a while now, but have hit a wall. The problem lies with the cab windows, and my current solution looks terrible in real bricks... So, I threw together an LDD moc up of what I currently have, and earnestly hope that you can provide me with something insightful! http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=554681 Thanks in advance, ~M_slug357~
  11. Hello all I just thought of an interesting concept for technic supercars, that could help compare them properly. As we all know, the real supercar world is a buzz about power to weight ratio figures and such. I know you would probably think this is pointless for a technic supercar, because you would expect its power to weight figure to be so low but, it's still a neat way of comparing them. Because some technic supercars are heavy but powerful and others are the opposite. So I have researched a formula to work out power to weight ratio for real cars, and thus used this for technic models, and have also worked out the power and torque of every modern technic motor: Xl motor, L motor, m motor and possibly RC motors. Here are some power to weight figures from 2 of my motorized supercars: My Lamborghini Huracan *1.3kg *0.004hp = 3.08hp per ton My Mclaren P1 *2.8kg *0.008hp = 2.86hp per ton. As you can see. eventhough my Mclaren has 2 Xl motors and my Lamborghini only has 1, the Lamborghini edges out a better power to weight ratio because its less than half the weight of the Mclaren. Which explains why my Lamborghini is almost twice as fast as the Mclaren (apart from the fact that the Lamborghini has a 3 speed gearbox, 4wd and better gearing, and the Mclaren just has 2 Xl motors powered to a differential.) Thank you for viewing this topic, if you have any questions feel free to ask. If you have any motorized mocs that you would like me to work out their power to weight ratio, just tell me their weight in kilograms, and how many motors it's power by e.g. 1 Xl motor or 2 L motors. I'm not sure about RC motors but if your moc is powered by RC motors I will try my best to work it out. LeocornoProductions
  12. Hi all. I've just come across this wonderful model by someone called Michael gale. (can't add a photo via mobile sorry). I've got lots of track from my younger days and seeing this I'm tempted to get back into trains. So where would I start? Where do I get the wheels and are there any instructions online for anything similar to get me started? I'd like to power it using the 'old' wheel unit (via the tender?). The ones from around the mid 90 ' s as that's what I have. On a budget so would prefer to use these new fangled infrared things if possible. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks ☺
  13. Hi guys! My latest creation is this mud racer. It was not designed to be art, but to have fun. Therefore the frame and bodywork was kept very light and it has the light 8878 accu. This added up to a weight of just 600 grams! The steering happens by an PF m-motor because the servo motor was too slow for the speed this racer evolved. The front axle is pendular to keep the rear wheels always on the ground, this was vital for driving in grass, stones and mud. The rear axle has a differential - but not always. Watch the video for details. Read the full review on: to see photos of the drivetrain or watch the video below. I have personally learnt much from this great little car, you can expect more soon.
  14. Hi! Together with friends we started a robot battle contest in which we use tuned LEGO technic robots to battle inside a destructible city ;) We want to make a big show out of it and record it as video ^^ The robots have tuned motors and we control them with 2.4ghz system. So we can use more tanks and robots the same time in missions and races etc. And everything already work. Now we try to find new friends specialy for building the city and robots together, or helping record the video and driving the vehicles. But anyway we are happy about every feedback, about your ideas for this contest. We already have a prototype running which we show in this video: And we give away flyers and poster for free as long as we still have some ;-) Hope to get your feedback, Ray and the roboter nerd team ^^ PS: You can reply here, send message or mail to , whatever you like.
  15. Hello, I am 896gerard, a passionate Technic builder. I would like to extend my activities to Eurobricks. Youtube channel: MocPage: One of my new creations is the Ultra low cargo bed truck. I have not found this model in reality, so I built it. The complete review is on and the video is below. Another creation is The Easiest Parking Car In The World: this is my own genuine idea, maybe some others have had the same idea right now... The review can be found on the given Mocpages address. You may always reply if you don't like it, my MOCs will probably get better of it.
  16. For Power Function Train, which do you prefer type of battery power function? Both have it own pro and con.... Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878 Or Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000 VOTE HERE POLL! Not know the different in both battery? read on more below. Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box 8878 It rechaged by plug into the wall input. very convince way to recharge it up. But the question is how long dose the battery cycle life span last in long term? If it ran out of cycle charging out, you have to buy the new one for retail value USD $49.99. Very easy to leave the battery in the lego train and just put wire in the train while charge without need take them part to replace it. Power Functions AAA Battery Box 88000 The most cheaper battery pack retail value USD $12.99 that require you to put in 6 AAA battery, value of it may be reasonable if you use rechargeable AAA battery instead of disposable battery. For long term, you can have that one pack for life time and easy replace the old aaa battery for cheaper. But depend on the train lego, some will require you more time to take lego apart to pull out the battery AAA battery, recharge it, put back in LEGO train to play with it. VOTE HERE POLL!
  17. skcheung

    Horse Racing Toy

    If you are old enough you may have owned this toy. I loved this as I was a little child but my mother did not buy me this (LEGO neither, of course). Since then, this toy ran out of my memory until last Saturday I discovered it in a toy museum. Now I have the money to buy this toy but nowhere I can buy... The only alternative, perhaps, is to build this. As expected, it brings lots of joy to my kids. Video:
  18. Hello all, I am thinking about making a Santa Fe or similar EMD-F7 train. As I may create the full train (ABBA - 10-12 Coaches) I need to know how many train motors I will need to pull this lot. The train should be close to the 10020 with the B unit being James Mathis design. As this is a WIP I have not yet fully designed the train. I will be using Power Functions train motors as 9v is getting expensive. Also rechargeable battery boxes and lights. So how many motors will I need for pulling all of this? Thanks, - darthluke
  19. Has anyone attempted to measure the power loss from gearing motors up or down? What I'd really like to find is something like Philo's excellent work on motor specifications, batteries, tire traction, and so forth. Ideally it would compare all common pairs of gears (8/8, 16/16, 12/20, 8/24, 8/40, etc.) for at least a couple of motors.
  20. It's been a while since I've been "in the loop" unfortunately living in Canada has its disadvantages, one being that you cannot find a single soul to talk about lego 12V trains with. I've built some decent sized layouts. Right now, I have a pair of layouts that appear to be connected but aren't. They share the 7866 level cross-over track, but never actually connect via track. I've got a couple of questions. Right now, I have 3 motors, and 3 trains, and two Transformers (I also have an Austrailian one if anyone wants to buy it, I have no idea where to get a converter for it!!?!?). I have somewhere in the neighbourhood of 9 switches, unfortunately only two or three that have power to them. I'm wondering: 1.) Can I use multiple transformer on shared track - I'm assuming no? 2.) Specific instructions to boost power to the tracks, I once had a huge layout and so many issues with trains slowing down because of the shear length of the thing. What's safe, obviously these motors are getting harder and harder to come by, so I don't want to damage one. I use 110 -> 220 inverters for both Transformers. In Summary: "Mono" means one, and "rail" means rail: This concludes your monorail training. Thanks all!
  21. After building the 9398 4x4 Crawler I have been wondering about the difference in behavior between the Power Functions XL-Motor and the older Power Functions L-Motor. My concern is about Motor Coasting. Coasting is defined as "Performing a natural deceleration of a motor when the power is removed". In layman's terms; the vehicle continues rolling a bit, until completely stopped, so no abrupt stop. When the power on the XL-motor is removed, the motor coasts gently to a halt. However, when the power from the L-motor is removed, it abrubtly halts without coasting. This results in very shocky behavior, which I think can be done without. Any idea why the two motors behave differently? And more importantly; is there a way to use the new L-motor with coasting behavior? Possibly with a 24T Clutch Gear or other mechanism/technique.
  22. skcheung

    Free Falling Gyro Drop

    This is appalling to my minifigs... ^^" The carriage falls at top speed due completely to gravity. Basically speaking, bricks will be loosed a little bit after 3-4 falls but the machine can still function properly. No bricks will be detached or torn apart, except that a little hand of one of the minifigs fall out after perhaps 40 falls (ref: the following picture) ^^" The following pictures show how it functions: Want to see it in motion?
  23. Another facility of my Friends' theme park. I wish not only girls love it, but also boys do. As a father of a 5-year girl, I have won her heart and let her go nut. You may do the same to your daughters/lover/fiance/wife. The girls like to bump the others. Sometimes it can be a head-to-head bump. The bumper cars are driven by magnets underneath. Enjoy. This bumper cars set is consisted of 3 major components: (1) The baseplate, which resembles 10196 (but not a full copy) (2) The turntable, which looks a little bit complex (3) The top plate Please have a look at the following video: The cars are powered by magnets. If you want to know further how it operates, check this video of "the making of bumper cars" https://www.facebook...&type=2 This is a CUUSOO project. Please support if you really want it to become an official LEGO product: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/53204 My former works of the Friends' Theme Park for your easy reference: 1. Grand Carousel: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87068 2. Ferris Wheel: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87882 3. Gyro Drop: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=88256 I am currently working on part V of this theme park and so far I have no idea of where should I stop. Perhaps this theme park is ever expanding. I may be a bit clumsy. Still sincerely hope you enjoy my work.
  24. This is Part 3 of my project. After rebuilding the LEGO official products of 10196 and 4597, I start to build a true MOC. It is a CUUSOO project and it awaits your support: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/48013 The girls of LEGO Friends need more excitement and here they go to the Gyro Drop (or Falling Machine). It is a 10-seater gyro drop powered by a motor and remote control (optional). Yet it does not merely operate with electricity – it operates with the magic of magnet!!! Safety to the girls is always the utmost concern!!! The carriage may fall at an alarming speed but the girls won’t feel any shock when they come to the lowest point. The carriage cannot reach the floor – the magnets underneath helps to float the carriage!!! At the same time (when they come to the lowest point), the girls won’t feel any vibration as the magnets sideway help to stable the carriage. The girls' feet are exposed to feel the breeze when they feel the excitement. The carriage only has minimal contact with the stand, so that it can fall very smoothly. Movie clip of this Gyro Drop -- Former works: (I) Friends' Grand Carousel 10196: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87068 (II) Friends' Ferris Wheel 4957: http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=87882