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Found 72 results

  1. So, this is the set TBB already dubbed a "breathtaking perfection" (because it's pretty, you know) and a whole lot of people will buy it just for looks. Unfortunately, I see a Technic badge in there, and Technic line used to be about something more than just looks. That's why I'm going to review it considering its functions, and to put it shortly, when it comes to functions the 42056 feels like a slap to your face. Sorry TBB, someone has to do the ugly job of raining on your parade. This is literally the most expensive set in the entire Technic line, a set which is being promoted by Lego as if their lives depended on it. It's literally being announced as "ultimate supercar" and "art of engineering". Well, bad news. The art of engineering 2016 edition looks like that: - no PF in sight, literally no electronics, nor an easy way to make this set RC - dead simple suspension that has been done dozens of times. Were you wishing for something fancy, maybe McPherson struts, Ackermann steering, caster angle? Too bad, the suspension is the same as in $60 sets. - dead simple steering with new wheel hubs added only so Lego could pretend there are brakes. All these fancy new wheel hubs and fancy new wheels still don't turn in the center like 8448 set's wheels do. - Lego could give us working brakes. Lego could at least give us a realistically looking calipers and maybe some nice brake discs. Instead, Lego gave us a 1x4 tile with a sticker. - a transmission that takes half of a chassis, then works poorly and doesn't really do anything useful Seriously, for $300, which is the money that will buy you e.g. both new Claas tractor and Volvo excavator, you get a bunch of beams, panels and gears. Note how short the parts list is. What this money gets you is a big, great-looking car that is only really good for display. Functions? Steering with a lot of backlash, ridiculously simple suspension and transmission whose main job is making grinding sounds. Yeah, really, the transmission has so much friction in it, Lego actually threw a 24t clutch gear in there to let the wheels rotate when transmission locks up from abundance of friction. Someone had this weird idea to make a 4-speed sequential transmission and then add a separate forward/reverse selector to it, resulting in up to TWENTY gear wheels being active at the same time. And the best part? Well, there are two: first, the transmission only affects the piston engine, and you can't really see it because it's all covered up under the body. So the only real job for transmission is to change the frequency of the grinding sounds. Second, the transmission's speeds are actually messed up because as Crowkillers has noticed, someone put two gear wheels wrong in the instructions. Thus, for a paltry $300 you get a transmission that goes 1-3-2-4. Art of engineering indeed. The biggest problem with the 42056 is the price. Consider 42055: it's bigger and has PF, yet its price-per-piece is much lower. If Porsche had the same price-per-piece, it would cost around $192 - a not unreasonable comparison since these sets are released at the same time. So what's the extra $100 for? Just the Porsche license and a fancy box? For that kind of money you can get a proper RC car from an established manufacturer, with high performance motors and waterproof electronics. Yet Lego expects you to cough it up for something that can, um, look pretty (if you don't mind the gaping holes, that is). Pros: - really big, impressive and exquisitely looking unless you hate orange - finally it's not red again - the box and instructions are so good, they make UCS sets look like something you drew in class when you were 10 - a lot of new useful pieces, including the wheels - superb "starter pack" for those who want to build their own supercars Cons: - this is a $300 set with roughly $192 worth of Lego pieces - the "art of engineering" can't hold a candle to the 8880 - seriously, there's barely any function in this set that works flawlessly or makes actual sense. But hey, you get a luggage compartment and a bag with Porsche logo so who cares, right? - there's no PF nor an easy way to add PF - size, weight and limited functionality make it more of a display model - instructions come with an error - there's no B-model - $300 for what? Some comparisons:
  2. Hi, Here is my entry for the build the Porsche of your dreams contest. It is a remote controlled, lightweight Porsche of an undefined type (unless someone recognizes this instantly as a particular Porsche type). The model weighs 1.5 kg of which 300 g is 12 AA batteries. It is powered by 2 L-motors that have each their own batterypack. Steering is done with a servomotor. The steeringwheel inside is functional as well (as in, it turns also when the servo turns): I tried to minimize weight as much as possible, so I used both the motors and the battery packs as structural elements in the construction. Changing batteries is now not something you want to do . I always wanted to make a model without paneling and since this model needed to be lightweight it was the perfect excuse to finally build a completely open model. I particularly like the top view. Here you can really see how the lines flow on this model. Something that I find difficult to capture in the other shots. As usual comments and questions are highly appreciated. Leg godt, Jeroen
  3. Hi everybody, This is my entry for the Porsche contest! It features: - working steering wheel and HOG steering - full independent suspension - 5 + R gearbox using a link system - opening doors and hood The gearbox mechanic: Animated gif, switching from 3 to 4 to 5:
  4. Finished the 816 RX I wet for a bit of futuristic design and I hope to receive some feedback about it. Shall I remove the Mindstorms logo, or it looks good? Photos:
  5. Offroadcreat1ons

    [WIP][PORSCHE] GT1 Racer

    Hello All, Today I present my entry to the Porsche contest on rebrick. I am waiting on a Bricklink order to improve this model's aesthetics and then I will post better images. The model has: Steering Front and rear spoilers An interior Roll bars Fake brake calipers, and a working mini V8 engine . NEW: The engine is now a flat 6 and the doors open. There is more coming soon... Thanks for reading, and have a great day!
  6. Imagination of legendary rally Group B electrical car (design is from those times, pullback motors imitate some kind of electrical drive). Model has: - independent suspension on all wheels - HOG steering - steering lock, which is made as gear switch, to lock wheels for pullback function - openable doors - and front part - rear mudguards, which move together with wheels. Steering unlocked Steering locked Of course, it is not very good lock because of other steering parts, but HOG steering button is locked very good.
  7. Hello everyone Here is an attempt to build a Porsche Spyder. Basis is still the 42056, although it has been modified and rebuilt, approximately 76.5% :wink: The panels are painted ... I think I need to revise still a lot. But everything then after my vacation ... I hope you like the first attempt.
  8. About 5 years ago, rumours were around hinting at a new supercar positioned between the 911 and 918 Spyder. Some dubbed it the "914.5", coming from the mean of the two model numbers. Unfortunately, such a car hasn't yet arrived, and I plan to solve that problem. This will be the true "Dream Porsche", taking features from both the 918 Spyder and the 911 Targa. It will combine the hybrid all-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering of the 918 with the iconic rear-mounted flat-6 engine and roof of the Targa. Here are my definite features: Flat-6 engine mounted in rear 8-speed paddle-shifting manual gearbox (connected to piston engine, driving rear) Fake electric motors "driving" the front and rear (as in the 918) Full independent suspension with camber angle, castor angle and adjustable ride-height (independent adjustment for each wheel). Not sure where the ride-height controls will be - probably under the front hood. 4-wheel steering (as in the 918) operated by the steering wheel. Opening hood and locking doors. 2 seats inside. Folding roof modelling the 911 Targa's mechanism. Here are features that I might add if I have enough space and parts: Brakes - not sure how these would be operated if they get added. A PF Large motor and battery box to drive the front axle. Like the 918, the front is single-speed. Unfortunately, the only RC stuff I have is MINDSTORMS, which would be too bulky for this. Opening rear revealing the engine. The car will be 1:10 scale - considerably smaller than the 911 GT3 RS from LEGO. I haven't started building yet - I still need to add a couple of finishing touches on my current build. However, most of the "technologies" (such as an 8-speed gearbox and adjustable suspension) already exist in my current build, so this will likely be finished by mid-July. UPDATE 1 (03/07/2016): Paddle-shifting mechanism and steering wheel mount Having dismantled my previous build, I have built this compact steering wheel mount with an integrated paddle shifter. The two levers on either side of the steering wheela are paddle-shifters. They shift when pushed inwards. Here is a side view: Each paddle makes a lever move downwards and hit the cross-shaped element. I initially used a knob wheel, but it was too small for the lever to make it advance far enough. When the lever extends, the cross rotates about 75 degrees before the lever blocks it from going any further. When the paddle is released, the lever retracts and allows the cross to rotate the final 15 degrees. The paddles have rubber bands to make them return to their original position when released. The part with the wedge-belt wheels can slide a short distance. It too has rubber bands - this makes the cross "snap" to the nearest 90 degrees and provides the turning force for the final 15 degrees of rotation. There is also a universal joint - this is connected to the steering wheel.
  9. A while back, there was this topic, about doing some of Crowkillers cars in white. That, and the fact that white was cheaper than either red or black, gave me the idea to build the Porsche in white. There were a couple modifications I had to make, but those were fairly straight forward. Of course, the 44 connector isn't available in white, so I made a black accent line that goes over the roof, and made the mirrors black. Now for the pictures: More pictures are at my BrickSafe (see sig).
  10. Check out my newest brickfilm with crazy race. It was made for LEGO and Porsche contest. Soon I'll write longer blog post with more info about the production and with interesting photos. Meanwhile enjoy the movie :) Link to YT: Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+
  11. Hello, back in January, I have seen the amazing LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056) in Nuremberg at the International Toy Fair as a prototype. I wrote an article (in English) about the mystery car: A camouflage version in black and white (stickers). So, I was wondering: Which one looks better, the prototype or the final orange version? What do you think? Have a nice day Andres
  12. GallardoLU

    Porsche 917 (mod)

    So i finally got the new 917 919 set, and being a huge fan of the 917 i knew i'd have to mod it to make me completely happy but i didn't realize just how much it would need it. below are 2 pictures top one is mine in front of an unmodified 919 (its 3 plates taller than my 917!) the second is a borrowed image of a standard Lego 917. the drop was achieved by 2 things primarily, first i lowered the canopy down 1 plate, and the second was switching to smaller tires/rims this took off a second plate (it was already 1 plate lower than the 919) there were also numorus less obvious changes inside and out to achieve the end result. My Modified 917 Lego's 917 Front View, showing narrowed front opening and reshaped nose. also the one downside to the older fender, the gap rear of the front bricks Rear View, here you can see i added some greebling to fill out the space better, also the tail lights were removed as the were just way to big on the standard car. If you look close here you can see through the canopy to the driver, he is leaned back a very long ways to fit, and this was a trick. the driver sits so far forward in the real car that the minifig legs should actually be placed where the wheel hubs are located. so the standared chassis has been thrown aside to move the driver cavity forward as far as it could go. also if the helmet is removed he can sit quite a ways up further. simple side by side, you can see quite a noticeable height difference between the 2 cars. So there you have it a still speed champion styled Porsche 917 but much better wheels height and shaping in my opionion, feel free to comment, suggest, or anything. and Thanks for looking!
  13. Last week I was caught up in the internet moment and requested a topic for the 100th LUGNuts Build Challenge. It was a momentary lack of wisdom. I requested random number 27, and I was tasked to build any year Porsche 911 or a 2015 Jaguar F-Type. This being the Technic year of the Porsche, I, of course, decided to do the 911. I have 13 days to finish the project. I'm not sure it will happen, but the process will be fun. I'll try to post the process here daily, and if I don't finish in time, maybe I'll end with a pretty good MOC. WIP 1 WIP 2 Tonight I'll place the steering wheel and HOG. Here we go...
  14. Hello, the Ferrari-Truck (2015) was fun - and 75876 is great, too. This is my compact Porsche 919 Hybrid and 917K Pit Lane review. Have a nice day Andres
  15. This custom creation was created with a variety of old and new Technic pieces for a different effect to the final build. Designed by an actual Porsche mechanic and myself. Original: Rework: FInal version:
  16. Hi every EuroBrickers from all around the world! I like the Speed Champions theme and i in love with the sets.My favourite one is Porsche 918 Spyder,maybe because Porsche 918 is my favourite Porsche car. But however,I find that the new parts from Speed Champions is not available in LDD yet,so i need to find a alternate solution. But now,i have just successfully find a alternate solution to build Speed Champions car in LDD,that is using the existing LDD parts to modify the chasis. Here, i introduce you Porsche 918 RSR concept race car in LDD form.No printings or stickers are available on the car. You wonder how i make it?See the picture below. I build the chasis according to the instruction of 75910,and i modify the chasis using the parts that used in City Theme vehicles. I don't very like the back section .the tail lights looks blocky and because of the absence of the Speed champions pieces,the back section been not as curve like the real porsche 918 RSR concept car and looks too sharp.Hope the next LDD update will including the Speed Champions parts. Because the absense of the Speed Champions Windscreen in LDD,i use the windscreen and car roof from City theme.This cause the car looks less sleek and dynamic,but at the same time,You don't need to lean the driver down to fit in the car with the roof. The real Porsche 918 RSR Concept race car. I know that it's not 100% accurate,but because of the part limitation, that is the best i can do. Any comments and critism are welcomed. Need the LDD file? Download here: Porsche 918 RSR.lxf Have a nice day!
  17. WoutStopmotion

    MOC - Porsche 911 GT

    Porsche 911 GT by WoutStopmotion, on Flickr Porsche 911 GT by WoutStopmotion, on Flickr Porsche 911 GT by WoutStopmotion, on Flickr I was blown away on the design of the 911's in this upcoming set, so i built this Porsche, inspired by the set. More info and photos on Flickr. Enjoy!
  18. The 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours came and Audi Sport-Team Joest was still the team to beat in Circuit de la Sarthe. They've only been defeated twice, and one of those defeats came from a car that used to power an R8C, and after Peugeot got one off Audi's streak in 2009, the four-ringed brand and their R15 TDI went at it again, and even a big rules change in 2011 did not stop Audi-Joest from taking wins left and right when they made the R18. Naturally, the opponents had to match the clout of Ingolstadt. Peugeot's 908 and Toyota's TS030 Hybrid (along with a Swiss team, Rebellion Racing, which was the lone non-KERS coal burner in the LMP1 world for this decade), stalked Audi from the back, occasionally leading and very much giving Audi a fight. The 908 had a far better chance of taking 2011's spoils from the R18 ultra, while Toyota boxed well with Audi when the Pugs left from 2013 onwards. All the while Porsche said they wanted to join the party her sister was holding at la Sarthe, and when the 919 Hybrid came, Porsche fans rejoiced in the return of the original king of Le Mans. 2014 was a blockbuster hit, but Audi still won. Alright, so there's the backstory behind my builds, which are Tiny-Turbo-scale models of the LMP1's that competed from 2011-2014. I built these cars in the style I saw from //prototyp, using LEGO Digital Designer, and rendered thanks to Tom.Netherton. Here they are together: (Top line, L-R: Toyota TS030 Hybrid and Porsche 919 Hybrid. Bottom line, L-R: Audi R18 e-tron quattro (2014-spec), Rebellion-Oreca R-One, and Peugeot 908 Hybrid4 in 2011-spec 908 livery) Sorry, but singles pictures will come tomorrow morning. I have to sleep. I have stirred awake! Here comes the pictures, with links to the bigger one on the names. Porsche 919 Hybrid Toyota TS040 Hybrid Rebellion-Oreca R-One Peugeot 908 Audi R18 e-tron quattro
  19. I present my 1987 Porsche 911 Turbo Slant Nose. I went for form over function on this build. It has opening doors and engine compartment. I followed a blue print for this model that I blew up to 155% on the copier at work. It translated to 14 studs wide by 36 studs long. I pride myself on making sturdy models (no large pieces held on by 1 stud here) and this one is no exception to my standards. I am very happy with how the Mixel ball joints worked out on the window framing, as they are fairly new pieces and I haven’t seen it done before. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
  20. Welcome everybody :) Today I’d like to present my new MOC, which was built especially for a contest on LugPol. Porsche 918 Spyder Specifications: Scale 1:10 Length 58s / width 27s / height 13s (46,4/21,6/10,4 cm) Weight: 1800 g Independent suspension 4 steered wheels 4 wheel drive Functions: Driving (RC) Steering (Servo) Tilting spoiler during turning V8 dummy LED headlights Openable mask, bonnet and doors History I started the building of the model 2 weeks ago. In the first week I created the chassis and in the second week the body. The main goal was to build a sports car driven by RC motor with four wheel drive. I was watching different car models, I wanted to build a Lamborghini, but at the Brickshelf there are lots of them. So I decided to build Porsche 918 Spyder, which, similarly as new 911, has 4 wheel steered. The contest assumed that you can use only 2 motors. So to the maximum use of motors I decided to built a spoiler which works like the Pagani Huayra’s one – during turning one side of the spoiler goes up, e.g. the car turn left and the left side of spoiler goes up. Driving Porsche is driven by single RC motor from the slower output with ratio 5,5:1. There are driven four wheels using three diffrentials. Steering To steer I used servo motor. There are two steered axles: the first with ratio 1:1 and second with 2,8:1. To the axle responsible for steering of the rear wheels there is a connection to the spoiler which goes up during turning. Suspension The independent suspension is based on the Lego arms. On each front wheel there is one spring from the yellow absorber 6,5L and a rubber band connected to the arms. In the rear wheels for depreciation there is used one yellow absorber 6,5L for each wheel. Some photos Gallery
  21. niteangel

    Porsche GT3 RS

    Taking me nearly two weeks, I finally got the time to find the needed parts and build this super car. I did a Mustang some time ago, and I thought I should make and complete a super sports car series (so that they can really race in my city, haha). Now, here you go! I just parked my new Porsche GT3 RS! (oops, I just found that a light is tilted in front of the restaurant!) I tried very hard to make the car profile as close to the real one as possible, and here are some photos for comparison... I think the rear part is the best, and I even keep the center red tail light! I like the mix of 4-stud and 5-stud to achieve the tail profile... I can use white for the spoiler, but I guess it is more exaggerating to have it in red. Just a little test. Now it is placed next to the Mustang, and you can see the two different styles... I tried so many different windshields but none of them looks nice since I have a 6-to-4 car profile (bottom to top). I guess I will just leave the glass issue aside, as the car profile is more important than glass problem! Time for pedal to the metal! C'mon and start drifting and dragging!
  22. I searched around the forums a bit and didn't see this posted elsewhere before- I came across these MOCs by Malte Dorowski and though that both the final product as well as the techniques that went into creating them were great so I thought I'd share them here. In particular I had never seen the flex tube -> clip plates -> cheese slopes technique following the curves of the cars, and it looks mighty nice! Check them out - awesome work by Malte! Porsche 935/76 Turbo Porsche 935/78 (I've seen other's work highlighted by a 3rd party here before, but if this is inappropriate I apologize.)