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Found 1 result

  1. Mata Nui left his children to fend for themselves in a new and dangerous world. The plot is set hundreds of years in the future. The Toa mata are now the only remaining guardians of the matoran. The mysterious Skull Krata horde from bota magna has driven all living creatures back behind the great wall while killing most of the other characters. The Toa, now masters of their elements have fashioned an army of Protectors that help them keep the matoran safe, The circular wall is split into six elemental sections, each one guarded by a Toa. Legend tells of a Mask of Creation, the Toa realize that they have a chance to create a world safe for the matoran to live in. They venture forth to find the Mask, their conquest takes them out into the wild unknown of spherus magna. The quest for each Toa's golden konohi would help lead them to the location of the Mask of Creation. Upon completing their individual quests the Toa reunite and combine their golden mask powers to find the location of the Temple of Creation. The masters each gather their army of Protectors and march for a final confrontation with the Skull Krata at the Temple of Creation that will decide the worlds fate. In the final battle against the Skull Krata horde, the Toa truly show their heroic nature, fighting for the fate of spherus magna. Their armies are exhausted and the heroes begin to fall one by one. As each Toa falls their final act brings their brothers closer to their goal. Gali falls defending Tahu from a fatal blow, then Onua perishes lifting the gate to the Temple of Creation. Tahu rushes forward in blind wrath, leaving his team behind. Pohatu falls trying to reach Tahu and talk reason into him. Kopaka is moved at the death of his friend but the ice Toa resolutely sets himself to the final task. Tahu has battled far ahead towards the the Temple’s center with his power of shielding, burning his way toward his goal. There are several masks of Creation on pedestals. Only one leads to life while the rest to death. Tahu cannot tell which is the real one. Kopaka uses his Akaku to spot the fakes. Lewa and Kopaka are surrounded and begin to take hits from all sides. Before they are overrun, Lewa uses his power of air and levitation to send Kopaka hurtling towards Tahu. Kopaka lands and uses the fury of his ice storm to clear a path for Tahu, telling his leader which mask to grab. Kopaka dies nobly battling back the horde as Tahu rushes up the final steps to the Mask. Tahu reaches the Mask of Creation and dons it, becoming the most powerful being in the universe. He rids spherus magna of the Skull Krata threat then sets his fallen brothers and sister in the stars as the new guardians of the matoran. He explains to the chronicler (Whatever matoran character that is the main this season), that the Toa Mata will forever guard the matoran and grant the power of the Toa to 6 new worthy matoran to continue on their legacy. Tahu turns and joins his friends in the stars forming a new constellation. Their constellation is in the shape of the unity duty destiny symbol. Thus the Toa Mata’s mission is complete from a certain point of view as they collectively become a new Mata Nui for all of creation. The season ends as the great spirits reappear in their respective villages before 6 young matoran, beginning a new saga of Bionicle. This is how I would write the Bionicle plot if I could. I hope you guys like it. Alex South