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Found 37 results

  1. Down at the edge of the beach in Nova Terreli is a warehouse owned by MAESTRO. Stored there are rolls of sail canvas and large spools of hemp rope, for MAESTRO ship repairs. The warehouse was built upon a raised platform in such a way as to leave a ledge at the back (seaward) wall. The man in charge of accounting for, and dispensing, the supplies therein is Quartermaster Bastian Touw. Two years ago the playwright Tragian Altidore befriended Bastian. This permitted Tragian to use the ledge as a stage, after clearing a bit of brush to set up seating. Tragian used the space as a practice venue to try out new prose for an audience of select, trusted friends. Recently Tragian has converted to the Triuri faith, and has now invited Dearji the Windsong to sing and help his friends to understand the glory of the Triuri. ". . . i mewn neh tahweil chawr." Dearji finished the Song of Resting in the old tongue. (From left to right) Tragian Altidore in his bardic finery. Arsbeth Westerlond, Tragian's new 'lady friend', is a little unsure why she's here. Riy Kul is doing his best to learn about the other cultures of this world. (Left to right again) Riy Kul has a token he will offer to Dearji after her performance. Tolan duBroise is sipping a little local wine as he lets Dearji's soothing voice wash over him. Quartermaster Bastian Touw thought this was going to be some sober, holy address, like those Order of the Faith ceremonies that he got drug to by other friends. He decides to reach for the bottle of fine uisge that Dearji has furnished him with. ----------------------------------------------------------- Just some shots of the plants and the build empty to show the seating design. ---------------------------------------------------------- These are the first Lego images taken with my new cell. Hopefully, with practice, I will have some more quality pics from now on.
  2. Island: Nellisa Settlement: Nova Terreli Location: River Port Licence-Type: Commerce (large) Owner: Román Esteban Fontonajo Román Esteban Fontonajo had long ago realised that while sending ships across the open sea towards other islands was crucial to his family's success in the new world, upholding transport and trade on the island of Nellisa was almost equally as important. The River Port in Nova Terreli at the shores of the Terreli River has been and is till today the single most important transportation hub towards the inner parts of the island. Román had started setting up his warehouse and many other buildings a long while ago in the heart of the River Port and still controls most commerce going on. Every day of the week a lot is going on in the river port of the glorious city of Nova Terreli. People are loading and unloading goods to the ships, and trade at the market stands of the crowded streets. Románs uncle Raphael views the city from the balcony of the warehouse besides a business partner of the family. Two soldiers in the service of Queen Annetta from Corrington arrive in a small rowing boat. As always there is a helping hand, welcoming the guests to the River Port. Román's brother Rialto Espada watches carefully. The Oleander officer seems a bit lost at the customs office, paying his toll. Román does know the value of toll for both his and the city's pockets. A wagoner is bringing some cotton from the plantations. Of course he is drinking while driving, as everyone should do. However some people, according to the looks on their faces and the knife in the boat waiting for them, can't be up to no good. Románs eldest Juan Alfonso Fontonajo rides through the streets, heading towards an important meeting ... While Román himself and his wife Clarissa Raltessa watch the scenery from the roof of their warehouse. The Nova Terreli River Port is key to the success of the Fontonajo family and the city of Nova Terreli
  3. After Eslandolan explorer Cato Calrelli returned with news that he had discovered an island east of Terraversa, a handful of adventurous colonists sailed to the island of Nellisa and established the settlement of Nova Terreli on its northwestern coast. One of the first permanent structures these early settlers built was a church. The structure features buttressed walls, arched windows along the sides, inset statuettes flanking the entrance, round windows high at both ends, a traditional clay tile roof, and a bell tower. Only large enough to accommodate a dozen people at most, Nova Terreli soon outgrew the small structure. That old church is now known as the Chapel de San Terreli, and it is still used today for small weddings and other gatherings. Officials still keep the building and grounds well maintained. The chapel is an important cultural icon for the citizens of Nova Terreli as both a religious structure and a reminder of the settlement’s roots. * * * Here are a couple of additional architectural shots:
  4. Román Esteban Fontonajo was finally happy again. He had won the auction for the Holder's Secret rather unexpected, in fact he had just placed a bid to increase the price a bit. Well then, as a man of honour he immediately paid his 33 Dubloons and took the ship to the Nova Terreli Dockyard, where the Fontanjo family was one of the main owners. Even though he didn't actually even want the ship. But that was another story. The old pirate ship was no beauty. All wooden brown, not much left of the sails, and a big whole in its hull where the cannons of the royal fleet had hit it. "Well then", he told the leading worker in the dockyard, "it's not an easy task, but I guess you will make that old pirate vessel a real Eslandolan beauty? Renew the hull, replace the destroyed cannon, maybe paint it green - I know you will find the solution." "Sure", the worker replied, "we will do our very best!" Two days later Román had returned, just to hear that a chest full of gold had been found in the captain's cabin. That gold would make up for some of the money spent, at least. This is my MOC for the Holder's Secret which I won in the Auction. Question: Do I have to submit it via license form? Also the dockyard will become a licensed medium artisan (no sure if it qualifies as medium or as big, but imho for big it's just not enough) in the future. Question: Is there a rule or leadership-decision forbidding to get two licenses out of a single MOC?
  5. Having heard the story of Rialdo almost being hung the Fontonajo family was shocked. Now, some days later, they laughed it off. Actually, everyone in every tavern in Nova Terreli laughed about the doubly-failed double execution. Everyone except Guy's uncle... However that was not what Román had had on his mind for the past few days. The rumors of him being appointed as mayor had already spread, and the people greeted him with even bigger honour now. But he had not yet responded to Guy K. Wyndzon. Until now. To the honourable Guy K. Wyndzon, trust is a gift. One you have to fight for very hard, but still a gift. Thanks for gifting me with your trust over the city of Nova Terreli. Please be assured that I will not fail you, nor the High Council of Trade, nor our king. I know Nova Terreli is the major cornerstone of our success and predominance in the new world, and I will do all I can to prevent that from changing. This is why I will take care of this task myself. So please, go ahead and make the announcement of my mayorship public. Yours sincerely Román Esteban Fontonajo, mayor of Nova Terreli
  6. Can't sail without ropes, can you? That's why Enrique del Bosque left for Nova Terreli and together with his son is making the best ropes you can find anywhere in the New World. The work is hard as you have to work in the open, but with the increasing importance of Nova Terreli's harbor, Enrique can't complain at all ...
  7. Island: Nellisa Settlement: Nova Terreli Location: River Port Licence-Type: Commerce (small) Owner: Román Esteban Fontonajo One of the first buildings of the Nova Terreli River Port area, the Fontonajo Commerce- & Warehouse is the heart of this part of town till today. Román watches the Terreli river from the roof, while his son talks to a business partner on the balcony. One of the many workers is carrying a bag with some goods outside.
  8. Island: Nellisa Settlement: Nova Terreli Location: River Port Licence-Type: Residence (small) Owner: Román Esteban Fontonajo The Fontonajo Family owns many of the buildings close to the River Port of Nova Terreli. Some of those are rent to other people who need to live close to one of the city's most lively places. All credit for nice architecture might as well go to kabel (e.g. this pic was reference for this house), all flaws in execution are my personal fault :-)
  9. Barrels, the TEU container of the colonial age, were so much of want on Nelissa that a good carpenter could make a fortune by just focusing on building them in all possible sizes. Cotton, apples, tobacco, even fish was shipped in barrels because everything else meant that your cargo would spoil by the time it had gotten to the old world. So when the trade route between Nova Terreli and the old capital had become more frequented over recent years, Juan and his wife had left everything and everyone behind in order to open a cooperage in the new world. By now their business was running so well that Juan was able to hire 3 workers able to help him out with all the work. And if business continued like that, Juan wold be able to put down the tools himself, and see if he couldn't get a seat in Nova Terreli's council. He was sure that Renato Filamento would listen to his advice because after 5 years of dealing with all the three trade companies, Juan had aquired a knowledge that might help the viceroy loosening the grip of those blood sucking TCs quite a bit! Juan was wondering how that would pay of ...
  10. Román Esteban Fontonajo had long ago realised that while sending ships across the open sea towards other islands was crucial to his family's success in the new world, upholding transport and trade on the island of Nellisa was almost equally as important. Joan was one of the people working for the Fontonajo family, sailing up and down the Terreli River with his big raft to transport goods to and from the farms in the hinterland of Nova Terreli. While cotton is one of the most important goods being transported, other wares find their way aboard Joan's raft as well: Apples, Bananas, Carrots, berries, some bottles of wine and of course some kegs of ale.
  11. Right outside of Nova Terreli you can find the mansion of the Fontonajo family (leader of the family is Román Fontonajo). Attached to their mansion are their cotton plantations as well as their private gardens. After this year's annual family dinner the Fontonajo's spread into smaller groups and enjoy some of the luxury which life in the new world has already gifted them. For Isabella Elisa, Román Fontonajo's 16 year old daughter, and her grand-uncle Raphael, a mere 55 years older, it was clear from the beginning where to go: The table next to the small pond, their favourite spot in all Nova Terreli, except maybe the library. Isabelle shared her grand-uncles love for scholarships, most of all for cartography. Drawing the world, retaining for generations what the brave explorers have found, is their greatest passion. "Umh Isa, those are some nice details on the forest... mjm... yes, really well.", said Raphael, while eating his cupcake. After some silence, Isabella took the word and asked her grand-uncle something she had had in mind for quite a while: "Uncle, do you agree that scientists are the better people than us scholars, writers and drawers?" Raphael took a while to order his thoughts, as he always did, before wording his well-phrased answer: "My dear, I disagree. It's scientists, or even explorers like your brother, who strive for new perception and awareness. But how does cognition become knowledge? Right, my dear, the only way is to write it down, to solidify it, to spread the word, to maintain it for our ancestors. If it wasn't for us, scientists would have to reinvent themselves every generation, and mankind could not progress. So, if you really want to determine who is more valuable to the world, the answer should be clear." Isabella thought for a while until she answered: "Neither would contribute to the greater good without the other." - "Ah, you're still a clever girl... Mjm, you should really get one of... umh mjm... those cupcakes, they are delicious." Marja Henrietta, Románs sister, smirked at those words as she maundered by. Little did those two sweethearts know of the world. But she enjoyed the time with her family, the time away from King and court, away from duty, away from politics, intrigue, strategy and pressure. She looked at the flowers, took a sip of whine and walked on. This was the beauty of life, for sure, but her passion was with her job for the king. And so she thought again of her latest mission, that weird encounter she had... "What a silly slogan that Manzana salesman had... 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away'", Román laughed. "Yet still it worked", his mother Marietta replied, grinning. "Naw, we needed those anyway. But something else... what do you think of Joaquin's plan to sail to Berreli? He is only 20, after all, and I don't know if he is quite ready yet". Marietta thought for a while, then looked at her son: "I remember a 23-year-old, who took matters in his own hand right after his father had died, left all and everything behind and led his family to the new world. Were you ready for it? I guess not. But look where your courage and dedication has gotten us, my son." Román seemed unusually insecure as he replied: "I know, and I have always sworn myself to encourage my kids to pursue whatever they dream of, yet still... he is my son, after all....... Yes, I am afraid, mom, I am." - "You have already answered your own question, right? We both know you will let him sail. Just have faith that he will return home well, that is all the advice I can give." - "Thanks mom. I love you, you know that?" - "A mother cannot hear those words often enough." "Victor Servadac from the White Glove order has written. They accept our suggestion for the cotton pricing", Juan Alfonso Fontonajo told his mother. "That is good", Clarissa Raltessa Fontonajo replied, "this must be quite a machine they have constructed". - "Oh indeed", Juan replied. "However", he added, "I am with Raphael on that one. It's better to let others try and error and then take the final result and use it for your needs." Clarissa laughed: "Oh I am quite certain that's not how your grand-uncle meant it, but you're right nonetheless". They wandered the gardens for a while, arms linked, and enjoyed the beauty of their home. After some silent minutes Juan took the word again: "I have plans, mother." He made a pause, giving her the chance to reply: "I know you do. You always do. That's what makes you special after all, makes you stand out. Your father is a man of action, of change, of quick decisions, of daring and of progress but also risk, of empathy, but also weakness. Your grandfather was a ruler, he was never weak, upholding the ideals and values, always prevailing, a leader to look up to, but sometimes even stubborn, and his eyes closed towards the future. You combine the better of both of them. You are to shape the new world." She proudly looked at him, while a shiver of joy ran down Juan's spine. He thought quite highly of himself, knew he had potential, knew he was great at many things, but those words came rather unexpected, even for him. "And now tell me about your plans", his mother said. Román knew his youngest son Alejandro Baltone would still take quite a few years to find his own identity in life. Right now all he did was look up to his older cousin Franjo, who had nothing else in mind but becoming the same brave salesman, soldier or even hero as which idolized his father Rialto and especially his elder brother Heliodoro. Sure, Románs brother Rialto was a man of adventure, of the sea, and so was his wife and were his children. Franjo was no ex- ception. But Alejandro... Román doubted he would become a fighter. Maybe a captain, maybe even an admiral of a fleet, but surely not an armed soldier. For now, however, Román was fine with his son Alejandro enjoying his youth and trying desperately (yet forlorn) to stand his ground in "battle" against his cousin Franjo. It was quite late, already. The other family members had already gone to bed. Not so the men of adventure. Románs brother Rialto Espada and his wife Anna enjoyed the company of their son Heliodoro and their nephew Joaquin Seramon (Románs second son). Whine and cherries, what a delicious combination after a big meal. They had been talking and discussing for hours and there indeed much to talk about. Heliodoro had just joined a private army, while Joaquin was about to set sail to new islands alongside Ivo Fortesque. Anna had just led a trip to the still partially undiscovered jungles in the middle of Nellisa. Rialto, however, remained rather silent. Román had ordered him not to talk about the plans the two had discussed together with Románs son Juan Alfonso. But maybe he would soon be able to set sail again himself, being captain of... but that was for the future to show. It was about time to follow Joaquins example and refill his goblet once more. For better comprehension of the texts a small chart about the Fontonajo family members: I know presentation and photography are not super awesome for all of the builds, but I'm afraid I can't change that too much anymore. When I build the family dinner I started building some small builds to present the family members, however those quickly turned out to be more than just some small "sideresult", so I decided to take my time on presenting them. However pictures were already made and all but the first build have been partially disassembled already. Anyways, I hope you like the builds and the additional insight it provides into the members of the Fontonajo family in Nova Terreli.
  12. As you approach Nova Terreli after the long voyage across the Terraversa Sea, one of the signature landmarks on the horizon is this grist mill. Sitting on a short bluff that overlooks the harbor, the blades of the windmill rotate slowly in the wind. While the slow, steady spin might be described as gentle or lazy, it is in fact a powerful force. Farmers bring their wheat and oats to the grist mill to be ground into flour. The millstones are housed in the upper part of the structure -- a post mill that can be rotated to face into the wind. Below is the roundhouse, built around the supporting trestles to create a covered storage area. I’d been playing around with ways to build the roundhouse for a post mill for awhile and finally hit upon a roof design that worked. Ultimately I want to build a version that has a viewable interior with millstones, but this will have to do for now if I’m to get the mill licensed this month.