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Found 246 results

  1. Bought some LEGO Ninjago Anacondrai Battle Mech polybag 30291 polybags since they went on sale in our area. I thought they would make good battle mechs for my Goblin minifigures. When I did a straight up build I was put off by the purple parts so I decided to modify the build and made 2 variations: Calling this the "Bobcat" Calling this the...uhmmm... "Chicken" I have another polybag but I could not think of another design. Any of you here got any alternate builds for this poly? Thanks.
  2. Being a fan of the Ninjago theme, and having enjoyed the TV show, I could not pass getting at least some of this year's sets. I started with two of the smaller ones, the Kai Mech, which I chose for its design, and the Warrior Bike, which I picked of the figs and parts. In fact, though the TV show version of the latter is somewhat cool, the actual LEGO bricks version did not stuck me as overly nice. Let's see if building it and having it in my hands made me change my mind. Theme: Ninjago Set name: Warrior Bike Set Number: 70501 Price: 19.99 $, 17.99 £, 19.99 Euro Pieces: 210 (+ 10 extras) Minifigures: 2 Year of release: 2013 Links: Peeron, Bricklink and Brickset The Box Front The box is rectangular, almost three times as big as the Kai Mech one, and sports the new Ninjago style, with a mix of last year's green background and yellow-gold rays originating from the Golden Ninja's aura. LEGO and Ninjago logos dominate the upper part of the front, along with the Golden Ninja himself holding a (golden, of course) katana, which he really has no reason of using given his powers. The middle of the front has a shot of the set in action, with Jay flying around in his jet-pack and the stone warrior shooting missiles at him from the Warrior Bike. The age range and set number info complete this portion for the European version; I expect the North America version to have more writings as usual. In the lower right corner, an eye catching text box, circumfused by golden light, informs us that this is one of the sets from the 'Final Battle' stage of the Ninjago story. As we now know, this battle is not final at all, since a return of the Ninjago theme as been officially announced for 2014. Back The back shows the set's play features: shooting missiles, loading the missiles in the Warrior Bike shooing mechanism, having Jay battle the Stone Warrior after parking his jetpack against a nearby rock. The corners of the back are very interesting as well: the lower left corner sports a 'collect them all' list of the Element Blades, while the lower right one is used by Sensei Wu to advertise the Ninjago site; lastly, if we take a closer look at the upper right corner... We can see the TV show version of the Warrior Bike, which sports different tyres and has a lower, more elongated overall shape. Sides The upper side of the box shows Jay, with name tag, approaching a nameless Stone Warrior, while the mug-shot depicts Jay himself at 1:1 size. The lower side, as we can expect, bears the usual LEGO legal and safety info. Contents Inside Upon opening the box, we find an instructions booklet, a rubber thread, two big hard plastic tyres, two long technic bricks, and four un-numbered bags of parts. As you can see, though most of the bigger parts are either Black or Dark Bley, Red, Blue and Lime accents liven up the set. New pieces New parts included in this small set are: Minifig, Weapon Ice Sword with Jagged Edges and Marbled White Pattern, and most of the minifig parts (more on those later on). Re-coloured parts Re-coloured parts in this set include: Dark Bluish Gray Brick, Round Corner 3 x 3 x 2 Dome Top, Red Propeller 1 Blade 10L with Bar, and Red Tread Large, Non-Technic (36 tread 'links'). Rare parts Parts collectors and MOCers will be interested in the following rare parts also: Red Dinosaur Tail End Section (making its first apparition in this colour after 12 years), and Red Hero Factory Weapon - Claw with Clip (only in a HF set so far). Spare parts The usual mix of spare parts includes a cheese slope, some techinc pins, half pins, bushes and half bushes, a round 1x1 stud, a lever, and, following this year's new weapons tradition, two katana. Minifigures Both minifigures are new in all parts except Jay's head and hood and the Stone Warrior's helmet, which we'll see later on. The new design for the Ninja kimono/suit is just great and is what made me want this set most of all. I love the detail in the torso, and I wanted a blue version to complement the red one from Kai's Mech. The Stone Warrior's armour is equally well designed and quite menacing with its spike-y protrusions. The more I look at his/its(?) face, the more I think he could also work as a clan mate for Darth Maul and Savage Opress in Star Wars MOCs. The two minifigs sport back printing of the torso, but not the heads. I really like how TLG designers went of bigger version of the Ninja elemental symbols on these figs. Here we can see the two warriors all geared up and almost ready for battle. Notice the new armour piece on the Stone Warrior. Though not as protective as most other armours or as eye catching as the skeletons ones, I find this part very nicely designed to fit the Stone Army aesthetics. Furthermore, it helps in widening the warrior's frame and keep the mouthpiece from looking over-sized for him/it. Not really minifig, but minifig-related, the Element Blade. I've read that people tend to dislike the excessive size of these blades. Now, while I can agree they are bigger than what could be reasonable in a real world setting, or even bigger than their TV show counterparts, I still think TLG designers achieved a good compromise between detail level, ease of use and size. In the end, they are not much bigger than a katana, and the hilt takes it almost 1/4 of the total size. Instructions The instructions booklet is nicely thick, and fortunately not divided into part 1 and part 2 like other small sets these days. The cover shows the exact same composition of the front of the box, except for the age range and 'Final Battle' text. The background uses a tan shade that does not distract the eye nor prevents colour or parts' recognition. In this detail shot you can spot what I suppose to be the faded Temple of Light reproduced in the upper right corner of some pages. The parts count cover two pages. Again, you can notice the dominance of Black and Dark Bley, with brighter colours' accents. The last page shows a collection of the Ninjago 2013 sets, with the star of the show, The Temple of Light with its big Golden Mech in the middle. Building Start We start off by building Jay's jet-pack. The design is new, since the other similar vehicles in the Ninjago line (and as far as I can recall, other themes) were different from this one. It uses two golden katana parts as wings and two cones as thrusters. Nothing mind-blowing, buts still a nice effect achieved with few parts. You just have to pay attention when putting it on Jay via the neck bracket: since the jet-pack is so heavy for the minifigure, you'll have to rotate the blades and have them touch the ground to support part of the weight. Now for the main model The Warrior Bike itself starts with a bunch of technic beams and pins connected to few bricks and plates to provide a building surface for the upper part of the model. Here you can see the firing mechanism in place. All revolves around the rubber band and the technic lever serving as a trigger for the (yet to be built) 'firing pin'. With the use of those big dome parts, we build up the bulk of the cockpit and provide good armour for our Stone Warrior driver to stand behind. The big tyres should provide a good propulsion power to this vehicle, though I'm confused as to their use in a tread driven 'bike'. Could this be a '3x3' model? Again, we have a passage where two 4 x 2 plates are used instead of a 8 x 2 one. I suppose we'll have to let is pass this time, though, as there does not seem to be a 8 x 2 Lime plate in the LEGO palette yet. Adding the 'forehead' of the samurai design on the bike, we complete the rear part of the vehicle. Notice the red technic pins: yes, as most will have imagined, those are to be used to connect the tread to this part of the build. And here we have the treaded portion. Not much more than a couple of technic beams supporting the wheels and rubber tread, but TLG designers tried to add as much detail as they could. Nonetheless, this is my least favoured part of the build. By adding the missiles' magazine, we get to the... Finished set ... the complete set, with its two minifigures ready to take on each other and/or zip around on the jet-pack and bike (as soon as the Stone Warrior finds a place to store his/its weapons). Front The bike looks very steam-lined and quite aggressive from the front. I for sure would not want to face one of these, with all its claws, spikes and turning tread. Back As with ho so many LEGO vehicles, this one too suffers from lack of love (and parts) in the rear quarters. the build is sturdy enough, thanks to the techinc parts, but not so good form an aesthetics point of view. Ready, aim, fire! The firing mechanism works pretty smoothly, and I suppose kids will like it. For myself, I've never been a big fan of this kind of play features, so I don't have much to say about it, apart for the fact that I tried it and, no matter how much force or speed I use, the missiles will only go as far as the length of the bike itself. Not really effective in actual combat. Final comments Overall, this is a nice set for its value. The figs are great and the part selection includes some interesting bits. What bugs me is in the aesthetics of the bike, though I recon it is not an easy model to transport in brick form. Design & Colour scheme – 6/10 (TLG designers did their best [apart for the rear quarters] and made a good job in capturing the colour scheme and Stone Army feel; Too bad the shape was distorted in the transition.) Minifig – 10/10 (As with most of these year figs, and the Ninjago figs over time, the design and level of detail are just great.) Parts – 8/10 (A little too much technic for my taste, but some interesting bits are in the mix nonetheless.) Playability – 7/10 (The jet-pack, the bike and the weapons grant for hours of play by children. The limits of the firing mechanism are the main reason I lowered the score here.) Build – 8/10 (Nothing too complex, but some efficient solutions are used, to create the samurai face design and for the jet-pack itself.) Price – 10/10 (20 Euros for 201 pieces plus spare parts is good, especially if you throw in two splendid minifigures and a bunch of really big parts.) Overall: 8.2/10 Very good As always, questions, comments, and pic requests welcome! If you like my reviews, and would like to learn how it's done, please consider joining the Reviewers Academy:
  3. The new game in the Ninjago online and mobile series is probably my favorite of the bunch. I love having levels to go through, rather than going through a runner or taking on endless enemy waves. The thing that surprised me the most though, is when the enemy actually blocked my attack and hit back, as that is unusual in a Lego game. Soon, I tried different patterns to try and defeat enemies by using decisive strikes, rather than spamming my katana (spamming will actually make you lose health). But there really seems like there is no right spot to attack, or some timing you need to get right, so I usually end up drop kicking the enemy to save time. If anyone knows how to take on the enemies without losing health, can you share it here? I need to train for the upcoming DLC...
  4. Hello fellow fans :) A while ago I posted a topic where I showed my Lego layout I had planned for Ninjago. It sucked but now I have decided to use all of the table for the layout so here is an image of what it looks like right now. Ninjago Layout 1 by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] Thank you for checking this out. I can post more in the future. Thank you for reading :)
  5. A show-accurate version of Ninjago's Tiger Widow. I felt the set version was very underwhelming, so I decided to give this cute creature an upgrade. Why they call a six-legged animal a spider is beyond me, but luckily nature has something that fits: ant mimic spiders. The sideways fangs would then be modified versions of faux antennae, which are in turn modified legs. It even explains why it almost, but not really, has three body segments rather than two. Front view: Side view: As far as I know, all the parts are easily available via Bricklink. The spider's legs can move sideways and up and down at the base and up and down at the knees and claw tips. The head, pincers and mouth can also move, for a total of 29 points of articulation. Gallery (will add more pictures soon) .lxf file
  6. Hello peeps, I started to move my office/lego room around in the last few days and wanted to display my ninjago sets more proudly as I have come to love the theme a lot. Specifically the city of Stiix and the airjitzu temple as they both have water. Here are some pictures of my current layout. (note: i am new to Moc creations). Ninjago layout 2 by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img]' alt='24326270739_287632d894_k.jpg'>Ninjago layout 3 by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] I am open to suggestions and would love feedback. I am able to buy bricks but I wish to not to as I am trying to reduce spending money on lego for a bit. Thank you guys and I am looking forward to your comments :)
  7. If you haven't heard, a new game on showed up called "Possession". Me being a completionist, while also failing horribly at online games has created a bit of a dilemma for me. How do I get all the collectibles and what do they do???
  8. Hi guys, recently I started to buy Ninjago sets as I really started to like the temples and general theme. But I know nothing of the Theme. I always see treasure maps and busts and lots of interesting items but do not understand them in relation to the theme. So I am wondering if anyone could provide a link to the story or explain it quickly or tell me where I can learn about it. Thank you in advance. :)
  9. Hi guys, I am still a tad new so I did not know where to post this. But this is the thing, I am building the Temple of Airjitzu and there is a tile which acts as a room seperator, kind of like a paper sheet. The issue is that it is a bit crumpled and I was wondering if anyone has any idea on how I could straighten this piece out. Here is a picture.' alt='24532799326_d299212a60_k.jpg'>Airjitzu tile by Vincent ST, auf Flickr[/img] This is really bothering me and any help is deeply appreciated. Also if there is a specific forum subsection for this let me know. VIncent
  10. Yes, I'm starting another WIP. This time, I'm working on the humongous snake that was the focus of Ninjago's second plot arc. And as with the Tiger Widow, I'm trying to make it show-accurate. The eye. I'm trying to keep this simple but effective. I'm not entirely satisfied with the pupil, however. Any ideas on how to approximate the fang-like curve better? Here's the fang, with a minifig for scale. It's a big snake . Since I'm not going for buildability and instead trying to pretty much make a LDD puppet, it's going to have joints everywhere, mouth, frill and incredibly long and noodle-y body. Expect 35+ points of articulation . Comments and criticism appreciated! Gallery
  11. Hello, I have uploaded a new Ninjago review: Tiger Wido Island, first wave 2016. I like the build, the colours are fine. And the tower has cool play features. Best wishes Andres
  12. I wanted to display all the ninjas I have collected in their elements so within a day I put together this to parade all the ninjas (except Nya as I am unsure how I can fit Nya in this display) but I am happy how this came out after only spending 2-3 hours for this very simple MOC. Haven't put the stone army Kai yet.... and once I get the 2016 wave I will update this for sure. here's the plate without the ninjas --
  13. I'm most excited for the new star wars sets and nexo knights.
  14. Hello, this is my review of the new Lego Ninjago set Jay's Elemental Dragon. Dragons, Pirates - a strange world in 2016 for Jay, Kai and the other Ninjas. :D But I like this set - the Dragon is a fun build. And if you like, you can check out some cool Dragon pics as well. Best wishes Andres
  15. Chilly_Productions

    LEGO Early Discontinuation?

    I have noticed that when I visited LEGO's shop@home to buy the Phantom set, it was discontinued, then I looked at a set released later on, the Wookiee Gunship, also discontinued. Is lego discontinuing sets early now?.
  16. gamejutzu

    Ninjago console game

    If they are going to make a Ninjago game for consoles, then I for one would like to see some special changes happen to the way these games work as a whole. I'm not saying things like "no building at all" or something (although it could work in Ninjago's case since the TV show features no building. Or Lego.) Things like a third person closeup view and the use of cards could work (cards are at bottom of screen, cycle through with touchpad).also the game is obviously going to have fighting, so they should pay more attention to that. Also free roam. How do you feel about these ideas? If you agree or would like to share some of your own ideas, very please let me know what you think.
  17. So with all talking about what Ninjago has planned in 2016, and nobody else having started a topic for all these questions and rumors to go I decided to make one. Please keep all comments on topic and remember to not post any pictures that are super blurry or having the confidential stamp on them (even thought it's tempting because there are so many). We can start by putting rumors about; Who is the new samurai? Who is the giant big-fig? Why are there swords with the ninja's (and sensei's) face on them? Why is Jay a pirate? Why does Cole still appear to be a ghost? Enjoy and I can't wait to see what people come up with.
  18. Hi, to all ninjago fans from Staslegomaster. I like Ninja sets since 1998. I know, there’s no instruction how to combine ninjago sets 2504, 2519, 2520, 2254 into a super arena. Perhaps because it‘s obvious how to do it. I’m sure if one creates Battle arena 2520, then the passage on the right will look like a red-eyed skull, there’ll be a stand for weapons below and a red passage on the left. Skeleton bowling 2519 is attached so that the red passage becomes the entrance. Instead of the stand for weapons we put 2504(dodju spinjitsu) so that its gates become the arena’s entrance. There are special pieces at the edges of the sets. But I don’t know what to attach to the red passage to finish the super arena. Can it be 2254 ? I don’t have it, so I’m not sure. Or an exclusive set? Try to create it and put its pictures here.These are old sets but digital design can help. Hope you like the idea/Thanks a lot.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm glad to post my first review here on Eurobricks: Attack of the Morro Dragon from the Ninjago ghost wave. I picked this set up at LEGO World Utrecht 2015 for a good price (52 euros), along with some other cool stuff, so I thought that I might as well review it. Christmas is approaching and therefore the best time of the year to get some fine Lego offers. So, for those of you who have waited patiently, this review may be helpful. So, let's get started! Name: 70736 Attack of the Morro Dragon Theme: LEGO Ninjago Piece count: 658 Minifigs: 6 Year released: 2015 Retail price: USA $69.99 UK £59.99 GER €69.99 Front of the box Back of the box Minifigs displayed on the side The box has fairly odd and impractical dimensions. It's thin and very broad. My experiments found that it is especially impractical when trying to transport it in narrow places such as the aisles of a train, the bus or your ordinary bicycle bag. Contents of the box In the box we find 5 numbered bags, one instruction booklet plus sticker sheet and fabric wings, nicely backed with cardboard. No real surprises there. Instructions Random page Sticker sheet Nice stickers, beautiful, I love them... and I won't apply them! Content of the bags A striking amount of pieces in the colour Spring Yellowish Green. Before the release of this set (and the rest of the ghost wave), parts in this particular colour were quite rare, that changed a lot! There are also very little pieces in colours that are off the main colour scheme, which is nice. Pieces of interest Again, lots of (existing) parts in Spring Yellowish Green, exclusive wing fabric, Trans Neon Yellow chain piece, Trans Black aeroblade piece, recoloured Elemental Blade, glow in the dark 1x1 stud and cone, and one of the most peculiar ones...... is not in this picture! The black Formula 1 nose. Anyway, some pretty cool stuff. The ninja From the good guy side we get Kai and Jay. I like their so-called Deepstone armor variant, especially Jay's. Great designs that are also both useful outside the Ninjago universe. The new (upon release) hoods and black shoulder pads look slick. One complaint: still the same serious/angry expressions that have been used since 2011. C'mon.... The ghosts Even now the excitement of newness has worn of, the ghost figs remain spectacular. Upon release, these introduced a lot of new things: A dual-coloured ghost leg piece, transparent legs in Tr. Neon Yell., and two different hoods. One of which is partly transparent to back-light the transparent ghost head. Neat effect! The torso/leg prints don't interest me too much, but overall these minifigs are one of the better Ninjago baddies. A downside, however, of the bizarre colour scheme is that it is hard to use the parts in a different context. Oh, right, they have names: in the middle is Yokai, right (with the straw hat) is Cowler, left (with the leg piece) is Chain Master Wryath. Oh, and two Skreemers are also included. These were all fine, but now it's time for the real star of the show! Evil Green Ninja Yup, that is really how they call him! The set is called the Attack of the Morro Dragon, and the person who is most clearly portrayed as it's rider and master is called.... Evil Green Ninja Anyway, it is Lloyd who is possessed by Morro, so basically Morro. This is first-class nitpicking, because this was the only bad thing I had to say about him. Oh my.... he looks just darn awesome! The two head and torso gear pieces show no less then four different 'cloth' layers, on top of the detailed printing! I really love the detailed printing on his torso and legs, and these will be useful in a different context! This is a top-notch fig! I don't have any pictures of the building process, unfortunately. Bag 1 builds the shrine and a hover board, bag 2 is partly for other hover board and all the rest is for the Morro Dragon, which was a great build. Let's check that out! Morro Dragon in flight Just look at how majestic this beast of a dragon is! I didn't expect it to come out as good as the Master Wu Dragon, but I was wrong... it came out even better! The box art really doesn't show this monster from it's best angles, I hope I did better. How does it compare to it's counterpart in this wave, the Master Wu Dragon? Size comparison As you can see, it's HUGE, has a superb colour scheme, a very menacing look. And it swooshes around nicely, thanks to a cleverly integrated hole for your finger. The simulated kind of waving motion that runs from head to tail is one of my favorite design elements of this build. It feels like a very authentic Japanese ghost dragon, but with wings added, which is fine. I think this a fantastic display piece, but what about articulation? Flight attack pose Passes the test. That was just the warm-up, though... Will it succeed... in doing... an upright standing pose??? Look Morro! No hands! It frickn' does it! Honestly, I didn't expect it to do so. It is in fact a little tough to pull off, given that the center of gravity lies nowhere near it's hips and the tail is not much of a counterweight. I really like this pose. Conclusion: it poses well. There are a few articulation flaws, however. The wings for example can't reach a 100% horizontal pose (let alone angling them further down) due to the front legs under them getting in the way. Furthermore, the head can't be moved sideways and up-movement is very limited. Overall, I think the motion is decent. The whole set My apologies for not having separate pictures for the sidekick builds. The two hover boards have a cool design and are fun to play around with. I do have some complaints about the shrine. Though structures in Ninjago sets generally don't make sense compared to their appearance in the show, but this one is really odd. It's colour scheme is in accordance with neither the show, nor the other structures in the Ninjago ghost wave, at all. I don't like the bright red plus black against the white. However, I admit that it came out better than expected, as I thought it would look ugly from all angles. But, with the two walls set up in front of the shrine, like a gate, it makes sense to me and looks.. eh... decent. A good thing: the shrine has some good parts, like the many masonry bricks. Spare parts Always nice to get spare blades! Verdict I think the Morro Dragon is fantastic, maybe even the biggest and best brick-built dragon to-date. Menacing, huge and great poses. Nice figs too, especially Morro Evil Green Ninja, who is superb and was a major draw to buy this set. Little hover boards are fun and the shrine turned out OK. I don't think that I would have bought it, even with my new view on the set, if I had to pay the original price, it's on the high end for me (I try to avoid buying expensive sets for display only). Taken everything into account, I'd rate this set 8/10 I hope it has been helpful. I already know that the quality of my photo's leaves a lot to improve. (I should have either a better camera or better lighting for this, preferably both ) Other than that: please share some tips or tops about this review, again, it's only my first! Thanks for reading and have a good day!
  20. Can anyone tell me what do the Asian characters on this part mean? It is a glass piece from Ninjago sets. I am using it on a creation to give to a Japanese teacher, so I would like to confirm what it means before presenting it. Thanks.
  21. Lloyd speeds away in an attempt to shake off the enemy nindroids. A little scene from inside my section of Abercrub's Pass... I had been using the motorcycle to measure the inside of the pass, so I figured, why not? Haha! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  22. Enjoy the ultimate LEGO® NINJAGO™ building experience as you construct the majestic Temple of Airjitzu and surrounding village! The highly detailed Temple building has many delightful architectural features including Oriental–style decorated windows and sliding doors. The intricate wooden-frame-style walls of the nearby Blacksmiths and beautiful curved roofs of the Smugglers Market will also test your LEGO building skills. And with every Ninja included in one set for the first time, plus loads of other key characters, you can role-play all your favorite NINJAGO adventures. Take tea in the reception area of the Temple, practice your Ninja moves in the training room or join Wu in his study to read or paint. Discover the Ninja glider upstairs at the Blacksmith’s workshop, cross the bridge guarded by the stone dragons and seek out hidden treasure at the Smugglers’ Market. Then turn off the lights in your room to watch the Temple’s illuminated spinning shadow theater! Includes 12 minifigures with assorted weapons: Lloyd, Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, Nya, Wu, Misako, Dareth, Postman, Jesper and Claire. I'm going to start by first apologising for the pictures that will be following this review, as i'm preparing to move so the bodged white background I was using previously has been discarded as I'll be purchasing a proper photo box once settled in. But with that out the way, one go to...the Temple of Airjitsu!! Product number : 70751 Pieces count : 2028 Price : £169.99 Figure count : 12 (!!) Is this the first time a Lego own brand theme has received a D2C set? Honest question as I have no idea. It does seem an interesting venture, considering the fact that Ninjago is primarily aimed towards the younger builders. With a TV series and the odd couple of video game tie-ins involved, the theme definitely has a multi level presence, but enough to appeal to older builders? Labelled as a 14+ set, I can see a lot of parents having a christmas fluff building this set with the risk of it being pulled apart again notice at all. When I first saw the images for this set, it immediately reminded me of the Japanese Architecture set that had been uploaded to Ideas. It ended upping turned down, but did that choice then result in this set? If so, it's a very clever idea to do so. But how does it shape up against the likes of the Modular series of the UCS sets of Star Wars and Super Heroes? Lets find out. BOX The front of the box shares the same style as those of the Star Wars UCS sets, which helps to set it apart from the normal Ninjago sets. The back of the box gives the usual insights into the features of the set, such as the shadow theatre, fireworks cart and the little ninja glider making a cameo from the original ninja theme. The top of the box displays all the figures included, with them indifferent poses and their names labelled underneath. BAGS We get thirteen numbered bags (note the different style of numbering on the bags), plus one bag with three dark tan plates, two red technic flexi rods, two moulded rock formations, and the plastic screen that features in the shadow theatre. The Instruction booklet, once again bound in the same style as recent UCS sets, is packaged within a plastic bag to keep the pages undamaged, along with the sticker sheet (which I must admit I forgot to take a picture of). The instruction book has ten pages at the beginning that cover the story of Ninjago so far, plus character bio's for the figures included, and some behind-the-scenes info covering the design the set, the designers and more. THE BUILD As I go through the builds of each bag, I will show a picture containing elements which I feel are interesting or believe are featured in a new colour. BAG ONE Animals are always a bonus in any set, and intros one we get two chickens. Also included are 1x2x2 pale green bricks, 1x2x5 pale green bricks, and the 8x8 light blue plate. The base of the Smuggler's Market is complete, with the walls built up, and its wares, bread, fish, and fruit, are on display. BAG TWO The classic flower stalk appears in olive green for the first time I believe, and the droid arms also new in gold. The spear was featured previously in a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit set. At this point I also want to say how, for a 14+ set, I was quite surprised by the fact that most steps are only adding about two to three pieces. Seems like quite a low number to me. The Smuggler's Market complete. It just screams Japanese Architecture, and is very close to what I remember the Ideas set being. The treasure chest hidden under the sloping roof section's are obviously what give this building its name. I feel it's the better of the two outbuildings. BAG THREE AND FOUR Not sure about the following element, I feel it may have featured in this colour in Santa's Workshop. (Maybe someone can confirm this?) (Totally forgot too take pictures between Bag 3 and 4, I get really forgetful during these big builds) The Blacksmiths is nearly as good as the Smuggler's Market, nearly. The build technique follows the style of modulars, but the interior feels a little bare. The foliage surrounding the side is a nice touch though and adds character to the set as a whole. Plus I love the simple technique used to create the lamp in the far corner seen in the last picture. (It's one of the gold fez pieces with a clip element and a harpoon gun) BAG FIVE Only one piece again for this bag, a 6x6 round plate in light blue. The base of the Airjitsu Temple. The light blue round plate at the front is the start of the fountain at the base of the stairs. At the back you can see the first part of the shadow theatre being built. BAG SIX Quite a few bits of note in this bag. 1x2x5 brick in light tan, 3x3 curved brick in caramel, a light brick with orange bulb, and an ornamental wheel in gold, previously seen in both Disney Princess and a previous Ninjago set. Bag Six builds up the stairs that will lead to the Temple entrance, plus finishes off the Shadow Theatre, which is very effective with the light brick, and is pretty mesmerising to watch when you spin the micro figures inside. BAG SEVEN Yes, these door panels and window panes are indeed printed! No need to worry about misaligned stickers or fingerprints left on transparent stickers. We also get some of the rings from LotR and a beard piece in grey, nostrum if its a new moulding or not. The first floor of the Temple complete. The door panels slide inside of grooved plates,and they are held very tightly in place. BAG EIGHT No parts of any recognition in this bag, so onto the completed build section. The dojo training floor. The attack dummy is nice little build, plus the weapon station is simple but effective. BAG NINE This again contains a number of the small window panes that are printed. The second floor of the Temple is built up, and the base of the third floor takes shape. BAG TEN The third floor is the study room, with a painting area, and a small book case holder. BAG ELEVEN Here comes one of the bigger surprises in the build, the inclusion of train wheels. Surely this is the first time such an inclusion of this element has occurred in a non train related set? We also get a 1x1 trans. green tile with computer chip printed on it, only the second time since the Ultra Agents set. The gold book and paint palette have been seen a few times before. The roof again oozes that Japanese styling, and the attic is nice little touch that could easily have been left blank. BAG TWELVE Bag Twelve adds some more roof detail, completing the Temple with the separate roof edging. The build technique for the edging is very nice and compact. BAG THIRTEEN And here we are at the last bag. One of the new 6-stud shooters is included, plus the little dragon from Harry Potter makes a reappearance. The last few details are added, such as the glorious little fishing bridge, the fireworks cart, and the ninja glider. FIGURES Lets start with the ninja To me, these are the best ninja outfits throughout the life time of the theme. The black is perfectly accented by the colours of each ninja. One thing I did notice is that Kai appears to of earned a few more scars on his face, the last I remember seeing he only had the one covering his eye. Anyone able to confirm the new scars as canon? Zane again has two faces, and is the only figure in this set to have a dual face. The other seven figures are all exclusive to this set except for Nya, who wears this outfit in City of Stixx. We finally get Misako, yet to have Garmadon accompany her requires the Ninja DBX. CONCLUSION This set is very enjoyable, and with a build time of around 6-7 hours, will keep you going for most of the afternoon. The techniques definitely aren't anything drastically new, but they're neither boring or uninteresting. And whats more, it makes a brilliant set piece. This set would pair very well with the Fire Temple and The Battle of Ninjago City. And to give you a sense of its size.... All comments and questions are welcome after this review, and I hope that it will be good source of information for anyone considering purchasing this set. If anyone wants to see any other areas the set or figures, please feel free to ask, I will have the model with me for another couple of days before I have to take it in for display. Thanks for reading, Fezter out!
  23. Hello Eurobricks. It's been a long while since I actually used a forum board. I used to manage and moderate forums but ever since social media step in I essentially went into dark age of using forums as well. Anyway I am an AFOL. I'm Asian and moving around places due to the nature of my work that's why majority of my collection are minifigures. I started MOCing this year due to a local LUG Star Wars event. The first batch of LEGO sets in my childhood are mostly City, Castle and Space. I mostly like Space and I still have my original Ice Planet set, 6879 Blizzard Baron. :) Then I went to a very long dark age.... then when I resumed my LEGO collection I picked up Star Wars almost immediately and then Ninjago. It's a weird combination but I find myself stuck in both Space and Action category. I may go back to Castle if there is a proper historical theme later but for now I am preoccupied collecting CMF and those SW minifigures that I missed.
  24. Name: 70734 : Master Wu dragon Theme : Ninjago Year: 2015 Pieces : 575 Price : 49,99€ Well this is no secret, I always was attracted by Ninjago sets that featured a dragon After the titanium one that didn't convinced me (see review here) let's see what this one has to offer. The box Average sized box, with the new color scheme for this 2nd wave for this year. We left the jungle and there is now a very mystic atmosphere. As always the back of the box shows the different play features. Instructions / Stickers / Pieces Instruction in 2 parts and a small sticker sheet. And 5 bags of pieces : If you want a set with good/new/rare part assortment, this one is for you Some parts with this new summer pale green, Uni-Kitty tails in tan, round tiles with pin in white and reddish brown, 1x3 reddish brown tiles, pieces rarely seen in white, and so on ... To sum up - a very nice bunch of part ! Minifigures Well, I do not know the details of this season's story, but our ninjas are now fighting some ghosts/spirits. I was not especially enthusiast when I saw 1st pics of these new villains but I had to say now I have some in front of me they are pretty cool ! Let's start with our good guys : Cole (with his deepstone armor) : I'm more into the previous jungle outfits but this one looks nice. Sensei Wu : New outfit with some great details (the belt with the dragons heads for instance). Small misprint between the legs but this is the only flaw I can find. Both are armed, and Wu also comes with his teapot (that seems kinda magic according to the box) Someone from the Arctic theme is also here - a husky (unexpected isn't it ?) Then their opponents, starting with Soul Archer (seems that there are 4 main ghost generals - each with his particular weapon). Love the ghostly bottom part, and his shoulder pads and headgear too Then Hackler with this beautiful headgear in 2 colors : And Pitch, maybe a peasant ghost ? These guys are also heavily armed - especially Hackler with this nice new ghost blade : They also have a smaller friend to help them - a ghost named Skreemer ... ... that can also fit on a figure's head (possession maybe ?) Build We start with the small wagon/rickshaw that throws discs (very ghostly color scheme): Then what is supposed to be Sensei Wu's tea farm - or at least its entrance (with the famous aeroblade that stands there) We now move on to the star of the set - the dragon itself ! Very interesting to build with a very good work on the head Pretty big size - and I love how the wings are made : Even its belly is well built (this kind of hidden areas are often not very detailed so another good point here) Of course Sensei Wu can ride it, and the dragon also carries his teapot and tea cups ^^ Remaining parts Woaw, never seen as much remaining parts in a set of this size - almost 50 ! Opinion I guess you understood that I am fully enthusiast with this one, the only bad point I could even see is maybe its price but well - it still worths it. An amazing dragon, nice minifigures, various new/rare parts - what else could I ask for ? It's good looking, it's definitively the kind of set you can immediately play with, etc ... well in my opinion here is the star of this 2nd Ninjago wave And a last overall pic to conclude :
  25. TwistLaw

    Where are Ninjago fans?

    "In the LEGO Action and Adventure Themes section", would be the obvious answer. What I am really asking here is: how can a theme as big as Ninjago is today not to have a much louder fanbase? In 2005 BZPower had even began its decline, after years of outstanding activity. Why doesn't Ninjago have its own fan website, why is /r/Ninjago so slow, why is its own area in this forum not as crowded as is the one dedicated to BIONICLE? Sure, I know most Ninjago fans are kids, but a 8 years old boy in 2011 is now 12, old enough to browse the internet on his own. What really makes me scratch my head is that Ninjago is today a much bigger deal than BIONICLE has ever been, at least in terms of sheer popularity. And if I'm asking this here is because I want to make a comparison between the two fanbases, fanbases of two wonderful themes that made LEGO what it is today. Also I think this kind of topic may sound rude in the other section P.S.: Even though I'm not a fan of Ninjago, I love its settings and above all the fact that it learnt the lesson of BIONICLE without making many of its mistakes. What you can call a good legacy, couldn't you?