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Found 246 results

  1. Anyone interested in trading spare English Ninjago TCG cards? If so I'll list spare ones here (all unused mint condition - fresh outta the packs) and we can swap to complete our sets? Many thanks David
  2. Some of you may remember Samurai Samukai, a MOC which I posted here back in June. I was planning to do a follow-up build in the same scale, with Pythor being a ninja (as the natural counterpart of the samurai). However, other projects kept me busy and then I lost motivation, so I shelved the project. To my surprise though, Samurai Samukai turned out to be one of my most popular MOCs of my display at Brickmania Antwerp, many kids enthusiastically told their parents that they knew him from Ninjago. And so, I decided to try an upscaled Pythor. Snake Emperor Pythor In the end, I've stuck more to the show than my original plan, but I'm fine with that. Green Samurai Samukai I swapped out the blue and updated Samurai Samukai with green parts that were introduced in the Ninjago summer wave. Side by side Thank you for looking! C&C very much appreciated!
  3. Hello everyone! I recently got the charming little set Cole's Dragon (70599). While I am really taken by the many ways to articulate the dragon, I was never quite happy with the way they did the neck and the jaw of it. So I fiddled a bit and came up with a fix: Recap: that's how the original (vanilla) version looks like: Instead of a jaw you can open and close, it is clipped on something which looks like a pretty blocky blaster, which makes it not only stay open but also get knocked off pretty easily. This really had to change, so I removed these parts: and replaced them with: As a handy side-effect, I wasn't only able to make the jaw nicely close, but also gave the head/neck joint a much more realistic way of articulation too. The final result looks like: The "kinda-blaster-piece" got replaced by a very similar piece we all know and love from classic space times, the first bar piece with clip gets into the bottom side, the second one goes into the tube at the end of the dragon's neck. Surprisingly simple, but pretty effective! Anyway, the dragon seems to like it! Rawr! Having the jaw as one piece might at first thought appear as a step back, but it does work well with the overall look of the dragon. Also it is a very sturdy construction and the studs give the nice hint of teeth. Hearing these news, my Dragon Queen found it was really getting time that her pet gets some proper training: The Queen's Right Hand was more than happy to oblige and soon was able to show off his success in hand-feeding the beast: Too bad for him, it decided to take the bigger snack. Why taking just a chicken leg if you can have a whole meal? Luckily, the only thing that really got hurt was the dragon tamer's pride. And the Queen was pretty amused. After all the beast showed cunning initiative!
  4. Hey there, Long time since I've post something over here... Had a busier time and just didnt complete my builds . But for the Legoworld Utrecht event, I've completed a few builds where this ninjago-style swamp city is one of them. As a castle builder, I wanted to build an asian/japanese build for a while now, to try to create another shape of roofs and style... You may decide if I succeeded Hope you enjoyed, and C&C is always welcome! Jaap
  5. Hello everyone, I would like to find out how much my sealed Lego poly bags are but didn't post this in the market topics as I don't want to sell them. I was wondering if anyone knows where to go for a quote or if anyone can give me a quote? Thanks, I really appreciate it. 30371 - Knights cycle (next knights) 5012 - (don't know the name) 30260 - (Lone Ranger polybag) 40138 - Christmas train I'll edit in some others when I've found the set numbers
  6. This had me thinking when I watched the Day of the Departed Ninjago special. Lego has a lot of original characters with 4 arms. Be it Samukai Garmadon and Kozu from Ninjago. Skull Slicer from Bionicle gen 2. And don't get me started on the several 4 armed villains from hero factory. Star Wars sets have some 4 armed characters but that's not cause of lego but the source material But the question is why does Lego like this idea?
  7. TheBrickPal

    Ninjago 2015

    What do you think, folks? Discuss. _____________________ Winter Wave 70745 Anacondrai Crusher 70746 Condrai Copter Attack 70747 Boulder Blaster 70748 Titanium Dragon 70749 Enter the Serpent 70750 Ninja DB X 70752 Jungle Trap 70753 Lava Falls 70754 Electro Mech 70755 Jungle Raider 70756 Dojo Showdown Video Games LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin (Spring 2015, discussion here
  8. With all the tensions in Isla de Victoria, it was necessary to fortify La Sombra. As the island is surrounded by pointy rocks and cliffs, MAESTRO decided to build a fort on one of those cliffs. Sergeant Wilhelmus was appointed choosing the perfect location. After some exploring, he found a spot with some cococonuttrees closeby. Awesome! ^ A very primitive try to catch coconuts without letting them fall into the sea... ^ On the lookout. The fort is equipped with some long range guns. ^ Sergeant Wilhelmus being proud of the first coconut of many --- As the first fort was set up, the first ships with settlers could arrive safely. So began the foundation of the settlement of Trador. --- The fort is build on a Ninjago set C&C ofcourse welcome!
  9. makoy

    NINJAGO Rewind

    I want to share the stop motion that I created for Ninjago stop motion contest. I didn't win any but I learned a lot in this process. I have been making short films since my university days but my interest shifted in photography. Fast forward, and now that I have decent equipments and a lot of LEGO parts to do MOCs and fair amount of knowledge in photography I created my first ever stop-motion film. Maybe I am a little harsh on myself but I will admit it firsthand that I didn't like the fluidity of my animation. One factor could be due to the fact I didn't use liveview or any fancy stopmotion framing app -- I am practically approximating the movement of each frame without reference.
  10. This is my newest lego set i bought and filmed yesterday and tried some vintage to my video . Hope you guys like it .
  11. DigitalWizards

    LEGO Dragon magic

    If you like magic you'll like seeing a a Ninjago Dragon comes to life in glorious LEGO bricks!
  12. Ninjago: Tournament is a very fun game to mess around with. While none of it's loopholes help you in a clearly noticeable way, they still either remove difficulty or add fun to the game. I'll post my discoveries here, and add other's discoveries to the list: _ 1.) The gongs. While it's pretty obvious that you can pick up enemies and throw them into gongs to destroy them quickly, it's also a good tactic to continually use to speedrun to a boss (if you want to earn a reward for defeating a boss), or if you want to get to the good stuff. But this strategy also applies to bosses as well. While you cannot grab bosses, gongs are still fatal to them and will kill them immediately. So if you want to defeat a boss quickly and still earn the stud bonus, you need to hit them into the gong, before they block your attack and send you rolling. You can do this by leading them to one, then jumping over them, and do a jump slam in the air (this will stun them long enough for you to get close). Then, attack them into the gong. You only have a few seconds to get rid of them before they use their special ability or counter you. The hardest people to use this tactic on are Invizable and Ronin. This trick will not give you a combo. It also will not fill your special meter. 2.) You can counter as well. You know the thing a boss does to you where they kick you while blocking and send you rolling? You can do it to enemies too, including the bosses. What you need to do is block an opponent's strikes, and attack them at the right time (has something to do with the position of your character). This can be preformed while still blocking, or by letting go of block and quickly pressing attack. It will occasionally activate by just holding block. It works 50% of the time. I do not know if enemies will die immediately if they roll into a gong. 3.) Crates are stealth in this game. You can sneak past enemies undetected if you use crates. When Cole flies in to assist you with items and bombs, the leftovers can be used to mess with enemies. If you hide behind one while they are at a moderate distance away (or if they're on the opposite side of the crate), or stand on one, the enemy/s will freeze where they are, as if they have lost sight of you. You can take advantage of this and double jump out of your hiding place and into plain sight. If you have a range-attack character, they can taken out from a distance before they reach you. 4.) Unique characters. This isn't an exploit, but this is the only Tournament thread here. So i'll give people my two studs on neat characters they should get. What I mean by unique is that their animations are unique to mostly them and not many other people. The only people I know of like this are Samukai and Kozu. Al their moves and animations are completely unique to them. Krazi's melee and Kruncha's golden hatchet twins apparently are as well. So there's all the info I can think of right now, if you have anything to add then don't hesitate to put it down. Because i'd like to know even more hacks...
  13. Hi all, I present to you my second review here on EB! I want to apologize in advance for the poor quality of certain photos in this review and for the lack of play feature shots. Other than that, I won't be very elaborate in my writing, the pictures will partly do the talk anyway. With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy the review! Name: 70590 Airjitzu Battle Grounds Theme: LEGO Ninjago Piece count: 666 Minifigs: 5 Year released: 2016 Retail price: USA $59.99 UK £49.99 GER €59.99 The box Contents Included are five numbered bags, two instruction manuals, and two loose ripcords and Airjitzu flyer propellers. No sticker sheet, only prints! Unfortunately, my instruction booklets were both wrinkled. Bag contents From left to right: top row are piles of bags 1, 2 and the parts that came loose in the box, bottom row are bags 3,4 and 5. Especially the amount of brown and tan surprised me here. There are hardly any bricks to see here with a colour that does not fit the colour scheme of the final build, which is really nice! Interesting parts All of the parts above only come in four sets or less, the exclusive ones for this set being the Dark Azure propeller and the printed 2x2 tiles with Lloyd's and Nya's symbol. I left out the exclusive minifigure parts, but we will get to these in just a moment. Spares & brick separator I'm taking some liberty here to express my utmost gratitude to the designer(s) of the brick separator, it works fantastic and has saved both my bricks and my fingers many times! Minifigures The good guy side gets Lloyd and Nya, both in their Airjitzu robes and exclusive to this set. Lloyd's outfit features bright and dark green energy patterns, golden emblems on front and back and golden sparks on his face. Nya's Airjitzu version is quite unique, as she has a beautiful water phoenix on the front in dark blue, shiny metallic azure and white, against a dark red base colour (whereas all the others get a black one. Her signature symbol on the front and her eyes too are golden. Her dark red 2012 ninja hood is exclusive. Neither of the two figures comes with a secondary face and neither has a weapon. Overall, I am very pleased to add this version of Nya to my collection and Lloyd fits in well with the others. A minor issue that I have is that Lloyds face here does not quite resemble his regular face, something that isn't the case for any of the other ninja's Airjitzu variants, in my opinion. Now, let's bring in the bad guys! Three antagonists are include here, from left to right are Martin, Sensei Yang and Chris. Martin and Chris are in fact identical, only their weapons are different. They wear old school ninja hoods, which are recoloured in Light Bluish Grey here, exclusive to this set. I like the statue details on the face and the torso, featuring cracks and thorns. It's a nice figure that I don't mind getting two of. Yang is a great figure as well. The other set he comes in is the Ultra Stealth Raider, which is much more expensive, but in return he does not come with his lantern in this set. His white robes are very elegant and on the back of the torso is a combination of two symbols that have been previously associated with Sensei Wu, interestingly enough. The completed model I found the build enjoyable, although it was a tad repetitive at some points, most notably the flyer launchers. The end result looks good on display and can be easily broken apart and rearranged, the individual modules are fine individually, in my opinion. My favorite part of the scenery has got to be the blue and tan house, I love the 'ghost town' air that it has, as well as the weapons on the rack. The amount of specialized parts is minimal and even the pieces hidden away in the construction have colours that fit the colour scheme. Where I expected bright yellow, blue or green, I found grey, brown and tan instead, something I hope to encounter more often in the future! Play features Admittedly I haven't taken enough pictures of the play features, but the box art shows them off very clearly. Both features that can knock your figures off the roofs work well and I had some fun with them, the 'stairs slide' (don't really know how I'm supposed to call that) is another neatly integrated function that works does a good job as what it's intended to do. As you can see on the picture above, You can take out the pillars and use them as regular hand-held Airjitzu flyer launchers. However, I am not really sure if I like the side launchers. I couldn't try launching both at the same time, but with one it does not always go as it should. Sometimes it maintains it's angle after the slide (which is neat, by the way) and hits the ground, after which it spins out of control. Nevertheless, even if this does not go smoothly most of the time, the other play features are good alternatives. My verdict Compared to other structure-based Ninjago sets, this one may not be spectacular, but I'd say it's somewhere between 'good' and 'great'. A nice looking model, a desirable selection of minifigs, a very useful assortment of parts and some fun play features are enough reason for me to recommend this set to other Ninjago fans and fans of the more traditional ninja theme as well. Thank you for reading my review, feel free to share your thoughts about it and the set below! Have a nice day!
  14. JamPotStudios

    Ninjago: Skylor's Quest

    What has Skylor been getting up to, aside from taking over her father's noodle business? A new Ninjago saga begins! Created by Jack Rizzo. -Cast- Skylor - Sara Dunham Sensei Wu - Jack Rizzo Chamille - Annette Rizzo If you follow my Instagram, you've probably seen that I've been getting into Ninjago lately. I've accumulated some of the sets over the years, but only got into the show about a montha and a half ago, and since then I've been bouncing around ideas and Bricklinking parts, etc. The world has such a unique aesthetic to it, and making up new storylines has been really fun. I'm hoping to bring a couple to you; let me know in the comments if more Ninjago videos is something you want to see! Want to see more from Jam Pot Studios? YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Instagram: Flickr: Twitter:
  15. Discuss here about the rumours and information about the upcoming "Lego Ninjago Movie" As soon as there is confirmed information, it will appear here. ????? - Ninjago CMF
  16. Alright so I remember the original Ninjago when it first aired in 2011 with the skeletons. I remember loving the theme, but had never gotten many of the sets. I remember the snakes and then the stone army. I remember the rumors and debates on Chima replacing Ninjago. But most importantly I remember the original show. I enjoyed the show and watched the whole thing. So my question is what exactly is the new Ninjago. Is it a reboot of the theme, or a continuation. I haven't really payed attention to the new line so I'd appreciate if some people could explain it to me.
  17. I love to bring life into my LEGO constructions. And here it is - another stop motion video. This time with Ninjas and their greatest enemy - Satori. Enjoy the movie! Direct link to YouTube: Full story here: LEGO Gallery - Brickfilm: Ninjago - Sasori: The Greatest Villain Follow my new MOCs and articles at: Facebook | Flickr | Google+ --- Notice: This is a shortened version of the post from LEGO Blog - Bricks' Treasure.
  18. **EDIT** Now it runs smoother and please enjoy! Part 2 Kai goes to sleep again. The Nighmares comes as last night. This night Kai´s visit a really scary Tivoli!
  19. Somewhere in a realm similar to Ninjago, yet quite a bit different... Samukai The honoured shogun of the kingdom of Samurago, is getting ready to lead his troops into battle. What enemy is he up against? Well, according to his loyal spy, it's a skeletal serpentine pirate.. creature. Whatever... Pirathor D. Skellington I've finally come around posting this build. Pirathor is just a tablescrap build, though, but I thought I'd include him anyway. C&C appreciated!
  20. I've yet to see an accurate moc of Chen's Chair from Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu. So using the show model and the one from Lego Dimensions as my basis. I went and made my own in LDD Pictures http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_1.png (Used Keyboard prints for the many buttons on the chair) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_2.png (Tried to get it to look as accurate to the show model as possible) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_3.png (Harpoon has to be there so the round part in the middle of the chair can stay in place) http://www.brickshel...ens_chair_4.png (Fits the Chen figure though he has to lean forward a little bit. Caped version should fit as well but LDD capes are not flexible
  21. Hello fellow fans. This is my final update to my ninjago layout. Instead of uploading picture I want to rather share the blog post I wrote on it as I also have my opinions on there. Here is a link Comments mean a lot, positive or negative though please keep them civil :) I know you can see my amateur attempts MOC attempt but I did try my best with my current resources and bricks. I am a creative person yet MOC is something I rarely tried recently. Not because I love it old school after instructions, but because time and motivation are a factor I have no masterpiece here and when I look at what other people, even younger people come up with I get blown away. But lego is lego and the community has always been nice, so I hope that some people find what I did interesting. Finally, thank you to the people who have commented on my previous posts and gave me tips, I took them into consideration and tried my best. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will see you around :) Vincent.
  22. As we near the end of SIX years of Ninjago (we already know about Summer 2016), I decided to look back at how far the ninja have come. They've fought the Skulkin, Serpentine, Stone Army, Nindroids, Anacondrai Cultists, Ghost Ninja, and Sky Pirates! I think that the Nindroids have been the best adversaries for the ninja. As for the best main villain, Pythor was the best until the end of Season 4, so General Cryptor would probably be my new favorite, although I like Doubloon a lot. Who has been your favorite villain to date?
  23. The first Episode in the tirology "Kai´s Nightmare"
  24. Hello, the new Ninjago World is great - and so much fun for little Ninjas. This is a video of the full ride (without 3D glasses, of course) And this is the opening: Legoland Billund - a place to be for Ninjago-Fans. Best wishes Andres