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  1. Full disclosure: This review is copied in its entirety from my blog. This is my very first review, and as such is full of omissions and errors. As the text itself states I am looking for criticisms and advice on how to improve. Thank you in advance. The Quake Mech hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we did get a sneak peek in the Ninjago Movie ‘Making of’ book. What we do have is a scaled down polybag version of the mech: The build itself is of the expected polybag-size and is very nicely built. The only thing I dislike is that the wheel itself is brickbuilt, but it would’ve been impossible to stand on its own otherwise. I do hope that the actual set will have an actual wheel, even if it has to have additional support in order to stand. The arms have a lot of articulation, although the shoulders are a bit flimsy, but brilliantly built. They’re bigger than the rest of the body and give the mech that ‘hulky’ look. As I’ve mentioned the wheel is brickbuilt and flat on the base. The droid arms are not attached to it and are only there for aesthetics. The wheel is actually attached to the rest of the body via a 1×1 round trans piece that. It has a black bar running through it. The mech looks quite good from the back side as well, if a bit bland. However, there is room for attaching additional pieces there, so it can be improved upon with clever tinkering. I have to admit that I was quite impressed with this build. So much, in fact, that I bought two – one for my collection and one to use as a decoration on my desk (on which I usually keep souvenirs from my trips). This was my first ever review and I hope you liked it. Is there anything you would’ve liked to be included, or anything I missed? If you have any other comments, criticism and/or advice I hope that you will share them. I will allow me to improve and you can enjoy better reviews.
  2. Hi all, back with another mech moc. This time round its a cross over between ninjago and pacific rim's Crimson Typhoon ^^ Kai's Crimson Kaiphoon by Kelvin Low, on Flickr Kai's Crimson Kaiphoon by Kelvin Low, on Flickr Kai's Crimson Kaiphoon by Kelvin Low, on Flickr Kai's Crimson Kaiphoon by Kelvin Low, on Flickr
  3. Hi all, In June my RLUG, Skockani, had it's first international exhibition. As my main contribution I've decided to make a Ninjago diorama. It contains all of the sets released in the Possession wave, with some other waves mixed in. I'm sorry about the picture quality, these were taken on site, before the visitors were allowed in. I have zero capacity for taking pictures of anything bigger than a set at home, so this is unfortunately as good as it's going to get. I've also written about this creation on my blog which focuses on Ninjago news. If you'd like to find a bit more about the background of the diorama and/or about other creations in the exhibition please give it a read. If you have any comments, criticism or suggestions please do not hesitate to share them.
  4. Hey guys, I'm selling a ton of my SW minifigs for a great price. If you wish to purchase one, please email me at or private message me with this information: What minifig/minifigs you want, and your postal code and country so I can give you a shipping quote. After I receive that message I will get back to you with the final price and shipping cost. All payments will be delivered through PayPal. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask! Thanks These are the minifigs with their prices: Greavious: $18 Obi Wan: $17 Captian Rex: $22 4 Green troopers: $29 Sensei Wu: $12 Chima Lion: $5 Mini orange snake: $8 Red Snake: $10 Jay: $16 2 grey snakes: $19 2 Power miners: $15 Arc elite clone trooper: $26 Geonosian: $6 Orange clone: $7 Jedi (Barriss offee) : $10 Dark green Clone (Commander gree) : $12 Wookie: $14 Robot: $12 501st legion Blue trooper: $19 Commando droid captain: $8 2 super battle and 2 regular and 1 blue droids: $22 barc trooper (red) : $19 DSC_1342 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1340 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1298 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1347 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1288 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1329 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1305 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1330 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1313 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1292 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1308 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1296 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1304 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1310 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1317 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1321 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1326 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1323 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1353 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1359 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1357 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr DSC_1356 by Movie Mocs, on Flickr
  5. Hi all, back again with another alt build for the set 70612 ^^. This time round i tried to encase Lloyd within the mech and hence this Green Dragon Armor Suit came about. Seriously just loving this set!! So many alt build potential! youtube vid will probably be out this weekend once i have time for it! green dragon armor06 by Kelvin Low, on Flickr green dragon armor05 by Kelvin Low, on Flickr green dragon armor04 by Kelvin Low, on Flickr green dragon armor02 by Kelvin Low, on Flickr green dragon armor01 by Kelvin Low, on Flickr
  6. With all the Ninjago polls floating around here, I thought I'd make another one. Ninjago has been around now for FIVE years! That is amazing for an action theme! To top that, Ninjago is in its prime now- sales are still strong and are even climbing from what I have seen. What do you think will happen to the Ninjago line in the upcoming years? Will it continue? If so, what will the overall theme be next year? Will it be canceled? Will it be replaced? What effect will the movie have on the theme? Post your opinions here!
  7. Hey, A question to others who own the 9450 set with the four headed dragon. My kids have this set, build it when they got it. Never took it apart or anything but now I noticed that the lower half of two dragon heads start falling off. It are the two heads without the ball-shooter. The lower parts of those heads are very loose and thus easily fall down the technic rod. A small swoosh is enough. Anybody else has this issue? I know workarounds but it isn't... cool. As all other dragon heads are still fine, also on other models (ice, fire, earth, lightning, gold).
  8. Can't find the 30428 polybag for sale in my local stores. So I made my own. Not with blackjack because how do I build Lego blackjack anyway?
  9. Hey all! Welcome to my pictorial review of set 70613 Garma Mecha Man. It retails for $59.99 in the US and comes with 747 parts and 4 minifigures. This set will be evaluated on a scale from 0 - 100: Figure Desirability/Quality, Main Build Design, and Main Build Aesthetics. On a side note - I'm out traveling and couldn't resist getting my hands on a Ninjago Movie set, so lightning is not top notch, but hopefully the photos can get the point across. And now, without further ado, let's meet the Mecha Man. Let's start off with the figures. For $59.99, you only get four figures, which is disappointing given the high amounts of figures in smaller $20-$30 sets. Another henchman or ninja (or both) would have been appreciated to add value to the set, but for now, let's take a look at what we get. Let's start off with the titular villain, Lord Garmadon. He sports a new armor element that extends his torso and gives him two extra arms. While similar to the element used widely in the Stone Army range of sets in 2013, it has a flat front and more detailed printing, unlike the previous variant. Garmadon also includes a new samurai-style helmet mold, which is fitting for the villain and, in my opinion, much more intimidating than his simple bone helmet of 2011-2012. From the back, it does come across as comically large, although I assume that was done on purpose. Unfortunately, there is no back printing on the upper torso, something which would have been excusable up until this point, where LEGO has proved their ability to print on the backs of such longer torsos with Garmadon's Jungle, "Dad," and Pajama variants. However, I suspect this wasn't printed because this figure normally comes with a large, regal cape, something which is inexplicably and very unfortunately absent from this set. With the plus-size torso removed, Garmadon's chest printing is very similar to his 2011-2012 TV show variant, with his simple, white muscular lines. With his old man out of the way, the spotlight shifts to Lloyd, the Green Ninja. Lloyd is decked out in a spiffy new outfit with reflective gold highlights and layered texturing around his suit - look closely and his suit is patterned with diamond marks, adding another layer to the print that shines in certain lighting. The back of his torso is adorned with the classic Sensei Wu logo from way back in 2011, with a few minor stylistic changes to curvature and thickness of lines. Again, the diamond pattern repeats onto the back and he wears a simple green belt around his waist. Lloyd's mask comes as two separate elements that weave together seamlessly, much like Darth Vader's newer mask introduced last year. The back of the new hood dips back dramatically to allow the tied "knot" of the upper mask to fit, revealing almost all of his alternate face. Lloyd also comes with a new sword mold with the 2016 tassle element attached to the end. The new sword is extremely sleek and is a refreshing update to the original katana we've been seeing variants of since 1998. However, with the tassle removed, the end of the handle does feel a bit out of place, continuing past the stopper. An interesting note is that every new element in the set is copyrighted to 2015, which shows just how long this movie and its sets have been in production. And now, we move onto Garmadon's lackey: Great White. The shark part of the getup is unfortunately attached to the armor and battery indicator as a single mold, making head movement impossible and decreasing the reusability of the parts. However, the mold is an extremely nice element for its limited use, sporting two color tones for the shark head, white teeth, black eyes, and dark silver armor, bring the color count in this single mold up to 6, counting the red batter indicator. On the back of Great White sits the traditional LEGO airtanks we've come to know and love, which was a bit of a surprise to me - I figured it would be part of the armor. Note that the back of the shark head curves upwards greatly to accommodate this element, meaning that a great section of back head and neck is exposed without the tanks. With the headgear removed we get a peek at his comical expression - if nothing else, these aquatic army troops give us really unique and fresh facial expressions. For those interested, with tanks removed, the back of the soldier is thankfully printed, with a skydiving clip and pockets. And now for the final figure - a civilian: While just a side character, this female civilian brings all new prints and a refreshing look to an "ordinary" city-goer. The feet are printed excellently with sandals, and the blue printing on the legs is consistent with the printing on the torso, which is a relief. She also sports the conical hat new to the Ninjago Movie and common throughout its several sets. Note the copyright 2015 on the backside. The back of the torso is extremely simple and almost plain, save for a few lines here and there. However, there really doesn't need to be anything here, so it's passable. But the figures aren't the reason you'd buy this set (or maybe they are, but regardless, let's meet the Mecha Man) Behold the Mecha Man! Compared to the poster, the set is extremely downsized, but this is to be expected with movie to set conversions. One very notable omission is the gargantuan staff the movie version wields, which is designed to match the new staff element Garmadon is wielding in the poster. This omission is particularly disappointing as there's nothing for the hand to do on the toy version, besides one small thing we will get to. In addition, the red eyes on the side of the hammerhead shark head, which appear very menacing in the movie, seem very comical in this version, as no attempt was made for eyebrows or elements to cover up the circular nature of the 1x1 plates. Thus, the eyes, combined with the slanting mouth, give the mech a comical and unthreatening gopher-like appearance, which is quite unfortunate. From the side, unique elements start to pop out, such as the back-mounted boot thrusters and the amusing shark tank in the back of the mech. However, this angle showcases some of the mech's weak spots as well, such as the gappy knee plating, disproportionate, chunky legs, and unsightly red and blue bits around the sides. LEGO's been doing a better job of making mechs more presentable from the back, and this is no different - in fact, the back side reveals one of my favorite and most quirky parts to the set - the fish/shark tank that houses the ammunition for the left arm cannon: sharks. Or, rather, blue fish, because sharks wouldn't work at this scale. The back also reveals some out of place yellow, red, and blue elements, especially on the back of the cannon, bottom legs, and head connection area. I'm all for including multicolored bits to make the build process easier (staring at a pile of black bricks and trying to find a specific one is never a fun or easy task), but not covering them up is really unfortunate. However, the fact that this is a common issue and not an aesthetic error unique to this set (Assault on Hoth's ion cannon particularly stands out as an infamous example), and because the issue has appeared in far more egregious areas in other sets, I'm willing to not be as harsh on this particular fault. Starting with the feet, you can see the extreme efforts LEGO put into making sure this set was stable - efforts that may have overcompensated way too much, resulting in pretty much no foot movement at all. Any attempt to pose it with more than one "click" to the leg makes the set extremely unstable, which is ironic, given the purpose of the extra parts. Even when rotated side to side, the feet are still extremely restricted - the photo above shows the extent to which I was able to turn them. I don't understand why such heavy precautions were made - the friction joints were made for this purpose, and the ball and socket is extremely stable. Moving up along the leg, we can see the slightly awkward way the legs are placed - luckily, this is covered mostly by the side flaps, so aesthetically it isn't too bad. Functionally, it still offers a wide range of motion, so it does work. Up to the mid torso there's a fine bit of piston greebling that is sadly immediately covered by the front flap, leaving on the gold elements poking out and seeming rather out of place. It's a shame the flap revealed a bit more of this construction, as most of it goes to waste when fully covered. The upper torso front plate folds down, along with the upper head, much like the original Ninjago mech: 9448 Samurai Mech. However, unlike its predecessor, the upper helmet is not attached with a click-hinge and thus doesn't have any friction whatsoever, causing it to flop around needlessly during play. Moving to the arm, we take a look at the shark shooter: Sadly, this is one of the worst-looking parts of the set. It's asymmetrical in all the wrong ways, with only one missile. I understand the need for this - a second missile would prematurely fire whenever the arm was moved, but the execution of it is far from sufficient, leaving a gap on the other side of the cannon. The four front studs on the cannon look similarly exposed and unfinished, which is disappointing given that two single elements could have solved this issue. The one good thing going for this arm is the hilarious shark ammo belt, a fine detail I've come to expect from the Ninjago Movie sets. The hand is also given something to hold - the human artifact laser pointer. While it's not as clever or well-designed as the Kragle, it does its purpose as a laser keychain - the only issue is that the mech is given no way to hold it in a good pose. It can't point it and aim it at targets, contrary to what the box art suggests, and just looks very awkward held in the fist of the mech. Moreover, it's useless as a minifigure scale weapon - the attachment point is secured by a freely-moving Technic pin, making it impossible to stay in one place and be held by a minifigure. I tried several times to get a good shot of Garmadon with the weapon and failed each time, which is really unfortunate given all the promotional shots of him wielding the weapon. Overall, for minifigures, I would rate the set 80/100 - the designs are great, but having only four minifigures and the omission of Garmadon's cape drags the value down. Plus, each figure is available in other, cheaper sets (including the CMF line), which is unfortunate. For main build design/functions, I'd give the set a 70/100 - it's a cut above most other Ninjago mechs, but is nowhere near as well-built as Kai's mech, for example, and has a limited array of functions - the firing arm and the cockpit exposure (which is so loose it barely works). Plus, poseability (or lack thereof) really dampers the score. For aesthetics, I'd rate the set an 85/100 - at certain angles, it's very menacing, and it towers over a standard minifigure. However, aspects like repeated exposure of randomly-colored red, yellow, and blue bricks scattered about and the pitifully goofy eyes drag the score down. On average, the set clocks in at a 80/100, or B. It's a solid set with nice detailing, but the lack of poseability and questionable functions make it not one of the best Ninjago Movie sets. I'd say to buy this only if you are an avid collector of Ninjago, love the character of Garmadon, or are impatient and want to get ahold of any Ninjago Movie set before official release. Otherwise, given other options, I'd hold off on this set in lieu of sets with much better value (70611 Nya's Water Strider - only $30!) or better visual and functional appeal (70615 Fire Mech, for only $10 more) Hope you enjoyed the review, and feel free to leave comments and feedback below!
  10. Clive Newton

    Lego Song

    Dear all I hope you enjoy this little composition Clive
  11. Recently, after some redecorating of my display shelf, I realized how much the Dewback from the Star Wars Cantina set fits to the typical sword & sorcery imagery in the style of Frank Frazetta (think Conan the Barbarian). So I grabbed my Barbarian Minifig, the two Clancees from the Raid Zeppelin as Snake-People, built a patch of desert, grabbed the whale bones from the Deep Sea Submarine and set up a couple of scenes. Some Orcs joined in as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I certainly enjoyed taking them: It didn't took long and our Barbarian got some assistance: After the Snake-People were defeated, A group of Orc tried to capture her! An idea which turned out as a bad one It was quite a challenge to pose the Minifigs in a way you can see their faces without making it look too staged and unrealistic. To create the proper pulp-cover feel I also put a slight sepia-effect on the pictures.
  12. The LEGO Ninjago Movie does not come out in theatres until September 2017. While waiting, let's look at the NINJAGO sets from the latest TV season, Hands of Time. This is my 4th Eurobricks review - set number 70621, The Vermillion Attack. Overview Name: 70621 The Vermillion Attack Theme: LEGO System / NINJAGO / Hands of Time Year: 2017 (1H) Pieces: 63 Minifigures: 3 Price: USD 9.99 / EUR 9.99 / GBP 8.99 / SGD 19.99 / MYR 49.90 Resources: Brickset and Bricklink Introduction I’ll use the Forward Time Blade and I cut into the chase to tell you that the 2 main selling points of this set are the 3 minifigures and the usefulness of the parts that comes with it. This is essentially for army building if you consider Kai just a uniformed foot soldier ninja. Is this the best army building set currently out there? Read until the end to find out the answer. How can you get wrong when you get Kai, 2 villains, 5 red snakes, a time blade and a small tree stump with an egg? Looking at the front box art cover, we see Kai fleeing the tree stump with the Forward Time Blade. The Time Blades are the main collectible items in the Hands of Time season. Two Vermillion warriors namely Rivett and Slackjaw are armed with their weapon of choice. Behind the box we see how a lever behind the tree stump pops the egg open revealing several red snakes inside. At the side of the box it shows Kai in his new suit. Inside we get 2 clear bags without numbers and an instruction booklet. There is no sticker sheet (yes!) Build All parts laid down before building Before completing the build, I want to show you the internal mechanism that makes the egg pop-open. The technic pieces push the bottom axle upwards, forcing it against another axle attached with the top egg shell. Twisting the lever opens up the egg. Simple yet ingenious play feature. Popping mechanism Other than the egg, there is nothing to write home about the build. Admittedly, I find it so plain because it took me less than 10 minutes to finish the build. Obviously AFOLs are not the target market for NINJAGO so I asked my son for second opinion. His first reaction is to pop the egg open; it mesmerises him because it has a metallic finish. He also thinks that the snakes peeking out are "cute"... I think his playful reaction is due to his exposure to "surprise egg" toys. If your kids like surprise egg, then he/she will be amused with this set. Let's talk more about the egg. These are the same egg moulds used in Galaxy Squad sets but in metallic grey colour; instead of hatching alien buggoids, they hatch red snakes. In the show these red snakes merge together to form the Vermillion warriors. According to some interviews, the NINJAGO designers like to put easter eggs (pun intended) that connect the other LEGO themes with Ninjago. Perhaps this is one of those. They could have just used the new egg moulds used in Elves but they decided to use the Galaxy Squad eggs instead. In the middle of tree stump -- a chainsaw blade is used to hold the time blade in the middle. Kai's mission is to take the Time Blade from the Vermillion army. This is not accurate to the TV show but kids can use their imagination for the role play. The only thing that bothers me in this small build is that.... Tree stump is brown; the vines are dark green. Some olives are nice, but why the plate is lime green!? Colour me intrigued. I’ve watched the entire Hands of Time season already and the swamp is much darker than the vibrant lime green 6x6 round corner plate. It should have been olive or any dark shade of green. One more thing -- there are light bluish grey clips at the back of the tree which makes it attachable to the Iron Doom set. Nifty but not necessary in my opinion. Completed build Parts The only new mould in this set is the time blade. The other parts shown below are existing design elements in new colour. I'm surprised that the bar piece in metallic grey is only produced this year. Minifigures The Ninjago minifigures are now on-par with Nexo Knights. All the minifigures in this set have fully-printed front and back torso as well as very detailed leg printing. You can even see that the latest Kai minifigure (right) wears a jika-tabi (tabi boots) because the leg printing extends at the very tip of the minifigure’s legs. Comparison of the last 3 Kai design No armour, scabbard or headwrap is included in this small set but it comes with Kai’s hair and a bandana. I continue to believe TLG should always include the headwrap and not just the hairpiece. I guess you have to buy the bigger set (Dragon’s Forge) to get that, or borrow the headwrap from Kai minifigure in the Days of the Departed (centre) because that headwrap matches the new outfit. There is no 2nd face print; same old Kai face with a scar. . Why can't I have these both? Tell me. Why do I have to choose?? -- Kai The two Vermillion warriors are Rivett and Slackjaw. Just looking at the design of the headgear and chain mail armour, I can tell that the designers really put a lot of effort on these minifigures. The chain mail armour has a stud at the back so you can put attachment for other weapons or anything you wish to attach at the back of the minifigure. Both villains have identical dual head printing. The leg prints are also identical. Fortunately, the torsos are different. If you buy a couple of this set then you can mix and match the armour and headgears to make the other Vermillion warriors since the foot soldiers are just permutations of these 2. However, you still need to get the 2 commanders and General Machia from the other sets to complete the Vermillion army ranks. Fun fact: The Vermilions rely on their iron armours to hold them together in humanoid form so -- essentially they use them as exoskeleton. The 2 snake heads sticking out of Slackjaw’s headgear is a reminder that these Vermillion warriors are made of many red snakes that morph together. . Ekkk!! This is so gross! Below are pictures exploring the armour compatibility with hair piece and other head gears not included in the set. The chain mail armour looks good for custom samurai warlords but you need to remove the face cover because it is held upwards by the throat guard. In fact, in order to fit the headgear, I need to slightly pull the headpiece upward by a few millimetres so that the studs will attach to the anti-studs firmly. Using short hair piece should be fine. Headgears that cover the entire face like all the ninja headwraps are not compatible because they won't attach to the head due to the throat guard. By mistake I put the armour on reverse side and as you can see below, it still looks decent, reminiscent of the Chima armours with studs, but looks more badass. Conclusion In the history of Ninjago sets, this is the first time 3 minifigures are included at this price range. Usually you'll get 3 minifigures from sets that are 2 to 3 times more expensive. Consequently, some bricks need to go. The build is small but there are many good parts that you can use for your own creations. The premise of this set is that you'll stage a fight so that Kai can win the Forward Time Blade. Not show accurate but surely, the playability is a pass for kids. I just wish there is some kind of mechanism that entraps Kai or make some of the villains fly away to add more play features. For adult collectors, this is the best Ninjago army building set so far. Compared to other non-licensed themes (except City), its overall value is better than most. If we consider City starter sets as "army builder" because they somehow fulfil the same purpose, then I wish TLG can also release a similar Ninjago set with 4 minifigures at the same price as the City Starter Sets. I really miss the good old days when the army building sets like 4805 Ninja Knights have 5 minifigures included and it didn't matter if there was no build at all. Man, I wish the Time Blades are real. I need the Reversal Time Blade! Review summary Playability: 6/10 - The egg-popping feature is cool but that's about it Design / Building Experience: 7/10 - Kids in appropriate age will enjoy the build. Design is very simple but is expected for the price. Minifigures: 9/10 - the minifigures have top-notch prints. The villain armours and headgears are very well sculpted. Price / Value for money: 9/10 - Comes with 3 minifigures; good assortment of parts you can easily re-purpose for other builds. Overall: 7.5/10 - It's better than most army building sets but I wish there is 1 more minifigure & less fluff to make it a better army builder / army pack.
  13. LEGOshibainu

    [Brickfilm] Ninfiltration

    A team of elite robot ninjas break into a facility to steal a mysterious diamond. This was made for a competition, please tell me what you think
  14. Hello all! This is a thread to post general questions about Ninjago and get answers from other members of the community! I have one question too! In Ninjago, the ninjas have signature weapons that they use a lot. Kai's is a katana, Jay's is nunchucks, Cole's is a scythe, Zane's is shurikens/ninja stars, Nya's is a sai, but what is Lloyd's? I would really like to know. Thanks in advance, and post LEGO Ninjago-related questions as well if you have any! :)
  15. legodude3069

    Ninjago mystery

    WHy are people so exited over ninjago? I remember when bionicles where the coolest thing?!? what happended to this generation???
  16. Following my previous NINJAGO review, let’s take a look at another interesting set from The Hands of Time season. Let’s dive right in my 5th Reviewers Academy review, set number 70623 - Destiny’s Shadow. Overview Name: 70623 - Destiny’s Shadow Theme: LEGO System / NINJAGO / The Hands of Time Year: 2017 (1H) Pieces: 346 Minifigures: 3 Price: USD 29.99 / EUR 29.99 / GBP 24.99 / SGD 39.99 / MYR 129.90 Resources: Brickset and Bricklink Introduction If you have been reading my post in the Ninjago topics, I have been sharing that I prefer playsets over vehicles. Occasionally I do make exceptions such as this. I was not supposed to buy this one but I ended up buying this set anyway. Why? Read more to find out. When I first heard the name “Destiny’s Shadow” I can’t help but relate the set to the Destiny’s Bounty. First thing that came to my mind is that it must be smaller because it’s only a shadow. Apparently all these are true because if you look at the front box art you’ll think it is just a scaled down Destiny’s Bounty without sails. At the back of the box, we see Lloyd and Cole teaming up to fight Vermin, the only Vermillion soldier included in the set. What’s striking about this set is the inclusion of 2 olive green canoes that appears detachable from the main boat. I’ll talk more about that later on. At the side we see the common stuff like the minifigures included -- Vermin (villain), Lloyd, Cole and a frog. There is also the “money shot” and an small logo of LEGO Life promoting the new app for kids. Let's do the unboxing! Inside the box, there are 3 numbered plastic bags, 2 plastic cutout sheets, 2 olive green canoes, 2 instruction booklets and... *drum roll*... no sticker sheets. Yes, what you see is not a mistake… there are indeed an extra plastic sheet of the cut-out wings. Build Here is the preview of the booklet and how each bag contributes to the build. Bag #1 contents We’re off to a great start because we are not even on the 5th step of building and we already have an interesting part such as this 2x2 wedge in bluish dark grey. Few steps later we complete the hoverboard used by Vermin. Of all the Ninjago hoverboards I’ve seen and built I think this is one of the better ones. The details provided by the iron ingots and copper Uruk-hai swords make this hoverboard very sharp and edgy. The remaining steps make the hull of the boat if you can even call it a boat. Ok, it is a flying boat or an airship just like the Destiny's Bounty. We also get Cole with the Pause Time Blade. I’ll spend more time on minifigures later. Notice that here are angled plates and ball joints used to construct the stern. Right from the first bag we are greeted with seemingly simple but not-so-basic building techniques. Bag #2 content In bag #2, the wheel holder is used with the Exo-force robot arms to achieve the angle needed for the bow of the airship. I have not built all LEGO sets ever created (I don’t think anybody has) but this is the first time I see robot arms and wheel holder combination to attach something in an angle. The warm gold [BL: pearl gold] hoses are held by 4 pairs of clips in an odd way that the hoses form a shape of a bowling pin or sexy soda bottle. On the sides of the airship, the titanium metallic [BL: pearl dark grey] elbow pieces, which others affectionately called macaroni pieces, give the airship a very industrial look and steam-punky vibe. Moving on, hold your breathe because we are opening the last bag... Bag #3 contents Bag #3 adds the wing frames. The wings are attached using the ball joints to the stern. You’ll find out later why it has to be connect with ball joints. You can see the back of the wing frame here. It seems that the wings are smaller than what I saw in the TV series. Also, due to how the plastic wings are fastened to the wing frames with those holes, the already curvy wings curves even more than it should be. The build is already complete at this point. What you see above is the boat mode of Destiny’s Shadow with its wings retracted. Attach the 2 olive green canoes on the sides, expand the wings and you get the flight mode of Destiny’s Shadow. The 2 reddish brown oars for the canoes are attached in front for easy access. I prefer this mode but I really wish those puny little wings on the side are slightly bigger/wider, sharper and less floppy. Remember the ball joints? The wings can be expanded by pushing the yellowish orange protruding part below the engines. Both wings will extend as both wings are attached to the central mechanism with ball joints. Consequently, when you push one wing inwards the other one also retracts back. Notice the solar-panel looking tiles on top of the black wedges? Those are all printed. Remember, there are no stickers in this set. It does look like a proper airship when viewed by the side profile but I love the back view even more. Just look at the big pearl gold jet engine with purple accent. I like big boats and I cannot lie; You other brothers can't deny! Frankly, I was expecting this set to be smaller as the pictures online and even the box art does not give justice to the product in real-life. I find that almost all angles are camera-friendly. It is narrow and slender, and the pearl gold pneumatic hose creates a very unusual curve that makes this airship “sexy” for the lack of a better term. The build is very enjoyable but not free of criticism. Apart from the wings, the other gripe I have on this set is that there isn’t enough firm parts to hold this airship to swoosh it around with one hand. The reddish brown 2x4 tile at the stern doesn’t help either because the moment your hands get a little bit oily those tiles get very slippery. So, you need to pay extra attention to support the weight of the airship below or you’ll find this crashing on the floor. One more thing before I proceed to the next segment -- the official description mentioned about “Lloyd’s compass”. I’m 100% sure there is no compass accessory in this set. I double confirmed it. Maybe when they mentioned compass, they meant the green frog pointing at the north direction? Hey Lloyd I think your compass is a little bit cranky. I think you need to feed it first. Here are the extra parts not used on the build after following the instruction booklet thoroughly. Parts This set is also not shy of new parts. For me, the stand-out parts here are the 2 olive green canoes and macaroni elbow pieces. I won’t go through all the new parts but here are my remarks for the notable ones. The 2 olive green canoes are outstanding. Olive green is not my favourite colour in LEGO colour palette but it is starting to climb up the list of my desired part colour. I think this will be a great fit with the upcoming City sub-theme Jungle if you wish to add some river scene. Fun fact: Don't you know that the first ever LEGO canoe was released in the Islanders sub-theme of Pirates I back in the mid-90'. It came in classic (bright) red colour. The macaroni piece looks great in pearl dark grey and you get 4 of them! If you need to make solar panels the 1x2 trans-black printed tile is very handy. The pearl gold hose which is 16 studs-long is also found in this set for the first time. Having new gold part is always welcome. The new Vermillion sword with the jagged blade is great to have for sci-fi weaponry. There is also 1 stray medium nougat [BL: medium dark flesh] 2x2 round plate that ended up in this set. At the time of writing this review, only this set and 70904 Clayface Splat Attack uses this part. Minifigures Just like what I mentioned in my review of 70621 The Vermillion Attack, the level of detail in this wave of Ninjago minifigures are top-notch. Both Cole and Lloyd wear tabi-boots as the printing extends all the way to the tip of minifigures legs. The tabi boots are more obvious on Cole since he has a dark bluish grey legs. Cole has a black shoulder pads armour but Lloyd does not have it. I am sure the only reason why Lloyd does not have that armour is to differentiate the Lloyd minifigure in the Iron Doom set. Fortunately the black shoulder pads are common enough that it is easy enough to ‘upgrade’ the minifigure with the additional armour. Remove the armours and headgears and you’ll see that Lloyd continues to be the odd one out because he does not have an alternate face print. Conclusion Hold tight Cole, we’ll do a barrel roll! I think that the design of this airship is brilliant even though it appears odd at first sight. As I build it, I find some creative and uncommon building techniques such as the use of wheel holder plates to put angled parts at the bow, as well as the ball joint mechanism used in the wings expansion at the stern. The major factor that attracted me to this set is the price. Even though I initially wanted to skip this, the set is right there at the sweet spot that it does not makes sense for me to give it a pass. It is very easy to dismiss because it looks awkward. I don't know if you can consider this airship steam-punk or diesel-punk. If you ignore the canoes, this is basically a Ninjago version of Star Wars Desert Skiff which is not something you can brag about. Upon building it -- I start to appreciate the design aesthetics more. Piece by piece it became more attractive. It’s like the girl you find awkward and nerdy in school and once you learn how beautiful she is beyond the surface, you suddenly realize how great she is inside out. Finally, if It helps in your buying decision, it's good to know that this airship enjoyed a respectable amount of time in The Hands of Time season. TWO Olive green canoes FTW! Review summary Playability: 8/10 - Fun is written all over it but needs extra care while swooshing Design / Building Experience: 8/10 - Eccentric design that translates to enjoyable build Minifigures: 9/10 - Great minifigures; wish that Lloyd has an armour and alternate face print too Price / Value for money: 9/10 - In terms of parts per piece this is the 2nd best value of all the Hands of Time sets. Also, this is like a 3-in-1 boat set because you get 2 olive green canoes! Overall: 8.5/10 - An excellent attempt to offer a down-sized airship with interesting parts to boot; however, I wish that the wings are more rigid and slightly bigger too. Thanks for reading. As always, wubba lubba dub dub.
  17. Sorry to @Itaria No Shintaku if this is a topic that he is supposed to start! Please inform me if so… There are 20 minifigures in the Ninjago Movie CMF series. What could they be? Post your guesses here and compare when the CMF images come out! Here are my guesses: 1. Kai (Ninja) 2. Jay (Ninja) 3. Cole (Ninja) 4. Zane (Ninja) 5. L-loyd (Ninja) 6. Nya (Ninja) 7. Sensei Wu 8. Lord Garmadon 9. Shark Warrior 10. Koko 11. Jellyfish Warrior 12 - 17. Alternate versions of the 6 Ninja 18. Pajamas L-loyd 19., 20. Currently unrevealed characters? Post your guesses below!
  18. I’m back and this time I got a Ninjago set to review. This is my second EuroBricks review so let’s get it on! Overview Name: 70591 Kryptarium Prison Breakout Theme: LEGO System / Ninjago Year: 2016 (2H) Pieces: 207 Minifigures: 5 Price: USD 19.99 / EUR 19.99 / GBP 17.99 / SGD 39.90 / MYR 99.90 Resources: Brickset & Bricklink Introduction The day I saw the official images after its announcement I knew that I will be getting this playset. Kryptarium Prison Breakout includes 5 minifigures and it has relatively good amount of system bricks and plates to be considered as good parts donor. Before I go into more details, let’s look at the box art at the back and the sides. Inside we get 2 numbered bags, an instruction booklet and 1 sticker sheet. Bag #1 contents Bag #2 contents Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sticker sheet because I rarely apply stickers. In this review, I won’t be applying them. #1 is supposed to be a “seal” for the prison. I can’t find any concept art for the show if this dragon actually exists. Even after rewatching the Ninjago TV episodes, nowhere it is hinted that Kryptarium is guarded by dragons. This could be just one of those artist’s decision to include random dragon art. #2 depicts a map of the escape route from Kryptarium Prison to Tiger Widow Island. #3 is the plan showing how to break out off the prison via toilet using a crowbar… it's funny that the designers needed to supply this sticker to make it more obvious what the plan is. Minifigures We get 5 minifigures which is so awesome for the size of this set. There is Kai in his Skybound Gi outfit, Zane in prison uniform, Captain Soto in prison uniform, “Giant” Stone Warrior in prison uniform and a lonesome prison Guard who thinks he is cool with those sunglasses on. At the time of its release, this set is the cheapest way to get Zane’s titanium hair. Another compliment is the choice to include a gold scabbard for 2 swords because I don’t like it when the designers leave out the armour accessories in smaller sets. Just how expensive is that accessory to be removed when TLG can include a few more extra pieces that you rarely even use? So, I so am happy that Kai has a gold scabbard for his swords. If I need to nitpick on the minifigures - I wish that LEGO included a gold hook for Captain Soto as well as his pirate torso instead of the prison outfit. The “Giant” Stone Warrior is so small compared to the TV show version. With this price point I am even surprised they managed to squeeze in an extra Prison Guard with a generic headpiece. I just hope they included the right uniform colour because in the TV show the guards wore sand yellow (BL: dark tan) uniforms. Build The first build is a small table that can catapult the bread roll into the air. Underneath is a brick yellow (BL: tan) 2x2 tile with a map sticker that I didn’t apply, as well as a shuriken. It’s a fun small build and is great for launching anything you fancy for a good prison fight. The main build is the facade of the prison which has a passing resemblance to the older sets 70756 Dojo Showdown and 2504 Spinjitzu Dojo. Those who watches the Ninjago TV show would know how big the Kryptarium prison is in-universe so this is a very small representation of what Kryptarium Prison is supposed to be. Even if you buy 20 boxes of this set I doubt you can put them all together to create a full-scale Kryptarium Prison. Therefore, this size is very reasonable for the price of what we paid for. I didn’t expect this set to contain any unique or interesting pieces because I wasn’t looking for a complex build since we already have 5 minifigures. It’s a small playset packed with play features. Those who are looking for a fun building experience-- you just won’t find it from this set. That is not to say there is nothing to highlight from this set -- I find the sliding drop-down gate in the middle cleverly built. I think kids will enjoy sliding the door up and down with ease. It also uses the top roof as an anchor to hold the gate from sliding down accidentally. In addition, the prison cell build uses hinges so you can swivel the prison cells to your preferred angle. Security cameras in real life are generally dull, black and not brightly coloured but the one included in this set is blue -- most likely to highlight this play feature to kids. This is how the guard had imagined the job... Easy peasy. But in reality -- The toilet build in one of the prison cell is amusing. If I am not mistaken it is also the first toilet to ever appear in any Ninjago set. Picka-poo! Hello guys, I think I broke something... Of course this is not a complete review without the extra pieces. Even though I know there are 2 handcuffs, I didn’t include the spare one here. Conclusion In summary, this set is a fun small playset that kids can enjoy to roleplay a prison escape much like any City prison set but with more action. The 5 minifigures included is unprecedented for the price point and the main build, a prison rigged with escape routes, will offer hours of fun. Despite lacking any special pieces that adult fans will appreciate more, the simple build can be considered as good parts donor. After all, the main reason why any adult fan will buy this set is not for the build but for the minifigures included in the set. Review summary Playability: 9/10 - fun little set that is more enjoyable than any City prison break of the same price range Design / Building Experience: 6/10 - nothing exciting but that’s expected for this type of set Price / Value for money: 10/10 - 5 minifigs at this price point? Give me more of this! Overall: 9/10 - If only we got Captain Soto’s pirate torso & his gold hook, this set will be golden.
  19. "I spy, something... white." Even though it only appeared in for about one minute in the Ninjago series pilot, I've always thought that this ship was really neat, and it definitely was a lot of fun working on replicating it in the brick! A few close-up shots: A small interior: And the ship by itself: This ship is found at the very beginning of Pilot Episode 3 (or 2, depending on how it is counted), King of Shadows, and the only purposeful deviation I've made from the original ship itself is that the bottom is reddish brown here instead of dark brown, since that was, well, essentially impossible given my bricks! This is also a warm-up to the theme as Kai and I plan to do a large-ish Ninjago collab shortly. Credit goes to Grant Davis and Eli Willsea for the water technique! A last couple of shots: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  20. Hello All! I just picked up two new Ninjago Hands of Time sets - Dragon Forge and Samurai VXL, and wanted to share a pictorial review. The set contains six minifigures (All new to 2017) and a large, brick-built figure, costs $79.99 in the US, and contains 1,137 pieces not counting spares. Minifigures The set contains six figures - from left to right, there's Ray, Maya, Kai, Nya, Commander Raggmunk, and Slackjaw. All the figures are great and I love the fact that we are getting more and more metallic torsos - in this case gunmetal - but it really is a shame that Ray doesn't have the stunning metallic torso that debuted in Episode 40: Spellbound in a flashback. It's especially unfortunate the metallic highlights are gone, as this wave has a strange abundance of metallic torsos even for foot soldiers, so I'm not sure why this particular outfit wasn't made, especially as Maya has the exact same outfit she wore in the flashback. Removing all headgear, weapons, and accessories, we see that all the figures have alternate faces - Ray and Maya have scared expressions, and Ray gains a headband, Kai and Nya have normal faces (nut new expressions!) compared to their powered-up elemental Fusion faces, and the two Vermillion get slightly different faces - Slackjaw appears to be winking in his. What do I think of Kai and Nya's new faces? As far as the show is concerned, Nya's face is very similar to her previous Samurai X face that debuted in the Ninja DBX, which is fine and pretty accurate to the show. As for Kai's face, there's something about it I can't quite put my finger on, but something about it seems off compared to the show, besides the obvious scar difference. Perhaps it looks a tad too much like an expression Jay would make... As for Ray and Maya, the alt faces are nice, but I wish they had been angry/fighting faces instead - it would work in their captured situation, and that way, you could use the expressions in battle as well. Unfortunately, neither face really works for battle - the other sides are too calm and relaxed. Additionally, you can view the alternate faces with headgear here. Also, you can see Kai and Nya's new regular faces with hair and the new Fusion faces with hair. Build The set is composed of 8 bags, as you can see, and it also comes with instructions with a cardboard backing as per the usual in larger sets like these. There is a sticker sheet included as well. Here's a link to an image of the the built contents of every bag: Bag 1 Bag 2 Bag 3 Bag 4 Bag 5 Bag 6 Bag 7 Bag 8 New/Interesting Parts There are a number of new and recolored parts for 2017 here - the most obvious being the new weapons, armor, snakes, and of course the Hand of Time. The snakes, armor, weapons, and the Hand of Time will be covered in-depth in my review of Samurai VXL up soon, but for now, we can highlight a very nice selection of Apollo studs: The Elementally colored extras are great for bringing the elements to life in the hands of the characters, as you can see. Why so many extra trans-blue Apollo studs, you ask? Well, that's because they're ammo for a special play feature - but we'll get to that later. Model 1: Buffmillion The final character to showcase is Buffmillion, one of the new brick-built Vermillion figures. Since I built Samurai VXL first, to be honest I didn't have too high hopes for this guy - the brick-built figure in VXL was plagued with stability issues and a jumbled color palette. However, I was fortunately surprised with Buffmillion and he is really growing on me - he is completely stable due to the bend in his tail which actually looks more realistic (for a massive cluster of snakes in a suit of armor). The use of bigfig arms are great, and they really make him look... well... buff. (Sorry, I couldn't resist ). The only unfortunate thing is the color of axles, which wreak havoc on the color scheme (a problem Bionicle fans are very aware of). Also, the black Technic element holding the tentacles together stands out as well and is a break from the usually cohesive flow. Overall, though, this is a really great figure and a step-up from his counterpart in Samurai VXL. What I really want to see is how he is handled in the show - I can't think of how he will translate to the screen. I guess we will find out next month... Comparison Photos 1, 2, 3 Model 2: Hydro-Pyro Dragon Kai and Nya's Fusion Dragon is the latest addition to the growing dragon lineup. It's about the size of Jay and Nya's Hydro-Electric Dragon and uses a similar wing design to boot. There's a lot to like about this model, but a lot to dislike as well. I'll start out with some Pros: 1.) The Split design is very unique and hasn't really been seen before in any dragon, not even the previous Fusion Dragon which was really marketed as solely a lightning dragon. 2.) I especially like the backside of the model highlighting a fire/water swirl pattern using the relatively new shorter angled plate elements. This motif is seen throughout the set and looks really good here. It's simple but elegant. 3.) Leg Variety - Compared to some other dragons in the line with no variety in the leg shaping at all (Looking at you, Master Wu Dragon), this contrast between hind and front legs is a welcome breath of fresh air, although it isn't without its problems. Cons: 1.) Figure placement is really, really awkward. Most dragons have a decent enough saddle to seat the figures on, with some better than others. For this dragon, an attempt at a semblance of a saddle occurs with the brown elements under the top of the dragon, but the figures are raised so high up that the brown pieces don't even help. Nya has it a bit better as it's not as obvious how high she is due to the crossbow cannon, but for Kai it is very noticeable. 2.) Having very short back legs and very long front legs make posing a bit of a struggle. 3.) Every Ninjago dragon since Zane's has brought something new to the table, be it a NPU for the head build or a new type of wing. This dragon feels like a bit of a step back. The heads are way too generic and simple, and we've seen the wings before in Jay's Elemental Dragon. The only unique thing it has is the fusion aspect, which is alright but not a standout. Play Features The only play feature the dragon has is a single stud-firing crossbow. The only real interest here is the lovely trans-medium blue Apollo stud ammo, which I'm sure will come in handy. Finally, here's a shot of all Ninjago dragons together on the same shelf for comparison purposes. Model 3: Blacksmith Workshop Ray and Maya's Blacksmith shop is easily one of if not the best blacksmith shop Lego has ever produced. Comparing it to the most recent one in Ninjago in 2011, this new one is leaps and bounds ahead of the old shop. Unfortunately, this is a model that is very photogenic from certain angles only, and looking at it from the top, back, or sides when it is splayed out makes it a lot less appealing. Pros 1.) I love, love, love how the archway entrance was done. The slanting pillars were done well - simple, but effective. The crossed sword logo comes together nicely as well. 2.) The interior is filled with many interesting and accurate features, and even has small printed sushi roles that debuted in the Friends line. Also, note that really nice and re-usable rug sticker. 3.) The play features are all great, and I'll cover them more in-depth in a bit. Cons 1.) When viewed from other angles, especially the top and when it is opened up, the image kinda falls apart - especially because there wasn't the set budget to give it a roof. To be fair, the set was only $79.99, so you win some, you lose some... 2.) The geared play feature, which we are about to get to, features several large, four-tooth gears which jam a lot. Almost every few seconds a lot. Play Features There are two main play features in the set, both of which are closely related to each other. In addition, there are other smaller secondary play features. Lift up the stairs and pull out a shelf holding this mysterious bladed weapon. What is its purpose? We shall see... Now comes something I have never seen before in a LEGO set - and I like how new and innovative it is. See that exposed Technic pin under the fire? Stick the blade into the grooves of the pin and rotate, revealing four different beautiful stickered patterns on the column. Nya: Fusion Dragon: Blacksmith Emblem: Kai: Additionally, there is a minor play feature: Lift up the bench and underneath is yet another collectable ninja card sticker. This time, it's Samurai X. Also, this isn't really a play feature, but the abundance of weapons such as this neat copper Uruk-Hai sword is great. Summary For $79.99 (US), Dragon Forge has really good value for its price. I appreciate the all-new figures, although Ray could have been done a bit better, and Buffmillion is growing on me. The dragon is good, if not great as it brings pretty much nothing new to the table. The shop is much better, and I love the door shaping. Overall, here's my rating chart for this set: Value: 4.5/5 Figure Selection: 4/5 Dragon: 2.5/5 Shop: 4/5 Part Selection: 3.5/5 Playability: 4.5/5 Total: 23/30 "Above Average" PS - This is pretty much my first review ever, so please go easy on me but do give constructive criticism. Thank you!
  21. I really like the new ninjago dragons, the one with brick-built heads, and try to collect them all. But there wasn't any cool dragon for Cole (the tiny one doesn't count ). So I decided to update the old set from 2011. Here is a link to the mod page, with instructions. Anyway LMK what you think, I built the thing in real bricks and then made the design in LDD. Do you also want to see pictures of the real thing? I don't have all the right colors, so it won't look quite as nice...
  22. Hi everyone ! It's not new that Lego likes to make easter-eggs between many themes, letting us guess that they belong to the same universe. (I think of Vladek being an ancestor of Ogel and Solomon Blaze being an Ultra Agent and part of the Galaxy Squad) But a friend of mine just had the Ninjago Salvage Mech for christmas and has noticed that the symbol on the left thigh is the exact same as the Exo-Force Stealth Hunter. What do you think ? Simple logo re-use or the themes are in the same universe ? Makes a Triangle symbol with his hands, the eye in the middle.
  23. Staslegomaster

    White Ninja Mystery

    Hi, LEGO ninjago fans. This is my second favourite series after pirates. So my today's question is about ninjago.When they appeared it was planned that everyone of them will have a dragon to ride on and a temple. 1) Wu has a dodju 2504. If you buy 4 you can create a complete training arena. 2) Kai has Temple of Fire 2507 - the most impressive for me. 3) Jay has Temple of Air 70751- too large for one set. 4) Coal will have Temple of Earth in the second wave 2016 - I think it was displayed at Tokyo Toy Fair 2016. 5) Golden ninja has Temple of Light with blades of all the 4 elements - I guess it looks like Ankor Tower in Cambodia. 6) Nia has a female dodju 70756 - such a pity it's not sold in Russia. It's very impressive for such a small set. 7) Green ninja has City of Stiix - is Green ninja a ghost? !! I saw all their dragons. So it's a mystery for me how Zein, the white ninja's temple will look like. Does anybody know? Waiting for your opinion and comments. Maybe moderators will put it in ninjago rumours and discussions. And these are temple of good guys only. I can add bad guys' temples later if you like. In what sets exept these (2260 and 2171) does Zane have a DX suit? I hope they are sold in Russia.
  24. Hello. My son absolutely loved putting this airship together (quiet time for the parents! loved it). Please check out my video of his review of Lego Ninjago's Ronin R.E.X. Thanks and happy holidays! - K