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Found 246 results

  1. samurai-turtle

    [MOC] The Mini-Beetle

    Hello, I had a desire to make a "classic spaceship". And having 75176 Resistance Transport Pod it looked like a good start to make a spaceship. Then getting 70821 Emmet & Benny's 'Build & Fix' Workshop! And using at least one of my 70841 Benny's Space Squad I have most of the spaceship. But then finding a extra 70660 Spinjitzu Jay for cheap I threw him in to the set. I am saying Jay stoled the spaceship from Benny because Benny was the original pilot. The next thing you are wondering why is it called the "Mini-Beetle" first it kinda looks like a bug, second the inside reminds me of a minivan, and I couldn't think of a better name. Now for the action shot. As you can see the ship has (two photon launchers on top of the ship with two ion cannons in the front of the ship. Plus, it has a single distortion drive (you can see the space "warp" in the back). With two sub light thrusters for the extra mobility. Ok, now for the rest of the pictures. (Sorry, for any poor picture quality I took the pictures on my cellphone.)
  2. Hello, here is my first Ninjago "MOD" hope you like the small update LEGO Ninjago Stiix 01 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr Cute beard from HiddenSide 20191111_233412 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20191111_233344 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr Again from HiddenSide the upper body 20191111_233321 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20191111_233246 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20191110_212654 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr
  3. Here is my general idea Pink Zane Dr. Julien Faith Golden Jay Golden Zane Golden Cole Kataru Grimfax Sorla Human Vex Fenwick Boma Uthaug Fugi-dove Antonia Casual Harumi Emperor of Ninjago Empress of Ninjago Nelson (season 11) Powerless Lloyd
  4. Ninjago - Cole´s "sandsquatch" ATV Whenever there are vehicles involved,the black Ninja who is also the Master of the element Earth, always seems to get vehicles for rough terrain. So what´s better for rough terrain than a menacing, fourwheeled ATV? Pretty much nothing, that´s the reason i build one using parts from the bin and from one of his newest sets (yes, that awkwardly oversized bike) IMG_20190610_164125 IMG_20190610_164100 IMG_20190610_164041 IMG_20190610_164016 IMG_20190610_163944 IMG_20190610_163909 I tried to incorporate a few design features and the color palette so it will fit his character. Hope you guys like it as much as Cole does.....
  5. The Votes are Counted, the Results are in. It is time to announce the winners! 1st Place @Garmadon an impressive Dragon Forge. 2nd Place @_shaddow_ A hefty Fire Mech 3rd Place @Exetrius A terrifying Stone Army Tomb If you could PM me postal details for your prizes to be sent out and you're welcome to choose any tag from the Ninjago Tags @Pate-keetongu, @kritch and @Bricknave: You three, as 4th and joint 5th place are also welcome to choose a tag if you'd like one. @Exetrius can also choose to have the special tag for the most excellent help in tallying up the votes.
  6. samurai-turtle

    Golden Ninja Issue

    So I was messing around with 70503 The Golden Dragon (the old/first set). And I notice the arm joints at the shoulders were stiff on Lloyd (The Golden Ninja). As I was trying to loosen the joints I thought just taken arms out would help. That is when I broke the arms off. Now I am wondering has this happen to anyone else? Is the plastic just poor in the first place? Then after messing with the torso A little more I was able to get the "rest of the arms" out. And now I am wondering if putting in some "green arms" in the torso would look alright.
  7. Winners! After a three way tie, I had to make a difficult decision on the winner of this contest. After much pondering and some good sportsmanship I have come upon a winner: First Place! @Umbra-Manis If you could message me your address to post out the prize and choose your tag: @makoy Choose a tag and @Exetrius @kritch want another tag? @LegoMyMamma, you can choose a tag as the 3rd place entry. This was a fun one, do you like little contests like this? I can try running a few more with tags as prizes.
  8. Ninjago has been a real hit for LEGO. With 8 years of sets, numerous seasons of the TV series and a whole theatrical movie release. 2019 has had the excellent Legacy release, a rebuild of past sets and a few extras that featured in the animation. To celebrate the exciting world of Ninjago and it's successful 8 years I present the Eurobricks Ninjago Legacy Contest! To be in with a chance of winning one of three excellent prizes: First Place: 70670 - Monastery of Spinjitzu Second Place: 70669 - Cole's Earth Driller Third Place: 70668 - Jay's Storm Fighter  And a cool profile Tag: All you need to do is create your own Legacy version of any past Ninjago set or a build of something featured in the TV series. The Contest runs from today, 1st of May until midnight 31st of May. No minimum or maximum part or minifig limit Entries should include the name of your creation and a link to the Brickset reference page of the original or a screencap of the inspiration from the Ninjago TV series Please also note: You may continually modify and update your entries and entry posts right up until the deadline One entry per member and no recycling of old creations or MOCs already posted unless you make some significant changes Custom decals and non-LEGO string and cloth/canvas/paper are allowed. Third party commercial parts (e.g. Brickarms, Brickforge) and customised minifig parts are not allowed. No clone brands or digital entries No minifig limit Post up to 3 pictures in a thread that must start with the title Legacy Judging will take place by a public vote with rules to follow in the future thread If you have any questions and concerns then post below.
  9. The contests continue! This one is pretty simple: Choose any Polybag sized set produced by LEGO and turn it into a Ninjago version. Ninjago City Street Sweeper? We need that! Ninja-Lawn Groomer? Get building! The prize is for first place is: Ninja Glider The winner and four runners up also get their pic of a nifty ninja tag: The rules are simple: Create a Ninja version of a LEGO polybag set. No service packs, Foil bags or CMFs sorry. You do not need to use Ninjago parts, but the set has to look like it will fit the theme. Make a thread titled: [Polybag] ---- Include a picture or link of the set you have based the MOC on. Digital Entries are permitted No clone brands please Have fun! The contest ends on 31/5/19 at midnight. So please get your entries online by then. Winners are chosen by public vote. Any questions? I am happy to help.
  10. Alrighty! Have I made it to the party? Let's start off with pics of the original set here, shall we? (Of course, there was a dragon too, but I had neither the time nor the skill set to build a better one of those at the moment, so forget you ever noticed that... ) And here we are - voila! Welcome to the Hands of Time's blacksmith's shop, worked by none other but Kai's infamous father himself. Well, at least, if you don't know what happened you may think of it like that, hahaha - if you have, you already know all the hows and whats and becauses of it all, XP Inside: And well, I had prepared a long and eloquent speech to deliver at this point about everything related to this build and the scene and the set, but time's a-wasting and the hour of midnight cometh on apace and bed is calling, so I think I'll just leave y'all with the goods and hit the hay! At any rate, what with the storms and rain and rules limiting it to three pictures this is all I've got at the moment, but I hope to have some more pics coming pretty soon if you want to head over to my Flickr to see them. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always! P.s. Oh, and one last thing - this build can only properly be appreciated if you're listening to this in the background at the same time - just saying.
  11. Cole's mini Roader Sometimes your heavy duty ultra-lifted off-roader behemoth just won't do. Luckily for Cole and Nelson, they now have the ultra-light conveniently-sized mini Roader. Perfect for on the beach, in narrow back alleys, or down the grocery isle! Inspired by polybag 30521: The Mini Batmobile: Modeled after 70589: Rock Roader: My entry, the Mini Roader: To be frank, this mini Roader was going to be a part of a BSBA Cat. A contest entry, over in the Sci-fi forum, but that entry failed. I made a few adjustments and additions to the WIP, and searched for a matching polybag afterwards (I hope you don't mind!). Although the mini Batmobile isn't minifig/chibi scale, it does have a minifig scale parent set, too, which even is very similar to the original Rock Roader itself. Honestly, I wish I would have come up with this in the 'correct' order! I hope you like it!
  12. Stone Army Tomb Invasion Buried deep under Ninjago City lies an ancient remnant of the early days of Ninjago: the Stone Army Tomb. One of Overlord's legions was stored in this catacomb, but that changed when the venom of the Great Devourer seeped into the tomb and awakened the Stone Army. After the Final Battle, the Serpentine moved into the tomb, vowing to abandon all violence and live their lives secluded from the rest of Ninjago, civilised and peacefully. However, the ninja came knocking on the door, ignorant of the evil that was following in their wake... 70XXX: Stone Army Tomb Invasion The ninja and Nindroids have infiltrated the new home of the Serpentine, the former Stone Army Tomb. Take a stroll down the beatitfully terraformed tomb, open the sealed gate to the ancient Stone warrior statues, or sit back and relax in Lasha's attic! The set* includes 8 minifigures: From left to right: a Nindroid, Min-droid possessed by the Overlord, Jay, Kai, Lasha, Acidicus, a Scout statue and a Warrior statue. Play out scenes from episode 30: The Curse Of the Golden Master! The set* measures 38 x 13 cm (48 x 16 studs) and is 11 cm tall It consists of a very roughly estimated 850 pieces and conveniently retails for 79.99 USD / 79.99 EUR. *Also, it's not a real set. My entry to the Legacy contest! Ninjago is by far my favorite theme, so I was stoked to get building! As you can see, it's based on a location that hasn't been seen in set form. Here is what it looks like in the show: In my opinion, it's one of the most beautiful settings in the world of Ninjago, so I can only hope I have done justice to it! I tried to incorporate as many features from the Stone Army Tomb as possible, but I also took some artistic liberties here and there (most notably Lasha's attic). Close-ups and other additional pictures can be found on my Flickr, here. Hope you like it! By the way, here my entry to the Polybag contest, in case you missed it. Best of luck in the contest to everyone! C&C appreciated!
  13. Legacy Venomari Shrine "Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes!?" For the Ninjago Legacy contest, I present to you my Legacy Venomari Shrine, the successor to 9440-1: Venomari Shrine! My MOC features the snake-launching feature of the original mode, in addition to a secondary action function tied to the staff itself. A side view shows some of the mechanisms: Taking the Venomari staff comes with a string attached: the "hissing" statue unleashes snakes upon trespassers! You can watch a video demonstration here! Thanksss for viewing!
  14. Here's my entry to the polybag contest - Jai's Water Plane: Kai's Water Plane is based on the City Police Water Plane (30359), which was released in 2018 as part of the Mountain Police sub theme. In addition to the colour changes, I've added about 20 parts to the original parts count of 48. The main changes were to the floats and the wings. The swords ended up being in a precarious position, but I couldn't not include them. Kai will just have be careful when he's getting in and out of the seat! Hope you like it!
  15. Probably should've done this one first. LDD link here. Using this classic poly as a basis, managed to pull together a more modernized model with a subtly "mechanical" aesthetic (being Zane and all) and a bit more (hopefully requited) flair in . Should've added tan or "plastic wings" just for the sake of color, but it's too late to change the render now, isn't it? And back shot. That red button is a homage to the original, but does play a role in the principal function: it can be pressed to let the wings, uh, "flutter." I dunno if I need to add much to this beyond a couple lines, but do click the links if you can. The LDD one in particular has some neat insight into the model's function. Edit: I've added the words "plastic wings" above. This doesn't negate the entry, does it?
  16. I always wanted to do some sort of food vendor or cart that could fit into the Ninjago theme, so this contest and the 2018 Hotdog Cart were the perfect reason to do something. IMG_20190530_204218 I decided to give this whole cart a different approach and build a tricycle with a fun-sized pagoda roof on top. IMG_20190530_204143 IMG_20190530_204133 IMG_20190530_204047 IMG_20190530_203950 Hope everyone likes this tiy thing, have some tasty hotdogs Ninjago style!
  17. My entry for the Ninjago Legacy Contest. I chose the Skull Motorbike, and upgrade it a bit:
  18. Hello, welcome to another one of my M.O.C.s, It was originally meant to be my 300th post but I was off, anyway let us begin. This time we have something different, instead of something entirely original I was inspired by an already existent part of set. That being the small Skeleton Mech from the Ninjago Day of the Departed set, 70592 Salvege M.E.C. Here's the original for comparison; The torso had some slight changes with a revamped rib-cage utilizing the Exo-force arms with barbs inserted instead of the awkward skeleton arm. The back lost it's formerly uncovered, bland grey block with a printed skulkin symbol and slop pieces Starting with his arms, his upper arms has black armor slope pieces. The forearm also has slight armor, His hands are arguably the biggest change loosing the rather inflexible exo-arms with three fingers, The middle one still uses the Exo-arms with the same silver, dark blades Another major change is his legs, Now they utilize more bony pieces. And the legs have been given the fabulously hard to pull off, KNEES! Yes I know quite the hard thing to grasp. The feet are wider to help support the Mech even the original had small feet for it's size and thus was very front heavy, sorry for the colors, didn't have a one-by-two plate in black. Now for a quick look at the custom Skulkin I made for this M.O.C. combines in my opinion, the best of the original Skulkin, The DotD, and Legacy Skulkin, Here's a size comparison of The Skulkin Mech with a similar size And of course the final pic is the obligatory Gali comparison pic
  19. For context: Not the greatest color or piece transition in general, but I make do with what I have. This was originally going to be solely an LDD entry, but I went and reread the rules and, well, I guess that made for one hell of a week next to APs and finals. Though speaking of LDD, I do have the file right... Ignore the black line, link right over here. And Imgur link, ofc, with shots of a lot of internal buildwork and the factory (there's a factory?) below. I might add comments there later. Edit: Just to note, the ldd link is to dropbox. I don't know if it works properly, but it hopefully should.
  20. Finally built this one 4 months after purchase. THE GOOD: Great mech and impressed by how much it achieved in such a small set. Love the new skull mold. Excellent price especially if you get a further 20% off. THE NOT SO GOOD: Can't fault anything. If needed to point out one thing, Nya's awesome torso print is hidden because of the armor piece on top. In conclusion, this is one impressive small set. Looks good, lots of action and interesting minifigures. The price is also good. Recommend to everyone even you are not a Ninjago fan.
  21. My entry for Ninjago Polybag Contest: I chose an older set, Underwater Scooter, and recreate like this:
  22. I don't have any Ninjago sets or this particular Polybag, however this was fun to make. Replaced Drone with Bat-Creature (head, wings and legs can move) Replaced Cop with Winged Ninja Replaced Criminal with a Captain Soto inspired Pirate figure (set 70591)
  23. For the Ninjago Legacy Contest I decided to remake this set... Using only about five set and with the "bones" of the Fire Mech, I came up with this MOC up. The Action Shot The Front View The Earth Shrine Here is a link to more pictures (when it becomes public)...
  24. I´ve never been the biggest fan of oversized motorcycles in Lego sets (i´m looking at you, various Ninjago sets and especially 2019 Captain America Cycle!) so i decided to shake things up a bit and reimagine the weird bike/snowmobile thingy from the recent Ninjago set 70667 into some sort of hotrodded Ice Trike. I tried using most of the parts that are characteristic to the original build and/or get stickers. What do you think of this remoddeling? Better or worse than the original?
  25. Extract from an enciphered report by Section 13's man in Mardier. ..."Lupine Bell" has been added. From our vessel of the same name. Understand the brokers strike it to mark a sale. - RE Pilots Association announcement: A few loyalists are angry about the Prio connection. Most pragmatists are strongly behind it. Syndicates eventually agreed to sponsor a winner's purse and send an observer along. - KPA is still considered the most reliable journal, despite difficulty getting hold of it in Mardieran ports. Eltina Courier is too irregular for most patrons. Curiously, one broker *does* read the WTCM. But then, he also enjoys cryptic crosswords and frequents Lady Domino's Palace of Punishment. - The following vessels have been insured for shipping out of Londa... For context:'s_Coffee_House This is a silly little joke, that I've wanted to make for a while. I even built the place in mainland Mardier, where it can't be of any use to me. And yet, I'm absurdly proud of myself. It genuinely looks legit.I hope you like it!