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Found 246 results

  1. Here is my review on the latest Ninjago 71375 Tournament of Elements: THE GOOD: Excellent selection of minifigures. The printing of the Ninjago 10 yrs tile is great. Some nice touch in the battle platform build (e.g. I personally like the vase and the guard rails) The spinjitsu tool works exceptionally well. THE NOT SO GOOD: I'm totally ok with this but considering the main target audience probably I will say lack of action features in the battle platform build. Overall, this is a great minifigure pack and great for getting parts for oriental buildings. The minifigures are excellent. My favourites are Jacob and Gravis's heads. The so called Limited Edition Lloyd has excellent print quality too. There are also some nice touch the the vase in terms of the build but definitely lacking some action features compared to similar sets. I also prefer the gold colour pieces (ones utilised a lot in Monkie Kid themes) than the pearl gold colour. Wonder when Lego will consider swapping it out in future set. anyway, this set is still great and would recommend to people into unique minifigures and getting oriental style parts!
  2. i've been thinking about buying it ever since i saw the images. do you think i should?
  3. So with it being Halloween today. What better time to show off the mods I made to Skull Sorcerer's Dragon. Full set of pics in the gallery. I'll be only showing a few here to keep the topic less cluttered. Changes I made 1. Adding shoulders and a waist joint. 2. Removing the lime green but adding more trans bright green to compensate 3. Made the wings more poseable and able to fold in 4. Made the head a bit more show accurate and removed the flags. 5. Gave the tail a gear so it could swing as a function. Also made a stand for Skull Sorcerer giving him the spear he had in the show. Also used the 3 Awakened warriors I had and made it look like a bunch were emerging from the mountain stand. I used Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd's energy parts to add a magical effect to Skull Sorcerer. I made the Skull of Hazza D'ur appear floating with the two Blades of Deliverance floating next to it I even added a comedic effect of one of the Awakened Warriors emerging upside down. Since I used Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd's spinner parts on Skull Sorcerer's stand. I turned the rest of the set into a launcher for the dice spinner for the game.
  4. This year has seen me move away from Technic C-modelling into using system bricks. In between the various lockdowns I picked up quite few Friends sets to C-model due to their very low price per piece on the second-hand market which gave some good practice. I saw the Velocity Racers set on my only trip to the Lego Store this year and the part balance made me think this set had a lot of potential for alternate builds, so I picked up a brand new copy (on sale). Having quite a few Technic pieces in the box, helped with my decision. Over the few months since then, I've managed to produce three different C-models using only the parts in set 71709. I'd share with you this collection of Velocity Boats, Fighter Plane and Trike. The race for the Key-Tana can now take place by land, air or Sea. Also Hauser can now put a bit more of a fight, having some vehicles of his own rather than just a hoverboard. Velocity Boats: Velocity Fighter Plane: Velocity Trike:
  5. Been working on something Lego-related, but not quite Lego, for the past few weeks... 3D printed Ninjago props and weapons! I love the detailed designs as seen in the TV show, and wanted to replicate some physical props to use as interesting wall decorations and whatnot. Starting off, we have Cole's Hammer, as seen in Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu! I based the design off of these images (and the show): And came up with this: Next up was a Fang Blade, all the way back to Season 1! Based it off of this reference: And came up with this (some creative liberties taken to make the pattern stand out more): What do you think? I'll probably continue updating this topic, as I have a lot more in the pipeline (including every golden weapon, a Jade Blade, and maybe Chen's Staff) and if anyone has any suggestions for tips or ideas on what else to design and print, let me know! Thanks for checking this out!
  6. Hello, I bought 70671 and I have two questions about the three tail fox: Does someone know what the printed 4-digit number on the bottom of the left-front paw means? It has the format [digit][digit][letter][digit] The mold seems to be two parts glued/molted together, but at the end of the tail seems to be a little gap. Is that a tear that is going to become bigger and brake the mold, or is that little gap by design? Does someone else have this fox that can check this for me? I already tried to look in Bricklink Studio, but I could not find this piece. It is also really small, so I cannot get a picture of it, but I can see it when holding in front of something bright.
  7. Legacy 2 71699: Thunder Raider (576 pieces) 71700: Jungle Raider (127 pieces) 71701: Kai's Dragon (81 pieces) 4+ 71702: Golden Mech (489 pieces) 71703 Lightning Jet Battle (4+) 71704 Kai Fighter 71705 Destiny’s Bounty (1,718 pieces) Winter TV Season 71706: Cole's Speeder Car (52 pieces) 4+ 71707: Kai's Mech Jet (217 pieces) 71708: Gamer's Market (218 pieces) 71709: Jay And Lloyd's Velocity Racers (322 pieces) 71710: Ninja Tuner Car (419 pieces) 71711: Jay's Cyber Dragon (518 pieces) 71712: Empire Temple Of Madness (810 pieces) 71713: Empire Dragon (286 pieces) 71714: Kai Avatar - Arcade Pod (49 pieces) 71715: Jay Avatar - Arcade Pod (47 pieces) 71716: Lloyd Avatar - Arcade Pod (48 pieces) Summer TV Season 71717 Journey to the Skull Dungeons 71718 Wu’s Battle Dragon 71719 Zane’s Mino Creature 71720 Fire Stone Mech 71721 Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon 71722 Skull Sorcerer’s Dungeon 70685 Spinjitzu Burst Cole 70686 Spinjitzu Burst Kai 70687 Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd
  8. Hi EB, here is a somehow unconventional review as I decided to review it 2 weeks after the build (so no pictures of sealed bag of pieces, etc ...) I know everyone is into the upcoming ghost theme, but here I am with a review of a set of the previous wave ^^ Name : 70749 : Enter the Serpent Theme: Ninjago Year: 2015 Pieces: 529 Price: 49,99€ Since the beginning of the Ninjago theme, I always had a particular affection for sets with dragons or temple/villain's lair (not quite fan of the recurring "the ultimate motorcycle of #insert ninja name here#"). Lucky me, this 1st 2015 wave had both, so I'll start with the enemy's temple. Note - I did not watched the show so unfortunately I cannot say if this is show-accurate or what are the detailed stories of the different characters. The box Pretty big box with a lovely color code. I was not really fan of previous wave with all that robotic stuff, so I'm pleased to see a come back to a more "natural" environment. As always the back of the box shows the different playable elements, I'll describe them later on. Stickers / Pieces One small stickers sheet - note that some were not applied as I wish to use the blank pieces somewhere else later. A nice round sticker with Anacondrai logo, and 2 maps that indicates the different traps of the temple.. Speaking of the pieces, here are the interesting ones in my opinion : - rares/exclusives ones : 2 purple wedge and 2 huge exclusive in purple "brick round corner", 4 dark tan slopes 3x3 also exclusives and one dark tan wedge with this "scale" texture (that we already had in other colors in previous dragons for instance). Also a nice dish with Anacondrai symbol. - Anacondrai equipment parts : amazing work on these pieces : bone sword, lovely shoulder pads, snake skull helmets ... I say very good job ! Minifigures We often speak of the quality of licensed figs compared to non-licensed ones but here we have some beauties ^^ Let's start with our heroes - Jay & Lloyd in their new jungle outfit (the heads are the same as always) : They are of course armed to face the danger :) Now move on to the opposite camp - the Anacondrai cultists. We have from left to right : - Kapau'rai ; snake transformation of Kapau that appears in other sets. - Master Chen : the leader of the Anacondrai cultists with a detailed torso and gorgeous back print with the Anacondrai logo. - Zugu : the prison guard I guess (he has the key on his pants) with a superb face print (and these shoulder pads with the spine ... lovely !) A side view of Kapau'rai to see his head's profile : Everyone is also armed to defend their lair : The temple We start the build with the little prison and the bone-bridge - then the temple itself for an overall good result with a satisfying size for a set of this price range. The purple parts give a nice touch the the overall build, with some interesting areas (the stairs for instance). The prison is a classic, you always enjoy putting the good guys in prison ^^ But there is one negative point for me : the snake head. In previous years we had some beautiful snake heads in Ninjago sets but this one ... I don't know but I do not like it. Maybe the size of the fangs, maybe the way the eyes are build Anyway, there is an opened area on the head to store lime ball parts (poison I guess) so that when you open the mouth they fall and poison our poor ninjas. The 2 trans-red elements at the beginning of the stairs are in fact missile that are vey well hidden. Lego love to put missiles everywhere and it often ruin the overall design but here it is really well integrated, good job. You can fire the missiles by pressing on one of the snake skull in the top of the stairs, again good integration of the mechanism as it is not visible. The back view show that you can access a small weapon rack and a treasure chest, and also that there is a classic trap mechanism to make someone fall into the spikes/snakes below. Remaining parts Some weapons, it's always useful and especially when it's one of these lovely bone blade. Opinion Well, for me it is a really nice set with many play features and nice minifigures with some exclusives ones. A real crush for these equipment parts that are beautiful and very detailed The only bad point I see is the snake head as mentioned below. Another good point with Ninjago is that you can always find the sets with a good discount if you wait a little I also love the constant change of universe/environment in Ninjago across the years and I am happy with this "jungle" theme. One last pic of the entire set to conclude :
  9. Ninja-go to 2018 for new sets and cool stuff. More movie sets? Motorcycle gangs? Outrageous! 70633: Kai - Spinjitzu Master 70634: Nya - Spinjitzu Master 70635: Jay- Spinjitzu Master 70636: Zane - Spinjitzu Master 70637: Cole - Spinjitzu Master 70638: Katana V11 70639: Street Race of Snake Jaguar 70640: S.O.G Headquarters 70641: Ninja Nightcrawler 70642: Killow vs Samurai X 70643: Temple of Resurrection
  10. Hi all! Here is my first try to use some Ninjago style design. Feel free commenting - thanks!
  11. The Time Twister Twins have gathered all the greatest villains in Lego history such as Captain Redbeard, Baron Von Barron, Basil the Bat Lord, Ogel, and Lord Garmadon to destroy the heroes once and for all! From their evil fortress guarded by a skeleton army, they have created a giant time portal that is twisting up the Lego timeline! Minifigs from across time and space are pulled through the portal and structures from various eras are colliding. Imperial soldiers are fighting cowboys, pirates are fighting bandits, and samurai are fighting mummies! Can the Time Cruisers Tim and Dr. Cyber unite all the heroes against these villains and save the timeline? On the left you can see the Pirates and Western time zones. Fort Legoredo has fused with an imperial fort, much to the dismay of the Brits and Yanks who are fighting each other. Meanwhile, the Islanders and Native Americans, two factions that were being called "savages" by some of the other minifigs, are meeting by King Kahuka's throne for peaceful negotiations. Out on the water, you can see a small pirate ship engage in a shootout with the bandits of the Coyote Gang while some Aquanaut and Atlantis divers are fighting off skeletons. Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP!! On the grounds surrounding the Time Twister fortress, minifigs from different eras are fighting the skeleton army while the Time Cruisers are flying in on their latest time machine, the Time-Rift Raft. It has a play feature that causes the propellers to spin when it is rolled across the ground. On the right of the battlefield, a Ninja temple had fused with an Ancient Egyptian tomb. Classic Kai, Pepper Roni, and Johnny Thunder and his friends are fighting skeletons while the Rock Raiders and Power Miners are fighting over a power crystal. Baron Von Barron swoops in from above the temples in his remastered Bi-Wing to attack his rival Johnny. Sorry for all the dust. This MOC was sitting around for a while before I got around to taking these pics and I didn't notice the dust until after the photo shoot. Up on top of Time Twister Tower, Ogel oversees the battle while the Time Twister Twin operate the time portal machine. The portal design is inspired by that of Piotr Machalski and Milan Sekiz. I included some interior in the buildings as you can see in this back view, although it's not much since I ran out of time (ironically). I hope you liked it. This was my entry for the Lego Legacy Battle contest on Lego Ideas from a few months ago. Unfortunately it didn't even make it into the voting phase, but honestly it's not my best work. I had to rush to get it built within a month to meet the submission deadline and it ended up being more quantity than quality. Still, I had fun building it as it is essentially a tribute to all the action themes that I loved growing up. What's your favorite Lego action theme? Let me know in the comments!
  12. Hello dear Lego fans, After having signed up here in the Eurobricks forums in 2011, I posted a new thread in the "Hello my name is..." section about my plans to create my own Lego City layout. Now almost 9 years later, I can finally show you some of the progress that has been made just at the beginning of the new decade :) Good things come to those who wait. Renovations on the attic are finally complete (apart from the lighting) and we now have around 110 m² to unleash our imagination. The current plans of the Lego city layout add up to around 60m² in size and they are, as you can see in the video, far from finished. However, I thought you might be interested in some of the things that my girlfriend and me were designing in the last couple of days. The name of the city is still unknown, but the overall design has started to take shape with a downtown area, which includes all the modulars, and shops, a residential area, an amusement park, a winter village, a train yard and a harbor/beach area. I would also like to add an airport to the city and some of the classic monorail tracks have been placed already. We are also getting into MOC a little bit and we will add our own creations to the layout as soon as they look nice! The commentary of the video is in German, but I am trying to add English subtitles into the system. Please let us know what you think here in the forums or in the comments section of YouTube. I will keep you posted on future updates if you like :) Note: All of the parts used in this layout are original Lego parts, except for some of the baseplates. I thought that lime green in the Hogwarts castle area might look cool, but I will probably exchange it for regular grass green baseplates in the near future. Thank you so much for taking a look! :) Christof
  13. GarmaFan

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    It seems rumors are starting, so I figured I might as well make this now. Ten years of Ninjago!
  14. Ninjago is a world full of action and adventure which keeps the ninjas constantly on their toes! However, all this excitement can get a little tiring for the ninjas' wise old Master Wu. That is why, up in his secluded Monastery of Spinjitsu, behind his dojo he has a hidden zen garden where he comes to sip on his beloved tea, meditate, and find his "inner piece" - or to just get away from the ninjas when they are arguing over who's turn it is to do the dishes. Built on a base similar to that of a miniature zen garden sandbox, this scene features many items typically found in a Japanese garden: a torii gate, raked sand with carefully placed rocks, a red bridge over a pond, a cherry blossom tree, a stone lantern, a jade dragon statue, and various plants and flowers in calming colors. Here is a closer look at the raked sand, the pond, and what I like to call the Wienersaber Bridge. A few side views of the scene: I hope you like my entry for the Eurobricks Flower Show contest. If you have any ideas on how to improve it, please let me know. Thanks, and namaste.
  15. Inspired by the small boats in the early scenes of the Lego Ninjago Movie, i made my own little boat, complete with a sail, an oar to push the boat through shallow water and buckets for fish. Ninjago boat (1) Ninjago boat (2) Ninjago boat (3) Ninjago boat (7) Hope you guys like it, leave a comment if you like.
  16. IMG_20200430_204832 I build this MOC long before the conclusion of the "Hunted"-Season from Ninjago and kinda imagined the Armor being propped up in an old shrine in the middle of rocky wastelands instead of just being placed in the center of a huge dragon`s nest. Oh well, at least it was a reason for me to use that neat raised baseplate from the Bionicles theme. IMG_20200430_204856 IMG_20200430_204856 IMG_20200430_204950 IMG_20200430_205035 More pictures can be found here Leave a comment if you like :D
  17. Here are some of my fantasy minifigures using parts released in the last few months. The parts are from the DC CMF series, Ninjago range, CNY sets and Hidden Side boxes as well as some BAM exclusive pieces. I would have preferred a more murine tail for the were-rat, but am not aware of any. I welcome suggestions. Questions? Comments?
  18. My next Ninjago build. Here it was again important to retain the charm and appearance of the sets as much as possible (for the recognition of the children) Actually, I wanted to install the whole smithy in the environment, but then I had to dismantle it and partly rebuild it. 20200503_123009 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20200503_123025 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20200503_123041 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20200503_123119 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20200503_123101 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20200503_123235 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20200503_125711 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20200503_125756 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr
  19. In September @MstrOfPppts and I finished our MOC based on the 70620 Ninjago City and 70657 Ninjago Docks sets. I took the photos in December, when it was displayed for the last time, and it took me too long to edit and select the best photos. There are two sections of the city, connected by an old stone bridge at the lowest level. We wanted to create a part of the city similar, yet distinct from the official sets. The ground level was set as a more traditional Asian architecture, while the above level was leaning more towards the modern high rise. The idea was to visualize how the architecture changed at higher levels when buildings were added on, but still to keep some traditional elements. For this purpose we also designed some custom printed parts to create the right atmosphere. From my part, this was the most extensive model I built, and one that I enjoyed building very much. If you're interested to see more details from other angles or just these photos in high-res, they are available at my Flickr.
  20. The small white dragon from the polybag 30547 grew up to be a medium sized slender dragon with snow white scales. IMG_20200430_205720 IMG_20200430_210423 This kind lives in the vast realm of the Oni and Dragons.When grown up, they have long serpent like bodies with short hind legs and winged front legs. Most notable feature might be its long spiny tail with a fire red sharp end.The red color is a warning, they are venomous and use the tail ends like stingers. The Dragonhunters used to catch these dragons to harvest its venom... IMG_20200430_211609 ...but because these dragons are vicious fighters, not every hunt is sucessful... IMG_20200430_212219 by Christian Weber, auf Flickr Find more pictures on this Flickr-Album: Hope you like it, leave a comment if you want...
  21. samurai-turtle


    The story is I wanted to make one mech for one of my mini figures. But I did not like it, and then I started to think what if "her" friends made some mechs too. And I stared to use my Mixel sets to make the Mechs for other mini figures. I had laying around (or spares). So here their are (a group shot or two)... The individual mechs are... Kappa Mech - Piloted by Leo, technically this might be the second one I made using Glorp Corp Mixels. But the first one I made I was not to happy with and it got remade more on that later. I did think making the limbs bigger / longer but I just settled on making the arms longer. Goblin Mech - Piloted by a Orc, using Spikels Mixels, it looks like some thing a goblin would make. You would noticed that I gave this (and a few others) a "door" to get in and out of the mechs easier. Thunder Mech - Piloted by Jay Walker, useing the Musical Mixels to make this one. I am thinking thunder is a noise and Jay is a lighting ninja it seemed like a good mach. Stitch's Mech - Piloted by Stitch, using Frosticons Mixels. This might be another one I had trouble making at first until I put Stitch as the pilot and then it just came together. The back story on this mech is Stitch got tired of "people" making fun of his size, so he ended up building this thing. Mystical Mech - Piloted by Lance, using Wiztastastics Mixels. I eventually put Lance in this mech wanting to use the first figure in some thing else. And I even put some "Wing Blades" on this mech to make it a little better and give it a slightly different attack than the other mechs. (The others using their "claws" for attacking.) Beetle Mech - Piloted by a Rogue / Archer (from the mini figure collectable series). I used Glowkies Mixels for this thing, putting the "horns" it made me think it look similar to a beetle. I even think the "teeth" holds a type of cannon. Plus this one has an odd way to get in an out of the mech. Snow Owl Mech - Piloted by a Chima Polar Bear. This one is very different from the others because is does not use any Mixels. What I am using is a Nexo Knight's Mech (Lance's) and a Chima Legend Beast (Eagle) plus a Ninjago poly bag (Dragon Hunter). You are probably wondering why I am calling this a "Snow Owl" one of the earlier versions the feet reminded me of a Snow Owl's feet. But I wanted some wings on the mech so I ended up using the Chima Eagle for parts. Plus If you look at one or two of the pictures it is holding a boomerang (from the Dragon Hunter) for a extra attack, along with it's "forearm blades" witch can flip around for a slash attack. Not to mention I was trying to make a mech for this figure I was not to happy with the other versions until this one came about. Also, I kinda figure with a Polar Bear Pilot in an Snow Owl Mech it might make this a feared "Bear Owl" from D&D. A gallery of the individual mechs...
  22. This is basically the counterpart to Mister E´s Car, of which both are inspired by "70639: Street Race of Snake Jaguar". The Ice Ninja with the titanium Heart gets a hot rodded,mean looking van that was once used to carry big blocks of ice or ice cubes (the predessor of modern freezer trucks) The van contains many notable parts and design cues from Zane´s old motorbike like the azure blue intakes on the sides,the huge wheels in the back and the falcon shaped mascot above the windscreen. IMG_20180701_121444 IMG_20180701_121506 IMG_20180701_121512 IMG_20180701_121524 IMG_20180701_121537 IMG_20180701_121549 The rear compartment has enough room to store a whole arsenal of ninja weapons. The weapons are mounted on a slide out plate and can be attached to the rear for easy access for Zane and the other ninjas,just in case Ninjago needs some saving and crime fighting. IMG_20180701_122025 IMG_20180701_122130 IMG_20180701_122727 Hope you guys enjoy this wicked ride, comments are always welcome
  23. I started my new Theme "NinjagoTRON" After I disassembled a few old Moonbase modules, I started with my Ninjago Theme. This is one of four planed modules. Market street 20200216_160729 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr 20200216_160453 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr Weapon-shop 20200216_160323 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr Vehicle-accessories 20200216_160647 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr Outfits 20200216_160533 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr Maintenance platform 20200216_160408 by Fabian Kraus, auf Flickr
  24. The latest NINJAGO wave appears to be a callback to the Digiverse from the Rebooted season, sprinkled with some cyberpunk vibe. What’s the big deal about that pink ninja suit? Find out in my 26th EB Review, set #71708 - Gamer’s Market. Overview Name: 71708 - Gamer’s Market Theme: NINJAGO Year: 2020 (1H) Pieces: 218 Minifigures: 9 Price: GBP 29.99 / USD 29.99 / EUR 34.99 / SGD 59.99 / MYR 169.90 (That is probably the longest description copy for a set with about 200 pieces) Introduction Unpopular opinion - I think that Digiverse is one of the more interesting world from Ninjago as it is inspired by Tron and The Matrix. For the upcoming season, our favourite team of ninjas are entering a familiar territory, and yet it feels different. We don't know much about the Prime Empire yet, but as far as I know, it is the game that will be important to the plot of the next TV season. We should find out how and why the ninjas will enter this dimension in season 12. In the meantime, let's talk about the packaging. Front box panel There are 3 Digi Jays in this box. Go find them! If the redundancy of the minifigures confuse you, it's fine. You're not alone. There are so many things happening in the box art that it is hard to figure out if it is a playset or just minifigure pack. It could be both. Back box panel As for the back panel, It shows pretty much about the same thing. Side box panel If the redundancy isn't enough in the front panel, this side panel shows you even the named characters that comes inside the box. Now, once you open the box, you are greeted with 3 plastic bags with numbers 1 to 3, an instruction booklet and a sticker sheet. Did I say sticker sheet? Yes. Unfortunately. Typically, I don't apply stickers . However, if you decide not to apply #1 and #2, the set looks incomplete or bland. Stickers #3, #4 and #5 are almost essential to make the Gamer Market vibe complete and they are small enough to be somewhat inconsequential if you choose to apply them. The translation of the script in the sticker: #4 - Hats! Additional stickers "+" from top to bottom, left to right: The individual letters - Z, N and C. Cole, the cake is a lie A B - probably referencing game control buttons. Minifigures Since this is essentially a People Pack for NINJAGO, what better way to start the review than by beginning with the minifigures. First, here are the official names of the minifigures. In order from left to right: Avatar Harumi, Red Visor, Richie, Okino, Scott, Digi Jay, Avatar Cole, Avatar Nya, Avatar Pink Zane. As we have 9 minifigures to cover here, I will showcase each minifigure one by one to thoroughly cover each one of them. Avatar Harumi Avatar Harumi wields a katana and is undeniably a homage to Kill Bill, an R-18 movie. This is not a coincidence because the new yellow tracksuit has the bluish emblem on the torso. This is present in tracksuit of The Bride. The designers even added a tiny black dot at the hips, which is also new, to denote the button which is also present in the original. Ultimately, this mimics the iconic yellow outfit of Bruce Lee which makes this minifigure even more awesome. The headpiece and hairpiece aren't new. They are exactly the same from 70651 Throne Room Showdown and 70658 Oni Titan. Unfortunately, there is no side printing for the legs or arms. To get around this, the legs has black strip running from the top edge of the hips down to the knee section of the minifigure. Frankly, I think the black lines should end just before the minifigure "feet" because as it is now, it appears that Harumi is wearing a yellow high-cut boots despite the original shoe reference being an Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Sneakers. I don’t know about you but I like how NINJAGO can adopt some adult-oriented pop culture references easily and make them look innocent. To a large extent, I think that this is an appropriate reference because Kill Bill is a quest for vengeance, which is very similar to the story arc of Harumi. However, I don’t really like the idea of my kids searching about Kill Bill due to *cough* blood bath *cough*. Red Visor I am not colour blind. The visor used in this minifigure is definitely not red, but calling this character Neon-orange Visor does not roll off the tongue quite easily, so it makes sense to just call it Red Visor. At least it uses a blaster with red scope. As for the visor itself, it is the same element used in Tron Legacy but in transparent neon-orange. The headpiece has dual face prints which are equally weird. The other one looks like it's about to puke (like those monsters from Hidden Side), and the other one appears to be a display screen of a robot on stand-by mode. Notice that the red symbol is the same as the one found in the shrine, which I will discuss in the build section later on. Moving on to the torso and legs, the major colour combination is red and black, with teal highlights. It has ‘404’ number printed which is a reference to one of the most loathed HTTP response code: 404 Not Found, which means the server could not find what was requested by the internet browser. This "404" number is then repeated at the back of the minifigure but is covered by the new shoulder armour and scabbards. At the back of this new armour, you can insert the frosted trans-neon orange 4L bar piece which is then attached to a gamer display board printed with skull icon, representing their antagonist group, next to 4 (full) health bars. The bad guys distinctly use black armours while the good guys use white. I don't know if it was intentional but the teal curly design at the back of the minifigure appears to be the same design motif for the NINJAGO box art that dates all the way back from 2011. This curly design motif is usually used at the borders of the box arts. See this image of the Fire Temple, and then spot where the right claw of the Fire Dragon touches, just beneath the "O" of NINJAGO logo. . Richie At first I don't know what to make out of this pink minifigure called Richie because it appears to be a rat with a visor and a pony tail. I heard people saying it has a goat face but if it is supposed to be a goat face, then it should have a goatee and a horn. So, it must be a rat. This moulded minifigure head is made of 2 different colour of ABS plastics so the detail is very crisps. The visor is not removable, unfortunately. However, you can remove the pony tail. This minifigure also uses the new shoulder armour and scabbards in black, with the same trans neon-orange gamer display board. In addition, Richie uses a twin-bladed weapon using a black game controller as the handle. Even if I am not the biggest fan of the pixel arts used on the torso and leg prints, the silvery details are excellent. Okino This civilian looking minifigure may look like just an ordinary minifigure but I doubt he is just a civilian because when you translate his Japanese name to English, you will find some parallelism with the other character, Unagami, who is positioned as villain for this season. Since season 12 has not come out yet, it is interesting to find out if there is any connection between the two. What I like about this minifigure is the new hairpiece with traditional topknot called chonmage (chon-ma-ge). It is also made of 2 different ABS plastic colour and the dark red part can be held by minifigure hand as it is the same size of a regular bar piece. Not sure why you would want to do that, but it's possible. The white torso has minimal details, just mere lines to show pleats and folds of a traditional Japanese clothing which is likely a yukata or a kimono. Scott Scott is the character that looks like Jack Davis from Hidden Side, but clearly not Davis at all. The character just happens to have a recoloured cap and hood combo piece, with a different print. On the cap, "S" is written in Ninjago script presumably meant for Scott's initial. There are shiny glimmer of face paint with triangular patterns on light aqua headpiece. This is the same skin-tone as General Vex and Blizzard soldiers from the previous wave but I don't know if this is just a coincidence as other characters use various skin colours in this wave. This could mean something very trivial or important to the season 12 storyline -- but we don't know that yet because season 12 has not came out yet. He also has red eyes and features an alternate face print with a mask. The torso has some crazy detail going on--from 2 dragon heads, reflective triangular patterns that goes all the way down the legs, "A" and "B" written in Ninjago script at the middle of the black inner wear, and "LJ" on his vest. At the back, a dragon circling an "S" is also printed. It almost looks like an ouroboros which is a serpent eating it's own tail. So to recap, the prominent letters printed on Scott are A, B and S --- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene? Digi Jay Frankly, I did not like the design of the Digi suits initially. However, I appreciated the design more as I held the minifigures. Similar to previous masks, the new Digi suit mask uses dual mouldings. However, while the older masks use more rounded curves to imitate the cloth textures, the new design features more aggressive lines which accentuate sharper details, similar to those found in motocross helmets. On the forehead, "J" is written in Ninjago script. The headpiece is new. The primary face print has a VR-like screen with vertical scan lines. The alternate face is just a smug face but looks better when used under the mask. As for the torso design, it is hard to ignore the inspiration from Tron with all those glowing circles all over the torso and legs. Another interesting design choice is the use of a different colour for Jay's right arm. The last time this design choice was used is back in 2012 with Jay ZX. Digi Jay also uses a new shoulder armour and scabbards in white. As mentioned earlier, all the bad guys use black version of this armour, while all the good guys use white. Connected onto the armour is a trans neon-green 4L bar attached to a gamer display board with ninja icon and 3 out of 4 health bars. Lastly, Digi Jay wields a trans-neon green kusarigama (chain-sickle) with a white game controller as a handle. Avatar Cole Nothing particularly exciting about this minifigure because all the pieces here were recycled from previous variants of Cole. The torso appeared in several City sets. Avatar Nya Like Cole, there is nothing much to say about this minifigure because all the pieces here were recycled from previous variants of Nya. The torso also appeared in several City sets. Avatar Pink Zane Finally, this is the last minifigure in the set and arguably the star of this set. This minifigure took 7 years in the making and it is likely the main reason why it is one of the most sought after minifigure in the set. It appeared in the TV Season 1, Episode 5 "Can of Worms". While the headpiece used is not new, everything else is new in this minifigure. The mask is the same mould as the first NINJAGO wave, and its first appearance in pink. If you think the torso is a direct recolour of the classic white Zane suit, you are wrong. To begin, the gold creature emblem on the chest is slightly different. It is slightly bigger, looks more jagged and splintered with ice shards, and for some unexplained reason, lost its mouth! In contrast, the original design looks less detailed, and simpler. The hip and legs print are also slightly different. I think some people will irrationally dislike this just because of these changes. Personally, I don't see much difference at arm's length distance so I am not so bothered about it. What's more important is that the designers decided to add back printing and legs/hips prints. They did not have to do this, but they did it anyway. Personally, I think it is an excellent decision. Build After the minifigures, let's not forget that this set is a playset with several small-sized builds to complete the Gamer's Market. Bag #1 Content Bag #1 contains Avatar Harumi, Red Visor and Richie, trans-dark pink key-tana. The red slope 45 2 x 1 with cutout without stud (part # 28192) is relatively new and 2 of them are included in this bag. Another notable part here is the trans-dark pink 2x2 round brick which appears in this colour for the very first time. Bag #1 Build In the typical NINJAGO fashion, shrines are made of black and red pieces. Likewise, the new collectible item in this wave, called key-tana, is at the middle of the shrine. One great feature of key-tana is that minifigures can hold it in 2 different orientations. If you notice the end of the hilt, it has a bar perpendicular to the hilt just fit for the minifigure hands. Bag #2 Bag #2 contains Okino, Scott and Digi Jay. Outstanding elements found in his bag is the large shuriken piece as well as the weapon pack in trans-neon green colour Bag #2 Build This build is essentially the weapon shop of the Gamer's Market. While majority of the items for sale are bladed weapons, the trans-neon green 1x1 round brick appears to be a potion. The use of the large shuriken piece is a bit flambouyant for my taste and I could imagine that if the designers used a more subtle approach, they could have avoided using such a large expensive piece. As an alternative, the set could have benefited on additional small pieces for auxiliary builds. Bag #3 Bag #3 contains the rest of the protagonists - Avatar Cole, Avatar Nya and Avatar Pink Zane. There are a lot of interesting minifigure accessories included in this bag. The most important being the blue classic space helmet and gold conical hat. Bag #3 build For such a simple build, I think I appreciate this the most. This is because out of the 3 builds, it has the most efficient use of parts to display all these headgears. No bells and whistles Completed Build with all the minifigures Looking at the overall build, I can't help but focus on the small details such as the accessories found in these minifigures. Just to reiterate, there are 2 game controllers in this set, 1 black/red and one white/black.The Arcade Pod impulse-buy sets, (sold separately) contains the gold game controllers. All of them look awesome and I hope we see more of this game controller piece in other sets. Then again, there are also not so beautiful side of the build. I think only the shrine build really suffers from a terribly bad angle due to that large teal piece as most of the teal anti-studs look terrible when viewed at the back. The other 2 builds looks just fine. Finally, here are the extra parts once everything is built. Conclusion This set has taken us to an uncharted territory. The positives are definitely praiseworthy and it offers many things I want to see repeated in future sets. Of course, it's not all good points. There are some bad ones too but they are tiny. Pros: People pack for NINJAGO! Pink Zane and Harumi in Kill Bill tracksuit Interesting minifigure accessories such as game controllers, key-tana, blue classic spaceman helmet, weapon pack in trans-neon green, etc. Cons: Stickers Limited play structures Could have featured more meaningful "avatar" characters Ultimately, this is something that you will buy primarily for the minifigures, and secondary only for the actual playset. So, to wrap things up -- Review summary Playability: 9/10 - There are no gimmicks, just pure small builds that is fit for purpose. If large pieces were not used, additional small structures could have been added for more variety. Design / Building Experience: 7/10 - Nothing revolutionary in 3 small builds but it's interesting enough for younger builders. Minifigures: 9/10 - Considering that Avatar Pink Zane is a deep reference to early TV season, it feels that Avatar Cole and Avatar Nya were just fluffs or an after thought. Still, 9 minifigures are awesome. Price / Value for money: 10/10 - TLG, keep this up! Overall: 8.75/10 - This is a great set with 9 unique minifigures and satisfactory builds for role-playing that will make avid NINJAGO fans happy and entertained for hours. Hey! That's mine!
  25. I`m kinda hooked on the Ninjago theme because of the many great and good looking buildings lately. As the Airjitsu Temple, City, City Docks, Temple of resurrection and not to mention the smaller City Chase vehicle. I went totally bananas with the latest one with 23 copies . Anyway, is there any rumors regarding a City/Docks set for 2019?