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Found 246 results

  1. Piranha

    LEGO Easter Eggs

    For a fun topic I thought it would be fun to discuss and share of any LEGO Easter Eggs in sets. So do you know of any? Popsicle in 7879 Classic Space Statue in 5974 I had known a few more but I am still thinking of what they were.
  2. I thought I'd share a project I'd been working on for a while! This is a Ninjago-themed Advent Calendar I designed to put on Lego Cuusoo. I put a lot of work into designing a variety of small and interesting models based on the theme. I did my best to make it with the same sort of constraints as the other Lego Advent Calendars. It has a similar part count, no new molds, and a limited number of recolored parts and new prints. Each model is simple and small in scale, and I took efforts to make sure that there was plenty of play value from the first model onward. I'll link to my pictures on Flickr, since I've already given them detailed descriptions there. Also, if you would like to see this as a set, I encourage you to support it on Cuusoo! Full Photoset on Flickr All Contents (pictured) Day 1 - Kai Day 2 - Anvil Day 3 - Toy Mech Day 4 - Weapon Rack Day 5 - Zane Day 6 - Snowball Catapult Day 7 - Toy Helicopter Day 8 - Snowman Day 9 - Cole Day 10 - Punching Bag Day 11 - Toy Driller Day 12 - Lamppost Day 13 - Jay Day 14 - Video Game Day 15 - Toy Jet Day 16 - Fireplace Day 17 - Lloyd Day 18 - Presents Day 19 - Toy Trike Day 20 - Christmas Tree Day 21 - Nya Day 22 - Tea and Cookies Day 23 - Sleigh Day 24 - Sensei Claus
  3. Apparently, I'm most like Zane. I was expecting Nya or Jay. I guess this makes sense, I like robotics and programming, and I have somewhat of an affinity for winter.
  4. CM4Sci

    Ninjago Costumes

    Out shopping for Halloween Costumes (not for myself, obviously), I stumbled upon these. Um, they're quite obviously the Ninjago characters, but they've been changed a bit. -Sci
  5. EEEE! -Sci
  6. Sorry about being so late on this, I just had a lot of stuff to do . Anyways, here is my Garmatron build, which follows (as closely as I can, at least) the TV series version. And a picture without minifigures: I compared it with the TV Show so you can see how similar it is. Here's the Front and Back comparison: and the Top and Side comparison (yea, I know, the top of mine is a whole lot smaller then the TV series one, but, there is only so much one can do with a limited collection ): More pics at my Flickr. C&C are welcome, as usual
  7. When I first saw pics that the Samurai Mech was going to be a set. I wanted it so much. Once I got it. It took a few bricklink orders but I was able to revamp it to be more show accurate. Also being a fan of Nya I got both the Samurai X spinner and the Nya spinner. There are a lot of pics below so here is the gallery when its public. In the gallery is an Lxf file for the mech and card stand built in Ldd if you wish to build this yourself. (In the model there are parts that aren't attached since they won't attach in Ldd. But they will attach in real life. The bottom of the sword also won't attach in Ldd but will attach in real life. Also I've built the thumb differently since recently I've figured out how to build a realistic thumb for the mech in real life.) http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=518691 So here are some pics of my Nya minifigs (All of them wear the ring from the lord of the rings sets. It represents the bracelet Nya had in the show) Samurai X front (I used the head from Spyclops since it best matched the goggles Samurai X had in the show) http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/001.jpg Samurai X back (I used a star wars jetpack for her jetpack. I had to cut the top part off for it to fit) http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/002.jpg Custom Nya Zx front http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/003.jpg Custom Nya Zx back http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/004.jpg Nya minifig http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/005.jpg Nya in her dress http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/006.jpg Nya with goggles and helmet from the episode Darkness shall rise (Yes it looks goofy) http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/007.jpg Wish they made a dark Nya minifig. Then I would have all her variations This is my Custom Samurai X Spinner. (Nya's normal spinner included) Top View http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/008.jpg Bottom View (I wish I could take apart my Samurai X spinner and give it a Gunmetal bottom. Until then That is the only Silver used in all of my Nya sets) http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/009.jpg Nya Zx and Normal Nya on the spinners (Nya Zx is loaded with swords) http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/010.jpg My custom Card holder for My Nya and Samurai X character cards (Also hold the weapons from both spinner sets Samurai X Side http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/011.jpg Nya Side http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/012.jpg Now with all of that out of the way. I can show you my Revamp of the Samurai Mech Set These are the changes I made 1. Removal of the tan bricks, Trans red bricks blue bricks and most of the light grey bricks 2. Putting a cannon on both sides and making both hands clawed 3. Making the front be able to flip down like it does in the show 4. Replacing the Small jetpack with a more accurately sized one 5. Improving the sword and making the blade gunmetal. 6. Modifying the arms and legs so they have more articulation With that here are pics Front View http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/013.jpg Right Side http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/014.jpg Back View http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/015.jpg Left Side http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/016.jpg Cockpit open http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/017.jpg Samurai X getting inside http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/018.jpg Samurai X inside the mech http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/019.jpg Mech wielding a Shuriken (Ninjago Gunmetal crown works best) http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/021.jpg Mech shooting a net http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/022.jpg Here is a pic of the sword (There is a hole drilled in the blade so the sword can be stored) http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/023.jpg Hip mounting port (I had to use those studs since they only come in white) http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/024.jpg Sword stored on hip http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/025.jpg Drawing sword from hip http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/026.jpg Sword stored on back http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/027.jpg Drawing sword from back http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/028.jpg One final pic an action pose http://www.brickshel...o/NYAGO/029.jpg Comments and criticism appreciated
  8. It looks like Netflix has added a decent number of Lego TV shows to their streaming service. I see the first two Ninjago story arcs (Skellies and Rise of the Snakes), a few Bionacle movies, a Friends shows and the Atlantis movie. Woot!
  9. robuko

    Fake ninjago

    Not sure if this belongs here or in another forum, but there is a risk of Eurobrick members buying these fake figures secondhand on BL etc so I wanted to raise it. Today I found a lot of direct copies for sale of all of the large Superheroes action figs and several Ninjago sets and most of the Ninjago series 2 minifigs. I bought 4 of the ninjago minfigs out of curiosity (no moral indignation please), I paid HKD$70 for 4. This is what they look like - boxes My observations - the printing quality is really good on the minifig bodies. Better than Lego, on average! The leg printing is also better than Lego, it starts higher up on the thigh. But Nya's face printing is pretty bad with her lower mouth missing. The plastic quality is poor, with noticeable moulding flaws on the hands, feet, face wraps, Nya's torso and, and the back of Cole's legs. Colour consistency is good. The accessories are of highly variable quality, some parts such as Zane's shuriken and knives, Nya's black scimitar are very good, others are pretty terrible such as Zane's chain (many flaws) and Cole's scythe, which doesn't fit. Interestingly the cards are printed in English, German, French, Spanish (Italian and Japanese for the titles only, not the effect), suggesting these are intended for export markets. On average, these are a pretty good copy of some rare and expensive minifigs. I will happily buy the NRG Jay if I see him and maybe some of the snakes. Sadly I did not see Pythor Chumsworth. But do not pay Lego prices for these figures on BL! I would be very cautious about buying any Ninjago series 2 figs on BL especially from HK.
  10. I have an issue with a part commobly found in Ninjago sets: http://www.bricklink...tem.asp?P=98135 All of these blades are bent when out of the box. They are quite flexible, however. Are we supposed to straighten them ourselves? Or are they supposed to be bent like that? Sometimes it provides a nice and aesthetically pleasing effect (f. ex. in 9443 Rattlecopter), but in other sets, like 9448 Samurai Mech and the Golden Dragon, it looks kind of weird. I carefully examined the boxes for these sets, as well as all the promotional photos, and it seems the blades are supposed to be straight. One of the blades from my Rattlecopter somehow straightened itself when stored in a box, packed tightly with lots of other pieces. This makes me wonder: is the piece damaged or not? I've bent it again, but I'm not sure I should have done it.
  11. I'll start off by stating I have no idea if I have this in the right forum since the topic covers such a broad spectrum of kits. I'm assuming a mod will slap my wrist and shuffle this off to the appropriate category if I'm mistaken in my posting here I received an email today indicating a 20% off sale at (canadian) on all city, star wars, chima and ninjago lego. Normally I don't get overly excited over random lego sales BUT lumped into this is the collectible minifig series 7, 8 and 9 all in stock and 20% off. I only received the email today (last day of Feb) and it states "all month long" so I hope they mean March and not just today as the rest of THIS particular month is done in about 6 hrs on the West Coast. Needless to say I'm now expecting some minifig mystery packs in the post.
  12. Hi everyone; this is my 4th review here on Eurobricks, and my first for Ninjago. Today I’ll be reviewing 70500 Kai’s Fire Mech. I stopped by the LEGO Store yesterday to fill up my holiday Pick-a-Brick box and bought this set as well. I would’ve bought 70503 as well, but there weren’t any in stock. Set Number: 70500 Name: Kai’s Fire Mech Piece Count: 102 Minifigures: 2 (Bathrobe Kai and a Scout) Price: $9.99 USD I'll start with the box: Front: Back: Here we can see all the play features. They consist of grabbing things, and…..beging able to move the limbs. O-K. Top: Kai in his bathrobe. Or whatever. Contents: Inside the box are three bags, an instruction booklet and a Dreaded Sticker Sheet. The DSS: More than normal for such a small model, but not too outrageous. I’m not going to be applying them (at least not right now); the mech looks fine without ‘em. Nothing special here. Here’s the parts list: …and a random step: … There’s a small ad in the back as well. It’s in my photostream, if you care. The Parts: Large Pieces: Lots of Hero Factory parts. This allows for plenty of posability, so I won’t complain. Medium Pieces: Small Pieces: Three bags is kind of a lot for such a small set, wouldn’t you say? Lots of gold weapons in this bag, and of course the “Fire Blade.” New and/or interesting pieces: The red quiver and Sensei Wu hat are of particular note, but the new inverted brackets are also nice. The Minifigs: The Figs - Front: Kai looks rather angry in his bathrobe, and the scout looks similarly displeased. The scout has short legs, so he doesn’t get any leg printing, while Kai does. Back: Both have back printing, but neither fig has a double-sided head. Oh well. With headgear and weapons: Seriously, what’s with the bathrobe? Kai and his sword: Geez, that’s an oversized sword. By the way, Kai in not 'holding' the sword here, he's just propping it up. The sword is standing on the ground. Now for the set itself: The Build: This body is the core of the model. Everything else attaches to this. The legs. Pretty nice, and I like how the two cheese slopes give the appearance of toes. One problem is that the range of motion for the legs is rather more limited than I would like, but it's not a huge problem. The missile launcher (I think that’s what that is. Might just be a gun). Not as good as it could have been, but it works. Nice connection; seems to be very common in these new sets, but nice and sturdy. The hand. I think it’s gorgeous; what do you think? The palm of the hand, connected to an arm. The last few bits of the model. The thing on the right is what holds Kai in the robot (and what he holds onto, as well), while the bit on the left is the mech’s antennae. Or something. And the robot needs to be able to hold a sword, right? Finished Product: Front view: Rear view: With Kai and Fire Blade: Extra Parts: Not much. The extra katana is kinda unexpected, though. Everything together: This gives you a sense of scale. And a comparison with its older, larger, brother from Exo-Force (8101 Claw Crusher): (Some time ago I made some significant modifications to the Exo-Force set, if you can’t tell.) Scoring: Design: 13/15 A solid design. The missile launcher is a bit half-hearted, and the legs have a somewhat limited posability, but other than that, this is a very solid design. Not nearly as skeletal as previous comparable mechs. Features: 3/5 Not much. There’s a hand, and the arms and legs move. I’m gonna give this category less weight than normal, and give its points to design. Parts: 9/10 102 parts, many of them useful, especially (for me) the joints, but also the brackets and “weapons.” The Fire Blade piece is very…interesting; I like it. Minifigures: 9/10 My jokes about Kai and his bathrobe aside, these are some nice figs, with useful printing and accessories. Price: 9.5/10 102 parts for $10 is fine, and the parts are useful, the design is solid, and the figs are nice. Total: 43.5/50 87% is pretty good. This is a solid little mech; I may wind up purchasing another.
  13. davaoeno

    LEGO 2013

    London Toy Fair 2013 Check this out!!!
  14. Dazmundo

    Lego Nappys

    There are 2 things that take up alot of time and money in our house, one is Lego and the other is Nappys for our 8month old twins, we use reusable nappys so when I spotted these custom nappys we had to have them, what do you think? Xander is wearing red and Dixon is wearing blue And with their first Minifigs D
  15. Hello, What I really want in my Ninjago collection is a big, cool-looking and nicely designed snake vehicle that'll go well with the Samurai Mech, so I'm thinking of getting the 9457 Fangpyre Wrecking Ball set. However, I've got a few questions about it: - Is it stable and well balanced? On some photos it seems to tilt forward because of the heavy head. - Are there any major design flaws? I don't really like modding sets, so I only buy those that I believe are the best in terms of design. - Does it look nice with the Samurai Mech on display? How much bigger is it? Thanks in advance.
  16. Everything's better with ninja - even bathroom cleaning! Here you can (hopefully) see the details better; basket & newspaper, sink, towel, vent, trashcan, toilet, toilet paper, and a plunger. Closer view: Feedback is appreciated! (SK, I folowed your advice with the windows!) Edit: Knew I forgot something: More pictures on my Flickr!
  17. The Ninjago Wiki has rolled out a new mainpage design. However, it would be great to get feedback from creatively-minded LEGO fans like those here on Eurobricks. Any and all feedback will be appreciated.
  18. My 16x16 vignette for Eurobricks Ninja Month: Ultimate Battle! When trying to think of what would make for an ultimate battle, I decided that it would have to have a lot of action. So I tried to incorporate a lot of characters. Originally I would have had all five Ninja doing Spinjitzu, but that would have made it difficult to fit an enemy who would have stood a chance into the vignette. Lloyd's single tornado ended up looking better than my composite tornado concept anyway. I worked very hard to balance the composition, as you can see in the top-down photo. I also recognize that having Lloyd using his elemental powers while the other four Ninja still have their Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu doesn't fit the official storyline, but I intended to capture an iconic vision of the characters much like the beautifully-illustrated key visuals that appear in the Ninjago instruction booklets.
  19. Here's my entry to the everything is better with ninja contest. Cole is doing a chore I know too well: Vacuuming the stairs And from another angle: Arial view to see if he has done a good job: Thanks for the contest, and C&C are welcome.
  20. The terrible snakes have stolen the Golden Shurikens of Ice, and only Zane can use his spinjitzu to retrieve them! But the Constrictai aren't about to give it up without a fight! Adn they have enshrined the weapon high atop their walls! Building a tornado took me quite a while, but I actually ended up likeing the design! C&C are welcome! Edit: Knew I forgot something: More pictures on my Flickr!
  21. With EB down, I had plenty of time to finsh this up: Jay is spraypainting the fence, while Sensei stands close to spot any mistakes. . . Nya is churning butter, while a mouse prepares to enjoy a bit of cheese - but he might not be left in peace! Of course, the pigs aren't supposed to get in with the horses - but every once and a while, they escape even Zane's Falcon Eye. . . And naturally, Kai had to end up with the dirty job! Any feedback is apreciated! More pictures on my Flickr.