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Found 62 results

  1. narbilu

    [K - C06] Alien Chow

    :: C06 Hyreal :: -- Alien chow -- Nar Bilu's blaster didn't get the result Nar Bilu wished for. From the ground behind him strike a bladelike tail him in the back sabering him to the dirt. (check the last scene) Leaving him in a pool of blood, the mother worm dove back into the deep hole it came from. Only minutes later the harsh sound of teeth and flapping wings arrived at the scene. Nar Bilu used all his strength to crawl away, but the tearing agony of teeth and razorsharp talons stopped him from moving any further. How will this end... is this the end?
  2. narbilu

    [K - C06] Seriously outgunned

    :: Hyreal C06 :: :: Seriously Outgunned :: After me and DragonFire entered the forests of Hyreal we split up to investigate the area for anomaly, so the recruits are save to resume their training. We kept close contact through our coms. After a short hour DragonFire lost communications... To be continued...
  3. narbilu

    [K - C06] KGMA - part 3

    :: Hyreal C06 :: :: Kawashita Group Military Academy – the Canal :: part 3 of ? Link to Part 1 Link to Part 2 After a thorough inspection of the fresh Kawashita troops, I decided to participate in the field exercise. But not earlier than after making an even more thorough inspection of the planet beyond the Wall. Me and one of my loyal officers, Dragonfire, took the Beacon, a two seated fast explorer with enough firepower to insure our save passage. We just don’t want any unexpected surprises when we take our troops out in the field. To be continued… for Honor & Glory
  4. :: A04 - Mynderis :: The Terrestrial are worried about one of their covert planets they mine for awesomnium. They asked me and Koro to escort a small squadron of scouts to the surface and see where the threat is settling and conducting their research. Koro did a quick sweep of a spot where the Terrestrial could land their dropship. As the area was cleared I set foot on the steaming hot rock giving the sign in the com that the troops could arrive. The threat was no-where close to our current location. My scanners show a path between the lava streams leading 5 miles down south where the planet was violated by another corporation. Dropship:
  5. narbilu

    [K - C06] KGMA - part 2

    :: Hyreal C06 :: :: Kawashita Group Military Academy – the Grounds :: part 2 of ? Link to Part 1 Link to Part 3 When my board and myself enter the walls of KGMA we find a squadron of fast attack #AS-one Arc Solo vehicles lined up for a quick strike. Mike hoovers over the facility in a smaller version of the Hit & Run, the #MH-solo checking out the preparation of the scholar upcoming real-life training. I search for a better spot to oversee the KGMA grounds, which I find on the balcony facing the grounds. On the path are some front line gunners with shield getting the last briefing and the Arc’s are starting their engines. The final stage of their training is about to start. Time to head back to the Wall. To be continued… for Honor & Glory
  6. :: Crentium A08 :: After the board approved the alliance with ALIEN, I was offered to learn about the ways of the Terrestrial. They seem to have advanced in farming and terraforming planets we have not discovered yet. It seems that they use snow and water to grow biomass. And they use awesomnium to power the machines that make snow out of the water that is hidden within the very atmosphere. I talk to one of their officers and he has the approval of the ALIEN council to teach me, or so to say Kawashita, the basics of their farming technology. For a price of course, so after the tour I head back to Orinshi to collect the payment. to be continued... soon! making and melting snow Logistics and command farming and growing ​Overview - check out my flickr for more detailed pictures
  7. narbilu

    [K - F10] - the Traig Treaty

    :: The Traig Treaty :: Junali 3815 In recent events on Traig I spoke to a society, calling themselves the Tron. Their marking had a resemblance to something I encountered in history books, but I can’t really recollect in what matter. Fey and Brazer are looking into that. Kawashita acknowledged that I am doing a pretty good job so far, so they freed me of my parol and given me extra authority. Basically meaning I can decide things for myself. Together with the Tron I fabricated a plan how to taunt the other two corporations speed in dominating Andromeda. Tron is part of an alliance called ALIEN, Alliance of the Liberated & Independent Entrepreneurial Nations. We are at the verge of a collaboration with this alliance, but they have some demands. These demands are of no concern of other members, maybe even a bit dangerous. For the sake of Kawashita I comply and agree to be escorted to Arium Major (F10). They supplied me with a spy outfit so the jumps are made easier. What my fate there will be is still a bit cloudy. I grab a small vessel, which was just assigned to The Collision. When I exited the docking bay a small squadron of four disc-like spacecrafts surrounded me and set course. We flew past a small dozen of planets before we entered the Arium Major subspace. My radio started to rattle. I expected to get instructions of one of the four spacecrafts, but instead the voice of Koro whispered in my com. He will report our conversation separately. In the middle of an asteroid belt in the outer orbit of Arium Major we halted. Now the leader of the pact contacted me just to tell me that we will hide in the astroid belt to conduct scans of Octan activity. We still float undetected between the large rocks circling around the planet as a lost moon, mapping the whole planet trying to find a save spot to land. .. end transmission ..
  8. :: Unexpected recovery log :: The lifeless planet of Guinevere is the next stop in the Kawashita path in Andromeda. This steaming planet is worth exploring from a distance at first. Streams of boiling stone in the cracks of dark stone. The probe searches the area for a decent stock of resources when the scanner blinks. Narbilu checks the report of the scanner. Biomass, a life form. Somehow fauna of some sort seems to adapted itself to grow in these circumstances. Oxygen levels are acceptable, so it is time to drop ship and discover this for ourselves.
  9. narbilu

    [K - E10] - The Traig Society

    :: The Traig Society :: Junali 3815 Hovering over the mountains of Traig, a strange anomaly triggered the scanners. It seems that there is some sort of life on Traig, and it appears they are intelligent enough to use metals and electronics. Something worth exploring. Fey drops the ship to the hard rock soil and Narbilu exits the vehicle in his newly obtained walker. Only a few clicks north before he encounters some sort of entrance. Narbilu was already spotted. A few manlike spacesuited figures guide him to their leader. Kawashita are the first visitors they could actually speak to in over a millennium. The content of the discussion won't be reported in this log, it seems to be secret and board members eyes only. What will happen and what is discussed???
  10. narbilu

    [K-B08] - Nothing suspicious

    Greater Direstan B08 – Nothing suspicious Junali 3815 After a quick scan of the surface below, Narbilu decided to do a solo survey of the planet. As it seems the large plains of grass attracts no danger. For miles and miles Narbilu shears through high grasses on his newly obtained speeder bike, leaving a trail that has the characteristics of a grain circle. Over ten miles he flies in a straight line, before treasure is found. A strange field of flowers, growing awesomnium. This is something our botanists and scientists should look at. If this is reproducible, this would be a goldmine. Instead of searching the galaxy, we could just grow our resources. Narbilu circles the area placing beacons for the extractors and filing photographic scans of the surroundings, so the planet is mapped and stored in our database. Greater Direstan seems harmless and save for Kawashita to dominate without any trouble.
  11. narbilu

    [KG - B09] Deeper Grounds

    Maian 3815 Serium B09 - deeper grounds After a thorough search of the shallow waters of Serium, myself and Fey swapped our landing vehicle for a more suitable vessel to travel the greater oceans. We searched the coastline of the small sandbanks, before taking our ship to deeper grounds. We were no three minutes out, when our scanners went beserk. I suited up and went overboard, when no live was spotted in a miles radious. The bottom was still not far from the waves, so I could explore the surface with the ship within handsrange. I swam south, Fey following my lead on the water, until I froze. I was face to face what seemed to be a statue. Serium once had, or still has, some form of civilazed species. Hopefully not the size and jaws the statue shows. They also valued awesomnium, because this statue was placed right before a large vain, scaring off anyone trying to get near the crater. Fey reported still no living creatures near, so we extracted some of the awesomnium to test its purity. After confirmation, I placed a beacon so the miners could track the vain. Another successful mission. Serium proves very resourceful for Kawashita Group.
  12. narbilu

    [K - B09] Shallow Waters

    Serium B09 - Shallow Water Maian 3815 Everything seems to develop in a proper speed on Orinshi, our help is necessary elsewhere. So the Collition sets to the adjacent system of Serium. Inside the flagship figs run around preparing for the first official scout mission. Brazer sits in the operation room with Narbilu, discussing the first target. When they reach the orbit of the oceaan covered planet, the Collition halts. Narbilu and Fey readied the Renegade and left the Collition to orbit Serium. The craft hovered over large oceans for hours before the scanner showed some sort of surfaced land. When Fey spotted a small sandbank she decended to a height where both would be able to see what was beneath them. Narbilu opened the bar to exit the Renegade after checking the surface for hardness. The ground feels like regular sand and a first glymps doesn't show any from of life. Narbilu took out his scanner to check the content of the surroundings. It revealed a small amount of awesomnium in some craters in the shallow waters. A closer look revealed the veins were visible and easy to mine. When Narbilu wanted to enter the water, a large black snake-like creature surfaced from burrows between the awesomnium. Fey jumped out to pull back Narbilu. Both watched the animals for an hour and study them. Fortunately the creatures seem harmless. They appear more visious than they are. This will be a great planet for our miners. Although they need own supplies to survive.
  13. As discussed in previous chapters, Nar Bilu discovered a treasure, a legend of which Kaliphlin failed to pursuit. He changed a bunch of mercenaries to a strong courageous army, suitable for his dreams. Will anyone be brave enough to face them? Will Nar be able to rule Hemresa again? Or will his dreams go beyond that... The Heroes: Narbilu, the Lord of the Wingless Serpents Phyton, Mage of the dessert V'nom, commander of scouts and tracker The riders Together with the mage, two giant lizard like creatures joined the army. They are tamed and ready for battle. Nar Bilu ordered to gear them properly for different situations. Spearmen In the front line of Nar Bilu's army are the spearmen, together with the axemen they are the first to sprint into battle. Archers Just behind the front line stand the archers, equiped with crossbows able to pierce thick armour. With goggles to protect their line of sight they are piece of the heart of the army. Scouts Nar Bilu doesn't send his army out to undiscovered area's. A small band of scouts, under the command of V'nom, find trails, scout territory and seek out any obstacles before sending the army in. Swordsmen When the first wave entered the battlefield, the swordsmen make sure the job is finished. With their shields and swords they bash into the fight, shedding blood and terror amongst their opponents. Elites The rage of the swordsmen is assisted by the battle eager elites. They already earned their stripes and are an inspiration to every soldier waving their weapons against the metal of the one they are facing. Together for one cause. Axemen The axemen are always in the front line. Learning, receiving scars and earning the respect to move up the ladder. All dream about the armour of the elites, to become a line in a story or song of the bards. And so the army of Nar Bilu and his Wingless Serpents is formed and grows by the day. Fearless and strong. Army overview...
  14. Back to Book I A small time lad from the countryside retrieved a letter telling that his granddad left him an island, in the middle of Avalonia. Stunned by the inheritance, he dove into the history books only to find out that his granddad was a legend. Avalonia was now a peaceful, fertile and glorious. Nar Bilu’s dad passed and his little brother was too eager to help their mother with the farm, so he could own it when she passes. (this was my first GoH build ever) With nothing more than his hooded cape, a walking stick and some rations Nar said his family goodbye and started walking west. At the borders of his legacy stood a ruin of what used to be a gatehouse. He arrived. Hemresa was filled with friendly folk, farmers and woodmen. A long lost lore told the locals that their saviour would rise and when Nar arrived and showed them the paperwork that he owned the lands, they embraced his arrival with a large feast. In this stage of his life, Nar became a diplomat, an army officer and a beacon for people to go to. His folk accepted him and his decisions. Hemresa was kept out of the disturbances told in Book I. Civil wars in Historica – Book II (Nar Bilu - Lord of Hemresa, Protector of Avalonia) Of course the tumult started in Nocturnus. And when trouble arises in Nocturnus, the dark cloud would cover the whole of Historica. Nar Bilu and a hand full of his most loyal elves set route to the borders with Mitgardia to assist the Snow Elves. Keeping the Nocturnus threat out of Mitgardia. When the wars in Nocturnus were attenuated, Nar Bilu head back to Avalonia. On the one side a plague was counting casualties, but what was even more disturbing was that Drow found a way under the tunnels of Avalonia. Hemresa was invested with these dark creatures. Bow’s Arch, the Northern Tower and many other peaceful places fell. Nar Bilu got help from the elves of the Enchanted Forest. At their castle, Hembrugga, they defeated the Drow. The elves betrayed Nar Bilu and he was banished from Hemresa. With only a few men he set sail to a small island northeast and build a settlement. Norra Island was his haven, where he would be able to rebuild an army and retrieve what is rightfully his. He and his henchmen raided the shores of Hemresa to gather intel and harvest resourses, but they were not strong enough to invade Hemresa. In the meantime Mitgardia was under attack, but Nar Bilu didn’t have any resources to help them out. (Nar Bilu - banished, he removed his Avalonian greens) Kaliphlin knowledge Nar Bilu realised he has to be swift if he ever wants his property back. He needs a strong, large army to push back the elves and their allies. One night he wakes up after having a dream. A dream of legends and their might. He wants to become such a legend. He grabs the first torch, packs a backpack with the most necessary rations, a weapon and a shield. He writes a note to his family and leaves together with a few henchmen to aid him with his search. (Nar Bilu - undercover in Kaliphlin) In the month ahead he travels from city to city, only visiting libraries, reading about legends, their tools until he reaches the University of Petraea. The books here not only describe the heroes, but they own the information of how to gain the power also. His most loyal henchman set up a meeting with a local diplomat, who was searching for mercenaries to aid Ulandus in the expected Kaliphlin war of the three lords. In his studies, Nar Bilu encountered a story he wants to pursuit. In return of his services he wants a map, instead of payment. The diplomat agrees and delivers the map and the orders from his lord Ulandus. Nar Bilu scavenges the bars, brothels and other lowlife places where he could round up men. That turned out easier than he expected. Becoming a legend Packed with little more than the weapons on their backs, the dessert was their destination. Nar Bilu was more eager to find the x’s on the map than to help the Ulandus with their struggle. Nar wondered why never anyone study these documents before, because within days they found the entrance of the first step to never ending glory. When they found the first relic, a four hundred year old mage, their armour transformed. He agreed to aid the first man who ever asked him for help. When they stepped back in the sun, two giant lizard like creatures awaited them. They were the pets of the mage and probably as old as him. After dealing with some of the requests of Ulandus, they set path to the Dune Sea where the second dig site of the Serpent legend lays hidden. The tomes were exactly on the spot the map designated. When they descended, hiding from an upcoming sandstorm they strolled through the tunnels and decided that this would be their settlement when staying in Kaliphlin. Behind a sealed door, Nar found the second and last relic. He took the golden statue from the plinth and a green blast of magic lit up the tunnels. Everyone passed out. Nar was the first to awaken. He looked in the reflexion of his sword when he gazed at the faces of his men, they all had snakelike faces. Scales on their bodies. Their tongue changed and they spoke a strange language, but understood each other. Nar Bilu had lost his scars. Everyone was filled with courage, strength and hope. Hope to win back Hemresa. Hope to win whatever is bothering Kaliphlin. (Nar Bilu - fully transformed and Lord of the Wingless Serpents) Nar Bilu screams it out. The pain has gone, he traded it for hope. Now they are ready to face whatever challenge they encounter all the way to Pertraea and then to Hemresa. Their arrival in Petraea will be diplayed soon... I hope Watch the pictures of the Wingless Serpents army post...
  15. Nar Bilu takes his army on a short journey south to the Delta of the Qar-Akhen River. It seems that band of soldiers try to pass security and move inlands at a small bay leading to the main river. Nar commands his troops to set up a blockade within the river bay. With the little resources at hand the men build a few connected floating towers. One of the archers approaches Nar Bilu and warns him for incoming troops. In the shallow waters of the bay, armoured men try to sneak up. Within range of the towers the Serpent Spearmen arise ploughing the tips of their spears between the breastplates of every soul within reach. Before the commander is able to retreat his men, the water has turned from clear blue to deep red. Shields and bodies float to shore, while sword sink to the bottom. They will think twice before taking this route again. Check my Flickr account for other angles and details
  16. As Nar Bilu and his troops reached the centre of the Dune Sea, sandstorms erupted from all directions at once. Nar stared at the sun, standing still for what seemed for ages. The troops became impatient, until the storms subsided. Nar marked a spot with a stick in the loose sand. He commanded the troops to take whatever is useable from the giant lizards saddlebag to start digging. He pointed to a few other men to set up a tent. By the time night set in the diggers stumbled on hard rock. The tent was moved to this spot, where the men continued revealing the structure under the dune. Finally they found something that could be a ceiling of something. When the area was cleared, Nar Bilu stepped forward, he pounded his axe on the hard surface. It cracked and a portion of the stone crumbled and fell ten feet down. Another storm forced the army all to enter the sinkhole for shelter. Nar took all night to search the corridors, until he found what he was looking for. A jewel in the shape of a serpent eye. When he lifted the gem of the peddle stool it was presented on, a bright flash filled every corner of the corridors. A crushing pain flowed through the veins of every soldier present. Some fell on their knees, others just screamed it out, until their throats were soar. Finally they dropped on the floor unconscious, Nar included. When the whispers of the wind fainted, the men woke up. Different, stronger, fearless. Everything that would make them feared by most opponents. The last piece of the curse of the Wingless Serpents Legend was fulfilled. Nar Bilu decided that this corridors would become a safe haven for his army. He ordered a few men to stay behind and secure the base, while he would continue his quest in Kaliphlin. (pictures of the cursed will be up next week, awaiting brick link order)
  17. The mage has proven himself worthy of the trial in Bella’Erezhi, so Nar Bilu decides to send him out to the Northwall Corridors, when he received notice of trouble in that region. Again with a small band of troops, Phyton leaves the army to follow his orders. Python was welcomed within the walls and before he could settle, he was requested on the northern part of the walls to assist defence against the advancing troops. He watched the helpless men raging the large walls. Python commanded the archers to start launching salvos of arrows. A few seconds later all the Desert Kings Troops were pre occupied and not watching the approaching cloud of arrows. From beneath the sand a small nest of Underdark Serpents erupted, feasting on the soldiers. The men who survived the attack of the serpents, was struck by either an arrow or scattered in such was that they lost track and died somewhere in the adjacent dessert. (I hope to make improved pictures later this week)... have to go now :)
  18. Wingless Serpents Scout Surprise At the edge of the Nestlands, where the forrest meets the desert a band of Mypar Stedor mercs scouted the area for a way into the dense foliage. But it seemed that not a high price was paid for their services, because a couple of keener eyes observed them every step unnoticed. A couple of Wingless Serpents Scouts, led by Venm. At the first possibility, the leader of the pact was surprised by a single blow in the chest by Venm, dropping him hard in the dust. Without any doubt, the others scattered into the desert, not even taking the opportunity to raise a weapon. A simple victory, without the lost of any of our scouts. After a short examination of the blood soaked corpse, proudly Venm send out one of his men to Nar Bilu, who was heading to the Lonely Mountain.
  19. While Nar Bilu is taking his recently acquired army to the Deep Sands, he send out a skirmish of troops accompanied by Phyton, the serpent mage, to Bella’Erezhi to join the game Lord Kar’dani was planning. From every corner of the game field heroes of every tribe tried to terminate their competition. A veteran from the royal Kaliphlin army raged into the keen eyed mage of the Wingless Serpents. In a split second a tornado erupted from the hand of Phyton, crumbling the pavement to shards, but more importantly throwing his opponent several feet back against the ruins of that part of town. The liveless body of the veteran still lays somewhere between the rubble.
  20. The Army of the Wingless Serpents The battles in Kaliphlin were merely starting, when a councilman of Ulandus seeked out the homeless Nar Bilu of Hemresa for help. Nar was since the battles on Avalonia a simple mercenary resizing and training his army to reconquer his island in Avalonia. The councilman was offering gold and other valuables, but Nar had only interest in one thing... a map, that Nar knew was in the possession of Ulandus. Nar promised a large army worthy of the fight and free of charge. Nar Bilu received the gift and took his men along the map, into the deepest desert. Luck was on their side, a recent sandstorm revealed the entrance of the cave that Nar was searching for. But somehow Nar knew this day was close, a shaman told him. Down the cave was a mage and with just little convincing, the mage joined Nar in his fight. Deeper down the path was an armory. When the footmen of Nar put on a helmet, their bodysuit magically changed into olive green scales. When they exited the cave, they were ready to head further into Kaliphlin to help Ulandus. (note: a little lack of time today, made me shorten the version of this story, it will be updated later this week)
  21. From the author: I decided to write a story based on the son of Narbilu. The fun part will be that I will let you decide how the story progresses. At the end of every story, I will give you a multiple choice question of what will happen in the next chapter. Apart from any comments on the moc, please help me create a community based story around the son of my sigfig. Thanks. Chapter 0 - Prologue link Chapter 1 – The eagle has landed Nervousness pumped my blood in high speed through my veins, when I climbed on the back of the eagle. Although I couldn´t understand the screeching of the giant bird, it seems it understands my stuttering directions to Nocturnus. I decided to travel to the farthest point of Historica and let fate decide if I travel back through Kaliphlin of Mitgardia, or even both before heading back home. And from the tales told by the bards and elders, Nocturnus is the worst... so it can only become an easier path, when I survive that. My heartbeat slows when we fly over the snow-covered mountains of Mitgardia. Finally I can relax and enjoy the ride. The eagle flies with enormous speed. When I look down the mountains quickly change colour from pale white to monstrous jagged black. The blue streams are gone, transformed into dry beddings or steaming red magma. Nocturnus is more dead than the sandy deserts of Kaliphlin. Death rules here, while death already gave up on the sands. A shiver flows over my skin when the sun disappears behind a purple greyish cloud. The eagle makes a quick decision and leaps into the cloud, high enough to reach the sunshine again. For a brief moment we enjoy the warmth before she dives back into the depth, landing on the top of a rock. Her wings and head bow forward, so I can hop of. Before I can say anything, the creature disappears back into the darkened sky. With solid rock under my feet, I figured that this is probably the safest spot that I will find for some time. So I sit down and eat some rations. With only half a backpack filled with the most necessary stuff, I should search the area for some berries or drinkable fluids. My stomach keeps making noise, but I have to be provident with whatever I have, until I find a source of income or at least find out what I can eat around here. In a few leaps I jump down to the foot of the rock. All of a sudden I hear a cry for help. From behind something that could go for a bush, I witness a vague silhouette of a person hanging from a tree. I try to sneak closer. Dangling caught in a booby-trap, appears to be a woman with some sort of insect mutation, I have never seen before. But that will certainly be happening more often. The moment she spotted me she started begging me, to get her out, before her masters of Morrow would find her here. Cautiously I stepped forward, I dropped my duffle bag on the ground and grabbed my axe. Pointing both axe and shield in her direction, just to be certain she won’t be conning me. Underneath her, it seems she almost can’t move and she genuinely is trapped. In her odd eyes, fear overrules every other emotion. My head spins around the area for other irregularities, nothing so far. I draw a circle around the tree, before trying to climb it. Even though it looks easy to master, the strange twigs and structure of the tree makes it impossible to climb. With every attempt, the tree shifts into a different shape. I have to figure out another way to get her out of her restrains. The axe is the next best option. A wide swing with controlled anger plants the blade deep into a branch. Greenish bloodlike fluids seep along the clod iron. Instantly the tree stops moving, making it possible to crawl up the branch. I remove the chains and the woman drops on the rocky soil underneath her. Quickly I return with my feet on solid ground, again taking in battle position. When the woman gets out of her restrains, she sits down on a rock, inviting me over. I do so. Her name is Nidalee. We talked for a while... The tale continues soon, you can decide their fate: What should Bran and his companion do next, search for: 1) Food 2) Shelter What creature will slow their progress: A) Burrowing B) Flying
  22. From the author: I decided to write a story based on the son of Narbilu. The fun part will be that I will let you decide how the story progresses. At the end of every story, I will give you a multiple choice question of what will happen in the next chapter. Apart from any comments on the moc, please help me create a community based story around the son of my sigfig. Thanks. Chapter 0 – Prologue It was the day after Yull, one of our seasonal feasts. I was strolling along the men who are preparing for conquering back our homeland, Hemresa. The smith is sharpening the blades, women are packing supplies and the footmen pored the leftovers of the feast into their already filled tummies. I end up at the dock, where over four ships are packed and ready for transporting over a hundred men to the nearest beach on Hemresa. The sight of the vessels almost brought tears in my eyes. So much beauty. The thought that we are going to battle. But most of all, that we are going to do everything to get back what is rightfully ours. I can’t recall how long I stood there, dreaming, when a small lad pulled my leather harness. A messenger from my dad. I am expected in his quarters immediately. With a sturdy pace, I headed to the main hall, where he has an office in the basement. As I walked down the stairs, the cold of the walls shivered my face. I expected to encounter a full room of commanders, but I was alone with Nar Bilu, my father, leaning over a map on his oak table. Nar Come closer Bran. Bran Where are the others dad? Nar What others do you mean? Bran Aren’t we going to discuss strategic matters for the siege of Hemresa? Nar I’m sorry son, but fate has decided otherwise for you. The rune masters bones tell me that you must wonder into Historica as I did when I was your age. Bran But dad! We are going into battle! Nar SILENCE! Watch my finger. As I shut up, my head followed the hand of Nar Bilu move over the map, ending on Hemresa. Nar That was the path that made me the man I am. Now it’s your turn to make your own connections, friends and even enemies. Make mistakes, maybe even learn some magic, just don’t get yourself killed. Bran Why now? Nar Hemresa is MY responsibility, I will get it back. When you return, you will be ready to sit beside me and be my successor. Let me explain; I met my commanders during my travels, I learned a lot from my journey, about people, politics and trading. How to spend my last dime and how to gain riches. I fought beside men I didn’t know and joined battlefields next to the men I trusted most about their cause. I made enemies and allies. I gained scars, a reputation, so when I settled in Avalonia, the Lords granted me with the same title and a piece of land over which I am going to rule again soon. So why now? I don’t want you to be my shadow, but I want you to become the light itself, a man with the same respect I had when I settled here. It is your turn to decide your fate yourself. Bran But where should I start? Nar Ask someone you trust, or decide yourself. One of the giant eagles is at your disposal to drop you wherever you want. Pack lightly. Godspeed my son. He hugged me, gave me a small pouch with some coins and a gem. Something to get me on my way. I walked outside where my mother and sister already stood waiting to say their goodbyes. We also hugged. After a short visit to my chambers, where I packed a small backpack with rations, I took my axe and a small shield and walked in a straight line to the eagle. The tale continues soon, now you can decide his fate: Where should Bran go: 1) Mitgardia 2) Nocturnus He will encounter a person, that person will be: A) In need of help B) Attacking at first sight Next weekend I will decide, based on your posts what moc I will create for the next chapter. Thanks in advance for participating.
  23. After the civil war in Avalonia, Hemresa was occupied by the elves, making it difficult to re-strengthen in their mids. Nar Bilu had a secret, a settlement where he could regroup before taking back what is rightfully his. So for the time being, this will be his home. map showing Norra Norra Norra is a small island northeast of Hemresa, hidden in a thick fog from the outside world. Little men, that weren’t invited have visited. Norra was already discovered two decades by Nar Bilu on one of his journeys up north. The deserted island was ideal for refuge. The love for the island grew on Nar Bilu and he settled a small town on southern the shores. He founded a family, protected from the events in Historica. Till recently, peace have ruled on Norra. Now that Nar Bilu has returned, the folk of Norra is at high alert and preparing for war. the village Framför Framför Framför Framför Grathall and Farmstaed A. Places: Coastal village - Framför The Wall - Vägg (WIP) Beyond the Wall – Bakom (Soon) ​B. Society & Culture · A strong feeling towards the Avalonian laws, lords and their beliefs · All are equal, still they follow a commander (called a Garl) and the all-father · The runemaster is their celestial advisor, they tend to follow his leads · Mostly highlands with farmland and some forest · They are seeking revenge for the elves taking their beloved Hemresa · Slavery is against human rights · Seasonal Feasts: 1) Yull, a mixture of Christmas and New Year 2) The Thing, a ceremony where the lads that have reached adulthood pledge their brotherhood 3) Midsommer Nat, celebrating the longest day and the start of summer · Magic is common, but mostly in the form of runewriting and celestial interference. · They tend to be self sufficient, professions vary from fishermen, farmers, woodworkers and smiths. · Traderoutes to Avalonia, Kaliphlin and Midgardia ensure they have enough minerals for tools and weapons. In return the Norrmen supply food, leather and wool. · The army is nonexistent, but consists of the locals who are willing to follow a commander. ​C. Ruling class Nar Bilu Nar Bilu - The All-Father His name is actually a contraction of three Elven words: Narn, Bileg and Ilúvatar. Meaning Saga, mighty and all-father. The local folk call him Ilúvatar and do as he pleases, without really being servants. Nar Bilu take advantage of this position, he just wants peace and prosperity for his people and makes sure the laws he believes in are met. The house Bilu Without the outside world knowing, Nar Bilu has a family, a wife Æwyl, a daughter Gæyl and his successor Bran, who is almost old enough to explore the world himself. Very little is known about the bloodline Bilu, apart from what is written on the large runestone. Bog the Brave Bog the Brave – Garl, commander Bog is mainly responsible for keeping the island save form uninvited guests, next to controlling small struggles between locals. He has enough battle scars from before the time he was appointed this post. D. Important persons and heroes Bran Ilu Bran Ilu – Son and successor He just went to the Thing, meaning he is old enough for travel, an official profession and marriage. The next few missions he will tag along the right side of his father. Gæyl Gæyl – Daughter and warrior Throughout the years she trained to be one of the best blade wielders of Norra. As the daughter of the All-Father she doesn’t work much on the fields or other workshops. Rænall Rænall – Blacksmith Without his tools, the work on Norra would be depended on traders. Next to his skills as a smith, he is one of the most loyal friends of Nar Bilu and has fought by his side for years, wielding two hammers into the skulls of everyone in his path. Kræl and his wife Kræl – Runemaster The gods are the creators of the path we follow. The runes speak to the runemaster predicting the outcome of any action, or so is believed. Kræl is also a capable druid and herbalist. Yunill Yunill – Merchant The greatest seafarer of Norra, sailed across almost every coastline of Historica, defied many seas and traded in most harbours. He speaks a dozen different languages and dialects. Yunill recently got appointed responsible for the Norra fleet. Wictor Wictor – Freeman The first freeman choosing Norra as his new home. He acts as an inspiration to those who followed his lead as a resident of Norra. E. Normenn army A better reflexion of the army will be posted later and seperately Two of Norra's finest Townfolk Because Norra is a hidden island, not well charted and visitors are scarce, Norra has no official army. The men and sons of the island are well trained with axes and swords. Some master the bow, but those are mainly the hunters. Guards Vykr These stout men have seen war, they are hardened, bloodthirsty and will stand strong in a shield wall when the opponent cries for battle. They are the guards of the island and report to the Garl. Freemen Are the those recently acquired slaves, that chose to live alongside the one who gave them back their freedom. They choose to fight for freedom and release those still in captivity. Arsenal The arsenal contains mainly salvaged axes and swords from fled and slain footmen. The smith only crafts weapons on demand or when a special occasion occurs. A local workshop always makes sure that enough wood with iron inlayed round shields are available. Yunill on one of the ships Fleet A proud asset of Nar Bilu is the fleet Norra has docked. A flagship, three merchant ships and a hand full of small ships suitable for swiftly transporting a full regiment of Vykr to the main land. F. Current Events – Book II Nar Bilu, Garl Bog and Yunill have been freeing slaves until all the riches they had are vanished. We can’t wait for the trade to fill up our treasure, so Yunill is send out to raid the occupiers of the coastal settlements of Hemresa. The men and women of Norra are preparing to invade Hemresa, taking back what is rightfully theirs and seeking revenge on the elves responsible for their recent actions.
  24. Part II: Scouting The scout, Pojk, that was send out by Nar Bilu encountered the Kaliphlin army on his way north. Fortunately he didn’t get exposed, but it alerted him enough to follow their trail back to Bow’s Arch. From a distance he observed the whole scene. Disgusted by the betrayal of the elves he seeks out two of his kin, which he sends out to the two legions that Nar Bilu send away. He arranges a secret spot at the most northern edge of Hemresa, called Norrhorn”, where the scouts will report back to him, before he leaves the island. Only hours later both of them return with the bad news, that both legions were also slaughtered. A few men return with the scouts, but not more than a hand full. Pojk sends the two scouts to deliver a message to Albion, both to follow a different path, to improve the odds of at least one reaching our capitol. He then talks to the elder of the footmen, they agree to be loyal to Nar Bilu and wait just outside the borders of Hemresa for further instructions. A trade ship with an odd flag docked in a sandbank on the most northern point of Norrhorn, in plain view of Pojk and the few footmen, he decided to take with him. They managed to reach the ship through the waves of the ocean. The captain shouts, the oars decent and the ship backs out of the sand, back into the ocean. The sail bulbs, catching wind and swirls around its axis. Like a sword through tender lambs meat the ship sails the waters between Hemresa and the in fog concealed island of Norra. Pojk, who is not a real seafarer, is relieved that the journey is a still and easy one. They dock. A few curious boys come running towards the ship, jumping on board to be chased away by some of the stout men from below deck. Every end has a new beginning Pojk can’t believe his eyes. A complete village arises from the, with ships filled, docks. The sailors escort Pojk to the main hall, where the footmen are pulled to the inn. Beer and meat are served continuously. The escort introduced Garl the Great to the visitor, next to Garl sits a young lad. That would be me, Bran Narbilusson. As my name announces, the son of Narbilu. Pojk hands me the sealed note which my father gave to him and tells us the unfortunate story of the past weeks ending with the betrayal of the elves. I hardly can control my feelings. I retire to my quarters. Within minutes Bog enters without notice. Me: We have to avenge my father’s death and conquer back what is rightfully mine to begin with. Garl: You are right and we will, soon, but not now. Me: [looking disappointed]. Garl: Don’t be my boy, I promised to keep you save until adulthood. That is what I will do. Me: [now smiling, cause that’s only two weeks away]. Garl: I will prepare the men to war after Yull. They will fight better with filled stomachs and high morale. Me: Thanks chief. With that said, Garl leaves me for mourning, not too long though. That night, a miracle happened. A survivor In a small storage, deep in the forest of Hemresa far away from civilisation, a local called Knæl pulls a man on his quickly emptied table. He searches his cabin for jars, herbs and other stuff with haste, while his wife binds the wounds of the in blood soaked man. They need a hammer and chisel to remove the dented armour, but soon enough they freed the victim of his restrains. Two days, the cabin sheds green light out of every crack, window or other opening, supported by chanting and continues rune writing. The woman rubs ointments one the open wounds, washes his pale lifeless looking face and wets his mouth with a damp cloth. After the two days, both take a rest on their bench outside their cabin. Suddenly they hear coughing coming from inside. They rush back in, to see the man on their table was breathing heavily, but steady. The woman grabs some bread and pours a cup full with water. The man collects his strength to sit up right, still with his eyes half closed. The offered beverage and food is binged away and by the end of the midday the man has enough energy to stand up and start to talk. The man can’t remember his name, and Kræl isn’t going to tell him what it is. That way he will be saver on Hemresa. They talk for hours, but the man can’t wait to leave. Some things he does remember, one being that he lives on an island up north. Kræl offers him a robe, in return the man asks the two to join him. With the recent events on Hemresa, they start packing without hesitance. to be continued... go to part 1
  25. Word of the author ::: I also finished part 2::: go to part 2 In order to link my character Nar Bilu to my newly obtained ideas and storyline, I wrote a story. Hopefully fun to read and backed up by small builds. I recently finished the story and found the time this weekend to start building the scenes. Enjoy: I am Bran and I am going to tell you what happened in Hemresa just after the battle over Avalonia was fought. The end of an era The shadow that has been torturing Avalonia is breaking up by the morning sun, pushing away clouds and revealing a beaten up land. Around a extinguished campfire just outside the massive hole leaking out of the Hembrugga walls, Nar Bilu and a handful of his henchmen evaluate the fight, while a group of volunteers remove the casualties from the battlefield. Drow are thrown in the river and the slain Avalonians are given a proper burial. Every hour another scout arrives and join the evaluation, each with the same story about their journey into the designated outskirt of Hemresa. Fortresses are destroyed, fields are burned, forests are chopped down, villages are abandoned and the surviving folk living there are scattered around our country finding salvage wherever they can. Nar Bilu divides the remaining men in three regiments, one to follow him to the site where Bow’s Arch was going to be built, one to recruit local builders and folk who are still loyal to Nar Bilu and the last is send to Albion to do the same and inform the Lords of Avalonia of the current status of Hemresa. Now the infestation of the plaque and the drow are suppressed, Hemresa can be rebuild. Nar Bilu feels, despite of the victory, lost. So many died for nothing, so much is destroyed. It will take a decade to fertilize these lands again. Horses are packed, carts are loaded, men are armed and with a commander in front of them, they leave and wave Hembrugga goodbye. Nar Bilu enters the great hall and thanks the Elven Kings for their support before he leaves. After a days travel, the regiment arrives at the building site of Bow’s Arch. Nothing but sand, rocks and ruins. They set camp in the ruin of the warehouse, where they start planning. Night set, Nar Bilu was one of two not sleeping. He gave a secret order to the scout, who swiftly left in the woods. In the meantime Only an hour after the Avalonians left the sight of Hembrugga, two delegations arrive. One carrying a red and the other a blue flag, both supported by the colours of Avalonia. They are welcomed inside the gates. Once inside, they are summoned for an audition at the Kings. The leaders, both with one commander sit around a large table in the great hall, together with the King Elder and his commander. The Kaliphlin lord, Azural Djun, rides in red with his legion of lions. A strategist with lust for battle. But his lust for gold is even bigger and this is what the elves promised him. He will be duke of Hemresa if they will follow the Kings wishes. When they control Hemresa, he will be made responsible for tax collecting and keeping order on the island. The Midgardian tradesman, Gorl Weighn, sails with a blue flag. Wealth can never be great enough. The road between Avalonia and the Enchanted Forest will be the pearl of his empire. Elven resources from the west and Dwarven craftsmanship from the northeast makes a damn good profit. The Kings promises both men control of their part of Hemresa in return for the removal of the sitting Lord and loyalty to the elves. After some small struggles on rules and compensations, the company agrees. Losing a leader Dawn is breaking, a bright sun sets upon the coastline to the west, while a horn clangs from the east. Alerting everyone in the camp. Shields up, swords pressed into fists, bows strung with the arrowheads pointed over the first line of defence. From the eastern hill arises a red flag, pikes and a strange looking cavalry. The first batch of arrows seem to miss their target, we just weren’t prepared for battle. Before we could even march towards the opponent, the first line was killed by the fearless pikemen of the lions. Fortunately our swordsmen had more success. We pushed them back into the open field, making both of us vulnerable, but we still had an advantage in numbers. On both sides men fell. The fight didn’t take long. The lions pulled back, forcing us further away from our camp. That is when we got outflanked. Out of the blue... the blue came from the south. Golden crowns on their shields, crossbow bolts piercing us from the side. We were surprised and we paid the toll. Before midday, Nar Bilu stood surrounded by a small dozen of his own men cornered by two regiments, on a pile of corpses, awaiting his fate. But the two opponents stood still, when the sun was blocked by a dark cloud. Unfortunately is was no actual cloud. A hail of elven arrows landed in the remaining men of the Hemresa Legion. Nar Bilu looked up when the cloud hit him in the chest, shoulders and back. Kneeled on the ground he watched how the two leaders took down their flags and raised the green flags of Avalonia. ... to be continued