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Found 88 results

  1. ... it was said that the Stubborn Stern bravely managed to outrun a dreaded pirate... here's what it looked like: So, Colonel Brickinson can celebrate .... ... while Captain Cookie and his team are not so happy: (I tried a different way of clouds on this one - and I have added small flags ) C&C welcome!
  2. The Lady of Madrice, aka "The Wench," was sailing through the southern seas, well on her way from Granolean to Nova Terelli, when the storm hit. There was no escape as the winds grew stronger and the waves grew higher. Captain Janszen and his crew did everything they could, but visibility was zero and they lost contact with their flotilla. Eventually the storm was too much for the aged sloop, and she broke apart under the force of Hurricane Stepho. The "Wench" was no more. As the storm passed, the crew clung to the shattered remains of their ship, a few larger pieces of the hull tangled together with fallen rigging. Miraculously, all seven members of the crew, as well as the captain’s hat, were accounted for! “Pip,” said Tony, the first mate, “remember when I was reading about the storm forecast in the Kings Port Advertiser?” “Don’t remind me,” replied the captain. “And, you know, nothing ever good seems to come of you reading that paper. Isn’t that how I got myself challenged to a duel?” “No, you did that all by yourself with your saucy comments to that Corrie. And if you’d actually listened to what the paper had to say, we might not be adrift right now.” “Fine, you can tell me ‘I told you so’ if we ever make land, but not now.” Two days passed, and the little tangle of hull planking drifted north. Some of the framework of the sloop still attached to the hull jutted skyward like the ribs of a giant skeleton, and the crew were beginning to think it was a prophesy of their fate, when they finally spotted something on the horizon. “Pip, what do you make of that? North-northwest. See it?” “I see it, Tony,” replied the captain. He took out his spyglass for a better look. “Red sails, looks to be a fast cutter. And she appears to be flying Corrie colors.” “But we’ve no way to signal her.” “Luck is on our side today. She appears to be changing course. I think she’s spotted us!” To be continued, from the Corrie side...
  3. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s most reliable source for shipping news. April 616. VOL 1 ISSUE 3 Editor’s Column. Last month we used our eyes and ears throughout Terraversa to gather intelligence on future weather patterns due to the destruction caused by Hurricane Helga. A few old sailor’s wives accurately predicted a second hurricane, the one we named Stepho after the late King of Oleon. We even correctly figured most of its path, along the southern known islands and into the Sea of Storms. Today, the KPASL can claim that it is New Terra’s number one source for weather news as well! We have no love lost for the King of Oleon, cousin to the Royal Family of Mardier, our now hated enemy in this brutal civil war, but he had kept the peace for the last seven years between the great powers. Peace is good for business. Speaking of his death, you may have heard about the King’s poisoning. We have an inside source that tells us that this is true, and in fact, it was one of his mistresses that did him in. Apparently it was because he would not divorce his wife and make her queen! Yet another trusted source has told us that this mistress was actually a Corish agent! Poison is one way a cowardly Corlander would kill his enemy. The country has taken their King’s death well, and look forward to their new ruler. It should only be a matter of months before the King of Eslandola reigns in Granoleon as well. Tips and News: Building Supplies Needed! With a hurricane going through LeBellan, new building materials and migrant workers are needed to repair the Jewel of Oleon. The Oleanders are always flush with cash, so this should be an easy reward. However, they seem fond of the teakwood that is native to our own island, Terraversa. This is excellent news for our merchants. Oleanders Fail to Read anything but the Holy Texts, Lose Many Vessel to Hurricane Stepho! As noted above, we warned all of New Terra about the oncoming hurricane! This did not stop many from journeying through the storm’s path at points. However, the Oleander merchant marine seemed prepared to meet Poseidon, as they charged headfirst through the path of the Hurricane. Whereas they set a new trading record with Commerce de Breshaun, hauling in over 1000DBs in one run, they suffered heavy losses to the storm’s whims. Both the La Recouvrance and Revenant were trading extremely well on their voyage before disappearing in the storm with all hands. The Swift, the Divination also went to the bottom as they attempted to stay ahead of Stepho. The Comet and Amphitrite’s Lilly had a little more luck, but they were forced back to port before their route was completed. The Starliner as well was having a record run for a new vessel, but had to dump half its treasure overboard in order to keep from laying too low in the high waves. This happened to others not from Oleon, who also ignored all the signs, such as the Saucy Jack of Corrington, they lost half their valuable cargo of cotton in the storm. Still the Oleon fleet was not without its successes, including the second highest haul of the month on the Zephyr. Also lost in the Huricane: The Bloody White Crow, but nobody cares about a Sea Rat. Adventurers wanted! Sail to the Ile de Romantica and help Lord Prio clear the island of its native scourge. The island is currently a secret, so contact the Lord to receive coordinates. (Set bounty run for zone “Ile de Romantica”). We have no further information other than this secret island is supposedly rich with gold. Eslandola Cracks Down on Sea Rat Menace! The Eslandolans have taken to policing the Seas. Half way between Nellisa and The Nest of Theives, the Eslandolan Anti-Piracy Squadron met the Sea Rat merchant fleet “Sunset,” twice! The first action happened when Antigone’s Fury lagged behind the Sea Rat convoy, and was caught by the Blessed Angel. The Faction Ship II and Great Scott came to the aid of their merchant. A double boarding action pursued, with Eslandola’s whole squadron, the Blessed Angel, King of Mardier, and Holder’s Secret attacking the two Sea Rat ships. Finally the action broke off around six in the afternoon as it began to darken. The action picked up in the morning when the Eslandolans found the Absolutely Fabulous straying from the convoy. Again, the two Sea Rat ships came to her defense, but this time things became more hectic. While the merchants got away, the escorts fought off the Eslandolans. Faction Ship II took the King of Mardier in a boarding action while the Great scot was taken by Blessed Angel and Holder Secret through another boarding action. Putting a prize crew on the King of Mardier, Faction Ship II was too shorthanded to repel the Blessed Angel, who boarded her and forced a surrender. All ships escept the King of Mardier were sent in at Nova Terrelli, a great victory for the Eslandolans, even though the King of Mardier was taken as a prize back to Bastion. L’Olius Strikes Again! The Queen of Terreli failed to protect her convoy twice. The first time, she struck her colors against an unknown attacker’s broadside, only to have The cotton Lady and Golden Snake take the enemy (5A)ship with no name, and the Queen of Terreli back. Matters were not as fortunate in her next encounter, while defending her other flotilla. The infamous Mardieran Privateer, L’Olius showed up with three ships against the flotilla. With one broadside, the Queen of Terreli surrendered. With one broadside, L’Olius’ Crooked Sparrow sunk the Queen of Mardier. The Spotted Phil, the second privateer ship, captured Fenix, while the Bright Owl just barely escaped L’Olius’ third privateer vessel. I suppose now that the captain of the Queen of Terrelli is currently sitting in a prison here on the island, he is safe from court martial! L’Olius’ claim is that he has a letter of Marque against the Eslandolans because they are allies to the King of Mardier, or hated enemy in this civil war. We shall see if the prize is lawfully condemned or not. Bloody Bill Reemerges! If Eslandola had not had enough, unfortunately they were the infamous Bloody Bill’s newest target. Sadly, one of the greatest ships ever to sail the waters was taken. When the Travao was defending La Raenette, Bloody Bill’s Scavenger forced the ship to surrender through a boarding action. Seeing no other option, the Flotilla A took to line formation behind the Heart of Eslandia. Unfortunately, the crew of that vessel had not the heart to keep fighting the Scavenger, and surrendered after a boarding action. La Raenette was taken by Bill’s Little Scavenger, while Winds Beauty barely got away. Most likely the costliest maiden voyage in the history of these waters, the trade ships were taken back to Bastion, it was reported. Sea Rat Raid on Bardo suffers no Casualties! The small Sea Rat raid (we assume to avenge their fallen ships) met no resistance – after they changed destinations. The two crews who set off to attack one of the most profitable ports in the Sea of Storms stopped at this island during the crossing. While in a tavern, one of the pirates let slip where they were heading. One of the downtrodden also partaking in libations called the man out for being so stupid. He was shot on the spot, drug out in the street, and his fingers were cut off one by one. Finally, another patron stopped the Sea Rats from finishing off the man, by telling them that what the victim meant was that Bardo was defended by two, very large fortresses, and that they would need thousands of men to take the settlement. The Sea rats apologized, bought the man a beer, which probably poured out of the hole in his gut, and went to tell their captain. Luckily for them, their captain had already bought a tip in another tavern. The small settlement of Tarlo on this island, was currently undefended! Our Governor, Miro Oldis was asleep on this matter! The next day, in broad daylight, two Sea Rat vessels landed at Tarlo and liberated its wealth. It is said they did pretty well for a settlement that had so little commerce. Still, how many people have to die on this island before Oldis properly defends it? Ships Captured: Faction Ship II (SR) by Blessed Angel (ESL) King of Mardier (ESL) by Faction Ship II (SR) Great Scott (SR) by Blessed Angel and Holder’s Secret (ESL) La Raenette (ESL) by Bloody Bill the pirate in The Little Scavenger Tovao (ESL) by Bloody Bill the Pirate in The Scavenger Heart of Eslandia (ESL) by Bloody Bill the pirate in The Scavenger The Black Pea (3A), a pirate by HMS Mars (COR) Shamoo (3A) by HMS Paradise (COR) Scabby Pete (4A) by HMS Queens Glory (COR) Wild Whale (4A) by HMS Bull Shark (COR) Carnage (3A) by HMS Bull Shark (COR) The Bootlegger (3A) Garvian Privateer by HMS Paradise (COR) El Bellos (5A) by HMS Mars (COR) Queen of Terrelli (ESL) by L’Olius, Mardrier Privateer in Crooked Sparrow Fenix (ESL) by Spotted Phil, L’Olius’s second ship. Blowfish (3A) by HRS Eltina (OL) Cod Hunter (2A) by HMS Pandora (COR) Unknown (5A) By Cotton Lady and Golden Snake (ESL) In other news... Corrington Naval Strategists have determined that more escorts per flotilla tend to keep their merchant convoys safe. Incidents this month prove that theory, as even when a Corrington vessel was defeated, the secondary escort was always able to take the ship back and dispatch the attacker. Shipping List Here is this month’s shipping list: Mar20161 by skaforhire, on Flickr Mar20162 by skaforhire, on Flickr Mar20163 by skaforhire, on Flickr Mar20164 by skaforhire, on Flickr
  4. The following story says it all! I wanted to create it in a more professional way but after a wise advice, i made it in MS PowerPoint, a program i was most proficient with. Enjoy! P.S: These stories are always coming from real life!
  5. To the Worthy Citizens of Eslandola, This month, the Empire of Eslandola has three warships available for escort duty. The Secretary of State has drafted three routes. These are open first of all to any Eslandian citizen. If after the 25th of March there is still room available, citizens of the other nations may apply as well. Sea Rats will need a note of legitimacy from a respected authority. (How do you get that? I have no idea. If you're interested, you might want to get the letter ready before the 25th, so you can be first in line.) Slots are granted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Clouding Blues: Low-Medium Risk. Escorted by the Dark Lighting. Designed for two (2) speed ships. Run is full. Pato Moreno, kabel - Flotilla A Aurei Lacerta, Umbra-Manis - Flotilla A Winds Beauty, LegoStone - Flotilla A Stubborn Stern, Captain Braunsfeld - Flotilla B La Transferata, Titus V - Flotilla B Dragon's Teeth: High Risk. Escorted by the Queen of Terreli. Designed for two (2) speed ships. Run is full. Lady of Madrice, Capt Wolf - Flotilla A The Bright Owl, Sir Stig - Flotilla A Fenix, Phadeout - Flotilla A The Cotton Lady, Elsoterion - Flotilla B The Golden Snake, Kai NRG - Flotilla B Double Duty: Medium Risk. Escorted by the Trovão. Designed for three (3) speed ships. Heart of Eslandia, MCTC - Flotilla A Wringe II, LegoStone - Flotilla A La Raenette, Faladrin - Flotilla A La Defensora, Captain Green Hair - Flotilla B The Golden Star, Maxim I - Flotilla B > How do I participate? Sign up in this thread for a slot on the run of you choice. Post a link to your build and be sure to specify what type of license you have. If you haven't done it already, fill out the ship license form. Once enough members have signed up for your run you will be invited to a PM thread with your fellow merchants. There, you will receive details on your route. When the MRCA form is ready, you'll be given a link. Then just follow the directions on the form and you'll be ready to go! Important! Eslandola provides escorts but does not guarantee safety! So what are you waiting for? Let the sign-ups begin! __________________Guy K. Wyndzon __________________Secretary of State Given on the 10th of March, 616.
  6. Kings Port Advertiser and Ship List New Terra’s most reliable source for shipping news. February 616. VOL 1 ISSUE 2 Editor’s Column: We hope that every one of our regular readers is safe, unless they are a pirate, and in that case, we hope Hurricane Helga helped them meat Davey Jones. It has been a wild month in New Terra, the Civil War between our island and our mother country has grown larger, and more privateers are arriving here every day to harass Mardier’s shipping. Then, the unexpected Hurricane coming in from as far away as Berelli, many of those same privateers ended up wrecked! It was a bad month for shipping because of this, with an unusual amount of ships foundering in the high seas and many forced back to port without completing their trading. The other nations of the Madrice Peninsula have been busy! Corrington and Eslandola have claimed two newly discovered islands, while Oleon, Garvey, and even the Sea Rats have claimed one each! Rumor that more islands are being fought over at this moment! But you all are not reading this to hear about recent history; you want to know where to send your next ventures. Tips: This is the section where we include the juiciest morsels of shipping information that we have gleaned from the taverns of Terraversa, that and the vilest slander and lies a pirate could tell! Use these tips at your own risk! MAESTRO Destroyed! The almost famous Green Viking Trade route met an infamous end rather quickly this month. Rumor has it that the small squadron sailed straight into Hurricane Helga, when the Knight of Stedor was lost in the swell. Fleeing the winds, La Defensora had to fight off a pirate boarding at high seas, but made it to New Terelli and made a profit. Unfortunately the Wringe I and its escort, The Fallen Angel met up with the infamous pirate Zublious Van Wreck. The two vessels were last seen manned by prize crews on their way to the Nest of Thieves. We can only assume that this is the end for the young trading company. We expect stocks in the MCTC to sky rocket now that their chief competitor is crushed. We think that Elysabethtown will be sold to MAESTRO’s creditors, and once again the price on Apples will come back down to normal rates now that the company’s reign of terror in the fruit market is over! Hurricane Helga claims much of the merchant fleet! Besides the Knight of Stedor, Helga’s destruction of the merchant marine of New Terra has been devastated. Notable ships amongst the list: Poseidon’s Wrath, The Mercator, and The Red Dragon, we have no word of their crews. Those ships effected by Helga in other ways included The Sphinx, the Stubborn Stern, The Valkyrie, and the Black Marlin. Some of those vessels were lucky to make a small profit, others were forced back to their original port. Bad Weather in the southern regions of the Sea of Storms and Terraversa Sea! It is thought that with one hurricane, a second always follows. A witch doctor from Berelli has reported that they have seen the second, much more devastating hurricane in their divining drinks. This Hurricane, which will bring fourth their version of Poseidon, shall strike the waters of New Terra later this month. Stay north! The King of Oleon desires shrimp wine. From Granoleon we are hearing that the King has a condition that leaves his desire for shrimp wine simply unsatiated. Shrimp wine, that nasty juice priests use in rituals, is a rare commodity, especially when its main ingredient, the shrimp grape only grows in the tropics. Perhaps some entrepreneurial souls will take on the task to quench the king’s thirst? The Queen still desires Bananas! With her pregnancy causing all sort of problems, one thing remains constant, The Queen of Corrington’s desire for Bananas. Luckily, Terraversa is full of such wonderful delights. An enterprising merchant may find a tidy profit in a quick run between this island and Belson. But I wouldn’t stop anywhere in between, the Queen in hungry and Bananas do not stay ripe forever! Letter to the Editor from Sir Richark Star, of Corrington. Dear Fool, Her Majesty, Queen Annetta, is in perfect health, without child. Her purity is a model for any man or woman of this world. Her love for humanity and her subjects knows no end, and she has no time for courting at this moment. Corrington grows faster and stronger every day, and the Queen has a few years before she needs to be thinking about an heir. Her time is spent strategizing the best way to crush Oleon and dispensing judgment against those like you who personally attack her. If you ever step foot on Corrington soil, prepare to duel! Our response: It looks like we have found the father of the Crown Prince or Princess. Corrington Ship caught twice, not so lucky the second time! The famed Merry Lyric convoy, the richest of all convoys, came under heavy attack this month, with ships turning back in the midst of a hurricane; those who trudged on were target of numerous pirates. For some reason the Sphinx found itself in trouble more than once, each time the HMS Mermaid came to its rescue. The First time, against the Garvey Privateer The Wisper. The Mermaid was boarded and captured, and then crewed with a prize crew right away. The two ships fought against the convoy’s other two escorts, the HMS Bull Shark and HMS Pandora. The Pandora took down the privateer, and the Bull Shark caught, boarded, and retook the Mermaid. But that was not all the action, later on near Terraversa, the pirate “Friends Forever” attacked the Sphinx again, the Mermaid came to protect her, but surrendered after receiving a few heavy broadsides from Friends Forever. She struck her colors, and before the Bull Shark could catch her again, she slipped away in the night. Pandora was able to subdue the Friends Forever with a few broadsides and brought her into New Terrelli. If you are part of the Corrington Navy, you must have to wonder about Captain Jack Tallyand’s ability to command – losing the ship twice, and now a prisoner, most likely in Bastion, he probably isn’t getting a seat at the admiralty board anytime soon. If you are an Oleander, you probably thought this was the logical outcome for a Corlander warship. Ships Captured: Fallen Angel and Wringe I (Both ESL) by pirate Zublious Van Wreck in the Ghost Harvester La Oleon (Class 3A) captured by Sea Rat escort, The Viper (SR) Mardier privavateer Lover’s Quarrel (Class 4A), taken by the HMS Mars (COR) Pirate Butcher’s Baby (Class 3A) taken by HMS Queens Glory (COR) Pirate The Clear Conscience (Class 1A) taken by the Travoa (ESL) Pirate Poseidon’s Breath (Class 2A) Taken by HMS ELtina (OL) Unknown origin ship, Great Scott (Class 3A) captured by White Skull (SR) Notorious pirate, Val Gibbons and his ship The Roach (Class 5LA) taken by the HMS Granoleon (OL) The Garvey privateer Wisper (Class 4A) taken by the HMS Pandora (COR) Pirate Holder’s Secret (Class 2A) taken by Queen of Terrelli (ESL) Vessel of unknown origin, Blessed Angel (Class 4A) taken by King of Mardier (ESL) Unknown origin vessel Shadow (Class 1A) Taken by HMS Pandora (COR) Pirate Puffin’s Curse (Class 3A) taken by HMS Granoleon (OL) HMS Mermaid (Class 5HA) (COR) taken by pirate Daniel Doblinhue’s Friends Forever Friends Forever, sans Dobinhue, (Class 4A) captured by HMS Pandora (COR) Oleon trader La Cell captured by Madrice Privateer L’Olius in the Crooked Sparrow Shipping Lists: Here is this month’s shipping list. This month we have given you a “snapshot” view of every ship. Last month we gave a “peek view” at the different ports. Whichever the readers like better will be the style we continue in the next issue. MRCA quick Feb 1 by skaforhire, on Flickr MRCA quick Feb 2 by skaforhire, on Flickr MRCA quick Feb 3 by skaforhire, on Flickr
  7. Captain Burt Wolfson could not believe it. He just stepped on the pier of Nova Terreli and already the Eslandolan merchants were overbidding each other for the load of the Eliza.
  8. To the Worthy Citizens of Eslandola, This month, the Empire of Eslandola has 5 escorting warships. The Secretary of State has drafted three routes. These are open first of all to any Eslandian citizen. If after the 25th of Febuary there is still room available, citizens of the other nations may apply as well. Sea Rats will need a note of legitimacy from a respected authority. (How do you get that? I have no idea. If you're interested, you might want to get the letter ready before the 25th, so you can be first in line.) Slots are granted on a first-come-first-serve basis. 'Tweenleg Tail: Low Risk - a Four (4) Zone Route that visits ports of a relatively small size. (Escorted by the Dark Lightning.) Dark Narwhal Safer Than Sorry: Medium Risk - a Three (3) Zone Route that visits ports of a medium size. (Escorted by the Travoa.) Stubborn Stern 4Profit: High Risk - a Six (6) Zone Route that visits some of the richest ports. (Escorted by the Queen of Terreli.) The Cotton Lady The Golden Snake Note: These routes are designed primarily for two (2) speed ships. > How do I participate? Sign up in this thread for a slot on the run of you choice. Post a link to your build and be sure to specify what type of license you have. If you haven't done it already, fill out the ship license form. Once enough members have signed up for your run you will be invited to a PM thread with your fellow merchants. There, you will receive details on your route and can set up a flotilla (see below) if so desired. When the MRCA form is ready, you'll be given a link. Then just follow the directions on the form and you'll be ready to go! Remember! For your own greater safety, within an escorted group merchants may combine in flotillas of up to three ships. You will have to take care of this aspect on your own. > Want to carve your own way? Eslandola has two other warships. These will be served out on a first-come-first-serve basis. Apply below if you want one. You must have at least two other members who have confirmed that they would like to travel with you. (We might make an exception for the speed three ships, since there are only two of those.) Provide a link to your own ship and your companion's ships and make sure that everyone has filled out the ship licensing form. You do not have to use these extra Warships for Trade Runs - take a Bounty Run if you think you can strike it rich! One of these ships has been applied for by MAESTRO and Maxim. The other has been reserved by Capt Wolf, Sir Stig, and Umbra-Manis. Important! Eslandola provides escorts but does not guarantee safety! So what are you waiting for? Let the sign-ups begin! __________________Guy K. Wyndzon __________________Secretary of State Given on the 19th of February, 616.
  9. .. after sighting Hurricane Helga.. Here you can see the "Stubborn Stern" turning around... No chance against the wrath of Poseidon. On the left you can see the saddened figure of Captain Braunsfeld (holding an ETWC flag). On the right: Victorious Poseidon. C&C Welcome.
  10. Captain Log, Day 59 : We start our run with an overload of apples and cider from our first production in Berelli and, in order to maintain our good relationships with Corrington, we joined one of their run. This Coyle Shipping Company seems to be a reliable and trustful partner, so I totally agreed to follow their lead. Day 60 : We were strongly hit by a hurricane ! The winds are terrible ! Hopefully, I saw it come in time and my crew managed to stabilize the ship in this storm. We have lost our road and no sign of our escort nor the Mercator, the Corry ship that was with us. I am afraid that the corries didn't passed the hurricane... Day 63 : We recovered our escort warship but still no sign of the Mercator. I am afraid they are lost... Day 65 : At last ! We made land in Belson. My concerns about the Mercator are proved to be true. The place reserved for this ship sharing our quay stayed desesperately empty. We started to unload our cargo in the Corrington Capital when a man head towards me and asked me to help him. He was the client the Mercator should have delivered but the ship did not reach port in Belson. He asked if he could buy us our surplus ! Of course I agreed to sell him in a totally "honest" price. It seems that Belson will not lack of Apples and Cider this month... La Raenette at quay, unloading cargo. A "honest" price... While he was in Belson, Felipe took the occasion to send a letter to his corlander friend and MAESTRO member, Sir Thomas Smaugton : "My dear friend, As you probably know, MAESTRO encountered a native tribe named the Ténotclaxcans. They are friendly but have strange habits and myths they are not ready to share with us easily. I am sending this letter to ask you some help. I know your interest in science, and specially in anthropology. So, I am asking you if you could recommend me some scientific experts in order to meet with me and my first officer the natives in order to learn their secrets. It is possible we have a hint concerning a mythical fruit I am trying to find. I learned you were founding a settlement in the new Cocovia. Is it possible for me to go there and meet the scientists in Quinnsville ? (I have a friend fisherman of MAESTRO that is interested in your fishy bays, I will lead him to your colony in the same occasion.) Friendly yours, Felipe de la Manzana."
  11. By Sea - Ships and The Monthly Raiding and Commerce Action in the EGS The Age of Sail was mostly about one thing – profit. Those willing to take what the Sea would give them, those willing to haul the bounty of new lands, and those willing to take it from others. In BoBS, a critical part of the game and the storylines is about wealth generation, legal or not. Remember, you can build whatever you want that fits into the theme of BoBS. You do not have to play within the game system if you do not want to! Your stories and builds will still be part of the project! What follows is the rules for the game mechanic that allows builders' ships to make money at sea and in some cases, crush their enemies. It should be noted that all of the mechanisms described below are separate from conflict resolutions or other combat. Note: The MRCA v.2 will be launched shortly. Master Index Licensing Ships (This post) Participating in the MRCA The Ship License Form Example Cruise Licensing Ships To buy a license for a ship, you pay your faction a fee, using the ship license form. All licenses must have a MOC attached to them in order to use that licensed ship in the MCRA. You can build the MOC first, then apply for the license once you have enough DBs to do so. If a builder has no ship licenses larger than a Class 1, he/she is always entitled to a single Class 1-2 license (even if a previous free license ship has been lost). If a vessel is destroyed, we encourage builders to MOC a new vessel for the next license. However, we know that that could be time-consuming, so you can attach a new license to an old MOC that was licensed previously even if it has been long disassembled. Do give your ship a new name though. We can assume that your character(s) went to the old shipwright and bought a sister ship. When MOCing a vessel to fit a license, we highly encourage that builders try to MOC according the characteristics of the ship they are trying to license. Because ship MOCs do not have to stay intact, most people with a fledgling pirate collection should be able to MOC the small and medium sized categories multiple times over. The leadership will consider micro-builds for ships of larger sizes on a case by case basis. Sea Rats only pay 70% of a ship license. Cost Multiplier After 3 licensed ships, the cost of a license goes up. The current maximum of licensed vessels one person can have is 12. Un-licensing Ships You may un-license a ship at any time through the ship licensing form. If you wish to re-license an un-licensed ship, you must pay the original amount (subject to the cost multiplier). Up-licensing Ships If you don't have the DBs available, you may choose to temporarily under license your ship. To upgrade, you must pay the difference. Use the Ship Upgrade form to do so (coming soon). When posting your ship, you must state the licence to which you intend to upgrade it later on. Captured Ships If you capture a NPC ship (one that does not belong to another player) you must MOC that ship before you can take advantage of the license. After having MOCed it, you must fill out the ship license form before using the ship. If you capture a ship belonging to another player, you may use it whenever. If you capture a ship and already own three or more ships, you must pay difference between the original license and the cost multiplier before you can use it. You may sell a captured ship without MOCing it or paying the cost multiplier. If it has not been MOCed, you must of course inform potential buyers of this fact. When a NPC pirate ship captures a PC warship, the warship will not be auctioned. In the case of all other ships captured by NPC pirates, they will be auctioned. When a NPC privateer ship captures a PC ship and war has not been declared between the respective nations, the case will be brought before the courts of the privateer's home nation and resolved by volunteers via a build off (see the Conflict Resolution rules). When a ship labeled "Unknown" captures a builder's vessel, the builder may post a build that throws blame on some NPC privateer (this can be a MRCA result build). A disinterested leader will determine by the roll of a die (1/3 favorable probability) whether or not the build is accurate. If the roll is favorable, the builder will proceed to a build-off with the implicated nation (see above). To take advantage of this possibility, the build casting blame must occur in the same month of the capture (i.e. if the MRCA was the February MRCA, the build must occur in March, and the build-off, if applicable, will occur in April). If a builder's last Class 1 or 2 ship is captured by a NPC and the builder has no larger ships, he is entitled to a free license and will be given the opportunity to retrieve his ship without action being taken concerning it (as above). Buying Ships You may buy ships from other players. To pay the other player, you must fill out a transaction form. If the ship was a captured ship and has not yet been MOCed, you must MOC it before you can use it. You must fill out the ship license form for any ship(s) you buy. No DBs will be subtracted, except in the case of the cost multiplier. Ships bought from another player are subject to the cost multiplier. Prize Court See here for more details. Independent Contractors Sea Rats (and only Sea Rats) can call upon an independent contractor for help with a piratical mission. At the cost of 1/5th of the profit, a Sea Rat can hire a randomly rolled 1-3A vessel to tag along. For 3/5ths of the profit, a Sea Rat can hire a randomly rolled 4A-5HA vessel to tag along. Independent contractor ships may be used as escorts or predators. All players sailing in conjunction with an independent contractor must give up 1/5 or 3/5s of their share (as applicable). Ship Characteristics Speed (S): This dictates how many ports a ship can visit during a Trade Run, and how likely your ship is to escape when being chased. Guns (G): This is the ship’s attack and defense characteristic. Roughly, one G rating equals 4 guns. Your MOC should conceivably be able to hold the amount of guns that your license entails. Creative license is allowed here of course. Crew ©: This is the amount of men on your ship, and in a boarding action they will be relied upon. Roughly, one C equals 5 men. A 0 crew is the captain and a few choice men. Creative license is allowed here of course. Cargo ($): This is the space the ship has for hauling goods. One $ allows the vessel to carry 10% of the total trade value of a settlement. Hull (H): This is the strength of the vessel. The Hull statistic is only used in raiding and attacking fortresses, or in special circumstances between warships. Possible Opponents (PO): This is the number that a ship can fight in one battle. Escorts need high PO or more escorts will be needed when fighting off groups of attackers.
  12. As some of you might have read, the Wringe I was captured by the pirate Zublious Van Wreck on his Ghost Harvester. "This is not good! The Fallen Angel has fallen, and we don't stand a chance against a ship this big, we'll have to give up." "We are giving up! Your broadside would completely destroy our ship! Take everything we have but leave us alive!" "You can stay alive, but not on your ship, this is a nice prize I'll be able to put to good use!" "Get some guns on here, mighty crewman, lets turn this unarmed vessel into a well armed vessel!" "Bring her to the Nest of Thieves, you should be able to defend her well to get there!" "So, you don't want to be a pirate but you want to stay alive? Well, you have choosen poorly..." "Go off on this raft we found drifting around here, maybe you survive!" "Captain, I'm not sure if this was the right choice. But they have given us some wood, maybe we can still get somewhere" "They haven't thought that the piece of rope they used to constrain us might be useful to us! We can build a mast!" *concentrated silence* "And they even left us some clothing! Even better!" "I told you everything is better than being a pirate" "I'm not sure if I completely agree" "Is that Captain Ben D'Anvers? I thought we had lost him with his ship during the hurricane!" "Save me!" *swimming noises* "Grab my hand!" "I hope we'll arrive somewhere before we run out of water or into another hurricane..." I hope you liked the story how the crew of the Wringe I as well as the captain of the Knight of Stedor got stuck on a raft floating around the ocean.There might be more coming to this story, or maybe not (anyone who wants to pick up on this story is free to do so, just tell me before doing so. The parts shouldn't be impossible to get:P)... The ship you saw will not be completed, it is just barely a third of a broadside without masts and anything else:P
  13. "What shall we do with the drunken sailor, early in the morning?" Well, setting sail ofcourse! Captain Ben D'Anvers was very happy with the trade he just did. The apples and swords he has in the cargo are very popular in the settlements he is visiting. The cargo is well covered by some soldiers and a 3 guns on both sides. Fresh apples from sir Felipe de la Manzana!! :D So ladies and gentlemen, if the Cutter "Knight of Stedor" is visiting your port, well be sure to welcome her friendly and buy the stuff!!! C&C welcome! Also, this is the third MOC this month, so approvals are very welcome!!! :D