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Found 26 results

  1. It's been a while since I last built something ... here's my latest creation, a scene from my favourite Western and Tarantino movie.
  2. Here's my depiction of Endor in the style of TLG's Architecture Skylines series. It was built for a competition over at IDS. Enjoy!
  3. Captain Braunsfeld

    Mop Being

    A strange mop-like being has come to earth: ... luckily it seems to be more cute than evil
  4. Karin: Commander, the Rodians from the Black Sun are meeting a Bith representative in front of the night club in sector I13. I'll see what more information I can get. Over and out ...
  5. From The Jedi Academy Trilogy 3 - Champions of the Force At a temple on planet Yavin 4 where Luke started training his apprentices a spirit of an ancient Sith lord Exar Kun managed to get Luke's spirit out of his body. He then tried to posess the students to destroy Luke's body which lied in a deep coma at the temple Grand Audience Chamber. It was the padawans who united in a fight and drove the evil spirit away allowing Luke's spirit to return to his body ... A big thanks to MKJoshA for shedding some light into my poor EU knowledge and suggesting a few scenes I could build! Here's the list of characters:
  6. Karin was sent to Tatooine to make a deal with a promising pod racer. He was constructing a pod with huge engines and required assistance in acquiring some parts. Flaren proved himself useful again for providing them, but everything did not go as planned ... Karin: Hello Reed, this is Flaren and he got the parts you needed. Flaren: Yes, here are the power cells for your linking mechanism. It can link together bigger engines than you could ever build. Karin: I see there's still a lot happening around here. So where is your pod racer? Reed: Jo vidi, grota un chapa mundi hasa et montarena. Karin: What do you mean the other engine arrives tomorrow? Tomorrow is the race you idiot! Reed: Nos vonyari, un chapa et punti. Karin: Well it's you who should be worried! You have to win this race. And why are there so many bets on your brother? I have the feeling we're making the deal with the wrong guy ... I'll have to make sure he does not finish the race! Reed: Min brudi? Ponto mus ti shokku? Karin: No he doesn't need to die, but it's up to you. You can still convince him not to enter the race. Now get moving, you still have a lot to do! And you better not cross me tomorrow. Reed: <slurred> Rumpha ... Karin: <leaving> I did not understand that, but I guess it's better for you ... I hate the midnight photoshootings. Here's some placeholders for better images which I'll add as soon as possible - if it's not against the rules ...
  7. MstrOfPppts

    [MOC] Petranaki arena

    Here's my entry to the imperiumdersteine MOC Olympics. I'm quite sattisfied with the outcome after not building anything for quite some time ...
  8. Here's my series, hope you guys enjoy it!
  9. MstrOfPppts

    [SoNE Ep. VII] Walkman 4K3

    It's a bit quite lately in this ongoing war and no missions to do nor plan for. That leaves some time to rest and listen to my old Walkman 4K3. I put on some really old music to bring back some nostalgia ... and then Karin rushed into my office. She was quite surprised at what I was listening to, since I didn't have time to turn it off. So I had to explain to her why I'm still using this outdated player. MstrOfPppts: This is a Walkman 4K3 limited edition in gold color. My father gave it to me when I was very little. It was something I was very proud of and every kid around wanted one. My dad got it from an Ithorian scrapyard owner who owed him some credits. It was worth quite some credits, yet still far from what the Ithorian owed my father, but it was the only usefull thing in his scrapyard. And for me, it was priceless! MstrOfPppts: So what did you come here for? Karin: Oh yeah, it's about this rebel who wanted to sign up as a Stormstrooper back at Fondor ...
  10. MstrOfPppts

    [SoNE] Mos Eisley Cantina

    After escaping the wreckage me and my clone troops arrived at Mos Eisley. We went straight to the Imperial outpost, where we got our next assignment. You can imagine how thrilled the troopers were to return to Hoth ... Anyway before heading to our next mission I used the chance and contacted my old pal Flaren. I told him to meet me at the Cantina where I was escorted by two guards. I told them to wait and guard the entrance while I do some talking. Flaren was really surprised to see a stormtrooper sit next to him and even more surprised when I took of the helmet. I knew it straight away, he's smuggling for the Rebel scum. After a short talk he admitted the cooperation with the Rebellion. I couldn't turn him in but we also had an agreement he'd be playing a double game and spy for us on the Rebel movement. Hope you guys like it, C&C welcome as always and I'd like this judged
  11. MstrOfPppts

    MstrOfPppts' trades

    I have two new Darth Vedars (from 75055) for trade. I'm really looking for the Darth Revan polybag, might even add the hologram for that one :) or some superheroes minifigs in equivalent value: Clark Kent Commissioner James Gordon Doc Ock Electro Iron Patriot Loki Mary Jane Mr. Freeze Nebula Pepper Potts
  12. Our dark trooper diver reported from another scum infested planet - Mon Calamari. He had to go deep under water to make contact with some sympathisers of the Empire. Dark trooper: Commander I have reached the contact and we have some good news. MstrOfPppts: Finaly, and what is the news? Dagoh: As I have explained to your trooper, Boba is here. MstrOfPppts: Is there a safe way to get to him? Dagoh: No, the part of the city he landed in is full of Rebel troops. MstrOfPppts: So what is the good news? Dagoh: Boba is leaving soon and we are certain his next stop is Bothawui. MstrOfPppts: Good, we have our troops there.
  13. The second to make contact was Karin. She was sent to Bothawui on a espionage mission. We knew that Bothans are very close to rebels, so sending a pack of stormtroopers there might be a suicide mission. Of course for a reasonable price we have some reliable contacts there too. Karin: I've met the contact you told me about. MstrOfPppts: And what is the status? Karin: Boba was not yet here, but is certainly planning to stop here for a quick refuel. MstrOfPppts: Good, you should lay low and wait for him. Give him the card and get out of there. Karin: Understood. But this planet is overwhelmed with the rebel spies, I might try to get some information about our next mission. MstrOfPppts: No, It's too dangerous ... <transmission interrupted> ... Karin? Goddammit that woman will bring us nothing but trouble!
  14. My first time leading an assignment coordinating multiple groups. And what an absurd one?! We have to locate a bounty hunter on a rumored route, because Darth forgot to thank him ... as if he ever does. And for being even harder I have to coordinate the search mission from the Avenger with troops scattered over five planets. Anyway, the guys from Felucia were first to make contact. Trooper: This is squad from Felucia reporting ... MstrOfPppts: Trooper report your status. Trooper: We've landed about an hour of walk from each of the three settlements and we are half way to our target. MstrOfPppts: What about the other two groups? Trooper: We haven't heard from them, this planet truly is psychedelic, I wouldn't be surprised if something ate them. Maybe it'd be best if we return ... MstrOfPppts: Well since no one else made contact yet, you should proceed as planned. I'll keep you updated.
  15. MstrOfPppts

    [SoNE] Anniversary [SoNE]

    A few days late, but still ... I guess BEAVeR asked for a cake, so here's a group shot of most of the participants - that have an interesting avatar, that is. Can anyone get all the names? (click the image for HD :) version) List of characters from top left to bottom right: *Disclaimer: I either used the player's avatar from the player index, any latest MOC or whatever I saw fit. Everyone got fleshyfied, so sorry to haters, but the shot is superior by far this way. Someone did not have the time to make his hair (don't have the piece) and some clothing also got a bit updated. If anyone has any privacy issues, PM me and I'll blur them out. P.S.: This does not need to be judged :P Edit: List of characters added.
  16. Being promoted to the Imperial Department of Military Research, my mission was to lead the construction of the shield generator on Endor. After finishing the landing pad and clearing the area for the generator, Lord Vader paid us a visit. I presented him our plans that were outlined by my new colleague Karin. He was satisfied with the progress, since for once we were on schedule. But he found some of our troopers showing to much compassion to the natives disturbing. I promised him to take care of that matter ... Okay, creating studless foliage really is mission impossible ...
  17. The rebels have gained acces to the detention sector and their plan was really simple. Blow up the main generator to power off the prison cell rays and escape in the dark. But what they did not count on is that a squad of highly skilled Shadowtroopers was sent to this sector. With the nightvision integrated in their helmets, the blackout is exactly what they are waiting for ... Bonus image of the blackout and a stupid rebel scaring the colleagues with the flashlight (thanks for the idea Ninja Nin!): Edit: Better safe than sorry catching last minutes I posted the images first and then edited the text in. Clumsy as i am, I forgot to mention that this is sector B (tough it's obvious from the build). So would a mod please squeeze Sector B between the [soNE Ep.IV] and Operation Twilight, which could be put into quotes, please Edit 2: Thanks Lobot for taking care of it!
  18. MstrOfPppts

    PTC - Captain Nemo/MstrOfPppts

    [pid][/pid] 246B Team Captain Nemo and MstrOfPppts decided to go for a classic pirates set design with an updated color scheme. The idea whilst thinking out of the box, was to connect the sets in a way that's different to what we expected from everyone to do. So here's what we came up with: ~ Captain Nemo ~ Arg! Behold Privateer Port — a place for any pirate to call home! Load treasures onto the rowboat with the crane or find new hidden treasure! Lock up your enemies in the jail or use the zip line to escape when breaking out! Or perhaps just fire the cannon and spot ships with the spyglass. Live the life of a pirate! Includes a pirate captain, two crewmembers, a skeleton prisoner, a rowboat, a cannon and a monkey! Some play features: ~ MstrOfPppts ~ Pillar hideout is a temporary pirate shelter mainly built from wreckage. Hide the treasure into one of the pillars and fire the cannon against any scallywags! Use the hidden map room to plan the smuggling routes and never run out of precious rum! Includes a pirate lady, three crewmembers, a cannon and a shark! Some play features: ~ Complete model ~ Due to lack of time for anyone of us to build both models, a quick photshop will have to do ... behold the Shipwreck Cove!
  19. We had only one main goal on this mission and it was to win against the Rebels in a snowball fight. We arrived at Hoth before they did, so we put a sign outside the sector E entrance: "Christmass time, no weapons allowed!" They obeyed the simple rule and after entering a huge snawball fight occured. We modified one of our cannons to shoot snowballs. Now that was a fun thing to watch! The Rebels left after a while all soaked with snow and shivering in cold ... Here you can see some of the Rebel SoNE participants. Stash was also fleshified! :) Here's our brutal snowball cannon. Downloading the last usefull data from the computers. Bob's aproaching to finish the job ... Steve's decorating an empty abandoned storage room. Half of our dropship was full of his silly presents. And here's a brave Rebel trying to retrieve Leia's clothes. Good luck with that, Rebel scum! Anyone know which side Santa's on? Whole MOC from one side ... ... and the other. All this holiday time was an excellent excuse to make a fun episode like this one. Thanks for extending the deadline, I really wouldn't have made it otherwise. Glad to see I'm not the only one ... Hope everyone had a nice Christmass, it's a bit late for this now, but there's always the next one! Good luck to everyone in the contest!
  20. MstrOfPppts

    [SoNE] Safe in a can

    Repairing the speeder took quite some time and the heat was getting unbearable in the armor. I found out that the two troopers were clones and for that they complained quite a lot about the way the Empire handles troopers. They both agreed that the battle conditions on Hoth were the worst ever by far. I guess I was lucky that time having the knowledge of radars and navigation I was put on an AT-AT bridge. Hope you guys like it, C&C welcome and I'd like this to be judged
  21. ... we crash landed in the heavy sandstorm. Our drop ship was luckily heavy enough not to be thrown around but still there were some casualties. The storm did not last long and the surviving troops divided into small groups to search for any way of transportation. From what I knew about Tatooine, it was about four days walk to Mos Eisley. I decided to go for the huge wreckage of a cruiser with two stormies under my command. On the way we found a small speeder that could use some fuel and a spark plug. It's fuel pipes were also broken. Arriving at the debris of the cruiser we found everything in one place. Seems like that Jawas have already done some sorting. We better hurry fixing the speeder before they return with the crawler to pick things up ... Extra parts used: only the two troopers, two blasters and my extra helmet if that counts ...
  22. MstrOfPppts

    [SoNE] Redundant cargo

    Seeing a Rodian civilian on Bespin reminded me of some more good old times. I once had a Rodian teammate for some bigger missions. Once we sneaked onto a huge Zabrak cargo ship and controlled all eleven crew members. We landed on an inhabited moon, let all of them but the pilot go and safely escaped to Tatooine, where the cargo ended in good hands! The pilot decided to join our smuggling team. Hope you guys like it, C&C welcome and please judge me
  23. No guard duty as it was first said. I was sent to escort Lord Vader himself to pay Baron Lando Calrissian a visit. We entered a big hall where we met Lando with a few of his guards. Vader pulled their guns out of their hands just in case and ordered Lando to turn over the Millenium Falcon crew when they arrive. Lord Vader was then escorted into the dining hall and we were sent down to the storage chambers to prevent any signs of rebel movement! The overall look: The look at the ceiling: Zoom at the minifigures: The right wall of the hall: The left wall of the hall:
  24. MstrOfPppts

    [SoNE] Unexpected visit

    There I was working in the Jabba's engine room. Nothing special, just normal maintenance for some easy earnings. Stormtroopers rushed in from outside, they didn't shoot just stood there. The cowardly Gamorreans beat it upstairs right when Darth Vader step in. I pulled my gun and before I could hold it properly a strange force pulled it out of my hand, slowly landing it on the floor just in front of me. Lord Vader spoke: "You should join the Empire. I feel that you have all the competence to become one of my best troopers. This is your last chance if you want to see another day!" What choice did I have, with my wrench against the lightsaber, I joined ... Hope you guys like it, C&C welcome and yes I want this judged too