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Found 6 results

  1. I called my mates to talk about our newest mission. We have to assassinate one of the Black Sun bosses. On Ord Mantell. I visited the planet before and had no wish to do it again. But it had to be done. Luckily, we saved ourselves from hours of planning and executing the mission and simply called one of our collegues. Wedar.
  2. MontyPython

    [Freebuild] Recruitment

    ----- Freebuild; M = Monty Python; S = Sid Bass; W = Wedar Sitherius; T = Trevor Devington ----- You won't believe it. I was promoted. They said I'm an army commander now. That means I got my own office and my work is less dangerous. If you don't count bounty-hunting, ofcourse. I called Sid to share a pint or two with me ... M: Well, that's it. That's my new office. What do you think about it? S: Well, it looks nice. But don't become soft and weak, I'll still need you for a couple of missions. M: Yeah, yeah, don't worry. Tell me, what would you like to drink? I have lots of great stuff in those fridges. S: Okay, do you have any Rodian Ale, you know, that purple stuff we used to drink in the old days? M: Ahh! Something nostalgic? Ofcourse, wait ... S: What's that light? M: Ugh, alarm! Something's going on. Wait a moment ... M: What's wrong, Trevor? T: Apparently the tried to get rid off Luke Skywalker. Now we're searching for the person who did it. You have to call all soldiers under your command and send them out. M: Alright, alright ... M: Did you hear it? New mission. I'll send message to the nearby troops. But I think we need more soldiers. Do you know anyone who could help us? S: Do you know Wedar? M: Wedar the four-handed death? Isn't he a bit, well, mad? S: Hah, no, he's completly normal, just a bit eccentric. And you know, he hates Empire even more than trandoshans. And you know what he did to those slavers. M: Okay, okay ... Let's call him. S: Hello Wedar, mate! What are you doing? W: I'm cleaning my guns. What else should I do on a monday morning? S: Well, me and Monty have a special job for you. Something interesting and dangerous. Maybe with lots of fighting. W: Well, tell me more. M: You see, there's a traitor somwhere out there and we need someone to find him. He's cooperating with the Empire. W: Okay, okay. Wait, I'll come to your base. M: How does he know where's our base? It's supposed to be secret. S: See, I told you he's the perfect guy. W: Well boys, where's that traitor? M: Well, it's up to you to find this. Ask in the underground. Oh and we probably need him alive so ... M: Alright, now I need to send message to other troops. We'll do this another time Sid. See ya! To all units in the nearby sectors! There's been an attempt to kill Luke Skywalker. Suspect is a female human, a technician working for the Alliance. We believe she's just a smaller part of a big action, behind which is probably the empire. Ask everyone you know about anything they know about this situation. Act quickly. May the force be with you. ----- Please, score this freebuild.
  3. MontyPython

    [BH - Geonosian] Disarmed

    [bH - Geonosian] Disarmed Location: Ord Mantell We landed on Ord Mantell at around 6 am. Our connection said, that target owns a small piece of land in the eastern corridor, section B12, small part in the north-western region. The part with largest population of wild Savrips. We have to took some more serious weapons with us. Unprepaired Geonosian is a easy task. But if we'd had to beat a Savrip or two, well, that would bring some troubles. We left the ship in one of the secured hangars. You can never be to sure. I was very eager to complete the task. False informations made us fly to a lot of planets before we heard that our target's hiding on Fondor. This was true but unfortunately he left two days before we got there. Luckily we got new informations and now we're here. Monty was nervous. He was on Ord Mantell before so he knows it's a dangerous place. And it's even more dangerous when you're hunting someone. You can quickly become the hunted one. But so far everything seemed to be okay. He and his partner in this mission, Sid Bass were approaching the target. Locator said they're only 50 metres away. They quickly got there. "Sid, I think we're too late" said Monty. "Really? What makes you think that" replied Sid. "Well," said Monty, "I believe this mission is accomplished. But who could do something like this?" Sid smiled and said: "Have you ever seen a savrip before?" "Yes ..." said Monty. "I played dejarik a lot when I was young and ..." "No, I mean the real savrip. Have you ever seen it in the battle? Well you don't want to. Let's leave." ---------- More pictures in the spoiler.
  4. I quickly found Geonosian's garage. He wasn't inside. Time to visit Ord Mantell again! Please, judge this freebuild.
  5. New target. Yes it's time to claim another bounty. It's a Geonosian. He should be in his garage on Fondor. I don't know where it is. So I'll ask someone if he knows. -Hello, can you spare me some time, please? -Yes ofcourse, what is it? -I'm looking for a Geonosian who goes by the name of Alfred. Perhaps you could know his destination? -Yes, yes. His garage is the third one in sector F, 5 minutes from here. -Thank you very much! -Your welcome. Oh, another thing. He may not be there, I think he went to visit his uncle on Ord Mantell. -I'll go and see anyway. Thank you again! -You're welcome! Please, judge this freebuild.
  6. After the battle in the space I finally arrived on solid ground. But I was quickly forced to leave Kuat and head to the rims around it. One of the small hangars is a base of a small group of rebel soldiers. There I got a friendly reception by their leader. Our mission is to find a skillful technician, who will crack the super-computer. Please consider, that it was raining for a couple of days and that making better photos is impossible.