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Found 36 results

  1. THERE IS NO DANA, ONLY ZUUL! Presenting to you just a 'quicky'. Zuul, the hellhound from 80's movie Ghostbusters. Yes, I'm a bit of a GB-coattailrider here but it happens that GB belongs to my top 10 best 80's movie-list. :) I was inspired by masterbuilders Wet Wired and Sergio and their awesome Ghostbusters-builds but couldn't wait for them to build Zuul (let alone wait for THE Ecto1 to hit the stores...) so I build my own in the bricks that I have. Grey. Ofcourse it (probably) should be in a nice earth and olive green right...? Well, the Gargoyl out of what this beast emerged is grey, so I'm kinda safe... What else is there to say... Oh yeah, I used the newish Chima Legend beasts build-methods with the balljoints, and really made it my own. That was a fun challenge! :) Enjoy! Next to the GB-minifig and my Ecto1 it is kinda huge. A bit larger than the extralarge dog from the movies, but ofcourse Lego is a material of compromises. I agree that the body could use a little bit more mass... It'll just has to do, for now... Run little GB, Run like the wind! ...and try not to cross your beams... (my Ecto1 can be found here...)
  2. Players only, please! Confirmation | Day One | Day 2 Lacey Davis (LegoDad) sits in her whore house, contemplating which wig she should wear in the morning. "Do I stick with this one, or should I wear the curly, brown one? I should maybe stuff my top with some wigs, too. Needless to say, she doesn't manage to see the Zombie, or hear the door loudly creak open, or even hear the load groan coming from behind her. Who knew wigs could be so distracting? A dismembered mermaid now lies where Lacey Davis once stood. Meanwhile, the zombie walks off with a nice, lean arm to gnaw on. Meanwhile, Derek Polanes (DarthPotato), walks away from the fire pit, after just burning his hands on the fire trying to warm up... ... Until he runs into the Roman Commander, who shoves his blade so far into Derek's stomach it pushes him back into the fire pit.. And the body of the Fortune Teller crackles in the pit. Everybody gathers in the morning, but instead of Mercutio, the assistants take his place. "Mercutio's taking a quick vacation for school" Carlisa announces. "He left us in charge, so we had to invite our friends Wyldstyle and Abe here to help us, especially since Abe is so honest, and Wyldstyle.... Well, she's somewhat attractive." "We could only find Bleeb's head, and I think it's pretty clear he was a Monster. So was Derek. Luckily for you, Lacey just so happened to have been a rotten member of the Council. Looks like you dipshits made more progress yesterday than you did the day before. Now go catch another so I can look good for Mercutio." Excited to have caught their first baddie, the girls... ... And the boys, begin discussion for a new day. The Players (14) Mercutio Robertson - Played by TrumpetKing - NPC Kelly Lester - Played by Kristel - Wannabe Mermaid Clarissa Maplesby - Played by CallMePie - Expert People Trampler Peter Desmund - Played by Piratedave84 - Most likely to eat your face Jeffrey Norris -Played by jamesn - Corrupt Conquistador Carl Nemoss​ - Played by Captain Nemo - Hottie McHotterson Giovanni Capanni - Played by Captain Genaro - Hitman with a hint of class Monarch Timothy III - Played by Tamamono - Probably wants you beheaded Helen Inkling - Played by Hinckley - "Would you like a nice glass of wine?" Tickles - Played by TinyPiesRUs - Wants your kids to se the lions Pamela Fettucini - Played by Peanuts - Badass Mom Mikatta - Played by Mencot - Forest Witch Dragonishki - Played by Darkdragon -Somehow came from a comic book Sally Carrotine - Played by Scubacarrot - Child Arson Melinda Dugan - Played by MetroiD - Wants your scalp The Dead Kingsley of the Starfish - Played by KingoftheZempk - Criminal Mastermind - Dissolved Mid-Nap Night One - Monster Caitie Levanne - Played by Cecilie - Creepy Nurse - Beheaded reading mail Night One - Monster Bleeb - Played by Bob - Benevolent Alien Overlord - Gnawed on by a crazy cannibal Day Two - Monster Lacey Davis - Played by LegoDad - Desparate for sex - Ignored creepy sounds while bra stuffing during Night Two - Council Derek Polanes -Played by DarthPotato - Wants your credit card number - Blazed Night Two - Monster The Rules 1. Each player will be given an alignment to play as. Each player will be aligned with either The Council or The Monsters. Any Third Party/Neutral characters have their own win conditions outlined in their roles. To win, the Monsters must eliminate all of the Council, while the Council must outnumber the Monsters. 2. Each day you may vote to lynch a player. The player who receives votes from a majority of the remaining players will be lynched. Voting must be done in the following format.Vote: Character Name (Player). No other format will be accepted. Unvoting may be done similarly, under the same format and criteria as voting. 3. A day will last a maximum of 72 hours. You may not vote for the first 24 hours of the Day thread. After 72 hours, it is now night. When the 72 hours of the day are over, please send your night action, if any, to myself using the Role PM I have sent you. The night phase will last a maximum of 48 hours. 4. The alignment of the player lynched, and any that died during the night, will be revealed at the start of the next day. 5. You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to you by the game host via PM.This includes all the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. Role Claiming should be done at your own risk. Do not attempt to use the structure of your role PM to your advantage. 6. Do not play the game outside the thread. Similarly, do not post out of character inside the thread. Game tactics and roles may only be discussed in the game thread or via PM with other players. Private discussion is done at your own risk and should be treated as part of the game. 7. If you are dead, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any of the players. Any information you had becomes void, and may not be passed on. 8. You may not edit your posts. 9. You must post in every day thread. 10. Any questions about your role or the game must be asked in your Role PM that you received. 11. In your Role PM, you have been given a Personality Quirk. I request that you try to speak in your personality quirk a minimum of three times per day, but I will not make it a requirement. Try to have fun with it though! 12. Violation of ANY of the above rules will result in a vote penalty (1 vote for every 4 players left) on the first offense, and removal from the game on the second offense
  3. Hello, Here is my first 6x6 model. 2L motors for driving, Servo motor for steering. Weight is 1180g. Motors and battery box are located on the middle of chassis. Front and rear suspensions are very soft. So, the Truck easily pitches up and down, climb over a certain level of obstacles. 3 differentials and 6 cv joints works pretty well, not broken or snapped at all in the video. Building instructions and more pictures: Also I added this MOC to Rebrickable. I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Hello!! After seeing the Technic Set 41999 in which I found aesthetically very beautiful, I decided to make a replica of it in minifig scale :) is actually a Dodge Charger 1970 with big wheels :) I will build the same physically, there are these renderings This MOC its also on Cuusoo Full resolutions
  5. A man participating in holiday festivities realizes he is in danger from forces beyond his reckoning... This is my first attempt at a horror-type film. While I am pleased with the result, there are (as always) places for improvement. Comments, constructive criticism, and suggestions for the future are most welcome. Please enjoy Predation!
  6. This is a test run for a transportable build for the Sydney Brick Show. C and C welcome. [ Home Sweet Groan by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr On display at Sydney Brick Show by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr Home sweet groan by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr
  7. I saw this cool, modular '57 Chevy Monster Car by Paul Boratko on YouTube -- it looks like a mini 1957 Chevy done in Lego Technic style! He has a goal to design more bodies that can work with the same Monster chassis. Full description on MOCpages: . Pictures on Brickshelf:
  8. Hi all (I apologize in advance for my not So perfect english) This is my Pirate display. I had it with me at the Klodsfest 2013 event (Klodsfest is an yearly event made by my LUG Byggepladen, Denmark) Klodsfest is made so everyone within our LUG, has a chance to display their stuff. To an living audience, and ofcourse the other members aswell. 150 Byggepladen members did attend this year, and nearly 700 Paying! visitors (Whitch is a new record for us) (including kjeld kirk kristiansen Owner of LEGO) This is the 5'th time I'm exhibiting my pirate stuff. My personal goal is to add atleast one new item to my Display, each and every single time i exhibit. I'ts nearly a year since i started to display my stuff in puplic. First time was at the klodsfest 2012. I had only 2 smaller ships with me at the time. Since then, I've expanded my layout massively. The ships name's is: Crusader (The Extremely supersized 2'rate ship of the line) Grim Reaper (The Black ship) Golden Whale (Automatic cannons) Landlubber (The tan and blue ship. Its also Remote controlled) As you can see in the video at the bottom. And without further delay, i give you my pictures. (The text for each picture is located beneath it) Here we have some real Pirate monkey's, Drfting away with alot of treasure. Eventhough, one of the Cannon-men aboard the Crusader, won't allow them to get away with it. The Crusader in all her firce glory. Shooting at all three pirate ships at once. The whole bow is rock solid (and quite heavy) SNOT all the way up to the forecastle. Personly i love how thoose stair's turned out Notice the SwirilGun pokeing out of the rigging (she have 12 of them in total) If you count the SwirilGuns together with the main batteries, she has a total of 89 cannons. (she can carry 90, if you put an extra cannon in the forecastle) I adore that small side balcony. She also have full interior in the cabin. The new married couple on their honeymoon. They couldn't have chosen a better vessel for the job This is my lighthouse.....Or rather what's left of it. When i packed my stuff for the event, i tried to put it into a box. Unfortunately, the box had the exact same messurement as the plate. when i tried to squeese it gently into the box. That resulted in the lighthouse jumped off the plate, smashed down into the box. and completely destroyed itself. Only the top pylon survived.....Sort of. I promise you it will be posted once i rebuild it. This ship is not mine. I did the layout together with another guy, who had this ship, and a mountain next to it. With a cave hidden within Not everybody got what it takes to be a sailor For some strange reason, i didn't take a single shot of the battle at the middle of the ship, nore the bow/forecastle (there is a video in the end of this post, in it you can see the cannon's in action. Perhaps you can recognize this fellow ?? Eventhough there is three longboats with many soilders aboard, they are no match for the three-headed Sea Serpent I had a funny treasure hunt-mini event-thing going on. I had a sign at the table that said: Help the pirates find the burning pumpkin: Originaly i hid it within the lighthouse, with that option out of the window. i had to think fast. That resulted the pumpkin was hidden within the jaws of death. Can you find the treasure ?? To be honest, i didn't made this island entirely myself. i had the basic isle with me, complete with map. But i had to make the vegetation on sight. I didn't had the time to make it, so i made a boy who was bored make it for me. I simply just gave him a box with Chima-Figs and another with plants, and he sat off to work ( i did supervise him, told him what to do, and where to place that and that. But he managed most of it by himself. I rewarded him with a Chima fig of he's choice, he chose one of the wolf's, since it's the only fig he didn't have already. He was quite happy about it. Sebeus and I, is tracking down the lost treasure's. thank god we have a map. Or else we would never find it. This is the landlubber, its Remote-Controlled. It have the ability to sail around on land. i'm reciving alot of feedback at that feature, usualy its : A driving ship, that's new: Now for a funny story . I almost rammmed into Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen on purpose. Simply to get he's attention. He looked at a enormus resturant build like a pendhouse . (it was truely brilliant) Together with alot of people. After sailing right behind him, for some time. Before Somebody noticed me and said: WOW look at that thing: Kjeld turned around (together with everyone else) and glazed upon my ship. Kjeld laughed, complimented my brilliance, and said: A driving ship, thats just amazing. I replied : You should make some of theese: Kjeld made a small laugh and said: .yea... We have do that. After that small conversation, Kjeld just starred at my ship, until i was gone. Who know's, perhaps Lego will make some remote controlled ships one day =) The thing I'm most proud of, is the cabin (besides the RC ability) Because i made it in a rush, the parts kept falling off. as you can see in the pictures. At the end i was sick and tired of reasembling it. and just left it be. I capsized with her once, i tried to make it across a small trench, i failed. Funny enough the first attempt went extremely well, but second time, not so well. I've dismantled the landlubber. Mark II is well under way. She's stronger, taller ,tougher, and much better reinforced. My personal favorite. the Grim Reaper. She contains full interior with bunks and a captains cabin. i've spend just about 300 hours creating her. (if you count mark I, in the progress. whitch is the right thing to do in this case, since its based so much on mark I, just alot better. She's been at every single Lego event I've taken aprt in. She's over a year old, and contain 15% of my black bricks. I just love her so much that i cant dismantle her. She have no special abilities. Besides for the evil look This is me, setting it all up The video's is not shot by me. they are shot by a fellow AFOL from my LUG, She made alot of video's of the whole event. Comments is very welcome [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  9. Mark of Falworth

    Cyricus the Mighty

    Being one of the largest creatures ever to walk, or fly, the face of Roawia and carrying a Lenfel champion of great renown, the much older brother of the ill-fated Mindarus the Cunning seeks out the knight who slew his kin... I've had the idea for this guy in my head for awhile now. And I'm quite happy with how he turned out! Now I have to build a scene big enough to hold this guy. More pictures... Thanks for viewing and have a great day!
  10. tchuk-norst

    MOC: Alien Uorre-tabat

    Introduction I've taken a break from steampunk/dieselpunk/sky-fi to work on this organic machine. But, bare in mind that this creature exists in the same fantastic world as the Central Machines and Attatech walkers. The infernal creation sprouted from the Mother's soft underbelly. The Uorre-tabat is blessed with the powers of control over machines. These creatures were known, during the Plague to latch onto the underbellies of war machines and airships and chew through the mechanical parts and replace them with veins, nerves, and fatty tissue. Naming I took much more time on delving deeper for the name of this creature than for say, my mechs, I wanted to create a Tolkein-esque meaning to the names of this creature and it's counterparts. In naming this, I've combined several elements. The first part of the name, Uorre, is derived from Ur, the ancient Sumerian city in Mesopotamia which invokes antiquity and age. Also, one of the Hebrew meanings of the word Ur, those who know better correct me if I'm wrong, is light. Cool, you say, what does this have to do with the creature, I'm getting there. Ok, now we get to the second part. According to Strong's Concordance of the Holy Bible, "ta" is translated in Ezekiel 40:7 as guardroom. And, as in Bat Mitzvah, "bat" denotes female, specifically girl. So if we put it all together I get the phrase "Guarding the Female from the Light". Obviously there is some artistic license taken there, so linguists don't get mad. The explanation for this name will be revealed with subsequent builds. Some clues can be gathered from the above description. This final shot shows the Uorre-tabat next to a Maane soldier for size comparison. For more pictures of this model and of my other models, check out my Brickshelf Gallery or flickr photostream.
  11. Just trying out some different tree designs, I liked this one enough to build a vignette. Bride and Gloom by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr Bride and Gloom by Taz-Maniac, on Flickr C and C always welcome, encouraged even.