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Found 28 results

  1. Andy D

    Which Modular to build first?

    My studio cabints, desk and shelves are supposed to be installed next. Now I am trying to decide which modular to build to inaugurate my studio. I have alredy decided that he first build will be a modular. I have in my inventory four (4) to choose from... The Fire Brigade, The Pet Shop, The Town Hall and The Palace Cinema. Of those four, which did you have the most fun building and why? Thanks, Andy D P. S. The Cafe Corner, Green Grocer and the Grand Emporium are built and waiting for a space on the shelves.
  2. Hi! I recently bought and built my first modular building. I chose the Pet Shop for a number of reasons; I prefer residential buildings to corporate or municipal ones, I loved the vibrant colors, detailed interior and assymetrical design. Overall it was a really pleasant build. Now I am ready to go for the next building and I am having a hard time choosing which one. The two modulars I like most judging from pictures only are unfortunately Green Grocer and Café Corner which are not available anymore (and I'm not going to pay $500+ for a used or brick linked set). None of the other buildings are really appealing to me thematically, I would actually prefer another residential building. Going by looks, I guess the GE is my #1 choice. However, the build seems a bit repetetive as the second and third floor are almost identical. Also, the interior is lacking (which I could MOC I suppose). Now I'm starting to think that maybe I should build my own residentail building instead, or someone else's MOC. If so, which of the current buildings would be the best for parts? Thanks for any input, Björn
  3. So, I'm not much of a poster here, but for once I've had a productive week in terms of MOC'ing, or rather designing such in MLCad. So, I figured I'd share my designs here as well. Sadly, they all lack proper interiors such as furniture, curtains and whatnot, but I figured I'd put all that in once they are done IRB. First up is one I designed way back in November, after a spurt of inspiration at a local event; Mocca House. The two shops at ground level are meant to be a pair of competing coffee-bars, which are both accessed from the central corridor. From here entrance to the central staircase is also possible, with a single, large appartment at each floor. For me the modular building series is all about unorthodox building techniques, or challenging oneself to certain limits, and as easily seen on the second picture, the challenge here was to place the walls at an odd angle, in this case nine degrees, and keep it consistent all the way up to the top floor. The next one up is a building I've simply named Cream Flats, because of the tan color. This is more a planned re-use of parts for a trio of buildings I've already built, that I'm not satisfied with (lacking details, way to boxy design etc.), plus attempting to use basic colors as well. Middle floor is repeatable, meaning I can build several identical ones and they will all stack together without problems. I was experimenting with tile-patterns for the interior - with different colors, those might stay. Shops at ground floor are at the moment planned to be a florist and a... Well, I'm not sure. Something. And finally, a design that I started on today, and which ended up very different from how I had planned it. Still, I'm very pleased with: Chocolate Corner. The initial idea was to somehow integrate this piece into a modern corner building design, and as the design progressed, it was kinda left out, and ended up looking like a much more classic and older building than what was intended. The ground floor is planned to house a confectionary, and the building's colors are themselves supposed to mimic the different variations of chocolate. Again, there's not much of an interior other than inner doors and walls, and a staircase leading up to the two appartments. I've got a few more pictures on my Flickr-account, in case anybody wants to have a closer look. Other than that, what do you think? Edit: Make that a quartet! Here's a more recent building; Bianca's Bikes. It's a simple, lime green box, with a bike-shop at ground level, but I'm pleased with the result. It's heavily inspired by AlienCat's Harry Hardware Store, but I just couldn't keep myself away from designing something similar. The wall technique is the same as on Mocca Corner, but here it's far more visible how it works. I've tested using the 3x12 wing plates as I've done here in this model, and it's a fully viable building technique. The gap between the floor and the wall closes nicely without any gaping holes or stressing the bricks.