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  1. Hi All! After my UCS Colonial Viper MkII, here is the UCS Cylon Raider, inspired from the same reboot series! Built at the same scale as the Viper, it will be the perfect match. Lighting effects can be easily added, and will give your model a final aggressive touch. For this model again, you can purchase the building instructions as a high quality 326 pages pdf, which includes the ready-to-print UCS sticker, as well as separated part lists for the display stand and for the Raider itself. The part lists are also provided as an XML files. Just drop me an email at davdupmocs(at) and I will send you all the details! So Say We All!
  2. [MOC] Plus-Size Millennium Falcon?

    What originally started out as a bigger version of 7665, (same crappy proportions and stuff) turned into a (almost) fully fledged MOC using techniques from 75105 and the UCS set, witha bit of my own ideas mixed in. But enough chitchat, here it is: falcon cool view by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr I highly recommend checking out my flickr for high res pics, and more of them. falcon top by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr top view falcon back by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr falcon underside by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr underside (UNFINISHED) falcon docking port by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr docking ring(s) (PLANNING ON CHANGING) falcon turret by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr top turret, featuring LEDs falcon mandibles by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr mandibles falcon cockpit by Marcus Holtznagel, on Flickr cockpit and i STRONGLY SUGGEST you watch this video i put together showing all the LEDs in action: Thanks for looking, I hope for some feedback!
  3. Hi folks! It would be very nice and source of inspirational for some of us, I think, to have here collected all the MOCs and attempts of modularization of standard sets. What do you think about?
  4. [MOC] NOHAB Mx & My Roundnoses

    Hello everyone, today I would like so present You my NOHAB Roundnoses. The MOC´s are older, but I took new pictures and finally uploaded them to my flickr-account. Two more are WIP, but I am still waiting for parts. So expect more to come in the next weeks http://NOHAB inspired Roundnose by Brick Musher, auf Flickr http://NOHAB inspired Roundnose by Brick Musher, auf Flickr Please see also the complete album on flickr. Thanks for watching BrickMusher
  5. Hey guys, I’m searching MOC instructions and LXF files for my near-future huge Lego city. I plan of course doing some MOC modulars but there are some very nice MOCs created by other people! I made a list of all the designers I found, I hope that list helps some other people who search modular instructions! Here are the must-have designers with instructions and instructions I listed (with no particular order): —Brick Ative (by @lookl and @Pakita) —SteBrick (by @stef2280){"showHomeItems":1} —Andrew Tate (instructions on sale by @2013-lego) (by @snaillad)*lego?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 —Sheo (by @sheo) —peedeejay (by @peedeejay) — Construction Site (by @ryantaggart) Site Modular.lxf?dl=1 —Train Station (by @LegoWolf) (link to download the LXF file on his Flickr: _____________________________ Here are the almost-must-have designers with instructions and instructions (with no particular order): —bricksandtiles (by @Giacinto Consiglio) —Kristel (by @Kristel) —brickcitydepot (by @brickcitydepot), the latest instructions (CB023, CB026, CB027, CB028, CB029 and CB030) and the ones included in the Lego Neighborhood Book —Ryan Taggart (by @ryantaggart) (other ones) —Villa Maison (by @marcosbessa) (found the LXF file on LDD gallery as it’s no longer available in his own website) —10214 Alternative Build (by garom) —The Magic House (by valgarise) _____________________________ Between two categories ones (starting from those who have EB accounts) : —BrickToyCo (by @Tobysan) —hermez (by @hermez) —mestari (by @Mestari) —Brickcitydepot (by @brickcitydepot) (other ones) —2013-lego (by @2013-lego) (his own designed modulars)*lego?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 —Duncaadkin0 (by @Dakar A) —A *Deal* 4 U (by @waltzking) —andrepsramos — —TheUniqueBrick —Bjor Schoute —sabriyo – –Brickstruct{"pg":2,"itemStatus":"U","showHomeItems":0} —The Royal Church (by ateameric) —Alternative for Town Bridge (by Albertovax Corner){"invID":"106246338"} _____________________________ Here are some other ones (those I don’t really like but may be of interest to others) (the ones with an EB account are on the top of the list): —SkywardBrick (by @SkywardBrick) —brickbuilderspro Orlando Walker&searchAlias=digital-text —Bricker & Co —Bauanleitungenmartin —Berth —Soar Brick —jval (Need for Brick){"showHomeItems":1} —Fully Brick Models{"showHomeItems":1} —Brick Vice —BrickusMaximus{"itemType":"I","catID":"710","showHomeItems":0} —Book Store (by Lair of Maedhros){"invID":"79390047"} _____________________________ So that’s all I found. Maybe you ask yourself “why he’s asking for new instructions, he already found enough!” I ask it because I’m just purchasing/will just purchase the instructions in the categories “must-have” and “almost-must-have”. In LDD gallery, there are some interesting MOCs, you can download them too. I hope that list helps some people and some people helps me by recommending/finding more modular instructions/LXF files Cheers!
  6. [MOC] Brick CIty Brewery

    Introducing the Brick City Brewery which is modeled after Central City Brewery in Surrey, BC ( Exterior is 100% complete, just waiting for pieces for the beer production to complete the interior, which features a tasting room and office. Picture edited with Snapseed app On Display at BrickCon Being inspected by the cat Overhead view of the pillars
  7. The GG-1 was a class of electric locomotives built for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) for use in the northeastern United States. 139 GG-1s were constructed by General Electric and PRR's Altoona Works from 1934 to 1943, although mine is used by Brick Railway Systems on the New York - Chicago route. The real GG-1"s never traveled that far west in service, due to the overhead wires ending at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The GG-1's served under the PRR, then Penn Central, and onto Conrail and Amtrak, until finally a few went to New Jersey Transit, with some of these units served from 1935 on the PRR to to retiring with NJ transit in 1983. The model seen here is painted in this fictional Brick Railway Systems blue and red color scheme. This means the engine will be pulling some stretched 1980's style passenger car painted like the ones in sets 7715 / 7718. Unlike my previous model of a GG-1, this one has no interior details. The engine features moving panto-graphs for picking up (imaginary) electricity from the overhead wires. They are both in the raised position here, though normally the one opposite the direction of travel would be used. The exception to this was if the rear panto-graph was knocked off or damaged by overhanging debris, which the engine would then have it's lead panto-graph raised in order to limp the the repair shop. The loco features Anthony Sava's sliding middle axle design. This means the middle axle out of the three on the bogie closest to the middle of the loco slide laterally back and forth to allow the engine over switches and curves that would be normally to tight to maneuver. These special bogies are used twice of course: one for each half of the loco. The two outer wheels closest to each end are connected to the inner bogies via cup-and-ball parts. This allows them to swing freely and not bind up while still representing the right amount of wheels for a GG-1 loco. The coaches this engine will pull are inspired by train sets 7715 / 7718 from the 4.5 Volt era in the early to mid 1980's. The doors should be printed like these: http://alpha.brickli...Color=5#T=C&C=5 and http://alpha.brickli...e?P=4182p05#T=C I already have 75% of the parts for this model, including all but one door. Here is the LDD file for the engine by itself: http://www.moc-pages...1461783587m.lxf ...and here is one with the coaches and engine: http://www.moc-pages...1461783797m.lxf According to a Facebook comment made to my post on the LEGO Train Fan Club page, the engine I built look similar to this bi-centennial Conrail-era unit: Comments, complaints and questions are always welcome! (This page will be revised again when the cars are built In Real Life.) Recently, I discovered this neat website on the GG-1's, called the GG-1 homepage, which was last updated in 2002. It features some cool stuff and hard to find info though so here is the link:
  8. Baja Truck [MOC]

    Once i wanted to make a baja truck, and i failed. though as you should do in life, i stood up and tried again. and suddenly, i had a frame. and a 'little' later i had a baja truck. fuctions: Full suspension: Front; double wishbone (travel: 1.5 studs) Rear: live axle (travel: 5 studs) RTC steering (Servo motor) RWD (XL-motor) Full RC I started making a front suspension which had to be soft and a good height clearance and RTC stearing. After a while i had a very sturdy stearing module, so i started making the rear axle.The XL motor is mounted on the live axle. it has a 1.66:1 which gives it a speed of 243.4 RPM and 8.7 of torque. I used the short steering link to make the suspension freëer then used the 3X5 L links to connect to the springs. The battery is pretty high above the center of mass, but it doesn't affect the performance weardly. the IR receiver is possitioned just under the widnshield which makes it pretty easy to reach. The body is made out of 3 pieces, The bumper, a nose scoop and the rest of the body. the body is connected in 14 points to the chassis, the scoop only at 2 and the bumper in 6 places. I might do instructions on the chassis, but i don't know if i will on the body (only if enough demand). Greetz TNLD more pictures: LXF file of the chassis:
  9. Lotus 78 Ford historic f1

    i would like to show you my new historic f1 car. not as great as my other two i think but i let you be the judge it is the John player special lotus 78 Ford black and gold
  10. [pid][/pid] Hey-ho, Ladies and Gentlemen! I'm glad to finally show you my 24th ship and personal triumph - 1st rate ship of the line! The biggest creation I ever created, my pride and my pain in the neck for weeks. Speciall thanks to my dear friend KB - he graciously lent me these marvelous french flags for La Liberté and provided indispensable rendering support! I truly don't know what I would have done without him. You can find the ship here on my flickr: Thanks for watching!
  11. A great man once said “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” (G. Marx). When i saw a topic popping up of a tracked ripsaw, i was intrested. But when i saw the pictures, I was SOLD, i just loved the moc, it was so simple, yet it was so nice. i wanted something like that to. and so I ditched everything i had to do (studying) and i began. I started improving on the mistakes he made, and i made my chassis. added a subtractor put the motors in and started testing. for now i have only 1 XL but i'm gonna add another one when i freed that one from a moc (still have to make a topic about that one). this because it lack's a little bit of power (now 1:1 transmission, might change to 1.66:1 or 3:1) as suspention i wanted a soft but 'strong' suspension so i went with springs. i aslo wanted a lot of vertical clearance, so i used near vertical 'bogies'. For a feel of the size, tracks are 92cm long atm chassis is around 45 cm. PS: the side pannels are primarily for looks, secondarly for strength. PPS: the topic where i got the idea: Greetz TNLD
  12. MOC: Bookstore for my town

    I love to read, so I decided my town should get a bookstore. So I made my own design, with a full interior. The outside is made with a SNOT technique for the facade. I've also used some modified 1 x 2 tiles with balls for the details on the top. I love this piece and always wanted to use it. So I did. On the ground floor there are some bookcases with books you can buy, and of course a cash register. The second floor (see video link below, don't have a picture yet, sorry!) features more of a relaxing room. There's another book case, but also a couch where you can sit and check out the novels you've found. There are also some computers, to look up some stuff (like the book you had in mind, but can't remember the title of). I think it turned out to be a nice addition to my city. Very pleased with the end result, if I say so myself. For more details, I made a YouTube video.
  13. Hello everybody and nice to meet you, I'm a new member on Eurobricks, I presented myself a few days ago here! Today I try to open my first thread, and doing so I would like to show you those creations of mine. They are not exactly mocs, as they are based on official sets, but they are sort of modifications I considered necessary to improve the original Lego models. Down here you can find the pictures of the Tie Fighter, a couple of posts below you can see my modded U-wing! So, let's start: [MOD] First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by SpaceBrick, on Flickr [MOD] First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by SpaceBrick, on Flickr There are more modifications than you can probably see at a first look. First of all, the wings: black stripes have been placed on the inner side of the wings, and the outer black plates has been replaced with tiles. Inner and outer stripes has practically the same angle, so they blend easily in the model. Horizontal lines are realized by using 1x2 jumpers, diagonal lines with longer tiles, and are kept in place only with a 1x1 plate that allows the rotation of the elements. They are not very sturdy, but are more than enough if your plan is to show the model only on the pedestal. There were also some dbg plates in the wing panels, I replaced them with lbg to uniform the color. Moving to the cockpit, a big part of the curves have been redesigned to improve the sphere effect. Lego designers were clearly forced to create a playable solid model (and to include the horrible springload shooters), limitation I didn't have, so I could replace some pieces to improve the geometries and collocate the red parts in a more trusty way. I also used two small red stickers to create the right angle, but it hasn't been a so good idea, probably. The front printed round element has been rotate by 90 degrees to blend its joint with the red section. In the future I will probably replace the whole piece with another withound the joint (does it exist?) and in a different color, because I don't like the choice to use a transparent red piece. Another modified part is the joint of the cockpit with the wings, where I used some grill 1x2 tiles instead of simple 1x2 black tiles, as the real model shows far more lines than the actual set. Also the antenna has been simplified with smaller pieces to respect the right proportion with the ship. [MOD] First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by SpaceBrick, on Flickr [MOD] First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by SpaceBrick, on Flickr The rear of the model has been totally redesigned, as you can see in the previous pictures. The engines on the side are definitely bigger and more protruding than the set's ones. Take a look at the end of the post to see a comparison with a toy model. I'm not sure about the red wake I included, but it's definitely nice! There were also some visible technic parts that have been covered with black tiles. In the following pictures you can see the shape of the edge lines, more rounded both in the lower... [MOD] First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by SpaceBrick, on Flickr ...and upper side: [MOD] First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by SpaceBrick, on Flickr To achieve that, on the upper side of the cockpit I replaced part of the plates with tiles or slopes because I personally don't like visible studs. Lastly, here it is the pedestal I created with spare technic parts. It is not adjustable as the one you can find in the UCS model, but keeps the fighter in a good angled position very nice to be exposed. The minifig will be replaced with the special forces pilot as soon as I will buy the new Kylo Ren's Tie Silencer. Another possibility would be to place, insted of the pilot, the characters who used this ship in the movie, Poe Dameron and Finn in the stormtrooper suit. [MOD] First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by SpaceBrick, on Flickr [MOD] First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter by SpaceBrick, on Flickr Thanks for reading, if you want to leave a comment you're welcome! I will listen carefully to every advice and possible improvement you wanna share! p.s.: Down here, instead, you can find a couple of pictures of the toy model I used as reference and the actual Lego set:
  14. [MOC] Spyrius Saucer Scout MK2

    Like many of you, I did most of my growing up in the 90s and as a result LEGO themes from this time have a special place in my heart. Who can forget Wolfpack, Indigo Islanders, Octan, Ice Planet 2002 and Spyrius. Those names conjure up hours spent on my bedroom floor in worlds far away! These days, the Neo 90s Space movement has brought many of these space themes back to life in ways which expand upon the originals like never before. This MOC is my interpretation of how the Spyrius set 6835 would look in this context. For those of you who can't remember (or weren't born yet ), this set was a small scout ship, with a mostly symmetrical body and four thrusters at the edges of it's diamond body. At just 45 pieces, it was small yet it left a lasting impression on me that to this day I can't help but smile when I see the images of it, albeit it hasn't aged all that well. In my upgraded MK2 version, I've made the ship much larger and longer in keeping with the Neo Space precedents set by other AFOLs. The classic elements which make up the design I have tried to keep: the prominent thrusters, the diamond body, the computer tile at the front and the hexagonal cockpit. The gun above the cockpit always bothered me - I'm no shrinking violet but I always imagined a small scout ship to use stealth and manoeuvrability to get it out of a tight spot. One piddly little gun won't make any difference to its survival chances! Instead, I've re purposed it as a sensor array connected to a transmission antenna at the rear of the ship. With this new addition, the ship can communicate while in deep space with Spyrius HQ, sending information on its whereabouts and findings from deep cover. Inspired by several other ships with snazzy presentations, I made an attempt at my own. With it's mission deep behind enemy lines, one saucer scout uses its secret Spyrius maps to land on a remote moon and take advantage of a Spyrius supply dump, complete with food, a hibernating repair robot, power generator and communications antenna. Larger pictures can be found on my Flickr stream. Happy to hear any feedback!
  15. [MOC] Small Minecraft GBC

    Hey guys, Here is a small Minecraft GBC Module I made based on the GBCRamps module. Normally I would post my GBC in the Technic forum, but since this is a Minecraft module I thought I would post it here. I've been a Minecraft fan for many years and have played on both PC, Mac, and Console. I plan on making some larger Minecraft GBC modules in the future! Please enjoy the video.
  16. Hi, I would like to present my next C-MODEL model. This time it is made from 42025 (cargo plane) SAILPLANE GLIDER Designed completely computer-free method. Just building, un-building, rebuilding. It took me over the year. But I had few periods when I did not touch it for several months or many weeks. For now, there is only very few pictures, you can call it a teaser. Video showing details and functions, complete description, and many pictures will come soon. Features: COMPLETE FLIGHT CONTROLS -working ailerons (controlled by the stick in the cockpit) -working elevators (controlled by the stick in the cockpit) -working rudder (controlled by the working pedals in the cockpit) -working flaps (controlled by the lever in the cockpit) -fully retractable landing gear (1 central wheel) (controlled by the knob on the side) -fully open-able and close-able landing gear bay (controlled by the lever under the fuselage) -open-able canopy (controlled by the lever on the side under the wings) - correct T shape tail - only 7 studs wide fuselage! - only 2 studs thick wings! - winglets - tail wheel. - structurally sound and rigid, wings are somewhat flexible (but still very playable) but I guess it is only accurate: No motorized functions - I thought it would be odd to put motor into something that is by definition motor/engineless - (I know there are self propelled sailplanes, but this one is not it) It is totally full, very packed and dense MOC. It is not a simple build. It assumes the builder is experienced technicman/technicwoman. It is huge - see with 42055 as reference: I hope you like it. More to come "hopefully" soon. _________________ edit 2: Video: _________________ edit 1: Photos added: leftover parts: February 2017 state: ______________________________ I hope you like it. Thank you for your time seeing the pictures.
  17. Ep1 Ep2 Ep3 Ep4 Most of the Imperial troops are near the Generator, as well the rebels. Our squad just reached the sector with a little difficulty. Shock Trooper - We need to find a way bypass this lake. The good news, we can see the shield generator from here. TG-0222 - Yes finally we're so close to the objective. BN-0303 - Sir, I receive an incoming message. the enemy has reached the generator and it activated the security systems. So our troops need to find a base and switch off the force field.
  18. I have been working on this since Rebels first came out, and I've seen a lot of really nice MOCs being built, mostly of the Phantom. But seeing so many talking about building a Ghost to match, I thought I'd show off what I have of mine so far. It is 134 studs long and 109 studs wide. The original intent was to have a full interior, I'm not 100% sure if that plan will make it through to the final design but we shall see. Currently the cockpit, main corridor, loading area, forward gun turret, Zeb&Ezra's room, Kanan's room and Sabine's room are fully fleshed out, I will probably do Hera's room since it was finally shown in season 2. I may upload those pictures in the future. But here is what I have for the exterior so far. I put in the official LEGO Ghost set for scale. Thoughts and opinions are welcome. I look forward to one day hopefully showing off the actualised model.
  19. MOC Eisley

    Was a little disappointed in the latest version so I decided to beef up 75052.
  20. MOC - Lego Clockwork Locomotive

    Hi all, since I like a lot old tin trains (Marx, Hornby) and in particular the clockwork ones, I always wanted to try to create my own clockwork toy train. The first idea was to use the yellow old clockwork motor from the Basic sets of the 80s. Unfortunately, its wheels were designed to accept tires, so double side border and no capability to go through rail switches. From this forum ("Moc Clockwork Steam Locomotive" from RSB04 user) I understood the possibility to change the standard wheels with train wheels and so I did, adding two rubber bands. I can say it works fine, with all its limitations. I ended up creating a "reloaded" 115 set with parts of the 70s I had around. All cars are very light, and I greased the axles with tamiya Mini4WD grease in order to eliminate noises and to reduce drag. On a circle track, it makes 1 and 3/4 turns. On straight track, it travels more or less 4 meters. It is a toy train, no more no less, but I wanted something more modern.
  21. Even before the release of the Lego 42069 set, I’ve always wanted to make a 4x4 vehicle with triangular tracks. Seeing that the season is perfect for vehicles like these (the snow!), I decided it’s finally time I make my dream come true. The build started out with, obviously, making the 4 triangular tracks. Drive is transferred to the tracks via a large sprocket, and two small sprockets form the triangular shape. There are also two small wheels at the bottom that guide the tracks and help reduce slack. The track modules are attached to their axles with a small turntable, which allows it tilt back and forth and also keeps it well attached to prevent it from falling off. The axles are attached to the chassis with 4 suspension arms, 3 links, and 2 6.5L shock absorbers. The entire vehicle is driven by 2 L motors, with 1 per axle. A servo motor at the center of the chassis controls steering, with the front output controlling the front axle and the rear output controlling the rear. The drive/steering setup is similar to that of the 9398. Since there are no mechanical connections between the two driven axles, I added an extra M motor just to drive the V6 piston engine. The fake engine is chain-driven and can be seen by opening the hood, which can be locked in place. The model also includes Lego LEDs that light up the front lights. However, due to the bright sunlight when I filmed it, I could not demonstrate this feature. As for the performance, the model could drive on snow pretty well. The use of tracks over wheels was advantageous in that it has better weight distribution, which reduces stress on the motor. However, since tracks are a lot less grippier than wheels, even a small obstacle means that the tracks will slip, so I had to omit differentials in the drivetrain. The lack of differentials meant that one of the tracks on each axle will be stressed when making a turn, which is why one of the tracks can be seen driving slightly tilted when making a turn. Using rubber inserts, however, may have helped with the tracks slipping, but unfortunately I do not have any at this point. The tracks also feature stoppers on the back that limit their maximum tilt, as the tracks would often tilt too far in its initial tests, especially when overcoming an obstacle.The entire model is powered by a rechargeable battery, which, despite delivering less voltage than the AA battery box, gave the model plenty of power. Overall, I am very satisfied with the result. The model was a success not only in performance but also in aesthetics. In fact, I think this is my best-looking pickup truck model so far. Video: Photos:
  22. Here's something familiar from The Clone Wars to share with you - the Munificent-class star frigate. This one is seen throughout The Clone Wars series and in Revenge of the Sith so it was on my Must-MOC list for a long time. I wanted to make sure it would look somewhat suitable in scale when displayed with the Venator 8039. There's likely no hope of TLG ever doing this ship. There's not much to it but a shell of a hull with some guns around it - I was hoping to place an interior somewhere but there's barely any space. I recycled a bit of familiar parts - that sticker from the front slope pieces are from the Mandalorian speeder. The black strut in the front is there only to keep the ship upright. I had a version without the ventral fin but it looked wrong. I also got some inspiration from stark mark 5's sweet build here: Comments welcome. I can see now that I have to fix those engines. Next build.
  23. My little LEGO Ideas project, BrickHeadz versions of Butch Cassidy, Etta Place and the Sundance Kid -
  24. Rebrick

    Hello everyone, has anyone ever tried to take a standard set (or multiple copies of it) and build a modular using only the available pieces? I tried with two copies of Lego City House 4956 set, trying to modularize it without any other additional bricks. Here some pictures: I think it would be interesting to see some other projects... 198/5000
  25. Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    This is an upgrade to the bike we get in "Squidman's Escape." I probably went overboard but I don't think the Space Police will mind. •Lots of fiddly bits! •Multi-function scanner conveniently located within arm's reach •Remove the nose cap to reveal a cannon As a new habit, I tagged this on Flickr with "52035", which is the part number for the motorcycle body used here. Hopefully anyone else who is looking for ideas on what to make with this part will find this topic and get inspired. I hope you tag your own posts as well! Space Police 3 Hoverbike by Henchmen4Hire, on Flickr