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Found 108 results

  1. Snowy Castle dioramas have long been my favorite subject matter, so this was an extraordinarily fun build. This is my largest irregular base build to date, and features a full interior throughout the whole keep. The rockwork was made using my technic brick design, which you can see a tutorial on, here: Flickr It's my personal favorite of all my builds so far, so I hope you all like it The citizens of Nordheim are quite proud of their large keep, and can often be found feasting inside it's protective walls on cold wintry days. See all the details here: link
  2. My entry for Category A of the Frozen Beyond contest. There's a full interior in the manor, via pull out rooms: dining hall, armory, storage room, barracks and bedroom. The doors and trapdoor are functional. Sir Glorfindel and a group of valiant Mitgardian warriors have been serving as a task force to help defeat the Algus from destroying more Mitgardian lands and homes. Lord Thandril had let them use his Manor as one of their bases, but now even that is under attack from the frozen invaders: See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, I still have another build or two to come this month, including a biggy
  3. soccerkid6

    Hradcanny Dungeons

    Built for the Colossal Castle Contest. It was inspired by Michal Herbolt's "Defending the Mine" build. There are 4 individual cell modules that hook onto the back of the build. The dwarves of Hradcanny know well that run down prison cells increase the chances of escape, thus, even their dungeons feature wonderful craftsmanship of stonework. See more pictures here: link Thanks for looking, more to come soon
  4. Here's my Phase 1 store build for AoM: Numerous vendors set up in the market square to sell their various wares Thanks for looking
  5. EDIT: The title should be: AoM: Store Phase 2: Danyel's Smithy. If a mod could fix that, it'd be great. An entry into the Castle Goes to Space contest on classic-castle. I chose to redesign the set 5890, Squidman's Pitstop, into a medieval blacksmith shop. I'm really pleased with how this turned out, and it was very fun transforming the space details in the set into medieval features. Danyel is a capable blacksmith that never lacks for work at his smithy, and his wares are often sold by his wife in the market at Daydelon. Space set it's based off of: More pictures here: link. C&C welcome
  6. soccerkid6

    Mitgardian Lookout Post

    An entry into the Castle Goes to Space contest on classic-castle. Check it out here: link, I chose to redesign the set 6899, Nebula Outpost, into a castle watchtower. Credit for the ballista design goes to Jacob Nion Small wooden watchtowers are often found slightly outside of Mitgardian villages and towns, situated on a high point in the landscape to give early warning of any sort of threat: Set it's based off of: Thanks for looking, I plan on focusing more on GoH builds in the next few months
  7. Here's my Phase 1 barracks build: Two young Mitgardian soldiers are taught how to defend against multiple enemies by their drillmaster: Thanks for looking
  8. This is my build for Tower Phase 1 in Age of Mitgardia. Many small hunting cabins lie in the wilderness of Mitgardia's clan lands. Clan hunters use the cabins as refuges from surprise blizzards, or as rest stops during long hunts. Some of these cabins have been built on top of the ruins of old fortresses: Nothing real fancy this time, just a quick build to get me going in AoM again
  9. Many sinister rumors had been heard throughout Mitgardia, concerning a new foe from the North, but there were few reliable reports of what exactly was happening. Official messengers had been dispatched to various cities and villages across Mitgardia to inform them of the little that was known for sure: strange white warriors were attacking, and Mitgardia would need to stand united to withstand them. A new fortress, Rekkrfell, was being constructed as a bastion against the frozen folk, and all able Mitgardian warriors were called to rally to it. A messenger warns the watchmen at Nordheim's gate: Video showing construction: C&C welcome, it was good to build in Mitgardia again
  10. soccerkid6

    Katoren Market

    A free build for Guilds of Historica. This is my second module for a large collab build with LittleJohn. The tailor and potter's were interesting challenges, being much different than my normal style of buildings. It was fun experimenting with some brighter colors as well. The potter's wheel actually works, and can be seen in action here: link Katoren's marketplace offers a large variety of goods, and is generally quite crowded. More pictures, here: link All C&C welcome, and we've still got more of Katoren coming
  11. soccerkid6

    Katoren Gatehouse

    This is my first module for my collab with LittleJohn. It was an interesting change to try a middle eastern style gatehouse, and I'm quite pleased with the result. The gates actually work and there's a full interior. Katoren's main gatehouse receives much traffic from vendors, nobles, and visitors heading into the city. Gates closed: There are more pictures here: link C&C welcome, and there's more of Katoren to come
  12. This took me one week to build, and I wanted to use it for Inn Phase 3, so I held off on posting here until I could build a Phase 2 MOC. It was inspired by this building in Skyrim: link Anyways I hope you enjoy, this is my favorite build yet The Green Goblet is the largest and most popular inn in Daydelon. More pictures: link And if you're curious how I managed the corners of the roof, there's an explanation here: C&C always appreciated
  13. This was a fun little build for the second phase of the Inn Category in AoM (third phase coming very soon ). The market stalls were inspired by Ecclesiastes. The hot cider stand always has plenty of customers at the Daydelon market. The hot drink is a welcome change from the frigid winter air. Tried a new color background, here's one with a standard white to contrast: C&C welcome
  14. soccerkid6

    An Embarrasing Encounter

    The wonderful story you're about to read, was a collab effort. See if you can guess the authors (Setting: A simply but tastefully adorned room in a chateaux near a lake at the border of Kaliphlin and Avalonia. A young lady leans on the windowsill. Enter spy.) Spy: (bowing) Good day. Lady: (turning) How is it you are back already? Why, you're all wet! Spy: (embarrassed) Yes...yes... but I think I have discovered what you were looking for. Lady: Well? Spy: Early in the morning, just as the sun peeked up over the horizon and shot a gleam of its crimson rays across the dark and foreboding sky, kissing the golden dome on top of the magnificent stone edifice that loomed... Lady: I've seen the castle. There's no gold dome. Spy: There isn't? I was so intent on my task I hardly noticed, you see. Never mind - as I was saying, early in the morning I began to climb the walls, hanging at times only by my nose to the jutting angles of the stony walls, scraping my arms and knees, my heart thumping in my chest for fear I should fall. Once I looked down, and a cold shiver ran through me... Lady: You're making that up too. Spy: (embarrassed) Yes, I was. Well, to proceed. I climbed the walls and got in through one of the windows. It was an incredibly tight squeeze I assure you! Not only is the window itself tiny - as I'm sure you noticed when you visited (with a bow) - but the bars that crossed it were so small I had to exert all my strength... Lady: Really, can't we get on with the story? There aren't any bars either! Spy: I'm sorry. I had no idea you were so observant! Lady: (in an aggrieved tone) That's not the point! I didn't send you so I could hear some fancy story! I want to hear about his day. Spy: I promise, I'll stick to the story. Lady: Then begin! Spy: Over the wall, in the window. I was on the top of the castle, and could just peek over into Chillon's bedroom - he was just getting up... Spy: (grunting) So there he is! He sleeps in late, I'll say that much! Chillon: (stretching) Welcome morning! (jumps out of bed) Ouch! Canopy beds! (rubs head) (yawning) Caleb! (snaps fingers) Where's my breakfast? Caleb: Right here, sir Chillon. Chillon: Ah, delicious! Lady: (interrupting) What was his breakfast? Spy: Cherries, apple, and chicken. Lady: Hmm. That's an interesting breakfast. Spy: (shrugging) Probably part of why he's looking for a wife! To continue - Spy: (twisting) What is that in the corner? A second ago it looked like another bed, now - goodness, it's a mirror! Chillon: (humming to himself) Thank you! (continues to hum while walking toward the mirror) So far so good! Here, help me with the rest of my armor. Spy: Well, whatever you can say for the master the serving-man is even worse! The clown is putting the armor on backwards! Chillon: (angrily) Whatever is wrong with you, Caleb? You put it on backwards! Caleb: I'm very sorry. Just a minute sir. (fumbles with the straps) Chillon: There! You've knotted the top left to the bottom left and the right bottom to my belt! Oh, let me alone, I'll do the rest myself! Caleb: (penitently) I'm very sorry, indeed. Let me fix it (advancing). Chillon: No! Go downstairs and tell Mathew I'll be down for a sparring bout in just a minute. Caleb: Yes sir! (disappears down stairs) (after fixing his straps, Chillon walks over to the mirror and makes sure everything is just right) Chillon: Much better! Ah - my cape. (Caleb returns) Chillon: Did you tell him? Caleb: Yes. Chillon: Here, help me with the cape. Caleb: Of course (advances, stumbling over chair). Chillon: Never mind! Spy: (to Lady) You see? He certainly needs a wife! Lady: I'll have to admit that much. But I don't know that I'm so desperate! Spy: It gets better. Chillon: (fumbling with the wrong side of the cape) I could use some help! Lady: I thought you said it gets better... Spy: I meant, in a little while. Lady: Go on, then. Spy: (clears throat) Caleb: (picking the chair up) Coming! Spy: At last! Perhaps we'll be able to see the 'sparring bout' now. Spy: I noticed as they left that he hadn't eaten the apple or the cherries. In fact they might have been fake. Lady: Nothing but chicken for breakfast?! Spy: Nothing but chicken! Continuing - I snuck down the stairs after they left and got down to the armory just when the sparring match started. Chillon: There's nothing like the sound of steel clashing on steel! Matthew: You're right there, sir Chillon! Chillon: (waving his sword wildly backwards) Here it comes! Matthew: Watch out sir! The candle! (Chillon's sword cuts through the wax and the candle crashes to the floor.) (A long pause.) Lady: Well, what happened? Spy: (awkwardly) I think I laughed. Lady: You laughed? What kind of spy are you? Spy: I know, I know, but it really was funny! Matthew was trying to beat the flame out with the sword, but Chillon hadn't noticed it yet and he was attacking Matthew... Matthew: Sir Chillon! What are you doing! Can't you see you cut the candle down? Chillon: (in surprise) You're right! I knocked the candle down! Ha! Eat dust, flames! (Chillon runs to another candle.) Take this! Matthew: (running up) Sir! It's just a candle! (laughter from behind pillar) Chillon: What was that? (spots spy behind pillar) Look! A spy! An enemy at last! Get him! (runs after spy) Spy: (apologetically) Of course, I turned around and ran. I couldn't let him catch me. Lady: Of course not. Spy: So I went up the stairs. Lady: Naturally. Spy: And Chillon followed me. Lady: Not surprising. Spy: Then I went up the ladder. He kept following. Lady: Proceed. Spy: He's very fast. Lady: What is that supposed to mean? Spy: He caught me. Lady: What?! Chillon: What on earth are you doing here? Spy: Sir, I assure you my intent was friendly... I.... um... Lady: I hope you didn't tell him why you were there. Spy: (clears throat) Um... Lady: You didn't! Spy: (hurriedly) No! No! Not at all... er... at least... not all... Lady: Tell me what you said. Spy: I think I said... that you sent me... and... that was all. Chillon: Really! How did you get here? Spy: See that boat? Chillon: Can you swim? Spy: Er... yes. Chillon: Then do so! (throws spy out window) Chillon: (shouting) And tell your lady that I'll be there in an hour to see if it's true! Lady: What?! Spy: (apologetically) That's what he said. (enter Serving-man) Serving-man: (announces) Sir Chillon! ... More pictures of the build: This build was based off of the real Chillon Castle from Switzerland, in particular this section: link It's the first castle I've done that is pretty realistically scaled. On the first floor is an armory, and on the second floor is Lord Chillon's room. The layout was rather challenging, as were the roofs, but I'm pleased with the final result. The thick walls let me use some new window and arrow slit designs. I experimented a bit more with a SNOT wall design, as the tower gradually gets thinner. The bartizan (overhanging corner turret) is my first, and I'll probably be doing lots more of those in the future. Hope you enjoyed the story and you can see lots more pictures here: link C&C always appreciated
  15. My Phase 1 build for the Inn category in AoM. I hadn't done a snow scene in a while, so I built this quick build for fun. The icy water technique was inspired by Simon S. Mulled cider is a popular drink in Mitgardia, and it is often delivered in barrels via horse drawn carts or wagons. There are a few more pictures here: link C&C welcome
  16. soccerkid6

    Mitgardian Throne Room

    This is the final build in the collab between myself and MKJoshA. I hope you enoyed it as much as I did. Kabel inspired the floor design with the sweet custom sail on his ship, you can see it in the Challenge III topic. Upon arriving in Valholl, Wyndor and Glorfindel went straight to the capitol building and once inside that they headed to the throne room itself. Several nobles and officers of the army were discussing current matters and arguing different strategies. Elon Chorian and Steen Larsson were waiting to hear news of their travels... "It's good to see you two again," said Glorfindel. "Likewise, I'm glad you weren't injured or waylaid on your mission," Elon replied. "Now what do you have to report?" Glorfindel reported: "Tension between different races and factions in Mitgardia is on the rise, but as of yet most are still willing to work against a common threat. How long they will maintain that attitude remains to be seen. Even now, some new change of events could move things toward a civil war. The dwarves, if rumours be true, seem most likely to make a rash move and plunge Mitgardia into chaos. Reportedly they've been having many long councils in their great cities concerning the invasion of Avalonia." "Yes, I have heard similar tidings," Larsson added. "Then we must look into the matter, we need definite proof that the dwarves are plotting to attack Avalonia before we can intervene. In the meantime be on your guard and do what you can to promote unity," Elon ordered. More pictures: Without figs: The bear paw insignia: Noble and Officer figs: C&C appreciated
  17. soccerkid6

    Great Elk Longhouse

    Continuing the collab between myself and MKJoshA. I wanted to try another Norse style wooden building, and decided to do a longhouse with belltower. This was my first time using this wall design (which is SNOT tile paneling in between 2x2 round pillars), and I'm quite happy with the effect. As always there's a full interior. After the rather unsuccessful first attempt to try and convince the Great Elk clan and the people of Teridyan to work together during their recent food shortage, Wyndor and Glorfindel traveled to the Longhouse of the Great Elk Clan for one more try. They were still unable to convince the Clan to try and help, and were just preparing to leave the hall when a clansman rushed in. "Sound the bell! There's a dragon attacking the village," he gasped. The men quickly seized their weapons and rushed outside to find a medium sized Frost Dragon approaching the hall itself. Two Teridyan soldiers who had been passing through the village were trying to hold the beast off, but one had already succumbed to its icy breath: The dragon put up a fierce struggle, but the clansmen, Glorfindel, and Wyndor were able to kill it without losing any men. Though, the soldier who had been struck by the beast's breath lost the arm holding his shield to frostbite. Wyndor was first to speak after the dragon finally collapsed, "Well Dain, what do you think now? These Teridyan soldiers just risked their lives to defend your village and people. Surely the Clan can continue to help supply food for the city." "I suppose we might be able to give them a hand, " Dain replied gruffly. "But how will we get enough food for our own village and Teridyan?" "Perhaps you could train some of the men from Teridyan how to hunt and trap," Glorfindel suggested. "Or organize a trade route with some of the cities or clans less affected by this famine. Between Teridyan and the Clan you have many able bodied men to work with, I'm sure something could be arranged." More pictures of the build: Without figs C&C welcome
  18. soccerkid6

    Mount Up! Frost Dragon

    Stormbringer inspired this build and I borrowed a lot of his techniques. I'm pretty happy with how this guy turned out. Frost dragons are somewhat common in the northern sections of Mitgardia, but they're rarely tamed. They can breath ice and like most dragons, they continue to grow all of their lives. Those brave, or foolhardy, enough to try and train the dragons gain great respect if they are successful. The cost of failure, however, is death. A Frost Dragon is a terrifying beast to come across, as these Black Spire troops have found out. C&C welcome
  19. soccerkid6

    Meeting with Wyndor

    A relatively simple interior to start off collab between myself and MKJoshA. Sir Glorfindel meets with Wyndor to discuss a trip through Mitgardia to try and ensure that the Mitgardian people stand united through these uncertain and dangerous times. Sir Glorfindel: "Wyndor, it is good to meet you. I have heard much of you in Valholl recently and thought that you could be of assistance to me on my newest mission." Wyndor: "I also am glad to have finally met you. If the Council is agreeable to my traveling with you then I would be happy to be of whatever help I can." Sir Glorfindel: "Good, as you already know I am visiting cities and towns throughout Mitgardia to encourage unity in the coming days. But that is not the only reason for my journeys, I am also inspecting the military strength of the cities and town, and watching for any suspicious activities or rebellious citizens. Your help will make this easier and also, with you along we represent two well-known cities of Mitgardia." The council agreed to let Wyndor travel with Glorfindel, and in fact Lief seemed rather eager to get rid of Wyndor. C&C welcome
  20. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Sheep Farm

    My phase 3 build for the Farm category in AoM. I think this is my best half timbered house yet. As always there's a full interior, and the door works. There are many farms located on the outskirts of Daydelon. Several of which are sheep farms. The loom outside the house so you can see it better: More pictures can be found here: link C&C welcome
  21. My Phase 2 build for the Farm category in AoM. This landscape was a nice change from all my recent snowscapes. A sheepfold is a common sight in the southern regions of Mitgardia. They provide protection from the weather, wild animals, and thieves, usually they consist of a palisade with a lean-to shelter: More pictures: link C&C welcome
  22. soccerkid6

    A Peaceful Pasture

    This is my Phase 1 build for the Farm category in AoM. A Mitgardian shepherd relaxes as he watches his sheep graze... C&C welcome
  23. soccerkid6

    Daydelon's City Wall

    My phase 3 build for the Wall category in AoM. My main goals for this build were to experiment with making walls with batter (sloped sections), hoardings (the wooden addittions to the tower), and larger buildings than what I generally build. The apothecary hinges open and has a full interior, and I think the windows right under the gables are a new design. Daydelon continued to expand: new businesses such as apothecaries, blacksmith's, and coopers were popping up throughout the city. And eventually the small stone wall didn't provide enough space or protection. As such, a new much larger stone wall strengthened with towers was built. You can see more pictures here: link All C&C appreciated
  24. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Wall

    My build for Phase 2 of the Wall category in AoM. I experimented with using only SNOT tiles for the wall texturing and making a machicolation (the 'false' tower). As Daydelon grew, the wooden palisade was taken down and replaced by a stone wall with wooden walkways. More houses were built and many farms were started just outside the town: All C&C appreciated
  25. soccerkid6

    Daydelon Stockade

    Here is my Phase 1 build for the wall category in AoM. When Daydelon was first settled, a few houses and a log stockade were all the protected it from the weather and wild beasts: Phases 2 and 3 coming very soon All Comments/Criticism welcome