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Found 108 results

  1. soccerkid6

    Valholl Garden

    Here's my entry for the architect mini-challenge. This is a scene from a Valholl courtyard, a gardener is watering the flowers while the lady enjoys her walk: Few more pics here: Thanks for looking, all C&C welcome
  2. soccerkid6

    Mitgardian Trading Post

    The recent Flash MOCs ( gave me the inspiration for the stone technique, and of course I added a full interior. This trading post located in the mountains of Mitgardia allows hunters and trappers to trade their furs for supplies, and provides a safe place to stay if neccesary. Joktan, who runs the trading post then sells those furs throughout Historica. More pics here: Any C&C welcome
  3. soccerkid6

    Forest in Mitgardia

    Just a peaceful scene of life in a Mitgardian forest. ----------------------------------------------------- I bought my little brother some leaves for his birthday (about a week before Christmas) and he got me some and some forestmen for Christmas, also I received a PAB cup with the red flowers and some grass. So we did this together to use the new pieces. Hope you enjoy :) All C&C welcome
  4. soccerkid6

    Avalonian Wall/Fort

    This is a rebuild of the set 6062 "Battering Ram" and a free build for Mitgardia. A Mitgardian trader has just reached the safety of some Avalonian walls when some soldiers corrupted by Revolword start attacking: A picture showing everything opened: Walls folded to become a fortress: Any C&C welcome
  5. Mitgardians, it is time for new elections. Will Mittenlander be elected again or is it time for someone else to shine?! I announce: The Parliamentary Election! What is it? --> A chance for any Mitgardian to create a small campaign (1 post long) and present his/her candidacy for prime Minister of Mitgardia! Who can run, and who can vote? --> Any Mitgardian Guildsman can run for the post, and all EB members are eligible to vote!! Why vote for a parliament when wee have a Jarl? --> The wisest ruler recognizes that his power comes from the people he leads; thus it is a good idea to know that their voice is heard through an official governing body. When is the vote being held? --> The candidates will have 3 weeks (Until December 31th) to create a campaign post (described below) write a short speech, and post it in this thread. Voting will take place between January 1th and January 8th. How is the vote being held? --> Cast your votes in the poll right here! How do I enter my candidate in the running? --> Basically you post 1 single post in this thread. It must include: 1) A picture of your candidate, (could be just candidate, or a full scene, but he/she must be the dominating figure. Please don't post giant photos.) 2) Write a shot description on their history, why they are running and what changes they hope to bring. 3) Have a fun slogan, or campaign promise. ( lower ale prices, no more orc riots etc) 4) Once a few candidacies are posted you may take a stab at one or more of the other candidates by spreading rumors, attacking their credential or just calling them troll-witted. (If you choose to take the high road you may ignore this section, but what fun is that? ) Let's have fun with this again! Post your campaigns Below!
  6. soccerkid6


    Here's a freebuild I've been planning to make for awhile, finally got around to it, a Mitgardian lighthouse: The water was inspired by gabe's All C&C welcome
  7. soccerkid6

    Life in Illryia

    Here's my entry to the Varlyrio challenge. Inspired by de Gothia, MikeyB, and everyone else who has built in Varlyrio. This was a ton of fun to build and I hope you like it All C&C welcome
  8. soccerkid6

    Petraea Dormitory

    Here's my entry to the Petraea University challenge. The back hinges open and there is a full interior. gabe inspired quite a bit of this Any C&C appreciated