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Found 6 results

  1. See replies in this thread for any NEW models Models in this thread - SHADOW CASTER PHANTOM II PELTA-CLASS FRIGATE IMPERIAL GOZANTI-CLASS CRUISER QUASAR-CLASS CARRIER IMPERIAL TROOP TRANSPORT GHOST & PHANTOM INTERDICTOR CRUISER TIE DEFENDER MINING GUILD TIE FIGHER ARC CANNON AT-DP PROTOTYPE (NEW) LAAT/le PATROL GUNSHIP (NEW) SHADOW CASTER Hello again everyone This week I present the Shadow Caster a Lancer-class pursuit craft - the ship of Bounty Hunter Ketsu Onyo from the excellent (well last 3 series anyway) Star Wars Rebels animated series. I was ill a while back and my attention span at the time was only an hour or so so watching a few Rebels episodes at a time fit nicely. It made me realise that there were a lot of vehicles from the animated series, not just Rebels, that I have not built or could update form my old collection so this is the first of many from this genre so keep an eye open. This is not a very tricky build, The difficult part was getting the colour scheme right whilst not making the model too thick. The new maccaroni tile pieces and 6x3 semi circle plates certainly helped with that once I realised that they existed. I tend to find out about new parts now when my son gets a new set! I think i have the overall shape and dimensions just about right. I am surpised an official minifig scale set of this was not made. As this was not the case I have also had to build a Ketsu Onyo minifig from official parts for the display. This is not my speciality so if anyone can think of better minifigure parts let me know. Anyway, enough waffle, here is the model. Let me know what you think. Jon
  2. *Your entry has earned 26 XP* Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s log: In order to assess if it was worth establishing a mining operation on Devaron, we had made a deal with the Mining Guild division of the Duluur sector. Their task was to extract a core sample from the planet, and analyse it. Miner Oli 'Digs' Fello: HEY! Guys! Could i get a hand with this thing!? It's kriffing heavy! All this work for dank poodoo! Miner Grawf 'heavy' Jaster: Little busy here kid! These roots grow back faster than a Swoke Swoke's tail! Miner Dral'gof 'Dofer': Puni humies... Hrmpff!! Supervisor Kree'sh: Looksssh not good sshsir! Shthe samplesssh ssshow no signsssh of valuable mineralssssh... Foreman Donka Fuul: Karabast! The commander will not be happy about this! /// I had a lot of fun with the Mining Guild in this entry - a shame they're not more active - I'd love to do more with them... From left to right: Random Rodian security officer. Dral'gof 'Dofer': A male Klatoonian. Primarily used as muscle on smaller prospecting missions. Supervisor Kree'sh: A male Trandoshan, and main supervisor of the Devaron prospect site. Foreman Donka Fuul: Male Devaronian, and local foreman of the Duluur division of the Mining Guild. Miner Oli 'Digs' Fello: human male, and youngest member of the crew. This also means Digs is thrown head-first into every dark hole that needs sampling. Miner Grawf Jaster: A male human, also known as heavy - probably since he's an expert in handling heavy machinery...
  3. LucasLaughing

    [S6 - Cadinth - MG] TIE Tunneler

    *Your entry has earned 8XP* The Mining Guild is proud to continue our long partnership with Santhe/Sienar Technologies as we announce the launch of the TIE Tunneler. Building off the proven TIE vehicle system, the tunneler will allow for rapid excavating and resource extraction in areas where blasting is unsafe or unfeasible. The vehicle is currently undergoing surface testing on Cadinth. Once surface testing is complete, the vehicle will be partly disassembled for its 4 kilometer trip down to the bottom of the Huttuk Aurodium Mine.
  4. *Your entry has earned 7XP* Mines of Christophsis Crystals, one of the most coveted resource in the galaxy... From the fancy jewelries to hyperspace relays, from medical corporations to weapons makers, crystals are wanted everywhere. Buyers and sellers alike, need them and are prepared to do everything to secure their share. Christophsis is one of the places with rich crystal deposits which attract even richer mining corporations looking to seize them, bold explorers looking for the perfect gem and all kind of money and guns wielders. I'm Rim Gromak and I spend most of my time tinkering on robots and machines. My family owns a small mining business and for the last years we established our operations on Christophsis, digging for crystals. The best ones are at the roots of large crystal flowers and we just found one. And the whole album -
  5. I've previously posted some of these but have now taken decent picture and added stickers. I think a new thread is deserved. They were all part of my Tie Rack for Brickvention 2017: So here we go. Mining Guild - added custom stickers Dalek Tie Rebels Wolf - added custom stickers Scooby Doo / Mystewry Machine Ectie 1 Classic Space Batman Steampunk ... More picks on Flickr
  6. Inthert

    [MOC] TIE Fighters

    These TIEs have already been up on Flickr for a little while but I thought I should put them up here too. Not a lot to say really, we all know what a TIE looks like after all. This is my version, it (comfortably) fits a fig, has an opening top hatch and even the rear window seen extensively on ILM models and in the Rebels TV show. It's also surprisingly sturdy, I made sure the cockpit was built for strength (less for looks as you may tell form the amount of studs) and in that it can keep up with my X-wing's tight manoeuvres in a hand-held dogfight :D TIE fighter (1) by Inthert, on Flickr TIE Fighter (cockpit) by Inthert, on Flickr I've made an LXF file for the cockpit if anyone's interested: TIE Cockpit.lxf (I had added this to my X-wing topic but its obviously more appropriate here ;) EDIT: I've competed the full TIE in LDD as requested. Enjoy!: TIE (complete).lxf UPDATE: I've been informed there may be some pieces missing in the from of 4 2x1 grey plates (used to close the hexagons on the insides of the wings) so just keep that in mind when using the file ;) I also noticed that some parts were omitted from the first file so I decided to re-try the cockpit, seems to be okay in the complete TIE file just so you know. I couldn't just have one imperial ship around to blow my X-wing and Falcon to bits so I made two! This a mining guild TIE as seen in Star Wars Rebels, its a fairly simple modification on my imperial tie, just a few colour changes and what not but it does the job ;) Mining Guild TIE fighter (1) by Inthert, on Flickr Let me know what you think, I'm sure they're far from perfect so any suggestions will be welcome :)