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Found 24 results

  1. eurotrash

    [MOC] Miniland Pirates

    MOC: Miniland Pirates I've wanted to do a miniland scale pirate MOC for a while, but I couldn't never seem to find the right scene (some may argue that I still haven't, but here goes anyway). More stuff and nonsense at
  2. eurotrash

    MOC: Safety Last

    MOC: Safety Last It's a scene from 1923 Harold Lloyd Silent Movie Classic, (some liberties were taken by changing the background to a skyline view) Enjoy!
  3. The model is finally complete and I have made building instructions for all 4 cars in both red and dark red. I am still not sure if the best color is red or dark red, hence the choice of color. Here are the links for building instructions of the red cars: Ford #66 Ford #67 Ford #68 Ford #69 SEE BELOW FOR ORIGINAL POST This video shows all the details of the first prototype and I even take it apart to show how it is constructed. I want to build all the LMGTE PRO cars for Le Mans this year in the same scale as in Miniland in Legoland (scale 1:20). Last year I made the Corvette, which means that I "only" have to build 5 completely new cars. One of the cars that compete in this class is the Ford GT. There will be four of these at Le Mans (two from the American and two from the British racing teams). This is the very first prototype. All details are subject to change, and I intend on making at least 5 versions before the final model is ready. From the front there are some details which I would like to improve: - The front grille opening should be wider. - The headlights should have more blue parts to surround them. - The headlights could be more curved - The white scoops seen from the top of the front should be more extensive. - The crossaxle in the front axle could be half a stud shorter. - The livery below the doors should be more "triangular" with the door sills being sloped. - There could be fewer studs around the rear wheels. Moving on to the rear: - The white racing stripe should not be separate from the body work - even in the rear. - The grilles around the rear "window" should be in line Here are a couple of additional shots: Side: And top view: Here is the collage I have made in order to get the details as correct as possible (with additional top-view image available in the reddit thread I made for it here The "griddy" picture is based on these dimensions: Length: 4763mm => 30 studs Width: 2004mm => 12.5 studs Height: 1110mm => 56mm Wheelbase: 2710mm => 17 studs Please feel free to come with criticism. I will even appreciate comments without suggestions for improvement, such as "I don't like the headlights" - it tells me that I should look into that detail.
  4. Hi everyone, Normally I build train stuff, but some random inspiration seized me late one night. So I buit a miniland-style figure of Shiki Eiki from Touhou Project: For those of you unfamiliar with the canon of Touhou Project, Shiki Eiki is a yama, or judge of deceased souls ("Yamaxanadu" is a title describing an adminstrative region). The item she's holding, the Rod of Remorse, is used for beating sinners. If you're curious you can read more here. Touhou being well known for hats, I started there: The hat is based around this part and a whole bunch of clips. I dont currently have the parts to build this model in the brick, but I tested to make sure the clips would fit. The hat should have some ribbons on the back, but I couldn't come up with a good way to do so. Maybe using actual ribbons? I think she's supposed to be taller than this, but it's hard to tell with the art style. Thanks for reading. REPENT!
  5. First, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic, but I think that someone from the Lego group should see this. I understand that Legoland parks are not managed by Lego any more, however since they represent the Lego brand there should at least be some oversight on how this is done. Here is my family's experience with Legoland California: - First visit was in summer of 2008 - it was great, everything that my then 4 year old daughter, my wife and I expected and more! Specifically to Miniland, all exhibits were working, trains were going back and forth (the one around the farm, two monorails in Las Vegas and I think one more), some of the cars were going around the roads in various cities, but some were already broken, as you could clearly see thread marks on the road where they used to go. Being that this was 8-9 years after opening, you could see some of weathering on the buildings and exhibits, which is expected, I suppose. - Second visit was in September/October 2014 - great experience, especially on the first day (Thursday) - no lines on almost any of the rides, we felt like we had the park for ourselves! Then the weekend came and things started getting crowded... but I digress: Miniland - now this is almost 15 years since the opening and 6 years since our last visit, and it looks like nothing was done in the meantime. None of the trains worked, to the disappointment of my 2-year old son who simply adores trains. There was 1 car moving in New York City model, another one in Washington DC, and that was it. There were some boats that were moving, but most were not, since the cables to which they are attached have fallen off the pulleys. You could see some additions, like a brand new firetruck in otherwise weathered New Orleans, and San Francisco display slowly taking shape, but otherwise everything else was just 6 years older and not very well cared about in my opinion. - Third visit was in December 2014 (yes, we bought three memberships for $200 a pop for the three of us, since our son is still younger than 3yr), we actually just came back home tonight and I had to write this and post it - it was crazy, I have never seen so many people in Legoland, which on one hand is good for the revenue but it's terrible if you happen to be there on those days, the lines were 60-90 minutes long on most of the rides. So instead of waiting in line, we went to Miniland. On the bright side, San Francisco model was completed, and it looks great! Unfortunately the street cars are not moving, even though there are rails for them. Also, some of the boats were repaired, as someone finally put the cable back on the pulley. The rest of the Miniland was in a really sad state: there were one or two cars moving in one of the exhibits, no trains were moving (even though the train around the farm exhibit was replaced with a "Christmas train", no one bothered to fix the engine I guess), no cars in Manhattan were moving, the lacquer cover on the MGM hotel in Las Vegas model was peeling off from the side and flailing in the breeze like a tatter from a ghost ship mast, the Santa with reindeer model was sadly sagging from one of the New York skyscrapers, unlike the witches that were spinning around during our previous visit and that everyone was pointing at. A section of the roof of the Sydney Opera caved in. All in all, it was fairly disappointing experience. So there you have it. We are planning to go again sometimes in March (we live ~350 miles away in Phoenix), and I hope that at least some of the things we saw will be repaired. After all, the sign at the entry to the Miniland says that it's the "Heart of Legoland" so I think that it should be kept in a better shape than it is now. You can go to so many other amusement parks for a ride on a roller coaster, to a water park or aquarium, but the Miniland is what should be a really unique experience that sets Legoland apart from so many other amusement parks in southern California, or for that matter Worldwide!
  6. What does the circus lion dream about? .....About vacation
  7. Pate-keetongu

    MOC: Porco Rosso's Savoia S-21

    Here's the results of one-year project of building Savoia S-21 flying boat from Hayao Miyazaki's Porco Rosso, my favourite film ever. It took four BL orders and several dozens of hours. Miniland scale was perfect with the engine I began with, and it made it possible to build the pilot, the pig itself, to the cockpit. I also threw up an angled base to make the display more dynamic. More photos and talk can be found on my blog, Cyclopic Bricks.
  8. This is the MOC I created for Brickvention 2015, in Melbourne, Australia. I have used forced perspective, with foreground figures in Miniland Scale, and the background in microscale. The biggest challenges for me were working out how to make Vitruvious' cape (until I found an old belville set in my daughters collection) and to make the sun and flower in the background rotate, and swing back and forth. This was my first technic creation since emerged from the Dark Ages. I do not apologise for the amount of color... but it turns out I used at least 8 different shades of blue! Child's eye view at the Expo Parent's eye view Our heroes The Whale The Duck Microscale Super Secret Police Dropship Microscope Masterbuilder's Submarine
  9. Greetings! This is my first post to the historic forum, as I usually build CITY or Misc, and I just wanted to give something older, and larger, a try. This MOC is a representation of a river batteau (Ba-toe), commonly used on the eastern regions of the colonial United States. Batteaux were used to transport goods, primarily tobacco, along the various river routes from plantations. For this particular project, I chose MINILAND Scale. This scale provided more opportunity for detail, as well as a simple solution to a shallow draft, yet wide, base to start on. There are some very unique techniques I wanted to develop for myself, including successfully building 'Studs-In'. The hogshead barrels are built to the appropriate scale using this technique, and can be completely self contained/sturdy without the rubber band, which is simply aesthetics for the steel banding. As this was only my second attempt at building MINILAND figure(s), completing the batteaumen would effectively grow my ML population four-fold and so each one was designed with his own characteristics. The legs, torso, and head are different for each one. Enjoy, and feel free to check out the rest of the album here! And here's a Minifig Scale MOC I did about a year and a half ago:
  10. viracocha

    MOC: My family

    We are out for the weekend shopping. My family by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr
  11. Here are some recent images of my miniland Town & Country display. The event was the BrickExpo LEGO Fan Event held in Canberra, Australia. Quick stats:- 4.8 metres long 1.2 metres high at highest point Over 50,000 pieces and yes the tram was powered and trundled along the tracks in front of the display. Works great at keeping small fingers off the display. Enjoy.
  12. inquisitor88

    MOC "A Mother's Journey"

    Hello! This MOC was made specially for the Contest 16*16: Demotivator. I was inspired by the work of Rene Bayer, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2007 for the "A Mother's Journey". I think that many people were in a situation where they lose the will to live (bereavement, separation from a loved one, plenty of problems, depression, and so on). But in the world there are many people whom are much worse - they are terminally ill, but these people appreciate life and always happy to welcome a new dawn. After all, every passing day - a small victory over death. Demotivator by inquisitor88, on Flickr original by inquisitor88, on Flickr 1 by inquisitor88, on Flickr 2 by inquisitor88, on Flickr Set is here: Thank you for your attention!
  13. Made this MOC for Finnish LUG Palikkatakomo's "Traditional Finnish Proverb" building contest. Old geezer is quite stunned when "Roasted bird" on the menu wasn't quite what he expected... But there's no accounting for taste, as the waitress cheekily points out. There's some more babbling about the creation on my blog. Enjoy!
  14. wallacechow2005

    [MOC] Saint Senya MiniLand Figures

    This is my creation of Japanese Cartoon Saint Senya in MiniLand Figure Scale. I just created Senya,Hyoga and Athena. Hope you all like it.
  15. viracocha

    MOC: Rocking Chair

    Some furniture in miniland scale. rocking chair by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr
  16. viracocha

    MOC: William Tell Legend

    William Tell is a folk hero from Switzerland. He is famous as man who refused to bow down to the hat set up by Gessler, the newly appointed Austrian Vogt of Altdorf. He was arrested and forced to shoot an apple off his son's head with a crossbow, if he did not both he and his son would be killed. Tell shot the apple off the son's head and did not harm his son. He is considered a legend and his actions helped form Switzerland as a nation.
  17. Modulex Guy

    MOC/WIP SEAT Mii 1/20 scale

    This will be my entry for the Miniland SEAT building contest. It is the SEAT Mii City car, based off of a VW UP! Still think I'm going to do some more work on it, but this is what I have so far: Comments Welcome!
  18. C0zmic


  19. I have recently been working on a collection of larger scale vehicles for an upcoming LEGO show here in Adelaide, and thought I would share one of my creations. It is a 1925 Rolls Royce with coachwork by Van Vooren. The actual car this is based on has recently been donated to the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia. I came across the vehicle during a recent visit and through the wonderful world of the internet got in touch with the amazing LEGO vehicle designer Lego911, who graciously worked out how to make the vehicle come to life. He worked out a design for me to work from, but also included many working features from the real vehicle, such as pillar-less suicide doors and opening bonnets. I would like to publicly thank Lego911, for all his amazing help with this project. This model will be on display at the National Motor Museum in January next year from the 4th to the 31st, if you want to come and see it and the rest of the collection.
  20. viracocha

    MOC Fateful Encounter

    If you heard nothing about a gang of Ginger Joe then you probably were born much later the events that occurred on the territory of the future state of Colorado. In 1858, in the streams of the Rockies gold was found. Thousands of people flocked here going for the gold. Soon prospectors camps have turned into small towns and became the object of attack of the the Indians and robbers. Then all knew the most notorious thugs - Joe gang. His fiery red hair was seen at the attacks on shops merchants, robberies on the roads and even attacks on bank branches. So far, luck was on the side of the bandits, but this time it all went wrong... Bank robbery was planned carefully. All foreshadowed easy profits. But, instead of the two guards with sawn-off shotguns, hijackers met well armed force. In the skirmish was killed most of the gangs, but Joe himself managed to escape. He decided to get rid of the chase and to lay low for the some time... By the wild narrow path riding on the Caesar he sneaks to Arizona. But suddenly old Sheriff Bill Kanning blocked the way... IMG_8894_11 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr IMG_8899_2 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr IMG_8900_3 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr IMG_8905_6 by vir-a-cocha, on Flickr Thank you for watching and comments! More photos of Caesar and Ginger Joe at my Flickr.
  21. This miniland-scale snowmobile was built for our LUG's, Palikkatakomo's, mid-sized winter contest. The theme was, naturally, winter and for some reason, my thoughts went to snowmobiles. I didn't really design this snowmobile after any specific brand or model, it just more or less was built after seeing different pictures of snowmobiles found via Google image search. The colorscheme of the driver and snowmobile was also just imagined, althought the driver's outfit looks quite similar to the traditional "tourist overalls" that you can see in every Laplandish snowmobile safari. Helmet was inspired by snowmobile and motorbike helmets and accidently it came out as something similar to Spartan's helmet from Halo game series. Last part that I added to the creation was the surroundings which are kinda usual and nothing out of ordinary. Only special things that I tried to do was to add some "crushed snow" behind the snowmobile's skis and tracks which works quite Okay (not ok-ey), althought some improvements could be made, naturally. I am quite satisfied with the build and especially with the building process: It took me only 6-7 hours from start to finish which, for me, is extremely short. More pictures at Flickr, Brickshelf and MOCPages. LDD file is also available via MOCPages.
  22. Sir Thomas, James Watt, the inventor, subject of Her Majesty the Queen Victoria, while traveling through the Wild West. In his youth, Tom lost his left arm in an unsuccessful test of improved by him steam engine. From its wreckage he has made ​​his first prosthesis. His last prosthesis with full hand functionality serves him well as firearms. This will be valuable in the dangerous Thomas's journey through the Wild West. Axle-free wheels with forged steel rim on the electrodynamic suspension are getting out from any scrape, be it rocks or quicksand. Generator produces enough electricity to power a lamp and electrodynamic suspension. Asynchronous two-cylinder engine with superheat can reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour. Reinforced boiler sustains steam pressure up to 20 atmospheres. Frontal arc lamp was taken from the steam locomotive. Sir Thomas James Watt with his customary top hat and a monocle. Watt's steam cycle with dignity withstand all the trials, as well as his inventor.
  23. News scout Horry found this great photograph of the underwater shipwreck on display at Legoland Florida. If I remember correctly I believe this area is supposed to be in St. Augustine, Florida. There's a whole section dedicated to Florida landmarks and stuff. [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  24. Happy New Year! I ended 2012 (and started out 2013!) with a brand new* creation! The characters are brand new, but I actually started this project over a year ago! I built the house in November of 2011 (and only displayed it once), but never did anything else until this week. With a deadline looming for my local LEGO store's Community Window, I went into overdrive and 'winterized' the house and built the two characters. This scene is now on display at the Woodfield Mall LEGO Store in Schaumburg, Illinois. This window display is a collaboration: the snowmen were built by my friend and fellow NILTC club member Adam. The full collection can be seen here. I also made a special 'Desktop Version' of the above image with Calvin and Hobbes. Enjoy, and have a good 2013! -Pepa