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Found 54 results

  1. I introduce you to the Microfighter Millennium Falcon set. As you know, I already own the X-Wing one. These sets are kinda cute. Again, unlike the planet serie, they are made for fun and play around with them, not just for display. I like this Millennium Falcon, I mean, c’mon, it’s Han Solo starship after all! I always preferred him over Luke. But straight away after building the set, and taking pictures, I modified it. You can see what I did to my brand new Millennium Falcon below, alongside the X-Wing... Front view, Han Solo on the left, “in the cockpit”. Kind of. Front view is looking nice. Left side. Cool. Back side. I don’t know why, but I kinda don’t like it that much. Something doing with the nozzles. Right side. Cool too. But this is where I did the mods. Just to get rid of the pilot. I like the Microfighters sets, I don’t want to use the pilot. Bottom side. I don’t like it at all. I might change it one day if I find an idea good enough to get rid of these 4 landing pads. My mods on the X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon. Han Solo – New Version vs Old Version With this set, I have now 2 versions of Han Solo. On the left is the version you get with the A-Wing set, on the right, the version sold with this Microfighter. Starting with the head. A new one, with two different faces. One happy face and one worried face I presume. I prefer the worried one. Suits Han Solo better imho. Torso is the same in both version. Pants are different with this Microfighter version. Different colour and different serigraphy. I prefer this new version of Han Solo. Just because of the two facial expression. It’s kinda great for different game situation while playing. Packaging and Instructions Something about the packaging now. Small classy box. Way nicer than the Planet Serie with its big planet. Front box is the Millennium Falcon, with a very worried Han Solo riding it. Back box is busy showing you lots of stuff. The other models, the Millennuim Falcon and Han Solo alongside and with his happy face, and some ads for their mobile phone applications. It’s too much. The instruction leaflet now. Nothing too difficult while building the set. About 2-4 pieces to add per page. It takes about 10-15 minutes to build. I’m a slow builder because I always do few things at the same time…
  2. dsoffers

    [MOC] Docking Bay 723

    No, that’s not a typo in the topic title.. The Death Star has a lot of Docking Bays. In short: while this is based on Docking Bay 327, it is smaller and due to space limitations (and limited techniques) has a few different designs. Therefore I decided not to call it a DB327-moc and give it a twist of my own... I originally intended to post this about a month ago, when I finished the project in LDD. Every time I was about to start writing this post, I hesitated and backed off. I guess part of me was afraid of your comments, because imo, compared to the other amazing MOC’s on this forum and on other places of the internet, mine is a bit ’simple’. But I eventually decided that posting this is the only way to learn new tricks and improve my techniques. I guess I should also add a bit of background information about my Lego life, in case people missed my post in the SW Purchases thread: I haven’t touched a Lego brick for over 16 years, until about 2 months ago. During the summer (when I got bored with the usual videogames) I was already considering doing something with Lego again. I still had a (16y old) Technic set that I never finished and that would have been the perfect starting point. Like this topic I’ve been postponing it for a few months but occasionally browsing through the available Lego sets. Pretty quickly I decided that I’d go for the Star Wars sets as I’ve always been a fan of the movies. (Still need to watch those Clone Wars seasons..) I showed a few to my mom who immediately decided she would get me the UCS R2-D2 for Christmas and the dawn of my new Lego era had arrived (around half October). After purchasing a few sets I simply fell in love with the 7965 Millennium Falcon. It was such an amazing build (for me at least, with my inexperience) with me constantly wondering where certain pieces were going to be used.. This lasted throughout the entire build until it all fit together in the end. While the set isn’t perfect (reading reviews here showed me that), I can only dream of a UCS Millennium Falcon so this is as good as it gets for me. This MF was so cool I decided to build it a proper home. While browsing the forums, MOCpages and other websites I stumbled upon the Docking Bay 327 MOC’s and decided that would be the way to go for my MF. Incase you’ve never seen them, these are the 2 I used for inspiration: http://rebrickable.c...-for-ucs-falcon While these are awesome, I had (very) limited display space and, while I knew I would not be able to ’compete’ with the other designs, I also definately did not want to copy them. This project consisted of a lot of ’first times’ for me: First time working in LDD. First time creating something based on something ’real’ First time using Bricklink (And a few others I’m probably forgetting right now..) If you managed to read through all this text, I will now reward you with the necessary pictures (click to enlarge). Overview while still on the dining room table Luke trying to disconnect the fuel lines (Those lights look a lot better in person than in the picture..) Luke is still messing with those fuel lines... …when he’s spotted by an Imperial Officer.. (I designed this without actually using a minifigure to decide on the scale, I’m glad I can fit a minifig in there but I’ll need to increase the height on it whenever I do another Bricklink order.) Chewie has Darth Vader in his sights while Leia is aiming at someone else.. Overview in the 'display area' (which also shows who Leia was aiming at) I also made a short video showing off the Leds, I'll update this post with the Youtube link once I've uploaded it. 1 of the red wall leds arrived dead, so I need to put in a new order to replace it. I originally intended red & blue background lights for the Darth Vader/Obi Wan scene but I seem to have misplaced my 2 blue leds, so I decided on 1 red and 1 white with a transparant red plate. The effect is not really what I had in mind though so when I order new leds I'll probably replace the leds with lit up Lightsabers. *EDIT* The video's up now, sorry for the shaky camera:
  3. 'Fixing' the hyperdrive Hi, this is my entry for Episode I of SoNE. The main problem with this MOC was a lack of source material that I could use, just Google 'Hyperdrive' to see what I mean Anyway, I based it on a design that I found in my, ever useful, 'Millennium Falcon Modified YT-1300 Corellian Freighter' Haynes Manual. And, for non-UK folk, the wonderful people at Haynes usually write manuals on DIY car repairs.... so it's a bit of a change from their typical books! In my MOC, Lobot (still in Stormtrooper armour), makes some delicate 'adjustments' to the Hyperdrive so that the rebels won't be able to escape the Imperial blockade. I originally intended to make this a lot larger, but from the cross-sections in the manual it's really cramped, so I decided to keep it small. 'Isn't that pretty, it's almost a shame to break it': As usual, I've illuminated this using Technic LEDs. Side view: I'm quite pleased with this, especially the main 'cooling tower'; it took far longer that I'd hoped but I'm a very slow builder. Another side view: This shows the entire MOC. I built it to be modular, so the sections can be split apart. View from above: I used lots of dark bluish-grey grills this time, I thought it might help to break up the light-bluish grey Completing essential repairs on the Hyperdrive: I appreciate that in The Empire Strikes Back, Chewbacca spends most of his time trying to re-build C-3PO, but I just couldn't have a Falcon MOC without Chewie. In this scene Chewie is overseeing the repairs to the Hyperdrive, by a Cloud City technician, or is that vice-versa? C & C welcome. Cheers, Robin
  4. LukeClarenceVan

    MSFC: Mos Eisley Spaceport

    Here's my entry for Si-MOCs' awesome Micro Sci-Fi Contest. I decided to build the scene from the Mos Eisley Spaceport where Han Solo encounters Jabba the Hutt. A couple of overview shots. And the Falcon up close. If I get a couple more thermal detonator tiles I may have to build the whole ship... Thanks to the sponsors and organizers of this contest, and thanks for viewing! And maybe voting... ;)