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Found 232 results

  1. Brickwolf

    [O-E02] Security training

    Welcome fellow Octan employees to the Security training. My name is Brickwolf and Sergeant Mr. Hodson here will assist me. On orders from the CEO every Octan employee has be able to defend Octan assets from hostile action. For those who are saying now: "I did not sign up for This!" I advise to read the fine print of your work contracts. To start right away: This is the OCAR-3XC assault rifle, which will be your best friend in the coming week.
  2. Wedge09

    [K - F10] On the dam

    Locaton: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Building = = = = = = = = = = Alexander and his team was sent on Arium Major to supervise the final stages of the new harbour under construction on the north continent. Part of the harbour was defended by a dam, keeping water inside calm and shielded by the wind and storms of the outside ocean. They were now doing a little inspection tour of the finished thing. = = = = = = = = = Hello everyone, this is a MOC I builded last year, around the end of November and the start of December but then life was busy as it is now so yeah... I have a little "sequel" for this MOC, for this, see you next week. Anyway, hope you like it! Enjoy!
  3. goatman461

    [O - E01] Octan is at War

    Location: Donwarr - E01 Tags: Spaceship, Land vehicle, Exploration, Spying, Military In a sparsely populated corner of Octan space, Octan Pilot John Hannibal has just exited his landing pod, rocketed from the fleets position on H03 days ago. Before he made orbit, he already knew that his homesteading plans were ruined by the sudden turmoil in the galaxy. "Dora. My transmission cutout when I hit atmosphere. What's the status on our 01-03 and 09-11 fronts?" "I'm sorry to report that negotiations have failed with M.A.N.T.I.S. and Kawashita have also chosen to dishonor their treaties. C.E.O. Pombe has sent out a message to the troops and hopes to recruit more commanders to the fight. Our ranks are swelling and a Commander O'Reilly has just wrapped up a very successful bombing run on D02. What are your orders?" "Send the Mercy Brandy to the WickNole Peaks just east of here with the sky hook ready. Then get me Commander Hombre. His mission will have to wait. Octan is at war," "Don't forget to lock the doors, sir." "Beep, beep" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Plunging into the oceans of Donwarr... "Commander Hombre. This is Hannibal. Do you copy?" DSCN5495 by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr "I'm sorry to inform you that we'll have to delay your mission to root out the assassins guild targeting Octan command. M.A.N.T.I.S. and Kawashita forces have violated their treaties and I need you back under CEO Pombe's direct command." "..." "Perfect, I'll inform him to expect you shortly, but please be careful, your operation is now behind enemy lines and we don't know what the M.A.N.T.I.S. response will be if they find you, so be sure to dispose of any intel you might be carrying." "..." "I have no doubt of that. And, I agree, I left Earth for the same reason, entitled egalitarians and their wars... Thank you Commander Hombre. It has been an honor working with you. Hannibal out." [ C&C appreciated.
  4. Isundir

    [K-F10] Gattsu vs Goliath

    Location: F10 - Arium Major Tags: Military, Land Vehicle, Building Gattsu? Melanie Mashkov - Murakumo Security, take that armor of and come with me, it's time for your training. Ok I'll just take this thing off and- Statement: Master I am afraid that is not an option, removing F3NR1R may disrupt the Nanomites that bonded with your body and thus result in potential organ failure. Well frag, that's just lovely. Wait, what if I have to use the bathroom? I'll see if I can find some kind of solution, I need to work on disconnecting you from the really expensive suit anyway or we'll all be in trouble. Fine, in the mean time just come with me, we are going to Arium Major for combat training. (Gattsu and Melanie take a shuttle to an abandoned Kawashita base on F10) This seems like a strange place to come for a training exercise, couldn't we've just used the holodeck or something? Don't worry, just stand right there while I get on this freight elevator. (Hangar-bay doors open and a large machine comes rolling into the hangar.) Oh frag, is that a Goliath Tank Drone, those aren't even legal for companies to- You'd better defend yourself, it's set to search and destroy mode. (The Goliath begins to tear up the room with it's Gattling arm mount.) Statement: Master I recommend activating Combat mode and dodging it's attacks, finding a weapon would also be advised. Bloody megablocks, frag frag frag, doesn't this suit have any build in weapons. Statement: Negatory Master, the F3NR1R is an enhancement type suit, while not equipped with weaponry it does come with jump jets. (Gattsu manages to avoid the hailfire and snatches a crowbar, while the Goliath now attempts to roast Gattsu with it's Napalmer thanks to the jump jets Gattsu manages to jump over the machine and jams a crowbar in it's exhaust vents disabling the drone.) Wow, I'm somehow quicker, more responsive. Statement: Affermative Master, as previously mentioned, you are wearing an enhancement type suit. You brute! You're not elegant at all. (How did those idiots think your Kawashita special forces material.) Elegant? Well at least you did one thing right, you managed to pinpoint and strike out at it's weak spot, good operatives know that everything has a weak spot. (I suppose you might be special forces material after all.) Wait, what are you talking about? This was a test, to see if you're really suited to be a special forces operative. Didn't they tell you? No. They did now. So am I like a spy now or something? I doubt it, they probably hired you to wreck things. So what's your weak spot? I don't have a weak spot. But you just said everything has a- Oh shut up. Comments, Criticism, Suggestions, Advice etc are always appreciated.
  5. Isundir

    [Challenge 3][Cat A] Bakeneko

    Location: B08 Tags: Military, Land Vehicle The Bakeneko transport truck with mounted Hailstorm Anti-Air System, man or AI operated the Hailstorm can detect, track and shoot down aircraft and spaceships. Bakeneko Transport Bakeneko Deployed Bakeneko Open Original
  6. Sunder

    [MOC] Predator light mech

    I like to build mechs, but they are always... not compact. This time I made a little one. Predator Light Mech by Sunder_59, on Flickr Model on Mecabricks:
  7. Hello everybody! I love the naval theme, but unfortunately policies pursued by Legonot allow for the production of Lego designers on this subject. That has to do everything myself)) Allow me to introduce my MOC - Sovremenny-class destroyer. Last version built in LDD. Scale 1: 350. Comments and suggestions are welcome. More photos you can see on my page -
  8. Feuer Zug

    Navy Seabee

    Another commission I built. My grandfather served as a Seabee in the Pacific theater during World War II, and it made me proud to create this piece. The Navy Seabee logo was designed by Frank Iafrate. He said, “…I thought of a bee — the busy worker, who doesn’t bother you unless you bother him. But provoked, the bee stings. It seemed like an ideal symbol. “The rest came easily. I gave the bee a white sailor’s cap, various tools to show his construction talents, and finally a Tommy gun to show his fighting ability. I made the bee a third-class petty officer (E-4) with the 1942 Naval insignia used by the first Seabees on each arm … a machinist’s mate, a carpenter’s mate, and a gunner’s mate.” Information from: The Seabee Museum and Memorial Park http://www.seabeesmu...ightingBee.html
  9. A Gallifreyan Cat

    [M D10] We really need more coffee...

    ***Bridge of the MSS Marauder, somewhere in the Hamilton Belt*** Gosh this patrol mission is boring. I spy with my little eye, something black. Is it the vast, endless, black expanse of space? Yup. Could you get them to send up a bit more coffee? They're all out. This is going to be a long, long day. Not so fast, looks like we've got a bogey coming in on the radar. Looks like the Kawas have sent one of their interceptors over. The gunnery station's got him. He's going down. Poor bloke. So, still no more coffee?
  10. Blackhawk STX

    [K-A06] Secret Strike

    Location: A06 Guinevere Tags: Kawashita, Guinevere, Aircraft, Military Somewhere on Guinevere flying nap-of-earth… Commander Turtle: Ghost Writer, this is Ed I Tor. Come in. Blackhawk: Copy, Ed. Go ahead. Hey! That rhymed! How cool is that? Commander Turtle: I just want to make sure you understand your mission. MANTIS has set up DESPTRA (DEep SPace TRacking Arrays) on Guinevere to detect any hostile forces closing in on the planet. However, we found a weak link in their network. Hit the array at the coordinates we gave you to blow a huge hole in their coverage and allow our follow-on forces to get through undetected. You got all that? Blackhawk: Yes, Sir, Commander. But why do I have to fly so low? I’m nearly snorting sod here… Commander Turtle: Stop whining! You need to scrape the deck so you won’t be spotted. Consider this as another chance to show off your “impressive” flying skills. Blackhawk: Roger that, Sir. Stand by. Blackhawk: Target coming up, and going down! Blackhawk: BOOM! Got it! Take that, Bugs! Blackhawk: Oh, yeah. That’s what I’m talking about! The continuing adventures of Blackhawk... C & C's welcome!
  11. David FNJ

    [M - C10] MANTIS Mini Tank (MMT)

    Location: C10 Marden Tags: Land Vehicle, Military, Exploration Double D's log 17: It's another week on Marden, but this time I get to test out a new kind of remote-controlled weapons system. I get to drive a sweet tank around in the snow and blow up things (mostly snow). The tank is part of a new lineup that MANTIS is doing - MANTIS Mini Tanks (MMT). Apparently you can control many of these tanks at once. What's also neat is that there are cameras on each tank can be seen on the controller's screen. I can definitely see these being very useful should MANTIS need a bunch of heavy-duty inexpensive tanks that pack a punch! This tank in particular comes equipped with a snow plow just in case. I wonder what other accessories it can have... ~ DD out --------------------------------------------------------------------- I like how compact the tank is, and I'm really pleased with the treads marks.
  12. StarHawk3

    [M - C10] Drone Hunting

    Location: C10 Marden Tags: Military Airplane Land Vehicle - This is Snake of Mantis long range recon reporting in. It seems that I have attracted the attention of a Kawashita Hunter Killer drone. - I've got it on my six, and its closing in. I could use some assistance ASAP! - This is Commander Hawk. I'm in your sector. Engaging target. - - - Thanks for the help Hawk. Drinks and laser beans are on me when we get back to base. Thanks for looking. Comments and criticism welcome. I know my pictures aren't the best, I'm still kinda new to this. Here are some additional pictures of the X-32 Strike Fighter. - -
  13. Wedge09

    [K - A06] Pipes Hacking

    Engineer Alexander Vandangant was sent again on Guinevere, it seems MANTIS didnt taken the hint and moved away but tried another offense to take the planet. This time, his squad, left for just a moment the Kiogy, was sent for some pipes hacking. = = = = = = = = = Quick build, hope you Enjoy!
  14. woofmcmoose

    [M-A08] Leaving the fleet

    Location: A08 - Crentium Tags: Spaceship, Military Aboard the MSS Titan inbound from Anomaly A08 to Crentium. Henry Moose Personal Log the intel was all wrong; the unknown menace didn't hit Terrial Minor at all, all those jumps for nothing! Rumour is that the aliens showed up in Kawashita space. Command moved the whole fleet back to Torresta for maintenance and replenishment, though some elements have been sent straight back out again; Lucky us! The Titan is inbound for Crentium, the plan is to skirt Kawashita space and see if we can triangulate the location of the Alien fleet. Whilst the titan can do the job by herself we've picked up an Aquarius Class transport and a Stinger Class Battlecruiser at Mynderis on the way. After all we might as well pick up some resources and cause some mayhem whilst we're here! I've no idea when we picked up the light Cargo Ship; those guys are not particularly talkative. I'm guessing must be Spec Ops here to have some fun too. End Log. OOC and lots of pics below:
  15. Blackhawk STX

    [Challenge 2] [Cat A] The Gremlin

    Looks like we have a situation… It seems that some bug-eyed aliens are heading this way with the intent of causing some trouble. Boy do I feel sorry for them! I imagine that they have no idea of what they’re up against. We Humans love a good scrap, and we can give as well as we take. This should be interesting. One of the egg-heads back at HQ (Dardanel, I think) figured out that the alien’s tech was susceptible to some kind of ionic radiation or something. His idea was that if this radiation could be focused into a beam delivery form, it could potentially knock out a good portion of their systems. So, Operative Q designed an ion disruptor cannon and slapped two of them onto a space frame designed in record time (isn’t there supposed to be a safety review or shakedown flight before they throw it in the air?). The result of all this was… the Gremlin. Actually, it doesn’t look too shabby. It has good thrust, and is reasonably maneuverable, but those disruptor guns look really cool! I’d love to try them against some MANTIS Bugs, but they told me that they don’t affect our tech, just the aliens (in theory, anyway). Oh well. Bugs or bug-eyed creeps, there’s still a connection. That’s good enough for me. So I’ve been tagged to fly this crate. Apparently, the aliens have dispatched what looks like a raiding force, and we’re gonna meet them. I’m supposed to hit the lead ship with the Gremlin, taking down their screens and making a mess of their electronics, while the rest of the gang hits it with everything they could get into the air. I was chosen because of my “insane, even suicidal, recklessness.” Commander Turtle said I was the ideal pilot for this job because I could disrupt the dead from their eternal sleep. I’m not really sure what he meant by that. I get the feeling that it wasn’t meant to be a compliment. Well, no matter. I’ll just go out there and fly, fight, and win. Like always! Looks like it’s time. Gotta go! More later, when I get back… ---End Recording--- This is the second attempt in my "new direction" build style. It's admittedly not a sleek as the Kestrel, but I'm pleased with the result. C&C's welcome and appreciated!
  16. Location: Somewhere in Kawashita space... Tags: Challenge 2 Category C, Kawashita, Spaceship Interior, Military Meanwhile, in the Masamune hanger bay 7… Blackhawk: All right, then. Looks like your Thunderbolt will be back in service soon, Shane. Once that’s done, we’ll be launching a strike on a forward base of the bug-eyed aliens. They chose the wrong biological entities to pick a fight with! Greenhawk: Good! I’ve been hearing about these guys, and I’ve been itching to get a shot at them! Grayhawk: Looks like the techs are done. They’re about to move it to the launch bay. Blackhawk: Great. We should be ready to launch in about two hours. Grayhawk: So, you’ve fought these aliens before, right? Is there anything you can tell us that might help us out there? Blackhawk: Yeah. Watch their fighters. They’re really quick, and they slide into your six before you know it. Just assume that you have one tailing you at all times. Greenhawk: Aw, they can’t be too bad! I’ll take them out with no problems, and add a few alien kills to my score. Blackhawk: Wait ‘till you see one of their Devourer ships in action! Those buggers will grab you, get through your shields and armor like they weren’t there, turn everything inside into hot plasma (including you), and suck it all out. Not a pretty sight… Grayhawk: By the way, what was up with those sudden crazy maneuvers you pulled in the last training flight? Blackhawk: Oh. Some idiot put a Lorestanian shock spider in my cockpit. The darn thing juiced me right in my side! Man, that hurt! My arm kept twitching for a good minute after that. Greenhawk: Oh, really? Somebody (heh heh) did that? (Ahem). Blackhawk: You know, Shane? I’ll have to show you Kawashita’s dental plan, up close and personal. The bargain basement plan… And here's my attempt... Not as great as some other builds in this challenge, naming no names, of course (like shmails), but I did what I could with what I have, and I'm feeling pretty good about the outcome. Hey, I managed to use my Thunderbolt again, so it can't be all bad! C & C's welcome!
  17. Location: Who knows, who cares? Tags: Kawashita, Military, Challenge 2 This is NOT what I had in mind when I said I’d take any mission thrown my way! I’m a fighter pilot, for crying out loud! Give me a fast, heavily armed ship and I’ll fly anywhere and fight anyone you want. But I’ve got a job to pilot a dropship onto some no-name rock that the bug-eyed aliens have set up a forward base on and drop off a strike team. Doesn’t that make me a glorified bus driver? The only explanation I got was the “insane, almost suicidal recklessness” line again. Crud… Okay, now that I’ve seen it up close, this Javelin isn’t half bad. I suppose I could condescend enough to fly it… At least I have Shane as my WSO (that’s Weapons System Officer, for those not up on CMJ, which is Common Military Jargon. I made that last one up myself). We’re assigned to drop off the M squad so they can hit the power generators and allow the follow-on forces to plaster the base. I don’t know what the “M” stands for. Marine? Magnificent? Mopey? Moronic? They won’t tell me. I take it all back! This puppy really moves! It doesn’t handle as well as the Thunderbolt, but all things considered, it’s not bad! I got a kill going in, and Shane pegged a bogey with the top guns. Drop point coming up. Let’s go! We’re down, and the M squad is heading out. Except for the one guy who has a really dark visor on his helmet. He thinks it looks cool, so he keeps it down all the time. The thing is, he can’t see worth diddly-squat with it down. I’m gonna go with the “M for Moronic” theory… The guys are on the scene. Go, M squad! Except for Dark Visor. That guy is totally lost… This is what you get when you cross a fighter with a transport! This baby is a bit big, which posed some problems with keeping it in the background area. Oh, well. At least I think the build came out well. But is this it? The challenge is over? Hey, it was fun! I enjoyed participating, and I'm looking forward to more like it! C&C's welcome and appreciated.
  18. Introducing the brand new Kawashita Aerospace Heavy Space Fighter: The SF-47 Tsurugi-G We at the Kawashita Group are proud to present the glorious fruit of a decade's R&D which has resulted in the most superfluous of "Heavy" class space fighters. Our pilots will have the honor of piloting a multi-role, highly versatile, and long-range combat platform within the next few weeks as the product is rolled out to factories throughout Kawashita space. We've done our best to mitigate the design doc leak, so if you've seen it please refrain from telling me as I am too low-level a functionary to not report it to my superiors. Observe the pleased expression of test pilot Hiroto Kasama-san who has spoken highly of the Tsurugi-G's defensive measures, manoeuvrability, and high-impact firepower. Very soon you will be able to see Kasama-san demoing the Tsurugi-G in aerospace combat trade shows throughout Sol and Andromeda. Watch especially for demonstrations of those "Bushi" dual Kinetic-cannons! Marvel at the Tsurugi-G's next-level armored underbody. Here at Kawashita, we take the safety of our pilots most seriously. Shame at the failure of a product of Kawashita Aerospace is shame shared by all, and therefore we have included advanced shielding coils prominently in the underbody of the ship wherein the pilot is most vulnerable. Note also the gracefully folding undercarriage! It cuts quite the imposing figure! And oh my! Those "Kirin" engines! With limited FTL capability, the Kirin ensures that the Tsurugi-G is the most mobile and long-range Heavy fighter ever developed by Kawashita. All this and bucket seats designed for maximum comfort by the couch potatoes ergonomics masters over at Octan! We are so pleased to have shared the SF-47 Tsurugi-G Heavy Fighter with you today! So pleased that we have included the above alternate profile photo for you to admire with us the sleek lines and ridiculously armored hull of this exemplary craft. Honor and Glory! Builder's Notes: -I totally stole the seat design from Bob's Crimson Pilgrim. Which remains my favorite Lego space ship. Period. -The Tsurugi-G is probably one of my top 3 favorite things I've made with Lego and one of the ones of which I am most proud. I've never attempted a MOC fighter of this calibre, using SNOT and other advanced (for me) techniques to get the shape and feel I wanted. I really enjoyed tinkering with it and it was a build wherein I tried a lot of stuff before settling. I'm pretty happy with it but the photos probably reveal a few details or mistakes that could have used more work. Oh well, can't do this forever or I'll miss my weekly and never mind the other categories of the Challenge! -Lots more pictures on my Flickr, of course. -Thanks for looking, bring on the C&C since I still have a few days to fix anything huge. That said, I went the full deal on these photos so I'd be loathe to take a bunch more. Oh well, if you see anything point it out and I'll get to it. Probably!
  19. David FNJ

    [M - D04] Frigate Raid

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor - inside a Kawashitan Frigate Tags: MANTIS, piracy, military, spaceship interior AG: Frigate Raid by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 13: We've managed to break into a Kawashitan Frigate in one of its open hallways, and we have located our target. We are after the Kawashitan strategic plans which are encoded inside a funny looking device. We have been tracking the device's movement on the frigate for some time, and now that it is in the open it is our time to strike. They should know that we don't like other corporations moseying around in our territory, and this device will make our attacks more effective later. The Kawashitan commander will not escape the hand of M.A.N.T.I.S. Okay, so he got away, but we got the device! Now to head out of here before the rest of the Kawashitan security force arrives! ~ DD out Here are some extra shots of the build. Sci-Fi crates! Bonus pictures of behind the scenes
  20. Blackhawk STX

    [K-C08] A Bolt of Thunder

    Location: Lorstan II Tags: Kawashita, Lorstan II, Spaceship, Military Well, the search for Aera continues, but I’m not a part of it. Instead, I’ve been officially promoted, and given a flight to command! How cool is that? I’m pretty sure that Commander Turtle got the screaming heebie jeebies at the news, so I’ll just have to make sure that I do an awesome job. How hard can it be? Of course, I’ll have to whip my new rookie crew into shape first… Blackhawk: Let’s see. Ensign Harrison, Shane. Greenhawk: Yes, sir! Blackhawk: Your call sign will be Greenhawk. Greenhawk: GREENhawk, sir? That sounds like a name for a MANTIS Bug! Blackhawk: Yeah, ‘cause it’ll mean you can be squashed like a bug if you get out of line. Greenhawk: Umm… yessir. Blackhawk: Keller, Ryan. Your call sign is now Grayhawk. Grayhawk: Understood, sir. Blackhawk: And Nelson, Ariel. Umm, where’s Ensign Nelson? Grayhawk: Unexpected delays or some such, sir. She’ll be arriving late. Blackhawk: What?? I’m leading a partial flight? Darn it… Blackhawk: Oh, well. Listen up! You’re now a part of Raptor Flight! We’re going on a training mission to get you guys up to speed. We’ll be flying recon patrol around Lorstan II. We expect no opposition, so it should be a cake walk. We’ve been assigned some Thunderbolt interceptors, just to make sure there isn’t any problem. Let’s get prepped, fellas! Now this is more like it! Last week I slipped back into old habits a bit. This week, however, is a distinct improvement, I think. I really couldn't be happier with this build, and in fact I think it's my favorite one so far. I will be so not happy to dismantle it... It's quite a solid little build! C & C's welcome!
  21. Wedge09

    [K - A04] Mynderis Deployment

    The new objective of the Kawashita Group was Mynderis, a incredibly hot planet, constantly erupting and changing. It was choosen for its large reserves of Awesomnium but seemed MANTIS already placed a few plant and facilities on the planet but this didn't stop the Kawashita executive to carry out its plans. Engineer Alexander Vandangant was tasked to be part of the plan; thi time not to build from scratch a new outpost but to take control of one of these facilities, why destroy them when you could take the control and save resources and time? With a Covert Operation squad to support them, Alexander and his squad of enginers landed on Mynderis and started their work, silent and swiftly... = = = = = = = = = And here we are! I'm really happy again with the result again, AG is really stimulating me to bring some nice works out of me! I hope you Enjoy!
  22. David FNJ

    [M - B06] Sorn Sabotage

    Location: Sorn, B06 Tags: MANTIS, land vehicle, spying, military, building AG: Sorn Sabatoge by David FNJ, on Flickr Double D's log 12: Kawashita developed a large shield over several of their buildings that is blocking some of our larger vehicles and spacecraft from forcing them to surrender. I am being sent with a few MANTIS operatives to go inside the shield's boarders and take out the shield generators so that reinforcements can finish the job. Our mission, get in, get out, and watch it blow! It's all or nothing! ~ DD out The epic looking doors and spiral columns Roof of the building Yup! Full interior! Gotta have those sci-fi crates! The doors slide open and the locking mechanism works! You can't open the doors without first detaching them. Each lock sets into place on a black stump with the yellow stripe. Because the rod sticks out only a little bit, it makes locking, unlocking, and setting the locks into the black stumps easy and efficient without sacrificing functionality. Next are the photos that show some action shots and rockwork. Finally, the MANTIS Jeep ------------------------------------------------- This was a BLAST to build! I'm very pleased with how this creation turned out from the colors, the building details, the interior, the rockwork, and the MANTIS Jeep. This is definitely my favorite MANTIS creation so far.
  23. Blackhawk STX

    [K-A04] Search and Rescue

    Location: Mynderis Tags: Kawashita, Mynderis, Spaceship, Military The good news: I’m officially an ace! I shot down two escort fighters on that intercept mission over Terrial Minor, which brings my total to six! Woo hoo! In the action against the bug-eyed aliens, I managed to do some real damage. The ion disruptors on the Gremlin weren’t as effective as I was promised, but they did have some effect, and we sent them back with bloody noses (or whatever they breath through, if they even breathe at all…). And so, Operative Q told me that I’ve been transferred to First Division, and that there’s a promotion in the works! Hard to imagine that things can get any better! Unfortunately, at that point, they can get a whole lot worse… The bad news: Aera Lure is MIA. I’ve been told that she was last heard of flying a recon mission over Mynderis and failed to report back. A faint, garbled Kawashita distress signal was detected not long ago. Maybe she’s still alive… Aera and I have known each other since we were kids (though she would say I still am). She’s the reason I’m a part of Kawashita. So if she needs my help, there’s nothing that can stop me from doing everything I can to come through. Even if it means disobeying orders… Fortunately for me, it hasn’t come to that. Mister S found out what I was about to do, and he managed to get me orders to go find her. He even got me a ship! It’s the Samurai, a design Kawashita got from a tech exchange with the NAIS (New Avalon Institute of Science). And he wished me luck as well. Thanks. I’m going to need it. Hang on, Aera! I’m coming! This is what I consider a trial and error build, because it was a trial and most of it seemed to be an error! Getting the twin nose booms to attach with minimal gaps proved challenging. However, after a bit of frustration, it all started to come together... While I'm pleased with the nose, it seems like this build is a bit of a step backward in terms of design style. Still wish I could have done better with the wings and upper engine pod. But I think the overall shape came out well. In terms of story, I like to have a bit of humor, but Blackhawk does have a serious side to him, and it felt like a good time to show that. But don't worry! Our walking accident will be himself soon! C&C's welcome!
  24. Big Sal

    [M - B06] Mission K8B06

    Location: B06 Tags: Vehicle, Land/Water vehicle, Building, Military Ah, finally I get to have my revenge on Kawashita for capturing me last time I was on Sorn. And you're sure you'll be able to disable their defenses? Of course, Captain Read! Let me tell you again about my heroic escape... That won't be necessary- It all started a month ago when I woke up in a dank cell... Wha... where am I? Nowhere you'll like. You're a prisoner of Kawashita now, and your... 'debriefing' is about to start. Come with me. Let's start with something easy. Who are you? Who do you work for? I'll tell you nothing! M.A.N.T.I.S. agents are trained to resist torture! So you work for M.A.N.T.I.S.... Damn it! We may as well skip ahead. We know you're Big Sal, first branch executive and chief scientist of M.A.N.T.I.S. You may as well admit it and save yourself some pain. Big Sal? Never heard of him. What kind of name is that anyway? What? Well, is Big his first name? Or is Sal? But then what's his surname? I...uh...hang on... You'd best check your intelligence - sounds like you've got it all mixed up. You don't tell me what to do! Guard, take him back to his cell! This isn't over for you... Pssst! Mr Sal! Never heard of him! Who are you? I'm Dr Wu's assistant, remember? I don't understand why you're being kept prisoner. I hope this won't affect Dr Wu's chances of getting the Nobel Prize! Wait, you still believe that? Maybe the Persuadomatic's effects are permanent! Or maybe this guy's just really dumb... What was that? Uh... I mean, yes, I'm afraid this will affect her chances. You need to get me out of here right now so she can still get the recognition she deserves! Oh, right away! Nice work! This way! When we get to the top floor I'll distract the guards so you can sneak past them. So I said to him 'Kawashita? I hardly know her!' Heh heh heh. HAHAHAHA! How funny! You again? For the last time, the prisoner isn't from the Nobel Prize Committee! Speaking of which, I'd better go check on him. Damn! Best find another way out... No, wait! Get out of the way! Freedom! These look nasty. May as well hack in a remote backdoor access in case we ever want to come back here and free the other prisoners. PRISONER ESCAPED! SOUND THE ALARM! Uh oh... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! ...and then I swam all the way back to M.A.N.T.I.S. territory! Uh, yes Sal, while I'm sure the troops are very inspired by your story, we're nearly in comms range of the outpost, so you'd better get on with disabling their missiles. We're in weapons range now Captain. Very good. Acquire targets. How's it going Sal? Getting there... Captain! We're detecting their weapons powering up! Sal? They're targeting us! SAL! Oh sh- INCOMING! -------------------------------------------------------- <TRANSMISSION LOST> -------------------------------------------------------- <TRANSMISSION REESTABLISHED> -------------------------------------------------------- Damage report! Shields took most of the damage Captain. All systems operational except long range comms. We've really got to start using our own software... Return fire! Take out that missile battery! Firing now! Target destroyed! Excellent! Move in! Commander, prepare your troops for Mean and Nasty Invasion! Well, I finally got to tell the tale of Big Sal's captivity. Unfortunately it made the post a bit long - thanks if you made it to the end! C&C welcome! A few more pics in the spoiler.
  25. mccoyed

    [K-A04] Andromedan Sniper

    Oakley Canyon Mynderis - 3185 TAGS: Military, Special Operations Wilhelm, still helping MANTIS yet still wearing Kawashita colors in case anyone was watching, argued dryly with the MANTIS scouts. They didn't want to believe that the Awesomnium vein was where he said it was, so he brandished the E-paper map he'd stolen when he'd defected. He pointed to a spot in the complex series of canyons, passes, ridges, and valleys. The scouts were sceptical anyway, and insisted on checking and rechecking it. Wilhelm was already impatient, but now he was getting angry. He didn't like being out here in the open. Oakley Canyon did not have as much cover as he would have liked. And he was right to be worried. Kawashita colors or not, Wilhelm's defection was well known among Kawashita Operators. Koro should know, since he was the one who'd discovered it for himself back on Aeristus. Koro leaned back on the rocks of his perch. He dug in his sidepouch for a special round, but he held off from loading it into his rifle. "The intel was good, Narbilu-sama. It looks like he's trying to help some scouts find something. My guess is mineral deposit." "Good work, Koro. You're sure it's Wilhelm?" "It's his armor. No one else in Andromeda dresses quite like that, right? All that paint..." "Obviously we need more than that to go on." "I pinged his helmet, which has a heavily modified friend-or-foe system. One of a kind in Andromeda. It's him, sir." "And I have a shot..." BUILDER'S NOTES: -I understand the sensitivity of potentially killing off another player's character, even if the character has been replaced with a new one. Because of this, I am leaving Wilhelm's ultimate fate (for now) a mystery until or unless Goliath reappears and clarifies his plans for the character. It could be some kind of tracker bullet Koro is about to load, and anyway he doesn't take the shot that we see and I made this choice because I think it would be mean for me or anyone to decide what happens to Wilhelm beyond a certain point. At the same time, I made the decision to contextualize Goliath's change of companies and characters as at least partially a defection from Wilhelm (because that makes interesting story possibilities, as you can see in the two builds I've made in reaction to it). Basically, I'm making this note to make sure everyone understands that I'm just trying to tell an interesting story and not looking to hand out ultimate fates to anyone's characters without their permission or anything like that!