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Found 232 results

  1. mccoyed

    [F-10] Water Worm

    Somewhere in the equatorial ocean... Arium Major - 3185 Having hit a dead-end on Lesser Direstan, Koro was called back to his safehouse on Orinshi to receive new instructions. The brass have issued a recall of all planetary probe memory chips from certain unclaimed planets such as Arium Major, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]. Some kind of IT slip-up had [REDACTED] and left the chips with a [REDACTED[ sensitive [REDACTED] , and are thus considered military [REDACTED] to be recovered by operators with extreme priority. Looked like the Dust Demons and their mysterious Commodore would have to wait. Of course, it wasn't like Koro was going to have it easy. His HUD pinged in the equatorial ocean and he piloted Less Than Zero to a safe place before navigating the treacherous rocks that may once have been some kind of island. Suddenly, the signal was moving rapidly toward him and he got a funny feeling. "This better not be another trap." And that's when he saw the giant water worm, rising up out of the ocean like, well, like a giant water worm. Koro crossed his fingers and said prayers to anyone listening, but it was useless because that pinging was definitely coming from the inside of the water worm. Of course. And of course, now is when Narbilu would message for a status update. "Koro. Please report." "Narbilu-sama. Are you aware that the memory chip has been ingested by one of the local fauna?" "That doesn't sound so bad. Can you retreive it?" "Uhhh... I can try?" "You'll do just fine, I'm sure. Narbilu out!" "Sure. What could go wrong?" Koro, being a loyal servant of Kawashita Group, did his best to attract the worm's attention. It must have been hungry, because he didn't have to try very hard. It dove at him, its tendrils tasting the air for the unfamiliar, but surely delicious new prey. Koro's last thought before it swallowed him was that he hoped he gave the beastie indigestion... ... ... ... ... ... ...some time later... Because Koro did in fact give the beastie indigestion, it thrashed around with a great deal of ferocity as he sliced up its innards, searching for the memory chip's signal. Finally, he got his hand around it just as the creature tore its flank open on the same spike of rock Koro had been standing on. This left him, rather worse for wear, deposited on the broken shards. He was assessing his line of work and life choices when he heard a familiar tone in his ear... "Koro. Please report." "Narbilu-sama. I'm here. More or less." "You recovered the chip?" "Yes. Remind me to tell you about it sometime. It was a lot of fun." "You sound... a bit strained. Everything okay?" "Everything's great. I lost some fabric, a sword, my dignity, and an arm." "Oh. Sounds like you'll need to see The Mechanic. I'll make him aware that you'll be visiting. Can you make it to your extraction vehicle?" "I guess I'll have to. But... Narbilu-sama?" "Yes, Koro?" "Please stop trying to kill me, Narbilu-sama." END. BUILDER'S NOTES: -The lengthier story and injection of more humor is definitely owed to MANTIS's team and their tendency for funny, story-heavy builds. You guys are stepping up everybody's game. -This is my first time making a "tire-beast" but I've seen a lot of them out there on Flickr and this is my take on one. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. -Had a lot of problems with light this time. Hopefully it didn't mar my photos too badly. -Oh look, first look at Koro's hair! -Can someone tell me why, on Eurobricks, hitting backspace after enabling bold or italics causes my cursor to bounce back a bunch of characters and otherwise behave oddly? Been an issue for a while. Getting sick of it.
  2. [K - E10] Polar Military Base on Traig IV This is my first microbuild ever, so all kinds of CC is approciated! I had a lot more fun building this than I had initially anticipated, doing things on a microscale forces one to think in very different way than one usually does. As usual, my projects tend to become bigger than I intend... this one clocks in at a little over 1200 pieces. For scale purposes, one tile (without stud) is around 2m high. (Also, I realized why rendering was so slow last week (custom radiosity), so this week you'll get a lot of renders (one high def, and a few a little lower def)!) --//Transmission Begin. Date: 1506(38)15. Scramble code: hhakKHI7924kja29jKllflhgm.//-- Due to reports of possible imminent direct contact with Octan, HQ decided we needed to set up a forward base on Traig IV. Its mountainous islands near the poles, which are covered with thick layers of ice and snow, provide excellent opportunities for building such bases, both thanks to the strong magnetic fields eminating from them, which interfere with enemy scanning equipment, the supply of fresh water from the snow, and the opportunity for our scientists to study the planets very interesting oceanic flora and fauna. The majority of the base is located underground, including a vast hangar which can hold up to 6 Alpha Class airships (one of them which is currently landing), 50 heavy bombers and a couple of hundred smaller fighter jets, plus several different ground vehicles, including variants of the ATC-76 (which can be seen approaching the base). Some parts are located on the surface however. The living arrangements for the troops and scientists, which consists of several self propelling modules, which land on each other to form a tower of sorts, is located above ground in order to minimize the space used (for harder visual/radiation tracking) and to facilitate rapid evacuation in case of an emergency. The research facilities require daylight for particular types of experiments, so part of it is above ground. The Awsomnium tanks were just delivered via orbital delivery ships, and will be hauled into the hangar as soon as possible. Two ATCs approaching the front gate. The base from above. Col. QL, out. --//Transmission End. Signature: Col. QL. Scramble code: hhakKHI7924kja29jKllflhgm.//-- Hope you enjoyed it! More unrendered pictures and comments under the spoiler button!
  3. mccoyed

    [K - A07] Drone Duel

    Dust Demon Base (Alleged) Lesser Direstan - 3185 Koro's infiltration of the base on Greater Direstan yielded plenty of actionable intel, and he was told that it was instrumental in foiling the interference of this mysterious "Dust Demon" force. However, there's no rest for the wicked and honor doesn't grow on trees. Not in Andromeda, anyway. So Koro barely had time to sneak back out of the base before he was tasked to pursue the Dust Demons to a secondary base on Lesser Direstan. Hopefully this would bring him closer to their leader, of whom all is known is his "Commodore" callsign. Still, it seemed easy enough to sneak into a second base. Why not? Well, it was a trap. That's why not. Just as Koro cleared a tunnel and emerged out onto a grassy plateau, he realized that he'd been lured here to this very spot... "Uh oh..." ...and awaiting him was a camouflaged gundrone. An extremely dangerous adversary. His pistol wouldn't do him any good against its armor, so Koro decided that the only school was the old school. BUILDER'S NOTES: You'll probably spot the BURPs used here. I've never experimented with BURPs in a MOC before and I actually think this turned out good. The mech is based off the Desert Runner drones from Appleseed Alpha, a really pretty but kind of shallow CG anime adaptation that came out last year. There's a bunch more pics of different angles for the build on Flickr. Thanks for looking!
  4. (For some reason (I probably used to many small transparent slopes), the rendering took longer than the 5h I had anticipated (last week it took like 30 min with a model almost twice the size), despite using LDD to POV-Ray's lowest quality settings, so I'll only include one render this week, sorry! I added a lot of unrendered images under the Spoiler button at least! ) [K - B08] Field testing the QATC-76 "Turtle" Armored Troop Carrier on Greater Direstan So, I initially had something much smaller planned, but as usual, things spiralled out of control. The model is 1327 pieces, of which the ATC is approximately 900. The nickname comes from the design phase (basically me thinking "I want this vehicle to look like a turtle", and then making it look like a turtle). --//Transmission Begin. Date: 0706(38)15. Scramble code: afHFbfakUIHk723Af72bfbanNn.//-- Operative Q, begin log. Usually, I'm in charge of Kawashita's structural engineering operations, but due to the high frequency of pirate activities during the last weeks and our fleet drawing closer to the operations of M.A.N.T.I.S, HQ requested that my extensive background in military development was going to be put to use. In short, they wanted me to design a transport vehicle with high defensive capabilities, and I must say, I'm pretty proud of the result. The QATC-76 "Turtle" Armored Troop Carrier (also known as the QAPC-76 "Turtle" Armored Personnel Carrier) is a heavy personnel transport vehicle, using a diamagnetic levitation (DIMAGLEV)/jet hybrid in order to achieve propulsion. This ensures high mobility and limited flight capability while still being fairly energy efficient, and, most importantly, high defensive capabilities. The thing about DIMAGLEV is that it (simplified) works with the "engines" rotating, creating a strong enough directed magnetic field so that it repels the ground, thus making the ATC hover. These directed magnetic fields can also be supercharged in order to make jumps, and used in combination with the jet-propellers (which are usually used to achieve the rotation for the DIMAGLEV engines) to extend suspension, aka achieving "flight". Furthermore, the DIMAGLEV engines can be used for defensive purposes, for example by inversing them in order to create a magnetic shield which protects the QATC-76 from incoming ballistics. This, in combination with the QATC-76's ultra-hardened Awsomnium-Alloy shell which can withstand degrees up to 4750K, thus negating the effects of all but the most powerful lasers, makes the QATC-76 almost impenetrable. In regards to the field tests, the QATC-76 performed admirably. We managed to achieve speeds upwards 300km/h and jumping over 400m canyons with ease. Defensively, it managed to withstand everything we threw at it, and thanks to its mobility, it was even able to dodge both ballistics and lasers. The mounted DETF-86 rotating laser cannon worked as expected and will be standard issue with the QATC-76 (however, there will be customization options). All in all, I feel we are well prepare for what is ahead. Col. QL, out. --//Transmission End. Signature: Col. QL. Scramble code: afHFbfakUIHk723Af72bfbanNn.//-- Non-rendered images and more comments under the Spoiler button!
  5. Location: D02 - Barker's Folly Tags: Military, Spying, Science. Does torturing enemy spies count as spying? M.A.N.T.I.S Special Forces log: Myra Dynarski [Off Duty] 6 Junali 3815, M.A.N.T.I.S. spaceship in the Barker's Folly asteroid belt. Previous entry Note: The following has been recorded following standard interrogation procedures, in case information gained from the subject turns out to be useful. However, this recording is to be considered the private property of Special Agent Myra Dynarski, and not to be opened by anyone with less than clearance level 5, and then only if neccessary. [Permission granted for Special Agent Chet Darjak to access recording for personal use] -Commence recording- "Thank you, Chet. Cardioimpetus rubiflora is my favourite species of flower. Because it's poisonous, obviously. Help yourself to the wine. And the knives." "Aaaaaah! I'll tell you anything! You haven't even asked any questions! Aaaaah!" "Shame all the interrogation rooms were in use." "Whose lab is this, anyway?" "I think it's Big Sal's." "I'm sure he won't mind." "Yeah... I hope that blood isn't dripping on anything important." "Who do you work for? Is it Octan?" "Aaaah! No! We were independent explorers mapping the gravitational anomalies in the Andromeda galaxy! Our spaceship crashed years ago!" "I don't believe you. I think you work for Octan." "Aaaah! Yes, whatever you say! I work for clock man!" "Octan." "Aaah! Octan! Whoever! Aaaah!"
  6. mediumsnowman

    [O-G08] Finding Isabel

    BEGIN TRANSMISSION 03 SPECIAL FORCES JEBEDIAH O'REILLY TO OCTAN HQ SECURE CHANNEL 768954 5 JUNALI AD 3815 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, this has gotta be a new record. Less than 15 minutes had passed after Pombe submitted his report [] to Octan HQ, I had a confirmed kill order direct from President Business sitting in my inbox. He wanted my Spec Ops team [widely regarded as one of the most efficient in all of Andromeda] to track down Isabel and silence her before she passed on anything she knew to M.A.N.T.I.S. The whole thing was to be very hush-hush. Imagine the PR disaster if anyone knew a spy had infilitrated Octan and fooled our top scientests into thinking she was dead! My team took a covert dropship to G08 where the wreckage was found. Luckily we didn't fall into any giant holes or encounter any massive, hungry worms! We located the crash site and used one of those nifty new bio-scanners to track Isabel's signature.[Thanks Dr.Long!] We found her sleeping in a dried out streambed. So there was water on G08 at some point... Funny enough, she was sleeping under a standard issue Octan bug net. Even though she works for M.A.N.T.I.S. at least she knows whose tech is better! My team and I checked the perimeter for security measures but found none. Evidently she didn't listen during my training lessons... With all the protocol taken care of, I personally saw to it that this would be a nap she wouldn't wake up from. Mission accomplished. O'Reilly out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END TRANSMISSION 03 [O-G08] Finding Isabel [O-G08] Finding Isabel [O-G08] Finding Isabel [O-G08] Finding Isabel [O-G08] Finding Isabel [O-G08] Finding Isabel And here's proof Jeb is actually behind one of those masks Comments and criticism welcome!
  7. Location: B08 - Greater Direstan Tags: Military Log #003 – 5 Junali 3815 Since last week was very exhausting in the Hamilton Belt, I asked the KG (Kawashita Group), If I could get a week off, but my request was denied. They need me for a new mission to Greater Direstan. However, I could be part of a team of explorers and guards. This way I could take It a little more easy. Laying my eyes on the enormous grassy plains of Greater Direstan are a blessing for the soul. Until... I spotted from far away, through the high grass a greyish figure. While carefully sneaking from behind, to see If he's part of our team or a lost Space Pirate. I pointed my gun at his back and I told him to drop his weapon, which he did. I searched him and jammed his transceiver. The captured Space Pirate seems to be identical from Koro's report at the Desatoya Mountains; a soldier from the Dust Demons! As he's begging me not to kill him, he seems to be a lost rookie. He keeps whimpering that he didn't wanted to join the Dust Demons, but It's not my job to believe his excuses. KG should interrogate him before we deliver him to the Galactic Court or else the Dust Demons are at an advantage... Complete view:
  8. mccoyed

    [B-08] Active Camo

    Desatoya Mountains Greater Direstan - 3185 Using the Less Than Zero, Koro managed to infiltrate Greater Direstan ahead of the main Kawashita expeditionary forces. He tracked the pirates he had encountered at Hamilton's Belt into a secure mountain bunker. Thanking those intrepid Kawashita engineers who invented it, he initialized his Active Camouflage and proceeded to gather as much intel as possible. Any information he acquired could be used to disrupt the pirates' plans for Greater Direstan, but more importantly he might find out who exactly is behind them... He stalks the corridors, waiting for pauses in the hum of the ventilation cyclers. He stays out of the light. He listens and tracks the patrol routes to areas of interest. He counts every minute without having to fire a shot as a significant victory. And he learns what he can: The pirates call themselves the Dust Demons. Their leader is a mean son-of-a-laser-gun that they call The Commodore. Koro files this away, along with the structural layout of the bunker and the best ways to completely devastate it before anyone even knows he's there. He imagines that after this, they'll have to call him Koro the Demonslayer or something suave like that.
  9. mccoyed

    [K-D10] Angry Angel

    Sector 7 The Hamilton Belt - 3185 It was Koro's first time piloting his Zero in such tight conditions. The asteroids of the Belt flew past him, pinging his HUD with collision warnings. He manoeuvred through them, wishing repeatedly that Kawashita would get busy designing a single-pilot combat capable space-mech with better miniaturization. Some of the asteroids were the size of hail, and those were the dangerous ones. He was far from an ace pilot, and it was all he could do to keep the Zero intact as he closed in on the opportunist pirates that had taken up operations in the sector. He finally spotted a gun platform, its cleats lodged deep into the crust of a small asteroid. Most of the rocks in The Belt were the size of large boulders, and many of them had Awesomnium crystals visibly jutting from otherwise unremarkable balls of old rock and useless minerals. The pirates lacked the technology and know-how to extract the real wealth from those rocks, and waited to prey on mining expeditions or trade caravans just as pirates had done as far back as the nautical age. The gun platform spotted him and opened fire and, just like that, it was on. He blasted through dozens of asteroids, gun platforms, and highly-manoeuvrable spacewalker units. The Zero was more than a match for them, but Koro was troubled anyway. He noticed their discipline, the sophistication and uniformity of their equipment... something was wrong here. Very wrong. But he filed the information, and the feelings, away in some corner of his hardware. He focused on the mission, blasting the asteroids where the pirates had set up, dispersing them with judicious bursts of plasma from the Zero's triplicannons. He took on the aspect of an angry angel, delivering wrath to the darkest kind of space. Alternate Shots:
  10. Location: B03 - Linopeia III Tags: Military, Piracy, Building. M.A.N.T.I.S Special Forces log: Myra Dynarski 20 Maian 3815, Linopeia III. Previous entry "I've arrived at the building. It looks secure, but their security protocols are very poor. I guess they don't have visitors often. Stun gun is fully charged, combat analysis probe is deployed. Injecting stimulants and engaging the enemy." "All enemies subdued. Heart rate up 20% from usual, adrenaline levels up 200%, accuracy up 1.7%, reflex speed up 30%. Mission successful, awaiting retrieval." The door opens! Okay, in future I'm making sure I edit out the background before I shrink the pictures.
  11. Ordered by Kawashita superiors, Wilhelm has launched an expedition to The Hamilton Belt to hear any transmissions for any alien activity. So far there has been no sign of activity in the area, so Wilhelm believes. Their old Grouper TX-51Z ship, armed with some classic plasma cannons on the sides is ready to deal with any hostiles that may pose a threat to Kawashita explorers. The Grouper, of course, is inspired by the "Goliath Grouper", an ancient specie of fish found on Earth. The ship may be slow but it sure is a juggernaut and is built to last... for a while.
  12. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    Lockheed AC-130U Spooky II

    Hi all. I have a new military MOC to share. I actually started designing this two years ago, but got sidetracked by work and study. I've finally found the time to finish it and felt the final product was worth sharing here. The model was fully designed in LDraw, and while the retractable landing gear was the biggest challenge, my greater concern was whether or not the wings and tail section would support their own weight. Luckily everything worked out fine, and the end result is quite sturdy. Two half-pins needed modifying, but I consider this departure from purism a small price to pay for a smoothly operating rear ramp mechanism. The model features a BrickArms minigun for the 25mm Gatling gun, along with a brick-built 40mm Bofors cannon and 105mm howitzer. Click pics below to visit the full album on Flickr. Features: Spring-loaded retractable undercarriage Turning props Functional flaps Opening forward cabin doors Opening rear ramp Aimable weapons 6-man crew Detailed cockpit and interior accessible via detachable roof panels. Around 1850 pieces, measuring 82 studs wide by 68 studs in length.
  13. LegoGunInstructions

    Lego Digital Designer Weapons

    Something new is on the horizon of the Lego Universe - something for people who are bored with the average Lego sets, which are never bigger than a microwave. The 1st business on the internet with Lego Weapon Manuals is for people who are interested in military and building life-sized, BIG creations with their hands. I would have been so happy if these instructions were available when I was a child, but I guess when something that you want doesn't exist in reality you have to create it. Check it out:
  14. Bricktrix

    GR9 Harrier ii

    Just finished this so thought I'd share here: Features working "just about everything", it has a micro motor to power the intake fan rotor, delayed flashing engine lights and constant lit fuselage and wing tips lights. Power is supplied via a 9v battery box housed inside the ground support vehicle. This has 2 switches on it, one to power up the lights, the second to power up the intake fan along with a red led on the support vehicle. Full details / explanations can be seen in my Flickr album, along with some videos and many more pics:
  15. So, being a Call of Duty fan and a military builder, I started wondering what a LEGO Military theme would be like. IMO, if they make one, it should just be one-sided sets, like a Humvee and a squad of soldiers, or a helicopter with its crew. Personally, I'd leave the enemy building to kids, but at least have tanks, trucks and helicopters. Now, TLG has already made helmets (7595), vests (4439 or 8971) and various guns like the Tommy guns and pistols for Batman/Indiana Jones, and other themes. Face it: they've made guns, and pretty detailed ones at that, they've put them in themes based on movies including violence/death like SW, Batman, and Indiana Jones, and the Agents' theme has pistols. If parents allow kids to buy sets like these, why not make a theme like this? Plus, they have the age range on sets saying that this set was made to be built by kids or teens or adults. Other LEGO knock-off themes have done it, and LEGO kind of has started to do so. So what do you think? Should LEGO make a Military theme or not? I say yes.
  16. hjmediastudios

    [MOC] USMC Think Tanks

    I had these bad boys floating around since early March but never got around to posting them up. I have some time, so here they are! Believe it or not, the ideas all came from my idle thought "What would a llama mech tank look like?" and everything flowed. The first one I designed is a main battle tank tachikoma, the M8Puller "Guanaco." All these designs are based off this, and it's got a detailed interior with room for 2 crew, 4 opening hatches, a removable roof, poseable legs, and swiveling .50-cal machine gun up top. Plus, for added Think Tanky-ness, I stuck two Phalanx II CIWS's on the back, ostensibly as anti-aircraft gunnery controlled by an onboard AI. Named after Lewis "Chesty" Puller, the most decorated Marine of all time and a figure of legend in the Corps. Next ups is a more llamaoid command variant, with extra space for a platoon commander's cupola. A little bit less firepower, more C&C capability. Aptly named after Archibald Henderson, longest-serving Commandant and the man who defined the Marines as an amphibious force. Finally, the transport variant. Fewer guns, more cargo space! Comments and criticism are more than welcome- I'd love to hear what you think!
  17. Do you want to own functional, durable, handsome and unique lego versions of real-life guns? Than you will be interested in Lego Gun Instructions! We offer only the file of the instructions. We do not offer the weapons physically. Here is our store on ebay:
  18. BrickBuilder7622

    Fighter Jet

    Hey, everyone! I have been meaning to getting around to build a fighter jet, but just never seemed to have the patience / know-how to do so. Well, I finally buckled down and built one. It has been a while since I last built an airplane, but I soon regained my familiarity with aircraft building. The scale I built this in is not a typical scale of craft that I usually build in. However, once I obtained the pilot LEGO figure, I knew I had to build some sort of plane for him . Perhaps the most challenging part of the model to build was the back wheel supports and the air intake assembly (or attaching the front nose cone without having the whole front fall apart) on the cockpit. More photos and higher resolution pics can be found here: (P.S. Being my only second MOC post here, still not totally sure if this is the best spot to post this, but since I saw that it included military MOCs, I decided to give it a go; if it should be moved somewhere else, do feel free to tell me. Thanks. )
  19. Feuer Zug


    I've built a number of these for customers and decided to share with Eurobricks. Enjoy. The Boeing RC-135 is a family of large reconnaissance aircraft built by Boeing and used by the United States Air Force to support theater and national level intelligence consumers with near real-time on-scene collection, analysis and dissemination capabilities. Based on the C-135 Stratolifter airframe, various types of RC-135s have been in service since 1961. The RC-135V/W is the USAF's standard airborne SIGINT platform. Its sensor suite allows the mission crew to detect, identify and geolocate signals throughout the electromagnetic spectrum. The mission crew can then forward gathered information in a variety of formats to a wide range of consumers via Rivet Joint's extensive communications suite. The crew consists of the cockpit crew, electronic warfare officers, intelligence operators, and airborne systems maintenance personnel.
  20. LegoGunInstructions

    Lego World War 2 Short Animation

    Hello Animation fans, This is an old animation I made based on the TV series Band of Brothers and Medal of Honor Airborne. I think they turned out OK, but what do you think?
  21. I've been wanting to make this since I got back into Lego roughly two years ago, and had just started playing around with a road wheel setup for it when [TC6] was announced! Firstly here are a couple pictures of the real vehicle in Norwegian service If you google CV9030 you'll find tons more Obviously building this in studless Technic is out of the question, so I am currently in the process of building my first studded MOC in around 20 years! It is also an all time first building a military tracked vehicle, as well as something studded based on a real vehicle, as well as building PF into a studded model. I want to make it fairly small, so small track links it is (I hope to one day make a properly detailed model of the same vehicle in larger scale using the new style tracks). Anyway, seeing as 99% of my studded brick collection has been sat in the same place collecting dust for the past 15-20 years, I'm rather handicapped both in parts selection as well as colour: As you can see, it's not ideal by any standards. Building studded is so different from studless, it feels almost like two completely different toys! I'm going to have to redesign the transmission, and possibly relocate the motors. The space inside between the suspension "rubber band arms" is only 4 studs. Although the real CV90 uses torsion bar suspension, using that at this small scale would be way too stiff, and thus not make any sense. I will much rather have functional, soft suspension, as you can see in the above picture. So, that's it for now, still quite a way to go as you can see I will do a lot of tinkering in LDD with regards to the turret design, and hopefully the final physical model will be either LBG or white (like the ones in UN service).
  22. Lazarev N.

    [MOC] Military ATV

    Small jeep in Warthog-style. RCI Military ATV (Warthog style) by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr RCI Military ATV (Warthog style) by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr RCI Military ATV (Warthog style) by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr RCI Military ATV (Warthog style) by FrostNovejkee, on Flickr Thanks for watching and if you like the model , you can use the instructions.
  23. My recent work of TIGER I tank, over six months of hard work !
  24. When I saw this set: it looked to me like an apache or a military helicopter, I was tempted to buy one but realized that those colors would not help at the moment modding it to my taste so I downloaded the instructions and proceeded to build it with my bricks in a grey pattern (which is one of the most common color I have because I am mainly a star wars customer), in the process I made the modifications according to my brick availability and personal taste ending with this awesome little vehicle: 1 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 2 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 4 by Nom Carver, on Flickr There are some issues in this MOC like the fact that it has no wheels because it looks that in the SW universe they barely use them but it has a retractible landing gear anyway. 8 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 10 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 9 by Nom Carver, on Flickr I would like a little help with the gun pods on the wings and nose. 7 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 6 by Nom Carver, on Flickr 11 by Nom Carver, on Flickr And LEGO, the next time you try to push on us an attack vehicle, try not to paint it yellow, I mean, do racing helicopters really exist? and if they do, why would they look like a combat helicopter, what's coming next? "super fun sunday beach M1 abrams tank (in pink and purple pattern)"? C&C are welcome, and if you ask me, go ahead and try it, is quite easy to build, sturdy and looks amazing, it also fits a minifig (with proper modifications) it doesn't need of too much special bricks, I hope you liked it.
  25. 2 suits of support for military troops in a small diorama Link Flickr