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Found 232 results

  1. narbilu

    [K - C06] KGMA - part 1

    :: Hyreal C06 :: :: Kawashita Group Military Academy :: part 1 of ? Early Julali AD 3815 I went to a small planet near Orinshi, called Hyreal. A suitable planet within range of our home planet where KG can settle a secondary base of operations and where KG can train operatives in the different environments and the harsh reality of Andromeda. A lot of hands and machines started with the plans I drew out. Now it is time to share the progress with my board of directors. With pride I show them the Wall, as I call it. It has a mixture of bricks and metal, strong enough to withhold any alien or corporate adversaries. Operative Q and Commander Turtle walk with me along the inside of the Wall while Mister S. conducts an inspection of the Arc terminal where the construction is in progress and will be finished early next week. Aeralure and the rest are out on missions, but will join later on. Commander Turtle checks the “Big megablocks Gun” at the main gate and is astonished what manoeuvrability and firepower it has. My team can’t wait to see the rest of the facility. Link to Part 2 Link to Part 3 for Honor & Glory
  2. Blackhawk STX

    [K-D04) The Kestrel

    Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: Kawashita, Terrial Minor, Spaceship, Military Mr. S: Let’s see… Mitchell, Darin. Aka Blackhawk. We have a mission for you. Blackhawk: Yes, sir! Rootin’, tootin’, ready for shootin’! Mr. S: Yeah, well, the last time you shot something, you took out one of our planes! Blackhawk: What was that pilot’s name again? Oh, well, he isn’t pressing charges, so who cares? Mr. S: Hmm… Let’s see. I do, for one. And so does the board. We lose enough equipment due to MANTIS activity. We don’t need to lose more because of an over-eager pilot! Even Aera couldn’t defend your actions. She was sitting quietly in the corner pretending not to know you! Blackhawk: Am I being (gulp!) grounded? Mr. S: No, we can’t afford to do that. You’re a hell of a pilot. You handle anything that flies like no one I’ve ever seen. It’s just that you’re overly… enthusiastic. You need to rein that in a bit. Blackhawk: Umm… Yes, sir. What do you want me to do? Mr. S: We have intel that MANTIS is sending a supply convoy to Terrial Minor. We want to intercept them with a Kestrel in orbit before they make planetfall. Blackhawk: Yes, sir! On my way! Blackhawk, moving out!! Mr. S: Hey, at least up there, there isn’t anyone else for him to shoot down… After last week's un-inspired session, I did a little research. I've felt like I needed to up my game a bit, and I think I came up with some possibilities. This is the first attempt in my build style change. I think it's going in a good direction. C & C's welcome! Oh, and Mike S, thanks for being a good sport and not going too hard on me...
  3. Master_Data

    [M - A04] The M.A.N.T.I.S. Tank

    Sector: A04 Tags: Military, Vehicle, Spaceship, Land Vehicle Begin Log: I travel over the surface of Mynderis in the new M.A.N.T.I.S. Fly Class Flyer, searching for the "special package" I'm supposed to pick up. I've found it! Switching from Fly mode to Raven mode for landing. Secured the M.A.N.T.I.S. Tank. I'll drill around the perimeter until a driver reports in. Some back and front detailing. I've found a quiet lava spring to drill into. Group shot: End Log This was my first attempt at more detailed vehicles and landscapes. I'm very happy with how the tank's cockpit function turned out, how much detail I packed in, and how complicated a build it was. It's hard to see them, but I've even added a few car fenders/bumpers to the tank. Comments welcome!
  4. Location: D04 Terrial Minor Tags: Engineering, Structures, Military, Piracy Job: Engineer Engineer's Log: 26 Julali 3815 ORB and I have just finished with the new landing pad for an advanced light spacecraft currently under construction. Along with the landing pad, we were assigned the task of developing and building a deep space sensors piracy tower. Any data collected from any deep space sensors placed on this planet will now be automatically re-routed to a receiver inside the tower itself. Using the new advanced light spacecraft we can now fly in, download the data to on board computers and fly out in a matter of minutes. It gives us more information on the strange signals coming from the center of the galaxy. "Ok, ORB, hold that panel still while I finish securing it". "ORB"? "What is it, you seem ill at ease"? "My Lady, I don't know, something feels off". "Are your operating systems functioning properly"? "Yes, my Lady, I just ran a diagnostic and all is within normal range" "ORB, what you are feeling is us being watched, from a short distance by two of the local population". "We are being watched"! "Yes, ORB, by peaceful Terrrians". "I don't see them my Lady, all I see are strange plants". "Why do you think I had you wear plants you would appear peaceful as well". "Good thinking my Lady". Sorry about the poor lighting for the final photos, a storm was moving in. I hope you enjoyed your tour of Terrrial Minor. C&C Welcome and appreciated.
  5. Builded as a joint venture between the civilian and the military branches of Kawashita Corporation, this green house were built on Vollfort as a Botany Laboratory; the planet was an arid desert, with little fauna and flora, perfect to place a Botany Lab with very little interference from the outside environment. Engineer Alexander Vandangant was tasked to build the compound and, in a matter of days and hard works, he builded one of the most advanced greenhouses of the galaxy with all the needed to conduct any type of reaserach around the fauna world, like adavanced laboratory and cold storages. Now the head scientist, is giving him a tour of the compound in fully operative, with people working and studying the flora. = = = = = = = = = Here we are! I finally finished this build; it took me a while, first it started as a zero-G greenhouse to be used on space stations, but then, finding some technical and style issues, I changed completely idea going for a planet-type building. I really like the outcome and I hope you Enjoy it!
  6. 19 Julali 3815 C04 Aeristus Tag: Engineering, Military, Building/Structure Engineer: Lady Kianna and ORB Engineer's Log: The weather has been especially nice. Warm sunny days with a slight breeze blowing to the southwest of us, ORB has been proving his usefulness as a member of the team. With a new paint job and new attachments, removing obstructions is easy for him and he seems to be enjoying the work. After the success of my last mission I was chosen to design a very special structure for the planet Aeristus. Intelligence reports indicate a large presence of Kawashita members in the immediate area. Also included in those reports was the observation of them working with an alien race. The mission handed to me and my new assistant ORB was to establish a stealth listening post. Due to the large areas of grasslands, this was a major challenge that ORB and I were more than happy to take on. The results are very pleasing to the eye and to the ear....... "Ok, ORB we are finished here, what do you think"? "I think my grass trimming skills equal your engineering skills, my Lady"..... "You did a superb job my friend"! "As did you, my Lady, my friend"....."And now The Temple Of The Green Light is ready for any and all who wish to visit here". "ORB, I hope they do visit, and conduct secret business inside....where all that they say will monitored in the new forward base". "Come on ORB, lets get you some more training with your new attachments....." "I really like my new swords, my Lady, very useful......." "Useful indeed, ORB, useful indeed....." Hope you enjoyed seeing C04 Aeristus as much as I enjoyed building it! C&C Welcome!
  7. Tomsche

    [K - B07] Squashing a Bug

    This is one of the last weekly builds in a while I`ll be doing for Andromeda's Gates, and unfortunatly it`s a small one that doesn`t grant me much hope of lots of points. The reasons are not that I`m bored with it or such, but it`s school holidays, which throws the whole calendar in disarray, as well as the fact I`m having to focus on building a lot of other things first. GoH builds for the Algus Saga, displays that need to get finished for Brick Mania Antwerp in november, the Harry Potter `family collab`... so much to do, so little time. And then there is that new Challenge for AG, consisting of 3 categories: build a fighter sized spaceship, build an interior of a spaceship room and build a bigger spaceship, all on minifig scale. I`ve been spending the last days to build those, so together with a new entry for the Algus story I`ve finished no less then 4 bigger MOC`s for the coming weeks. Unfortunatly, that means as well I`m running dry on material for AG now, having one more `behind`, but I`m trying to keep that one for a more opportune storytime moment. *** Star Log *** Julali 17th, AD 3825 Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting We find ourselves on the arid desert planet of Volfort. I have been dispatched to search the rocky undersoil for Biomass, probably left here by the sparse life that died and sank into the sand. It seems like a *Cchhh crccchhh chhhh* Thesseus, Thesseus, do you read? Thesseus, come in? Thesseus here, I read you. What`s up Grumpy? Scanners show activity near you, of the bad kind. You better get yourself ready... Activity? What kind of activity? I got no idea, but I`m reading energy signals and heat signals, so I guess it might be an armed scout or a pirate. *BADOOOOOOOOOOOM ZWIIIIIIIIIIUUUWWW* Thesseus? What`s going on? Thesseus? Thesseus? No worries Grumpy, still here. What happened? Are you under attack? Yes, but no worries, I managed to stave it off. Apparently, some sort of MANTIS raider or prospector, he drew his gun on me. His gun? Did you manage it? Yes, it`s all under control, but you can already note I did manage to get some Biomass collected. *** End Log *** But one thing is for sure, after this week has ran it`s course, at least I`ll have attained my personal goal I`ve set in the AG story... so it`s back to the medieval times now first!
  8. 12 Julali 3815 Planet (F02) Lesser Dringo Tags: Engineering, Building, Piracy, Military Engineer’s Log: Lady Kianna I have been sent to Lesser Dringo by The Council Of Five on a secret mission to evaluate a new water extraction research / research lab established by Octan. According to Intelligence reports, Dr. Long will be visiting to personally verify reports of an alien object discovered when the water extraction began. My assignment is to observe the water extraction process and bring back valid evidence of this alien discovery. I will record my observations as I go for a more detailed report. Meanwhile, in W.E.R. Lab Beta: Dr Long: “A cubicle, really? For someone as important as me!? Well at least I have a complete view of the whole lab and can watch all the workers from here…..and they need watching, bunch of lower pay grade technicians. And that ORB, really? I have been given an outdated and useless, repair bot! At least the strange alien artifact is something….I could write at least three scientific papers on it! Maybe more if I stretch out the research time……yes, I could do that! Oh great, now the large exhaust fans turn on….I can’t even hear myself think….breath, happy place, paperwork…….” Laughter could be heard from inside the building, as the three lab technicians Frank, Robert, and George were having a little fun with ORB, while Dr. Long was trying to find a happy place doing relaxing paperwork for Octan. Frank: “Hey any bot-y got a screwdriver to fix this”? George: “Nope, but I could sure use a hammer over here…..” Robert: “Yeah and I could use a crowbar…….but all we have out here is an outdated overworked and useless Obsolete Repair Bot”! Over in the corner poor ORB hid his single eye and drooped his antenna in extreme sadness. He was not useless, overworked yes, outdated….maybe but the newer models simply didn’t have what he did. He had what the humans called personality, he could think for himself and fix whatever was needed before being told to (well he really could if he still had all his tool attachments…all he had left were two wrenches attached on opposite sides of him). Outside the lab: (recording on)….“This is Lady Kianna reporting from the Octan Water Extraction/Research (W.E.R.) Lab Beta on Lesser Dringo. I have the building in sight, the lab really stands out with the bright white, red and green colors of the large building against the colors of the surrounding arid desert. I had no trouble finding it. No guards visible, the doors appear to be activated via a pressure plate. I am going in”. (pause) (resume).....“I have entered the building, note to self..these are really cool doors…I see three lab technicians and Dr. Long is in her….cubicle..?…(at least we give our scientists real offices)… she appears to be enjoying doing paperwork…the large wall fans seem to be providing excellent noise coverage…..My plan is to approach the lab techs (I will use the new tranquilizers Big Sal developed)…wait is that a Obstruction Removal Bot? I thought all corporations had phased them out by now. Wow, what a find, those Bots were the best! Very reliable, durable, and could handle any job. It looks like it is missing all but two of its tools, and appears to be leaning against a wall? Odd, never seen that before”. (pause) (resume)…..“All three went down without a struggle, one was mumbling something about woman in the desert, I’m sure that will go over real well with Dr. Long when they awake…the lab is clean and orderly, the work station can be overseen from the cubicle….the water extraction system is a good design, albeit a little unstable if there should be any shallow quakes due to magma moving close to the surface……” “May I help you’? “What? Who spoke? “I did my lady, I am ORB”. “Well I am pleased to meet you, why are you pointing a wrench at me”? “It is for you to shake, that is what friends do in greeting”. “I am shaking the hand/wrench of ORB, who is my new friend”. (pause) (resume)…”I have found the alien artifact just laying here all by itself….looking dangerous and lonely….I think I will just have to take it with me….Big Sal will love this… wait, ORB why are you following me”? “I want to go with you when you leave. You talked nice about me when you were hiding outside talking to yourself….I could hear you”. “You could hear,….. I wasn’t talking,….. oh never mind, yes you can go with me…..time to go ORB , the lab techs are waking up, good thing we placed them by the coffee machine….and Dr. Long is standing up……”(pause) (resume)….yeah, gotta love those pressure plate doors……now back to HQ to give a full report….I have the alien artifact and ORB with me. Lady Kianna signing out! (recording off) Back in the lab: Dr Long: “Why are those three sitting on the ground drinking coffee (storms down the stairs)….what are you three doing? Your last break was 4 hours ago and you don’t get another one for another 4 hours”! Fred, George, Robert (speak all at once): ….”Dr. Long there was this mysterious woman in the desert and…..” Dr. Long: “Wait stop right there….you expect me to believe a mysterious woman appeared out of nowhere? Really? Now get back to work on analyzing the alien artifact and fix the water extractor……And where is that obsolete bot”? Additional photos: Showing the water extractor The Lab The entire build Thanks and I hope you enjoyed your visit to (F02) Lesser Dringo. C&C Welcome. Sorry for the longer story full of pictures. It was my first time at a more in-depth build and character development.
  9. Blackhawk STX

    [K-C04] Eye in the Sky

    Location: Aeristus Tags: Kawashita, Aeristus, Airplane, Military Narbilu: Commander, welcome back to Orinshi. I’ll be heading out to Mynderis with Koro and the Terrestrials, but we have a situation at Aeristus. Commander Turtle: Yes, Sir? Narbilu: The Eastern continental shoreline is exposed, and we need someone to fly recon there. We have a Sky Eye ready to go with a specialist from the Engineering Network, but we need a pilot to fly it. Who do we have available there? Comander Turtle: The only pilot we currently have is, umm, Blackhawk, Sir. Narbilu: Oh. Really? What about Jycho Tyrus or Aera Lure? Comander Turtle: Jycho is inspecting water filtration facilities on the planet, and Aera is flying a combat air patrol. Would you like me to re-assign her? Narbilu: Hmmm… No, the patrol is too important. We can’t spare Aera. Comander Turtle: Well, Colonel Brik is due back here soon. If we push it, we can send him to Aeristus, although he probably won’t be too happy about it, and it’ll still take some time. Narbilu: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm… No, we need to get this going soon. The shoreline is too vulnerable to leave for long. Comander Turtle: Well, Sir, Blackhawk may be a bit overeager and accident prone, but he can handle a ship. He shot down two fighters and a transport on Sorn, and on Marphacia he bagged a recon unit. He should be fine once he’s in a cockpit. Narbilu: Okay. Send Blackhawk up. (shudder) Comander Turtle: I… understand, Sir… Woo hoo! The brass has an important mission, and I’M the one they picked to fly it! It goes to show how much confidence they have in my abilities! Let’s get this show in the air! So, this time it’s a Sky Eye, an AWAC and electronic warfare platform. Hey, at least it has missiles (who says EW planes have to be unarmed?). Got a systems specialist names Bard with me. He’s from the Broader Engineering Network of New Yelsian (also known as BENNY). Hope he can handle my moves! Looks like we found a bogey! Could be MANTIS. Oh, well, no time to worry about that. Fox two!!! Oh, and by the way, I think I managed to get through to the techs my… concerns. I shouldn’t have any problems with them again… So, this build started with me looking at one of the big dishes and wondering how I could use it... and I came up with the idea of an Airborne Warning And Control platform. I like the idea of arming it, as everyone expects EW planes to be unarmed... C & C's welcome and appreciated. Any ideas on how to improve would be gladly considered!
  10. SpacerSteve

    [M-A04] For Great Honor

    -MANTIS explore Spacer Steve is on the surface of Myderis gathering the waste awesomnium from the Pyrites. - -Just then the high whine of an Octan scooter fills the air. On it is an Octan official. - [spacer Steve] - Who exactly are you? [Percy] - Allow me tho introduce myself. My name is Percy and I am from the Octan peace and legal office. I am here to ask you and your MANTIS comrades to leave this planet peacfully. - [spacer Steve] - You are from Octan and you don't have any forces in the area to make me leave. [Percy] - Tee hee hee, I do have my Kawashita friend and he is very persuasive. He calls his Mech the Honor! - [Honor]- You will surrender or be taken for questioning and reprogramming. My Honor is bigger than yours! [spacer Steve] - MANTIS never surrenders! We fight until the end! - [Honor]- Just like pulling wings off a fly now be prepares to be squished like the bug you are. - [Percy]- Tee hee you should have surrendered. His honor is bigger than yours. [spacer Steve] Ha Ha! You should have never messed with us. [Honor] - Why is that? - [spacer Steve] - Because my associate Chogg just placed a gravity mine on your Honor! - [Honor /Percy] AHHHHHHHHHHH! LETS GET OUT OF HERE! - - [spacer Steve] - Chogg let them go and tell their leaders about their Honor. Lets get this Kawashita mech back to base for some reverse engineering. More views of the mechs. Exo suit for scale purpose. - - C&C welcome!
  11. Location: B05 - Marphacia Tags: Vehicle, Exploration, Military Endor and his team had been sent to Marphacia to explore the options Kawashita had to set up a base there. Knowing that most of the planet was swampland, the team packed a lot of hover equipment. Endor and Jack Harkness had been tasked with testing out the new proto-type bot named the Armadillo. It was the perfect exo-suit for inhospitable planets where small vehicles were the most convenient to use. It was able to roll up into a protective shell if the environment was too hostile. One of the explorers on the team, Kirk, decided he didn't want to wait until the Armadillo had been tested and took a group of "Red-Shirts" as his band of friends had been dubbed. They found out pretty fast that the swamp was no place to go without proper protection as the native flora was slightly deadly. A few of the team focused on training with their respective weapons. A gentleman who went by the name of "Cloud" was training with his buster sword against Hiro. Valentine occupied herself with setting up targets via remote control for Rose Tyler to shoot down. This team of elite Kawashitites would show the planet Marphacia that it was no match for them. One way or another they would find the best way to colonize the planet. OoC: This was my first time using a new DSLR that I got. I'm still getting used to the camera so some of the pictures turned out a little blurrier than I wanted. In time my photography will get back to what it was before, and then hopefully continue to improve!
  12. mccoyed

    [K-C04] High Treason

    Site 51 Aeristus - 3185 In the initial flyover, Koro surveyed the lay of the land. He could see the bizarre... void... where an ancient awesomniumgenerator from a vanished and ancient civilization had once stood. Koro was tasked to track MANTIS movements after a (short) time recovering and adjusting to his new prosthetics. But he had never expected to find this. He'd read the report Aeralure and Operative Q had filed about the lab they'd discovered underwater on Sorn. Everything in their description, especially the weird tile pattern marking the terrain, checked out with what he was seeing. He had to conclude that MANTIS was studying the site, trying to figure out how an ancient alien generator had disappeared on one planet and appeared several sectors away, on an entirely different planet. Koro didn't like thinking about the implications. Quantum Physics made his robot brain need beer. He landed the Zero mk II "Less Than Zero" a distance away from the MANTIS base and decloaked it. He could only keep it cloaked for short periods of time, and thankfully he'd been able to avoid any MANTIS patrols thus far. He could see their patrol fighters and heavy-duty ATVs crawling over the place, appropriately insect-like. He emerged from the LTZ in his brand-spanking-new Spy Suit and decided it fit pretty good and probably made him look cool, too. "Hey Narbilu-sama... thanks for the new threads. I look awesome." "Koro! Have you reached Aeristus?" "Of course!" "Then never mind how you look. Those credits weren't spent to make you look amazing and heroic like some kind of super space ninja. They were spent so you could get a closer look without MANTIS knowing." "Right. Gomen nasai! I'll get right on it, Narbilu-sama." Koro focused the Spy-Eye in his suit's sweet ninja hood, and zeroed in on the far away MANTIS landing pad. He noticed the Type 8 Aphid gunship... he noticed the two heavily armed MANTIS troopers... he noticed Wilhelm handing something to some MANTIS guy he'd never seen before... "WAIT WHAT!?" "What is it, Koro?" "I think I found Wilhelm, sir. He's... he's handing off a data packet to a MANTIS agent." "Well. That explains some of the security leaks we've had lately." "But this means he's betrayed us, Narbilu-sama." "Koro, don't get distracted from your mission." "But... honor demands that I---" "Wilhelm's day will come." "Sigh..." "Find out what you can about the Site and whatever MANTIS is learning. Then get out of there." "I could cut his head off and no one would know..." "Koro..." "Sigh... okay, okay. Wilhelm's day will come. Koro out." Builder's Note: So I hope the subject matter of this build doesn't step on any toes, but I felt like it was appropriate to not forget about Wilhelm as a character in spite of his player's... switch in loyalties. To have him as a traitor to Kawashita makes the most sense, but I'm leaving his fate open-ended until it's clear what Goliath's intentions are for him (if he has any, that is). In any case, Kawashita has to respond to a defection as being essentially a double-cross due to the sensitive information a defector has access to. Because this is a game, there are no hard feelings, but it does present an interesting opportunity for some solid RP drama and this build/story is simply an attempt to capitalize on that in the spirit of the game. Hopefully there are no objections to this. Thanks for looking!
  13. Blackhawk STX

    [K - B05] Marphacia Musings

    Location: Marphacia Tags: Kawashita, Marphacia, Airplane, Spaceship, Military I think I may be getting noticed! During my tour on Sorn, I managed to locate a MANTIS convoy and wound up shooting down two planes and sinking a transport (all in fine style, of course!). Then Aera came in with her Hiryu and, well, there wasn’t much left. So it seems that things are improving… Now, I’m flying recon over Marphacia in a Zephyr interceptor. The Peregrine was a great ride with firepower, but this little puppy handles like nobody’s business! It may not be packing as much of a punch, but with twin phase pulse blasters and two 11-shot “Pepperbox” mini-missile launchers, I can hit pretty hard and then split in a hurry, calling in some bigger guns if needed. Now I just need to find some Bugs to swat! Marphacia. Primarily jungle and swamps. Hot, sticky, nasty. Man, God bless the drivers and explorers like Commander Turtle, Mister S, and Dragonfire. Why they would want to hike around in the mud and humidity while avoiding nasties that want to grab, slime, sting, and chomp a bite out of your bottom is beyond me. Nope. Give me the wide-open expanse of space or sky, the unrestricted freedom of flight. But, I will help those mud-marchers out as much as I can… All right! Kawashita really needs to address the issue of safety! These techs are unbelievable! They should know not to hit the suction function on the fuel cart when the hose is detached and there’s somebody near it! I mean, really? The fact that the guy nearly fell to the floor laughing didn’t help, either. This one was fun! I like the small, compact builds I’ve been seeing and decided to try another one myself. It is a rather simple build, but I like how it turned out. I’m really pleased with the missile launchers. They work better than I had hoped. Just wish I had a different color for the engine thrusters so that they would stand out more.
  14. LegoGunInstructions

    HALO Falcon Transport Helicopter

    A realistic, well-built and beautiful lego model of the famous HALO Falcon transport helicopter. It features: - a cockpit for 1 pilot - 3 seats in the troop bay - adjustable angle of engines and rear wings - a unique set to put up in your room The pictures are too big so I cannot post them on this forum, but you can check them out here:
  15. Tomsche

    [K - A08] Listening Post

    For my next entry into the Andromeda's Gates Role Building Game (or RBG for short, I just found out this actually is a `common` term for this sort of thingies), I went for a build of a Listening Post to spy on nearby corporations. It`s also the first time I`m going to try and weave a story with avatar pictures, so that is a first for me... *** Start Log *** Julali 2nd, AD 3825 Thesseus B. Von Geekington reporting I find myself together with Engineering Professor Sai-Saichi on the mountainous planetside of Crentium, located on the A08 grid of the Andromeda Cluster. We where send here by The Pale Lady in order to try and obtain data on the fact if MANTIS is planning any moves in this direction after the skirmishes on Guinevere, grid location A06. Well professor, I must say, so far nothing seems out of the ordinary. Yes Thessues, that might be so, but remember we thought there wouldn`t be any movements at first on Guinevere either, but then they apparantly used some sort of stealth technology to slip through our grids and establish a foothold before our first colonisers arrived. Yeah, that was pretty sneaky. Do you have any idea if this sonic listening device of you can... It`s not 'sonic', it`s 'sonar' Right, that whotnot`s then. So, do we have any idea if it would pick them up if we did that again? Errrm eeerrmmm EEERRRMM I am afraid I must report that for the moment Prof. Sai-Saichi is occupied in all kinds of serious calculations and recalibrations. Apparently, he didn`t take into account the risk of the enemy using stealth technology, so unless they step on a branch really hard, the only thing we will be hearing here is going to be the gentle rocking of the water against the cave`s entrance... *** End Log ***
  16. aeralure

    [K-E11] A New Beginning

    Location: The Fascini Cluster E11 Tags: Spaceship, Kawashita, Military, The Fascini Cluster, E11 :: Aera's Diary :: 06 Julali 3815 1304 hours I left Sorn with mixed feelings. Once the fighting had ended, I began to imagine myself settling down in such a place, the quiet beauty of the endless sea and sky soothing my soul. Perhaps someday. Instead, I was offered a promotion to the rank of commander and, along with that, orders to transfer from the Ryūjō to the Murasame. Being a pilot is my life. I accepted. It's quite a change moving from a flight leader on a light escort to commander on a heavy cruiser. I welcome the challenge - I only hope my team find another flight leader who will serve them well. Having said my goodbyes, I took my leave of Sorn and the Ryūjō and took a transport to The Fascini Cluster. The Murasame is currently in The Fascini Cluster in a reserve capacity. Helmed by the highly regarded Captain Quentin Voss, I imagine it won't remain there long as his skill will be desired on the front lines. My first order of business is to assess the Murasame's pilots and to assemble a new team. While I was offered many personnel files, I opted for something a little more hands on - live-fire flight drills within the asteroids of The Fascini Cluster. Nothing better to test the resolve and skill of the pilots than mock combat in an environment like that! For a little added fun, I'll join them. I chose the Shōkaku fighter for this task. I was even able to get one done up for me in my usual red! Perks of being the commander. It couldn't be better suited, given it's extreme mobility and highly accurate blaster. We'll of course hone the frequency such that it won't do much more damage than register the hit, but it will still be able to displace some rock. I'm curious to see who uses this to their advantage. :: Entry end :: :: Aera's Diary :: 05 Julali 3815 1309 hours Oh! I almost forgot! I have to remember to send that technician some Orinshian Tea! :: Entry end :: :: Aera's Diary :: 05 Julali 3815 1926 hours Well that was even more fun than I hoped! We have some good pilots on the Murasame, as expected. I scored more than a few hits and came away clean, so even though there's room for improvement, I can work with these pilots! In the coming days I'll choose my flight and make proper introductions, as well as share more about Captain Voss and the crew of the Murasame. I'll also tour the hanger deck and get a few close ups of the Shōkaku. Truly a fine plane and I haven't talked about it much here. I'll also tour the rest of the Murasame - there's much to see! For now, however, it's reports. Tons of reports - and it's getting late! :: Entry end ::
  17. Myrddyn

    [M-E02] Undead Salad

    Location: E02 - Jurin II Tags: Military, Land Vehicle, Spying. M.A.N.T.I.S Special Forces log: Myra Dynarski 27 Junali 3815, Jurin II Previous entry Having intercepted Octan communications about "Undead Artichokes", M.A.N.T.I.S. scientists began work on a top-secret project. Unfortunately, someone must have confused artichokes with chayotes. They're both green, alright? Even more unfortunately, Octan must have heard about this, and sent spies to sabotage the project. One managed to release the prototype before he was killed. I got called in to contain the creature before it could escape into the jungle.
  18. Wedge09

    [K - A06] The Akena

    The Akena is the flagship of a new series of dreadnought produced by the Kawashita Group for its naval fleet; created with the latest technology, these huge ships are armed with heavy missile batteries and laser cannons for point defense and protected by advanced energy shields, everything makes them a formidable opponents for any other battleship. In addition there are several embarked squadrons able to attack, escort or do reconnaissance in support of the mission. The Akena-class doesn't stop there, in a galaxy to be explored each vessel must be able to carry on colonization of new planets rich in resources and the Akena-class was created thinking about this too: they are able to carry troops, vehicles and prefabricated garrisons for the colonization of any planet, as well as have the right rooms for all of this, as secluded bays and laboratories. Ventral side So, here we are with my first LEGO ship! I'm really happy about the result so I hope you will like it! Enjoy!
  19. Location: Sorn Tags: Kawashita, Sorn, Airplane, Military Now THIS is what I’m talking about!! I finally got something worth flying! It even has weapons! I guess the donut I slipped on narbilu’s desk worked. Or maybe everyone got tired of my whining. Either way, who cares?! This Peregrine is a sweet ride! It’s usually meant for air-to-ground work, but as I’m on Sorn, it’s been armed for anti-sub action. That torpedo will leave a heck of a mark on something! Can’t wait to pop it off… She’s got speed, as well as VTOL and hovering abilities. The pivoting wings and wing mounted thrusters give it added maneuverability, letting it turn like a helicopter and dodge ground fire. Gotta get this baby prepped. I got a mission to scout for any M.A.N.T.I.S. forces on Sorn. If I find any, I get to hit them hard or call in Aera and her bomber if they’re too much to handle (Man, she ALWAYS gets the cool stuff!). Let’s go stomp some Bugs!! Loading the “fish”. Man, that puppy’s big! What’s with these techs? That’s live ordinance! And it kinda hurts! Oh, well. Cast or no cast, if I can still kick the rudder pedals, I can still fly! Time for some Bug hunting! This second build was interesting. Had an idea for a plane with pivoting wings, and I built the rest of the ship around that (and the cockpit…). I figured that it was meant to be a support craft, so it didn’t have to look pretty, but I think it has a mean look to it, so I’m pleased! I do have to watch for the situations I get into. Too many more and I’ll be known as “Bad Luck” Blackhawk…
  20. mediumsnowman

    [O-E02] Light it Up

    BEGIN TRANSMISSION 07: SPECIAL FORCES JEBEDIAH O'REILLY TO OCTAN HQ SECURE CHANNEL 768954 27 JUNALI AD 3815 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Objective Code 677546A has been completed. A routine hack of MANTIS's mainframe revealed nothing in their databases about the alien artifact recovered on New California. I lit up the station to cover my tracks and obliterate my digital footprint. By the way the new OCTAN brand jetpack (patent pending) works like a charm. O' Reilly out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END TRANSMISSION 07 [O-E02] Light it Up [O-E02] Light it Up [O-E02] Light it Up [O-E02] Light it Up Of course, this is an Octan build, so here is the obligatory scorpion. [O-E02] Light it Up Comments and criticism welcome!
  21. Revolutionary new Minifigure design has become world renowned for the quality and design of their custom figures, with clients that include; Pixar, Google and Microsoft. And with resellers in Hong Kong, Sidney and the US, the tiny team of big kid AFOLs, based in the Hertfordshire country side (UK), have big ambitions. The team have created a new Minifigure concept unlike any other. Staying true to their aim of only producing figures that LEGO don’t, they have created an entirely new genre of figure design; Reversibles. The first of which; Collateral Carl, is due to Launch this Friday (26th of June). When asked about the concept, Danny from said: He continues: The range of Reversibles is still in its infancy, but it heralds a new wave of eye wateringly detailed figures from, the likes of which have never been seen before. With full 360 designs spread across every single part of the figure, including the sides of the torso, legs and double sided head, have proven they can make just about anything come to life. The first in the line-up will be released later this week, so head over to and register for their newsletter, subscribers get 10% off all new figures during launch, so it’s well worth the sign up. Checkout their website: is an independently owned and run team of 6 AFOLs/Big kids, we have no connection to the LEGO group and despite using genuine LEGO parts; our figures are not LEGO figures. LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorise, or endorse any of our products, services or the website.
  22. David FNJ

    [M - A06] Battle on Guinevere

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: A06, MANTIS, Military, land vehicle AG: Battle on Guinevere by David FNJ, on Flickr Dave Daring------Starstriker---------Ninja Nin------Mark of Orion----Paul Bricktron--Scorpio Starstriker--Isaac Redsyn-----Little John-------Ace Jagjit LET'S DO THIS THING! Watch out for that dropship! It's got missiles! Wow...uh, why don't our robots target it? much for the robot upgrades.... That blasted robot is in my way from firing at the dropship! Yeah...and now it's headed towards us.... Maybe if the robot would only aim its weapon TOWARDS THE SKY!! I think I got a shot at this! Turning death ray to medium power.... It's too late! Here it comes! I knew I should have picked the death ray...wait... BOOM! OH YEAH! That's what I'm talkin' about! That was just AWESOME! Way to go guys, that was close. Double D! A Kawawiwhatever is coming up on your right! Thanks LJ! The air is now clear! I've been able to pick off a bunch of troops and blow up some of those drones from back here. Let's finish this! Man...didn't get to use my death ray mode... Oh look, NOW our robot is starting to work. I guess it only does well when there are no airships? That's kinda lame. ............that was easy enough. I guess that's what happens when MANTIS is on the battlefield - TOTAL DOMINATION! And...uh, is anyone else's stomach feeling a little icky today? Anyway, Ace, I need you to help blow up a bunch of these Kawashita drones things. I'll be sending you the coordinates once I get back to the dropship. I'm on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note, this story takes place right before Ace Jagjit's build: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=110912 The spoiler has some black light shots, close-ups on the machines, and minifigure-free landscape shots. AG: Battle on Guinevere by David FNJ, on Flickr
  23. LegoGunInstructions

    Beast HALO Magnum in lego

    You can check it out on my MOCpages account, because the pictures are too big for this website:
  24. Myrddyn

    [M-A06] Tea Party on Guinevere

    Location: A06 - Guinevere Tags: Military, Piracy, Land Vehicle. M.A.N.T.I.S Special Forces log: Myra Dynarski 21 Junali 3815, M.A.N.T.I.S. supply camp on Guinivere. Previous entry I'd been feeling nauseous, so I stopped by one of the supply depots for some meds, only to find a bunch of Octan and Kawashita agents sitting around chatting like they were at a tea party, rather than in the camp of their sworn enemies (or at least business competitors)! I don't think they were even armed - at least they didn't put up a fight. They all escaped in vehicles, and I was unable to keep up. I did manage to steal [Redacted - All M.A.N.T.I.S. operations are 100% legal] liberate their leftover drinks.
  25. EpsilonEta

    [K - A06] Retaliation

    *** Report log, A07 : Agent Raven *** My Report on the discovery on Lesser Direstan have been classified as top secret. Clearance level Omega required to access. I'm now on my way to Guinevere to investigate why our drones have stopped working as well as take care of whatever cased the problem. --- *** Report log, A06 : Agent Raven *** As I landed on Guinevere I could soon conclude the drones was in rest mode. There seems to have been some malfunction in the test drones. Send some technicians to have a look. Mission ended. --- *** Classified report, A06 : Agent Raven *** Security clearance level Delta required to access. Some extra pictures of the build.