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Found 232 results

  1. [GBW] Episode 17 - Navajo by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 17 - Navajo by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 17 - Navajo by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr The design of the VTOL belongs to Vincent that unfortnally is lost from Flickr for 2 years now - I only did many different connections so to make the whole build more stable and playable - my kids loves it
  2. My apologies to fellow players and judges, but i wanted a quick way to present a new character in the game. [GBW] Episode 18 - Kira by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  3. [GBW] Episode 16 - The Tsigaradiko by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 16 - The Tsigaradiko by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 16 - The Tsigaradiko by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 16 - The Tsigaradiko by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 16 - The Tsigaradiko by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  4. I'm back again with new MOC! This is a "Military Half-Track Truck". The model is about 20-studs long, about 18-bricks tall, and 8-studs wide (about 10-studs with tires and tracks). The model also features, articulated steering and suspension, front pendular suspension, rear track suspension, openable bed, and interior. Though it has an interior, but it can't fit any minifig. Half-Track Truck - Front by Kamal Muftie Yafi, on Flickr Anyway, this model was originally built for Dgustafsson13's 10K Building Competition. And you can read some more information and renders in my Blog!
  5. Hello guys! Today something totally different from my past creations. As always model i packed with some functions, in this case there are: -Remote control propullsion and steering -rotation of turret -elevation of main gun -shooting mechanism! -and other little detils for example openable drivers compartment. Even though model has motorized functions i belive that the flagship one is shooting mechanism, the range of shooting is something about 1.5 m and it provides lot of fun while playing :D One of the biggest challenges while building this model was packing it with Pf elements, such as Box which found its place in the turret. Becouse of that turret can't rotate whole 360°. Some miniatures: Thanks for your atention :)
  6. [GBW] Episode 15 - RUN TO THE HILLS by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 15 - RUN TO THE HILLS by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 15 - RUN TO THE HILLS by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 15 - RUN TO THE HILLS by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 15 - RUN TO THE HILLS by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 15 - RUN TO THE HILLS by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  7. [GBW] Episode 13 - The Birdwatcher by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  8. [GBW] Episode 13 - The Green Door by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 13 - The Green Door by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 13 - The Green Door by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 13 - The Green Door by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  9. [GBW] Episode 12 - Mouse Trap [GBW] Episode 12 - Mouse Trap [GBW] Episode 12 - Mouse Trap [GBW] Episode 12 - Mouse Trap
  10. [GBW] Episode 11 - It's raining men... [GBW] Episode 11 - It's raining men...
  11. Nimr Ajban SOV was created as a result of the development of the chassis that I built to test the steering system based on parts from the 42055 excavator. The problem is the width of this solution which limits the use of the chassis even at a scale of 1: 8. Therefore, from the beginning I was looking for inspiration among military vehicles. However, these are usually heavily armored and i was afraid that the ready model will be too heavy. When I hit the NIMR Automotive products from Abu Dhabi, I immediately caught a glimpse of AJBAN special operations vehicle. It had the right width, desert camouflage, proper tires and an open body. The cool aggressive design of the bodywork fit well to technic parts, especially since I have a lot of yellow panels. Initially I had plans to equip it with a winch, a machine gun, working steering wheel, and other extras. But soon it turned out that without it the weight is approaching 4 kg and the model becomes sluggish. So I gave calm and I thought of Arnold passing through sunny California in his Hummer. Why would not the Sheikans have been able to bring their falcons to the wilderness with a civilian version of AJBAN. The model does not have any special offroad performance, but on flat surface it is quite speedy. The advantage is that there are no moving parts, so if Lego had strong motors of similar size, it could be a fast vehicle. Drive 4 x PF L Turn 1 x PF L Power 2 x PF Battery Pack Tires. MIL-SPEC ZXL 2.2 "TIRES (130 mm) Full Gallery
  12. Woodland

    Help me find the tire!

    The BTR-80 kit from Brickmania. Does anybody know what wheels Brickmania uses? I think its from a technic lego set, I cannot find the set. Please help.
  13. Hello all, I wanted to share my lego creation of the Coast Guard National Security Cutter (NSC). The NSC is Coast Guard's largest white hull cutter operating all over the world conducting a variety of Coast Guard missions. The NSC has been featured on national news for its significant impact on illegal drug smuggling in the easter Pacific Ocean. The NSC is part of the Coast Guard's recapitalization of its aging fleet with cutters as old as 60 years old. I had built this model at request of a co-worker and I think it turned out pretty good. See my album of the design and construction of the ship! I am slowly learning building techniques and building efficiencies. Always welcome to constructive feedback/comments/suggestions. Enjoy!
  14. Custom Brick ITA

    G.O.I. Operation

    Hi today I'm presenting you the new Mini - Moc made by CustomBrickITA ! I' ve made a Mini Moc because I do not have at the moment the pieces that a bigger diorama requires, but I tried to make it detailed and " clean " . The GOI is the corp of the Italian Navy Special Forces , they are involved in the most difficult missions of our country . All the minifgures are Custom made by me and the have the m4 because the GOI preferes light weapons to be as faster as possible . The environment is composed by approximately 100 pieces. Here you can find the video of the Moc , please if you like it leave a like and subscribe to the channel :) Have a good day CustomBrickITA VIDEO :
  15. [GBW] Episode 9 - FALCON's NEST by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr [GBW] Episode 9 - FALCON's NEST by GEORGE ADAMIDIS, on Flickr
  16. The dock worker was awakened by the sound of feet and hushed voices. He quickly got up and ran out to the dock where he found several men with guns and a large amount of barrels and crates on his pier. He gasped, and the leader of the men turned around and called him forward. Danger at the docks by Tfol Bricks, on Flickr "You will never tell anyone what is happening here. This is a military matter and will not be tampered with. Go back to your home and never tell anyone, for if you do, we will find you and you will spend your days in a dark prison". Danger at the docks by Tfol Bricks, on Flickr A soldier whispered to his comrade, "Good thing Sarge didn't shoot him" "I just don't know why no one can know about the supplies being sent to our allies?" "Eh, that's not something for us to know, probably just some diplomatic problem". Danger at the docks by Tfol Bricks, on Flickr here is the entire MOC
  17. syclone

    [MOC] APC v2

    Good day! About a year ago I made an APC . It was a simplistic, underpowered MOC. Today I present you my second attempt at building APC. It was slightly inspired by BOV m11 Functions: -4x4 drive with buggy motor with 1:4.4 gear ratio -steering with m-motor -turret rotation with m-motor -gun elevation with m-motor -powered by a BuWizz -pendular suspension on rear axle The off-road perfomance of the geared down buggy motor was surprisingly good , both at low and high speeds. The turret can rotate 360º freely with the motor geared down 1:2.3. The gun uses a mini LA for the elevation @ 1:1 gear ratio The charging port and the switch on the BuWizz are accesible throught the hatch on the left side of the vehicle. I hope my studded bodywork isn't too horrible , the video will be up later today.
  19. ejred

    HMS Enterprize (1774)

    [/url] Hi all, this is my first sailing ship in at least 30 years. But I went all-in. This is also the first adult MOC for which I have bought "my own" bricks, rather than relying on whatever (admittedly copious) odds and ends my sons had lying around at a given moment. Anyway, my creation is a fully-rigged minifig-scale (1:38.4) historical LEGO model of the 6th-rate frigate HMS Enterprize (also spelled as Enterprise), launched in 1774. I know that class is a bit "over-exposed," but the size was right (the end result is 5 feet long bowsprit to boom, just possible for me to lift), the plans were readily available on the web, and it's a lovely ship. My intent with it was to meld model and toy--it has a lot of working features and internal play spaces. In this post I'm basically just going to focus on some of my favorite pictures, rather than bogging down in a lot of text. But if you are interested there is more to see: - I have a ton of pictures on Flickr with info in many of the descriptions: - I have a MOCPages page with more info: Also, I'm happy to answer any questions here. And if there are picture angles or subjects that I neglected, let me know and I will snap them while I still have my photo setup in place. I hope you will like my product, it's been about 8 months of work. Throughout that process, seeing what is being done on the Pirates board here has been a big source of encouragement! HMS Enterprize - Gunports Open (Bow Quarter) HMS Enterprize - Waterline Stern HMS Enterprize - Stern HMS Enterprize - Waterline Bow Closeup HMS Enterprize - Forecastle HMS Enterprize Meets The Brick Bounty HMS Enterprize - Crew HMS Enterprize - Decks Overview HMS Enterprize - Captain's Quarters (removed from hull) HMS Enterprize - Captain's Quarters - Great Cabin Interior HMS Enterprize - Racing Neck and Neck on the Foremast HMS Enterprize - Launching a Cutting-Out Expedition! HMS Enterprize - Well Met, Fellow Traveller! HMS Enterprize - Into the Sunset Thanks for your interest, input and inspiration!
  20. A couple of weeks ago I found time between other projects to design a couple of small MOCs. This one began with a custom redesign of the 60145 Buggy set, which involved streamlining and lowering the chassis, as well as adding more details such as front suspension struts and more lights. From the moment I first saw the set I thought it was just begging to be militarized, so once I had an upgraded buggy design I was happy with I knew this would be the next step. The military version features a tan or DBG colour scheme, a .50cal MG mounted at the top of the opening cockpit frame, a gunner seated above the engine within an opening protective frame, a spare wheel and radio antenna, and hardpoints on either side of the driver for stowing individual weapons. One of my oldest and most requested designs is the Desert Patrol Vehicle (shown below for comparison), and this new LSV design provides a lighter, faster, and more compact alternative for spec ops insertion and light strike missions. Instructions are available through my website (click link in signature below). Weapons are from BrickArms and balaclava heads are from EclipseGrafx.
  21. Shadows

    The Great Brick War!

    The Great Brick War Begins! Tensions throughout the Brick World have risen to an all time high. Countries on all continents are on edge, preparing for a looming Battle. The Great Brick War is a brand new Eurobricks RPG Style Game. Players will choose a country (fictitious) to represent and then design their main character and team. You will have the opportunity to wage brick combat across the brick globe with naval, air, and ground vehicles! Throughout the game players will meet new people, strategize on a grand scale, learn new building techniques from others, and have fun! Interested? Report to the Great Brick War under the Special Theme Section to learn more!
  22. Windusky

    WWII Steampunk Figbarf

    From Left to Right: English Guerrilla Soldier, Nazi Solder, German Rebel, American Soldier, and a Russian Commando. Let me know what you think!
  23. The Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird" was a long-range, Mach 3+ strategic reconnaissance aircraft that was operated by the United States Air Force. It was developed as a black project from the Lockheed A-12 reconnaissance aircraft in the 1960s by Lockheed and its Skunk Works division. American aerospace engineer Clarence "Kelly" Johnson was responsible for many of the design's innovative concepts. During aerial reconnaissance missions, the SR-71 operated at high speeds and altitudes to allow it to outrace threats. If a surface-to-air missile launch was detected, the standard evasive action was simply to accelerate and outfly the missile. The SR-71 was designed with a reduced radar cross-section. The SR-71 served with the U.S. Air Force from 1964 to 1998. A total of 32 aircraft were built; 12 were lost in accidents and none lost to enemy action. The SR-71 has been given several nicknames, including Blackbird and Habu. It has held the world record for the fastest air-breathing manned aircraft since 1976; this record was previously held by the related Lockheed YF-12. The SR-71 was the world's fastest and highest-flying operational manned aircraft throughout its career. On 28 July 1976, SR-71 serial number 61-7962, piloted by then Capt. Robert Helt, broke the world record: an "absolute altitude record" of 85,069 feet (25,929 m). Several aircraft have exceeded this altitude in zoom climbs, but not in sustained flight. That same day SR-71 serial number 61-7958 set an absolute speed record of 1,905.81 knots (2,193.2 mph; 3,529.6 km/h), approximately Mach 3.3. SR-71 pilot Brian Shul states in his book The Untouchables that he flew in excess of Mach 3.5 on 15 April 1986 over Libya to evade a missile. General characteristics Crew: 2: Pilot and Reconnaissance Systems Officer (RSO) Payload: 3,500 lb (1,600 kg) of sensors Length: 107 ft 5 in (32.74 m) Wingspan: 55 ft 7 in (16.94 m) Height: 18 ft 6 in (5.64 m) Wing area: 1,800 ft2 (170 m2) Empty weight: 67,500 lb (30,600 kg) Loaded weight: 152,000 lb (69,000 kg) Max. takeoff weight: 172,000 lb (78,000 kg) Wheel track: 16 ft 8 in (5.08 m) Wheelbase: 37 ft 10 in (11.53 m) Aspect ratio: 1.7 Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney J58-1 continuous-bleed afterburning turbojets, 34,000 lbf (151 kN) each Performance Maximum speed: Mach 3.3 (2,200+ mph, 3,540+ km/h, 1,910+ knots) at 80,000 ft (24,000 m) Range: 2,900 nmi (5,400 km) Ferry range: 3,200 nmi (5,925 km) Service ceiling: 85,000 ft (25,900 m) Rate of climb: 11820 ft/m (60 m/s) Wing loading: 84 lb/ft² (410 kg/m²) Thrust/weight: 0.44 Information taken from
  24. Custom Brick ITA

    WW2 MOC - Military Diorama -

    Hey Guys I 'm happy to say I finished my WW2 MOC! All the details are exlplained in my video on YouTube! I invite you to Like the video and Subscribe ! Video Link : Enjoy:)
  25. Sunder

    [MOC] Hexham ACV

    [2019. British Greece. Thessaloniki.] Two men in a small cozy pub in the corner were talking about something. One of them, middle-aged dark haired man in the business suit, took a huge folder with papers and put it on table. The second one, who looked tired a bit, put on his glasses and began to read documents. He looked surprised and a strange smile appeared on his wrinkled fase. –Sir Stevenson, I don’t understand. This case… It’s not my profile, – elderly man talked indignantly. – You could find more competent specialist in this area. There are many psychiatrists, who studied effect of ACV** neurointerface on a pilot. –That’s why I’ve chosen you, doctor Lambert, – businessman fetched a sigh. – They see nothing but influence of the machine. They even don’t try to find if the patient was ill before the incident or not. –So, You’re trying to avoid your responsibility for this destructive tragedy. I see something is hidden here, – Lambert said this in such intonation, that he wasn’t glad to have any relation to this deal. – At first, can you explain me, why this mechanic with dark past took part in testing this prototype? –You should understand, MechInd has some difficulties now, – Stevenson started to excuse away, it seemed he hided something. – Some generals support MechInd, but that’s not enough. We are out of money. The idea of making fourth generation ACV wasn’t supported by parliament, so none of big corporations wants to invest in this project. That’s why we haven’t got enough people to work and provide security. Our only pilot was slightly injured in a car accident. Several simple checkouts at the testing field were planed that day. Just walking from one marked point to another. And then one mechanic offered his help. He could drive mech enough to do tests. Yes, that was Paul Lebel, who made all this mess. –But how could he drive this vehicle? Does it require huge training? Some people say that’s as easy as computer game, but I don’t believe that. Or am I wrong? And was it so difficult to find a better certified person? – Doctor continued asking. –That’s half-true. Interface of modern ACV is simple and obvious, computer can correct even rude mistakes and there are build-in training programs and hints. So if you just want to have a walk at your backyard in ACV, it will take couple of hours or even less to study this. As for our problem, there are so many insane rumors about development of neurointerface. As you know, first generation had serious problems at the beginning. Pilots had hallucinations, delirium after long-time using ACV. It was some kind of addiction to neurointerface. Some of them became mad. It took much time to fix this problem. But it defiantly was fixed. And some time ago new rumors appeared that new ones have the same issue. So, there were not many people who wanted to be test pilot. –Just rumors?!! – Lambert shouted as loud as he could, so his potential employer flinched. – I don’t see rumors. I see facts. Lebel became insane when he was driving ACV. It wasn’t in the middle of battle. It was calm sunny day. Nothing should worry him. It could be only fault of machine. And you call that rumor? –Doctor, it seems you didn’t read all the materials, – Stevenson said it calmly and pointed one more folder. – Here is Lebel’s dossier. We haven’t got much information. Paul Lebel. Name could be false. Age about 20. Born in France. In 2007 he and 11 more children were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists and transported to Afghanistan. He spent there about a mount, after that camp was attacked by another radical group and he could run away. Certain Farid Ursa sheltered him. Two years later Farid was killed by robbers and Lebel joined local guerrillas. He took part in civil war when he was 12 (may be 10). In 2017 he was found injured in the cockpit of destroyed ACV by peacemaker forces. Then he was sent back to France to children’s community. In 2018 Lebel went to British Greece and started to work for MechInd. –Well, interesting story. So you are looking for connection between his hard childhood and this incident? And new neurointerface isn’t a reason? – Looks like new information made Lambert calm. –Indeed. –That’s possible, but I need to talk with Paul to be sure. –I’m afraid it’s impossible, – Stevenson objected. – Journalists somehow find out some information about his location and a huge crowd appeared near hospital. They wanted revenge. Now Lebel is missing. He escaped from hospital. Or he was kidnapped. We are trying to find him, but there are still no results. –That’s strange. Something isn’t clear here. Prototype also disappeared, am I right? – doctor was suspicious. –It’s debris. But sometimes just human mistakes, laziness and stupidity are better explanation than conspiracy. However, Colonel McMillan doesn’t think so. You can talk about this with him if you want. It was a total bedlam just after the incident, nobody knew what to do. We know our competitors spied on our developments. Looks like, they stole debris of Hexham. –And what’s special in this ACV? –Everything! Quasi-organic muscles, which can self-repair. Ordinary electro-muscles degrade after some time. Their fibers tear due to stress. Plus combat damage. So muscles should be replaced from time to time. And they’re expensive. New ones can “heal” themselves. Bio computer based AI. Just prototype, but it’s a huge step forward, – there was pride in Stevenson’s words. – Specialist say that one such ACV can fight against 3-5 previous generation vehicles. –Looks like it’s very, very expensive. So, why you didn’t kept this in secret? –As I said, it’s matter of finances. Also most people think this project has no future. It can be closed at any moment. –This incident is very usable for your competitors, don’t you think? [From the mass media] […] That’s an example of criminal negligence. Nobody should give access for such dangerous vehicle without any education. Moreover, the pilot could have psychical illness. And company could find this if they check their stuff better. […] Pilot’s behavior changed, he started responding not clearly. Dispatcher had to notice it. Then the pilot said about hallucinations. But the tests were not interrupted. […] The pilot became insane; he didn’t understand what he was doing. He started to crush everything he saw. An attempt to stop this made him even angrier. […] At the train station he attacked British military forces. 3 APC, 2 ACV and one tank were destroyed. During battle a shell hit train full of toxic chemicals. Fire was started. Then it exploded. An hour later poisonous cloud covered Thessaloniki. Dozens people died, about 1000 were heavily poisoned. […] Hexham was seriously damaged during the battle. Pilot walked 15 miles before ACV shouted down. That’s amazing, but he wasn’t injured. However, his mind was totally broken. He almost nipped off nose of an officer, when British solders tried to arrest him. […] –Heh, Lebel is a remarkable person, you know, – Doctor was really interested. – I’m not a military expert, but that’s amazing. I know new generation ACV and so on. But he has to be genius to do these things. He had no experience in driving that particular vehicle. Moreover, that was just a prototype without weapon and some systems, am I right? And he alone blew up those tanks and ACVs. It wasn’t just talent. He had to have huge combat experience! Lebel could make fantastic career in British forces. Instead, he is badly paid worker in colony. Maybe he hates all this military stuff because of his childhood. But he works with APCs! I don’t understand! –All employees say that mechs were his passion. However, he didn’t communicate much with other staff. Most information came from certain Mary Leonis, his friend. Or girl-friend. Even she didn’t know Paul well. But there can be some difficulties. She’s underage, so if you want meet her, you must reach an agreement with her parents. And they are… difficult persons. –So, that’s a private investigation. Authorities don’t want to interfere. –Yes. You know the situation. Central government thinks that’s problems of colony. Locals don’t want this headache at all. And even those who support separatists are glad. That’s an occasion to call Britain evil empire one more time. So nobody wants it to be official. –And nobody cares about the victims. That’s sad. I think I will help you. *In 2019 Greece is still divided. After WWII Greece is colony of the Great Britain. At the beginning of XXI century the revolution happened. Half or Greece became independent. British Greece is still colony. It’s capital is Thessaloniki. ** ACV – Anthropomorphic Combat Vehicle. Human-like mech. Uses direct link between pilot and machine, called neurointerface for better synchronization and finer and faster control. Hexham ACV by Sunder_59, on Flickr Check this model in 3D on Mecabricks 360 rotation(traffic!)