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Found 54 results

  1. Hi - I give you two reviews for battle packs I just bought - 75164 and 75165 (Rebel and Imperial Trooper Battle Pack). As you can see, I'm building an army... most likely for the purpose of building recreations of battle scenes. Curious to know from experts (I'm a total AFOL noob) - what is the best pack to get to build this army. I don't care if it's Dark side or Rebels or from what film. Looking purely for opinions on bang for the buck - and can be an old set too.
  2. VaderFan2187

    LEGO Star Wars Quiz

    I found this amusing LEGO Star Wars quiz online. It says, "can you identify these Star Wars characters based on their LEGO minifigures?" You basically just type the names in as they give you the characters. The average score is 76% (at the time of writing). I got 100% (they are all main characters ) Link is here What score did you get?
  3. LegoStarWarsLDDShop

    [LDD][MOD] Imperial 74-Z Speeder Bike

    May I present this new design up for sale:--Imperial 74-Z Speeder Bike-- Many Star Wars fans recognize this vehicle. It's well known from the Endor Speeder Bike chase scene in Return of the Jedi. It's also appeared briefly in Revenge of the Sith, and more recently in Star Wars Battlefront as a playable vehicle in both the training mode and the Endor maps.It goes without saying that LEGO has released several designs based on this vehicle. I went to the source material for inspiration, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Starting at the bow, I included the usual flap & rod design. It's obviously a novelty cliche among LEGO's speeders, but considering they are the best part in LEGO's brick palette, they had to do.What's new about it is the rods are now connected in a very sturdy way, and this way also allows for a small underside blaster, just like the one in the movies.Moving on to the man body, I included the usual handlebar it works really well with the minifigures. I did fix the top of the speeder with some smoother brown pieces to make it look more like the original speeder.Finally, with the stern, I added two things: some parts to mimic a seat, and a rear flap design. I'm still surprised we haven't seen the set of rear flaps in the original LEGO variations, but for now, this one definitely works.I am very excited to share this product with you all, and I hope you guys are excited to build it for yourself. MOCpages Let me know what you think below.
  4. The Cloud City playset from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Backs… I wanted to design a fun and playable set which would include the ionic scenes from the Empire Strikes Back film. The aim was to create a set that resembles the shape of the cloud city and offers a playable platform like the Death Star play set. I’m a keen Star Wars fan and as Cloud City hasn’t seen a new set since 2003 I thought I would have a go. I hope you enjoy and welcome your creative input into my project. Thanks for your vote…
  5. USBrickCustoms

    LEGO Star Wars Future

    Talking about future sets and what you think LEGO Star Wars will be in the future. Looking for lists of sets you want Opinion on what LEGO Star Wars is turning into Sets you want to see in the future Any overdue sets Overall the future of LEGO Star Wars I'm new to Eurobricks by the way :)
  6. HI guys, last week there was a big event with lots of moc ( Lucca Comics & Game ). I collected all in a video.Look at the minute 1:52 the Star wars Tatooine MOC created by two friends. Dimensions:4 x 1.25 meters. ;)
  7. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] All Terrain Anti-Aircraft

    I return again, now with backup for the Imperial troops and maybe this time the Rebels won't succeed in taking down AT-AT's The All Terrain Anti-Aircraft is making it's entrance on the battlefield with guns blazing, these low profile walkers serverd the sole purpose of defending armor columns against aerial threats. Because of this it's outfitted with a single flak pod on the roof of the walker, which can fire multiple ordnances like concussion missiles. Here you can see the side view of my AT-AA Design. A closer view on the Turret mounted on top that can be aimed at almost every threat possible. Here you see the back with some exhausts and a ramp that gives acces to the insides of the walker. And the ramp can be seen extended here, it actually can be used, so not only for show. And as last but not least the insides of the AT-AA, on the bottem right you can see equipment racks. And in the cockpit you can see both the chairs of the driver and the gunner, with my characteristic cockpit design. This MOC can be bought in my BrickLink store, so be sure to take a look if you want to support me! BrickLink: I wish you all a great summer!
  8. Volt_Bricks

    TIE-Bomber {Ideas} [MOC]

    Hello everyone, A couple months ago I posted my TIE-Bomber MOC, but now I've decided to put it on LEGO Ideas. Because I didn't want to necro my old post I decided to go a head and make a new topic, for those who haven't seen the original I've put a short summary and all the pictures below. If you would like to support my project click this link: Front view of the build (Cockpit windscreen needs to be the special TIE-Variant). Top view of the build, I decided to go with just a little greebling on the top. Back view of the build, the Twin Ion Engines came out pretty good. Inside the cockpit, there is room for both the pilot and the gunner. And lastely a size comparison between the official TIE-Fighter set and my TIE-Bomber.
  9. Volt_Bricks

    [MOC] Droideka Mk II

    Decided to design a droideka, though the Mk I seemed to be done a lot, the Mk II hasn't! Lore: Like the Mk I the Mk II was still very vulnerable when it was moving, though when deployed it was far more lethal! Not only difference in appearence compared to previous types, it had very different capabilities. Being able to switch between high fire rate blaster cannons, and powerful ion cannons, these droidekas where very capable in taking out both infantry and vehicles. Still using a built in shield generator, made defeating these Droidekas very hard. This is how it looks from the back A size comparison to a B1 Battle droid Not as impressive as some of my larger builds, but it looks a lot like the real thing. And yes I know the "feet/claws" are quite off but these are temporary because the real ones couldn't be rendered. And I "suspect" it is very well capable to roll up as a ball... kinda. Please leave your thoughts down below.
  10. When I first heard that the LEGO company was releasing a rendition of the vehicle back in January 2015, I had high hopes that their set would be faithful to its inspiration. Sadly, that wasn't the case, and their rendition was definitely my least favorite of that wave. I've been wanting to make this vehicle for some time. After finding another great MOC from another LEGO Designer, my design finally came together. If you wish to see his project, which is exceptional, you can click here. The design features many of the features seen in the original ship, namely a rotatable top cannon, a central canopy with space for 2 drivers and a commanding officer, 6 side areas for prisoners or deploying troops, and 2 adjustable front guns. Along with a very sturdy frame design, this is the perfect rendition of the fan-favorite Imperial vehicle. Here are some pictures of the design from different viewing points. Let me know in the comments what you think of this design, and be sure to tell the original designer how nice his MOC is as well, as his is the inspiration for this design. You can also go to MOCpages & to see this vessel, if you want.
  11. Volt_Bricks

    TIE-Bomber [MOC]

    Had the designs of the wings laying around on my PC for a while already but I now got the time to finally finish it! So I based my design on multiple scale models and in game designs. I wasn't so sure about what to do with the top part though, I decided not to add too much greeble. Because this isn't the case in the original builds too (It was easier for me as well ) And the back was quite a challange too, getting it just right was pretty hard but I think the Engines look pretty neat right now! And ofcourse there should be room for a two man crew! I'm pretty sure(ish) that it's actually possible to fit two TIE-Pilots in there. And as a last thing I made a comparison render to the TIE-Fighter Lego Set (9492). It's actually scaled off from this by using some movie reference material, and I came to the conclusion it should be a bit lower. But almost two times in lenght and width.
  12. LegoStarWarsLDDShop

    [LDD][MOD] Kylo Ren's Upsilon-class Shuttle

    Huge fan of LEGO's model for Kylo Ren's Shuttle, 75104, but as many fans as well, I was very disappointed that the ship's wings did not fold out. I was also a little disappointed that the color did not completely reflect that of the ship as seen in The Force Awakens. So of course I decided to add the missing features and improve the color, as well as change some other attributes. Finally finished my LDD rendition. What do you all think? I also listed some other changes I made on MOCpages, if you want to check them out.
  13. el_jugador

    MOC Midi Sandcrawler

    Hi guys, I just wanted to share with you a beta version of my Midi Sandcrawler, inspirated by Pepa Quin (Matt De Lanoy): There still some parts missing and some parts maybe resolved in a different way. It's meant to be played with, so there is some space inside to put some Jawas and some droids. So, here some photos: https://www.dropbox....small2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.... small.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox....ew=P1150476.JPG So far, Chris
  14. Fletcher Floyd

    MOC Views though a window

    Hello everybody. Here is a little project of mine, let's call it "views through a window". Three Mocs, one for each Star Wars Movie Generation. All of the three will have the same size, the same frame, and the window of course. It's just a little project for me to try out some new building-techniques, for you a little bit of fun to watch, I hope:-) Moc one and two are already finished, the third will be following soon. 1.) The Prequel Trilogy: "The Chancellor expects discretion" Mace Windu sends Qui Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi Wan Kenobi to Naboo. Their mission is to put an end to the trouble between Nute Gunray and Princess Amidala. SW 2 by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr SW 1 by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr 2.) The Original Trilogy: "Is he always partying like that?" It was one hell of a party, when Han Solo, Chewie and Company celebrated their victory over the Empire and the Destruction of the Death Star. For Han Solo it ended up at the underground medical Station on Yavin 4. Front by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr back by Fletcher Floyd, auf Flickr I hope you like it!
  15. thuytienkn

    Lego Star Wars Movie

    Like a title of topic title, some time i watch movie, I i had seen best movie about Lego Star War I don't know producer, But it greate mini movie Some product in video
  16. thuytienkn

    Lego Star Wars movie

    Watching movie is my habit, I offen watch lego star war movie Ex : Ex : And how about you, please tell me your ideal
  17. Force Brix Studios

    Force Brix Studios youtube

    I've recently started a new Lego Star Wars review channel on youtube and would really appreciate it if anyone could have a look at it. I do many reviews on Lego Star Wars products and also some other Star Wars related things. Please take a look: Thanks
  18. FrenchLegoBoy

    [MOC] Clone Base on Malastare

    Here is my last build including 212th legion and 3 custom AT-RT. Tell me what you think :)
  19. Hello folks, here is my new Lego Star Wars film, a short one this time: Luke Skywalker vs. Mara Jade. Have fun watching, I hope you like it:-)
  20. Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Ben Kenobi were under Emperial attack. Millennium Falcon suffered some damage, and now they are forced to land on strange planet Iga. But they are NOT alone...
  21. I recently brought the newly published LEGO Star Wars in 100 scenes book by DK released on April 8. It was a neat little book good for new and veteran LEGO collectors alike. It has some pretty cool trivia that I found pretty interesting to share. LEGO Star Wars is the longest running licensed LEGO theme and in 2014 it celebrated its 15th anniversary In total, there are 434 LEGO Star Wars set and 127 minifigures so far. Battle droids appear in 33 LEGO sets, more than any other minifigure The Jedi Council chamber have appeared in three Star Wars movies, but never in a LEGO set. A total of eight LEGO sets depict the the events of the Battle of the Great Grass Plains in episode one. Qui-Gon’s hair piece was exclusive to him until 2013, when it appeared in the LEGO Hobbit theme. In some of the 2007 Republic Cruiser sets Qui-Gon accdentally came with Obi-Wan’s head. There are six Zabrak minifigures: Maul, Savage Opress, Agen Kolar, Eeth Koth, Sugi and Old Republic Jedi Knight Since 1999, 29 sets depicting the events of Episode I have been released A santa version of Jango Fett’s minifigure was released in the 2013 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar Eleven LEGO models of Slave I have been released, including six sets and five mini models. Only three are flown by Jango, rest features Boba. Count Dooku have three minifigures of himself. Over the years his face have grown progressively meaner and his facial hair has become increasingly detailed. Three LEGO Republic Gunships have been produced over the years, each one larger than the predecessor. The cape clasp and belt printed on the torso of Count Dooku’s minifigure are unique to him. The hilt of his lightsaber is special because it includes a light curve, just as it does in the movies. Instructions for a mini Corporate Alliance tank from Battle of Kashyyyk exist but the LEGO model have not been released. Four Twi’lek minifigures exist: rebel Hera Syndulla, Jabba’s second in command Bib Fortuna, Jabba’s ill-fated dancer Oola, and Jedi Master Aayla Secura Only two Separatist leaders have appeared as minifigures: Nute Gunray and Poggle the Lesser Only 7 LEGO senators exist to date: Palpatine, Nute Gunray, Padme Amidala, Onaconda Farr, Jar Jar Binks, Princess Leia, and Mon Mothma. Darth Vader’s minifigure have been redesigned 10 times so far but his iconic helmet remained the same until 2015 Six Star Destroyer models have been released, ranging in length from a few centimeters to almost a meter. Some of Princess Leia minifigures released in 2009’s Tantive IV set (10198) included a hairpiece without the usual texturing and is highly sought after by collectors. Old Ben Kenobi appeared in 5 sets so far, all with the same hairpiece. Landspeeders have been included in 4 LEGO sets, ranging all the way from 1999 to 2014 with colors going from tan, sand red, finally to flesh, a dark sandy color. Two LEGO models of the Mos Eisley Cantina have been releases so far but neither includes the bartender, Wuher. A LEGO minifigure made of the standard ABS plastic could withstand 950 lb (431 kg) of pressure before being crushed. The LEGO X-Wing Fighter set 7140 was the first set ever to be released in LEGO Star Wars line in 1999. Luke and Han’s medal wearing minifigures at the reward ceremony near the end of Episode IV were both included in DK books. Leia in her ceremonial gown has appeared in only one set (Y-Wing, 9495). LEGO wampa has only been spotted in one set (8089). AT-AT walkers have appeared in 5 LEGO sets, with a motorized version in 10178. Snowtroopers are some of the most common troops around, appearing in 13 sets with four variants, all wearing the same unique-shaped helmet. Luke’s rare Dagobah minifigure is found in only one set (4502). The Boba Fett minifigure from Cloud City (set 10123) is extremely rare and highly sought after. 2003’s Cloud City (set 10123) is one of the rarest and most sought after Star Wars set. Yoda’s minifigure was the first ever to be released with short, non-posable LEGO legs. Scout trooper’s helmet have remained the same since 1999 and their speeder bike have appeared in 9 LEGO sets. There are seven Ewok minifigures, all have names, apart from one who is just known as Ewok Warrior. Five different versions Rebel commando minifigures exist in four LEGO sets Anyways this is just a small selection of the fun trivia included in the book. I highly encourage you to buy it if you like the LEGO Star Wars theme. I did a review here you can read about it with some images of the actual book:
  22. boomblocks

    Hello from Canton, GA

    Hey guys! My name is Jordan and i'd like to share a project of mine, which uses stop motion animation to show the assembly process of a set as well as the eventual slow motion destruction of the set! I am a collector, however bought these sets strictly to combine my favorite things- stop motion, slow motion, explosions, and legos! I'll be using a phantom super slow mo camera featuring lots of different elements. Each video will showcase a short skit or character animation as well. The larger sets will be broken up into two videos (one of the build and one for the destruction), while the micro destructions will feature all parts in a oneshot video. Feedback always helps so let me know what you guys think!
  23. TomatoSoup

    Review: 75038 Jedi Interceptor

    Hello Eurobrickers! I've been a longtime lurker here on the forums (not the creepy kind ) and i'm here to present my first post, which is a review of a set i recently bought. Here's a description from Lego S@H: Without further ado, here's the front of the box: Has the new Vader logo on top, and no piece count since i bought this set in my region (which is Asia) but it has 223 pieces according to S@H. The top, has a nice little note concerning the new spring shooters we get this wave and NEW! tags for the minifigures. The back, shows the features of the set and again showcasing the new spring shooters. Note: the background seems to be incorrect, since it depicts Mustafar and this isn't the interceptor Anakin uses to get there. Not nitpicking, just pointing it out But please correct me if i'm wrong. Enough of the box, lets get into the set itself! The numbered bags, instruction booklet and the infamous dreaded sticker sheet. A close-up of the DSS itself, with stickers of the solar panels, controls and the Open Circle Fleet insignia. Opening the first bag! Here we see the new trans-green spring shooter ammo which we seem to get in all the republic-related sets this wave, and a printed piece of the cockpit window as well as the Chosen One himself, in pieces. The first minifigure we get is none other than Anakin Skywalker! Now i'm excited, because this is my first figure of him to not have the CW-stylized face. Not sure if the face is new, with the commlink printed but the box does state that the figures are, which may just be the torso and leg printing. He also comes with a matte-chrome lightsaber hilt and a trans-blue saber. He also has a double-sided head, with this one showing the more cranky side of the Chosen One Halfway through the first bag, and we have Annie here helping out constructing the set with the Force Done with the first bag, Annie seems pleased with his work! Now onto the 2nd bag! Here we have the pieces sorted out again, and Annie can't seem to stay out of the spotlight Halfway through the build, here he is again helping out with the Force. The 2nd bag is done, Annie seems to like what we've built so far. Now onto the 3rd and final bag! There is another printed piece for the canopy of the cockpit, and it looks like Annie is building something over there himself... Ah! It's R2-D2! He has an updated head/dome piece, which we can see much more clearly in the next photo. Great printing on the body as usual, and the dome has great printing all over! Keep in mind, it's also the first R2-D2 minifigure i've gotten with these prints on the dome, the previous ones seem to only be printed near the top of the dome IIRC. The 3rd bag is finished, but little Artoo seems to have some problems getting into his socket The finished build! Top view of the Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor or Jedi Interceptor for short, it looks pretty neat and solid! Note the little Republic insignia is also printed, and this is the set without stickers applied Side view. Back view. Here you can clearly see the misprint on the canopy, and it annoys me And finally, the bottom view. Not too pretty to look at, but no one will ever see it as long as Annie doesn't crash the ship upside down. There are also 2 clips where you can store your lightsaber hilt and...blade? Doesn't seem too safe. And that's it for the whole set! Annie and Artoo bids you farewell, and hoped you enjoyed the review the three of us put together! And the spare pieces from the set, for when you lose some or need some. A good number of lightsaber hilts The Verdict: Pros - Great build, and a much swooshable set - Detailed minifigures - A nice addition to any Clone/Jedi/Republic fleet Cons - Another set with Anakin and Artoo. Some other exclusive minifig would've been nice - Stickers, not particularly the number, but the application especially on the solar panels are easily messed up. Conclusion It's a great set for me, though it doesn't really stand out enough to be nominated for the "Set Of The Wave" award, it's still a nicely built albeit repeat of a set we've already seen and even that set had more minifigures and of course, costs much more. I can't see people buying more than one of these sets, as they contain an already existing minifgure as opposed to exclusives, which IMO is the true draw of most sets. Did i mention we've seen these minifigs and the vehicle in other sets as well? Being said, i'm not complaining, i like this set since i just love the yellow, while the previous set was green in color. Still a great set for the (low?) price $25 as opposed to earlier and bigger sets. Rating Build: 8/10 - I had fun building this set, especially the tilted wings and cockpit, and i can only hope others do too! Design: 6/10 - We've seen the Jedi Interceptor before, and there's not much of an upgrade as far as i see. Minifigures: 5/10 - Again, we've seen these guys before, though Anakin i believe has a new head with the commlink print. Playability: 7/10 - IMO a sturdy build, and can be played around with with no fear of pieces falling off, but the panels are hard to adjust symmetrically and the new spring shooters shoot far enough to poke your neighbor's eye out Parts: 6/10 - Some interesting parts, like the solar panels, but nothing we haven't seen before. Overall: 32/50 - It's a(nother) Jedi Interceptor! You could've gotten a similar set in the years before, but the lower pricing seems to make this set for me. You can buy this as a gift to your nephew, niece, children, yourself or whoever because it's affordable, and because i recommend it. Not for army building though, obviously. Extra: "Seemingly frustrated about the DSS, the young Jedi has to go through the test of patience as he now has to put them all by himself. Careful not to use anger, and goodluck Vader Annie!" Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to leave a comment or ask questions!
  24. Bricker27

    Unbalanced army

    I've been collecting lego star wats for around 8 years now and I just realised how unbalanced all my lego is. My collection is made almost completely of republic sets. I find it hard to make moc battles because I have not opposition for my forces. I think it's because there is so much focus by lego on the republic. Does anyone else have this problem ?
  25. TCStall

    Modding Lego Space Craft

    Every Lego Star Wars fan has come across that one set that, while it may be good, could be better. This is a stream to share your modded Star Wars sets and ships, not for MOCs, but the sets in which you have decided to improve upon what's already there.