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Found 58 results

  1. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB6] The 'Zephyr'

    Hi mateys, long time no sea see, ok, I promise this is my last ship this month. It's also my sixth FB this month, so if you like her, I'd much appreciate your approval Now, since it's still winter, please prepare for the lamest pun this season: Let there be... Snow! The 'Zephyr' is a trading vessel like many to be found sailing the seas crewed and commanded by proud Oleanders. She is in her best years and far travelled, having sovereignly mastered the challenging conditions of the Merlonic Sea as well as those of the Great Northern Ocean. Although not the fastest, she is nonetheless a versatile vessel, spacy and reliable. All of these attributes make her famous especially among merchants from Oleon's northern provinces, such as Bothnia, who foremost need save transportation of the huge amounts of agricultural goods growing in these fertile lands. The 'Zephyr' is named after the God of the Western Winds, the gentlest wind, worshipped as the messenger of spring. It's a wisely chosen, fitting name, as she, too, brings fertility and growth along to her ports of destination. Now her new home is the Sea of Storms. May the 'Zephyr' also master these waters and bring prosperity to wherever she drops anchor. Here, again, next to the ever-so-puny IFS Last, but not least, the God of the Western Winds himself, well, as a figure head about: Now, the 'Zephyr' might not be a fast ship, but her construction sure had to be speed boat ship build, as I only had yesterday and today to build her from scratch. Ok, after more than 15h of construction time I copied most of the sails from another ship, as making new ones would have cost me another day I think. Also, sorry if there's not a lot of details around, I would have added more crew members, but time was of the essence. Anyway, with this ship I was going for a rather plain looking workhorse. Nothing fancy, not very fast, simply a cargo ship that looks reliable, one that will get 'things done'. I tried to go with as little tumblehome as I could stand, a dull prow and no sleek hull. Might not sound like a difficult undertaking. But building her wasn't 'gentle' at all, rather one of those builds where no angle worked out right, I constantly had to adjust, and the paintjob was a huge pain. Well, now she's finished, and I'm growing quite fond of the design. Not my best work, but also not bad. Thanks for enduring my dreadful vessels this month! C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  2. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB5] 'La Recouvrance'

    Ahoy once more, laddies! True to my credo 'A ship a day keeps the Corry away' I am honored to present to you the pride of the Oleander trading fleet, the Class 5F schooner 'La Recouvrance'. Also, this is my fifth FB this month (my fingers are bleeding), so should you like her, I'd appreciate your approval This latest ship in Oleon's Merchant Navy was build in the 'Royal Shipyards' head facilities in Quilbignon, planned and supervised by Master Engineer Maurice chevalier de Col. To be even more precise, she was laid down and build in record speed in the larger of the two 'Pontaniou' basins on Quilbignon's western banks, and named after the quarter itself. Her proud name is the ultimate expression of the confidence Recouvrance's shipwrights put into their own abilities of crafting masterful vessels. May she live up to this promise and may she serve King and Nation to her full potential! With a hull length of 94 studs 'La Recouvrance' is not only Oleon's largest trading vessel, but her sleek hull, low center of gravity, and three gaff rigged masts also make her the fastest of all ships in the Sea of Storms. These attributes in combination with a crew composed of only the most dedicated and experienced sailors will hopefully favor the voyages that lie ahead. May there be many to come! Here's a comparison shot, you can see her putting the puny IFS to shame About this ship: I tried to make her paint scheme simmilar to that of the 'Revenant', kind of a 'corporate design' idea, which I might continue. So no fancy colors. I'm very pleased with her shape to be honest. It was a tough job designing her this low, since I had to manage hiding all the connections under deck, pretty hard considering the curvature. I'm especially fond of the way the stern turned out, along with the overhang (good you can build it without knowing the nautical term for it), which I tried for the first time. As always, she's buildable and would be stable enough, although she'd not be swooshable, 'cause of her size. The masts would be delicate, but - with internal flex tubes and proper (real) rigging - could be supported. Oh, and placing the water was more than a pain - but worth it. Thanks for watching. As always, C&C welcome! Vive le Roi!
  3. Ahoy again, yet another ship has entered Oleon's Merchant Navy. It's my fourth FB this month, so feel free to approve, should you like her I'd like to present to you 'Amphitrite's Lily'. 'Amphitrite's Lily' must be the oldest ship still afloat in the Sea of Storms. A small cog, surely no beauty, a true relic in terms of a ship's life expectancy. Having been around since the Juniper War, in which she was used as a supply ship, she served Oleon greatly and was mustered out years ago, waiting to be broken up. Now, however, the Nation calls her once more! Every vessel is needed in the race for expansion. She is put at the command of one of Oleon's greatest sea dogs, a man - no - a legend almost as old as the 'Lily' herself. And he rules the deck with an iron fist. No doubt there is: the two relics will prevail again! About this ship. Believe it or not, this old bucket is buildable. This technique kind of 'happened', and I think it works out alright depicting (very) old ships. The structure at its base is formed by hinge plates, and the sides are held together with flex tubes. All is attached to the ship's central axis at multiple points, it'd be decently stable. Oh, and I hope I got the sail right this time Thanks for watching, C&C welcome Vive le Roi!
  4. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB3] The 'Revenant'

    Ahoy mateys, may I present my first ship in these waters, the Class 2F cutter 'Revenant'. This is also my third FB this month, so if you like it, please approve The 'Revenant' is a fine example of Oleon's new 'Piranha'-class cutter, introduced by the 'Royal Shipyards' of Breshaun. It's the first time an entire class of ships was not planned in the motherland, showing the growing importance of both the island of Le Bellan and Breshaun's 'Royal Shipyards' branch. Designed for speed and manouverability this new class of vessels is considered a great fit for the tricky waters around Le Bellan with their shallows and strong, ever changing currents. Being regarded excellent crafts these ships fulfill their purpose as merchantmen as well as minor military vessels for both convoy duty and costal patrol. The 'Revenant' is commanded by Guillaume Lejeune, a skilled and experienced sailor and now entrepreneur, constantly busy shuffling goods in between the various ports of the New and Old World. He proudly flies the flag of the Oleander Merchant Navy, showing his devotion to the King and Oleon's cause. About this ship: I'm not a big fan of fancy colors, plus most specialized parts don't come in a broad variety of them, so the ship might look a bit dull. But as always all could be built in real bricks, just sails and rigging are placeholders, and the yards would require rigging to be held in place. The construction would be stabil, maybe even swooshable. The name was chosen hoping the ship will return from all the MCRAs to come. C&C welcome. Vive le Roi!
  5. Hi guys, CB4 kindly allowed me to moc up the MCRA result of his famed ship the 'Parakeet'. Somewhere in Bastion: "She did WHAT?" So, this guy walks into the bar. Pretty run down, shady character, aweful looking. And his smell! You could smell him from two miles away. Oh, this smell of rum and... like he's been living in a pig shed for the past 4 months or so. Almost knocked me out. Anyways, so this guy immediately starts drinking and after his third bottle of rum starts babbling. I mean, you've all heard of the 'Parakeet' and how she sprung a leak? So, this guy claims he knows exactly what happened that day and serves me this story: A mermaid with shades using a swordfish to saw a hole into the hull... I mean, come on! Seriously? But... the thing is... errh... the more I think about it... well, it is kind of a likely story, isn't it, lads? Lads?? I hope it's recognizable, well, it's my first time trying to 'tell' a story in a single picture, does the idea with the speech bubble work? Concerning the 'Parakeet', thanks to CB4's excellent pictures I managed to stay very true to his original, I just had to adapt a few minor details. What a lovely ship you made, CB4, and thanks again for allowing me to moc this. Well, here's some more details One last thing, in the topic title I didn't know whether to write 'Oleon' or 'Sea Rats'. Some mighty overlord may change the title if necessary. Thanks for watching
  6. Meet Olivier Thibaut. He is a farmer's boy, growing up in a remote, rural area of central Oleon. It's a quiet and beautiful place he calls his home, far away from all world's troubling affairs. But Olivier is 16 years of age, a young man, and although still a child at mind his dreams are big. He wants to be out there. He wants to see more of this world. However, Olivier is bound by his family's values and by regional traditions. 'Change' is not a favorite term of most. Yet ever since fantastic stories of new lands across the vast sea are spreading - along with rumors of all their promises, riches and adventures - all he can think of is travel - and new shores. What will the future hold for Olivier? Well, only time will tell. In fact... I will... but later Most of the freebuilds to follow will bare some connection to Olivier's story, be that by direct interaction, places visited or people met, although not from the beginning, since parts of his story are way older than the rules of BoBS, and now merging both 'worlds' will need a little time. Also, as you might guess, this is going to be an all digital approach to this venture. Rest assured however, that it is my personal challenge that everything could be build in real bricks unless stated otherwise. On that subject, in this build the tiny flag on the fort would not work, but could be replaced by a minifigure hand or whatnot. Oh, and here's a bird's view of that little scene. Thanks for watching, C&C welcome.
  7. Kolonialbeamter

    [OL - FB1] A Small Shipyard

    Hi guys, I'd like to present my first freebuild here, for the glorious Empire of Oleon. It's a small shipyard in the vicinity of the city of Breshaun. Small shipbuilding facilities such as this one have sprung up in the dozens all over Le Bellan to meet the demand for ships these days. Although being simple stations without the grandeur and vivacity of the large 'Royal Shipyards', they are a vital part of Oleon's plans for expansion in the new world. In fact they are part of the 'Royal Shipyards' system and fulfill a dual purpose. Firstly they relieve the larger facilities from both construction and maintenance of smaller vessels, freeing the hands and minds of the master shipwrights there, enabling them to focus on the planning and execution of more capital ships. But in addition, these small stations are being led by dedicated junior shipwrights single-handedly as part of a teaching program. Those that excell in the duties thrusted upon them are awarded the status of master shipwright, thus increasing the shipbuilding potential of the nation even with sparse resources. Here's some more: Hope you guys like it, C&C welcome. Vive le Roi!
  8. Join me in welcoming Kolonialbeamter another new Pirate Regulator. The pirate forum is now operating with a full complement of crew. He's going to be joining Mr. Phes, Capt. Stabbin, Captain Braunsfeld, and myself as Pirate Staff.