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Found 57 results

  1. KotZ

    The Rescue

    Hey everyone. I haven't made a comic or brickfilm in who knows how long. Anyway, at my university we had to do a project where we tell a story in 12-15 still frames and we can have sound as well. We can't edit the pictures aside from resizing in Avid and we had to use 35mm film. Just thought I'd share this with everyone. Thoughts?
  2. BrickDuck

    Multi-terrain diorama

    Hello, guys! I'm BrickDuck and i'm new to this forum ... I decided to put all my lego minifigs into one multi-terrain diorama, so i created it in two layers (on ground and underground). So me and my brother started our mini project ... (double click for enlarging photos ...) It ended like this ... On the left, you can see racers' workshop with some random racers chatting while there is Horatio Caine (CSI Miami) following some random gangster ... Next to it, there is a fire/police station with some policemen and firemen around it ... There are also some random pedestrians ... There we have a car accident and young Pepper Roni by the construction place whith two workers (twins Fred&Fred as I named them :) ... Next to construction place, there are pirates and navy soldiers ... There is a pirate jumping from the bridge, a hidden pirate on the other side, a governor and a soldier ... Under the bridge, we have Captain BlackHeart from Doug Vandegrift's Lego Pirates Movie on a boat ... Then we have the medieval part with Cedrick the Bull and Lord Vladek fighting the King and Sir Danju. There is also an old wizard ... And the last part of upper world is the snowy land with Yeti and Flex from Alpha Team series 3 ... (i'll put Ogel there soon) And now for the underground >:D There we have Adventurers searching for the Holy Grail ... There is the Space Centre on the other side separated by a wall ... There we found: Indiana Jones, Irina Spalko, Johnny Thunder, Baron von Barron and other random explorers In the space centre: Technitians, astronausts, Space Cowboy, and many droids from Star Wars :) And don't forget the Superman :) That's it! Tell us your opinion ... Have a nice day! BrickDuck
  3. I threw this together in a few days, mainly because I kept destroying it, stuck on what to build or how I wanted to build it. I really wanted to use that raised baseplate (man those things can be hard to build around) and wanted something simple, something that LEGO could market as a set (no this is not going on Cuusoo). So I present to you the Treacherous Tower Pass. A band of knights have taken over two forgotten towers and demand a toll for merchants and the like to pass through. If they do not pay or if the knights feel devious, they can send the boulders down to crush the passerbys and steal their loot. Close ups of the crenels and merlins: The scared merchant and his family: Comments and criticism are welcome!
  4. Reekardoo


    Hi! This is a new IP I've created. STAR KNIGHTS This is the set presented on cuusoo but I have more planned in the near future so stay tuned in XD Some of the Characters Hope you like it and support Cheers :D
  5. Hey all! This is my first Castle - themed MOC. I have always enjoyed this theme, as some of my first sets as a kid were Castle sets. After seeing many great MOCs and scenes from builders here, I thought I'd have a go at one. I decided to do a forestmen type creation, as they have always been a favorite LEGO faction to me. Anyway, here it is. This is the overall scene, built on a 32 x 32 base. And that's it . Thanks for viewing, and as always, C&C welcome. EDIT: More photos and full set on Flickr
  6. Here's my most recent castle MOC. Just a quick vig showcasing an arm posing technique that I came up with: Thanks for viewing! Soli Deo Gloria! :)
  7. Mark of Falworth

    Areani Knights

    Hey guys! Here are some custom figures I created a little while ago. I used quite a few Brickwarriors and BrickForge parts. Here's the story I wrote for them... The Order of Areani was founded long time ago, after King Alphundus was killed, and the three brothers split the kingdom. Prince Lorean feared the fate of his father, so he formed a special band of knights, called the Areani. These men swore to protect the prince from any danger that might threaten him. The present Order is rather numerous and wields great power within Roawia. The duties of the members are now more varied as well. and the Order's influence and power continue to expand. They field elite cohorts for the Loreesi armies, and did great service during the first swamp campaign. Fear the Order! For the Glory of Loreos!!! ____________________ The standard outfit and equipment for the members of the Areani. Wielding straight swords and round shields, their simplistic weapons hold a nasty surprise for those who would turn their backs on justice, and more importantly, on the Prince of Loreos. Their armor is perfectly designed to allow full freedom of movement, meaning they can run and fight with perfect agility and ease. Their training is the best imaginable to the point where complex maneuvers are instinctive. Whether it be the top of the highest cathedral, or the deepest darkest swamp, they know where you are. Desert scouts are the snipers, rangers, and special forces of the Order. Wielding composite bows and a variety of curved swords, javelins, and other weapons, their more unique tactics complement perfectly the Standard Areani Knights on their various missions abroad. Thanks For viewing, and have a great day!