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Found 191 results

  1. rx79gez8gundam

    Arakyd Viper Imperial Probe Droid

    Unsatisifed with any previously released example, I thought I would tackle the project and create my own MOC of this sinister looking droid. The arms articulate, and the head can rotate. Please leave feedback!
  2. LEGO still hasn't produced a decent AT-ST in minifigure scale, so I tackled the project and created my own. As usual, I used numerous available photos of the various movie models (it differed between those used in ESB and ROTJ), and the book Star Wars Complete Cross Sections. The interior holds two walker pilots with room for a third and an opening upper hatch, rotating cheek blaster and concussion missile launcher, elevating chin double cannons, rotating cockpit "head", and fully poseable legs with articulated upper and lower hips joints with 2 dimenions of range of motion, knees, ankles, and toes. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  3. rx79gez8gundam

    Seinar Fleet Systems TIE Fighter

    This is my TIE Fighter MOC, based off an enlarged solar array design of the recent LEGO Group TIE Fighter and my TIE Interceptor cockpit and pylons design. I used photos of the movie models and the book Star Wars Complete Cross Sections as well in the creation if my TIE. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  4. Yawgmoth

    PTC - Capt. Stabbin/Yawgmoth

    [pid][/pid] 247A Greetings! Well, after a nice time planning, building, getting feedback, rebuilding, and getting everything done, we finally got our entry done: The Lighthouse Guard & The Imperial Tavern Both sets were designed to match each other and make a long redcoat harbor. We decided to stick to a classic design, with some details from the new 2009 pirates wave. Both sets provides great playability by their own, but when paired, the posibilities are almost limitless! The way we decided to connect through technic pins, allows to merge both sets in several ways! promoting creativity and play value. With no other introduction, we are proud to present our entry to the Pirate Team Contest From Capt. Stabbin: The Lighthouse Guard From Yawgmoth: The Imperial Tavern I gotta say it was really fun, I'd do it again anytime, so I shall extend a BIG thanks for this idea, and the general concept of this competition!
  5. CaptMc

    Help needed with current Moc

    ]I need help with a modified imperial Flagship i'm working on. How do i attach the bow pieces at the front in LDD. I dont seem to be able to place them where they should be.. This picture should show better which part im on about
  6. pcvando

    REVIEW: 6265 Sabre Island

    [pid][/pid] Here is my Review of the System Pirates set; Sabre Island. (6265) This set was released in 1989 and features 3 Minifigures; two imperial soldiers and one officer (Lt. de Martinet as stated by Lego) This set has 92pcs. It comes with the island and a rowboat. I have even more awesome System sets on the way! Let me know what you think of it, and leave your comments below!
  7. After the disgraceful events on Bespin, the star destroyer Avenger has stopped at the Hutt moon of Nar Eurbrikka, awaiting its next mission. I found this brief time perfect to drop by the Imperial Outpost on the moon, and spend the credits I earned upon my promotion in the Imperial navy. Imperial Officer: Welcome, pilot. We have heard of your brave actions on Bespin, it's a shame that the battle was lost. I also should congratulate you on your promotion. Artizan: Thanks, officer. It is a shame indeed. I am here to make some modifications on my TIE fighter. Imperial Officer: Ah, I have to tell you that we cannot do such modifications here, it is against the imperial regulations. You may, however, want to check the local junk dealers around here. I bet they have the parts you are looking for. Artizan: That will do. Toydarian: An outlander! How can I help you? Tell me what you are looking for, I have everything!! Artizan: I am looking for a hyperdrive to upgrade my TIE fighter. Toydarian: TIE fighters are not designed to carry hyperdrives, you know, but I have something special here. It is a class-2 hyperdrive, which will fit on your starfighter. I have to tell you, it is pricey. Have you got the money to pay for it? Artizan: I have enough Imperial credits. Toydarian: Credits!? Imperial credits are no good out here. I need something more real! Artizan: Look, take these credits, or I'll have your pitiful shop closed by the imperial garrison. Toydarian: Ok ok, take it easy. Credits will do fine. As the junk dealer went on to prepare the hyperdrive parts, I overheard two Rodians talking about imperials. They must have assumed I did not know Huttese, as they were not very careful with using their tongue. Rodian 1: These imperial scum make me sick, they are everywhere! They make the business go bad. Rodian 2: I agree, brother. I lent a stormtrooper some money, he said he would pay it back after he returns from a mission on Tatooine. Rodian 1: You fool, what have you done! He won't come back, I tell you, don't make any deals with the ones going to Tatooine, they are all going to perish. Rodian 2: What do you know? Rodian 1: I have an associate on Nar Shaddaa, he works for the Black Sun. He said something about a trap on Tatooine, which will devestate both Imperials and Rebels. In fact, I am going to see him today. I have to go now, I have a meeting with him in a Nar Shaddaa bar, I don't want to be late. The Toydarian returned with the parts, I paid him the money, and quickly followed the Rodian thug's ship to Nar Shaddaa. I don't know what awaits me there... (I want this freebuild to be scored, thanks for looking!)
  8. "Trooper TX201 to Command. Do you read? My transport crashed on Tatooine and I am the only trooper left. While hunting for survivors, I stumbled into one of the planet's marshes, and I'm still there. I can see a sandcrawler on the horizon- hopefully, the Jawas will take me to the nearest city- but the swamp lies between me and the vehicle. There's a narrow strip of sand surrounded by fetid green slime. Weeds and tentacles are rising from the water and entangle the path. Please send a dropship. Repeat, please send a dropship. Dragonfire out." I heard about this challenge four days before the deadline. As I have a limited supply of bricks, am separated from most of my bricks, and do not own any of the three sets, I've built a mini-MOC featuring only 20 pieces (not counting my sigfig). I only did this because there is only one Imperial MOC so far and I want to give the Empire more of a chance than it has already (even though I'll probably only get 1 point overall ). Pieces:
  9. Well, it started off nicely, I was hitting every target they threw at me. But I had it on full thrust for too long after trying to hit an X-wing leader for what seemed an age... and overheated an ion conducting relay. That fried the circuits, and what bloody good timing! An officer happened to be coming along. After getting an earbashing, I was told not to go back in it for a week and to read up on the flight manual again. Its been such a long day Tie flight sim by Daft Vader1, on Flickr This is my first ever scenario trying to depict part of a storyline. The thought came to me trying to think what a pilot would be doing randomly in his spare time/life while on board the Death Star. Unfortunately my parts/plates etc is very limited, and so are my photo skills :( I often find it difficult trying to build something completely from scratch and so I can only apologise for the crudeness in which this appears in!
  10. Robinson

    Lone Soldier

    [pid][/pid]236C Lone soldier lives in a small watchtower which built in a reef. He keeps an eye on deserted seas. Wish you like it. Lone Soldier by Captain Robinson, on Flickr [bloggedcp][/bloggedcp]
  11. I recently stumbled on the work of Master Beef (with fries) on flickr, and his work is very impressive. Take for example his Lambda-class shuttle: Somehow he manages to interrupt the smoothness and appears to have altered some of the angles of the ‘real’ vehicle — and yet the model is unmistakeable, it looks very Star Wars-ish, and it looks refined, done with seemingly tacked-on shapes but with purpose, like good greebling. Plus there’s some very nice shaping in there. And don’t miss his other Star Wars MOCs, like his Y-wing and his 74-Z:
  12. Forbidden Cove user Purple Wolf creates this awesome little ship as his first for the Redcoat Imperial Guards. Larger, full set of photos available on the brickshelf folder.
  13. Legonardo

    6277 Imperial Trading Post Remake

    [pid][/pid]234B Hey guys! This is my entry for MOCathlon 2013 Category 8: Redesign a classic LEGO set I remade the much loved 6277 "Imperial Trading Post" from 1992. this has all the original play features (- the opening roof) and is fully modular! Brickset reference More pictures over at MOCpages Enjoy! C&C Welcome ~Legonardo
  14. Ladies and Gents, here is my first PIrate Brickfilm in 5 years! ( wow, that long already?!) It's only a test really, but i'll be making another 10-20 seconds each weekend from now on until I get bored and decide to start a bigger project Brickfilm ( I already have the idea in my head, basing it off the Lego Pirate comic) Anyways, without further ado, here it is! Please tell me what you think and what I could improve on it. Getting a new camera is not really an option at the moment, so excuse the camera quality :p EDIT: Dagnabbit,,, I posted it to the wrong place >< could an administrator please fix this? sorry...

    TIE fighter into TIE interceptor !

    This is my custom TIE interceptor based off the new tie fighter kit 9492. I used most of the kit and a few pieces from my small collection. Let me know what you think of it or what u think should be changed to be more movie accurate! enjoy UPDATE**** i redesigned the wing to look more accurate photos upload
  16. Axle

    The Grimm Galleon

    This here is a ship I built just before my dark ages, about 5 or 6 years ago. I'm calling it the Grimm Galleon because it is a very depressing looking ship :P With it originally, the only minifigure was the Bluecoat with the Morion helmet, on a lonely 6 year voyage through the dark ages. Grim! Also, sorry for the bad image quality, I have yet to set up a proper place to take photos of things. Here's a view of the back of the boat, it seems the sail supports are slightly off :s there's 3 chests in behind the steering wheel, ready for pillaging! Here's a view into the cannons and the lower deck. Again, this ship isn't exactly a work of art, it's the last thing I made before my dark ages :p This is the Captain, who is just the Shakesperian actor from the collectible minifig series, with a peg leg and bicorne. He looks despairingly out across the blue oceans, Here's the final shot of the ship,... where it looks it's best. Pretend the Jolly Roger is a different flag, please! Anyways, I just wanted to get some pictures of this up here before I take it apart and build a different ship, probably based off the Carribean Clipper. Thanks for looking :) Please give me some constructive criticism!