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Found 191 results

  1. Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I hope so. On Cuusoo, Paulwiseone and myself have designed several updated TIE variants, designed to match the 2012 TIE fighter model. I am trying to drum up support for these models in the hope that Lego pays attention and starts building more of the imperial fighters into their Lego Star Wars lineup. Please check them out, and if you like them, support them. Thank you. :-) TIE Interceptor: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/31941 TIE Bomber: TIE Advanced x1: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/21227 TIE Avenger: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/33269 TIE Defender: http://lego.cuusoo.c...deas/view/33270
  2. Kenway

    [MOC] Imperial Cargo

    Just a small and quick MOC of three imperial cargo crates. Was hoping to create a imperial underground warehouse once i have ordered more parts and create a lot more of these. Please post any photos of your designs like this or relating to this topic and any suggestions.
  3. Hi guys, So this is my Moc of a imperial carrier. (my apology for the bad quality of the picture and my english...) This is a support ship in the army of the empire. he can deploy more drop ship, soldier , tie figher and more than a star destroyer and can support infantry on ground with is orbital cannon... front view hangar view (and orbital cannon) side view engine view I take the exemple of this ship to do it.
  4. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 9.2] "Black Sunshine"

    Please Judge this Freebuild Edit: AHHH! Just realized a part fell off before the photoshoot...Please imagine its there! Or Imagine it broke in a fight, and that's what the Imperial Patrol is for The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Evac Escape A Quick Transaction "Black Sunshine" After having missions involving the Black Sun, Beltar finally clocked in enough hours to get some alone time on his home, Coruscant. Beltar’s grandfather was a wealthy political figure in the Republic, but he had got involved in various crime syndicates over the years, he left a bulk of his possessions to his son, including a nearly mint BNTLY-1948 air speeder, one of the rarest, commonly used among the Skull Crime Syndicate back in the day, Beltar assumed this is how this one came into his possession…But first, he had to stop at his old friends, Mak’s, garage shop to pick her up… Mak: Back on Coruscant, eh old friend? I kept ‘er in the best condition I could…Was a trouble to find the parts you was missin’ Beltar: Ha! Good to see you too, always nervous, weren’t you. I’ll give you a check for all those pieces you had to acquire later, the salary of a medical officer in the empire at my level isn’t the best! Also…how many times did you taker her for a spin Mak…? I know you would… Mak: Your salary is probably better than mine down here, in these parts… And uh… Perhaps more than once… It’s a long story, but the thing is that she’s alright right now…! I was surprised that it was in the good condition that you brought it to me in! Beltar: Yea, well my good ol’ grandad loved his air speeders. Sometimes more than us. But, he got involved in some bad people, after the air speeder was shot down, he was killed, by a Corouscant gang, but surprisingly the thing was left in okay condition! Mak: You know the gang’s used to call these babies Black Sunshine’s back in the day, my father told me about it. Because apparently the Black Sun controlled the BNTLY Speeder Inc, and they sold modified ones to their partners, and rigged ones to their rivals… Beltar: I guess I learn something new every day, whether it be how to save a life or something about the Sun’s. Anyways, I should get going, vacations don’t come often! Mak: Aight ol friend! Perhaps later, I can buy you a drink! Same time as before? Beltar: Of course! Later than day while Beltar went for a ride on some familiar streets that he hasn’t seen since he joined the academy… He drove by the Falcon district, near the Eagle Bar… Something clicked in Beltar’s head. This area was controlled by the Skull Crime Syndicate, and the crate he shipped earlier this month…had the symbol of the Eagle Bar, a known hangout of the Skull C.S… As he noticed this, he spotted an air speeder out of the corner of his eye, and of course, they noticed him. And another light went off in his head, he then remembered he had seen one of them while delivering the crate, he must’ve been there to spy on the Imperials… “Gotta warn Sarge later,” Beltar muttered under his breath. And suddenly, shots fired, a chase started. Beltar knew he had to lose the Skull’s somehow, since the BNTLY-1942 was one of the smallest models built from BNYLY Speeders Inc., he saw a slight chance of fitting into the street, and he could get into alleys easier this way… Beltar: “Just a little lower, come on…” “COME ON BOYS, SHOOT HIM! YOUR AIMS IS WORSE THAN STORMIES!” “Yea, yea, yea, bossman, we got this!” “You’re all idiots….Keep firing…” “Aw, almost got him! Watch out for pedestrians though!” “SERIOUSLY? WE CAN”T LET HIM GET AWAY!” “Why bossman?” “That’s the Imp I saw on N.E.! And that’s Mr. Beltar’s BNTLY somehom!….Ha, coincidences! Lovely, lovely thing!” "Yea! We'll get 'im!" “Run! Run for our lives!” “Move! Outta my way!” “No respect for bystanders!” “THAT VIOLATES 11 CODES!” Sarge: “Wait. Is that Beltar?” “Maybe Imperials? Gotta run!” Shortly after this event, Beltar managed to lose the Skull’s through a tight alley maze, the engines where almost shot, and Beltar knew he was going to have to get this speeder fixed again. Hopefully the Skull’s don’t come looking for Mak’s Garage…or Beltar… This time, I tried to write far more than my other freebuild, because that wasn’t the best build or story wise at all. I also get better photographs! Anyways, hope you liked the build and story! C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  5. Murdoch17

    Imperial Space Ships - real life

    (Moderators, please note: These ships are inspired by Star Wars vehicles / sets , but they are not linked to star wars in any other way. As such, please do not move this thread to Star Wars forum. Thank you!) also, sorry for the blurry pictures. These are the best I could do. The Nevermore was commissioned in 2009 as the second ship of the "Vanguard" class of Star Cruiser. The ship's only sister vessel, the Usher, was destroyed in 2010 by a Blacktron strike force while the Nevermore was just a skeleton-frame and a yard number. (The Usher was enroute to the Unknown Regions to confront a Fleet of Blacktron ships headed for the Imperial shipyards, located on the world of Titan IV) The Nevermore was finished at lightning speed and was launched the week before the Blacktron arrived in May 2011, and soundly beat the Blacktron fleet with the help of a prototype Ion Cannon attached to Titan IV's surface. After chasing the Blacktron from the sector, the ship was christened the Nevermore by his Imperial Highness himself, with it's symbol being the Raven. In August 2012, the ship set off with orders to join up with the Imperial frigate Lenore and two Assault Carriers named the Avenger, and the Impervious (among with several dozen support ships and fighters) to from the Home Fleet. Name: Nevermore Owner: Lego Empire Model: Vanguard Class Star Cruiser Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 16 Twin Ion Engines (TIE) Max Speed: 1,850 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 60% speed of light The Nevermore features 16 engines. As you may have guessed, this ship is a modified version of set 9515: the Malevolence made into Imperial Gray-scale. The command bridge of the Nevermore features Admiral Oswald Lyons seat (on the right) with Lt. Commander Eliza Burnside (top seat) and Doctor Andrew Sinister (bottom seat) Right: Admiral Oswald Lyons Middle: Dr. Andrew Sinister Left: Lt Commander Eliza Burnside The Lenore was built during the last Blacktron War in late 2010. It was built with an experimental engine system which super-charged the regular TIE reactor into a BO-TIE ultra-reactor. This will make the regular Twin Ion Engine obsolete... once all the kinks are worked out with the design. Until such time, the cream of the crop in reactor technicians and their associated equipment are stationed on the Lenore should anything go wrong. This ship can go faster at light-speed than the Nevermore, though it trundles along at slower speed when not at full throttle. (It's sort of like a conventional turbine: works well at full speed but it's not so fuel efficient at lower speeds) Anyway, the Lenore is currently stationed in the Home Fleet the Star Cruiser Nevermore with two Assault Carriers named the Avenger, and the Impervious, among with several dozen support ships and fighters. Name: Lenore Owner: Lego Empire Model: Poe Class frigate Designer: Imperial Design Dept. Manufacturer: Imperial Shipyards Engines: 3 Boosted Output Twin Ion Engines (BO-TIE) Max Speed: 1,300 MPH Max Hyper Speed: 65% speed of light rear view featuring the 3 BO-TIE engines. Right: Captain Patricia Romanov Middle: Dr. Edward Jekyll Left: Lt. Commander Landon Williams Both the Nevermore (top) and the Lenore (bottom) are in scale with each other. ...and here is the symbol of the mighty LEGO Empire. Well, that's all for now. What do you think? Comments, Questions, & Complaints are welcome!
  6. Ahoy Mateys! I have redesigned my favorite set from childhood, 6263 Imperial Outpost for Turklug Redesign Contest. Hope you like it too. 6263 Imperial Outpost 1 More @
  7. My oldest son has really gotten into legos like I did as a kid, and we have pulled out all of my old legos from the 80s and 90s which includes a few ships like the 6271 Imperial Flagship, Renegade Runner, and Imperial Trading post. He got into the Pirates of the Caribbean so we have the Black Pearl and Queen Anne's Revenge too. My son told me that he has lots of Pirates, but not enough imperial/British ships to make it a fair fight! We have recently built quite a few custom kits from, so I thought there might be custom ship builders out there or at least instructions to buy. I thought that something like this might be a good solution, but it turned out to be way too big and fragile to be playable, and I wasn't happy with the lack of the tumblehome technique that I saw while browsing these forums. 20150703_111506 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr I found Sebeus's masterpieces to be absolutely perfect and his HMS Marianne has become my goal. http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=71195 So I've taken apart the monstrosity I had built, and I'm trying to figure out how to replicate some of these amazing techniques from Sebeus and others. Being completely new to doing this without full instructions, it is a steep learning curve. Sebeus suggested that I make my own thread to get some pointers from the community so I can reach this goal of a playable and sleek Pirate killer. Here are a few pics and some comments on what I'm struggling with. Please feel free to offer critiques of my building work and posting. I am trying to build each section independently and then attach it to the hull. I've had to go back and completely break down sections and build it in place to get things to line up. I'm not entirely settled on what approach will work best for me here. 20150703_210350 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr Tying together these gaps in the structure are really stumping me at the moment. There is a little gap between the sides of the ship and the interior deck and a big section i need to figure out between the very front which ended up at a higher elevation than the rest of the deck. 20150712_191039 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr Overall, I'm liking the shape of the tumblehome but I'm a little worried about there being too much of a gap. 20150712_191030 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr Once again, please help push me in the right direction... I'm a big boy and can handle it, I just want to learn. Thanks, Adam EDIT: Here is the (initial) completed ship! 20150816_163144 by adam_beck_bell, on Flickr
  8. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 8.3] First Camp

    Please Judge this build! The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice “Here we go again…” Sorry markus, Rebel trooper again. The build/story: Beltar and his team have just landed after getting shot down before arriving at the drop zone, due to this delay the team sets up a camp at a later time. 2200 (10PM) Log: Nest Alpha (First Camp) is up, setting up Communications Beacon now. Beltar: So, Sarge, I don’t think all of us are going to fit in that tent over there… Sarge: Well, we are takin’ shifts kid, we always do. We don’t have enough supplies nor people to get anymore up. We lost our second tent in the drop...Poor souls… Because of our current predicament, team Two is moving as we speak. They have to make more ground because the missing medical team is farther. Beltar: Hmm…Sarge, how long do we have till the men we are rescuing, well, d--? Sarge: Best not to think about that son. Beltar: Alright, so with this setback we are, how many days behind schedule? Sarge: 2 Days behind schedule. Rodrick is setting up the coms over there, so that our ships don’t pick us up too early. Rodrick: Aight’, Borry, this things all powered up now, I’ve just sent a level 7 encrypted message to the fleet about 2 systems out. Boris: Dumb it down a bit Roddy! Rodrick: Alright: The fleet now knows that we are behind schedule. Boris: K, I’ll deliver the news to Sarge. *Boris comes over to the fire and takes a seat after removing his helmet and putting his blaster aside* Boris: Alright, so the fleet now knows that we are behind schedule. So, when are we starting are campin’ ritual…..? Sarge: Not today Boris…If you do that, you’re telling that to Kirk. Boris:…Nah, on second thought, we won’t do that today… Kirk: *Snore* *Snore* *Snore* Boris: yeah… I’m not going over there. He’s protective of that ‘MP while he’s sleeping. Sarge: Yeah, yeah, and yeah. Wait, wait. I’m getting a signal from our scout. “Sir, I just checked the wreckage, the pilots are dead. Other supplies from the men who were shot down mid-jump are either burnt beyond use, too heavy, or pulverized.” Sarge: Roger that, come back to Nest Alpha. “Well, I see something that else that may be of interest to us, I’ve found what looks like a Rebel Flak tower with maybe four or five guards around it. Permission to take it out?” Sarge: Permission Granted. Sarge out. Indianaan Jeans: Hey everyone look, I’m an Imperial! Mastrach: Hahaha! Great scot man! The resemblance is totally uncanny!!! Remey: Stop foolin’ around down there! I’m tryin’ to work up here! Mastrach: Fine mate! But we gotta pass the time somehow! Remey: We gotta pass the time somehow… Mastrach: Wait, I got something on me scanner! Scout: Surprise Rebel scum! Indianaan Jeans: *Wilhelm Scream* Pilot: Yearhhhhgg! Mastrach: Come one, load gun, load! Scout: Too late! Mastrach: Ksshzz Remey: Wait, we can strike a dea--__ “Target neutralized” Sarge: “Okay, come back now, so you can get your rest.” “Alright, one second, I need to pay some respect to fallen comrades. Poor Souls.” Beltar: What does he mean by paying his respects? Sarge: Well, if we ever find a fallen Imperial, we try to do something to honor them in one way or another. He must have found something there… Poor Souls. Beltar: Saddening isn’t it. That the Rebels think that all Imperials are bad, when most of us are just following orders. Or the fact that they shot down an I.M.E.S (Imperial Medical Evacuation Ship) which had about two guns, which didn’t fire till they fired at us. Returning fire is protocol. And we needed to survive that to try to save some lives. Sarge: Agreed. Sometimes, I wonder if being on the Empire is truly the best job for people like us. Of course, there are the ‘bad’ and ‘evil’ Imperials, but as you said, most of us are just following orders…Following orders….Like droids almost… Alright, I’ll take first watch! Everyone else, in the tent or somewhere or do something. And Rod, stay out of the storage tent this one time please. Rodrick: I won’t do it again! Hopefully! No promises though… Sarge: Wonderful. We move out between 0500 and 0600. Got it? (Everyone) Got it Sarge! Sarge: Kirk? *Loud Snore* More pictures in the spoiler! (Because I take to many ) Hope you enjoyed this chapter in Beltar’s story, just trying to move my story along before the next episode! (While using one of my last 2 freebuilds and I think the episode is coming out soon I think) C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  9. Commander Beltar

    [SoNE 8.2] "Here We Go Again..."

    Edit: Please judge! The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition Target Practice *Imagine that the white background is sky where necessary (Still not too good at GIMP.)* The Build/Story: After some target practice, and a mission briefing, Beltar’s squad and one other squad where dropped off by Medical SSD Massacre and Medical Research ISD, Bludgeon. Once Savior One and Two were in the atmosphere: (On board Savior 1) Sarge: Here we go again. Another drop. Nervous aren't you, of course you are, first time you're gonna be jumping out of a ship... Beltar: Yeah…Also because I read the report of what Weisson is supposed to be doing down there… Sarge: That rebel base? Don’t worry. We won’t be going anywhere near that thing. I hope. *Pilot over Comm* This is your captain speaking. I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that we will be over the drop zone in T-Minus 20 minutes. The bad news is: I got one scary a** Rebel gun pointing at us. We are gonna have to start the drop sooner. I’m surprised that they’d shoot at two more ships with red crosses on the sides. Sarge: Cooper? Is that even possible? We were supposed to be far away from that. *Pilot* Yeah…We are…but that’s one heckuva cannon…Also Savior 2 has been hit, and has begun the drop. *Explosison* *Pilot* Woah! We're hit. What was that back there? Sarge: Uh, Rom ain’t comin down with us… Beltar: Well there he goes… He’s kinda dead now… *Pilot* Well that’s great. One hull breach and part of our shield was hit, along with Searchlight 1, even though we are dropping during the day. Sarge: Just try to get us a little closer! *Pilot* Alright, Savior 2 has just confirmed that all crew but the copilot is off, ‘cause the pilot is dead. And Malcom is putting her down. And I gotta get Kirk and the MP on the ground now. Opening Ramp at the same time. Sarge: Roger that Cooper…Knew you guys probably wouldn’t make it home… Begin drop sequence Gamma-Alpha Four. Also, inform Kirk to pull the shute a little earlier so we don't waste another hour like last time greasing up the joins from the force of landing... *Pilot* Haha! Will do Sarge. Beltar: What do you mean Sarge? By both those things? Sarge: Gamma-Alpha Four means the front jumps first, cause their gonna get hit first from a cannon. And normally, our pilots don’t make it home. Cooper has had a streak of five missions. I think his luck is up, he was good while he lasted. Beltar: Can’t he jump? Sarge: We don’t have enough supplies, and pilots are not trained for the field. Also, he has to set her down in the right place… The troops started filing one by one to the back. The scout with snipers and a light jetpack, Scourge with a stretcher, Boris with a stretcher, and Rodrick, carrying the tent and a couple other supplies. Most of the blasters and other supplies were stored on Savior 2, which was completely cleared before going down besides the co-pilot. Sarge: Move it along men, move it. Rodrick: Ah, poor Rom. Boris: Well let’s get a move on you slow scout! Scout: One sec, waiting for the right balance.. Boris: Oh come on! MOVE already! Beltar: They always like this during a drop? Sarge: They know we may be going down soon, they want to get off faster, before that happens. Boris: Alright boys, let’s make mom and dad proud. Jumpin’ into a zone while being shot at takes some courage...Also I'm last off" Scout: Well good Ol’ Boris, you a coward? Boris: Ah shut up, I’m always out last for section one, and you know that punk. Scout: Fine, let’s jump! Boris: See you down there Beltar and Sarge. Good luck on your decent! Geronimo! Beltar: see you down there… Sarge: Have a good flight! *Pilot* This is your captain speaking. Cabin 2 is lost, all crew in cabin two are dead from what I can see over my cam, so Beltar and Sarge, your turn. Better do it quick, I feel like that gun is getting a lock on us… Beltar: Come on! What are you waiting for sir! Sarge: I’m jammed! Beltar Go Go Go! Get off while you can! Beltar: Not leaving without you Sarge. Sarge: Come on lad, pull for cryin out loud! Pull! Beltar: Well you gotta push you know! Sarge: I AM! In about 15 seconds of pushing and pulling, it became unjammed, and Sarge rose up quickly to get his gear. Sarge: Alright, let’s go. Beltar: Agreed. *Pilot* This is your co-pilot speaking. Cooper is down, and I suggest you boys get off fast! See you on the other side. GO GO GO GO N--…. *Boom* Sarge: RUN! Beltar: I’m running, I’m going! Sarge: Now or never Beltar, we are higher than we are supposed to be but we got— Ah, jumping already… Beltar: I think I’d rather jump! Pilot Log: More Pictures in this spoiler. Bonus, I liked this one, so I didn't delete it, but I also didn't want to use it for the story pictures. This build was more of a filler, and to get my story moving, so that I can use my last 3 freebuilds, and to try to finish this arc before the next episode comes out... Hope you enjoyed, and as always, C and C welcome! ~Beltar
  10. James Wellington

    Imperial Armada Trading Post

    Hello all! I haven't done any builds in a while, so one day when I was looking at some images of lego trading posts, I decided to make my own. I noticed I built stuff for my Bluecoats and Redcoats, but nothing for my Imperial Armada/Spanish. So, I decided to borrow the figures and flag from the Armada Flasghip and build a small trading post! Here we go. The frontal view of the trading post (excuse the slight slant of the pic). It features 5 minifigures, a rowboat with unloading cargo, a dock with an upper and lower part and a dock lamp. Spanish Captain talks to Merchant, other merchant starts to unload his cargo. A Armada soldier guards on top of the Trading Post. Imperial Armada Trading Post by James McGill, on Flickr Top view of the soldier, flag and cargo barrels on the top. Imperial Armada Trading Post 2 by James McGill, on Flickr Top pops off and reveals the interior which features a small table with a cup and two maps. It can fit a minifigure. Imperial Armada Trading Post interior by James McGill, on Flickr Lastly, the side view of the build. The Captain talks to the Merchant. There is a good look at the lamp and the cargo, and the side of the trading post. Imperial Armada Trading Post side by James McGill, on Flickr Thanks for reading!
  11. With the arrival of the new Tydirium set, I know most of you will not be impressed with this creation, however I am pretty proud of how it came out because the actual set, even though its certainly looks more detailed, is way too big compared to the rest of my collection and I already have all the SW vehicles I would ever want and wont deliver my self to the hype of buying just about every updated version of what I already have because it doesn't fit the scale (they are not actually to scale but don't look oversized or dwarfed beside each other). I always wanted to have the official set released back then but never could manage to get it, I eventually got a landing craft but it was way below my expectations, so I dismantled and rebuilt it multiple times until I got some other useful bricks that helped me to complete a custom version of my cherished ship, later I made some improvements and finally completed this build to achieve the size and sturdiness I wanted, its still not perfect but is quite close to what I had in mind and can sit beside my AT-AT and some old modified TIE fighters without bothering me (I am a little obsesive, you know ). 03 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 05 by Nom Carver, en Flickr The cockpit is basically the same of the landing craft, I tried some other designs of cockpits but non stud up to my requirements of seize and shape, however this one flows with the fuselage good enough. 14 by Nom Carver, en Flickr The dorsal wing is also held tightly thanks to some ideas borrowed from the T-16 and the Tydirium, I would have used white beams but grey will do fine for now, and this also helps to break the white monotony. 15 by Nom Carver, en Flickr The side wings swivel very swiftly but are tight enough to keep them in position. 12 by Nom Carver, en Flickr It also features a turret on the rear and access to the interior with room for the emperor and one royal guard, it could fit even four troops with slight mods but I like it just like it is. 07 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 09 by Nom Carver, en Flickr 10 by Nom Carver, en Flickr Comments and criticism are welcome, I hope you liked it.
  12. Spud The Viking


    Hello, A little something I whipped up out of my small parts collection; Lego AT-ST by Tom Gray, on Flickr Comments welcome! Thanks for viewing
  13. Last week I bought two 75078 Imperial Troop Transports, because one can never have too many stormtroopers. I wasn't too pleased with the vehicle build and decided to rebuild the two of them into one transport, more faithful to the series/comics/etc. I managed to get close enough using only, 5 or so extra parts, 4 of which are 2x8 slopes, and one of which is a 6x16 plate that it's all built on. There are a few unused parts left over. To be more accurate it's missing the front guns and rear turret, however I will probably revise it to add them. The interior can hold about 5 figures in awkward seating positions, and there's no interior details at the moment. The lower half of the doors are 1x2 bricks which need to be taken out for the 'door' to be fully open. Probably will change that for a full door built out of plates on a hinge.
  14. The story so far: First Day Aboard the Avenger At The Table-Before The Storm Rescue Mission Reassigned Eliminating The Competition The Build/Story: After being reassigned and lots of delivering the podracer, along with lots logistics and paperwork from Tatooine, Beltar finally got into an AT-MP as his new Staff Sargent had promised. Even though Beltar read the manual multiple times, it was still nearly alien to him. Though, in a few long minutes, he finally got the hang of it. Beltar: “Sarge, what kind of medical purpose does this thing have?” Sarge: “Uh, cover fire? Kid, just do it…” Beltar: “Instructions? Anything? Just fire at the wall?” Sarge: “No, there are some targets that will appear in a minute, hit them all as fast as you can, if you miss them, they will loop back at the end. Please don't pull an Ol ‘Kerkerold’ He blew up half the facility. That’s when we decided to lock all missiles during training…” Beltar then received the green signal that the loop had been started. Beltar’s eyes watched trough the small window for the slightest movement. Then suddenly, he realized that it wasn't a moving target, but a bright red dot! He hit one, then another one. And they stayed lit. “Two-in-a-row, nice. I shouldn't get cocky yet though…” Beltar thought to himself. Sarge: Huh, two-in-a-row. Kirk, this kid may have some use yet . Captain Kirk: Aye, don't speak too soon though, a lot can go wrong… Like Ol’ K- Beltar: I can hear you two you know. Sarge: Focus on the targets! Meanwhile, an Imperial Adjustment Agency Officer* (IAA) watches on, with his two elite guards, they assess the surrounding troops at Bay 27 for possible relocation, reassignment, or to be relieved of duty. IAA Officer: Some of these boys are sloppy. Perhaps they can be ‘reassigned’ to a better location…” Guard 1: Agreed sir. Guard 2: Sir, I do not see what you mean. IAA Officer: Just listen to them! Stormtrooper 1: Hey Boris, do you think Beltar will pull an Ol’ Kerkerold? Boris: Nah, I was with him for a mission on Tatooine, seems like a good guy, he should do this. Oh! Two-in-a-row! I’ll take those 50 credits now. After this, I’ll grab a set of sabacc by the way. Stormtrooper 2: This is so boring. Even a janitor duty would be better...Especially if this guy blows up the walls... IAA Officer: That one, could be relocated to janitor duty. But their Sergeant and the one named Kirk are good at their job here, they can stay as well as this Boris character, others can move. But this Beltar. This Beltar shows promise. He may be useful in the future, oh there’s four-in-a-row now. He may be very, very useful. I shall write a path for him and file it to the IAA myself. Pending approval from the board of course. Guard 1: This doesn’t have to do with the fact that Beltar is your so- IAA Officer: Quiet. That is a private matter. He may be even better at my old job that I had late in the Clone Wars, except re-outfitted with an improved version of the suit of course, we shall wait for at least two months for that hopefully. Now let’s leave this area of the facility to judge the rest of the troops, then we shall return to Coruscant. Guard 1 and 2: Sir, yes sir. During the IAA discussion, Beltar managed to get a six-in-a-row before missing the 7th and 8th out of the ten causing an actual loop to happen, but he did complete it on the 2nd round. Epilogue: (Beltar has just gotten down from the AT-MP) Sarge: You did a great job so- (Commlink Buzzes) Uh-hu, command, this is SS-4459 reporting, I’ll get our team ready. Beltar, Admiral, no Commander Wiesson and two squadrons of stormtroopers just lost contact with us. From their last transmission, sounds like a rebel ambush. Boris! Get the squad ready. Beltar, follow me. Beltar: Admiral Wiesson? I know him, a good friend of mine, we have to get there, we got to get him out of there! Sarge: First, he’s now a commander. Second, let me finish. They just sent one medical team down already. They are now missing too. We are to search for survivors and get out of there ASAP. Looks like there will be some lower bunks available after this…I’ll brief the rest of the squad, you get the pilots ready. Beltar:...Understood sir... Sarge: Look, this Wiesson is your friend, if he is still alive, we will do anything we can to save him and any remaining men. I don’t like losing good men to rebels. Get to the hangar and inform the pilots. NOW! Beltar then scurried off and informed the pilots of the upcoming drop. They loaded an AT-MP on and prepared tents, stretchers, supplies…and wingsuits. “What on earth are they going to use those for?” Beltar thought to himself. More Pictures in the spoiler below. Thanks for reading! C and C welcome! Hope you like it! This is actually one of the biggest MOCS I've ever built or posted on eurobricks... Also, the story isn't that great, for two reasons: 1: I don't have enough time since I still have to write 2 more threads today.. and 2: I don't really know what else to add, this build is more like a bridge which will allow me to develop Beltar's story further. This was a wip for at least a month and a half. Then it was completed for the last half month, but I didn't have a good camera, but now I do! I hinted about a lot of different things in this build… ~Beltar Edit: Forgot to Mention that Markus's build gave some inspiration. IAA* Fake Imperial Military Branch, may have importance later…
  15. Hello Eurobricks members and web crawlers alike. Let's review a set that I feel isn't getting near enough love this wave: the Imperial Troop Transport 75078. USD $12.99 CAN $15.99 UK $11.99 GER €16.99 FRA €14.99 Product Description: Track down the rebels on planet Lothal with the armored LEGO Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport battle pack. Issue your Stormtroopers with stud shooters, load them up and get ready to deploy. If they come under attack, jump onto the roof and fire the dual flick missiles from the turret to send the rebels running for cover! Includes 4 Stormtrooper minifigures with assorted weapons. Includes 4 Stormtrooper minifigures with assorted weapons Imperial Troop Transport features a dual flick missile turret and space for 4 Stormtroopers and their weapons Also includes extra ammunition Weapons include 4 stud shooters Load up the troops and track down some rebels Man the turret and fire the flick missiles Store the extra ammunition in the storage box with handles Expand your LEGO® Star Wars collection with this great battle pack As featured in the Star Wars: Rebelsanimated TV series Imperial Troop Transport measures over 3” (8cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide I wanted to do a review of this set because I think it's an all-around keeper - a well rounded battlepack with some great value. It's also going somewhat unnoticed in a wave with more exciting designs and figures. It's true this kit is only 4 of the same figure, but in my opinion it's a solid figure to have four of. If any moderator wants to add a poll, be my guest. Otherwise, feel free to reply with your impression of the set. Here's the front of the box, standard 2014-2015 wave "Rebels" grey/orange. And the back. Love the four-shot at the top right. The contents: Here are the stars of the show - the Star Wars: Rebels-era Stormtroopers. From what I've read the printing/grill on the front of the trooper mask is a cause of some protest for Lego Star Wars fans - some say it's too grinnish, distorted and unfamiliar. We'll get to that later. All four troopers are identical, except two of them have a different facial expression. Here's the troopers' backs. And with the stud shooters, which although I agree are somewhat not-so-great for minifigs, have had success recently integrating them onto ships and vehicles. Here are some steps throughout the build, which is surprisingly more time consuming than it looks. And that's the whole Imperial Troop Transport. Does it look like the real one? Sorta. With that economy of pieces? Certainly. But... it's small. It's actually around the right height... about as high as a person standing, a bit taller. On the show, there are three placements on both sides for troopers to ride in (or prisoners to be transported in) and this model only has two per side. Big drawback: there's no interior. But I guess the general shape is represented with pretty small pieces and simple slopes. If you can squeeze those 4 studs into the crate, great. Slide the cargo crate in the middle (always nice to have more of those) and the troopers pit more or less easily into their placements. If they are holding guns, particularly stud shooters, it is cumbersome to align them in properly. Very few spare pieces left over, but I do like me some extra x1 white round studs. You can turn them into jogan fruit. :D All together, here's the side view... ... and the front. Neither side is a beauty, these ITT blobs look best at an angle. It's a surprisingly sturdy build though, all together. Here's a look at the underside. This kit comes with enough 1x2 trans clear bricks to make some people happy... about 6 or so in total I think. Here are a couple of my improvements: First of all, give these troopers some proper blasters. Second, that turret on top doesn't look right. Not a fan of the flick fires on something so small. So with two black lightsaber hilts, I switched around the turret a bit in the hopes that it looks a *tiny* bit more screen-accurate. Ratings: Personally, I love this kit because the price is great for the number of troopers you get... and I don't mind the Rebels-era stormtrooper helmet variant. Some people do, though. They don't like the shape of the mouth and I can understand that. I'd also read that some don't like how pronounced the blue grill details are on the sides of the mask. Well here's a bit of a perspective: I have a number of "vintage" stormtroopers from various sets all the way back to 1999 and the printing on stormtroopers then was terrible. Here's a comparison: Yes, there's a huge gap in printing between the "teeth" of about a dozen of my Millennium-era troopers (above, right) and it looks sad. I have all of them assigned to the bowels of the Death Star and on board the ISD so that most people don't see them. Compared to these old dudes... four troopers for fifteen bucks, IMO this kit is a no-brainer. Snap these up on sale! I plan to get at least two more next sale and then I'll store some away for future gifts. I can only hope that the episode 7 kits coming out are this generous in an offering - 4 troopers for $15 is a great deal. You can never have too many troopers. ;) Can you? Parts: 9/10 Decent! These are useful slopes and bricks in grey, a few clear pieces and grey plates. You could probably do a lot with this pile of pieces. Price 10/10 Absolutely stellar. Bring a shopping cart when these are on sale... unless you only can stand pure original trilogy stormtroopers. Build 8/10 It's okay... I built two of these and got lost briefly both times because the pieces looked so similar. Again, the flick fires make me crazy and I had to tweak it right away. Design 7/10 Scale wise: the size of the transport compared with the AT-DP is pretty close to what we have in the show. There is criticism to be leveled here, though. Looking at the wide berth of the transport in the show I think better pieces could have been chosen to create the round front. And I know it needed to be a certain price point but... I dunno. Take out the stud shooters and make it a full stud wider? I would have enjoyed an ITT at a $25 or $30 price point but I'm expecting some clever MOC'ers here to come up with something. Minifigures - 10/10 Awesome. The reason I am doing this review is to give this sweet, misunderstood set for what it is - a battlepack for Imperial Troopers that hasn't been matched since 7667 Imperial Drop Ship back in good old 2007 (OMG it was USD $9.99). I won't ding points for the helmet because it is meant to be a representation of troopers from Star Wars Rebels... and that's how they look. And sometimes It's great to get four-of something in a battlepack instead of two you want... and two you don't. Playability- 9/10 This is a pretty solid set, it looks okay without troopers, great with them loaded and there's a Lothal vibe where they're parked. It's solid and is easy to handle and manipulate. Overall 9/10 My final thought... run and don't walk the next day these babies are on sale. As a Canadian AFL, there aren't that many sets that I feel are of such good value even at regular retail price. If you like the Rebels Troopers, now's your chance to really expand your imperial army. Feel free to add your comments, ratings and why. You can, of course, re-enact some rad battle scenes on top of these transports: "Your master has deceived you into thinking you can become a Jedi..." Rebels Season two can't come soon enough!
  16. GeneralWashington420

    MOC - The Imperial Canal

    The Imperial Army has built a canal passing through a larger island. The exit and entrances are guarded by Military outposts with few soldiers stationed in them. It's not the best, but I thought it turned out nice. Enjoy!
  17. James Wellington

    [MOC] Imperial Fort Point Terran

    Hello all! I've been building, rebuilding and adding to this build for quite a while. I built this fort because I recently got some of the new bluecoat sets, and I got the Bluecoat fort, and I thought it was a bit unfair for my Redcoats for not having a fort at all. So I made one. I would've posted this MOC sooner, but due to lack of water pieces, the MOC wasn't complete. Yesterday, I got enough water pieces to fill up the ocean part of the MOC. The Fort is not based off of anything really, I didn't use any pictures to build it, I sort of just built it. *Note* Although I'm posting it as complete, I'd really like some further suggestions, and the chances are I will add to the fort as I get more Bricks, maybe even expanding it or something. So if you have any suggestions/comments or even criticism, PLEASE share it. This is my first fort, and my 3rd Pirate MOC. Now, let's see the fort. Here is Fort Point Terran. Fort1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Here is the front view of the fort. Do note, in some pictures the lighting may be a bit strange so please, forgive me. We have the front of the small fort, along with some rock the fort was built into. Off to the left, we see the Governor's rowboat arriving. Fort2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr A close-up of the rocks. A fort's officer, and one of my favourite redcoat awaits the Admiral. Fort3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr The back of the fort. The Fort's only cannons are at the back. I think it looks pretty good. Fort4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr "The Governor's arrival". Here's a good look at the water. A fair mix of clear, dark and light blue bricks. Fort5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr The left side of the fort. A parrot looks around, well sitting on the fort's wall. A bit more of the rocky wall, only a bit lighter. Fort6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Okay, I don't see how the men can do this everyday. A super small space, with the fort's ammunition supply, cannons, soldiers, small "jail" and the Commander's table. Fort7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Another view. Fort8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lastly, the overview of the fort. My personal favourite picture that depicts the fort, It shows the whole interior. Well, I've hope you've enjoyed. I will continue building forts, ships and vignettes for pirates. Please, tell me what you think, i'd love to know how to fix/update or expand the fort, or just see you opinion. Thanks for reading!
  18. This model was inspired by Scotnick1 and his Maithwaite Station model from "The Railway Series", also known as "Thomas and Friends". Here is a album of his with the original station in it: The station features a five track long platform, which can be retracted to a minimum of three tracks by removing the two side segments. More sections can be added to increase the length to whatever you need, with removable end-caps at either left / right side. All of these platforms are held together by Technic pins. Inside the station proper is a help / ticket desk with cash register, and off to the left side is a employees-only area with stairs to the second floor office. This office features a desk with chair and fireplace. The second floor roof, the second floor proper and first floor roof are removable. Also, the two clocks on the second floor roof are supposed to have this print: http://www.bricklink...asp?P=3960pb024 (This print is not currently available in LDD.) The street side features a short staircase to the front entryway. The studs above these doors and the same on the opposite side are supposed to spell out the station name. I haven't decided on a name for this one yet, but am leaning towards the name "Imperial". Here we see the individual components of the station. This includes: - first floor / main platform (1) - second floor (1) - roof of first floor (1) - roof of second floor / clock tower (1) - end-caps for platform (1 left and 1 right version) - identical platform extenders (2) Here is the LDD file: This station will replace Barretts station on my layout (some parts of Barretts will be reused on this model), as this station is larger that the other, and has a street side, whereas Barretts does not. Comments are always welcome!
  19. jamie75

    INT-4 Interceptor

    Today, I would like to present, my take on the INT-4 Interceptor. A short-range flyer operated by a single pilot, at least one version of the INT-4 was designed to also be deployable from within the body of an AT-AT. Yes, I am thinking about modifying an AT-AT, when I get this built in real bricks. Just don't know which one. We/ I, have 4 choose from now?! 3 System and one Technic. The Technic is out of the question, so System, it is, 4483, 8129, or 75054?! Anyways, back to the model: Wings up!! Wings down!! Nice and cozy, no?! The back the landing gear down. This model was a lot of fun to make. To me, it resembles a flying AT-ST head with wings. Plus the SNOT was a lot of fun. It has 209 pieces. The .lxf is in my Brickshelf folder. Thanks for looking! Tomorrow will be the flying coffin, AST-5, Armored Sentinel Transport. Jamie
  20. jamie75

    MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicle

    Today, I present the MTV-7 Mini-Rig from the Kenner Star Wars line from the 80's. The MTV-7 Multi-Terrain Vehicle[1] was a wheeled scouting car utilized by the Imperial Army during the prime years of the Galactic Civil War. In addition to the vehicle's basic upright position, the MTV-7's large double wheels,[2] each featuring grooved surface treading,[3] extended outward from the main body to adopt a low, ground-hugging configuration.[2] Such versatility made the MTV-7 adaptable to many environments, and the vehicle was easier to deploy than the Empire's All Terrain Scout Transport walker.[3] Armed with a single rotating laser cannon, the MTV-7 held room for a single pilot in an open-air cockpit—unlike speeder bikes, the MTV-7 did not require a pilot possessed of suicidal tendencies.[3] A forward-facing, grilled headlight was positioned at the front of the vehicle.[2] This is my largest Mini-Rig. The original model had room for one Snowtrooper. I took the idea of it and made in more of a troop carrier for rough terrain. There is room for a driver, 3 troops, and 1 gunner. To get the angles on the wheels, I used click-hinges. But, I did make a smaller version of this model, one that is more in line with original. I wish there were smaller slopes, the sides of the smaller model are so flat. I like them both, even thou, the larger isn't really true to the source material. The larger has 355 pieces in it. The smaller has 130. The lxf is attached and includes both model in it. Jamie 10 - EU - Mini-Rig - MTV-7 - Multi-Terrain Vehicle.lxf
  21. Sigolf Brimabane

    Another Budget Imperial Flagship

    174B Earlier this year I decided I wanted an Imperial Flagship. It's very expensive even for a used one... So I decided to see what I had at home. It turned out I already had most parts. So I ordered the missing parts and sails and I think I got away at around €100-150. Due to the price of some parts I've had to swap colours, mostly the masts and the dark brown parts for which I use black. The dark bley fence pieces are also swapped for black ones. Sorry for the bad pictures. Battling against my newly acquired Black Seas Barracuda:
  22. Samppu

    [MOC] Probe Droid

    Hello everyone and regards from Finland, I am a new member on this forum and I thought I'd like to share some of my recent MOCs. I am Star Wars fan to the ultimatum and here you go, as my first MOC here: Lego MOC Probe Droid Features two Lego-battlepack blasters, the other hidden into the core structure, and the other lurking between the legs. The head also rotates as in the movies. This MOC will also make a small part of the Kessel diorama we are setting up for the ModelExpo 2015 in Helsinki (10.-12.4.) with Hereticae and a couple of other builders. Those dark grey clips on the core that hold together those black control sticks on a tube I will change to black ones when I happen find/buy more of them. Those red 1 x 1 plates are the bolts of the blasters that are not very easily seen from this angle. Challenge: take Lego-pictures without cat megablocks in the picture. So far success rate 50 % for Legos. Apparently the Imperial Viper Droid was no match against the mighty Krayt Dragon... -Samppu
  23. Samppu

    [WIP] Imperial Shuttle

    Hello, there are two periods in Star Wars timeline that I am most interested in. The other one is the end of the clone wars and the other the time related to Grand Admiral Thrawn. For this latter I have been building an Imperial Shuttle, so here you go: [MOC] Imperial Shuttle Features: - Opening wings and retractable landing gear. They are actually synchronized, so when you open the wings, the landing gears will automatically pull in, or when you close the wings, the landing gears will automatically push out. - Two fiber-wired missiles with a range up to some 2-3 meters. They are under the floor, and they fire when you open their ports next to main turbolaser cannons. I will actually replace them with spring-shooters, because they are very difficult to reload as the shuttle weights pretty much. - Two spring-shooters behind the wing cannons, one at each. These ones are not present in the following pictures as I am making an important upgrade to them. Before they were launched under the wings that was again somewhat circus due to the weight. Now I make a button on the top of the wings, so that they would be much easier to launch. - Opening boarding ramp that is tall enough for a minifigure to walk in and out. - Fully decorated interior and cocpit. - Controllable twin laser cannon at the back of the ship that you can move from the inside of the shuttle. Control panels and viewport is inside the shuttle and a minifigure can actually be played to use this cannon. However, it does not shoot anything. - Cocpit walls can be easily removed so that you can play and access the seats. Also the main fin can be easily removed in order to access the other parts of the interior. This is still in the WIP-stage, because I will still make some modifications on the parts mentioned above. Also the wings have been built up in a great hurry for a Lego-Show, so I will try to make them more studless and symmetric. -Samppu
  24. super_st

    WiP: MOC Fort and Harbour

    Hi all, wanted to share my work in progress Fort with Harbour. never done anything like this before but started a couple of months ago after getting the lego out of the loft after 20 years of darkness. As a kid i always wanted a fort and harbour to go with my ships and never had one and rather than buy the Elderado Fortress etc i though i would build my own. I started with bricklinking the 6242 soliders fort as i liked the modular design. I used this as a starting point, extended it a little, then moved onto the fort itself. Now i wanted a raised baseplate but something alittle different and found a grey one cheap :D think its used for the police stations set etc. As i say its work in progress, but starting to get the idea of where its going. Hope you like so far. Sorry if images are a little dark as its all in my loft (away from my wife) and needs a better lighting system
  25. absolutelylez

    MOD: Eldorado Fortress

    Hello all, Here's my MOD of the Eldorado Fortress. Combined Sabre Island with Dolphin Point to make this improved Fortress, with a tall watch tower. Improvements made to still look like an official Lego set. Hope you like it! C and C welcome :) Overview The Tower Courtyard