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Found 251 results

  1. legoMoccer

    MOC Wild West Saloon

    hey guys just finished working on my saloon i was wondering if you have any feedback? there are more shots on the ideas page not sure if im allowed to include that?
  2. Epic Technic

    Future MOCs

    So I created this topic to see what future projects you might have. Hopefully this can become a source of inspiration for people that can't think of something to build or just want to find a cool idea. My future projects: Tuned Nissan GT-R Features: Lowering suspension Small scale Two speed automatic gearbox Studless body Anyone recognize the GT-R? So what future projects do you guys have?
  3. legoMoccer

    MOC Lotus Espirt S1

    hey just finished a moc of the lotus esprit S1, any feedback would be great i submitted both versions to lego ideas but they turned down the Bond version i guess due to the licence there more images and angles on the ideas page, not sure if i can post it
  4. What did you build that's not meant to be a toy or model, but to serve a general household purpose? I made an iPhone stand to let me use it without holding it while it's charging, an iPad speaker amplifier that works, but isn't pretty. I'm considering making a nutcracker for sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and an iPhone stand for use with the magnification feature (good for looking at Design IDs in tiny font on parts) or to use in lieu of scanning a receipt.
  5. legoMoccer

    Essence Of Japan

    Hello, id like to share my latest moc its 4 small scenes featuring some of the more traditional parts of Japanese culture, any feedback and suggestions would be great More images and a better description can be found here -
  6. Hi everyone, I just wanted to share a LEGO model inspired in the city of Cartagena, a Colombian paradise for vacation. Ambienced on a latin american coastal vacation atmosphere, Casa Cartagena is a perfect place for all the passing-by tourists who want to take a break of walking around the 'Walled City' and grab a cold drink or just chill out. If you like it, please Support it on by clicking on the 'Support' button. Everyone is invited to come inside Casa Cartagena to have a nice fruit beberage! About the model It is inspired by the 'Walled city' (in Cartagena, Colombia), a place full of color and colonial architecture. The building can be opened and closed vertically by the half. Its design is also based on the modular technique, which allows to remove the ceiling and the second floor. Minifigs: Sven, the scandinavian tourist; Joseph, a canadian businessman; Laura, the young girl who runs the business; and Petronila, the local native who provides fruits. It has around 750 bricks. More pictures and description in:
  7. LUG of Malaysia

    [MOC] 'Kampung House'

    Hi everyone. Today I'm proud to present the latest MOC from Mr. Ng WY aka Toycrazy, 'The Kampung House'! It had been approved by LEGO Ideas and please support if you want this gorgeous piece to become an official set! 'There was a time when all that you could care about are the friends that you’re going to meet again tomorrow and carefree days of fun and laughter void of responsibilities. If you’ve ever wanted to be transported back to a time when life was worry free and evoke the very same feelings and memories one had as a child - the Kampung House is meant to elicit those nostalgic memories. The "Kampung House" is a Village House in South East Asia, is built from wooden panels resting on piles all round as the foundations of the build. This unique yet universal themed abode will allow LEGO fans all over the world to not only build a setting but have a complementary surrounding play theme catering to both the young and and young-at-heart.' Lets enjoy some pictures below! The cozy village feel which brings you out of the hectic life in big cities! What a stress reliever! The side view of the set. So many details inside the building structure! You can see the air vents on top of the front, the wooden planks of the windows and perfect use of those sand green bricks and tiles! I liked the coconut tree. This is the back of the house. What a beautiful scenery! Did you spot the cat? This is a very nice set and if you want it to be released as an official set, please click on the link below and support! Thank you very much!
  8. mocbuild101

    Topic locked.

    Welcome to my MOC headquarters! This topic covers all the MOCs, MODs, and Ideas that I have posted on Eurobricks, Rebrickable, and Bricksafe. The images below are linked to posts in this topic, where you will find a brief description, design information, and also links to Bricksafe photos and LDD files or instructions. MOCs Mini-MOCs MODs Ideas Other - to be added - Coming soon Lego Drift Racer Chassis Realistic Model Car Lighting
  9. This is a reference for some techniques that can be used to create LEGO spheres. Hope this helps when deciding which option to use. And a look at the inside of the larger and more complicated spheres.
  10. vedosololego

    The Elf-Witch Cottage

    The Elf-Witch Cottage In the depths of the enchanted woods, where reality and fantasy meet, an elf-witch has lived since forever. Nobody knows her name or her exact age, maybe 100, maybe 1000 years, but it doesn't matter, she's part of the woods she lives in now. She's always busy with her magic potions and her studies… fascinated by nature's incredible colors and shapes, she keeps on living in her house, away from the rest of the world. I've always been fascinated by nature, by its colors, and by the fantasy universe. In this project I tried to put it all together, using unusual parts and colors that I'd underestimated before. I'm very satisfied with the result. You can look at more pictures here: Or You can support on LEGO Ideas here: Thank You
  11. I recently bought 8 Damped Shock Absorbers to use for suspension, but I was wondering what else they could be used for? What have you used them for? And what is the most unusual use you can think of? For anyone in Australia, here is where I got them: Lego Technic Lego Pneumatic Shock Absorbers, and the seller has heaps of them!
  12. Built this about a month ago, put it on Lego ideas a few weeks ago, just thought id share it here! :-) If you'd like to see this as a Lego set, here's the voting link: ikoma on Lego Ideas by Guy Smiley :-), on Flickr
  13. microscalemodeller1

    Lego Petra - Microscale

    i've just finished working on my microscale build of petra which i have submitted to ideas, any support and/or feedback would be great this project can be found on lego ideas
  14. Hello everybody! After having visited Billund a couple of times, Copmike and I had the idea to build one of the most iconic buildings in LEGO history, the Løvehuset (Lionhouse). If you have no clue what I'm talking about, let me explain what the Lionhouse is about. This is the place where everything LEGO-related began. It's the Kristiansen's family house and Ole Kirk Kristiansen started producing wooden toys here in 1932. Later he switched to the famous plastic bricks we all now. The house is still placed in the middle of Billund and is now called LEGO Idea house and is housing the Lego museum. There you can find a lot of exhibits from the wooden era upto the latest sets. Sadly it cannot be visited publicly, but if you want to visit it (and you should do that at least once in your life), look out for the next Eurobricks event in Billund 2018. This builiding is of course part of the movie worth seeing, , and a previous exclusive minifigure-size set is in there, too. So the house has been an official set before. The bad thing about this set is, it was only given away as part of the LEGO inside tour 2009. Three years later it was produced for LEGO employees again. It was never sold on a regular basis. So it is really hard to get hold of it. But we didn't want to just copy an existing set, so we chose another scale and some nice new features. The scale is somehow in between microscale, architecture and minifigure size. It fits nicely on a 16x16 plate, the roof can be lifted just as with the modular buildings and inside you can find some nice details we included: A printed tile with the patent certificate, a panel printed "DET BEDSTE ER IKKE FOR GODT", Kirk's slogan "only the best is good enough" and a red 2x4 brick. All these details can be found in the real museum, too. We also decided to give the building a more accurate color scheme, replacing the red bricks in the exclusive model with brown ones for the walls and dark orange for the roof. The set can be built in two different time settings, either the 1935 version with chimneys and the big window on the front or the nowadays version with plain roof and the smaller white windows The house already exists in real life, here the roof parts are replaced by the currently existing red roof parts. Now comes the best part of it: This set is now on LEGO ideas! If we reach 10000 votes you can also have a piece of LEGO history! So if you like our model, please move over to our ideas-site, support us and share the news! We really would appreciate if you tell other LUGs about our project, 10000 votes is a number, but with your help we believe we can do it. Thank you in advance, Copmike & Holodoc = Holocop
  15. Hello All, I am really glad to be part of the huge nice community!! I have just posted this new project & I really appreciate your Feedback , comments and supporting my Lego Project "THE B-Copter" on the following link : All Pics and details : Link removed. I am a big fan of Drones and Quadrators so I wanted to create a unique LEGO set for the 1st Drone with unique Mechanical structure to illustrate how real drones fly with a bug shape as the Bee. THE B-Copter is designed in a fully functioning Mechanical way( H design), The 4 Propeller rotate at the same time but each 2 opposites are rotating in the same direction ( 2 clockwise & 2 anti-clockwise in PIC #12) and it is ready for Power function as well. I believe that this LEGO set would be a great introduction for the Drones in the LEGO world with some engineering Mechanisms that are simple and fascinating at the same time. I hope you liked & support the Design to have it as a real Lego Set ! Thanks a lot.
  16. teljesnegyzet

    [MOC] History of LEGO Castle

    I already had the concept of "little castles from different subthemes" last year, but I didn't have the time to build it. Not long ago, I realised that the Yellow Castle will be 40 years old in 2018. I've put the two things together, and created a Lego Ideas project to commemorate this anniversary of the Castle theme. The concept of this MOC is similar to the 4002016 set: recreate some of the iconic castles of the Lego Castle history in smaller size. I've chosen a castle set from each decade from the 1970s to the 2010s and created a little tower that resembles that set. It was built in LDD and rendered in Bluerender. It was the first time I tried Bluerender, and I'm quite satisfied with it, but the texturing of the missing minifig and shield decals was pretty time consuming. You can see more pictures here: If you like my MOC, please support it on Lego Ideas:
  17. This is the first MOC I present here on EB. It's a large scale figure of Link from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time measuring around 1 foot/ 30 cm tall. He has 14 joints of articulation so he can be posed in several positions. This is also the first time that I have submitted a model to LEGO Ideas and it would be much appreciated if you could support and share if you like this model. Here's the link (no pun intended) to the project: Link to Ideas
  18. Robert8 usually does this, but has conferred upon me his blessing to post the poll this time, so... here we go! Let's see which projects in the LEGO Ideas review batch that closed earlier this week are the ones we think likeliest to become honest-to-goodness sets. We should find out in five months or so from this posting (give or take a few weeks) which of us were right.
  19. SpacySmoke

    MOC: Type III Ambulance

    V-LF-15B Updated May 31, 2012! Jump to the latest version! Support on Cuusoo LEGO Ideas! Original post below: Yes, it's another ambulance to add to the numerous ambulance MOCs on this forum. I chose to do this because ambulances are one of those vehicles that every city ought to have, but the official Lego versions don't look like the typical American ambulance. I've also seen some great ambulance MOCs here, but they weren't quite what I had in mind in terms of scale and proportions so hopefully mine will bring something new to the table. The first thing I started on was the 6-wide cab. I specifically wanted to be able to fit 2 minifigs in there. That wasn't too hard, but I did have to remove the seats in order for the roof of the cab to fit properly, otherwise I would have had to raise the roof by one plate in height. At first I used a 6x5x1 wall panel as the back of the cab to allow space for the seat backs. Once the seats were gone, I decided to use regular bricks. This allowed there to be an opening to the patient section in the back like on a real ambulance. The outside of a real ambulance has a lot of storage areas that can open up. For my model, I decided to focus more on the inside detail, which meant that outside storage had to be sacrificed since there isn't enough space. I do have a container on the driver side, but that's it. I added some 1x1 light bley tiles to simulate the door handles of some of the storage compartments. The roofs of the cab and patient section can be removed for easy access. This picture also shows the brick-built doors in their open position. This was the first time building my own brick-built doors and quickly found that simply using hinges wouldn't work due to the thickness of the bricks. At one point, I experimented with a snot door that had cheese wedges on the side to allow it to open and close. It didn't look good, so I scrapped the use of hinged plates/bricks altogether. A shot of part of the interior. There is a seat for an EMT to help with the patient and lots of storage for medical supplies. The other side (not shown) has an area where another minifig can sit, though the stretcher would get in the way of the fig's feet. There's also an oxygen tank and fire extinguisher that you can't see in this photo. The ice skater has had a bad fall! Her fans are quite worried. Here you see a bit of how the doors are made. There is a bar on the door attached to two robot arms. The other end of the arms are attached to a bar on the interior of the patient section. This allows the brick-built doors to be pulled straight out and then swiveled to the side. It's hard to see, but I also used 1x1 corner panels to allow a bit more clearance for the robot arms. I feel like I've seen this door technique before, but I'm not sure where I've seen it. The side door opens just like the rear doors. I'll probably use a similar design if I decide to make a bus. Comparison with official Lego vehicles. The bus from City Corner is looking a bit small now. Well, I guess that's it for this MOC! Thanks for looking! My next MOC might be an 8-wide bus, or maybe a regular car of some sort. This MOC can also be viewed at: Flickr MOC Pages LDD file: Spacysmoke's American Ambulance (ver.B)
  20. PrisonBrick

    Tram of Opicina

    Hi! I'm a new train LEGO fan, my new passion started last spring... But I think that a LEGO tram is missing, so I created in LEGO the tram of my little city. This is my MOC: Tram of Opicina #DSC_1058 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #IMG_2473 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #IMG_2496 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Tram of Opicina #DSC_1061 by Prison Brick, on Flickr Now I submit it on LEGO Ideas: Please, support & share if you like it! Thanks! Every comment helps me to improve!
  21. Hi guys, I'd like to create a set, a small one, for a series I invented, that is some kind of saga, now this one I thinked should be one of the smallest in the series, a set priced 14,99€ and is inspired by a real gate. In the file you will find some reference photos and a prototype, made by myself, but that lacks a lot. I tried to make it, and I did my best, but it's not already what I'm looking for. Now what I ask you guys is to think as a real lego designer, so take this model and review it, change whatever you want or even start it again from the beginning, to make it looks like a real set, but the most important is: make it cool! This is not a contest, just an help I ask you. This idea could be interesting because everyone can make a different thing, that is related with his idea of lego set. Sorry for bad english. hope you enjoy this
  22. Adeel Zubair

    Creative Bank Account

    I've seen numerous builders who have a unique body of original work and I was wondering where you guys get inspiration from. I've noticed most of them are Castle and Sci-Fi based however is there anything specific that inspires your MOC's? At the end of 2016 I was reviewing my LEGO creation’s and I noticed the lack of innovative and original ideas, most of them are recreations and explorations of existing intellectual properties. Feedback and criticism is much appreciated. My LEGO Creation’s -
  23. Pester78

    MOC - Pixar Lamp Luxo jr

    hi Guys, have a look to my creation, do you have any suggestoin on how to get it better? btw it is a lego ideas project:
  24. INTRODUCTION The research institute was the 6th Cuusoo / Ideas project to be released. It was a very short-lived set with an unexpectedly large following. This set got popular outside of LEGO circles due to its feminist message concerning the lack of portrayal of women as job workers in sets. (or something along those lines) This might have been unintentional, but got a lot of attention which may have influenced the sets early retirement, seen as The LEGO Group usually goes to great lengths in order to avoid being used as a tool to promote any political, religious or otherwise socially sensitive messages. It’s a set of 3 individual vignettes built on a 6x6 base, representing three jobs. A paleontologist, astronomer and chemist. TECHNICAL: Set Name: Research Institute Set Number: 21110 Number of Pieces: 165 Theme: Ideas Designer: Alatariel (Ellen Kooijman) Availability: LEGO Exclusive / retail Year Released: 2014 Price: $ 19.99 / € 19.99 Stickers: 0 New elements: 0 Exclusive minifigures: 1/3 Brickset entry Bricklink Inventory The set consists of 165 pieces and three minifigures. It’s easy to build but a small child may need some help, especially with the dinosaur. There are a lot of tiny pieces, so keep your cat and baby clear while building. The box is a step nicer than we are used to, Ideas sets tend to have non-standard box dimensions and fold open from flat like a box of chocolates. Inside you’ll find the instruction booklet. Unlike most sets, with Ideas you get a thicker, sometimes differently binded book with a smoother paper finish. Before the actual build you can read a story about the author, how the idea for the set was born and a short description about the Ideas project. The research institute booklet also describes each of the portrayed scientist jobs. PARTS SELECTION: There are no new or very special parts except a printed blackboard, but you do get a nice selection of lab accessories including a purple colored Erlenmeyer flask which isn’t very common. MINIFIGURES: You get three figures for three scientists. The white lab coat with an orange shirt is a torso print exclusive to this set. The other two minifigures use common parts seen in other town themed sets. I think the white coat chemist is a representation of the sets author which is why it might have gotten special treatment, even though this isn’t outright mentioned anywhere. All the characters have double faces if you want to get them angry or shocked. The paleontologist doesn’t seem to be having a good day either way. BUILD: After you are done with the little gang of scientists, you better give them something to do. We start with Alatariel’s, I mean the chemist’s workplace. This build is the quickest and simplest, but she gets all the nice glassware and other fancy bits and bobs. I would have liked some tiles on that floor but I guess the design team responsible for parts optimization and price boundaries at TLG would disagree. Some scientists get fancy flasks, others get floor furnishing. Moving onto the next gang member and probably the most interesting build of all. The dinosaur! After we are done mini-building this cool microscope stand which stalled us from getting to the dinosaur, we can finally begin work on that menacing T-Rex! … I mean research reference material. This is where the build gets slightly more interesting. The parts that make the skeleton are quite imaginative, someone put a lot of thought into this, hopefully not during work hours. (; No tiles here either, but with a prop this cool, you don't need them. Moving on to the third and last scientist. The astronomer. The build is tiny, but I like how the telescope is built. The use of a sextant and the bucket element for the lens is pretty genius. I think white might have been a better choice of color, but probably not worth the extra expense as some of these elements aren't available in that color. The floor tiles give it a nice finished look, and overall, in spite of the dinosaur, this is my favorite build of the three. And there you have it, the collective institute of researchers. Chemists are a common sight in many research institutions, but I don’t really think you would find a paleontologist and astronomer together in the same building, or at least not very often. I was thinking how to make use of these vignettes in a town setting, and finally chose to use up the empty space in my town hall set as a form of exhibitional and educational area. Leftover parts: Ideas sets are nice enough to always include a brick separator even with smaller sets. Nice to get an extra bone and syringe, but nothing rare or of great use is left from the build. CONCLUSION: I feel like this set is a piece of LEGO Ideas history, it’s the one that baffled with popularity, it held a message and gave us some variety. I’d love to see more specialized themes in LEGO, ones that aren’t firemen and cake shop vendors, something you could put on a bookshelf just for display even if you’re not a regular builder. I don’t think the set was targeted primarily at children, but I feel it could work quite well as a play set. The build is simple and instantly recognizable. Overall Design: 7/10 - All the props are within reach of the limited minifigure limb articulation capabilities except the microscope. Maybe the floor furnishings could be more consistent between the builds. I appreciate the choice of printing in place of stickers. Parts selection: 6/10 – Most of the elements and colors are common, you do get one or two interesting items. Play features: 7/10 – This set is probably not primarily intended for play, but would be up to the task nevertheless Challenging build: 7/10 - The set has a couple of interesting builds despite its small scale Minifigures: 6/10 – One is great, one is acceptable and one is dressed inappropriately for the job description. I think they could have done slightly better. The choice of faces is great though. Overall: 7/10