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Found 4 results

  1. TomSkippy

    [MOC] Europa

    There are several issues that come with building a Lego ship, but the primary one: smooth hull shape (with curves on three different planes) presents the greatest challenge. Ultimately, every solution to the hull shape problem involves a compromise: some by stressing tiles, others by eliminating one (or more) curve plane, others by creating jagged lines. My design uses mixel joints to create the shape. The sacrifice comes in several gaps. I've used rigid hose and standard rigging to disguise the majority of them. This design has involved several experiments (notably the Spirit of Sir Edward). Modeled after the brig USS Lady Washington: I present the Europa. The rigging: big thanks to @Wellesley. I had no clue where to start, so I just ended up copying what I could from his fantastic Ymir. The front gaps on the hull aren't bad, but still noticeable. Figureheads are one of my favorite aspects of shipbuilding. In mythology, Europa, the mother of King Minos of Crete, was abducted by Zeus who took the form of a white bull. While I tried to avoid modifying bricks in this build, I did paint several. The figurehead has most of the modifications: I painted the hairpiece white. I also removed the head from the horse costume 35704pb01, painted it white, and glued a brickwarriors bull head on top. The rudder can be moved by the tiller. Flags are based on this technique here. Originally, the Europa was going to have 16 guns. To go with her armament, her deck was going to be dark red (to help conceal blood). I scrapped the armament, but kept the dark red. I didn't grab a good picture, but there is a capstan under the lifeboat which does work (raising and lowering the anchors). The bell is a bucket painted pearl gold. No ratlines, I'm not that crazy... even though I catch myself dreaming about trying this technique with a two-decker. Let me know what you think!
  2. Agent Kallus

    MOC: Tiny bit of a ship

    Yeah nowhere near a whole ship I, don't have the time or space or funds for that at the moment, but I still made this so here it is. More pics on flickr
  3. cannedgravy

    Solid Hull that floats?

    Hi everyone, I don't post much on here but I wanted to get some feedback on something that has been 'floating' in the back of my mind since I was a child. I'm a huge fan of the Lego pirate ships and all lego boats for that matter. Particularly the series of boats that float with the use of one solid plastic hull piece. In the beginning these hulls were rather small and have grown larger over the year; the "City Lines" cargo ship being the largest solid plastic hull piece made by Lego. Now I've been a long time fan of the grand lego ships since the Black Seas Barracuda and as a child I always wanted to be able to have the grand ship float along side me while swimming in our family pool. I know many lego builders would shun at having their lego get wet but Lego is a near indestructible toy and it would be fun I think! kids would get a kick out of it. So I was thinking of something similar to this: As you can see the hull would be a rather large solid plastic brown piece but compatible with Lego bricks. I have never seen anything accomplished with this and I may have to make a prototype myself. What does everyone think of this idea? Would you be interested in a solid lego galleon hull? Perhaps the float-able hulls could be sectioned into pieces thus allowing the creator to make the hull shorter or longer depending? I just think there could be a lot of fun with this if only it existed.
  4. AardWolf

    Off the Edge of the Map

    Hey all, here is my latest build for the Lands of Roawia LEGO role-playing game on the Merlin's Beard forum. This is my first large scale ship and I really hate using LEGO prefab pieces of any kind, so I wanted to create a realistic brick-built curved hull. I present the Spirit of Lenfald: Four Masts Fully Rigged Ship 4A She's a solid 77 centimeters long from stem to stern and all LEGO except for custom sails and rigging. All comments and criticism are most welcome! Aaron