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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! Here is a small model for Bricks by the bay convention: (yes, I know, the back is bent in this photo) Features: -Steering (that's it ) Hope you like it! -TechnicRCRacer
  2. My friend made an RC-mod of the 42076 B-model but is to lazy to post it, so here i am, doing it for him and you guys He raised the chassis 1 stud and all the parts fitted without any great modification. He said it felt as if the chassis was designed to be modded this way Here are some pictures: I like how well the receiver fits in there:
  3. Halixon had been deployed down to the ocean planet F10. The deployment shuttle dropped him onto the water surface on a Water Hovercraft. He'd use this to maneuver the vast ocean. Now, to find a small piece of land to set up a water pump... Top: Back: ------- Just a vehicle build. I would have built some water, but i don't quite have enough blue plates to set the hovercraft on. C & C welcome! Note: This is my first build in AG, so some helpful comments are appreciated.
  4. Being short staffed, Z was send out to find Awesomnium on Jurin II by mister Business himself. Z build a scouting vehicle. It packed a bit more juice than anticipated. He did find Awesomnium... among other things. That extra juice came in quite handy... Threw together a quick build in between building my new kitchen.
  5. Mr. Freeze is back! And no, this time he is not to freeze anyone, but to free his frozen wife Nora Fries, and let her enjoy the city like normal people. However, he must first freeze the entire Gotham first! His new machine Arctic Core is a hovercraft, and the turret-like equipment is actually a drill! Don't laugh at a non-rotatable turret because it is not really a turret, but a game changer! While it can fire freeze ray to straight-on targets, it can also freeze the ground, turning the ground into ice and letting the air drill crack the ground open. Then, his secret cryogeneration core can then be injected into the ground and let it slowly turn the surrounding into ice! Gradually, the Gotham city will finally become an ice world, where he and his wife can live forever without the cage or suit! Now Batman has to find a way to stop him! (Flickr: ) Complete set, with Nora Fries in the cryogenics chamber waiting to be freed. The cockpit, in which Mr. Freeze controls the ship... This is the mobile mode. The two turbines (rotatable) can be flipped up and the ship can move at full speed now. Batman, run! View the ship upfront... From the side, Action Mode vs Mobile Mode The two sides of the ship are hovering devices. Moving on the ice or snow will never be a problem now... Batman this time has to deal with two villains, one of ice and one of fire. How is he going to prepare for the battle? Thank you!
  6. This is just a concept, and I don't really think there is much physics behind it, but would a lego pneumatic hovercraft be possible? There are lego pressure cylinders, so that would be the air we need to lift it up. When air is forced to come out of somewhere, it has to go out, even if it tears through something. The cylinders, however short-lasting the effect will be, will have air coming out of them, so if the hovercraft is resting on part 99021 it will be able to direct the flow of air downwards, which will build up pressure against the ground, and force the hovercraft up. This part is plastic and rigid, so it won't bend, and if we have at least 4 of them we will be able to support a small hovercraft In theory, this would finally be lego "flight" and the air cylinders would just be fuel. If it works well enough, more cylinders could be added and 2 remote controlled fans or valves that blow air in different directions A ground effect vehicle (hovering vehicle) is the best chance of lego ever flying, so I thought this would be the most practical way for it to work.
  7. A Plastic Infinity


    The Low Altitude Stealth Hovership (LASH) was designed by the Allied Nations to scout out other planets. The craft is equipped with guns and hoverfoils on either side. This photo do NOT do it justice! Neither does this one. Or even this one! Feedback is-as always-appreciated.
  8. 101Wheeler

    Spy Theme

    Hello. Me (101Wheeler) and my friend (commodore_legolas) were building this hovercraft the other day, and we decided to post it on EuroBricks. It has twin Turbo Thrusters in the back, a laser gun mount in the front, super speed, and a cool design. It was really fun to make. Oh, by the way, this project is on cuusoo, "Spy Theme" by 101Wheeler. Here is the link: We also have another project. Check both of them out!