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Found 88 results

  1. hello, i just finished work on 4 spacecraft which achieved great things, feed back would be great
  2. Hi!My name is Atilla from Hungary and I'm new to this forum. I have been lurking for a while, mostly reading the splendid pictorial reviews. Lately I decided to start a blog of my own, something between the mentioned reviews and Blackbirds technicopedia, displaying the sets I own.I have only 1 post so far, and I would like to expand a bit on that. (If somebody is interested, I can post the link to it. I'm not sure whether it counts as advertising or allowed at all).I'd like to ask for help with my research for an upcoming post. I'm writing a review of the first supercar, 853, and I would like to have a section of the history of the Technic product-line in the review.Here's what I know:I found, that the first Lego set ever to include any sort of gear was the set number 001, released in 1965. These gears did not have the X shaped hole in the middle, as the first axle with a X cross section wasn't released until 1970. Then a new set of gears was released, very similar to the previous ones, which now included the X shaped hole. These gears was not compatible with the Technic gears at all, because of the different teeth profiles.I also know that that the first universal joint was released in 1972, it was very similar to the Technic ones, but in a different colour (i believe red).This information, I could pull from the catalogue of bricklink, and some youtube videos reviewing the 001 set. I managed to buy some of these early gears from bricklink, in order to make a few high resolution photos. I'm aware that there was an ideabook (managed to buy get hold of it), showing 853 with a yellow body, made from the 852 helicopter (which I also managed to buy). I found that there was an image in the back of the building instructions for the set 858 "Auto Engines", showing 853 with an engine in the back. I managed to source 858, but could not get a building instruction for it. Fortunately it can be found online. I'm planning to build these "official" modifications as well. and take pictures / incorporate them into my blog post. I humbly ask if you could provide any more information about what similar functionality was present before the release of the Technical Set line in 1977. I'm aware of the "Dacta" line, but as far as bricklink knows, there was no Technic related Dacta set until 1983. Maybe there was other Dacta sets, using the pre-technic gears, but I couldn't find them. If there is a thread of a blog on this subject which I missed, then a link would be welcomed too.Any input on the subject of what lead to the release of the first 4 Technical Set is greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading my post.
  3. Hi everybody! We welcome you to the new edition of "Brickstory" by Kockice! Everyone is invited, All Fans Of LEGO®, to join and create awesome models. This year only one theme but with two categories. Again, four renowned judges are here to make it even more exclusive. And like all contests, there are a few prizes to spice everything up. Don't be a stranger, make the long winter days more fun with "Brickstory" by Kockice. Good luck!
  4. This is one of four models that I built in 2016 for a book with a LEGO scene for each US president, that unfortunately didn’t work out. Portrayed here is Calvin Coolidge’s Address to Congress, which was the first in the US to be broadcasted over radio. You can compare it to this reference image: A non-immersive picture of the build can be seen on Brickbuilt. Thanks for looking
  5. While searching around on Brickset I found these four Lego sets: Car = 4033 Aeroplane = 4034 Boat = 4035 Space Plane = 4036 Are these hoaxes or something? They are marked in Brickset as "Designer Sets". Upon further investigation I found a Lego set called "4037 Helicopter". If anyone knows about the source material let me know.
  6. LEGO Soviet Military parade 5000 parts are used for this tower and wall LEGO Red Square by kou2000R, on Flickr LEGO Red Square by kou2000R, on Flickr IMG_E0592 by kou2000R, on Flickr IMG_E0590 by kou2000R, on Flickr
  7. jerryyao

    Chinese Pagodas

    It’s been a long time since the Buddhism spread from Indian to worldwide, especially in China. The 1st memory building was named “STUPA” in Indian to memory the Buddha, stored the replics and chanting, mostly it is a tomb of Buddha. When foreigners landed in South China, them were taught the 8 corner tower pronounced “Pagoda”. The word was collected in the dictionary till today, a minus change is to be “Chinese Pagoda” to mean the towers in Asian-Pacific area. Today Chinese people call Pagoda as “Ta” since the word was invented by Ge, Hong in Jin Dynasty. (around AD 300) I selected 6 typical types of Pagoda to be LEGO model, the superstructure of Pagoda can be separated by 3 parts as the picture below: Base, Body, Cha; 1. Basic Stupa The model reflects the main characters of Stupa which is the resource of all pagoda, stupa and etc. Flat base; Hemispherical body; Upside Lotus petal; The “CHA” of tower; 2. Lamaist Stupa The Lamaist stupa was heralded in hemispherical tomb in Fo-kuang Ssu in the latter part of the tenth century. The earliest Lamaist stupa was built in Xizang, China. The model reflects the main characters of Lamaist Stupa Flat and thin base; Higher base (Shu – mi - tso); Aquarius body “Belly” (The variant of hemispherical body); Truncated cone Bottle “Neck” Top “umbrella”; 3. One storied Pagoda The One storied Pagoda may be the 1st culture combined pagoda in Chinese. It mixed the different architecture elements from both Chinese and Indian. It more likes a Chinese pavilion with solid walls and stone or brick roof. The top of body adopts a building technique called “Corbelled brick courses”, they have 2 ways to be shown, positive and negitive. Using the LEGO parts to build this is a real challenge. The picture will show you how. You can also see the “Cha” part is real like the Stupa. 4. Multi-Storied Pagoda I build the 2 storied pagoda only for example. The real Multi-storied Pagoda usually looks similar with the Multi-Eaved Pagoda. The key of distinguish is to see the highest eaves, if they are real close, the pagoda shall be Muti-Eaved, others are Multi-Storied. 5. Bustling Pagoda The bustling pagoda normally use very complex decoration outside, the body sits on a very high Shu – mi – tso. Some pagoda allows people walk inside to the top. 6. Multi-Eaved Pagoda As the name shows, it has several levels of eaves, I built this model in order to show the extreme case, the eaves are very close. I also use a wheel as the “umbrella” part. Through the building progress of these 6 models, you will have a Buddhism trip in Chinese. You can con tact me via for the full instructions with a little bucks. Enjoy it! Jerry
  8. Judge of the Wastelands

    Ambush, 1863

    "Well, looks like we caught them boys red handed, as it were. Should have been more careful with your fire, but just as well. You won't live to pay for your laziness." Haven't posted on Eurobricks in forever............did you guys miss me? If so, let me know, and I'll post here more
  9. We have quite a few indices and guides here in History, so instead of having 500 bazillion sticky posts, let's have a one stop shop for all your guides and indices! INDICES ======= Historic Themes Review Index -Click me for browse the Reviews for Historic Themes. Lord of the Rings Review Index -A Collection of LotR Reviews. Lord of the Rings MOC Index -Click me to see a chronological index of MOCs from your favorite film franchise. The Hobbit MOC index -Click me to see a chronological index of MOCs from your other favorite film franchise. Guilds of Historica MOC Index -The Castle MOCers paradise! Click me to browse the Guild MOCs. Western Moc Index GUIDES ======= Derfel's Detailed Guide to Building a Medieval Village -The master, the legend, the guide of all guides. See DC's secrets here! -Derfel's Guide Discussion. kabel's Medieval Ships Guide -His name might not be capitalized, but his guide is quite "capital". Damaximus's Wall Shield Decoration Guide -A fun technique to decorate walls. Venunder's Tree Building Guide -Want to add some trees to your builds? Find out how to build one here! Small Tree Tutorial Masa's Palm Tree Tutorial Roof Techniques Snot Rock Tutorial - build sedimentary rocks, by kabel
  10. Elysiumfountain

    Orient Express Thriller!

    Well, here it is! My first train MOC that I've ever made, the Orient Express! Including a large Pacific class style locomotive similar to the Emerald Night, a tender, and a passenger car, I cobbled this together from several Bricklink orders and the LEGO Constitution Train Chase. ( I was very sad to take it apart, but it was for the greater good!) The passenger coach features opening doors, and I was able to put two lights into the roof, so it can light up at night! Here's the official story on this MOC: -Oh no! There's a Mummy on the Orient Express! Join dashing, adventurous Arthur Rutledge as he travels across Europe with several priceless artifacts to be delivered to the Louvre Museum in Paris. But be careful, his evil nemesis Cad Goldwater is also aboard, and will stop at nothing to acquire the relics. Will Rutledge be successful, or will the Orient Express be stopped by the nefarious plans of Cad? It's up to you! You can also see more photos of this MOC on the Orient Express Thriller page on Flickr: This project is also on LEGO Ideas to support! We would really appreciate the support! Thank you. :) A couple extra pictures!
  11. A custom CMF series, all are from different ages of history, or from a non-existing world. Many of them were inspired by ideas from the CMF 18 guessing game, so thanks for them! Hope you enjoy! Forest Fairy Frightening King Harpy Merman Soldier Hired Gun Hunter God Mob Boss Mummy Warrior Retiarius Sand Demon Space Police Viking Shieldmaiden Ice Warrior Pirate Lass Frontiersman Gargoyle
  12. Hey all, I want to share my second project in Lego Ideas. The set is based on the spanish series Águila Roja. There you can see more pictures of the lair and information. I will be happy if you support me and if you write what you think about it. :)
  13. Ever found anything weird or even awkward built out of LEGO? Maybe even built by LEGO themselves? I was wondering about this when I stumbled upon this little precious from the "Bricks'n'Pieces" magazine, which had been published by British LEGO Ltd. back in the old days, checkout Creation No. 2: 12 year-old Leon definitely knows how to do a Swastika in LEGO Admittedly, it's a fan creation. But how come THIS has been picked out of all those pictures to choose from?
  14. Hey there, This brickfilm tells a funny story about how the tire was invented in the Stone Age. But from today's point of view it might not be as useful as it seemed. We've recently made this film for the Steinerei 2017, a German Brickfilmfestival, and we even got the 1st place voted by the other participants and 3rd voted by the audience.
  15. Hello everybody! After having visited Billund a couple of times, Copmike and I had the idea to build one of the most iconic buildings in LEGO history, the Løvehuset (Lionhouse). If you have no clue what I'm talking about, let me explain what the Lionhouse is about. This is the place where everything LEGO-related began. It's the Kristiansen's family house and Ole Kirk Kristiansen started producing wooden toys here in 1932. Later he switched to the famous plastic bricks we all now. The house is still placed in the middle of Billund and is now called LEGO Idea house and is housing the Lego museum. There you can find a lot of exhibits from the wooden era upto the latest sets. Sadly it cannot be visited publicly, but if you want to visit it (and you should do that at least once in your life), look out for the next Eurobricks event in Billund 2018. This builiding is of course part of the movie worth seeing, , and a previous exclusive minifigure-size set is in there, too. So the house has been an official set before. The bad thing about this set is, it was only given away as part of the LEGO inside tour 2009. Three years later it was produced for LEGO employees again. It was never sold on a regular basis. So it is really hard to get hold of it. But we didn't want to just copy an existing set, so we chose another scale and some nice new features. The scale is somehow in between microscale, architecture and minifigure size. It fits nicely on a 16x16 plate, the roof can be lifted just as with the modular buildings and inside you can find some nice details we included: A printed tile with the patent certificate, a panel printed "DET BEDSTE ER IKKE FOR GODT", Kirk's slogan "only the best is good enough" and a red 2x4 brick. All these details can be found in the real museum, too. We also decided to give the building a more accurate color scheme, replacing the red bricks in the exclusive model with brown ones for the walls and dark orange for the roof. The set can be built in two different time settings, either the 1935 version with chimneys and the big window on the front or the nowadays version with plain roof and the smaller white windows The house already exists in real life, here the roof parts are replaced by the currently existing red roof parts. Now comes the best part of it: This set is now on LEGO ideas! If we reach 10000 votes you can also have a piece of LEGO history! So if you like our model, please move over to our ideas-site, support us and share the news! We really would appreciate if you tell other LUGs about our project, 10000 votes is a number, but with your help we believe we can do it. Thank you in advance, Copmike & Holodoc = Holocop
  16. Since we just opened our Christmas presents and we are still in the holidays mood, today I want to talk to you about something very special and dear to me. As you may imagine from the title, this story is about me and LEGO, about becoming an AFOL, MOCs, LUGs and communities, the people and the creativity behind the bricks, the LEGO story, fun facts, sources and resources. I invite you to read it on my blog and I hope that you will find it interesting Have a good read, thank you! :)
  17. Hi everybody! New edition of Brickstory by Kockice just started We're inviting all LUG members to join us in a historical adventure with our favourite bricks. Four themes and four well known judges are alone enough to make this contest awsome. But since it's a contest, few prizes are here to spice up the competitiveness. Thanks! And if any questions, don't be a stranger Good luck!
  18. BoBS History and Background Thread On this thread you will find articles that relate to the history and background of the world that Brethren of the Brick Seas takes place in. Index: Madrice Peninsula (Where Corrington, Eslandola, and Oleon are located) Brief History of the Madrice Peninsula Jameis Farstrider's Guide to the Madrice Peninsula Religions of Oleon and most of the Madrice Peninsula Wars of the Madrice Peninsula Halos: Religions of Halos The Middle Empires New Terra: Journals of Cato Calrelli The Founding of Bastion and the Original Articles of the Pirate's Court. Maps: Madrice Peninsula and much of Halos (This post) The Crossing General Background of Brethren of the Brick Seas The year is 615 AE and this is the dawn of a new era. For the first time in the history of the continent of Halos, new lands have been discovered. Even more shocking, the Halosians are not alone in the world. Once thought to be a flat plane, where monsters roamed the edges, the world is now believed by most geographers to be most certainly round. This was proven first with the discovery of Terraversa by the Mardierian explorer, Ardmond Basker. For 100 years the Mardierians have held Terraversa as a far off gateway, keeping all others out and not allowing the information of the world to the east, or New Terra, to permeate into the rest of Halos. At almost a 1000 miles from the next island in the Sea of Storms, the island remains a most crucial point on the voyage into the unknown. As time went on, other nations of the Madrice Peninsula began to search the seas for other islands and their potential riches. South of the Basker Islands, Corrington took Tiberia, an unforgiving rock just outside of the much more lucrative tropical zone. Oleon found LeBellan, the jewel of the Sea of Storms. LeBellan sits right inside the tropical zone, and produces sugar in vast quantities. 56 years ago Eslandola took possession of An Holli and An Toli, two smaller islands south of LeBellan, both sugar producing as well. Despite gaining footholds in the Sea of Storms, the other Madrician nations were unable to voyage beyond Terraversa. This all changed with the death of King Harln of Mardier, and the vast civil war that began in the country in 595 AE. Instead of looking to gain territory from Mardier’s mainland, the Eslandolans approached the Viceroy of Terraversa and paid him handsomely for permission to trade at the island. The Viscount took it further and allowed ALL nations to pay for the privilege to visit his island. Twenty years later, as the civil war continues, Terraversa has become a defacto independent state. The Viscount’s son, Miro Oldis, now runs the island, and his father’s policies live on. It is not certain if the Mardierians will reestablish their colony or not after the war, but it may be too late. In 597, intrepid Eslandolian explorer Cato Calrelli sailed east from Terraversa into the unknown. Thought to be suicidal at the time, the voyage ended 70 days later when he returned with the news that he had found more of New Terra. He claimed the land for Eslandola, and soon the Kingdom of Eslandola was the leading nation in colonization. In 605, news circulated throughout the Madrice Peninsula that the Eslandolans had found gold on their island of Nellisa, and this set off a thirst for expansion and exploration never before seen. With Terraversa as a launching spot for new expeditions, Corringtonians, Oleanders, Eslandolans, along with some Garvans, Mardierans, and Carnovans made their way towards New Terra. Many found themselves unable to find supplies at Nellisa, the Eslandolans baring even some of their own from landing on the island. These vagabonds headed south, where a new isle was found, one with few resources, but great defensive harbors. Soon, the Sea Rats had a home. Angry that they had been dispossessed and had not found aid, many turned to vengeance on the Eslandolans by becoming pirates, and many of these pirates began to prey on all nations, and even their fellow pirate. Besides Terraversa, where the Atwi tribe lives, no new natives have been found yet. The islands beyond Terraversa have so far all had strange abandoned settlements upon them, and some sailors say that there is a whole new nation of people in these far waters, but no one has recorded seeing a non-Halosian or Atwi person yet. This brings us to the present. Oleon and Corrington have both issued rewards for the first permanent settlement “Beyond the Line” (beyond Terraversa). They are willing to bring their navies to New Terra if they only have a settlement to resupply at. Eslandola is calling for its own people to venture into the unknown and find wealth and fortune in the name of Eslandola. But the Sea Rats lurk in all the waters of New Terra, waiting for opportunity, and despite the world seeming more round than ever, some say those old sea monsters still exist in the uncharted lands of the East.
  19. Hi everyone! I follow your great creations, posts and comments but haven`t shared much myself until now. I`ve finally "learned" how to post images from a imagehost (dah), then it will be easier to share my own creations here at Eurobricks as well. Feedbacks makes it much more fun to create and share! I`ll start with my newest creation called "Chillville Museum of Art & History", which is a museum, of art & history, in my Lego city aka Chillville. You`ll also find my Legolife on -I hope you like my grand new museum! It has a new roofdesign made of DBG bananas, grand tinted glass entrance from floor to roof, candelier and a massive staircase of glass. Enjoy! Welcome! The friendly waiter welcomes you with a apertizer on the grand opening day, stirred but not shaken. The owner/artcollector and the curator enjoys the balcony. New use of of bananas in DBG, selfdesigned. Grand entrance, welcome in! 1st floor with cashier desk and art of the old days as well as present days. Selfdesigned staircase in massive glass. Staircase to.... ...the 2nd floor. -More art & history and entrance to the balcony. A closer look at the arts and crafts. The friendly minifigs, cashier - visitor - waiter for the grand opening - owner/artcollector - curator Hope you liked it! It`s not my first MOC and not the last ;)
  20. TheLunabrick

    Wild West Theme Return?

    In my honest opinion some of the best looking sets of all time are the western themed sets. So far we have only had one official wave of Western sets (the original and the short rerelease of a few of those sets) and one wave of Lone Ranger sets. Would anyone else like to see LEGO bring the wild west theme back? If so what would you like to see them do?
  21. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] A Family History

    I have always wondered of what exact origin my last name “Klapheke” stemmed from, and what exactly it means. I decided to research it, and, being that some in my family are dedicated genealogists, it wasn’t long before I found the story behind it… Circa 12th century, somewhere in Müschen, near Laer, Germany. Hubertus de Rode, a knight who lived on a fief that was owned by a local bishop. The knight’s property (a mill and a house) led to some farms of a church-village, all of which was surrounded by a fence. It is speculated that Hubertus de Rode’s property was close to the edge of this fence, and that he might have been the gatekeeper, opening the “klapheck (a type of opening gate)” to visitors and townsfolk. It is most likely then that Hubertus de Rode then earned the title “Hubertus of Swing-Gate,” or “Hubertus Klapheck.” Klapheck would later change to Klapheke as the ages passed by. So there you have it. A dedication to the first Klapheke. MOC-wise I didn’t want this creation to be “run-of-the-mill” MOC (heheheh…), so I tried my best to add as many details as I was able. Special thanks to Atte and Cesbrick for heavily inspiring me. Also, big thanks to my workplace Bricks & Minifigs for supplying me extra parts to build this MOC. You guys are awesome. :D
  22. Hello fellow Eurobrickers, I'd like to introduce my Lego Ideas project to you: Meet The Fiat Bartoletti Race transporter from the fifties. This is definitely a car i would like to see in an official Legoset Your support is more than welcome ;-) Best Regards from Holland Startbrickingtoday (Michel)
  23. A few years ago, I made a post in the Town forum about where LEGO City is located. Now, I would like to do something similar with the Castle themes. More accurately, show where in History and Literature the Castle Themes take place. Let us begin with the earliest theme: Castle (1978-1983) Possibly the most general theme in the whole Castle series, there are knights, soldiers and nobility. Judging by the clothing worn by the soldiers (all blue with castle-emblemed apron and helmet), it's safe enough to assume 1978 Castle takes place during the late Middle Ages, possibly near the end of the Hundred Years' War. The next themes in the Castle canon all share one thing in common: factions. So, they shall be grouped together. Faction Series (1984-1993, 2010-2014) -Black Falcons (1984-1992) -Lion Knights/Crusaders (1984-1992) -Forestmen (1987-1992) -Black Knights (1988-1994) -Wolfpack Renegades (1992-1993) -Kingdoms (2010-2012) -Castle 2013 (2013-2014) In the Middle Ages, Europe was rife with numbers of independent kingdoms, principalities and fiefdoms, each with their own dialect, currency, measurements, and ruling system. The Holy Roman Empire (modern-day Western-Central Europe) consisted of at least 100 such domains. Naturally, there would be some occasional warring between these domains over land rights, religion (especially in the 1600's), and annexations. Each domain was noted by its coat of arms, carried by soldiers into battle. As for examples of each faction, here are some parallels I've found in historical contexts: Black Falcons: Teutonic Knights Lion Knights/Crusaders: Holy Roman Empire, Knight's Templar Black Knights: Slavic kingdoms Lion Knights (Kingdoms): Kingdom of Léon/Castile Dragon Knights (Kingdoms): Kingdom of Aragon Royal Knights (Castle 2013): Kingdom of France Dragon Knights (Castle 2013): Kingdom of England The Forestmen faction is obviously a play off the legends of Robin Hood and his Merry Men, along with various Germanic folk heroes. The Wolfpack Renegades are more simply rogues that made these warring factions a necessary evil, a bunch of marauding villains pillaging and burning, forcing peasants to swear loyalty to one of the above warring factions. Our next section is a different category of factions that didn't truly belong with the above: Knights Series (2000-2006, 2015- ) -Knights Kingdom (2000) -Knights Kingdom II (2004-2006) -Nexo Knights (2015- ) The basis of these series isn't historical, but rather in literature. During the mid to late Middle Ages, a popular form of literature was the Arthurian Romance, involving knights, with fealty sworn to a King and a code of honor, fighting against all manner of adversaries to prove themselves. The most popular adaptation of the Arthurian Romance is Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte D'Arthur, but other versions exist, including Thomas of Britain's Tristan and Iseult, Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival, and Ulrich von Zatzikhoven's Lanzelet. The two Knights Kingdom series put this in context for a LEGO world, while Nexo Knights makes it into King Arthur with computer chips. And now for the final category: Fantasty (1993-2000, 2007-2009) Dragon Masters (1993-1995) Royal Knights (1995-1996) Fright Knights (1997-1998) Castle 2007 (2007-2009) Never in history were there live skeletons, wizards, trolls, dwarves, dragons, and ghosts mucking about with knights. However, all of the aforementioned did have a place in the stories of the medieval public. Trolls and dwarves were a large part of Germanic and Scandinavian folklore. Ghosts were also prevalent, like the banshee from Ireland or Hamlet's father from William Shakespeare's play of the same name. Dragons go with medieval folklore without even debating it (St. George and the Dragon, Siegfied). Likewise with wizards. Skeletons, though, are most likely a parallel to the danse macabre associated with the large number of deaths during the Black Death that swept Europe by storm. Of course, these skeletons did not have large battleships or towers. That's all I've got at the moment. Have any other ideas? Then feel free to post them below. Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:
  24. I have always wondered, why stud notches (aka missing notches of plastic) are always deeper than studs are tall? To see what I mean, take any piece that has stud notches, a common example is the 2x2 round brick, and click it onto another brick, and you will see, there are gaps at the tops of the notches. Was it because LEGO once made bricks with taller studs, and are always making the notches as deep as they are to maintain backwards compatibility? Gary "LEGO Historian" Istok, where are you?