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Found 82 results

  1. Hello, Historic forum! My new creation - small vignette! It`s of course about middleages. You can find a description on Flickr! Just click on the first picture And arrow started up... by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr Master of Arms by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr Also on my Flickr photostream you can find more pictures! Click on each photo. There was Balthazzzar with you. Hope you enjoyed C&C are welcome Good Luck!
  2. On the fateful night of July 28, 1588, the Spanish Armada, anchored off Calais (near Dunkirk) saw that the English had set out eight burners and sent them toward the closely anchored ships of the Spanish Armada... And with a bit of photo-editing: The confused Spanish ships: The exploding ship all by itself: And an English ship: Thanks for the basic boat design to Kai NRG here. Actually, I finished this a while ago, I just never got around to posting it tell now. Anyhow, this is a historical build (though afterwards I found out that none of the Spanish ships actually caught fire - they all just cut cable and ran away ). C&C are welcome, more pics at my Photostream.
  3. Hi all! I present you my newest MOC about Sven Forkbeard`s invasion to England. It`s began at 13 october 1002 year. At this day Etelred II ordered to all England to kill Danes in revenge for their attacks... Sven raided England 5-6 times before he could find enogh people for global invasion... In 1013 he landed on the English coats. Sven I Forkbeard`s Invasion by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr Sven I Forkbeard`s Invasion by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr Sven I Forkbeard`s Invasion by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr Sven I Forkbeard`s Invasion by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr Peasants Hut by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr More photo on my flickr photostream (just click on any photo) Thanks for watching! There was Balthazzzar with you. Guard by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr C&C are welcome! Danes Memory Photo by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr Peasents Memory Photo by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr
  4. Hello everybody! Here`s my history MOC about vikings ;) DSC_0044 by balthazar_heyward, on Flickr From an English annals... "798. Vikings burned Sacred Patrick's island, took a tribute a cattle and profaned Konnan's sanctuary" Britons prepared to defence... More photos in my flickr photostream: And short story :) Bye! And good luck :P
  5. The part one is here, but since that topic was named 'from Ausustus to Commodus'... You can see them all in my Flickr set! Please look at my other sets with lots of interesting minifigs there! Some of the new ones: 21 Septimius Severus by GZakky, on Flickr 24 Caracalla by GZakky, on Flickr 26 Elagabalus by GZakky, on Flickr Enjoy! I'm waiting for your comments!
  6. I built this for the Sydney Brick Show running this week. It's my first MOC since I was a teenager. I have always loved Paris, and always loved this scene in the book and movie of Les Miserables, thought it was time to make a LEGO version. But as I love Star Wars and super heroes I thought it needed a few touches. :-)
  7. Sometimes in my eBay searches, I will come across ceramic items that are described with the word Lego. (Sometimes they are bowls or plates etc, and sometimes I've seen it pop up for porcelain statuettes.) Until today, I always assumed it was some sort of mistake or misspelling. Today, I found this item that has a clear photo of a logo on the bottom that says "Lego". (Can't link the exact photo. See the very last photo for the logo and date.) My best guess is there happened to be another company called Lego. This says Japan and 1960 on it. I looked up Lego logos on brickipedia and didn't spot this particular logo style either. Anyone know about this? I have a modern-day Lego mug, but that's clearly very different from this.