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Found 95 results

  1. Here we are: Steve the Dwarf's forge. After the arriving of Alexander Vandangant and the arriving of upcoming war's news, the council of Hidden Garden decided to rebuild the village as it was once, before going in ruins. The forge is an essential part of the village and it was one of the first part to be reconstructed. This freebuild will be part of Avalonian Task 4 - Historican Settlements in the category Craftsmen/Merchant - Arms & Armor: Blacksmith. As a part of the Doctorate of Historica Programm I'd like to claim 1 point for manufacturing. C&C are always welcome, Enjoy!
  2. Finally, Barracks Phase I: Taking special care that his soldiers are well trained, Uridius often spars with them, showing them their strong and weak points. It is also important that the soldiers remain active (so they stay warm and don't buy so much kaliphlinian oil ). And figless: I would like to recieve UoP credits for: Landscape Design - flowers and dense foliage landscaping C&C are welcome
  3. Hail noble knights of Kaliphlin! I am pleased to introduce to you, Prince Themuell (of Antaria)! ~RBC ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Raised in the Palace of Antaria since he was an infant, young Themuell was taught how to hunt and fight with a sword. For over a century the people of Antaria have been at peace, ruled by Themuell's just and courageous father, High Lord Keldore (the Great). However, times have changed in these recent months. The city of Antaria has been attacked by a strong army of Nocturnian lords. With the city under siege, Themuell's father has called all able-bodied men and boys 17 and older to help aid in its defense. Themuell, being is only 12 years of age is instructed by his father to evacuate the city, and take shelter with a Avalonian lord by the name of Delrane--a long-time friend of his father. Just before riding of to defend his people, Keldore gives his son a shimmering silver bracelet, and instructs him to guard it with his life. With the help of his caretaker and closest friend Katar, Themuell flees the city and heads into the forests of Avalonia. Little does young prince Themuell know, but the bracelet he is carry holds a dark secret about his past. One that will one day change young Themuell's life, forever! (to be continued)
  4. So here goes the archery phase one entry A Mitgardian archer is hunter for dinner: a tasty and unsuspecting stag A closer look at the stag (inspired by Kai's micro horses) And for an overview pic here. I'd like to recieve UoP credits for: General Building: Forced Perspective Anthropology: Countryside Scene C&C are welcome
  5. Direlda

    A Summer Shelter

    Wymond the Fox shifted on the stump as he finished cooking a trout over the coals. “I can’t believe that Avalonian painter tried to adjust the way those elk were holding their heads. I have enough to worry about without needing to save painters from their absurdities.” He inspected the trout and decided it was ready. As he was tearing into the cooked fish, Wymond heard the cracking of twigs and labored breathing. He stamped out his fire. Before Wymond could crawl into his shelter a portly man crashed through the underbrush. “It better snow early this year,” Wymond muttered, “I can’t stand any more painters.” The painter, oblivious to what Wymond was saying, began setting up an easel. Wymond put on his best grimace. The more frightening he looked in the paintings sold in Avalonia, the fewer painters would come looking for him; at least, that was his hope. Wymond's campsite. Cooking fish over the coals. His trusty axe. The lean-to. Since I mainly do photography of nature and cities, I would appreciate suggestions on creating a good backdrop for taking pictures in addition to any other suggestions you have!
  6. I had originally planned to make this an AoM phase one for Barracks (sparring), but it turned out as just a freebuild Anyways after finishing his keep, Uridius is spending his time strengthening Mitgardia's military force: Marching on ice is a good way to learn to keep your balance, and it doesn't appear unenjoyable either, Uridius rides with his men: C&C are welcome
  7. Jason Cicchini

    Book II Challenge 1B -

    Journeying to the Eastern Darklands is never an easy feat, but all travelers seeking out Nocturnus must pass through the Kelra Labyrinths. Leagues upon leagues of twisting stone pathways spell certain doom for most who enter, and are heavily guarded by the Minotaur race. Stoic, proud, ruthless, and tireless, the Minotaurs reside in tribal fortresses while not prowling the dizzying curves of the maze. Shown above is the Great Ram Valx and two members of his tribe outside their fortress along the acid river Zalkzys.
  8. Riding through the thick Nocturnian undergrowth, Sir Rex Marizrack pondered his position. He had by his own request been sent by Lord Raavage to destroy a dangerous and fierce Nocturnian with whom he also had a personal quarrel; the dreaded Lord Ssstraalfarrks, or at least that was what he called himself. He was also very hungry. Lord Ssstraalfarks, after having lost to Marizrack in a joust, had seen to it that Marizrack was accused of a false plot and exiled from Mitgardia. Thinking about this and about why Lord Raavage didn’t feed his soldiers better, Sir Rex approached Lord Ssstraalfarks Nocturnian banquet hall. Leaping of his horse, he ran to the doors and hewed them in with a few blows with his heavy axe. Exclaiming “Lord Ssstraalfarks, you time has come!” he rushed upon him. A short but desperate fight ensued, during which he noticed that, for a Nocturnian, Lord Ssstraalfarks eat rather normally. After clashing weapons a few times (and eating a little of the food now scattered all over) Sir Marizrack leaped onto the table and cut Lord Ssstraalfarks down. Grabbing another handful of victuals - his share of the booty – he ran out to his horse and rode back to tell Lord Raavage that he had succeeded; and that he now deserved a more amply midday meal. C&C are welcome!
  9. The most fascinating part of Nocturnus is all the non-human species in our great land! We need to develop the backgrounds of these creatures. For The Tribes minichallenge I need any one who signs up for Nocturnus as their home guild to identify, photograph and describe the strange species living in Nocturnus. To participate in ROUND 1 of this mini-challenge you should: -Join Nocturnus. This will make Nocturnus your home guild for all of Book II. -Create a new thread with the words "Nocturnus Tribes" in the title -Submit at least one (maximum of three) photos of a non-human Nocturnus Tribe in their natural environment. -Describe where in Nocturnus they live (see map below for ideas). -Describe the history, culture or anything else that makes this tribe unique. -Aftermarket parts are allowed, but this is a LEGO site, so please, no clone brands. -There is no size limit to this challenge, but see below, the time frame is tight! -Submit your entry before October 1st (anywhere in the world) To participate in ROUND 2 of this mini-challenge you should: -Join Nocturnus. This will make Nocturnus your home guild for all of Book II. -Create a new thread with the words "Nocturnus Tribes" in the title -Submit at least one (maximum of three) photos of a non-human Nocturnus Tribe in their natural environment. -Describe where in Nocturnus they live (see map below for ideas). -Describe the history, culture or anything else that makes this tribe unique. -Aftermarket parts are allowed, but this is a LEGO site, so please, no clone brands. -There is no size limit to this challenge, but see below, the time frame is tight! -Submit your entry before October 16th (anywhere in the world). This means the entry must be submitted by the end of day October 15th. The winner of ROUND 1 of the mini-challenge will win the left over, unclaimed parts pack donated by soccerkid from his architecture challenge and a custom brick built trophy and a the Mirkwood Spider set! The winner of ROUND 2 of the mini-challenge will win a Mirkwood Spider set! Map of Nocturnus:
  10. Raising the Dead – Family Heirloom (Community Story Build) Paulos had a long trip back from Mpya Stedor. It was a good party, but the celebration was bitter sweet when he knew what lay ahead. He was on his way back to Queens Cross in order to pick up an item that he had hid there since before the battle. This item, the spear that killed his brother Dugal, was important evidence that he would bring before the Merchants Council at Eastgate to damn his brother Petera for his participation in Dugal’s murder. Petera was now First Lord of Eastgate, the ruler of the city and the controller of its armies and fleet. He was also the CEO of GEAR CO, one of the most powerful trading companies in Historica. Paulos had a tough task ahead of him, but Petera must pay. He arrived at the house of the former noble Lord Pastroo. Pastroo had fought against Paulos at Queenscross, and after the battle, Paulos had him executed for treason. Petera had sent out a warrant for Paulos’s arrest after that, claiming that he had “no authority to murder a high noble.” Paulos knew that he would have to retake the city by force, and he had enlisted Lord DaMaximus and his armies to help him in this task. Currently DaMaximus lay siege to Eastgate’s Old City. Although, not much progress had been made according to reports. Inside the house he was shocked. The two guards that he had left to “guard the house” (They didn’t know the spear was hidden here) were brutally murdered and laying on the floor in the grand hall. Paulos checked under the floor boards and found that the spear was missing! He panicked. At that moment there was a knock on the door to the room. Paulos turned to find a Grelf standing in the door way. “Come in, I must.” He said. “Yesil, I am Yesil, and Paulos Maclean, you are. Yeesssssss.” He introduced himself. Paulos knew a little of the Grelf from what Dugal had briefly mentioned. DSC_0382 by skaforhire, on Flickr “The spear that killed your brother, you have. Masa Of Kaliphlin needs it.” “I am afraid I cannot help, as the spear has been taken from this place, and I do not know by whom.” Paulos Said. The Grelf gave a subtle smirk and start to hum, about a minute later his eyes went wide and he said: “Your brother, Petera, has the spear. Your guards his men killed, and to hide the spear from all who wish to use it he intends. Die, you must retrieve the spear or Dugal will. “ “Dugal is already dead!” Paulos said. Yesil responded, in an almost rehearsed manner, “Death is but a sleep so deep. But of essence time is. For should the soul of the dead this life forget, there can be awakening no more.” “So, what does the spear have to do with Dugal’s resurrection?” Paulos asked. “One of the four ingredients required to bring Dugal back from the next world, the spear is. Obtain it, you must. Paulos sighed. “I am going to need allies.” So it was that Paulos sent messages to the four corners of Historica asking for heroes to come to Eastgate and help him take back his home and find the spear that slayed Dugal. Like the firstand second plot lines, this is a community build. All three plot lines will merge together in an attempt to bring Dugal back from the dead. In this plotline, the builders will be completing MOCs that have to do with the Civil War that is going on within Eastgate. Volunteers will join Paulos’s side in trying to locate the spear within Eastgate. MOCs for this storyline will be more combat oriented, as there are two large armies facing off in this siege. There will be a series of tasks given by me to the volunteers. They will represent missions within Eastgate or its surroundings. Once the task is MOCed, then the builder will receive one point. That point represents how many men the builder will be able to field for the final battle of the siege. Builders will be able to complete many tasks in order to build up their army, but points will not be given by to builds that are considered rushed or incomplete (Judged by Masa and Myself, we will ask a non-participant to be a tie breaker) Of course, the bigger the army, the more glory there is to be had in the final battle of the Siege of Eastgate. I will run that siege similar to how the Battle of Queens Cross was run. Finally, the top three builders with the most points by the end date of this plotline will be asked to build a MOC representing their characters finding the Spear. The three builds will be put up for a GOH-wide vote for the best build. The winner would have bragging rights and be considered a Hero of Eastgate. So what we need is volunteers. I will start giving tasks on the 20th of August, but you can sign up for this plotline as late as September 15th. The first few tasks will be the same for everyone, but those who complete the first three will start to get more customized missions. The end date for this plotline is October15th. I will answer any questions or clarify whatever you need. I hope many of you will join us on this plotline, the first plotline, or the second plotline. Or... All three, there is no limit how many plots you participate in, If you have the time to build for each, go ahead and sign up for all three.
  11. Alright, so this is the hideout of Kermit and his brother: As the sun began to set, Kermit and his brother walked across the deadly swamp, back to their hideout, to claim the life of another poor victim, a poor fool who dared go into the swamp. Without minifigs: And that's about it!
  12. Just wanted to post these for fun. I've signed up to Nocturnus but want to show my appreciation for the builders in the other guilds too! Pictured are three sirens elven maidens of the Enchanted Forest; Jilandria a scout, Lustriel - Choir Mistress and Aurumulus (beast friend). Armed with swords tempered by the tears of the Dryads, these ladies wield hand a half swords, their magical properties embue them with incredible lightness and the bearers with enhanced speed through the forest. A side effect of the Dryad tempering means that they wail and shriek as they arc through the air. The Dryad sorrow voiced as they cut down enemies of the trees. Orcs in particular seem to suffer more grievous wounds from these blades. Dryad to follow (damn you bricklink). Apologies for inaccuracies in background if there are any I'm new to GoH. I would have posted it in the minifigs forum but none of you would have seen it ;)
  13. With the war behind her, Merith was accepting her new life without Dugal. Through the clever actions of some of Dugal’s close friends, she had been snuck out of Eastgate and brought to Varlyrio for her safety. Through kind donations by the Charities of Mpya Stedor, she had raised enough money to create a monument to Dugal. Instead, she thought it better to honor his memory by constructing the Home for Orphans of the Revolword War. After all, he technically owed Dextrus Flagg two orphanages from when he swore allegiance – She though paying his debt would be a good way to honor him. Varlyrio’s Capital Illaryian provided a perfect place far from the combat, where the orphans would be safe. However, the city is at is bursting at its seams, and real-estate – especially new floating platforms – was at a premium. So she decided to buy a couple old buildings and have them converted. home by skaforhire, on Flickr Merith picked an old merchant’s warehouse and headquarters and had the men of GEAR Co. begin construction. Unfortunately, they found that one of the platforms needed major repair to the floatation devices underneath it. This set her back a pretty penny. Luckily, she had made friends. Dania, a Varlyrian noble and Kylee a Cedrican Lady, and also a refuge. The three women pulled their money together and finally were able to get the project started. DSC_0363 by skaforhire, on Flickr This is how life had been for a few months, gathering orphans and repairing the new orphanage; however, today something different happened. A man that Merith had met a few times showed up on a small boat. It was Cannondale, the man of few words. He handed her a chest and said “These are Dugal’s possessions; Paulos wanted you to have them.” He gave the ladies a farewell, and said that he could not stay because his ship back to Eastgate was leaving within the hour. DSC_0355 by skaforhire, on Flickr Merith quickly open the chest after he had left. Inside she could smell the familiar sent of Dugal, her eyes welled up with tears. She took out a few maps, a journal, and finally, at the bottom, there was a letter. A letter addressed to her! DSC_0374 by skaforhire, on Flickr She opened it up immediately, but it was not from Dugal. It was from some person named Yesil. “If you love Dugal, heed my words, you will. Way to bring him back, there is. Working on raising his father from the dead before he died, was he. On a long journey, this is why he was, you on the journey he met. “Needed to bring him back from the dead, four items are. The spear that killed him, the first is, which fetch, your brother-in-law will. The kiss of life, the second item is, which get, another will. Wilverdragon's tooth, the third is, and already set that part in motion, your fiancé has. To obtain the angel's tear, your task is. Have to retrace Dugal's steps in order to find this item, you will. To find this last item use his journal, but need help from others, you will. “Time is of the essence; no one knows how long his soul has after death. You must meet at the location of Dugal’s death within a few months if you are to succeed. You must go immediately. Of the essence, time is; after death, no one knows how long his soul has. You must meet at the location of Dugal's death within a few months if, to succeed, you are. Go immediately, you must. “ Merith told her friends of what her plan was – Immediately book passage to Historica in order to pick up where Dugal left off. She asked the ladies to stay and oversee the completion of the orphanage Dania agreed, but Kylee refused to be left out of the action. Merith also knew that she would need help in this journey – she would have to call upon the other heroes of Historica to aid her in her quest. So it was that the two ladies would set out to find the Angel’s Tear, and retrace the steps. ------------------------------ Like the first plot line, this is a community build. All three plot lines will merge together in an attempt to bring Dugal back from the dead. In this plotline, we will be retracing Dugal’s voyage that happened two years back. Each build in this thread will depict a before and after MOC. The first MOC is Dugal first attempting a task in the past. The second MOC (which does not have to be totally different) should represent the present – your character completing the task, and succeeding in finding a clue to where the Angel’s Tear is. Your present MOC could include Merith and Kylee if you want. I will have the first quest MOCed next week as an example, but I will pass the torch off to the first volunteer. At the end of your story, you should send the next builder in line a task. For example, if the first task is to capture the heart of a Minotaur. Once the characters have completed it, the builder would name the next quest. The next builder in line would build their interpretation of the quest when Dugal attempted it, and a present attempt at the quest by their character or Merith. Depending on how many people volunteer, we will see how many different quests each builder will build. My avatar is Dugal, and this pic below is Merith (Blue Dress) and Kylee. DSC_0375 by skaforhire, on Flickr You can substitute whatever you need to represent them. Remember, at the end Merith will need to find the Angel’s Tear, so we need to keep following Dugal’s path until we get there. If you would like to participate in this plotline (and you can do multiple plotlines if you like), please volunteer by August 17th enrollment in this build quest line is open indefinitely. Although, we can probably add a few more people after this date depending on turnout. I will answer any questions or clarify whatever you need. I hope many of you will join us on this plotline, the first plotline, or the third plotline. Or... All three, there is no limit how many plots you participate in, If you have the time to build for each, go ahead and sign up for all three.
  14. Sir Gideon the half-elf Let me introduce my sigfig, and some small MOCs illustrating his backstory! Sir Gideon by Gideon_83, on Flickr Gideon was born as the offspring of the daughter of a minor Avalonian lord and an unknown elvish father. Some rumors say he was a warrior, others that he was a criminal, and yet others had heard from someone who had heard from someone that... Only Gideon's mother knew for certain. Love in Avalonia by Gideon_83, on Flickr Being regarded as "a filthy half-breed bastard", both by most humans and by virtually all elves, he has all his life had a hard time getting accepted in the world of Historica. Gideon’s mother died in childbirth, and he grew up in the care of his reluctant and sorrow-stricken grandfather, the lord of the small earldom of Norshire in the north-eastern part of Avalonia, not far from the Mitgardian border. Gideon’s early years he spent among the human children in his grandfather’s castle Nordana Hall. Neither his grandfather, nor the other humans in the castle were particularly found of the half-elf, so Gideon learned many hard lessons from children and grownups alike that he wasn’t “one of them”. Training children by Gideon_83, on Flickr When the other boys were sent off to squire for one famous knight or another and eventually earn their golden spurs, Gideon was left to train and serve with the household garrison. The life as a common man-at-arms was a miserable one where he was treated worse than ever, especially since his grandfather had died and his uncle had assumed the earlship. It however gave him ample opportunities to train in all kinds of weapon skills, not only those considered chivalrous enough for a proper knight. Finally, Gideon decided that he had spent enough time in a place where he had never been welcome, he set out to make his own place in the world. Gideons bitterness, well founded or not, towards Avalonians and their feudal society knows few bounds. Being a half-elf however also has its advantages. From his fathers kind, Gideon has inherited both the elvish intelligence and longevity. Even though he is still considered a youngster by elvish standards he is over 150 years old. From his mother, being of Mitgardian descent, some of the raw strength and endurance of the northmen has been passed down to him. To a great extent Gideon's life has been a life of violence, earning hard-won respect and a fair share of gold with his diverse and deadly weapon skills. Caravan by Gideon_83, on Flickr As a mercenary he has travelled all over Historica and served lords, merchant princes, chieftains and kings. He even served as a captain in the Petraean city guard for a while, before growing bored by the dull slow-paced ceremonial lifestyle. Petraean city wall by Gideon_83, on Flickr Gideon still finds Kaliphlin and its vibrant cities to be his favorite place in the world. Its diverse nature means that most people don’t seem to care about his background. In his service to wealthy and sly Kaliphlin merchants Gideon also picked up many of the tricks of the trade. Combined with the numerous useful connections he has made during his travels all around Historica, it has enabled him to earn a fair bit of gold on the trade of rare Kaliphlin goods and artifacts. In recent years Gideon has mostly led a lifestyle of the wandering adventurer, never really trusting anyone but himself. Sir Gideon in full armor by Gideon_83, on Flickr Thanks to his noble descent, Gideon likes to style himself "Sir Gideon” although he never was formally knighted, as such honours are usually not bestowed upon half-breed. The human house he descends from has been extinct ever since his mother's great-nephew was slain in a Drow raid many years ago. Formally Gideon therefore may have inherited the lordship of Norshire, but he has never actually been given the position. Instead the shire has just been left to the care of the castellan of Nordana Hall who in turn passed it to his son and so on, making the present castellan Hedrik Lefteye the de facto earl of Norshire. But a small part of Gideon’s conscience tells him that it is may be his duty to return in the desperate hour when the chaos of Revolword have also reached Norshire... I am posting my sigfig here since it is not clear to which guild Sir Gideon's loyalties ultimately lie, with a legal claim to an Avalonian earldom, elvish and Mitgardian ancestry but Kaliphlin gold in his purse. Perhaps something or someone can give him good reasons to join one of the guilds? Should he return home north to try to save what can be saved of his family’s earldom, or join his Mitgardian brethren in the fight against Revolword? Or even go west to take up arms with the elves, if they would have him? And maybe even learn some more things about his past... Or maybe he will just continue roaming Historica, prosper on the riches of Kaliphlin, explore Avalonias mysteries and who knows what else he might encounter? For a while anyway, Sir Gideon remains a guildless traveller caught in the fray of the Revolword war. Whatever outcome it may have he will surely, willing or unwilling, play some part in the saga of Historica. I am a latecomer to GoH, but I am hoping that GoH will live on past Challenge VI since I have seen how this can be an excellent way of developing ones build and photo skills. After lurking around here for a few months I have gotten a huge amount of inspiration! It remains to be seen however if time and bricks will permit that to be translated into MOCs telling the story of my reluctant hero...
  15. Infernum


    My lord Victor, We ambushed them in the ruins of the city of Mythros. They didn't expect any trouble on their return journey... well they were far from right. They found themselves ambushed, separated, and outnumbered. We had joined the elite guards of Cedrica, experienced, battle hardened veterans. Together with my elite troops and beserkers we were able to quickly overwhelm them. Don't expect trouble any time soon from the warriors of Arcium. Your Servant, Murthan Overview of the scene. I was going for an Amon-hen style scene, with ruins, lots of bad guys, and only a few heros. I love the ruins! A beserker leader and two normal beserkers run into the fray! The leader of the Cedricans, Rakthan Blade, duels sir Infernum. Another soldier of Arcium, outnumbered. Whole scene. Figless. The collectable minifigure Roman Commander makes a great Cedrican Warrior! Hope you liked it!
  16. Ok, well, I finally got around to finishing the story for this. I have had a lot of fun with this. Enjoy. Uridius Dratiphe, To the most Noble, Illustrious, ect. ect., Elon Chorian, ___________________________________ May 3rd Most noble Sir, having experienced some rather extraordinary incidents, it behooves me to disclose them to you in the form of this letter. Having, many moons ago, prepared those under my command for any sudden attack or military procedures preformed by our most excellent Guild of Mitgardia, I responded with alacrity to a summons to the wall of Cedrica, penned in a most noble hand, which I took to be your own, given me by a handsome young noble of Nocturnus or some such dark place, being sure to recompense him duly for his pains in delivering the message. In a few days time we encamped in front of Cedrica, whose impregnable towers stared down at us mockingly. With its gigantic walls, under which flowed the waters of the Adeler, it seemed as though the city could hold out for years. My brother, who thinks himself a cunning planner, suggested a strategy that might have worked. It did not. Nevertheless, there is no need for unnecessary details. Whatever things it did not accomplish for us, it did reward us with rather water-logged clothes and, fortunately, a passage into the city. Therefore, without further ado, we marched off toward the palace, where, in the banquet hall - so the messenger had said - Victor and his accomplices were to be partying that very night. Crash! Crash! And yet again, Crash! The sound of breaking glass filled the room as King Darconius' most trusted nobles sprang up in alarm. Through the windows and doors my soldiers came pouring in, each man fainting or standing petrified as he entered. "So, you have been able to make it, Murdius, no, a - Urimditus - or is it Uridius, now?" questioned the king. "Why the fact is, I sent my - my what's-his-name, you know him, of course - to invite you to this thingy-ma-jigger, in celebration of - oh, what is his name? - of his demise, you know - but as he reported that you were out fighting some what-it's-called, I expected, that is, you see... but it is indeed most excellent of you to take us by surprise this way!" and the king looked round on the other guests - among whom were Masa of Kaliphlin, Lord Varis of the Rustling Leaves Clan, and others of exalted station. And so, most noble leader of Mitgardia, we found we had invited ourselves to King Darconius' feast, but it ended well, for an excellent supper terminated the night, and we were all quite sad upon leaving that evening - the king remarking, "Yes, time does indeed fly - or as my good friend Trian Burress used to say - 'Tempus fungus something re-what's-his-name.' " Whereat we all agreed that there was much wisdom in Burress' words. And with this I take my leave, most noble Elon, hoping that you have been pleased in the reading of my exploits, signing myself, Your most humble, loyal, etc., servant, etc., Uridius Dratiphe More pictures: The Messenger: Entering Cedrica (getting "waterlogged" ) Uridius Dratiphe's reception: King Darconius, Lord Varis, Gideon and Cara: Dr. Rod and Kabel (eating all the fish): C&C are welcome, more pics at my flickr.
  17. The beginning of the end. In a great burial chamber of a long forgotten ruler the great powers of historica meet . Jarls niece: as you know we are gathered here to decide upon the action taken upon the death of our high king. I will be taking the place of Jarl after his disappearance. But first I must congratulate you all on your disguises Dextrus: We must fight! Artorious:I agree we must fight before the black mage gathers more strength Ssilyrrlith: we are strong but not strong enough for a siege we must use cunning Artoriuos : what about assassins? Ssilyrrlith : Yesss! Assassins. Dextrus : That’s cowardly we must fight man to man not in cold blood. Rego enters with a lady dressed in red. Rego: It’s our only hope. Jarls niece : why are you here? Rego: I heard the leaders of the guilds were meeting here, although I did not get a direct invitation. It must have been intercepted by the hand. Luckily I have my sources . Jarls niece looking sheepish. Jarls niece: well ermm yes it must. Back to business. Ssilyrrlith: Who is this woman? Rego : ahh a most interesting lady I met coming here I believe she has made a wonderful discovery. Lady : I am lady Meerston however You may call me Chantelle. I have worked with the elves to find parts of the long lost Telnaths of the past and the end result is what I hold in my hand. After they had seated themselves they carried on discussing tactics until they had devised a suitable plan. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Whilst the dwarves dig the tunnel. The five task takers train. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the day of the mission the five task takers met at the entrance to the tunnel. Anzpher of Nocturnus led the way, followed by kaliphlinian Burktan, chantelle came next , guarded by Darstan from mitgardia with estern of avalonia guarding the rear. When they came to the end of the tunnel anzpher cut of the top soil. Anzpher: There are four hand of corruption soldiers on duty,Burktan you take out the one on the tower me and Darstan will take the two on the wall, Estern take the one on the ground. NOW! They sprung upon the defenders with the help of surprise they overcame them with ease. After that they creeped up on victors cottage and a went in the room was filled with smoke a silhouette stood by a table . Victor : I see you have come then Anzpher : yes we are here Darstan : and we are herer to kill you Victor : well theres a time for every one and I guess mine is now Victor grabbed a bottle of the table and drank it , he collapsed instantly. Two days later the five adventourourers found themselves attacking a hoc castle , the attack was led by Lord Selby the lord of the isles of lyson . Many brave historicians died that day including Anzpher ,Burktan and Estern. After the battle Lord selby surveyed the dead and came across an old man who was groaning , Lord selby was about to put him out of his misery when he said: Rabstan : take my weapon and use it well it is yours now as I have no son and you fight bravely with a defensive, everyday weapon With that the man died. Lord Selby said to all around : I fear this is not the end but the beginning of the end as we all still have to find victors helm and rebuild historica. Two days later the five adventourourers found themselves attacking a hoc castle , the attack was led by Lord Selby the lord of the isles of lyson . Many brave historicians died that day including Anzpher ,Burktan and Estern. After the battle Lord selby surveyed the dead and came across an old man who was groaning , Lord selby was about to put him out of his misery when he said: Rabstan : take my weapon and use it well it is yours now as I have no son and you fight bravely with a defensive, everyday weapon With that the man died. Lord Selby said to all around : I fear this is not the end but the beginning of the end as we all still have to find victors helm and rebuild historica. My scored builds will be the first picture (interior) and the last two ones. [the one of his house and the battle field]
  18. ZCerberus

    House of Burress

    The home of Trian Burress is in Albion, the Capital City of Avalonia. Antonin, a woodcutter in Albion cuts down a weed tree outside the Burress estate while Fredrick, a stable boy, checks on the horse. An Albion council member and an Avalonia soldier drop by the house for a visit. Built for the King of the Castle title. Catch more views in my Flickr account
  19. Legonardo

    A home in Petrea

    Steven, second son of Legonardo. during his study of math and architechture at the grand university at Petraea he fell in love with the land and something - or someone - else. since then he has married a young kaliphite girl and taken residence here in Kaliphlin. this is his home where he and his newly wedded wife live together, designed by robert and built by local builders. YES I am aware of the spelling errorEdit:errors in the title(s) Hey all, here is my latest freebuild, the main motivation was me playing with domes for the last 1 1/2 weeks, i wanted to use one for something. also it has an Avalonian so its avalonian freebuild points happy 2013!!! ~Legonardo
  20. My challenge V entry is finally done!! Long ago, the heroes of Mitgardia were buried in their best ship. Having found the map to his great grandfathers tomb and the great treasure locted there, Uridius, his father, nephews and followers Camp at the site to discover the secret of the long lost treasure. Take a closer look at the double falls and catch some salmon for supper! Write down the adventures of the journey to send to the king of Mitgardia: Check out the inside of the Palisade: Or check out the new model: Uridius and his father try to discover the location of the cave... While the cook prepares lunch... Oops! Take that back. While the cook BURNS lunch Uridius's young nephew's enjoy sparring, or at least one of them does! Solve the mystery of the lost treasure! By pulling the level a portion of the rock collapses revealing the treasure chamber. Remove the diamond to swing up the wall and recover the treasure! More Photo's one my photostrem: C&C are welcome.