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Found 95 results

  1. To Ageven Deriam, Sixth Centurion of Ulandus, In the hand of Sir Uridius Dratiphe My dear Ageven, I hope you and your men are doing well despite the constant assaults perpetrated by the dastardly Desert King. All is well here, though even here the Desert King has been at work. I regret that I have to tell you of an attack upon the robust traders and shepherds of the area who prosper on the rocks and cliffs on the ocean side. Unfortunately a pirate, taking advantage of the confusion of the war, and flying the colors of "His Highness", went in for what he figured would be an easy raid. However, he seemed to have found it more difficult than he thought to attack the traders, and was already fleeing with all sails flying when our patrol ship came on the scene. Sadly, the pirate refused to heed the Captain's summons, and he (the captain, that is) ran him down, quite contrary to his orders. Altogether it is quite a regrettable incident, save for the traders, who enjoyed their bacon and hamburgers. Truly yours, Sir Uridius Dratiphe A picture of the pirate before he was run down My counter to robuko's guerrilla, thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  2. After the wild shag-bull had driven off the terror-stricken Desert Kings troops, the Ulanders moved in and went to work... Here is a picture in the sunlight: I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Architecture - roofing This is my joint guerrilla with Kai on B8. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome! OoC: I have now built as many MOC's in the last three months (most of them this month) as in all of last year - thanks to Ska for this wonderful motivator!
  3. The terrible desert of South Kaliphlin, which has been the death of many a weary traveler, has been tamed at last! Due to the valor and ingenuity of the Ulanders, no more travelers should get lost in the dune Sea any more! Also, there happens to be a civil war thing going on as well, so the towers will serve as valuable outposts as well... A picture from a slightly different angle: I would like to receive UoP credit for: Geography - desert i would choose D3 as the the warzone if I win. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  4. Graham Gidman

    [WZ3:G15, High Council] Dueling

    Graham of Reyelan duels with two elite Ulandian soldiers. If I win, the next warzone should be G6.
  5. Graham of Reyelan attacks an Orc warrior during the melee. If I win, the next warzone should be F7.
  6. The Ulanders closed in on the rebellion's last hideout, one of the many caves which dotted the Nestlands mountainsides. Unfortunately for the rebels, they stood no chance against the trained legions of Ulandus and were speedily defeated. An more head-on view: I would pick K12 as the next warzone if I win. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  7. Garmadon

    [WZ2:G12, Ulandus]

    The Thirteenth Legion was meandering around, supposed to be searching for an old aqueduct that was probably nothing more than a myth. However, they were rather enjoying themselves gazing at the brilliant vegetation and picking berries... They were all completely lost until it occurred to one of them to look up. "Hey guys, look at that!" "Uh, do you mean the monkey?" asked one. "Your the monkey!" replied the other, "don't you see the aqueduct?" "Nobody home? And you guys thought we were slow! Those mummies must be as slow as snails!" My entry to Warzone two - I pick I16 as the next battlefield if I should happen to win Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  8. Graham of Reyelan sneaks through the grass on the banks of the Arkbri and attacks a group of Orcs loyal to the Desert King. If I win, the next warzone should be G6.
  9. The Storming Legion: The new Thirteenth Legion of Ulandus is made up almost exclusively of heavy infantry, though there are a few cavalry and light troops sometimes used on scouting missions. There suits are dark brown and gold. Besides other exploits, such as capturing a High Council supply train, finding a Desert King spy, catching a jun-away jester, and taking a High Council fortress by storm, the Thirteenth Legion carried a strongly fortified stone wall held by the Desert King's troops, thereby gaining for themselves their title: "The Storming Legion!" A close-up: Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  10. (Early one morning in the middle of Kaliphlin. The Ulander advanced guard patrols the area.) Soldier 1: This is the most boring job ever... they could have at least positioned us closer to the river. These reeds are pesky enough to drive one mad! Captain: Ahem! What's that? Would you quit maltreating the reeds and keep a better look out already! Soldier 1: Alright, but there seems to be nothing to look at but reeds and- Soldier 2: I spy... another coconut! Captain: Would you stop that already!? You've been doing nothing else for the last ten minutes! Soldier 2: By the way, captain, do you have any idea what that gigantic coco- Captain: Arrgggg! If you mention a coconut again I'll- Soldier 2: No, seriously, check it out for yourself. (points toward to palm tree) Captain: Hmm! That does look odd, let me see (pulls out telescope and looks at the tree. After focusing it he jumps nearly his own height into the air and then rolls over laughing) Soldier 1: Well? What is it? Captain: (still laughing very hard, hands over the telescope) look at that for a second! (A little later, creeping up to the tree) Captain: Shh! Sounds like he's talking to himself. Mummy: (sipping his coconut juice, enjoying the swaying motion of the tree) Ahh! This's the best spy mission I've been on for a long time! Slurp! Quite a nice vantage point as well, ha! I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Landscape Design - trees (3) Geography - grasslands If I win I would pick L8 as the next battlefield. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  11. The storyteller stared into the fire. After a few seconds he began: "So there I was, navigating my frail craft through the ice-filled waters to the north of Mitgardia. Concentrating all my efforts on trying to avoid a disaster, I failed to notice the huge wall of ice that I was rapidly approaching - until I hit it, that is. Well, having made up my mind to explore the new land I had come into rather violent contact with, I set to work to dig a whole through the wall... "After a couple of days, by which time my scanty supply of food had nearly ran out, I succeeded in making a whole just large enough to squeeze myself through. You may imagine my surprise when I found myself face to face with an angry and humongous blue-eyed white walrus! It was by far bigger than any walrus I have ever seen, and after throwing my spear at it (I missed!) I took to my heels. I had never run as I ran at that moment, but it was to no avail. The walrus ran faster! I slowed down for one split second, and, the next thing I knew, I had been swallowed by the walrus! "Be assured, it was extremely warm inside that walrus, though the ribs did provided comfortable seats. However, I soon grew anxious as I noticed that the walrus was going towards the water, and that if he was to dive I would of certainly suffocate. In my terror I began to rush hastily back and forth, an action, by the way, which the walrus did not seem to enjoy, judging from his movements and the muffled noises I perceived to be his roars. In desperation I grabbed at a the inside of his tail and pulled with all my might. To my astonishment it moved inward a little. I was instantly struck with a wonderful idea, and tugging as hard as I could, I soon pulled it up to the walrus' stomach. "Now it really seemed to be unhappy. It seemed to believe that it had a stomach ache (which was true enough!) and was trying to vomit out its own tail! Although it was now moving outwards of its own accord, I did not cease to pull on that tail with all my might. Finally, after a tremendous upheaval, I was shot out of the walrus' mouth like a bolt of lightening. I had just enough time to look back and see the walrus turned inside-out before I went crashing through the hole I had made in the icy wall and plummeted onto an ice-flow, from which I was rescued a few days later. So, you see, I would probably stay away from there if I were you!" Another pic: The fire was actually lighted, though it is a bit difficult to tell. I would like to receive UoP credits for: General Building - interior design and General Building - lighted builds The story was inspired mostly by a similar tale in one of R. M. Ballantyne's books (Red Rooney, I believe?). Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  12. Rebuilding What Once Was (Challenge 4 Prelude, Chapter 2) Chapter One The thunderous sound of the earth roaring seemed to last for hours in Kaliphlin. Not only did the Lone Mountain explode, but the force of the tremor was felt as far away as Mitgardia. Much of Kaliphlin was shaken, and many places suffered catastrophic damage. The newly rebuild city of Sultan’s Gate was not spared the wrath of the “Great Disturbance” (As it has come to be known). However, as the dust cleared and those who were spared began shifting through the rubble, treachery has surfaced! One of the housing districts that seemed to have sunk into the ground during the quake, was sabotaged! It soon became apparent that Drow tunnels were dug under Sultan’s Gate. For what purpose, we many never know, but the culprits have seemed to have abandoned their plans now. Sultan’s Gate is a tight knit community, and soon the rebuilding effort began. Robuko by Picture, on Flickr (NOTE: Thanks to Robuko for building this MOC, when he gets back in town he will probably post this as a separate free build with more close up shots.) Orcs, humans, mummies all work throughout the day to try and clear up the results of the landslip. Some of the newest Petraea General Trading Company contraptions are used in the effort. In this painting we can see the Ornithopter Flying Boat surveying and lifting rubble. At this rate, perhaps Sultan’s Gate will find normalcy in a few months. But something seems to be lurking in the distance, a general feeling seeps over the people, that the Landslip, the earthquake, and the intrusion upon Kaliphlin are all just early warnings to something greater. And… with the new strangers starting to appear in town, from “Ulandia” or “Ulantis” or ”Ulandus”, or something like that, a place no Kaliphlin seems to recall, , one must wonder what this new era may bring. proverb by skaforhire, on Flickr Rebuilding What Once Was (Challenge 4 Prelude, Chapter 2)
  13. ZCerberus

    Norah's Noria

    Nocturnian Brethren... you did not see this. In the heart of Albion lies Norah's Noria, a place for those too far from clean water (or when the city is under siege) to get a barrel. This noria is ox driven allowing more water to be pulled from the well than any hand cranked noria would allow. Norah's ox is named Draema. Draema is known to be the most powerful ox in all of Albion. Norah's elder son, Forman, guides Draema along the path to drive the noria's wheel. After the water is pulled from its source, the barrels are stored or loaded onto carts for distribution around the city. Norah's husband, a carpenter by trade, helps load the barrels onto a cart for delivery. For any citizen that misses the noria sitting out front of Norah's house, the structure can be identified by the water barrel sign hanging out front. Norah's younger son, Frasen, keeps the barn and store house clean. ===================================================================================== I designed this build to complement the Albion Forge that I did as a remix to the DC's classic "Ye Old Forge". The landscaping colors and contours are similar, but this time the design is all mine. There are parts of this build that I like better than the Forge, but overall I still think the Forge is a better show piece. A bonus shot:
  14. It was a beautiful summer day in Mitgardia. The dwarf on guard atop the wall certainly thought so, as he smiled benignantly upon the snow studded landscape as far his the eye could see. And so thought the Mitgardian soldier snaking through the underground passage, though for different reasons, for he could not see a foot in front of him. In fact, the reason he thought so because it seemed as though he would finally accomplish what he had been attempting for the last fortnight, namely, making his entrance into the dwarven fortress before him. He had been charged by Sir Uridius Dratiphe to gather as much information as possible about the dwarven plans. It was by now a well known fact that the dwarfs were planning to invade Avalonia, but where and how they would cross the border was the question. Suddenly he ran into something hard, just under the wall. He was about to give vent to his frustration when he heard voices in front of him. Creeping forward silently, he put his ear against the wall and listened. On the other side of the wall in the castle's underground council chamber (dwarfs will do such things, you know!) a few of the leading dwarfs were having a council. "We are honored to have you here general," said the governor, "what news do you bring us from the frontier?" "All going well, mayor, our brethren are gathering weapons all along the border. In a few days all will be prepared for the attack. Best of all, Elon and all his men have not the slightest idea of our plans!" Additional wall pic: My entry to Category A of Challenge III Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  15. Welcome one and all! Please enjoy my collectible minifig series! I had a lot of fun making these and hope their little stories bring a smile to your face. I very rarely do purist stuff so this was a refreshing change of pace for me! AVALONIA The Elven Wardancer The Elven War Dancer protects the trees of the Enchanted Forest who can't protect themselves. He is also a friend to the small folk who dwell within, the pixies gnomes and dryads. His eyes blaze with the fury of the righteous as he somersaults into combat. The Serving Girl The Serving Girl works in the banqueting hall of The Avalonian Lairds. She loves the hustle and bustle of the Hall. Her favourite part is hearing of the legendary quests completed by the Avalonian Heroes. The Gamekeeper He is the Warden of the Lairds grand estate. Looking after the fish and fowl is his main job. Those who steal from his Laird will first find "quarrel" with him. KAPHILIN The Nomad Raider They roam the deserts of the Kaph. Raiders are equally comfortable fighting on camel back or as skirmishers. Using the cover of sandstorms their guerrilla tactics are rightly feared. They're detailed knowledge of the desert oasis' and geography makes them a formidable fighting force despite their seemingly low numbers. Hill Tribe Tomb King In life he was a mighty king who united the hill tribes. In death he still reigns over his subjects. Peaceful by nature, if the safety of Kaphilin is threatened he will stir his people to action! The Entertainer She was a slave but since gaining her freedom she has amassed a great fortune entertaining Nobles of Kaphilin such as the Masa himself. The Stone Cutter He is the architect behind some of the greatest palaces and sculptures of the Kaph. Nothing makes him happier than bringing the sandstones of the desert to life! MITGARDIA The Valkyrie Once every 10 generations a true Heroine rises from the ranks of the Mitgardian shield maidens. A fallen shield maiden will arise from death. Although not immortal the Valkyrie has phenomenal strength and unmatched Valor with a second chance at life gifted by Odin. It is said her battle song heartens the soul and has magical calming effects. The Blacksmith He tempers a sword blade at his anvil. His Thunder Hammer can be used to forge weapons or crack the skulls of his enemies as he sees fit. A much respected figure by folk short or tall. (he wears a yellow armored tunic to protect him from the heat of the forge). The Northern Bannerman He is a hero of renown. He wears the colours of Mitgardia with pride and is a champion within their ranks. born a humble lumberjack his rise has been meteoric! The Clan Chieftain He is a Mighty Warrior and respected diplomat. He likes to fight, feast, drink and carouse! The Chieftain is always accompanied by his faithful hunting companion Nanuk. NOCTURNUS The Reptrian This beastie is a guard at the labyrinth of Kelra. Those who wish to cross the border at Kelra must first pay tribute or risk being hounded through the labyrinths myriad of dangerous corridors. The Necromancer She is a mistress of dark magic. She reanimates the dead to do her dirty work (her washing, cleaning and disposing of unruly peasant mobs). The Drow Underdark Paladin An agent of the Usurper, he is an envoy of murder. Skilled in all weapons and armour, the Paladin favours plate armour, shield and his wicked machete blade. Bred in the caves of the underdark their skin is luminescent and their silver hair is Tarred black and rigid. Its spikes are a deadly weapon. Obey or be destroyed... The Gorgon The Gorgon lives in a network of caves in the mountains of Nocturnus. Her petrifying gaze means she is very lonely, her only friend is a Stone Troll from the neighbouring valley. VALYRIO The Palace Guard Honest as the day is long and loyal only to the Amancio Family. The Palace Guard of Valyrio serves at the leisure of the Rego. AVALONIA Avalonians unite! MITGARDIA For the Glory of Mitgardia! KAPHILIN All hail the might of Kaphilin. NOCTURNUS Beware the Underdark!
  16. Second Quarter Free Build Registration March 1st 2014 to October 1st, 2014 (Book II, Quarter 2) This topic will lock on October 18th, 2014 What is this thread? This is the thread where YOU register your free build if you wish it to be scored for your guild. Why are you doing this to us? Despite Rogueang’s wonderful MOC index, the guilds project has become quite large. The core leaders feel that we need a self-indexing mechanism that will allow us to grade free builds more efficiently. This is what we have come up with. What do I need to do? Just simply write the following information In a NEW post: Name of Moc with link to the thread | Name of Builder | Guild you belong to IE: Obsidian Spike |ZCerberus | Nocturnus Do not write anything else. What counts as a “Free Build?” Great question! Any GOH build that was not entered in one of the official main challenges. All free builds must have their own thread, and there must be a link to that thread provided here. Do not comment on builds in this thread, please do that on the MOC’s own thread. Can I just post in my guild thread and leave it at that? Whereas you are welcome to do so, if the build does not make it into the index , it will not be scored. Can I put up an entry for another guild member's build? If that builder has disappeared and we are getting near the deadline, this would be allowed.
  17. Pyrovisionary

    Piro the Visionary (Intro/bio)

    It was just over a month ago that I first woke up I was lying on a cold stone slab, skeletal remains all around me. And yet the rats had not gone for me. I stole a cloak off of the nearest corpse and ran. A week or so later I came across a boat, walking to... To whatever civilization I could try and find had been slow, and it was reassuring to know that I wasn't the only person alive in this world. That was a month ago Since then I have become a merchant, selling my mystc antiques tothose to unwary to buy them. I have also joined the guild of Nocturnus. I hope to support my motherland. Where do I get my curios you ask? Well the sunken city is amass with secrets, just waiting to be found. Or stolen. That was my Intro! Hope you all liked it, it took me a while to make. I hope to be doing more building for Nocturnus in the future.
  18. Scaevola

    A Sanguinary End

    From the journal of Horatius Urga, Knight of the Body The Urgaul Pact descended like a horde of rabid fiends upon Quataria City. With our administration in turmoil, their forces shredded through our vanguard and burst through the gatehouse. Our meager garrison was slaughtered in the street fighting that ensued, and the soldiers indiscriminately torched the metropolis to the ground. The most flourishing port in Quataria was razed thereat, and I fled to the desert, utterly defeated. Their patrols scour the jungles, and I fear my death and the end of the Quatarian commonwealth is nigh. A contingent of bounty hunters advanced on Urga, who had sought shelter from the unforgiving dunes in a derelict watchtower nearly swallowed by the sands. The men wordlessly lunge at Urga, who is quickly grounded by their charge. Desperately brandishing his dagger, Urga is disarmed and beaten to the ground by the flat of their spears. The mercenary punctures Urga's skull, killing him swiftly. An overview of the watchtower. Well, I'm back with another moc. I was fairly satisfied with my desert landscape, but it could use a splash of dark tan. Furthermore, I also tested a different stonework technique, so please give me your advice. I think perhaps some smaller tiles may give it more variance. I intend to post my new sigfig soon, and as always C&C welcome and encouraged
  19. Garmadon

    Homeward Bound!

    After receiving a notice from Sir Uridius Dratiphe to return to Mitgardia, I started thence with a light and joyful heart. Upon reaching the border I reined in for a moment to gaze at the awe-inspiring sight. Who that has seen those rough plateau and snow-clad hills can but sense a thrill of joy on returning? Then, breaking into a gallop, I started for the mountains - homeward bound. Mitgardia! - Sir Douglass Winzer Figless: Just a quick little build to get Sir Douglass back from Avalonia. I would like to recieve UoP credit for: Landscape Design: (trees 2) General Building: (forced perspective) Geography: (mountains or cliffs) C&C are welcome!
  20. Once we arrived in Avalonia I joined myself to a body of Avalonians and began at once to scout out the position of the drow and try to find out what they were doing. One day, about a week after we stared, I noticed that one of the men appeared to be missing. A few hours later he came running into the camp were we had stopped for the day without his horse and obviously extremely excited. “Sir,” he exclaimed, “we have finally found them!” “I suppose that explains why you did not arrive here at the same time as the rest?” I questioned dryly. This seemed to put slightly him out of ease, and he shifted about before answering. “Well sir, you know that I was told to follow you at a little distance and make sure the drow were not following us. Anyhow after a while – ahem – I, well, I fell behind a bit,” and seeing that I was going to question him he quickly added “Never mind why.” I was not positive, but I had a very shrewd guess as to what had happened. “And?” “After extracting myself from that ridiculous saddle I proceeded to attempt to clean myself off a little when I heard someone else coming down the road. Knowing that in these days it is always well to remain concealed, I hastily hid, after disposing of the saddle. In a few seconds a couple of figures came along, one a Drow and the other apparently a Varlyrian. ‘You know,’ quoth the Varlyrian, ‘I do think I rather uncivilized of you all to try to simply overwhelm you enemies by sheer numbers. Strategy, my friend: that is the way to proceed.’ “As his comrade did not seem to disapprove he continued, ‘For example that fortress on the hill over there that we were reconnoitering,’ and he point up toward a fork in the road, ‘I know that you could just through five thousand Drow at it, lose half, and take the castle, but you could save almost all of them by using a little stratagem. Listen carefully. We shall only – Ahhh!’ and at that he tumbled into the mud puddle, as he had not been paying the slightest attention where he was going. After his friend had dragged him out he exclaimed suspiciously, ‘Someone has been mucking around in this.’ ‘Besides you?’ laughed his companion. ‘Never mind,’ he said testily, ‘As I was saying, we shall only use a small force to entice the defenders out of the castle. The rest of the men shall lie in ambush behind, and when they come out, the ambush can enter the fortress and help the other force destroy those who have sallied out. Only one thing, mind you, I shall be going with the ambush, not with the small force that will in all probability be annihilated. Still it will be far better than losing a few thousand troops.’ And they proceeded to walk on, while I came here as fast as possible.” “Thank you for the information. And now you will go find your horse sir. Once you have found it come back to me and I will give you a message for Lord Simon. Just don’t be falling into mud puddles with it if you please.” - Sir Douglass Winzer I would like to recieve UoP credit for Landscape Design: trees (1) C&C are welcome!
  21. TheUtilityBelt

    New races of Historica: Ideas

    If you have any ideas for new species for Historica drop them below. this is not a challenge, we won't vote on wich is the best. This is just to show people your awesome ideas! have fun thinking!
  22. Here is my second field piece for the Battle of Wither Woods, the Dwarven Arrow Swarmer: Created by Mitgardian dwarves out of solid rock, this field piece can be very useful weapon against the enemy. Due to the various gears and mechanisms inside the Arrow Swarmer, all that is needed to fire it is to pull the lever (the dark gray piece). The pics showing how to build it are on my photostream (the bottom, and taken apart one and two). @Ska, I found that when attaching the wheels, the halfpins need to be attached first to the wheel, and then inserted into the other part. Game info: 1. The Dwarven Arrow Swarmer is an extremely strong weapon and cannot be destroyed except by exceptionally powerful blows. 2. For each volley there is a 3% possibility of the gears inside being messed up, in which case the weapon would be rendered useless. 3. The Swarmer is slower than the Repeating Catapult but only needs one soldier to operate. 4. The range is 100 to 120 studs, and it shoots four arrows per volley. 5. As it is made of rock, it is extremely heavy and needs at least 2 horses to be moved. 6. The Swarmer is a rather rare weapon, so there will probably be less than ten total on the battle field (either side, but again, most for Dugal). C&C are welcome
  23. Here is one of the Field Pieces I have been working on for the LDD contest Mitgardian Repeating Catapult: Based off Archimedes' repeating automatic catapult designed to fire arrows like a machine gun, this catapult is a deadly device. Top view. It can also fire spears instead if needed, however it is not quite as fast since it needs to be loaded by hand each time. Unlike the arrows, which are shot out of a slit on the bottom (you will notice if you build it), the spears are shot off the top. Here is an assembly pic (@Ska, if you need more info on how to attach all the parts just let me know ) And a couple of notes for the game: 1. The catapult is an extremely reliable and sturdy weapon, though it can be destroyed if hit by a large projectile or attacked by the enemy. 2. It has a large range; killing distance is about 100 studs for the arrows and 85 for the spear. 3. The arrows are fired very rapidly (one at a time) until the magazines are empty, about 15 to 20 volleys. 4. The catapult requires one soldier to turn the windlass and another to refill the magazine (if needed the same one could do both, but it would reduce the speed). 5. If spears are being used, the speed is reduced since the spear needs to be hand loaded for each shot. 6. Rule 4 applies to the spear version as well, except that the time reduction if just one soldier is operating the catapult is greater. 7. One or two horses or 5 soldiers are required to move the catapult, so it will remain stationary for most of the battle. 8. There can be as many catapults on the field as wanted on either side, though they are mainly for Dugal's army. C&C are welcome
  24. Gideon

    Making Plans

    Three Kaliphlin officers are making plans for how to stop the Drow from flowing in to Kaliphlin as well, as forces loyal to the Drow invaders of Avalonia have been spotted in Kaliphlin. So far the few invaders have been dealt with by swift actions of the Kaliphlin light cavalry.
  25. Ch II - Prologue - New Leadership - Discussion by mpoh98, on Flickr Part 2 of the GoH Challenge Prologue. Enjoy! Feren sighed happily, breathing in the fresh night's air. Nothing like a walk in the night to freshen you up. Feren was taking another one of his nightly walks, pondering the change of leaders in Avalonia. Even though I will miss Lord Varis, Lord Simon is a very good friend of mine, and his loyalty to Avalonia is unquestionable. His leadership skills will prove useful in the coming times, as we will most likely soon learn what the Drow are up to, and what we need to do to defend. As he trudged through the alleyway, next to the tavern, his fine-tuned ears picked up a conversation. Cocking his head to one side, he concentrated on the source. It's coming from the 2nd floor of the tavern, he realized. Flattening himself next to the wall, he debated whether he should climb it, but discarded the idea. If someone walks by, that would be extremely embarrassing to be caught spying on 2 of my citizens. He listened in, and was just in time to hear them talking about their new leader. Ch II - Prologue - New Leadership - Discussion by mpoh98, on Flickr "What do you think of this new leader, Simon of Nalderic?" Feren's eyes widened, it was one of his Elite Rangers, a man by the name of Roger. He must be taking a break from his shift. "Meh, I personally don't care, as long as he doesn't do anything stupid, and is fair, I'm good." Feren nodded, this man was one of his friends, Gavin was his name. A good man, but slightly on the easygoing side of things, he was very lenient in political matters. "Well," Roger said, "I am glad in the change, as my Lord Feren is a good friend with Lord Simon, I know him to be a fantastic leader, and a good man. I am sure he will make a wonderful leader." Good man, Feren thought to himself. He yawned. It was time he went back to the keep, and to his toasty bed. I've heard enough, things seem to be going well here in Marrock Fortress......I really need to change the name of my castle, it's to repetitive with my island.....anyway my Rangers seem to like him, so that's good. I pray that Simon will turn out to be a good leader as we think he will be, we will need one soon..." Turning around, he silently padded around the corner, and back to the keep. Well, this is my 2nd entry into GoH for the Avalonia mini challenge, and it was an extremely fun build. I had fun building the interior, I need to experiment more with that. Tell me what you think of it, I would love to get better with interiors! Critiques appreciated! Thanks for viewing! Soli Deo Gloria! ~Matthew~