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Found 95 results

  1. Prologue This is the tale of the brave Knight Sir Russel, from a young age he always wanted to be a knight! As a young boy he would run round the village in his armour and battle those who dared to opose him. The problem here lied in his background, due to his parents being very wealthy no one would dare to beat Sir Russel in battle, those who did vanished like magic! The thing Sir Russel did not know was that his whole life was leading to this moment. The Story Sir Russel was chosen by the King to be a courier for one of the messages, the major reason for this was due to a large sum donated by his parents. He was prepared a Horse, armour and a travelers bag all given to him by his loving parents, the travlers bag looked just like the message bag. Sir Russel set out in his quest but he only took the tavlers bag what an absolute fool! Meanwhile as Sir Russel was riding his gallant steed back, The trolls had overheard that an item of great value was being transported, so the trolls decided to make a plan! Im only kidding, did you think that the Trolls where smart for a second?! What the Trolls actualy did was a lot more simple, they decided to settle down in a little outpost that they found on one of the major roads. Unfortunatly Sir Russel who did not listen to the advice given to him by the king which was coincidentally "Now Sir Russel when delivering this letter of upmost importance stay away from all the major roads, as you may be met with a grim fate!". As Sir Russel rode back on his horse He noticed a fire coming from a nearby outpost, not being all that aware of the dangers that hang around fires Sir Russel road closer to see if they had any food which was not just Bread! Once at the Outpost he noticed it was inhabited by a lone large Troll (not noticing the other four smaller Trolls hiding), as a young boy he was always told how bad Trolls are so he decided to face off with it. This was a HUGE mistake on his part as the troll was actually a peaceful creature mainly due to its sheer stupidity! Now in a situation Sir Russel even if he defeated the large troll he would still have to kill another 4 smaller ones! *SQUASH* Without Foreground Charecters:
  2. MaasEffekt

    [MOC] Swamp Rescue

    Hello! Would like to present my second MOC after my dark ages. (Sorry, i build like a 12 year old, twenty years ago.) (You can check out my first MOC here!) I joined Nocturnus a few days ago, so i decided to (try) build something not too big, because i don't have that much bricks, and it is easier to start small i think. So i had a little scene in mind, then it slowly changed and transformed into this final form. I made an order on BL, and built it. Sorry, i do not own a professional camera, so i just used my phone. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Saga of Gutkeled the Tangled I. Swamp Rescue: As dusk settled over the dangerous lands of Nocturnus, Gutkeled the Tangled was gingerly heading East, passing through one of the deadly, and smelly swamps to stay hidden from the happenings of the civil war going on his beloved homeland. He was just getting across a dodgy bridge, when he heard the murky water splashing, and a woman's screech as well! First he thought it is just a crow with its raucous voice complaining about something, somewhere in the dense vegetation... Wasn't good for his ears, i tell you that. Anyway, it was really a woman. Or something like that. His mama Leofflæd taught him well, to be a good and honorable man, and to be helpful, especially to ladies, so he decided to lend a hand to the stranger. Even if she seemed like a vampire, or should i say swampire. - Good evening Ma'am! Don't you worry, i will pull you out in no time! - shouted Gutkeled, whilst he cut down a long, strong vine with his sword from a nearby tree. No answer came, just panic, screams, and the swamp's greenish water stirred up even more. The young wanderer cautiously stepped on the edge of the bridge, and held the vine in front of the woman. - Grab it, and don't let go! - said Gutkeled in haste. He wanted this to be over as quick as possible, because above them on top of the tree, in its crown, two swamp spooks nested. Some people and other life forms called them bog bogeys, and those creatures didn't like anyone near their home! Especially noisy ones. Usually the female laid a crystal thingy on top of a tree, while the male caught and killed some lesser creatures, and took their souls to trap it in the crystal. A few nights later the next generation of swamp spooks were born from it. They were always born during, or after full moon, because the crystal needed to catch the moon's rays to transform the souls into those nasty little spirits. Although they were only preying on smaller beings, they could mess up Gutkeled with an attack, if they wanted to. They literally just fly through someone's body, or head, causing headaches, nausea, dizziness for long hours, or in some cases, days. - Almost have you! - Gutkeled managed to pull the woman closer to the bridge, then lay on his stomach, and reached down with his hand to grab her. Soon both of them were sitting on the bridge. Safe and sound. - Are you all right, Ma'am? - asked the man, looking at the soaked and wet, and needless to say malodorous bloodsucker. - Handsome, ye call me ma'am one more time, an' ah wull have ye for dinner! - voiced the exhausted woman, as she observed her savior. - Be careful, vampy! Your sharp tongue might cut your throat one day... - stood up Gutkeled, and put his left hand on his swords hilt. The woman immediately get on her feet too. - Please, before we get carried away, let me introduce maself! Cailleach Bheur, at yer service! Ye assistance is much appreciated! - the change of her tone was comforting. - You are welcome, Cally! I am Gutkeled. Nice to meet you, i hope! What were you doing out here in the middle of nowhere alone? If you don't mind me asking! - Ah've heard some avalonian adventurers roaming these swamps. They are usually delicious. I almost had them, but lost ma footing on this cursed piece of poor woodwork. Dinna have to tell ye, i am not fond of watter and stuff. - I assure you, i taste nothing like avalonians, that's for sure. But i have some dried meat and even some red wine, if you are still hungry. - lied Gutkeled, as he was half avalonian (- half amazing) after his mother. - No need to worry darlin'! I won't bite, for now. But ah take the meat and wine! Let's find a good place, an' get a fire gaun! Have to dry ma dress! - grinned Cailleach mischievously. - Agreed! - nodded the young man, and shortly they disappeared into the night. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, some pictures without the characters.: IMG_20161224_120422 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20161224_120514 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr With minifigs.: IMG_20161224_120955 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr IMG_20161224_134529 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr A slightly different version. : IMG_20161224_135129 by Erhard Maas, on Flickr More pictures in my Flickr album.
  3. don leopold

    Katira Kabour of Norvica

    This is Katira Kabour of Norvica, one of the best knight of Kaliphlin who has won a lot of free fight tournaments.Katira and his squire Demir are traveling to Eastgate for a free fight tournament between the best Knights of Avalonia and Kaliphlin.I think he has a good chance to fight himself in the final round and win the tournament.
  4. Full Size Avalonia Contributors: (contributors are not in order) @Torgar@Legonardo@Jakorin Swiftsword@Legopard@cesbrick@Simon_S@ZCerberus@Siercon and Coral@Derfel Cadarn@de Gothia@Emma@Halhi 141 @-Carson Haupt- . @lisqr Full Size Kaliphlin Contributors: @Kai NRG@LittleJohn@Si-MOCs@Gideon@marcu22@Gabe@soccerkid6@MassEditor@Kayne@Hammerhand@Erynlasgalen@Etzel@robuko@Mike S@Blufiji Full Size Mitgardia Contributors:@Garmadon@Ecclesiastes@Gunman@Yooha@IenjoyLego89@Cara@Busboy489@Sirens-of-Titan@soccerkid6@Infernum@Legonardo@Slegengr@kabel@Derfel Cadarn@Rolli@jaapxaap@Simon_S@LittleJohn Full Size Nocturnus Contributors: @MassEditor @Blufiji @Emma @Captain Flint @Dubbadgrim @I Scream Clone @Angeli @Ecclesiastes @ZCerberus @Torgar @jaapxaap @Jacob Nion @Simon_S @Legonardo @Dr Rod Thanks to @soccerkid6 and @LittleJohn for giving suggestions and critiques throughout the process, and to the others who chimed in with their suggestions - you know who you are! Thanks also to @Ecclesiastes for providing me the opportunity to be the first to use the new GoH Logo (the horse in the corner of each poster). And finally, thanks to all of you awesome builders who have made GoH what it has been the past years - both those featured and others - keep bricking! For Reference: Work in Progress Topic
  5. The Maestro

    Aimsithe the arms master

    From city to city the arms master wanders, selling his wares to whoever has the coin. It is well known that the master forges a weapon like no other. Strong and reliant, a sword would last you through an age. So when Aimsithe passes your cottage be sure to purchase at least a knife, for you won't regret it. CCC XIV - Traveling salesman. Ugh I though this would be an original idea but Jaka Kupina bet me to it D: Oh well. Just a simple build that took me way to long but I tried out a new base style which I was pleased with. My next build is almost finished and should be done this week( if im not to lazy that is :P) Hope you enjoy. Some parts of the edit are terrible - sorry :P
  6. This contest should be on a 12 by 12 baseplate. It should include at least one medieval minifig fighting another. Your baseplate should include scenery. AWARDS 1st place: Kermit the Frog meme 2nd place: Depressed emoji 3rd place: Air high five (from Colorado) All awards will be sent by email. Competion ends December 24
  7. The Maestro

    Ol' Colby's Cottage

    Passed down from father to son, carrot farming ran in Colby's blood. When he was a boy he used to eat them every day. Stewed, boiled and even mashed, it didn't matter how ya cooked em, Colby would eat it. When he had inherited his fathers cottage he had been overjoyed. It sat on the edge of the woods beside a small stream. The perfect environment for growing carrots. The house could do with a bit of a fix up, but as long as there were carrots, Colby was happy. So here it is. I would have posted it earlier but as this is my first time editing, it took me a while to get sorted. A couple tips on how to improve my editing would be welcomed. Over all I think I nailed the build, with the rock work being the only thing that annoys me. I love the leans, the Tudor work and stone work. All were inspired by DC and LD. The weather vane (yes, that's a weather vane ) was a nod to Legonardo's moc "house of chaos" which helped me build this, it's meant to be a chicken but I don't have any chickens so I used a brick built one. The trees were fun to try out but the roof was not as rickety as I would have liked it but eh, its OK. I am also going to be putting my saga to the side and focus on some different builds over the next weeks. C&C needed and hope you enjoy.
  8. I had a stroke of bad luck with my camera: the cable for uploading the pictures has disappeared, and the new one I ordered did not arrive yet, and won't arrive before the deadline of the challenge. Meanwhile the main camera of my phone is also broken, so these pictures are made, yes really, with my front camera :P Ccl_Cl "Gentlemen!", said the Warden of Falconstone. "We are here together because sir uh..i-forgot-his-name has requested our help." Ccl_Op "Spyrus it is. Lord Spyrus!", replied the pale man in black clothes, from the other side of the table. "Never mind. He requests our aid to assist his master claiming his rightful title. Therefore he asks us to send a war party across the Rakath mountains, to meet up with a force of his own men." *the Warden points at the Map" "Here are our forces. There is a compagny of Lord Davok's men, those darned Bulls. And there is a regiment of our guild's main army." One of the Councillors, Sir Thornn responded. "Milord, I do see a resistance flag, don't I?" Sir Yuhda, the man right across the Warden, responded. "No, this force has been taken care of. They had been raiding our lands so we took them out." Spyrus: "Can you prove this? This is new information to my master." Sir Yvern, the Stag, sitting on the other side of Yuhda, sighed. "As far as I know, the Bulls had still sighted some of those orckind beings in our mountains the other day" Yuhda: "Oh, you and that Bull-sympathizing of yours... Since when do we believe the word of Bulls?" The Councillor that did not speak yet, now came to Yuhda's aid. "I would trust the word of Yuhda over that of a Bull, anytime. However, I don't think we should go, we would weaken ourselves too much." The Warden put another flag on the table. "A small warband would be good enough. Not everyone has to go. Yet I want someone I trust to go with them. Yuhda? Yuhda: "No, milord. I have other business to be done... yet how about you ask our doe to bring some of his Bull friends?" "Don't call me like that!", Yvern replied angrily. "Yet I can indeed ask Davok to join us, with a group of his men." "Allright then. Thornn, you will represent the Falconstone Council on this journey. Ccl_FB This build was fun! I haven't really done much interior building before. I am pretty happy with the result: I had other plans for the chairs, but I noticed I didnt have ample parts for it, yet this technique turned out well enough, for me. I'm just not happy about the banner connections to the pole, this is mainly because most of my LEGO is in a large cardboard moving box, so finding those spare parts was a huge pain, and I already had to hurry a bit :( I have been quite ill most of the week, so when I was back on my feet again the deadline came a lot closer. Tomorrow I am leaving to Swiss to perform on stage with my band, so I need to upload it now :P The sequal to this, my challenge build, will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow morning :D
  9. Building for the Spire read first: For days now they had been marching through the mountains. Yvern had found a pretty large group of Bulls willing to join them, after talking to Davok. Now the expedition, under formal lead of Thornn and Spyrus, and Davok and Yvern, was crossing the Kyrrath Mountains. Tonight they could rest in the ruins of an ancient abandoned Orc fortress, Khazrat. Yet when they came closer, there was an unusual stench in the air. Spyrus and Davok went on, while the rest halted. When they neared the entrance to the fortress, Spyrus said: "This is Orc-scent. That would be that Resistance regiment. See? He didn't wipe them out, filthy Yudha. "How did you call me?" An unwelcome but familiar face appeared above them, just outside the gate the ruins of Khazrat Spyrus: "Why... what... what are you doing here?" Yudha: "Easy...helping my new friends to prevent some impetuous young men from assisting the spire... They pay me well enough" Davok: "Treacherous scum... Is mony indeed all you are after?" Yet Yudha disappeared through the gate. Davok: "The fortress will be occupied. Yet there is no way back now. The fortress doors have rotten away over time, so our best chances are to rush in..", and he shouted a signal. Immediatly the whole expedition started to run, with their weapons ready, not knowing where the enemy might appear... the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat the ruins of Khazrat So, I have been working on this for a pretty long time: I wanted to hit some birds with one stone: I wanted to make ruins, and to make a round tower. I am pretty happy with the architecture of the (front) wall and the tower, yet they don't really get the attention they deserve in this build, I think. The tower has an half collapsed part, and the wall has some chunk out of it, made with different slope bricks.
  10. Previous Chapter: Vampire Slayer --- Next Chapter: ??? "Then there is no changing the fact that you disobeyed your Captain. Is this not true, Aeldric?" Chamal Chairal asked with an authoritative voice. ((Sorry about the quality of this picture )) "Before i ask, i have a question for you, Chairman Chaman Chairal," Aeldric said back. "And what would that be?" Chamal said, leaning forward in his chair. "Where is Wizard Vorthentus? Why are you in his place?" Aeldric asked. A great silence fell about the room, ominously calming the floating stones around the Aegis realm. Chamal sighed before opening his mouth to speak. "Vorthentus has set out to stop a great force but has not returned. We fear he has died." the Chairman replied. A heavy face blew across Feowind. "Now, do you deny?" Chamal said, returning to the previous inquiry. "I do not. But, i set out to avenge a great elf. Aurthal was a powerful shaman of nature, and i slew the Vampire that killed him, and in turn avenged his soul so he could rest." Aeldric confessed. "Then you deliberately denied Avdar's orders?" Chamal said. "...Yes. I am guilty." Aeldric said. "Then, you are to be revoked of your title, and you shall be stripped of your strength, and never be allowed the presence of the Aegis Council again." Just then, a green-robed man stepped through the Aegis portal, carrying a white letter with the seal of Albion on it. "I have a letter from De'Gothia of Albion, sires." the man said, bowing, and holding out the letter. "Do you realise you are interrupting a council session, messenger?" Avdar asked the man. "Yes, but this letter is of more importance to the council than any of you here." the man boldly said. "Let me see it," Chamal said, standing up. The man handed him the letter, and Chamal unrolled it. "I have heard the news that Aeldric of the Rangers of Avalonia has slain a powerful Vampire of Nocturnus, and has avenged the powerful shaman Aurthal. This act of his has proved him brave and courageous, and I grant him the position of Captain of the Rangers of Avalonia. He has shown his strength, and i grant him the authority over Avdar's force of Rangers." ~De'Gothia of Albion Avdar stood up in a rage. "de Gothia thinks he can revoke my title?!" he shouted. Chairman Chamal stood up over him, with a foreboding appearance. "The Leader of Avalonia has Spoken, and his will shall be done. You, Avdar, are to be revoked of your title, and replaced by Aeldric." ------------ Alright guys! I've finally uploaded and finished the build! This is part 1 of the end of Aeldric's story, as his tale will be coming to a close, for reasons i will not explain, because that would spoil the story! Anyways, as usual, CC welcome, and i hope you enjoyed! Also, thanks to de'Gothia for letting me use dialogue for his character in this build!
  11. Rconn0

    Kaliphlin Blacksmith

    Here's my latest free build, enjoy. A city blacksmith in Kaliphlin. Not much interesting backstory to it. Overall View. From one side. From the other side. From the back, the smith prefers to sleep out in the open air on the roof. Forge area without the roof. Inside the shop. The smith's assistant tends to a costumer. Inside the smith's house. C&C is appreciated. Thanks for viewing.
  12. VK-318

    Storm in the North

    The Bay of Seals. An inhospitable body of water even in the midst of summer. In the early weeks of spring, it is a positively murderous expanse of icy blue. It was not a particularly inviting place to come ashore, but it was not dusk of the second day since the Blanchefleur had foundered east of the Bay of Seals. The wind had driven hard from the north, and rather than fight against it to reach the mouth of the Bearclaw River and the port of Nordheim, the castaway had rowed south, coming ashore in an inlet on the east bank of Gronnfjord, the westernmost tributary of the Bay. The ground was hard rock - sheltered for the most part from the weather by the steep sides of the fjord, there was little sand on the beach, merely a rugged slope of gray stone, broken somewhat by small plants, and no doubt exposed by whatever cataclysm had cut the Gronnfjord into the into the land. A chilly, damp wind, bearing with it an icy tinge of the bay, swept up as the lone, weary traveler laid the oars on the rowing bench and climbed stiffly out onto dry land. He lifted a wooden staff from the bottom of the boat. It was taller than he, completely smooth and straight save for a large knot at one end. He settled the staff in his left elbow as he pulled his cloak tighter around himself and pulled down his weather-beaten hat. He reached back under the cloak and checked the position of several items strapped to his back, then stood erect and looked around him. The failing light of the sun revealed a path, not perhaps comfortable but at least safe, winding its way up the side of the fjord. Gripping the staff in his gloved right hand, the traveler climbed the beach, leaving the rowboat hanging by a few rocks under its keel. The first good rain or strong wind would dislodge it, but the traveler did not care. Where he was going now, he would have no need for this rowboat. Many long leagues lay between him and his destination, and doubtless many perils and adventures. The fate of one small Avalonian rowboat mattered little to him. At long last, he returned to his homeland, Mitgardia, but for how long and to what end remained to be seen.
  13. Hey everyone After settling in the furthest west of Avalonia, these three set up a small house close to the cliff edge. The Avalonian colors fly near the entrance of the house (And as decoration at the bottom). Still new to the land, they take their time exploring different locations and plan to expand their settlement here. As always, all feedback is welcome! A closer look at the landscape and front of the building. Looking forward to posting more here in Guilds of Historica. Thanks all for your time! ~Pat
  14. "You have your instructions: Keep vigilant, both for the Drow and this plague, and continue to increase the defenses of the castle. With luck, I will be back in a month. With less luck, perhaps I will be gone until the summer's end*. In either event, Iremons is in your hands as a council." Lord Collis' cabinet, who had always relied on his moderating influence to keep them at peace, did their best to hide their unease. "Goodbye, father," Linda said, and the rest of the party hastened to follow with good wishes. His county in safe hands, Lord Collis Greenplate turned and walked to his boat. Now for some names, from left to right in the above picture discounting Lord Collis: Far left, front: Dalen, or "Dale", Greenplate, Lord Collis' son** and steward and Linda's twin brother. Dale has little taste for soldiering, preferring numbers (especially those referring to coin values). Local merchants fear his abacus. Next left, back: "Guaire", a tall, taciturn wandering warrior housed by Sir Steven and named for a city that no one's ever heard of. His survival and combat skills are numerous. Center left, bull shirt: Sir Steven George's Son, one of Lord Collis' loyal knights. Sir Steven's clan dates back to before the coming of the Dragonflight and has customs all of its own. Sir Steven takes little of the codes and bonds of knighthood seriously, and is always one for drinks and cynicism on the march and a dirty trick when he gets to the fight. Center right, plate armor: Sarah MacFiercest, a member of the clan of the same name and a guard captain of Sir Ducan MacFiercest. As with many rolls in her clan, it has been in the bloodline for decades. Second to right, front: Linda Greenplate, Lord Collis' daughter** and captain of Castle Iremons' garrison. She mostly fell into the roll because her twin brother was repulsed by it, but takes the task very seriously and rather enjoys it. Far right, back: Sir Ducan MacFiercest, one of Lord Collis' loyal knights. Clan MacFiercest, like much in Lord Greenplate's domain, was caught on the wrong side of the border when a line was drawn between Avalonia and Mitgardia. Sir MacFiercest is an impulsive and compulsively-chivalrous knight who enjoys battles, brawls and being courteous to women. It is worth noting that Clan MacFiercest (lions) and the other major clan (bulls) have a long-dormant blood feud. *No, Lord Greenplate has not heard that Albion is in quarantine **Please ignore anything that is said about the previous steward and his magnetism ~ ~ ~ In case you were wondering, this build was heavily inspired by the works of Derfel Cadarn. Ignore the bad picture... I think I have a good idea of how to fix those gaps you saw next time I try this style of building, but C+C is welcome! (C+C does mean "critiques and comments", right?)
  15. There's no place like home! Especially when you live in a huge Mitgardian castle, haha! The bed: It's about time I did something in Mitgardia again, I was getting a bit homesick over in AG! I'm planning on also entering it into the Medieval Manor category of CCCXIII, which happened to be an opportune category, as the build had been started a while back. Thanks for looking, C&C are welcome!
  16. Old Bruin was hungry - of course he always was, but it happened that now he was even more so than usual. What with all the turmoil going on in Historica, not even he could escape the general lack of food... at least relatively speaking. With his thoughts running in these rather uncomfortable channels, the Bruin, with a pit in his stomach at least the size of a Kaliphlinian rhinoceros - supposing such things exist - wandered into the meadow, where his eyes rested upon a most appetizing sight. There in the middle of the field stood an unfortunate hunter - though whether it was more unfortunate for the hunter or Bruin that he happened to be there would be hard to tell. He certainly did not seem to be relishing his task. Unnoticed by Bruin, his companion, who he seemed ready to die to exchange places with, strung his bow with a grin and a wink. Though it was cold, the sweat poured down the not-very-experienced hunter's face, as he pricked the Bruin in the side. Meditating on the little rascal's audacity, Bruin raised his arms to protest... well, that is what he said, anyhow. Well, there the poor old Bruin's tale was cut short - rather like the tail's of most of his kind, you may note - by an arrow from the archers unerring bow. My entry to SK's husbandry challenge, and one of my favorite builds to date... and it was about time to build something in Mitgardia again! Although he was undoubtedly the most difficult part of the build, the bear - at least his arms and legs - are pretty poseable, and was a lot of fun to build. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  17. Previous Chapter: The Aegis Council --- Next Chapter: The Burnt Roads (Warning, this chapter is LONG) Ansriff had met Voraal at the tavern and led him deep into the forest. "Yes, she's deep within the woods. Apparently, i've met her before." Ansriff said. "What? Where?" Voraal inquired. "It was back on one of my patrols, Avdar and i were on lookout for drows, but what we found was much worse. A pyromancer had been torturing a little girl, searing her skin with fire. Avdar snook up behind the maniac and sheathed his sword right in the pyro's throat. I then went to wrap up the injured girl in my cloak, and we brought her back to Vanhorn to heal her. But before we left the area, the pyromancer's staff sent some weird red aura into the girl. I spoke naught of it to Avdar, for i feared for the girl." Ansriff explained. "What's her name?" Voraal asked. "Temari, she called herself." Voraal nodded to Ansriff. "Thank you, here's your silver." he handed a heavy sack of coins to Ansriff. He refused. "No thank you. Take as a favor from a friend. Besides, i never got you a birth day present in the last ten years." Ansriff said. Voraal smirked, and walked up to a small paved area with a thin dark figure standing in the middle, chanting what sounded to Voraal gibberish. He coughed politely, and Temari jerked herself to turn to Voraal. "H...hello." Voraal said nervously. Temari brushed her hair away from her face. "What are you doing here?" "I came to find you." Voraal said. Temari narrowed her eyes. "Who sent you?" she asked. "Myself." Voraal replied, with a glint in his eye. "Why did you come to find me?" Voraal stood idle for a moment. "Because, i found beauty in you, despite your dark magic. "I am a pyromancer, not a sorceress. But, i thank you for your loving thought." she said. "I know how you received your flame." Voraal said. "How?!" Temari exclaimed. "One of my Ranger friends found you, after being tortured by a pyromancer, and they took you back to the city." Voraal said. "Oh, Ansriff. He was like a father to me, until i ran away out of anxiety. I learned to live with my curse, the curse of the flame." she said. "Together, i can help you heal this curse." Voraal stepped closer. "Would you? After you saw that i served Axtrous? He killed the tribal elf." Temari remarked. "Yes. I have no care for those elves." Voraal replied. Temari stepped a bit closer, and held Voraal's right hand with her left. The road was long to Kaliphlin, but Voraal and Temari made a great distance. Temari's home was in the Siccus Badlands. She lived in a large cave where she practiced her pyro magic. Together they would live in peace in Kaliphlin. --- Hey guys, sorry if any of you thought this was a long chapter. I just wanted to push Voraal out of Aeldric's story as fast as possible, as Aeldric will be recruiting new rangers in the following months. C & C welcome.
  18. Previous Chapter: Beyond Vanhorn --- Next Chapter: Rest in the Tavern Before the sun dipped behind the horizon, Aurthal stopped Aeldric for a word before they headed off to the Nocturnian chamber. "Aeldric, I have seen your interest in Ashura. I can see that you are interested in no other female. After this task, i will consider your relationship with her." Aeldric was stunned. "I.... I never said i was interested in her." Aurthal gazed deeply into Aeldric's eyes. "No, but i can see it in the way to look at her. Your eyes glint when you glance at her." Aeldric paused for a moment, then broke his silence. "We musn't dwell on this. Let us head into the chamber." Aeldric strode over to the entrance to the underground chamber where Voraal, Ashura, and Anursa were waiting. Aurthal was slow to head there, but once he reached the entrance he began a plan of action. "Okay, we will sneak in through the tunnels, and when we reach the throne room, i will do the speaking. While i talk to the evil lord, Anursa, Ashura and Voraal will sneak into the dungeons in the back and free my friend. Any questions?" everyone shook their heads. "Good, let's head in." The chamber halls were dark, but light filtered in from the throne room. Once they reached the door way, an undead guard pointed the tip of his halberd at Aeldric. The pale looking, dark armored man sitting on the throne in the back of the room spoke up. "What are you doing in my sacred hall?! How did you find it?" he exclaimed. "I was lead here by this elf," Aeldric said, stepping aside Aurthal. "Aurthal?! I thought my guards killed you!" the lord boomed. "So you thought, but it was i, who defeated your guard." Aurthal returned. "Guard, attack him!" by the lord's side stood a dark looking woman, who caught the particular eyes of Voraal. His interest in her nearly removed concentration on sneaking past the guard. Aeldric leaped forward at the necrotic guard, while Aurthal began casting destructive spells at the evil lord. "Your vampirism has made you weak to my fire!" Aurthal remarked. "Yes, but," said the vampire lord, standing up out of his throne. "It also makes me stronger than most." he said, picking up his spear to his right. He charged at Aurthal with a deadly fury. Meanwhile, in the back dungeons... Voraal, Ashura and Anursa infiltrated the dungeon halls, and slew every guard in the vicinity. "Hurry now, before more guards come, unlock the cell door!" Voraal exclaimed. "Alright, give me patience, this takes concentration." Ashura held her staff in front of her, and the green jewel on the tip of her staff began to glow, and the cell door clicked, and swung open. "Taunus, awake!" Ashura said, pulling a sleepy old man out of the cell. "What! Who's there?! Wait, Ashura? Is that you, my, you've grown. I remember you since you were a little toddler!" "Yes, yes, Taunus, skip the memories, we must go!" Ashura commanded. "Alright, it's about time i smelled the fresh air again." Back in the throne room... Aurthal lay on the floor, severely wounded. Axtrous, the vampire lord and Temari the sorceress had fled. Aeldric finished off the last necro-guard, before heading over to Aurthal. Aurthal caughed up a bit of blood. Aeldric pulled the black tip of Actrous' spear out of Aurthal's stomach. ".....Aeldric, you must hunt Axtrous down.....*cough* and..... defeat him. Taunus will help you find Dar, but please, for my sake, kill Axtrous with all your might. He....... was.... one of the..... Necromancers..... who killed..... your family...." Aeldric's eyes widened. "If you complete this quest, i then i give you permission... to marry my sister...." and with that, Aurthal died in Aeldric's arms. ---- Alright guys, so, i tried a different way of story telling this time. Let me know what you think. Also, this is a fairly old build, and was built before the Avdar's Office remake. Constructive Criticism is welcome.
  19. (Sorry that i've been a bit inactive. I've been really busy with school, and it's been hard ot find a time to put this up. More builds on the way, enjoy!) Previous Chapter: Avdar's Office (Remake) --- Next Chapter: Chambers of the Nightlord (And now, Beyond Vanhorn) The forest smelled fresh with the breath of the old trees. A soothing breeze swept through the leaves. Aeldric and Voraal were on their secret patrol through the forest for the elves. They came up to a small ruin. All was quiet, until a duo of female elves leaped out of the thick brush. They held their staves against Aeldric and Voraal. Ashura: "Who are you?" Anursa: "Why are you in our forest?" Aeldric took a moment to gather his thoughts. He glanced at Ashura with eyes of interest. Aeldric: "My friend and I gathered detail about you, a special group of elves, and we came to look for you for answers about Dar Askelohn." Anursa remained quiet. She was rather shy. Ashura glanced at her. Then back to Aeldric. Ashura: "What about Dar?" Aeldric: "We found a tomb with his name engraved upon it. I thought he went missing in the mountains just beyond the border of Mitgardia." Ashura: (left) pondered this. "Our older brother may have some answers to this." Ashura led Aeldric and Voraal deeper into the ruins, and before them sat a male elf on a birch throne, with a green jewel of temperance above it. Ashura: "Bow to him, man." Ashura commanded Aeldric. Aeldric stepped forward, and gave the elf a light bow. He noticed that the throne was wrapped in vines, and overgrown with lush nature. Aurthal: "What do you wish to know about my friend?" the elderly elf asked. Aeldric: "I would wish to know of his whereabouts. We found a tomb in the forest with his name upon it, and i thought he went missing in the north. Aurthal: "He did. There are many false graves of the knowledge master. He does live now, and i can show you to him, but only if you do a favor for me." Aeldric: "What would that be?" he asked, glancing once again at Ashura. She gave him a light nod. Aurthal: "I have been having troubles with a group of necrotic Nocturnians in the forest. They have built a secret underground structure housing another of my friends. He may be able to help you find Dar. You must help us rescue him, and defeat the leader of this group." Aeldric ran his fingers through his hair. He'd never dealt with a group of evil power. He considered it deeply. Aeldric: "Voraal and i will help you defeat this group, in return for knowledge of Dar's whereabouts." Aurthal: "Very well. You will meet us at the entrance tomorrow at dusk. Might i ask why, you need to find Dar?" Aeldric: "I lost my parents a long time ago, to a group of black-hearted necromancers. I know that Dar could help me find this group, and put my revenge upon them." Alright guys, this build was before the remake of Avdar's Office, so those tips didn't apply here. Also, i know there's no base or frame for the build. I just couldn't find a good look for it. Anyways, leave your thoughts!
  20. What is Stakitor? Welcome to Stakitor, a land battle-scarred by the seemingly endless war between the Hordes of Nocturnus and the Knights of Historica. The armies of Stakitor are the only thing keeping the Hordes out of historica, but its up to guild members to decide whether the Knights succeed in pushing back the Hordes, or if the Hordes slaughter the Knights and invade! Remember, all you have to do join the guild is create a sigfig, post it on this page, and you're in! Stakitor's colours are crimson red and naval blue, so include those colours on your knights and flags and castles and ETC. Horde colours are black, Red, and Silver. Which side will you choose in the never ending Battles of Stakitor? The history of Stakitor: A relatively new guild, Stakitor started out as a small, tight-knit group of outposts designed to keep Historica safe from Nocturnus' Hordes, but grew into a small guild under the command of the few Knights of historica that dared venture into the Nocturnian outskirts. suddenly, a savage attack on the seaside outpost of Minas Hobbelot left the Knights scattered and practically defenceless.
  21. Third Quarter Free Build Registration October 2nd 2014 to May 1st, 2015 (Book II, Quarter 3) What is this thread? This is the thread where YOU register your free build if you wish it to be scored for your guild. Why are you doing this to us? Despite Rogueang’s wonderful MOC index, the guilds project has become quite large. The core leaders feel that we need a self-indexing mechanism that will allow us to grade free builds more efficiently. This is what we have come up with. What do I need to do? Just simply write the following information In a NEW post: Name of Moc with link to the thread | Name of Builder | Guild you belong to IE: Obsidian Spike |ZCerberus | Nocturnus Do not write anything else. What counts as a “Free Build?” Great question! Any GOH build that was not entered in one of the official main challenges. All free builds must have their own thread, and there must be a link to that thread provided here. Do not comment on builds in this thread, please do that on the MOC’s own thread. Can I just post in my guild thread and leave it at that? Whereas you are welcome to do so, if the build does not make it into the index , it will not be scored. Can I put up an entry for another guild member's build? If that builder has disappeared and we are getting near the deadline, this would be allowed. Past registrations: Quarter 1 Quarter 2
  22. Immediately the scene in the square degenerated into chaos - one Ulander picked up the music box and started playing with it, his Captain frowned portentously at him, the merchant bent down to gather up his stolen gold, from which he recoiled a second later exclaiming 'monkey goo!", and the man in the corner - an amused spectator of the scene - finished his banana and started munching his apple. The thieving monkey had been quickly taken care off, but the question now was, what had become of its trainer? Just then the other Captain saw a red turban issue out from the fountain as the spy came up for a breath, and grasping his turban - and distorting it sadly at the same time - he pulled the Desert King agent out. Another pic of the whole build: My counter to MKJ's guerrilla build. I would like to receive UoP credit for Trade and Law - arresting criminals Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  23. The Thirteenth Legion of Ulandus enter the great escarpment on their way to participate in the second battle of Queenscross... A picture in the shade (the sky is actually in the background again, but it looks almost like paper! ) The description pretty well sums up the reason for attacking this square The complete footprint is about 18x22, but what is in the picture is about 14x16. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  24. The Second Legion of Ulandus was guarding the city of Northwall, but, although they were far above them, the Salamanders had long since discovered the mummies tunneling far beneath them... The extremely clever mummies - or at least so they thought themselves - had for weeks been tunneling under the walls, and, having now completed the passage, were going to take the Salamanders by surprise. However, to their own surprise and dismay, they found that the Second Legion had diverted the river and turned it into their tunnels - just one more reason why mummies can't stand water! An alternate view of the whole build: A pic of the tunnel, as you can't see it well with all the mummies in the way! I think this has been my biggest build for the challenge yet, and I don't know how I could make it bigger unless I had the Salamanders counter tunneling and blowing up the mummies' tunnel, but I figured we had seen enough flames and explosions for a while! This was also an extremely hinge-intensive build! I would like to receive UoP credit for: Architecture - wall techniques [3] I would choose J9 for the next WZ if I win. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  25. The Ulandian ships return from the capture of several High Council ships off the coast of Berigoria loaded with treasure... Without the water... A pic from the other side (and a bit of experimenting with GIMP ) This is my joint guerrilla with Kai against J16, the footprint is about 28x6. I would like to receive UoP credit for: General Building - microscale Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!